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Scandal: Will Jake Reunite With Olivia? 'I Think He's Done,' Says Scott Foley

Having slowed its roll a bit since the uber-frenetic times of, say, Seasons 2 and 3, ABC’s Scandal wrapped the first half of Season 5 with an impressively buzzy hour in which Olivia’s termination of a pregnancy (that we didn’t even know was in play) was not the only big twist.

No, in addition to that conversation-stirring abortion, Olivia proceeded to break things off with Fitz (and thus end her very brief White House residency), while Jake executed a nagging adversary in cold blood and then reunited with Rowan, the orchestrator of many bad things happening to good-ish people.

Previously, series regular Scott Foley gave TVLine a behind-the-scenes look at the cast’s reaction to the fall finale. Here in Part 2 of our Q&A, he shares his take on Jake’s big kill, the Rowan situation and whether Jake will (or should) welcome another chance at romance with Olivia.

TVLINE | Did you fear that Jake, when all was said and done, would spare Russell, and not kill him?
I did. He had surprisingly let him off earlier this season, and I was worried that… with everything he had done to Jake, from stabbing him to now killing his wife [Elise, played by Mia Maestro], it’s just not in Jake’s character to let him go. I was so satisfied with the result that they ultimately came to. And look, it wasn’t just shooting this guy. He shot him in the face, which is a huge, “You’re not coming back” statement.

SCOTT FOLEY, BRIAN WHITETVLINE | Speaking of Elise, what a tease to being on Mia Maestro for just a couple of episodes.
Yeah, she’s really talented. She was great on Alias, and we loved the first season of The Strain…. I don’t know if it played out the way that they wanted it to, ultimately. I don’t know if she was meant to be around longer or not. Stories, like water, have a way of finding their level, and for whatever reason that storyline wasn’t… I don’t want to say it wasn’t compelling, but it worked for the story for her to be offed. It gave Jake a place to go and a reason to sort of search for Rowan again. It’s my opinion that at the beginning of this season, the relationship obviously was Olivia and Fitz, and they were looking for something to do with Jake. And with B613 not being [active], they gave him a wife.

TVLINE | I had faith, though, that they’d find something for Jake.
I’ve learned to always have faith, I know you hear this from all the people in the Shondaland camp, but they do amazing things, man.

TVLINE | They try not to make it seem like they’re servicing a character just to check off a box. They want it to have meaning,
That’s exactly right, A few episodes ago there was an episode where Josh Malina and Portia [de Rossi] weren’t in it, and not because they shouldn’t be but there was so much other story to tell. They’re not worried about servicing characters in order to service characters; it has to be an integral part of the story they’re telling that week, that season. And if for whatever reason it doesn’t fit, you’re not going to be there – and that’s OK. They have their method to the madness.

TVLINE | In Jake’s final scene there, how did that house not blow up after he and Rowan walked inside? I thought for sure it was blowing up!
[Laughs] Yeah, it’s interesting the [camera] angles they chose to take. We did a couple takes where I stopped on the doorstep and sort of looked around as if to say “What am I doing?,” to acknowledge this “What the f–k?” moment. But I think the idea was that Jake had been searching for the source of Lazarus One, and Jake learned that Rowan was not it — and in so he was not all evil. That maybe the man that he knew pre-“the world blowing up,” before all the stuff with Olivia, the man who taught him, was still there. I think that, although Jake is hesitant, we all sort of want a mentor and a father figure, and Rowan has always been that to him. And it’s hard to get away from that.

TVLINE | In your mind, SCOTT FOLEY, KERRY WASHINGTONat least heading into that fall finale, how done is Jake with Olivia?
Oh god, dude…. I think because two episodes ago, where Jake found out that Olivia was the one who let Rowan out [of prison]… he had been very patient. He said, “You choose Fitz, you love him,” and she didn’t say, “No, I want to choose you.” He had tried to be the good friend throughout her ridiculous ponderings and questions about “Should I marry Fitz?,” but once he found out that she let Rowan out and Rowan then killed his wife, I think he was done. There were a lot of tweets and social media questions that night about, “Now it’s time for Jake and Olivia to get back together,” “It’s Jake’s turn to stand in the sun with Olivia….”

TVLINE | I’d hate for him to rush into that, though.
Me too, man. I so respect him for saying what he did and telling her that she’s become the woman he father always wanted her to be. I think there’s a large portion of the audience that felt that way and no one had said it to her, so I was so proud of him for basically calling her out on years of s–t. And yes, it took this catalyst of letting her father out of jail, but it was something that needed to be said. So I think that he’s done for now.

TVLINE | Maybe with enough time and space — and some groveling from her — he’ll say OK to coffee.
That’s right. And she buys.

TVLINE | They can maybe then do some proper dating.
That’s what we need to do. “Oh my god — I swipe right and there’s Olivia Pope!”

ABC’s Scandal resumes Season 5 on Thursday, Feb. 11.

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  1. I’m fine waiting for the Jake/Liv slow burn reconciliation. I’m still thrilled he called her out because she needed to hear it.

    • Carol says:

      There is no slow burn or fast burn. Jake is a useless character who has no chemistry with Olivia – Kerry Washington and Scott Foley together have no heat and look awkward in love scenes. The show is wasting valuable air time on Jake for no reason except to keep boring Scott Foley as a cast member. Lazarus One was the ridiculous B613 with a different name.

      Jake, a killer of innocent men and women (James, Shelby from the NSA, female reporter and others mentioned in the grand jury trial) being a HYPOCRITE and calling out Olivia for the death of his assassin wife was not praise worthy. Olivia needed to ream Jake’s ass which she started to do in the Oval office. He has no grounds for dumping on Olivia who has kept his useless ass alive.

      For the love of God, Shonda needs to end the B613 story line and get rid of the Jake and Rowan characters so the show can focus on OPA handling cases and dealing with DC politics.

      • And Fitz, who has also murdered countless men and women (the judge, all those innocent people on the plane) is better for Liv?

        I agree that Rowan needs to go, though. And Jake is one of my favorite characters on this show, alongside Mellie. Those two are the reason I keep watching.

        • Carol says:

          Fitz was a military pilot following orders to shot down a plane being used for a terror attack who would have been charged and faced court martial for not doing his duty. That is not the same as being an assassin. Jake could have silenced James and the women without killing them as Rowan said when he told Jake he was incompetent. Jake only killed James to get back at Cyrus for treating him like a peasant.

          As for Verna who killed an innocent mother, Brita Kagen and tried to kill Fitz, she deserved to die – lets call it self-defense. LOL

          When the show focuses on Jake and Mellie, it suffers which is why the critics did not like season 3 and 4. They have nothing to do really unless tied to Olivia which then pulls Olivia away from OPA. These are two characters we need to see less of not more with their repetitive whining.

          I want the show to go back to being Olivia and OPA centric – more of Marcus, Huck, Quinn, Susan, Abby, Cyrus, Charlie, etc. Folks who are interesting.

        • Lee says:

          Fitz didn’t call Olivia out. Jake did. Jake who choked her. Jake who killed James, Jake, FORMER COMMAND.

      • Cooper says:

        OMG Carol, I am SO SO with you. When have you EVER watched a show where an actor (non-acting at that) has actually played 5 or 6 different characters (sucked at all of them) just to keep him employed/relevent at the expense of the OTHER GREAT actors & the popularity of the show? Good lawd, just when I thought we were FINALLY going to end that silly, tired @$$ B613/Daddy issue BS, SR ended our Winter Finale with EVER last ORIGINAL spy, how stupid was that. And if I hear one more person ATTEMPTING to equate Fitz shooting down a plane via Naval orders to ALL the killing & murdering that Joke/Jerk/Ochoke has committed, I’m going to scream. SF is about as USELESS as they come & it’s time for him to go ANYWHERE but Scandal.

        • Cena Gomez says:

          Cooper, look at how many jobs Jake has had? Captain, B613 spy, human vibrator for Liv, Command, crack spy, the writers almost made him VP. When they bounce a character around that much, it means the writers don’t know what to do with him. Instead of doing the right thing and killing him off, we must suffer on with the ALmighty Jake to put “Liv in her place”.

          • Cooper says:

            EXACTLY. Cena, it simply defies logic the lengths SR goes to for him, Ratings be dammed. It is an UNDENIABLE FACT, when they take the focus off OPA, OLITZ or the WH & attempt to pair Liv with Joke, the ratings plummet like a roller coaster that went off track.

      • Mak says:

        If anyone needs to be killed off this show, it’s FITZ! He is useless..and I’m glad Olivia called him ineffectual because that’s what he is. Olitz mess has ruined this show. People may want to blame B613 & Jake all they want but this season was all about Olitz & it’s still disastrous. At least with Jake we get some fun action. Can’t wait to see what he has planned with papa Pope. As for Liv…she’s a hot mess and needs to get herself together before she can start dating anyone. Fitz & her need to be done for good tho!

        • Carol says:

          Wrong, this season has been praised by critics and the ratings were increasing until the show started focusing on Jake and Lazarus.

          • Mak says:

            Lol the nine episodes that aired only 2 episodes managed to improve on the previous week & one of those episodes was the mid season finale… yeah I’m not seeing the increase in ratings…ohh yes how about blame the supporting arcs in a season that is Olitz-centric…

          • Cena Gomez says:

            I’ve seen reviews and you are correct. A lot of critics was praising Scandal the start of the season. Scandal felt like Scandal again. OPA was back into focus, they finally moved forward with Olitz and ended the Grant’s toxic marriage, B613 (the horrible storyline) was dead. Scandal was really cooking until episode 506 and 509, which ruined the momentum the season was having. Mellie letting go her son’s killers and Olivia helping her was pure stupidity. Shonda Rhimes should have never allowed Rowan to kill POTUS son, if she wanted to keep him out of prison. Makes no sense that the killers of POTUS is walking free and having CHristmas dinner with his “son”. The show took a turn for the worst in the winter finale for sure.

          • quang says:

            @Cena Gomez and Carol.

            That’s not what happened. Critics generally love Mellie and hate FItz.

        • Aly Lady says:

          Lol…Fitz is POTUS. If it wasn’t for him and all those illegal favors he has done for her Liv would be nowhere. She should be sitting in jail right now for freeing Rowan but Fitz let her out. Get rid of Fitz then what…Liv will start sexin the next POTUS? Now Jake is pointless and boring af. He has no job. No power. He is floating around doing absolutely nothing taking up screen time that should be given to OPA and the gladiators.

      • Neicey says:

        I agree the show should focus more on OPA handling cases and dealing with DC politics.
        I do not agree about Fitz being the one for Olivia. Rowan is a monster but how can someone (Fitz) tell him what he doing with his daughter- is that love? Jake told Rowan that he loved his daughter
        Jake is a valuable character that can actually read Olivia mind but let her make her own decision
        I am watching Scandal because of Jake Ballard

    • Aly Lady says:

      What slow burn reconciliation? Olivia does not love Jake or want to be with him romantically. We’ve seen the Olitz history and their burning desire for each other but Liv never showed that for Jake.

    • Cooper says:

      Well klutzy, I hate to ruin your New Year but WAITING is exactly what you will be doing. Not because SR might not try to put them together again but because there HAS NEVER been one ounce of chemistry between those two. KW tries but she just can’t do it. Huffington post once described looking at Olivia & Joke is like looking at two mannequins.

      • Cena Gomez says:

        As much as I dislike Olivia Pope character right now, I know Olivia and Fitz aren’t over. The writers can’t rely on B613, OPA boring cases, Rowan and his son Jake to carry the show. Love them or hate them, Olitz is still the most interesting aspect of Scandal. ABC sure promotes the heck out of Olitz with magazine covers and promos.

        • treat1977 says:

          I agree Olitz and OPA are the big draws for me! All else would be pointless and redundant if there was no love connection between Fitz and Olivia. I don’t like how SR wrote for liv this season, she’s an immature o decisive mess. Don’t like her wishy washy attitude, hopefully the character will come back around to her original bad azz self lol. I still love Fitz and hope they work out a future for those two also.

    • Shara says:

      I agree with you 100%.

    • Shara says:

      Me too & I totally agree with you.

  2. niloofar says:

    I so enjoyed Jake calling Olivia on her bs, i see angry hatefuled sex in their future.

    • Tiffany says:

      Then you are as delusional as shonda if you think the rating aren’t going down. Nobody with common sense what to see that no chemistry on screen smh

      • niloofar22 says:

        i don’t care about either fitz or jake, but shonda has decided on this, a few episodes with fitz then breakup for 1000th time and go back to jake. no more focus on her job

      • Mak says:

        Yeah that’s what they said when Derek died…but people are still tuning in. When are you going to learn that Shonda does not pander to shippers, she does what she wants…which is so refreshing!

        • deenabraun says:

          Let’s see if you still think SR does what she wants and it’s accepted when Scandal ratings plummet to the point of cancellation for the show. SR underestimated Olitz fans; we aren’t GA ppl and WON’T support crap. Tony and Kerry are the stars and if SR thinks SF and BY are, she’s delusional beyond comprehension. Premiere will have ratings then 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Done!

    • Aly Lady says:

      Olivia and Fitz have already done the angry hot sex in the closet. Honestly the guy who plays Jake is not a good enough actor to pull that type of magnetic chemistry with Kerry.

      • Mak says:

        To be fair…Kerry is losing her edge too with every season…She overacts in parts and all that lip quivering & those monologues are so over done.

        • Carol says:

          Wrong again, Kerry has gotten praised for her performance this season whiled matched against Tony Goldwyn and Jeff Perry who are good actors. Those three actors together are magic.

          The overdone repetitive monologues come from Bellamy Young and Joe Morton while the flat monologues come from Scott Foley who sounds like a robot.

          I can predict the Mellie monologues based on key words – sacrifice, you owe me, team (me), I want, do something, etc. It is always about Mellie for Mellie. Same for Papa Pope – protect the republic, family, boys, etc.

          • Mak says:

            Lol you Olitzers are hilarious. When you mentioned Bellamy that’s when I knew you were delusional. Bellamy is the only Scandal character that has appeared repeatedly in numerous articles listing the Top TV character of 2015. Bellamy is a real force on Scandal, if anything Bellamy is the Critics darling on Scandal.

          • quang says:

            Hahaha, Mak you are so right. Bellamy is the only actor this season to make any MVP lists.

        • Cena Gomez says:

          Are you talking about Bellamy Young? Now she is true definition of over acting and so over rated. I wish Shonda would give her pets Bellamy and Scott their own shows…leave Scandal alone.
          Those Mellie poor entitled white woman playing a “victim” monologues are so played out. Rowan monologues are played out. Kerry has done are great job with the crappy writing she was given towards the end of the winter finale.

        • Lee says:

          @Mak, getting the feeling you really want to be watching a show starring Jake, not Olivia.

  3. Brian says:

    After 3 seasons, I still don’t get the point of Jake on this show. And it doesn’t make sense that a guy that kills people and has done some crappy things to Olivia himself, is calling her out on anything. No matter how much the writers sweep Jake’s actions under the rug, this is still the guy that choked Olivia. So don’t get how anyone could possibly want to see Olivia do some grovelling to him.

    • Cena Gomez says:

      That was my point in my original post. How can Jake or any Scandal character call another one out? Jake choked Olivia at gun point and ABC promoted that violence. I do not condone men choking women. When Huck choked Olivia, he was dead to me also. But look how tvline, Eonline and others just ignore it all? Olivia grovel to be with a guy hired by her daddy to have sex with her and make a tape? Please spare me that crap. Olivia’s character has already been destroyed enough by that hack Shonda RHimes.

      • Mak says:

        Clearly this show is not for you…Yes everyone on this show is no saint but also there is no victim either, Olivia is not victim to anyone…I don’t know why people are so quick to point out Jake’s faults when this show is founded on infidelity & much more heinous crimes But that not to say they are not promoting violence, or murder or infidelity or political corruption.

        • Cal says:

          Um what?? Jake’s faults ARE violence/murder, and those are clearly the “more heinous” crimes as opposed to infidelity and political corruption.

          But you’re right that none of them are saints. In fact, they have fewer redeeming qualities as the show goes on. The characters have become so unlikeable (and the plots stale) that I’m not even sure I still want to watch.

          • Mak says:

            What about Fitz’s heinous crimes…he’s the worst of them all because he is a POTUS and should not be using his power and influence for personal gain. Those who haven’t committed murder, have facilitated it or covered it up…so yeah everyone is guilty on this show not just Jake!

          • deenabraun says:

            Cal, Don’t watch live. All that does is support Shonda Rhimes’s crappy writing. Let her know by ‘silence’ that viewers don’t support nonsense writing.

        • Cena Gomez says:

          The show went too far with Jake choking Olivia and Huck torturing Quinn. Over the top and I’ve been watching since day one. I know what Scandal is about. Jake sounds like a hypocrite standing on a high horse when he’s choked Olivia. It is no wonder she doesn’t want an relationship with him.

    • Lee says:

      The people that want to see Olivia grovel to Jake don’t like her character and never have. They enjoy seeing her humiliated by Jake and resent Fitz mostly because of his devotion to her. That’s why they overlook Jake’s violence.

  4. Eran says:

    I would never wish unemployment on an actor so I genuinely do hope his next project comes asap and that it cater to his talents and his abilities but the truth of the matter is that Jake could not drop dead soon enough or fast enough for me. And I hope Cyrus caps him. Him murdering James and then holding him as if he were his friend were one of the most unsettling, sociopathic scenes I’d ever witnessed on television (and then came the House of Cards season 3 finale but I digress). Jake has been iredeemable for me, from that day on.

    I never feel this strongly or negatively about TV characters but I want him (and HoC’s Doug Stamper) six feet under.

  5. cigione says:

    She doesn’t deserve Jake!

  6. Aly Lady says:

    HELL NO!! Why is Jake still on the show? Scandal was better when it was about f the case of the week and WH. Jake, Rowan and B613 need to go.

  7. Larc says:

    I say “yes” if for no other reason that I so hate to see Olivia the insipid jerk Fitz.

  8. Cena Gomez says:

    This interview makes me shake my head. On Scandal, a show where all the characters have done awful things, how can anyone of them judge the other one. I’m so sick of the media like tvline and the writers propping Jake. Jake choked Olivia, he has no right to be angry or mad at her for being in love with Fitz. He choose to play second fiddle. Olivia never lied to him. She told him to his face she was in love with Fitz. She didn’t string him along. So he sounds like a hypocrite. If anyone who should be angry at Olivia, it is Fitz…who divorced Mellie and he was almost impeached for Loving Olivia. How does she repay him? She aborts his baby and dumps him because she can’t handle a man who is available. She can only date damaged, married, killer men. Fitz has a gripe with Olivia, Jake is a useless washed up waste of space on Scandal.

    • Mak says:

      Fitz deserves everything he has coming…he loved his mistress more than he did his own family or even his job as POTUS…he’s an idiot & he has no one to blame but himself for the way things have turned out.

      • Cena Gomez says:

        Spare me. Fitz and Olivia fell in love. It wasn’t intentionally. It happens in fiction and real life. People marry. People divorce. That doesn’t make a person a bad person. It makes them HUMAN. Human beings makes mistakes. He’s divorced now and I’m rooting for him to love again with Olivia or a new woman. Fitz loves hard and with his good looks, I’m sure a single POTUS will be tempting for a lot of women.

      • deenabraun says:

        Oh, please. You can’t fake love. Fitz NEVER loved his wife Mellie. So his grave sin was falling in love with another woman. Now he should burn in hell? Get real. That is SR’s viewpoint and she made Fitz the fall guy. But amazingly, despite all the emasculating of Fitz, fans adore him. Root for him. Love him. So her efforts to supplant him with Scott Foley are a joke. Will never happen.

  9. Mak says:

    No way Jake is too for Liv…she needs to get herself together before Jake can even consider dating her. I want Jake with someone new….how about we throw Mellie in the mix!

  10. Hodan says:

    I don’t even know why he is still on the show to be honest? His character is boring af!

  11. It’s always the same Fitz/Tony fans who jump on these articles to talk smack. I thought y’all stopped watching? And it’s funny how a lot of you are saying you want the show to focus on OPA and cases of the week again, now you all know that’s a lie, you’re all full of it, what you really want is Olivia and Fitz to get it on for 43 minutes, OPA and COTW have been scarce this season or just not had enough effort put into them but you weren’t complaining then, I wonder why?

    Y’all only say you want the show to go back to basics when it’s convenient for your anti Jake/B613 debates, well you can all save it! And do you all really think Shonda gives a toss about your rants and rambles? LOL y’all must be naive a hell. Why don’t you all go back to kissing the butt of your cult leaders on Tumblr, how about that? JAKE ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE AND OLITZ IS OVER, DEAL WITH IT BECAUSE THIS SHOW WAS NEVER A LOVE STORY!

    • Cena Gomez says:

      Fitz fans can’t help there aren’t enough Jake fans around to defend him. lol
      Olitz over? Don’t hold your breath. Some have been saying that since Sweet baby, but keep hope alive. As long as Kerry and Tony have the best chemistry in primetime, Olitz will be what ABC use to promote Scandal and the writers will continue to tease them and write for them.

      • Of course the writers will continue to tease them to you people every now and again, how else are they going to bait you gullible individuals into watching? Isn’t this what they’ve been doing for 4 seasons straight? I know they did a lot of it this season in particular too.

      • quang says:

        The writers will certainly write them and tease them, but it doesn’t mean they actually like them. And given the writing for for Olitz, the writer seem to actively HATE them together. Olivia choosing to abort her child like that is a giant UP YOURS to all the shippers.

    • Carol says:

      Shonda may not care but ABC does notice when the ratings fall and the critics/reviewers start bashing the show due to the B613 crappy story line re-appearing.

      The Scott Foley fans crack me up since he had his own show in the Summer which flopped badly. Where were his fans? Then he wrote and directed a movie which got some of the worst reviews I have ever seen (the review in Variety was hilarious unlike the movie which was a comedy) and went to VOD where it failed to get viewers. Scandal does not need Foley but balding non-actor Foley needs Scandal to be relevant.

      BTW Olivia and Fitz were not “getting it on” in season 1 and season 2 which are considered the best seasons of Scandal. Why? Because the characters made sense and were not being forced into the ridiculous story lines. OPA had good cases and the White House drama was in the background not overtaking the show like B613.

      If Scandal continues with the B613 and Jake nonsense, the show will soon be cancelled and Kerry Washington will have lots of other opportunities (has a HBO movie in post production as lead actress and executive producer, producing a TV show, has movies in pre-production, etc.). So Kerry Washington fans will survive and move on with her from Scandal.

      • niloofar22 says:

        agreed 100%, but instead shonda broke olitz up again for jake to come in

      • *Yawns* Just like clockwork. LOL, it’s always the same drivel from you people. Jake/Scott’s irrelevant blah blah blah, ratings are failing blah blah blah, Scandal now sucks blah blah blah, ABC hates Shonda and doesn’t take her seriously blah blah blah, faux concern for Kerry and her career even though you people don’t like her for reasons I won’t list on here because I don’t want to expose y’all blah blah blah. You see, you don’t have to worry about Kerry or Scandal’s survival honey, because the majority of Scandal viewers are REAL Kerry fans who watch for HER. As long as she’s on screen, every thing is all good :)

      • Mak says:

        Hahaha all you Jake/Foley haters are Salty af…Always complaining about B613, papa pope & Jake when the real problem with this show is OLITZ…actually Fitz is the poison in this show.

        • Ava Brock says:

          Im still waiting on how Jake is the better guy in this or how he deserves to be with Olivia? I know your thoughts but you have failed to stay on topic and keep bringing up Fitz. Or keep skipping on the fact that Olitz is the reason why Jake is even around. There wouldn’t have been a second season without Olitz which is why your favorite person Jake came along. As a ROADBLOCK TO OLITZ. Jake doesnt exist without Olitz. So still waiting on your actual comments instead of bashing Olitz. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Fitz may be the poison from your standpoint but millions of viewers, way more that were watching in Season 1 and 2 compared to the Jake show in Season 3 and 4, disagree. Are they all wrong or are you just obsessed with the wrong character?

    • quang says:

      Yes, the Fitz/Tony fans have been lying this entire time, especially to themselves. They pretend that the want a show about a strong woman solving cases, but they really just want a character who will be the perfect girlfriend-pillow for Fitz.

    • Aly Lady says:

      Shakyira- Why do you care if Fitz fans only want Olitz? Olake fans couldn’t wait for Olitz to breakup because they’ve convinced themselves it means Jake and Liv will start screwing again even though their last romantic scene was over a year ago. Both sides want their couple so what?

      “OLITZ IS OVER DEAL WITH IT BECAUSE THIS SHOW WAS NEVER A LOVE STORY” Now you know better than to put your foot in your mouth saying Olitz are over. Olitz are absolutely a love story. What you mean to say is they are not a happily ever after. There is a difference. You think 509 was some permanent ending? Please. If Shonda were to end Olitz, Liv would not still be wearing Fitz ring. Shonda purposely left out any mention of the Vermont home in the Grant divorce which was a perfect opportunity to get rid of it. Don’t you find it odd she will not destroy anything that is considered sacred to Olivia and Fitz story? Olitz did not work out being together in the WH. Nothing about them not loving each other anymore so don’t be surprised if they one day get back together.

      • First of all, it’s not about you people only watching for Olitz, it’s about you people flat out lying about it, you do not care about OPA and cases of the week and never did so why lie about it? Second of all, of course people have been waiting for Olitz to break up, do you know why? Because we actually watch the show properly so we knew this break up was inevitable but that doesn’t mean we all think Olivia will jump straight into bed with Jake, we have more common sense than that, I don’t really know why you brought that up though, seems kind of irrelevant to what we’re discussing but hey, that’s just my opinion. Thirdly, what relevance does the time of Liv and Jake’s last sex scene hold here? Fourthly, I’m guessing you must’ve missed the part in the mid-season finale where she aborted Fitz’ seed, indicating to the audience that there is no future for them, that huge argument demonstrated this as well and to top it off, this abortion is just another secret and obstacle between them when you think about it, LOL! And this ring you’re referring to, is it the same ring that Shonda had no idea existed and had already established that it meant nothing and was just an accessory until she decided to write a whole backstory behind it last minute for ratings? That ring? Well I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s forgotten about it again and that’s kind of a poor example to use to hold onto hope for your ship if you ask me, just saying. And Shonda purposely left out any mention of the Vermont home? You do know she doesn’t write every episode right? Not even the majority? And of course it would’ve been left out by whatever writer wrote said episode because Mellie is not supposed to know about it, in fact, not a lot of people know about it so it wouldn’t be addressed but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s brought up again so Mellie could lose her shit and destroy Fitz even further, that’s only way it will ever be brought up again, sorry to burst your bubble. As for your last statement, I’m not even going to take it seriously but stay hopeful and enjoy your viewing experience!

        • Lee says:

          Why is that Olake fans can never defend Jake without attacking Fitz? Fitz isn’t even mentioned in this article. Him and Olivia have broken up. They’re over.
          And Jake is still a violent, abusive, Manipulative, entitled, egomaniacal murderer who enjoys licking the tears of his victims.
          I may not like Olivia much the way she’s been written since the end of S3 , but surely even she deserves better than man wiling to kill her at the drop of a hat?

          • Mak says:

            Ohhh yeah like Olitz fans do not blame the demise of the entire show on Jake…please! Fitz is just as monstrous as Jake if not worse…

          • Because Jake’s entire purpose for being on the show is to come between Olivia and Fitz. His entire character revolves around being the “anti-Fitz”. There’s not even any point in him being with Olivia if he’s not taking Olivia away from Fitz. If there were no Fitz, most of his stans wouldn’t even care about him. When Fitz is taken out of the equation, all of Jake’s good qualities are superficial, like “he’s cute”, “he looks hot when he’s violent”, “he gets extra sauce for Olivia’s Gettysburger”, “Noel didn’t get Felicity so Jake should get Olivia”.

        • KEA says:

          It doesn’t matter what side you are on, if the ratings start to tank, then ABC, not Shonda will promote Olitz and put Olivia and Fitz back together. They do it every season with commercials, song videos, photo shoots, all geared towards Olivia and Fitz. This isn’t rocket science. Its money and the executives at ABC don’t want to lose the cash. You will never see a promotional for Scandal with Olivia and Jake, or Fitz and Mellie. They put Bellamy Young on the photo shoot with Kerry and Tony, and it was very awkward looking. Even when Olivia was on the island with Jake, they didn’t promote it, only a glimpse of Olivia alone. They could have shown Jake’s shadow or the back of him while walking with Olivia on the beach. We didn’t get anything with the two of them. So, let’s all stop pretending that Scandal hasn’t promoted the hell out of Olivia and Fitz, why wouldn’t they, it’s their bread and butter? You have to look at this from a advertising ad perspective, and promoting Olitz has given them excellent returns every season – when all else fails, bring on Olitz.

          Also, Scandal isn’t set-up the same way as Grey’s. Grey’s has several well developed storylines with other supporting characters. Scandal isn’t made up that way. Its heavily Olivia centered. Oh, you’ll have an episode of one of the supporting characters killing it with a monologue, but that’s the extent of their shining moment and that works for Scandal. All of the supporting characters on Scandal are not interesting enough to have them front and center every episode. The whole Mellie for President, is just not interesting for me personally. Scandal would have to devote an enormous amount of time to that storyline, and that’s not how Scandal is set-up. When Scandal returns, I want to see Olivia going to another country to work on a case, along with brining her crew. We need some new and exciting storylines. No more of Olivia working on anyone’s campaign, unless it’s her own.

          • Art says:

            ICAM KEA! So not looking forward to Mellie’s run for POTUS. As far as promotions go, I’m waiting for the first Olitz pictures or promo to run for Feb sweeps in Scandal return. Olitz remains the main topic of conversation for Scandal fans, love them or hate them. I mostly love them because of the actors chemistry.

      • *Yawns* Again, just like clockwork LMAO! Yeah, okay whatever helps you sleep at night, PEACE!

        • Aly Lady says:

          Yeah you knew better than to argue my point about Olitz not being over. Go ahead stick that foot in your mouth again and say Shonda is done with them. You will never live it down. We know you from YT, FB comments too. You’re no better than anyone else on here. You keep hoping Olitz are over because you hate them with a passion but guess what? The show introduced Olitz in episode 1 and here we are in Season 5 still seeing Olivia/Fitz relationship front and center with Shonda writing the ups and downs of their roller coaster ride set to her favorite Motown hits.

          • LOL are those references to my YT and FB comments supposed to be intimidating? You gonna get your fellow cult members to cyber-jump me? And who exactly is “we”? LMAO! And actually sweetie, I did have an argument that I typed out but it wasn’t showing up. I guess the moderators of this thread deemed it inappropriate and I was considering just copying and pasting it and just toning down my language but then I realised there’s no need to argue my point, especially to over zealous and non-objective individuals who have been proven wrong many times but STILL choose to beat a dead horse, have a nice day now!

          • Mak says:

            Obviously Olitz is not over…Shonda is not that reckless, how will she get all you gullible Olitzers to keep watching the show if she does not tease them here and there…giving you shippers hope that maybe this time around it will work when in actual fact..they are never going to be as solid as ya’ll want…SR clearly has no love for Olitz! and only keeps dangling them to bait the ridiculous Olitzers.

          • Art says:


          • Art says:

            The same haters like Shakyira post on all the Scandal message boards and sites. They are Olitz so much, but at the same time, can’t stop talking about it. I find it amusing.

    • deenabraun says:

      But the show did become a love story; a love story like no other on TV with the most mesmerizing couple on primetime TV ever. A gifted, skilled, talented writer would have taken that golden opportunity and run with it. Shonda instead ran from it. Scared, she fell back into soap-opera tactics and spy crap because she wasn’t talented enough to capitalize on the amazing chemistry Olitz brought to her show. Sad.

    • Lee says:

      Olake fans despise Olivia. No one who likes the lead of a show want to see her grovel before a man who has choked her, made a sex tape of her and threatened to murder her.

    • Ava Brock says:

      Lmao! Why are you so bothered? I love how you can sit here and say we shouldn’t assume what Olake fans think but you can assume what Olitz fans think. No matter how much you rant and rave, Olivia STILL DOES NOT love Jake. Stop discounting how Olivia feels so you can make your Jake feelings relevant. Just because Shonda kept your fave around for 2 WHOLE SEASONS doesnt mean he should matter. He is a roadblock that they do not know what to do with now bc he is that irrelevant. And stop forgetting, there wouldn’t even be an Olake without Olitz fans. This show wouldn’t be on the air without Olitz. Olitz started Scandal and Scandal will always be about Olivia and Olitz.

  12. Love Scott, but Jake and everything related to B613 needs to go.

  13. Spencer says:

    So basically Scott admits that the show has no where for his character to go so and Shonda will always force his character at the expense of other actors and the consistency of the story and character development. She will make Olivia release her murderous father that they spent all last season trying to kill/capture so that Jake can have some air time and something to “put Olivia in her place” for. I will never respect Shonda’s work or watch anything else that she creates for the train wreck she has turned Scandal into. I have never seen a show plummet so fast to accommodate a D list actor. I feel sorry for Kerry and hope she finds better projects and producers that respect her and what she brings to the table

    • INeverRememberMyScreenName says:

      I guess Scott isn’t as clueless as I thought. Even he realizes that the writers have no idea what to do with his character. Jake Ballard = quintessential Creator’s Pet.

    • deenabraun says:

      Loved your comment. I too will never watch anything related to Shonda Rhimes. Nothing. Nada. Ever. How could I respect a showrunner who so blindly destroys her own show; who did not have the vision to see where such wild chemistry (not just sexual) between two excellent actors could go. Scandal is a complete shipwreck because of her.

    • This is what bothers me the most about him, the blatant favoritism he gets, and Shonda Rhimes will go out of her way to tear down Olivia/Kerry, so Jake can look good and SF can have long stretches of stinking up the screen. Take the difference between Jake/SF and James/Dan Bucatinsky. Shonda claims she had to kill off James because there was nowhere else for his character to go. And so Jake could stand over him delivering a monotone monologue as James died. James was not only Cyrus’ husband, he was a journalist. He did fluff interviews and investigative journalism. He did what Noah Baker is doing now. Plus, he wasn’t a regular like Jake. He could have disappeared until he was needed again. There’s no reason why Jake ever had to be a regular character. There’s no purpose for his character but he’s not only still on the show, he practically gets more screentime than Kerry does. Shonda decided to fire the actor who won Scandal’s 1st Emmy but will literally destroy the show so one of the worst actors in show business can get lots and lots of screentime. Why? Because he has kids to support? So does half of the cast. So does Dan and Columbus Short, but they still got fired. Isn’t SF’s wife an actress? Are both of their careers so dead that they’ll be in the poorhouse without Scandal money?

  14. Anna says:

    I’ve always been an Olake fan but I say: “No way” to Jake going through the torture of being Liv’s interest. She ruins everything she touches and doesn’t know how to love someone in a healthy way. Actually, none of them in this show do.

  15. lala says:

    I definitely don’t believe Olivia and Jake are over. Shonda Rhimes doesn’t allow the actors to give specifics about their storylines. Scott Foley has said since the third season that Olivia and Jake are finished. I believe they will be together because Jake and Papa Pope are getting along and they killed off Jake’s wife for a reason. I think Shonda Rhimes wanted to definitively end Olitz for awhile, so there won’t be any distractions for when Olivia and Jake come together. Olivia will have to heal herself and fight to get Jake back.

  16. Shara says:

    I love Jake and always preferred Olivia and Jake over Olivia and Fitz.

  17. Ava Brock says:

    Jake and Olake fans, Listen Up: The show is NOT about Jake. The show is about Olivia. Regardless if you have been a fan of Scott Foley since whenever and started watching Scandal just for him, it still doesn’t mean your fave should get whatever he wants. Olivia DOES NOT love Jake and the fact that yall really want Olivia to get with a man who gave her a concussion, choked her, made a sex tape of her, and slept with her on orders from her father (the covert incest yall champion for Olivia is really problematic) really makes me worry for everyone’s state of mind on this site. As well as for TV Line and this article. Where is Kerry Washington’s article about what she wants to see for Olivia? I digress. Every character on the show became dumber to make Jake relevant and smarter. Olivia regressed from the badass fixer she was in Season 1 and 2 (when she was with Fitz) and became a shell of herself all to prop a triangle to make Jake relevant. He is past his sell by date. On any other show, he would be dead or written off by now because there is no purpose for him anymore. His purpose was a roadblock to Olitz, no more, no less. And don’t forget, Season 3 and 4 were all about Olake, B613, Rowan, and Mellie’s entitlement. Not about Olivia, who the show is about. I guess you Olake fans got so used to seeing your fave that once the show got back to what it was based on at the beginning of Season 5 (Olivia, Olitz, and OPA cases), you couldn’t handle it. I have no idea what is going to happen, but I would sacrifice Olitz at this point, to get Kerry some worthy material and the focus to be back on Olivia and not a man who in no way deserves any amount of her attention or an actor who even gives mediocrity a bad name. Get Jake Ballard off of Scandal and banish Scott Foley to some acting classes.

    • Ci says:

      Came to this article because I like Scott Foley from Felicity, but now kinda disturbed at all these adults fighting each other over a tv show and their couples. Keep it classy, folks.

    • Whateverwhocares says:

      1). You are right, this show IS about Olivia. However, if Olitz was still together, you wouldn’t even acknowledge that. Not only that, Kerry Washington is the STAR and the only star of Scandal. Tony Goldwyn and the rest are only a part of the supporting cast.

      2). I won’t even address your opinions about Jake’s faults because Fitz’s sh!t stinks just as bad.

      4). Jake must be relevant to you because your entire comment is all about him.

      5). Please, stop calling for Scott’s removal, he is only doing what he is being given. It’s not his fault that you don’t like the character he plays.

  18. deenabraun says:

    Fitz is written as useless by Shonda Rhimes in the futile gamble that viewers would turn to SF as the lead male. No way in the world could that happen on planet earth. Even with garbage writing Fitz stole hearts of millions; something SF could never do. At this point the damage is done and I think Scandal is history.

    • niloofar says:

      agreed 100%, “olake” or “olitz” the damage is done

    • Mak says:

      “Fitz is written as useless by Shonda Rhimes”
      I agree with only this on your comment…

    • Art says:

      Shonda’s writing is weird and kind of silly. She has so much disdain for the position of First Lady and POTUS. It is crazy. Olivia has the opportunity to redefine the First Lady role and Fitz can be an effective President if Shonda stops characters from saying POTUS has no power. Yes, despite the bad writing, Fitz is still adored by a lot of fans. He’s not a show runner Pet like Jake or Mellie, so I guess fans root for the under dog.

  19. jade says:

    lol at all these comments. smh. lmao. its just a show people

  20. Amanda says:

    I never been a fan of jake and the whole b613 storyline God i thought that was over and was so glad.They need to find a way to wrap that up for good and keep it that way. Even Scott admits that they have no idea what to with his character which is why they have Jake in all these different roles and job just for the purpose of giving him a storyline same with papa pope. Another thing that needs to end is whole mellie blaming fitz for every single bad thing that happened to her like if for the most part she didn’t know what was going on or if it weren’t a result of her own actions. Plus I seriously doubt Olitz is really done for good , they just need to bring the focus back on the case of the week and OPA I mean why was Jake the person that Olivia talk to and not Abby about if she should marry fitz

  21. Lee says:

    So Jake gets to be done with Olivia after choking her, distributing a sex tape of her and threatening to kill her? Jake gets to be upset that she released Command when he also took the job of Command and Killed James HER FRIEND and 2 innocent women? JAKE gets to judge Olivia? must be nice..
    Jake is physically an emotionally abusive. When he’s not demanding something in his incredibly entitled way or asking her to save him, he treats Olivia like something stuck to the bottom of his shoe, calling her a booty call in private and telling her staff she slept with him for phone. He DELIGHTS in humiliating her in a horribly misogynistic way and he always gets a pass.

    • Ava Brock says:

      Preach Lee! Anyone who wants Olivia with Jake is NOT thinking of Olivia, but only Jake. Its funny tho, bc Fitz loves Olivia unconditionally and does anything for her but he is the bad guy since Mellie’s white tears and monologues are all we hear. Yet Olivia should be grateful to get the attentions of the subpar and inconsequential Jake. Aint nothing like making sure the star of the show gets the slim pickings and bottom of the barrel scraps by way of her father while the actual love her life is ripped away from her. Funny how MerDer started with infidelity and got their Happily Ever After over seasons but on Scandal, its seems that infidelity is a crime worst than murdering your goddaughter’s father.

  22. Whateverwhocares says:

    Forget about Olivia pathetic love life, lets get back to OPA and fixing scandals. That’s why I started watching Scandal in the first place.

    Olitzers, the fantasy of Olivia and Fitz getting married and moving to Vermont to make Jam and having a couple of kids is OVER. Once you get over your 7 stages of grief you will accept that.

    My fellow Olakers, Scott is right, Jake has had enough of Olivia’s shenanigans, he no longer wants to have anything else to do with her. If there is a teny-tiny spark of love left in Jake’s heart for Olivia, she will have to work hard to reignite it.

    All Olivia has left is OPA she needs to get back to working on being a fixer.

    • Lee says:

      There was never a spark of love in Jake’s heart for Olivia to re-ignite or he wouldn’t have been attacking her and threatening to kill her.
      Actually suggesting she work for the attention of a man who has put her in HOSPITAL and never even apologised is morally bankrupt.

  23. Whateverwhocares says:

    Forget about Olivia’s pathetic love life, lets get back to OPA and fixing scandals. That’s why I started watching Scandal in the first place.

    Olitzers, the fantasy of Olivia and Fitz getting married and moving to Vermont to make Jam and having a couple of kids is OVER. Once you get over your 7 stages of grief you will accept that.

    My fellow Olakers, Scott is right, Jake has had enough of Olivia’s shenanigans. he doesn’t want to have anything else to do with her. If there is a teny-tiny spark of love left in Jake’s heart for Olivia, she will have to work hard to reignite it. She is too spoiled and entitled to do that.

    All Olivia has left is OPA, she needs to get back to working on being a fixer.

    • I always find it funny when people criticize other people for watching Scandal for Olitz while bragging that they watch for the cases because very little of Scandal has been dedicated to OPA or the cases since season 3, when Jake, Papa Pope/B613, and Mellie became prominent. When any of those three are around, Olivia Pope becomes a supporting character. She’s lucky if she gets any actual lines in one-on-one scenes with them. How many times has she had to stand with her mouth shut while one of those characters sermonized at her for 3 hours? OPA has worked on 3 cases in 9 episodes this season, the royals, the stupid kid that murdered his dad, and the gay translator who needed refuge from his homophobic country (4 if you count Olivia hiring Leo Bergen). Besides Olitz, Scandal was all about 3 characters who should have been done by the end of season 2.

      • Whateverwhocares says:

        How is it that acknowledging the reason why I started watching Scandal bragging? All I want to see for the rest of the season is OPA and Olivia being a fixer and less of Olitz or Olake or whatever. What’s wrong with that?

        Although it may seem that Jake, Papa Pope, Olitz and Mellie has become prominent characters, Olivia is always in the center of all of them. You cant talk about them without talking about her. And the reading she gets from them I enjoy because they are usually right.

  24. Jake Ballard is the epitome of “Nice Guy Syndrome”, when a guy is a friend to a woman, even though she doesn’t love him the way she’s “supposed” to, with the expectation that she’ll eventually let him into her undies. He told her to go to the man she loves (and has never told him otherwise), not because he wants her to be happy, but because he thought she’d been impressed with his “generosity” and choose him instead. He listened to her talk about her problems with Fitz, not because he cared about her problems, but because he thought
    Olivia has saved Jake from prison, the hole, and death. She has tried to “save him” like he begged her to (and got repaid with violence and slut-shaming), she even bankrolled their fancy little island getaway. And she has never asked Jake for anything in return. What does he even have to offer Olivia besides sex, a burger, and extra sauce? He won’t even give her a drink she likes.

    • Lee says:

      All true. Olivia has bailed Jake out again and again. Fitz has also saved his life twice and employed him three times and been betrayed by him at every turn. Jake is a thoroughly ungrateful character. And now Olivia should grovel before him?

    • “He listened to her talk about her problems with Fitz, not because he cared about her problems, but because he thought”

      How did that get cut off? It was supposed to say: He listened to her talk about her problems with Fitz, not because he cared about her problems, but because he thought “being there for her” would make her choose him instead.

      • Brian says:

        I agree about the obvious SF favoritism. Say what you want about Fitz, but at least Olivia has a voice in her scenes with him. While with Jake & Mellie, Olivia is shamelessly dumbed and watered down in her scenes with them. And this is why i’m not too excited about the second half of the season. What’s going to be fun about watching Olivia being weakened in scenes against these 2 characters? Plus Rowan too? Yikes…

        • Art says:

          Olivia is allowed to be smart around Fitz. Yes, she is dumb down and muted around Jake so that that writers can prop his useless character.

  25. Claire says:

    Jake and Olivia chemistry can only be described as the one between two dead fish kissing. Jake is a bore of a character and has overstayed his presence in the show. He should have been killed off long time ago. Plus if it’s the acting or the character I don’t know but Jake B has one wooden expressionless face no matter the scene. He is not Clint Eastwood so stoic doesn’t really work for him if that is what he is going for in every shot. A door conveys more emotions that Jake character in Scandal.

  26. Cybil says:

    If you havent read or heard any interviews from Shonda Rhimes you should know that SHE said that Olitz is the central relationship in the show, just as Mer and Christina was for Grey’s. She says we’re on a journey with Olitz. And does anyone REALLY think that Olivia and Fitz are really over on Scandal? Love them or hate them, it is what it is. Will Olivia turn toward Jake again? Probably. Will Olivia stay there? For a while. But all roads lead to Fitz. Through all the Scandal defuqery ther will always be Olitz. Always.