Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on The Flash, HTGAWM, Gilmore Girls, Walking Dead, Castle, S.H.I.E.L.D. and More

The Flash Season 2 Spoilers

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Question: What is the plan for Iris on The Flash? Any scoop? —Susan
Ausiello: The new year may usher in her first post-Eddie romance. The CW hit is looking for a handsome African-American actor in his 20s to play Scott, Iris’ new boss at CCPN. Their professional relationship gets off to a rocky start — his first order of business is to kill her puff piece about recent attacks in Central City. Maybe that’s his idea of foreplay?

Question: Got anything on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. winter finale? Will anyone not make it back from the planet alive? —Dena
Ausiello: Matt Mitovich screened tonight’s episode, and “needless to say, tempers run pretty hot between multiple combinations of characters there on the planet,” he reports. “Will Fitz be able to find Will? Will the HYDRA team meet up with the ominous Inhuman? Will Coulson kill Ward? Will Ward kill Coulson? The answer to at least two of those questions is yes.”

Question: Any scoop on what fans can expect when Castle returns (on Feb. 1)? –Rachael
Ausiello: You can expect… Rick not to be hanging out in Kate and Vikram’s secret lair at the vacated strip club. Because although he is now in the loop on the LokSat sitch, “The idea is that he’s not actively involved,” says co-showrunner Alexi Hawley. “He is in the know and [Beckett] isn’t keeping anything from him, but there is nothing actionable yet for her to get him involved” — the operative word being “yet.” As co-showrunner Terence Paul Winter notes, “That of course will change as we go on in the season.”

htgawm-davis-mcgorry-performanceQuestion: How the heck are How to Get Away With Murder‘s Annalise and her students going to avoid jail time after that bloody fall finale — especially the way they hurled Sinclair’s dead body off the balcony? —Jennifer
Ausiello: While I can’t completely dismiss a reboot that finds Annalise and Bonnie as cellmates, it’s a safe bet they’re not all going down for the Shooting Night craziness. Which isn’t to say that escaping arrest will be easy. “There will be forensic experts all up in there. Sinclair was an ADA, so she’s a high-profile victim,” promises showrunner Pete Nowalk. “Still, what I’ve learned from real law-enforcement people who talk to us is that forensic science is actually very much up to interpretation. Annalise, as a defense attorney, knows that creating a mess [at the scene] is the best strategy. But whether it works or not, we’ll find out very quickly [when the show returns Feb. 11].”

Question: How to Get Away With Murder is on point this season! Any scoop? —Kellen
Ausiello:: I completely concur with your opinion. (In fact, Kellen, did you see HTGAWM made our Top 10 Drama Series of 2015?) And as the Shondaland thriller speeds toward its March finale, the series is  casting for a trio of recurring guest stars — roles which could all possibly continue to recur into Season 3. So, get ready to meet the super-rich George and Beverly Mahoney and their Ivy League-educated son Charles. Could these be Annalise’s Next Big Clients? Or might they somehow be related to the recently murdered ADA Emily Sinclair? (We never did find out if she was married, engaged or single — only that she was from Connecticut.) Whatever the case, we should know the answer sometime before Valentine’s Day.

Question: Can you give Walking Dead fans a hint as to how far into the second half of the season we will meet the man they call Negan and his group of saviors?  —Laura K.
Ausiello: Here’s your very subtle hint: April 3, 2016.

Question: Please share anything you know about Sleepy Hollow and its residents! — Julia
Ausiello: I’ve got intel on a new-old resident who’s going to make his presence known in the new year: Dr. Japeth Leeds, a “handsome, twisted, mysteriously brooding genius” who was Ben Franklin’s biggest competition when it came to alchemy. Leeds eventually turned to the darker arts, which backfired when an experiment turned him into the legendary Jersey Devil (and we’re not talking hockey here).

Question: Any updates on how negotiations are going for the cast of the Gilmore Girls revival? —Christopher
Ausiello: Slooooooow. But Warner Bros. TV is apparently pretty confident that all the key players will sign on the dotted line since the sets are already being constructed!

Question: Some Grey’s Anatomy fans are speculating that Martin Henderson’s character Nathan may actually be Owen’s sister. Is Shonda Rhimes about to pull a transgender twist out of her hat? —Jeremy
Ausiello: Highly unlikely. When Rhimes cast the New Zealand native, she didn’t want him to “dampen down” his accent too much, Henderson told me when we spoke last month, adding, “She wanted the character to have an international feel.” Last I checked, Owen was born and raised in Seattle, not New Zealand. The bigger mystery, as I see it, is whether his MIA sister is dead or alive.

Question: TVLine is definitely one of my favorite sites of all time. Any chance we will meet Whitney’s kid on Undateable before her time on the show is up? —Zach
Ausiello: Thanks for the TVLine love, Zach. To answer your Q, there are no current plans to introduce Charlotte’s 4-year-old, and I, for one, am grateful. I can’t think of the last time I was amused by a 4-year-old — and that includes all of my nieces and nephews.

OTHQuestion: This might sound crazy, but in this time and age of revivals, do you think/know if there is a chance for a One Tree Hill revival? —Jon
Ausiello: I sniffed around and multiple well-placed insiders tell me exclusively that you’re more likely to see a Minority Report revival in your lifetime.

Question: Any Supernatural news? –Emmerentia
Ausiello: Although Rowena is still hellbent on getting her mega-coven up and running, her return in  Wednesday’s fall finale is “more Winchester-oriented,” her portrayer Ruth Connell previews. Does that mean the witch will finally try to take out Dean and Sam for good? In a word, no. Despite those considerable resources — including “the Book of the Damned, the Codex [and] the code breaker”— she’s “not going about killing Winchesters,” Connell confirms, adding that new, humanizing details will soon come to light about Rowena’s backstory that will help explain “why she can’t” do that deed.

Question: How can a woman as smart as Empire‘s Mimi not suspect that Camilla might be using her for revenge? –Carla
Ausiello: Well, for starters, have you seen Naomi Campbell lately? Hotness aside, showrunner Ilene Chaiken has her own theory. “Mimi — in the way that incredibly rich, powerful people sometimes can — believes that there’s nothing better than her. And Camilla has convinced Mimi this is not about her wanting to be back with Hakeem or anything else. It’s about payback for Lucious. Whether or not that’s true, though, remains to be seen.”

Question: Anything on The Blacklist? — Stacy
Ausiello: While Liz awaits her day in court this January, we might get a bit more intel about Red’s mysterious past — at least romantically speaking. The NBC drama is currently casting a woman in her 30s or 40s to play Catherine, Red’s “beautiful, exotic and sophisticated” old flame from “the not-too-distant past.” The daughter of a prolific illegal arms dealer, Red’s lady friend — who was once in love with the fugitive, but ultimately wed another man — will appear in Episode 13.

NashvilleQuestion: Will we ever see Kyle Dean Massey return to Nashville as Will’s ex-boyfriend Kevin? I hated they way they broke up on the show! —Chris
Ausiello: I’m hearing rumblings about a “Bixington” revival this spring.

Question: Last week’s Nashville preview is making a lot of us nervous. Please tell me something good about this week’s fall finale? —Sharon
ABC will lock me in the Bluebird bathroom if I tell you how tomorrow’s episode goes, so… I’m just going to point you toward Judith Hoag’s Facebook page, where she’s just posted a pic of Tandy in a party dress on set. Make of that what you may.

This AAnd That…
I am so looking forward to watching this blind item play out on my TV.
♦ I’ve seen the first two hours of of FX’s 10-episode American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson (premiering Feb. 2) and herewith are my snappy judgements: The performances — especially Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran and Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark — are across-the-board exceptional; I was surprised by how many twists pertaining to the Bronco chase I had forgotten about; with the notable exception of John Travolta’s camptastic Robert Shapiro, the miniseries is played surprisingly straight/serious; despite the case being 25 years-old, the core issues of race, fame and police misconduct are eerily timely; and it’s hard to imagine this thing not being a big fat hit for FX. (Watch the trailer).
♦ I thought The Wiz Live was just OK. There, I said it.

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