Chicago Fire PD Spinoff Ideas

NBC's Chicago Franchise: 10 Totally Plausible Ideas for the Next Spinoff

Next week, NBC will air the first crossover among all three of its Chicago shows — and perhaps plant the seeds for the next offshoot?

On Wednesday’s episode of Chicago P.D., viewers will meet an Assistant State’s Attorney, played by Revolution‘s Maureen Sebastian. While the character’s introduction is hardly an official declaration that another Windy City-set show is in the works, it got us thinking about how a Law & Order-esque offshoot — let’s call it Chicago Legal — would be the most natural extension of Dick Wolf’s latest empire. After all, someone has to try P.D.‘s criminals.

Below are nine more spinoff suggestions, some of which might seem a little silly, but they could work with the right execution. And hey, we’re sure the NBC execs have been pitched crazier ideas than Chicago Deep Dish! (Yes, that’s one of the following pitches.)

Chicago News: Most of us hear about policemen, firemen and the related goings-on within the city via the local news or online outlets. So where is the media, and what role does it play in Chi-Town? (Think Deadline, the newspaper-themed Law & Order spinoff — which starred Chicago Med doc Oliver Platt — but, y’know, longer-lasting.)

Chicago Fire: The Other Shift: Who’s on duty when the Firehouse 51 crew we know clocks out? Meet the men and women who have the burden of living up to Boden’s beloved team.

Chicago Coast Guard: As Fire stars Monica Raymund and Jesse Spencer pointed out, someone needs to protect Lake Michigan!

Chicago Wives: It’s not easy being the spouse of one of Fire or P.D.‘s finest, especially when they constantly put their lives on the line. Just ask Herrmann or Boden’s other halves.

Chicago Deep Dish: Exploring the world of the city’s most famous pizzerias through two rival, family-run parlors.

Chicago Diner: Set at the restaurant that P.D.‘s Lindsay frequents, but — twist! — it’s a half-hour workplace sitcom. Maybe Dick Wolf’s magic touch can heal NBC’s comedy woes, too?

Chicago Ballers: From the superstar players to the management brass, the alluring but cutthroat arena of professional basketball is full of story potential — and it lends itself to its own baseball-themed spinoff, Chicago Hitters.

Chicago High: Think Boston Public-meets-Degrassi, with an ever-rotating cast.

Chicago fans, what do you think of our pitches? Hit the comments with your own ideas!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amadeu says:

    Chicago housekeepers.

    • zac says:

      Chicago Man – a mercenary turned vigilante then superhero. It will be a 3 night event. It will start in Chicago Fire when he was resued from a building fire and then Chicago Med when the doctors cant seem to diagnose him and then Chicago PD where the police dont know who is saving the city.
      Or not.

  2. Tony says:

    I’d watch Chicago High. And it’s different enough to not seem like it’s redundant. But you could plausibly see crossovers from the other shows happening

    • David4 says:

      A lot of Boston Public was great for the most part. I would love more high school shows.

      • Steven says:

        Yeah, if it were anything life early years Boston Public, then it’d be good. I’d also watch Chicago News. Behind the Scenes of TV shows are always really fun.

    • Josh says:

      Ugh you’re the problem

    • Dude says:

      I’d watch Chicago High if instead it was centred around Chicago’s various drug dealers.

    • Kristen says:

      It would work perfectly if one of the Chicago Fire/Med/PD had a teenager, then I could see the spinoff working. I’d watch it. Young Adult shows are my guilty pleasure… loved One Tree Hill! :)
      I’ve been saying since they first hinted at a Chicago Med that the next step would be a Legal series, except I was calling it Chicago Law. Lol I love courtroom dramas, so I’d definitely watch it.

  3. David4 says:

    Law and Order: Chicago would make the most sense. I’m shocked that it took three shows before hand to even get to the idea of another spinoff.

  4. Sanja says:

    I have to say, I like the idea of a spin off that resembles Boston public…

  5. V. says:

    I LOLed at some of these suggestions. Chicago News would be nice. Or maybe Chicago Public Office with a political west wing/good wife vibe about the mayor’s office.

  6. Bill says:

    Companion shows for each.

    Chicago Fire/Chicago Arsonists
    Chicago PD/Chicago Criminals
    Chicago Med/Chicago Patients

    They can run it like The Affair. Same plot, different POV.

  7. ggny says:

    Gonna bet on Law and Order Chicago

  8. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    Chicago Meteorologists

  9. Travis says:

    With Chicago’s rich history of organized crime, how about a Sopranos type show in Chicago.

  10. Leo says:

    I’m still waiting for Chicago Sanitation to get the green light and shoot for pilot.
    If you havent seen the trailer (pun), check out youtube.
    I’d watch the hell out of the street cleaners….

  11. Maria says:

    As a former Chicagoan now living in Florida…
    Chicago Elections (vote early, vote often)
    Chicago Traffic (’nuff said)
    Chicago Sports Fans (the epitome of resiliency)

  12. Queerbec says:

    Chicago El: the dedicated public servants of the Chicago Transit Authority

    Chicago Nosh: two rival restarateurs vying for a reputation as the City’s best restaurant. Besides it doesn’t help that they are former spouses.

    Chicago Ham: two artistic directors on Chicago’s bustling theater scene vie for pre-eminence and a review in the New York Times.It doesn’t help that they were former live in lovers.

    Chicago Hub: Dennis O’Hare stars as the openly gay administrator of Chicago’s largest airport, responsible for the operations of a facility filled with celebrities, corporate execs and grandmas without a clue whose interactions lead to drama and lawsuits. The secondary lead is a snow plow operator played by Cherry Jones.

    Chicago Wonk: Set at a prestigious world renown institute of higher education whose main character is the executive assistant to a famous faculty member (who is never seen) who happens to be a former President. The plot follows the interactions of the tenured and u ntenured faculty and staff of this department who use the former president’s (who they never see) to game the system. One of the Olen twins plays a graduate student in theoretical analytics and Ashton Kutcher is star faculty rival to the esteemed former President, whose wife runs the University hospital enhancing cross-over possibilities with Chicago MED

    Chicago Dirt: Jennifer Garner makes a rare foray into television (but this is Dick Wolf after all) to play the newly elected Mayor of Chicao attempting to root out the corruption at all levels, only to be discouraged upon learning that her Attorney, assistants, day care provider, Yoga instructor, and gasterologist lover (see the crossover possibilities)’are part of the corruption plot. She is occasionally mentored by a certain prestigious faculty member at the University of Chicago who once ran a vast governmental instituting and is now worried about ISIS influencing the faculty. Justin Bieber plays a freshman accidentally admitted to the university.

    • :-) says:

      I’d watch Chicago transit. There’d be law enforcement emergencies human interest politics all centered around the transit sytwm. Good show

  13. Will Sanborn says:

    Chicago Legal is a terrible name. Chicago Law…now that sounds better. >:P

    While the titles are amusing, it’s rather redundant to keep poking fun of the spin-offs. Let’s face it, Dick Wolf is one of the few things that has NBC staying afloat.

    Even though it’s so so unlikely, I’d rather see another L&O spin-off before SVU ends.

  14. Marco says:

    I’d watch Chicago News, or any show about newspapers/TV news/news in general.

    And what about Chicago Vets? All of the medical urgency, now with 100% more cute animals! either that or a show about war veterans, or maybe both?

  15. MzTeaze says:

    Chicago Museum, thieves try to break in (a la White Collar) and the various local departments work to prevent that.

    Chicago Prohibition… The grandparents and great grandparents of the families of today’s PD, Fire and Med as they live in the prohibition era.

    Chicago Snow Patrol…

  16. How about Chicago Animal Cops or Chicago Vet?

  17. thisismenow says:

    Chicago M.E. is the one I want to have happen. The cheap murder mystery of the week, lol

  18. Erin says:

    Chicago DDS -a series at the local dental college..

  19. maregolden says:

    If they had Chicago News the Chicago P.D. would soon be investigating because everyone knows print is dead. ;)

  20. Bwhit says:

    I don’t think a spin-off with the other shift is necessary but I like the idea of one of the lieutenants having to take over the ‘B’ shift just as a stand alone episode…. Might be Interesting seeing Severide or Casey be in charge temporarily of squad/truck/ambo like Boden but with a different crew.

  21. Bianca says:

    Dick Wolf should just reboot My Boys. Or Sirens. Great cable comedies that are no longer among us

    • Bianca says:

      Can’t believe I forgot to post this, but NBC could also make the Happy Endings Comeback happen. It was set in Chicago after all, and it would be AMAHZING if they could finally shoot the show in the city.

      Sirens was shot in Chicago and it was great to watch. It was really funny and its photography was amazing. My Boys filmed a few episodes in Chicago too. Plus the cast loves beer. And Wrigley. And it was THE BEST show in paying homage to a city.

  22. Paul says:

    Chicago Law

  23. Cobra says:

    Only one I really see working is “Chicago Legal,” and MAYBE “Chicago News” (who knows, maybe after all these years, we can finally find out who printed Gary Hobson’s “Early Edition!”

  24. A fan of TV says:

    I’d still pick Shameless over all of these, just saying.

    Point of order: if Lake Michigan is entirely in the US, does it have the most happening Coast Guard outfit? I’m asking as a Canadian, and I don’t actually know the correct answer.

  25. Jim says:

    How about Chicago Law? It’s set at a prestigious law firm & their clients could be from all 3 shows.

  26. Sally McLinn says:

    I live in Chicago. All Plausible!

  27. Dude says:

    Chicago the musical the TV show

  28. leigh says:

    Chicago: Social Work
    Chicago: FBI
    Chicago: teachers

  29. 'A' Is Alive says:

    I would legit watch Chicago High! It’s time we get our own “Degrassi” haha. Please bring that up to the Chicago execs next time you see them!

  30. mike says:

    Chicago DMV

  31. KT says:

    This made my day.

  32. Dbagga says:

    Chicago Construction.

    Enough said.

  33. Tom says:

    How have there been so many suggestions and no Chicago Post Office?

  34. Daya says:

    Not sure the day shift at 51 needs its own show, but an episode or two might be worth watching.

    Coast Guard sounds good…at least until I see myself sitting here a few years from now, writing in a comment box very like this one, defending CCG as not being a poor man’s version of NCIS. (facepalm)

  35. Nichole says:

    After the spoof video your site posted a while back, I want Chicago Sanitation!!!

  36. spdavid says:

    Chicago 7-11
    Chicago Tavern/Inn/Bar
    Chicago Hotel/Motel/Motel Six
    Chicago Used Cars
    Chicago Sanitation
    If it was CBS:Chicago CSI

  37. Diane Senffnet says:

    Funny or Die created a hysterical video spoof of the ‘next’ spinoff called Chicago Sanitation…it’s incredibly funny. Google it!

  38. Gary Hamilton says:

    That woman police officer with the raspy voice, when she speaks it’s so low I can’t understand her

  39. Sarahj says:

    I would watch news or coast guard

  40. Steve D says:

    Wow..everyone missed Chicago: CPA – a look into the high pressure world of corporate and tax accounting. Each week, members of a large Chicago accounting firm attempt to ferret out embezzlement and financial crime from spreadsheets and ledgers. Imagine the scintillating dialogue – CPA #1: “Eureka, I have found it!” CPA #2 (rushing to look over his shoulder at the computer screen): Where, where is it? CPA #1: “Here, right here in cell AA467. They’ve hidden it in this formula which pulls from the wrong cell in the Supply Expenses spreadsheet.” CPA #2″ That’s amazing! How did you ever find that.” CPA #1 (fingers furiously flying over the keys): “It was simple, I just ran this macro” (pointing to a little box with a macro as a pop up box comes on the tv screen with a definition for “macro”)

    And the crossovers are endless. CPA goes to Chicago Med for an infected papercut, a fire rages out of control as someone tries to burn evidence; Chicago PD is finally called in to arrest the embezzler. And lastly Chicago Sanitation is called to haul away trash bag after trash bags of shredded ledgers.

    (Note to Dick Wolfe – I am currently available to help write scripts or dress as a clown for your kid’s birthday parties – I do not do windows)

  41. amber says:

    Chicago high

  42. Orlando Kalarissian says:

    Chicago Fed

    Reintroduce the Joint Task Force that Lindsey was a part of in Season 2. Could bring some more high-tech and US federal government politics (As part of the reason Lindsey left)

  43. Kat says:

    How about an animal version? I’d love that as an animal lover. I don’t know what to call it though lol. CF could show up after rescueing animals from a burning building, CPD could show up after finding a dog fighting ring, and CM after a wild animal attack for crossovers.

  44. Yass says:

    I’ll definitely be in for either Chicago Legal, Ballers or High but seeing how Fire, PD and Med are all linked with a common base i think Legal could be the theme that rounds it all up!

  45. angiebaby says:

    I’m thinking Law & Order style only instead of Chicago Legal they should try maybe Chcago Law!

  46. Robert says:

    Chicago Legal was always an obvious choice and I hope it happens! Far more intriguing than Chicago Med, which is the runt of the litter in my view, despite a great cast!

  47. Phil says:

    How about Chicago Ped – about the Catholic Church.

  48. Jason says:

    I figure that the next show will be Chicago Fed. The FBI and other government agencies have already dabbled in Chicago P.D. cases, why not take a show into the field office, not like it’s original, but people will watch it. I like the Chiago News idea, would be great if it took HBO’s The Newsroom as inspiration. The Other ‘Fire’ Shift is intriguing, but just why I don’t know. The Coast Guard one would be interesting, but after the 10th drug bust in a speedboat and shipwreck diver trap scenario… It just doesn’t say series to me. These are opinions. Yours may differ.

    • Jason says:

      Oh and on the M.E. idea. Call it Chicago Dead. First episode, local college students steal body from city meat wagon and find its still alive and blah blah blah, person saved who ends up with amnesia is former astronaut.

  49. Chicago Law Definitely! They started showing the court room last episodes and I knew that was a “Spoiler”. Also “Chicago Life” would be Great if they showed more of their personal life. Could use Molly’s as the starting point. Not sure of the name but maybe “Chicago Prison” showing us what happens with all those arrested.