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Nashville Deacon Rayna Proposal Season 4

Nashville EP on the Fall Finale's Huge 'Deyna' Moment — and Why Markus Deserves a Lot of the Credit for It

This post contains spoilers for Wednesday’s fall finale of Nashville.

It finally happened: In Nashville‘s fall finale, Deacon dropped to one knee and asked Rayna to marry him.

And unlike previous Claybourne proposals, Deke was neither drunk nor dying when he did so.

Also unlike previous attempts? This wedding, showrunner Dee Johnson tells TVLine, is actually gonna happen — and soon.

“He all but proposed at the end of last season,” the EP says, referencing Deacon’s hospital-room freakout right before his liver transplant. “But stuff happened, and there was a lot of emotion they had to get through. We knew they needed time.”

In essence, the pair has been behaving like a married couple since the beginning of Season 4, she adds. But “even though they were living together, they were like ships in the night, because they were in their own little trajectories, motivated by their own needs. He was doing The Beverly for his sister. She was trying to get Highway 65 out of the gutter,” Johnson says. “It pulled them further apart than they’d ever been, in a weird way.”

Bizarrely, if you’re feeling the need to send a thank-you to the universe re: the engagement, send it care of Boulevard’s impetuous former frontman.

“Markus was the catalyst for bringing them back together and Deacon saying, ‘No, we’ve got to make this happen,'” the EP adds. “‘There’s got to be no question in anybody’s mind that we are together.'”

So consider this your official save-the-date notice: After a short time jump, Rayna and Deacon will walk down the aisle this March, Johnson says. While the event might not be the Luke Wheeler-style extravaganza we saw planned last season, there’s a good chance there’ll be some famous friends — and familiar faces (like Judith Hoag’s Tandy) — in attendance.

After all, “You can’t get married without your sister there!” Johnson says, laughing.

Nashville fans, what did you think of the episode? Grade the fall finale via the poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. S.uddenly says:

    Wow – this show has become a complete hot mess. What a waste of great talent – daytime drama is now written better than what this has become.

  2. pecola says:

    Oh, Markus’ whole reason for existence was to bring Rayna and Deacon together?

    I guess we can ignore all that other garbage that never made any sense!

  3. NM says:

    With this show not being back until March, I wish they haulted filming entirely until Juliette was back.

    • Gail says:

      Perhaps they will be able to film some inserts with Hayden to put into already completed episodes if she is up to it. This episode showed they are keeping the character alive off screen so she is not being ignored during her absence. The long break allows them to film enough shows so that they can run uninterrupted. If they shut down production they probably wouldn’t be able to complete all the shows ordered by ABC.

    • Jeri says:

      I’m also looking forward to seeing Juliette again. We need her to step things up.

  4. Lauren says:

    avery = annoying

    • Laura says:

      So glad that i’m not the only one who thinks that. Hate that they are bringing up all the old stuff that Juliette has done. I think this time is different because she is sick.

      • Sarah O says:

        I hope Nashville doesn’t miss the opportunity to mine the great backstory they created the first few seasons about Juliette and her mother. I personally would like to see Hayden go through a real journey with Juliette about post-partum and family abuse cycles. But unfortunately the writing hasn’t really been up to par the last season or so. They should hire the writers from UnReal who did a great job of showing how family dynamics play into self-destructive patterns, while still being extremely entertaining.

        • pecola says:

          I might be alone in this but I want to the post-partum storyline to end.

          I know there’s value in having that story told–it’s not something we get to see often enough on television–but to watch Hayden Panettiere have to act this out while knowing she’s struggling with it in real life–it just *feels* wrong.

      • Lucie says:

        Juliette has always been sick, they are just using post partum depression as the means for her to get help.

        • Laura says:

          i don’t think so. Juliette may have done things but in this season after giving birth she is mentally ill and is so annoying that every one is turning against her

          • Who is everyone? did you forget that Rayna flew to her to try to help? Her assistant is there. Avery has every right to be furious, or have you all forgotten the drunken, drug party she had while she was with the baby? Or the fact that ignored Avery and the baby for months, but pretended all was fine for the camera? Yes she is seriously ill, BUT that does NOT mitigate the damage she did to loved ones… that time, effort, acceptance and trust building. You can’t say “oops” she was sick and expect that all is forgiven. That is not how humans work.

          • Laura says:

            Yeah well, every one make mistakes. you can’t except that one time is enough to get someone to get help, I think that person should get help when she is ready and is ready to commit and get better. i’m not accepting things Juliette has done, not at all. i just hate that this show always makes Juliette to be the bad guy and she is always the one who makes horrible mistakes

          • I get what you are saying but feel that calling what Juliette did a mistake is disingenuous (at best) What she did was f’ed up. She went off the deep end. She endangered the life of those around her and she got someone killed. These are not “oops, I am sorry” kind of events. Avery is pissed and is trying to protect his daughter. I don’t fault him for his attitude. he tried, and don’t forget he has already forgiven her for something huge (when she slept with smirky turtle) Juliette’s relationship with Avery may be irreparable. There are consequences to her actions and the fact that she is sick does not negate those consequences.

          • Laura says:

            That’s also one thing i have been thinking. If he could forgive cheating should they also survive this? or at least give her chance, and i know she has a lot of them, but you can’t control whether you get sick or don’t. and yes, illness isn’t free pass but if you think that suicide is the way to go then you really are hopeless. or you think that there are no light at the end of the tunnel

  5. MA says:

    So the entire point of the gross douchebag that is Markus Keen was to bring Rayna and Deacon back together? When I didn’t even know they’d drifted apart? What??? This show is nuts and a total waste of he talent on it. Come on!

    • Gail says:

      No I will guess that Luke will have to join Rayna’s label due to his money problems and their duet will save Hwy 65. Deacon will get jealous and fall off the wagon etc.

      • Gail says:

        Actually I should have said his and her record labels will have to merge which will also mean Juliet will also be in the mix .

        • pecola says:

          Here’s my question: why is Markus’ exit ruining Highway 65? Why does Rayna have to go to Markus and beg him to stick with touring…HE’S UNDER CONTRACT!!! A standard recording contract would obligate him to do promotion. Either he maintains his commitment or he pays…simple as that…

          The fact that they totally glossed over that is absurd…and proves that when Juliette said that Highway 65 was Rayna’s vanity project, the writers of Nashville agreed with her.

  6. Claire says:

    The problem with Markus bringing Rayna and Deacon together is that the way Deacon overreacted to the Markus situation makes him look like a jerk. If he doesn’t change, he’s not ready to get married. Rayna deserves better than his tantrums all the time.

  7. Loved this ep! Especially the last scene! So happy! Let’s hope what Deacon said is some forshadowing that Deyna will be making music together soon – We miss that!!! Itnis absurd that now that they are finally together, they aren’t making music!

  8. chadcronin says:

    I didn’t like the pews in The Beverly Bar. Sorry but I want comfy seating and a place to put my drink. A bit weird even if his explanation sounded nice.

  9. Can we talk about the demise of Hwy 65? Rayna lost yet another artist… can she still promote the album without Marcus? And how is that even contractually allowable? There has to be a clause in these record contracts that say that the artists must finish and promote these things. Its insane how many artists she has had that almost get over the hump and bail… Are The Exes ready to release a record? Is that enough to float the company? Hey writers – can Hwy 65 please have a win? Can Sadie please come back? This is sad.

  10. evonne says:

    this is my favorite tv show. I watch reruns over and over. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Trent says:

    I know we all want Juliette back, but I really want Layla back too! She was really growing on me during the Jeff-death arc, but then she just suddenly disappears

  12. Amy H says:

    I was such a fan of Nashville but they are just taking it down the road of no return. Sloppy story lines, throwaway characters. It’s a shame, and a waste of good actors. Glad that there’s finally going to be a wedding though.

  13. Ann says:

    Loved the happy ending! Loved the full circle with the pilot bridge scene. After a turbulent ride, Rayna and Deacon are where they deserve to be, with a renewed focus on each other and on making music together. Please Nashville-abc, let Rayna and Deacon be happy now. Let your stellar cast shine and give their characters the space to develop and grow. Drama doesn’t mean there can’t be a solid, happy couple in the midst of the chaos that life can be! It would be refreshing to see such a strong couple find ways to deal with the challenges ahead of them. And please let these two make music together and sing!!! We miss them singing together.

  14. Jo-Ann says:

    I’m glad Marcus is gone, that Scarlett’s doctor is gone, and that Gabrielle is out of the picture too. I’m hoping that after this break, the writers will step it up and give us better storylines. The writing has been subpar for awhile now, and that’s been reflected by the lower ratings. There’s so many talented cast members on this show and they, and the viewers, deserve better than we’ve been given lately! I’m hoping better writing can turn this ratings decline around before it’s too late and the show is cancelled!

  15. Carrie Lee Butler says:

    Everyone is getting on Deacon he have right to get mad .Marcus was trying to break them apart.Rayna already told him Deacon was her guy and he gonna kiss her and y’all think Deacon don’t suppose to b mad .And he didn’t have anything to do with Deacon asking Rayne to marry him.His sister were sick and he though she was gonna get better so she could go to the wedding Marcus weren’t on the show then.Deacon and Reyna always been n love .I can’t wait until March 16th when it come back on I been waiting for them to get married I love them together and I love the show.