Supergirl Fall Finale

Supergirl Recap: Mommie Dearest — Plus: Who Learned Kara's Big Secret?

Just as we had begun to wrap our heads around last week’s Hank Henshaw reveal, Supergirl raised its game Monday night with a super-eventful fall finale.

An intense face-off between Kara and Astra that gave way to one of the season’s most emotional scenes? Check. The SuperFriends coming together to take down a CatCo adversary? Check. Cat Grant’s “A-ha!” moment regarding Kara’s real identity? Check!

Before you share your reactions in the comments, a brief rundown of the jam-packed episode:

* Facing the very real possibility that her Aunt Astra wants to kill her, Supergirl trains with Alex in hand-to-hand combat and tries to convince herself that if the time comes, she will end Astra’s life. But when that moment does arrive, and Kara has the chance to (literally) heat-vision her aunt out of existence, Kara doesn’t. Instead, Astra is taken to the DEO, where she is put in solitary confinement and tearfully explains to Kara that Alura Zor-El — Kara’s mom —  was the real enemy on Krypton.

The CliffsNotes version: When Astra and her husband, Non, began to use unorthodox methods to save Krypton from ecological suicide, Alura had them both imprisoned in Fort Rozz — and, worse yet, Alura manipulated Kara into dragging Astra out from hiding so she could be thrown in jail. (Is it cold in here, or is it just Alura’s icy betrayal?)

Supergirl Fall Finale* But juuuuust when it starts to seem like Astra is the more trustworthy Laura Benanti character, Alex and Hank make a major realization: Astra’s confinement at the DEO was merely a distraction for the main event — the invasion of Lord Technologies by Non and a whole slew of other Fort Rozz aliens. By the time the DEO agents get to Maxwell Lord’s domain, Non and his minions are wreaking havoc — and even though Supergirl gets there in time to save Alex, we’ll have to wait until after the winter hiatus to see how Supergirl’s tussle with Non ends.

* Elsewhere in National City, Cat Grant gets hacked — and, thanks to Kara’s super-hearing, we learn that Dirk Armstrong, CatCo’s chairman of the board, masterminded the cyber-attack in an attempt to unseat Cat from her media empire.

While James and Winn comb through Cat’s e-mail archives, searching for anything incriminating that the press might use against her, they stumble across monthly wire transfers that Cat has been sending to one Adam Foster — her son, she reveals to Kara. Cat lost custody of Adam when he was young, after her ex thought she was too career-focused to raise a child. But rather than bring Adam into a media firestorm due to the hack, Cat agrees to step down from CatCo if it means protecting her son…

* …that is, until Winn, James and Lucy present Cat with the very evidence she needs to get Dirk arrested, ensuring that Cat sits atop the throne for at least a while longer. #TeamSuperFriendsFTW

* Oh, and speaking of Cat: She knows Kara is Supergirl, at long last. Proving that she is just as observant as we all hoped she was, Ms. Grant confronts Kara with all of the strange “coincidences” that have aligned her with Supergirl in recent weeks. Kara tries to brush off the similarities — because awkward conversations are definitely Kara’s forte — but when Cat asks her assistant to remove her glasses, it can’t be denied. “Thank you for all the help you’ve given me, Supergirl,” Cat tells Kara — and once again, the scenes between these two ladies might just be the best of the episode.

Your turn! What did you think of Supergirl‘s fall finale? Grade the episode via our poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    That was friggin amazing!!! WOW!!

  2. Yeah, but since this takes its inspiration from the Donner movies, Kara can just kiss Cat to make her forget like Clark did to Lois in Superman II, lol.

  3. Mary says:

    I had decided that Cat was probably going to find out that Kara is Supergirl by the end of the finale. I just kind of thought maybe Astra might have something to do with outing her.

    And while I agree that Kara and Cat’s scene was great, it was Kara wanting to confront her mother and having to settle for a hologram of her that to me was the best.

  4. sladewilson says:

    This show gets better every episode. Great winter finale!!

  5. There was way too little Cat Grant in this episode and the fact that the show is making Astra sympathetic by somewhat blaming her crimes on her husband rubbed me the wrong way.

  6. Priyam says:

    You know, I forgot how amazing Calista Flockhart is! Thanks fro bringing her back again! :)

    • Sam says:

      Calista Flockhart is the sh*t. She was amazing in Ally McBeal, so good in Brothers & Sisters, and now she’s fantastic in Super Girl. All three shows she played very different characters. Talk about an amazing actress.

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    I was like WHAT!! It’s over, lol. Loved it.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      This was supposed to be a response to Patrick above. Stupid phone.

      • Oh :D! The same thing has happened to me before lol, but I had the same reaction except in a negative tone. I was like, “What?! It’s over?” considering that they gave us absolutely no reason to think that Kara won’t make it out of the fight fine, or what Non was doing at Maxwell Lord’s in the first place. I was hoping for a post credit scene but no luck! If you’ll allow me to play Armchair Showrunner, I would’ve ended the episode with Kara flying off to the fight after the Cat bombshell and have the next episode pick up with her arriving at the fight.

        • Jewels says:

          It actually plays like an old time comic. Mid punch – the comic ends and you stay tuned for the next issue. While I didn’t like the end – I could see the throwback nod.

  8. Tiffany says:

    This was the best episode to date. Hank probably will ease Cat memory of Supergirl identity. Can’t wait for Jan 4. Supergirl Rocks

    • Mary says:

      I don’t think so. There’s no reason to worry about Cat revealing Kara’s secret. If she said that Supergirl was working as her assistant at Catco, that would open her up to law suits from people who weren’t happy with how Supergirl did things or any damages done.

    • Phun says:

      One possibility is that HH-MM might Cat’s memory. I know David Harewood said in an interview that Kara will see Supergirl fly (because he will morph into her). Probably when Kara finds out about HH-MM and this morphing into SG will be done to probably to confuse Cat Grant.

  9. laurelnev says:

    I really like how Cat’s character has evolved and how she’s become a mentor to Kara, rather than a tormentor. I think Kara solidified that relationship when she and her posse “saved” Cat at the last minute, and that “Keera’s” secret is in good hands.

  10. Has Melissa Benoist been nominated for scene of the week yet?If not please do she is blowing me away

  11. Mr. Tran K says:

    I give it an A. This was the best if not one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen and I was blown away that it ended in a cliffhanger. Seeing Kara’s hearing was like a rip-off of Jaime Sommers’ bionic ear in The Bionic Woman and that amazing fight scene between Supergirl and Astra was like an homage to that showdown between Superman and General Zod in the movie Man Of Steel. Also, it had a lot of great action and a few emotional scenes and I was amazed by the performance of Laura Benanti in a dual role as Alura and Astra. Guess we’ll have to wait until January 4th when Supergirl returns.

  12. Luli says:

    One of my favorite episodes! I love all the female relationships on this show. Kara and Cat, Astra and Kara, and Alex and Kara. They are the reason why I love the show. And the fight scenes are getting better and better. Also Melissa was great in the scene where she confronts her mother. Kudos.

    And I think they are making Non the bad guy, instead of Astra which I’m all for it.

  13. Ashley says:

    Loved it! This show keeps getting better. I hope people who didn’t initially care for it give it a second chance. Or that other people start watching it… whatever gets a second season.

  14. JC1 says:

    I hope they don’t undo Cat knowing about Kara. With Martian Manhunter in the picture, I could see them doing it, but I’d rather see how Cat handles things now that she knows.

  15. adam says:

    I really loved that seen with Kara yelling at her hologram mother. Lots of emotion. Great acting from Melissa Benoist.

  16. peterwdawson says:

    Generally pleased with the directions taken, but hated how the episode ended with the start of a clash. Was never a fan of those kinds of cliffhangers.

  17. Stephen says:

    I really enjoyed Cat figuring it out. I didn’t believe it until she told Kara to take off her glasses. I’m glad I got to enjoy one surprise, as Yahoo spoiled the Hank reveal in one of their front page article’s headlines

  18. Malcolm Mao says:

    At first, I thought Melissa Benoist was too much of a lightweight to pull off such an iconic role. But I have to say… the scenes she shines the most are exactly the heaviest, most emotional ones. Her interaction with her holo-mom, losing her temper and blasting a heat vision burst through the hologram was outstanding. You can feel her rage and the very real reasons behind it. I didn’t think Supergirl (the show) would go there, but good for them. Can’t wait for Jan 4!

  19. Luli says:

    So now that this episode has aired and Cat learned that Kara is Supergirl, the answer that Natalia Abrams gave in spoiler room Q about Supergirl last week makes me think that POSSIBLE SPOILER/THEORY Hank will impersonate Supergirl in front of Kara and Cat so that her identity as Supergirl can remain a secret.

    • John NYC says:

      Unless he can mimic Supergirl’s powers (can he fly?) the better fake could be Hank mimicking Kara not Supergirl.

      • LaT says:

        J’onn Jonzz/Martian Manhunter can fly.

        I think it would be completely predictable for Cat to lose her memory of Kara’s secret. Of course that could happen, but I think it would be disappointing if it did. Why even deal the card if you’re not going to play the hand through? Letting Cat keep her memory gives Supergirl the chance to do something almost none of the incarnations of Superman has ever done (AFAIK) – show us what it would look like if Perry White (or his equivalent) was in on the secret and had to help cover for Clark/Kal-El. It actually opens up a lot of narrative avenues, especially *because* it poses a dilemma for Cat within the context of her journalistic ethics. Having her find out just long enough to confirm she’s as smart and observant as she seems to be only to then wipe it away is both a cop-out and narratively wasteful. So it’d be two things, both of them annoying. I hope she gets to keep her memory.

  20. Pat says:

    It was fantastic. Cat had really opened up to Kara these past couple of weeks, first about the son that we all saw, then her relationship with her mother and now this oldest son who we have not seen, yet. As cold that she seems to be, Kara has become the person whom she seems more comfortable with to confide in. The other part of this episode had me getting some strange vibes when I watched the scenes of Kara with her Aunt Astra. The scene of Astra with Kara when she was a little girl and also, the scene where she was talking only to Kara when she was contained in that cell. The vibe I am getting and I am probably so off with this one, but is it possible that Astra is Kara’s mother?

    • LaT says:

      Agreed re: everything about Cat and Kara. And I got the same vibe from the Astra-Kara interaction. Especially coming within an episode where one of the other women lost/gave up her child because of being ‘too committed’ to her career. As Alex pointed out – Astra is a warrior, and while that of course doesn’t automatically preclude her from being a mother, I could easily imagine a scenario where she maybe wasn’t ready for it and asked Alura to step in. It might be a tad too soap opera-esque a twist for this kind of show, but IF it were to happen, I wouldn’t feel like it was coming out of nowhere, based on Astra’s and Kara’s closeness/interactions on Krypton.

  21. Eric says:

    Anyone else get the feeling that Astra may be Kara’s mother instead?
    Why is she so attached to Kara? I love my nephews and nieces but boy this was overplayed if that!

  22. JDH says:

    Melissa Benoist deserves Performer of the week, EVERY WEEK. I mean wow…

    As a fan of Glee, I am quite saddened to see how little quality material was being written for some of the newer actors… I mean Grant Gustin was playing a one note douchey villain, & now he regularly makes me both laugh & cry, often simultaneously…

    Melissa Benoist became a glorified extra in her last few episodes, & look at her now…

    I’m excited to see what Blake Jenner does with the role of Adam next year!! 😊

    • Phun says:

      Oh yeah! Melissa did an excellent job again! Loved the scene where Kara was so angry at mother after she spoke to Astra that she heat visioned the hologram! Never saw Glee so I really don’t know how Grant and Melissa did in the show.

    • herman1959 says:

      So, Adam will be on the show and the role has already been cast? I missed that; how do you know?

  23. Trevor says:

    Can we all agree that Astra is Kara’s real mother…..

  24. Phun says:

    Three words about this episode: AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Good thing we only have to wait 2-3 weeks for the second 1/2 unlike other shows that won’t start up until March! :)

  25. b says:

    Excellent episode. I wasn’t disappointed with the ending it left me wanting more. I really like this show and I hope it is renewed for a second season

  26. acurat says:

    Smart, very smart. The fact that Cat is able to figure out what is front of her makes this ten times smarter than Perry White ever was concerning Superman. At least suspension of reality in that case is resolved in this show… I commend the writers for letting that happen.

  27. marco says:

    Cat being essentially the only person on Earth who can figure out that a Super in disguise is simply the person wearing glasses when throughout history nobody has been able to tell that about Clark Kent/Superman??? Like Jerry Seinfeld said – he didn’t even have lenses in the glasses!

    But I do think that the big reveal of Martian Manhunter was great last week – only to have him Not show up again when the DEO is being attacked by superpowered beings??? WTF???

  28. Joey Padron says:

    Good episode. Not good Cat knows Kara’s secret now. Can’t wait to see part 2 of episode in January.

  29. herman1959 says:

    A+; the story, fight sequences, and FX were all great. Plus, there was a lot of character development and information sharing going on. And, Peter Mackenzie (blackish) rocked that white male privilege typecasting thing he does. My favorite part was when Cat admitted she’d asked out Idris Elba for a date and been turned down – HA!

  30. Luis says:

    Finally, finally, finally!!! Someone acknowledging than an intelligent, sophisticated human being in possession of her faculties isn’t going to ignore a huge series of coincidences or be put off by someone wearing a pair of glasses! Thank you, Mr. Berlanti and company. Now that that “cat” is out of the bag, the issue going forward is how this information will affect Kara and Cat’s relationship.

  31. Rafael says:

    I agree about Cat noticing Kara’s secret as a strong spoiler! TO BE CONTINUED…

  32. Ms Thang says:

    Supergirl has been delivering high-stakes drama and high-octane action scenes. The cast is superb!

  33. Thomas says:

    I agree that they need to “un-do” Cat knowing Kara’s secret. But, maybe the way to do it, is to add another layer. Remember, and I’m REALLY going to date myself here, back in the ORIGINAL Superboy comic series, his best friend Pete Ross, discovers that Clark Kent is Superboy. But, he doesn’t let anyone know that he knows this INCLUDING Clark.

    So, instead of wiping Cat’s memory, J’onn creates the illusion of him being Supergirl so KARA believes that Cat doesn’t know or now disbelieves it. And somehow impresses upon Cat this is the better way. Mind you, this couldn’t possibly last, Kara would eventually figure out that Cat knows, but the journey that the two of them take — ESPECIALLY Cat trying to protect this secret, something that is alien to her nature, let’s face it, revealing the Girl Of Steel’s secret identity would be the biggest story of her career — could reveal a lot about the characters that even THEY don’t know about themselves.

    • SuperGirl Lover says:

      I don’t believe Cat would ever do anything to hurt Kara, so even those it would be the biggest story of the life, Cat will keep Kara secret and help her in any way possible

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        I agree, Cat will keep Kara’s secret and help her too. There’s been a trust, and even a kind of friendship established between not only Kara an Cat, but Supegirl an Cat too on numerous occasions already. And I think this episode was a great one to have Cat figure it out… becuz in a way, Cat was just in a similar situation that Kara is in now. And Kara has always helped her.

  34. TVPeong says:

    Great moments in this episode

    Cat and Kara, where Cat thanked her. (If this is anything like Flash, I expect more people to know before the season is done)

    James and Winn – I am not in your way. Tell her how you feel

    Kara and her mom

    Kara and her aunt

    Definitely one of the best new shows this fall season.

  35. John NYC says:

    Cat Grant’s proving far more significant for the storyline than I had anticipated. Good work.

  36. The Carpooler says:

    Fantastic episode! I really like Ms Benoist’s take on the character. Story is developing nicely. I am DIGGING Ms. Flockhart. I didn’t think I would, based solely on her time as Ally McBeal, but I’m seeing a whole new side of her as an actor. Cannot wait for the second half of the season.

  37. NYCER says:

    Cat Grant has always been more slick and smarter than Lois Lane. Awesome incarnation of Cat Grant in SUPERGIRL!

  38. Rick Katze says:

    Personally I think that Cat knowing Supergirl’s identity makes more sense. She is too intelligent and the work-arounds are just going to get dumber and dumber. More curious to see how long his identity is kept from Kara.

  39. Paloma says:

    Was a little surprised to learn that Cat is not chairman of the board of her eponymous company. Surprised she would have ceded that much power to someone else. Especially a man who is the definition of white male privilege.

    Glad that Cat finally figured it out that Kara = Supergirl. I’m hoping for some more mentoring there. Cat is world wise and could be a real asset to Supergirl.

    Alex is a superhero all on her own! The lady has skills.

    Anyway, I’m loving this show. Hating the break.

    • troykingman says:

      I am guessing that there is no majority stockholder and therefore Cat needs the support of other stockholders to stay in power. As such, a CEO who also owns a lot of stock would make logical ally, sort of like Stalin made a logical ally for the US and UK during WWII.

  40. SuperGirl Lover says:

    I not seen the episode yet! as it not air in the UK yet! will air tomorrow but really Cat knows Kara is Super-Girl ? I knew she would find out sooner or later but I was hoping it would be later
    I would also love to see Cat and Kara get together, I know it won’t happen but hay I can dream
    I really hope there will be a season 2 because this show get better with each episode and I know people wasn’t to sure about it

  41. Phoenix5634 says:

    They will probly let Cat know, and save the shapeshifting trickery for when the Lord guy finds out. And Martian manhunter will probly impersonate Kara, and let Kara actually be supergirl. In case he decides to test her.

  42. troykingman says:

    It was good, except for the typical and tired feminist-infused plot line about the “white male privilege” bad guy. Couldn’t they have just made it about the guy being a manipulative jerk without bashing white men? Also, the amount of time it took Alex and Hank to realize that Auntie was playing them was pretty weak and unconvincing. I have liked Chyler Leigh since The Practice, but it feels like the writers are not using her talents very well.

    The scenes between Kara and Cat were the best, as usual. I like that Cat figured it out. After the power loss and the broken arm that later healed instantly, I began to wonder if everyone around Kara was a nitwit.

    Finally, for me as a lifelong DC fan, Melissa Benoist is what makes this entire show work. She is not a one-dimensional actress playing a generic superhero. She covers the personality, the faults, and the range of emotions of the comic book Kara very well. She has managed to make Kara a real person who just happens to have extraordinary abilities. When the series started I thought “trainwreck”, but Melissa has made my assumption incorrect, at least so far.

  43. Now that Cat knows Kara secret, would she increase her workload? I hope she gives her pay raise tho…