Chicago Fire's Jesse Spencer and Monica Raymund Talk 'Dawsey's Future, New Flings and Spinoffs

Chicago Fire Season 3 Spoilers

Have the sparks between Chicago Fire‘s Casey and Dawson been reignited? Or will a new love interest once again put out the flames?

Tuesday’s episode (NBC, 10/9c), which introduces the potential spinoff Chicago Med, brings in a handsome face from P.D. who shares a common link with Dawson. Meanwhile, Casey’s side construction job at a strip club isn’t lacking in the alluring-female-temptations department.

But as stars Jesse Spencer and Monica Raymund tease below, the former couple hardly will stay status quo as exes, especially as they continue to navigate their tricky work situation.

The actors also predict Chicago‘s next offshoot and ponder the deadly season finale still ahead.

TVLINE | What’s next after Chicago Med? Have you pitched any spinoff ideas?
MONICA RAYMUND | Malibu Fire. [Laughs]
JESSE SPENCER | Chicago Window Cleaners, where they drop down and they’re rappelling and stuff. It’s just two dudes talking.
RAYMUND | What did we say…? What is the Coast Guard?
SPENCER | Oh, Chicago Coast Guard.
RAYMUND | “Lake Michigan and all of its tundra!”

TVLINE | Are there any connections between the Chicago Med characters and Dawson or Casey?
RAYMUND | [Med features] Halstead’s brother [Will, played by Nick Gehlfuss], and I used to date Halstead for a second, so there’s that. But I think other than that, they’re all new.
SPENCER | It was pitched like there was familiarity between the two departments because they work together, they see each other, they know each other, but not necessarily personally unless it’s like Dawson’s situation.

Chicago Fire Season 3 SpoilersTVLINE | They did release some photos from the episode, and there’s one where Gabby looks a little bit friendly with Jay’s brother, Will.
SPENCER | [To Raymund jokingly] What?! Whatchya doing?
RAYMUND | What?! What a hussy! No, I think at first she’s like, “Oh, who’s…? Oh, whoa, that’s the brother, nevermind,” and backs off. She’s not that stupid.

TVLINE | Casey and Dawson have been trying their hardest to move on with mixed results. Going forward, how successful are they in that? Are they just finding that they can’t get away from each other?
SPENCER | I thought they did pretty well. I thought there’d be a lot more tension, but not good tension. But there’s tension in all the right areas. They poke each other in the ribs in a really flirtatious, but friendly, mature sort of way. I like how they’re dealing with it. It’s nice.
RAYMUND | Plus, everybody knows when you’ve gone through a bad break-up, the last thing you want to do is have to see that person every day. I feel like they’ve been handling it really gracefully.
SPENCER | Right. It’s not like they don’t love each other. It’s the situation that they’re caught in. It’s the circumstances that really cause the break-up, not something that they did.

Chicago Fire Season 3 SpoilersTVLINE | Would you say that there’s a big change in their relationship status by the end of the year, be it bad or good?
SPENCER | Yes. [Both laugh]
RAYMUND | Yes. It changes a lot.
SPENCER | It changes. Maybe. Oh, I’m just giving it away. [Laughs] We will see interactions, absolutely, with the future of these two characters. They’re really good together. Me watching, I would like to see them be together, but obviously it’s going to take some time, and it’s going to take the right circumstances again. I don’t know how they do it, because if she’s on truck and he’s on truck, they can’t get married. Legally, you’re not allowed to have a husband-and-wife team on the same rig… So I’ll be interested to see what happens. They’re going to move me over to engine so we can get married. Then I’ll be the lieutenant of the engine. I’ll be sitting back with the water.
RAYMUND | [Laughs] “Watch my hose.”
SPENCER | [Laughs] “Watch out, guys!” I don’t know how they’ll do it. Or maybe we’ll just break the rules. Maybe we’ll have a secret wedding or something down the line. Or maybe they’ll play it out over time. We don’t really know.

TVLINE | Are there other people in their lives romantically in the upcoming episodes? There was at one point…
RAYMUND | For Dawson, no. For Casey…?
SPENCER | Yes, there is. It’s tied into this crossover with P.D. where Jason Beghe’s character [Voight] comes over to Fire, and Casey’s working at a club. He’s doing a build-out of a club, and he does meet someone. I haven’t shot it yet or read it, but there is an attraction between him and a certain young female.

TVLINE | The strip club storyline seems like it’s just trouble, it’s bad news.
RAYMUND | [Laughs] You can smell it from here, right?
SPENCER | Yeah. It’s going to go bad. That’s why Jason Beghe has to join the party.

TVLINE | Jesse, is this an opportunity for you to show off a different side of Casey because there are some more seedier characters in this realm?
SPENCER I can’t see him being at the strip club like, “Yeah, this is great!” The other truck guys are probably going to be more like that. But he’s got a fairly strong moral compass, and it’s not really a source of excitement. It’s more a source of embarrassment and humiliation from his co-workers than anything else. But it’s fun to put him in an uncomfortable environment like that, definitely.

TVLINE | The season finale is coming up very soon. Are you worried going into it, given the stakes?
RAYMUND | There’s going to be high stakes. Somebody’s going to get hurt. We’re not going to know if somebody’s going to live. We pretty much are expecting that kind of season finale. But we actually don’t know. We haven’t read it.

TVLINE | After they killed off Shay, did that put a little bit of fear in you? Did you think, “Oh no, what if they kill off my character”?
SPENCER | Well, it’s always possible. They always stipulated that it is a fire show. First responders, unfortunately, they work in a very dangerous line of work. That stuff happens, and all those guys have people they’ve lost. It is part and parcel of the show.

Chicago Fire - Season 3TVLINE | You’re series regulars on Chicago Fire, but it feels like you’re on 300 shows. Do you feel that way when you’re in production?
RAYMUND | All the time.
SPENCER | Just even the scheduling of it, trying to bounce around between [the shows] and then you’ve got to go to P.D. or P.D.’s coming here. But now they’re delayed, so you wait for a bit. It’s really hard to just coordinate. Even when we’re shooting right next door to each other, it’s hard to coordinate.

TVLINE | At this point, are you like, “We’re the veterans. Here’s some words of wisdom,” to the Med cast?
RAYMUND | They’re all pros. They’ve been working for a long time. It’s Oliver Platt. You don’t tell Oliver Platt –
SPENCER | “Listen here, buddy. So here’s how it works.” [Laughs] I gave as much advice as I could about the med stuff, because I did House for eight years, so that was second nature. I’d help with their technical advisor and the actors and I’d just give some tidbits. It’s more like first day of school stuff really, but they’re all pros.
RAYMUND | If the show gets picked up, they’ll get the hang of it quickly. And Chicago Med’s going to be very different than Fire or P.D. That’s going to be a lot of interior, a lot of hospital, all the time. That’s not what we do, so it’s their own show to make.

TVLINE | So they’re lucky they won’t be in the snow then.
RAYMUND | Ha! They’ll be in it. They’re going to have to move there to shoot it, so we’ll see. [Both laugh]