Post Mortems
Teen Wolf Season 5B

Teen Wolf Season 5B Premiere: Star Tyler Posey Reacts to 'Dark' Twists, Previews New Threats Still to Come

If Teen Wolf‘s midseason finale was the party, Tuesday’s premiere was the next-day cleanup — and man, was there a hell of a mess to sift through.

TVLine spoke with star Tyler Posey about the episode’s dark twists, as well as what’s still to come in Season 5B, but first, a quick recap:

After Parrish discovered Lydia lying unconscious in the woods, he brought her to the hospital, where her poor, unknowing mother had her relocated to Eichen House; Liam roped Mason into helping him search for an M.I.A. Hayden; Stiles managed to save Sheriff Stilinski in the nick of time by tracking down the chimera who poisoned him; and Argent, thanks to a call from Scott, returned to kick some Dread Doctor fanny.

Read on for our full Q&A with Posey, including what he loved — yes, loved — about Scott and Stiles’ little scuffle:

TVLINE | I feel like I say this a lot, but this premiere really found Scott at his lowest point.
My favorite part about this season has been getting Scott down to his lowest point. When we met Scott in Season 1, he was this angsty outcast, but he was also vulnerable. He was given this power he didn’t want, so he was bummed out all the time, but he grew into it and eventually become a leader. 5A brought him back to that vulnerable state — everything was ripped away from him — so he’s literally at rock bottom in 5B. He just came to from dying, so there are steps he’s going to need to take to pick himself back up.

TVLINE | So is 5B basically Scott’s journey back to where he used to be?
Yeah, that’s a big theme for Scott in 5B, the journey back to where he used to be. Only he’s not going to get back to where he was before all of this happened with Theo and the Dread Doctors, because he died last season. Not only did he die, but he accepted his death. He had decided that Beacon Hills might be a better place without him, and going through all of that really changes you. It gave Scott a different perspective, a darker perspective. He’s got a darker edge to him — I want to call it a “dark wisdom” — where he’s still the True Alpha, but he’s got some darkness around his heart. I think he’s becoming a better Scott McCall, one with a better understanding of how the world works.

TVLINE | Is a darker Scott something you want, both from as an actor and a producer?
Absolutely, and it’s not “dark” like he’s evil. He’s just less happy-go-lucky, which is difficult to explain. As a producer, I made the decision to take Scott in this direction without really consulting the writers. [Laughs] That’s kind of what I’ve done the last couple seasons. I hear Jeff Davis’ input, what he wants for Scott, and then I kind of do my own thing. I love this show so much and I have a lot of great ideas for my character.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about Scott’s fight with Stiles. How was that to shoot?
I think the only other time we’ve gotten physical like that is during the pilot. … Scott let Stiles attack him this time around because he’s stronger, so he can handle the pain. Shooting it was really fun. I love getting to do things that are totally out of character for us, especially with Dylan. But we hugged each other after every take, so it was great.

TVLINE | I love that Argent came back in the premiere. What’s he going to bring to the pack?
We’re all learning as we go, so we don’t really know what we’re doing, but Argent has been through the ringer. This is his life, and he’s been doing it a lot longer than us, so he’s developed so many skill-sets. He also grounds the pack; he’s the adult, the rational being. Plus, he’s got that bad-ass beard, and no one else in our pack can grow one. Dylan Sprayberry’s chest can grow one, though. [Laughs]

TVLINE | There are also some less-friendly faces coming back, like Deucalion and Gerard. Have they changed since we saw them last?
Gerard is the same old Gerard, with tricks up his sleeve and everything — but he’s still a charming old guy, nonetheless. Deucalion is a little different. You’re really not sure what his motives are. His storyline mostly involves Theo, so you’ll get to see two villains team up, which is really cool.

TVLINE | So, we’ve got them, we’ve got Theo and the Dread Doctors, plus we’ve got this “Beast” that’s coming. Who’s the real enemy in 5B?
The main enemy is definitely the Beast. It’s been cool because we had all of 5A to build the anticipation for this Beast of Gévaudan character. The Dread Doctors had been teasing it, trying to make a success, and they finally did. The Beast is, by far, the scariest antagonist of the season. The Dread Doctors and Theo are still threats, but they’re more in the shadows. Parrish is also kind of a nemesis; you’ll find out his connection to the Beast, and we don’t really know whether he’s good or bad. There’s also that band of chimeras, but Scott really isn’t intimidated by them, and neither is his pack.

Teen Wolf fans, your thoughts on Tuesday’s midseason premiere? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Ditzy-D says:

    Stiles totally needs a hug. Favorite line was when Scott replied to Malia that he and Stiles kind of broke up too. Enjoyed the episode.

  2. Bryce says:

    I don’t even care what’s happening (often because I don’t always understand what’s happening)—I’m just happier when Teen Wolf is on my TV screen

  3. Jake From StateFarm says:

    This episode was so intense… I’m still recovering

  4. JG says:

    Remember when there was more than one line an episode to make you laugh? I miss sarcastic Stiles.

  5. Dr. M says:

    Took me a bit to remember where they left off, but amazing episode. I can’t believe that’s possible after 5 seasons.

    • KaitlynK says:

      I watched some of the marathon on and off today but I really wish they would have had a 2-minute “previously on Teen Wolf” from the first half of the season, because I had forgotten a lot of what happened. I forgot that Sheriff got hurt and that Theo was the reason Lydia was catatonic or whatever.

      It was a good episode. The Dread Doctors force-field thing was pretty cool and I enjoyed what they did with Stiles when he was passed out with his dad and the flashbacks. I’ll admit I jumped during that scene with Lydia at the beginning when Theo’s sister (?) popped out of the water like that lol. I’m worried there’s going to be TOO much plot now, especially with them throwing in this Beast on top of the Dread Doctors, Theo’s chimera pack, whatever the side-effects are of Scott’s revival, and probably things I’m forgetting. Looking forward to seeing Lydia come into her banshee powers.

  6. Dominique says:

    i rather enjoyed the episode, thought all actors were on point.
    they still have to explain to me though why, after everything that happened in the 5a finale, liam still cares more about finding some girl he used to hate his entire life, rather than find scott and apologize for him. makes no sense.
    i can’t wait to see what happens with stiles and scott.
    also, did detect something there with melissa and argent?

    • hahahhahaha says:

      um ok a) Hayden used to hate Liam. Liam did not hate her. and b) his girlfriend had just DIED. I repeat,his gf had JUST DIED. and he wanted to find out where she was and if she was still alive. that is obviously more important then some petty bromance. Shaking my head. Do u even watch the show?

      • Radha says:

        Hey there, Sarcastic, this is what the above poster meant: Liam and Hayden’s “relationship” was one of those pretty instant romances that didn’t happen very organically at all. One minute they can’t stand each other and in two episodes or so, suddenly it’s this intense “epic” love. Which okay, might happen for teens in real life or not. But it was a bit too fast for my tastes. But okay, sure, they’re in love. Whatever.

        What is worrisome is that Liam tried to KILL HIS ALPHA over this girl. While Hayden is important, so is Scott, and the fact that you don’t think Scott is, is a bit eyebrow raising. It’s not a bromance, Scott is Liam’s mentor and helped him with his rage issues. It’s more like an older brother/little brother relationship. Almost a bit like family. Even if Scott wasn’t this important figure in Liam’s life, he STILL TRIED TO KILL SOMEONE in a super moon induced rage that was instigated further by Theo. Liam should be a bit concerned by that. He shouldn’t just be falling apart about Hayden and looking for her body. He should also be expressing his regret over trying to kill Scott. Because killing or almost killing someone should BE something you worry about. All we got was him flashing back to what happened in the library. Was Liam upset by what he did? Did he want to apologize to Scott even? We have no clue because he only expressed wanting to find Hayden. I felt for the kid, but his priorities are a little bit skewed right now. At that point in the show, he and Mason thought she was dead. While he’s grieving–and I get why–Scott is, to Liam’s knowledge, still ALIVE. He should have gone and found Scott. Or at least said something along the lines of being afraid to face Scott again.

        • hahahahahahahahah says:

          Hey there, rude, I don’t remember talking to u. But whatever, here we go. I’m so goddamn sick of people’s only excuse for not liking Layden is that they were too “rushed.” Like, yeah, okay, they fell in love fast due to the small amount of episodes per season. Get over it. Just because it was fast doesn’t mean it wasn’t real. lt’s not like they were sleeping together or saying I love you. Scallison had sex after 5 EPISODES and they are still considered the best relationship that TW has ever had.Also, unlike Hayden, Scott was alive. He could call Scott every day for the rest of his life and say sorry. Whatever. The point is, Hayden was NOT alive to their knowledge and then he thought that she was. Excuse him for caring and wondering whether his girlfriend is still alive or not. Jesus.Yes, Liam TRIED to kill Scott but with good reason. A) If he killed Scott, he would become the Alpha and would be able to save Hayden’s (an innocent 16 year old child’s/the love of his life’s) life. He wanted his girlfriend to live. Sue him. and B) It was the Super Moon. He was angry and emotional and honestly who could blame him. Scott hadn’t been able to protect anyone. Including the multiple innocent teenagers that had been dying. Liam had every right to be angry but things did go too far. He was guilty about everything that had happened. You could see his face when he entered the library. But he had every right to make his girlfriend his first priority. The Scott and Liam ‘bromance’ (and yes, thats what it is.) can wait a few episodes. He didn’t HAVE to do anything or say anything to Scott. He’s obviously guilty and Scott knows that. But they were giving each other space. Liam decided to put Hayden first. He knew a good bromance hug could wait. And as for your attitude towards Layden, I suggest you either get over it or stop watching. They’re not going anywhere, honey. :)

          • John says:

            Hahaha…blah blah blah. Your name says it all! Laugh at life and life will laugh back….haha. Continuing to defend a minor character who fell in love with an evil person (not the innocent 16 yr old as you claim) quite frankly makes you sound ignorant and it makes me wonder if you have watched the series from the beginning. This is Scott McCall’s journey… not Liams! To but it as honest and nice as possible you are rooting for the wrong causes. Scott has always fought for the righteous vs the right now. I wish you the best in life and with that my favorite quote as well… “A closed mind is a wonderful thing to lose!?!?”

  7. pblo78 says:

    So Parrish will be the Beast, then?
    I love the character, and i dont want him to become a nemesis or antagonist… i want to be part of the pack.
    No words about Derek either

    • Paula says:

      I believe that Parrish will be fighting the beast Two creatures were on the wall The one on the left is on fire (that’s probably Parrish) and he’s fighting the beast who’s on the right. I’m with you as I don’t want him to be a nemesis either. I want him to be good!! For me, it seems like he’s already in Scott’s pack. Parrish goes to Scott for help and they work together on things.

  8. J says:

    I haven’t watched the Teen Wolf premiere yet but that’s definitely on the agenda for tonight.

  9. Diz says:

    I’m about ready to dump this show from the dvr. I don’t seem to understand much of anything from it anymore.

  10. i wish scott can give his pack hope nd for kira g wish she could overcome d fox inside her nd for malia she shouldnt be afraid of d desart wolf nd for stiles i wish he can go on with scott as they used to be.

  11. sandi says:

    its been a great show at all times and this time its really inspiring and very suspicious and hard to locate the real enemy i.e. very much enjoying
    from my sight it would have been the pleasure of all times just to see the old pack with the new ones all together.
    which includes-scott,derek,issac,stiles,jackson,aiden,liam,allison,lydia,kira,malia,cori

  12. Britney says:

    I love TEEN WOLF best show off all times!!! And I’m hoping that they bring back derrick. I can’t wait to see how the last session season ends!!!