Blind Item: Complicated Love Story Rocked By Seasons-Old Loose Thread

Blind Item

As Diana Ross once sang, “Don’t call the doctor. Don’t call the preacher. Don’t need it. Don’t want it.”

Nevertheless, a big-time love hangover is bearing down on a veteran network drama series — and its arrival may produce aftershocks that extend to each and every player in the tangled web of relationships around which it revolves. In other words, an old plot thread that loomed large in the development of one of TV’s most popular contemoprary love stories — one we assumed was long dead and buried — will be reawakened in the very near future.

We’ve learned that while the health of the couple at the center of the maelstrom probably won’t hinge on this visit from the Ghost of Story Arcs Past, there will almost certainly be carnage once the truth comes out within the series’ next few installments.

While it’s hard to see how the exit door won’t slap the behind of the guiltiest party in this morality play once his or her bad acts come to light, there could be an upside — come Emmy season.

OK, now for a few hints:
♦ The fallout is almost certainly going to have ugly consequences for another less-established union.
♦ But will a former recurring character and/or series regular say “Hello”?
♦ We’re not going to offer any words of comfort to fandoms previously sent spiraling by TVLine Blind Items. (Where would the fun be in that?)

UPDATE: Blind Item revealed!

What are you waiting for — go crazy offering your theories (and darkest fears) in the comments!

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