Quantico Simon Kicked Out Recap

Quantico Recap: Background Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

This week’s Quantico marks a pretty low point for Simon (and remember, this is a guy who’s already admitted to faking gay and hating coffee.)

The hour is filled with painful revelations for the faux-spectacled NAT. In the past timeline, he’s outed in front of the class as having taken part in some questionable IDF questioning — and as soon as he’s dried his shameful tears, he’s bounced out of the program for his dust-up with Ryan a few weeks back.

Then in the present, Agent Asher confesses that the Grand Central bomber used a plan he designed while he was a NAT — though he never intended for as much carnage/destruction. And then something really puzzling/scary happens at the end of the hour, making this Simon’s absolute worst day ever.

Read on for the details of what happens in “Quantico” (yeah, that’s the name of the episode, too).

SCAR PUPIL | A morning combat-training session pits two NATS against one — because “Bad guys don’t play fair,” Miranda reminds everyone — meaning Ryan and Alex have to wrestle Natalie and Brandon and Caleb must take down Shelby. When the guys pull punches with Ms. Wyatt, she yells in frustration, “Will one of you come at me?” (The fanfic almost writes itself!) And when Alex pins Nathalie, she notices the fake scar behind Nat’s ear peeling off.

When Alex confronts her adversary, Nathalie angrily tells her to mind her own business. So Alex enlists Special Agent Booth help (namely, his access to the FBI database) in order to dig up some intel on their classmate — though they find out about her restraining order against her daughter’s father, they don’t do anything with the information… yet Nathalie discovers their investigation and is ticked.

All of this dovetails with the week’s assignment, which has the NATs doing background checks on potential members of the next incoming class, just like the previous class did for them. (Side note: I’m starting to understand how Suicidal Mormon got through the screening process last time around.) Nimah decides to do a little extracurricular work by poking around in Simon’s background, and… well, we’ll get to that in a minute.

So when Liam and Miranda call an emergency meeting of the new agent review board — or NARB — more than one NAT is worried this means he or she is going home for good.

BUSTED!| It turns out that the NARB is focused on Nathalie, because a field counselor also saw her peeling scar during the workout. Long, sad story short: Nathalie’s boyfriend was abusive, but not in a way that left physical scars, so she faked one to convince a judge to grant her a restraining order and custody of their kid.

“Technically, you didn’t lie. You withheld,” Miranda observes, then retires to discuss Nathalie’s future at Quantico with the rest of the board. But Nimah decides that it’s the perfect time to out Simon as a sadistic monster. “Simon Asher is a war criminal,” she says, but he argues that he was just a translator for the Israeli Defense Forces. But the twin presses, and Simon starts crying.

He says that he excelled at getting close to women who could then be lured into interrogations about their husbands’ whereabouts — and it turns out that his platoon leader had gone rogue, making the questioning particularly horrible. “I wanted to do good. I really wanted to do good,” he sobs in front of his entire class while Nimah sneers.

Thank goodness Ryan is there to divert attention by outing himself as a full-fledged FBI agent, and then going on to give one mother of a motivational speech that bucks up both Nathalie and Simon, saying they’ll be kickass agents one day. Unfortunately, his talk also references the time that Simon pinned him against the wall…

… and that memory becomes Simon’s undoing. The NARB rules that Nathalie can stay, though she’s on probation. But Simon is out (!) for attacking a fellow NAT. “If you cannot control your anger, you cannot serve,” she informs him. “This wasn’t supposed to happen,” he says, gobsmacked.

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SIBLING FAKERY | Remember how Clayton warned Caleb that Shelby’s half-sister isn’t who she says she is? Shelby catches her boyfriend trying to investigate the matter and lashes out at him for doubting the only family member she has left. He admits that it’s unlikely her sibling is fake, given their long relationship — “nobody catfishes someone over 15 years,” he notes — but he sparks enough doubt in Ms. Wyatt that she agrees to help prove him wrong. Sadly, when Caleb videochats Shelby’s sister, it takes all of two minutes to get her to admit that she’s swindling Shelby. On the other side of the room, outside of the webcam’s scope, Shelby sobs upon learning that her only remaining family member actually… isn’t.

And as Ryan leaves for his assignment in Los Angeles, he and Alex dance around vocalizing their feelings. It’s cute. “I’ve never said ‘I love you’ when I really wanted to,” he says. “I’ve never said it at all,” she replies.

WHO WATCHES THE WATCHERS? | In the present, Alex is back at FBI central, poring over the tons of surveillance info coming into the office — after all, she’s tracking every single member of her class. Unbeknownst to Shelby, Caleb, the twins and Simon, she’s tracking them, too.

The cameras catch Raina visiting the terrorist leader from Queens in the hospital and kissing him on the head — something her sister reams her for when she returns. “You wouldn’t understand. You never had faith in anyone,” Raina counters, after saying some vague but worrisome stuff about the leader’s passion for his cause. But that little revelation is nothing compared to Simon’s meeting with Oren — the Israeli bomb guy — and then disappearing. When he comes back to Alex & Co., he knows exactly what they’re going to find out about him, so he beats them to the punch by announcing, “I’m the one who planned Grand Central.”

Before you collect all of your winnings from picking Simon in your office’s Quantico bomber pool, hold up: Simon planned the bombing, but he didn’t carry it out. He designed a simultaneous bombing of an NYC mosque and synagogue — after a bomb threat would’ve cleared everyone out, of course — as a statement that “peace is the only way out.” Um, OK?

HELLO AGAIN| But Simon intentionally threw some flaws into the plans, he tells his former classmates and Miranda. “Somebody stole my plans, fixed the flaws and used them for themselves,” he tells them. And with that out of the way, Simon and the rest of Alex’s classmates tell her she’s a garbage person for tailing them and walk out on her.

Alex meets Simon at his home later that evening and makes an impassioned, in-person plea for him to keep helping her. He turns her down quickly, then enters the house… where Elias (!) chloroforms him (!!). Wait, wasn’t Alex chloroformed on the morning of the bombing, too? IS ELIAS THE BOMBER?

Sadly, we’ll have to wait until next week — the fall finale — for some answers. Until then, hit the comments with your thoughts on the episode!

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  1. Mika02 says:

    Welp starting to think it’s more than one person. Someone veted Alex from the last class targeted her worked with a new nat they placed on the inside to set her up and steal Simon’s plans. Just don’t know who can’t wait to find out.

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    That’s the big secret behind the scar, good lord.

    • Bigdede says:

      IKR! So a judge deemed him unfit because he beat Natalie yet Natalie’s ex is able to get custody because she left to get into Quantico to help serve her country? The whole thing is only 6 months. It’s on legal documents this man is abusive yet hes able to take away Natalie’s child? And a fake scar reminds her of her old life? A picture of her daughter isn’t motivation.

    • Mak says:

      I know…they should have left us to our own devices and let our minds wonder…than to settle for this mess of a plot

  3. josh says:

    It will turn out to be Ryan. He was in the class before and could of vetted Alex, He was close enough to Simon to get the plans, and he is the only person who has not been looked at by the show since he has been hurt this whole time. Plus Alex talking about finally seeing the “real” Ryan just smells like a twist waiting to happen.

    • Anna says:

      I hope you’re wrong but yeah, Ryan’s the only one, we never truly suspected because he’s supposedly so infatuated with Alex. I was also thinking of the character played by Jacob Artist. So this isn’t a one-man job,Elias’s working with someone on the inside, a person who has easy access to Simon’s backpack: Ryan and the guy who’s doing Natalie at Quantico. I’m ruling out Caleb because he seems to have principles. Yet, he hað a fake FB profile and is involved with some group.

    • Bwhit says:

      That’s been my thought for the last three episodes too. I really don’t want it to be Ryan. That would be the biggest twist at this point though. My other thought was Miranda because she had access to all their files so she could have been following Simon or having someone follow him for when he made contact with the guy who gave him the thumb drive. She could have sent Elias in to get close to him but that went south when he found out Simon wasn’t gay. I know she helped Alex in the beginning but she may have done that so she could be brought in for questioning to find out what they know. I just really hope that Ryan is that good and not the person who did it, but I could see them going that way.

    • Datya says:

      Ryan was not in the class above them, he’s been an agent for a while already…

    • Rachel Carroll says:

      If it was Ryan who would have shot him at the beginning? I mean i really don’t think it is him.

      • Spence says:

        I believe its Ryan and have for a while now! About him being shot, there’s lots of possible explanations. Maybe Miranda is also apart of the bombing and she shot him, or maybe the elusive Brandon is an agent and was there to stop Ryan, shooting him but then being taken out by Ryan, or any number of possibilities.

  4. Jeffrey Sean Keith says:

    All I know is I wouldn’t mind a night with those three sexy amazing ladies!

  5. Lulu says:

    It really does look like Elias but I am not convinced it’s him. I’m still in the Liam camp, although there is something about Miranda, saying that she has always said she believed Alex was innocent.

    • Zumi says:

      Yes Miranda is suspect for sure. Remember in an earlier episode, her son claimed she framed him for the school shooting. And she has done everything in her power to keep him locked up, to discredit him, and silence him. And when the stabbing took place at her home, she immediately blamed her son, yet professionals later deduced that someone else stabbed her and also kidnapped her son. Miranda is shady and hiding things.

      • Datya says:

        Not saying its Miranda, but why is she at work as usual if her son was kidnapped a week or two ago???

      • LaT says:

        Not saying it isn’t Miranda – though her breaking Alex out after framing her doesn’t make a lot of sense if she’s really the bomber – but I thought it was pretty clear in the episode where she got attacked at home that Charlie really was planning to shoot up the school. When Miranda and Charlie were talking to each other outside the school, he finally stopped shirking responsibility for it. He was in denial mode for most of the episode, but when she tracked him down to the school, they had that fraught scene with each other and while I don’t remember the dialogue verbatim, he acknowledged responsibility for what he’d done. I think the Charlie storyline exists to show Miranda’s a complicated person and that her personal life isn’t as together as her professional one (akin to the reveal that Liam apparently has a problem with alcohol).

        At this point, the only people I feel comfortable absolutely ruling out are Alex and Nimah & Raina. The former because she’s the series lead and the latter two because I think the showrunner is bright enough to recognize how absolutely *terrible* it would be to have the only two Middle Eastern/Muslim characters in the main cast turn out to be actual terrorists. I also think Simon is unlikely, if only because they spent so much of this episode suggesting it could’ve been him only to get that dumb explanation from him at the end. But everyone else is fair game, especially because almost all of them would come as a surprise based on what we’ve seen/been told about them so far. I think Ryan, Liam or Miranda would be the best twists because of their varying degrees of closeness to/with Alex

  6. Brad says:

    What about Brandon? Where is he in the flash towards??

    • LaT says:

      I think Brandon is either (a) dead or (b) the bomber. He’s been given just enough screentime in the flashbacks to make his absence in the present day scenes conspicuous, and that only works if there’s some punch to be had related to the reveal of what he’s been up to in the meantime. It’s not as if the show has cared about fleshing out any of the other NATs not played by actors in the main cast. Brandon-as-bomber gives us a ~surprise reveal which doesn’t also depend on turning of any of the series regular characters into a full-on villain.

  7. Carla Krae says:

    Was that Elias? I couldn’t tell.

  8. A says:

    Am I the only one who felt some weird vibes between Alex and Simon? When she took off his glasses and told him that she saw him, I seriously thought she might kiss him! And they kind of sounded like a couple having the post-breakup talk at the end of the episode.

  9. Marco says:

    Why do I have the feeling Elias is actually an agent, and he was planted at Quantico to monitor Simon specifically? Stranger things have happened on this show…

  10. Willis says:

    Ummm. Didn’t the bomber give Simon plans for all the New York railway stations… not a mosque and a synagogue?

  11. Deke73 says:

    So Simon i kicked out and is a former classmate, but is allowed into a highly classified room where they are surveilling the class?Did he get readmitted?

    • Anna says:

      Yep, he explained it a while ago. Clayton Haas needed him to infiltrate some lab. He’s being reinstated for a while now.

  12. dan says:

    This show is just plain stupid. Do they expect us to believe that the Review Board would meet in the classroom and put Natalie on the spot like that? She definitely lied by omission to such an extent that the FBI never would’ve accepted her. The whole premise that the NATs who’ve been in school for a few weeks would review the applications for the next class is just ridiculous. I assume there is no former FBI agent working as a consultant on this show. After Alex “pleads guilty” for the public and then becomes part of the investigative team, why would she be in charge of monitoring her classmates? Wouldn’t that job fall on somebody who isn’t connected to all these people (can you say “Conflict of Interest”)? I know there are surveillance cameras all over the place now, but isn’t it convenient that there were cameras near all 60-something of her former classmates (even in enclosed rooms that aren’t public)? And Simon got kicked out of the NAT program three weeks after he assaulted Jake because there is a zero tolerance for attacking a classmate, but these people can have relationships with each other (also banned) throughout the Quantico campus and nobody seems to care? Finally, how did Alex get to Simon’s house before he did at the end when Simon clearly left first (and he knew he was being monitored so he wouldn’t go anywhere else and he was in a cab so he wasn’t running errands)? I didn’t recognize Elias as the guy who chloroformed Simon, but how did Alex not see him hiding in the same place where she was hiding while waiting for Simon (the front porch didn’t seem big enough for two people to be lurking in the shadows without seeing each other). I assume the guy from Glee is either the bomber or he is dead in the future because he is the only one we haven’t seen yet during the current timeline.

    • Pete says:

      It may be stupid but you are watching it.

    • LaT says:

      The ridiculousness of the show is part of its appeal, IMO, but the problem is that it doesn’t seem to know that it’s ridiculous. It’s like the show isn’t in on its own joke and it should be (say what one will about its overall quality, but Grey’s Anatomy leans into its larger-than-life, hospitals-don’t-really-work-this-way ethos in a way Quantico could stand to do more often).

      What I thought was HI-larious about Alex showing up at Simon’s home is that he might not have gotten kidnapped if she hadn’t DISMISSED HIS SECURITY DETAIL (and in what universe did she think that was OK to do? he was still under suspicion; dismissing his security detail like that absolutely gave him THE CHANCE TO FLEE). In much the same way Simon might not have gotten kicked out of the program if Ryan hadn’t told everyone in earshot about that time Simon assaulted him. Poor Simon. With ~friends like that, he really doesn’t need enemies. At least when Nimah called him out, it was over stuff the FBI already knew about!

  13. Gerald says:

    Okay I love this show, but I have serious doubts about how Simon is clearly the most likely suspect to this point. He admits they were his plans. AND then they just let him leave because he wants to go back to his house before he gets arrested???? Why not keep him and interrogate him further???? And since when does Alex have the authority to release Simon’s detail from following him. Most people still think she is the mastermind and was arrested for the bombing.
    Everything else I loved. But that ending. Seems like they only did it to give the opportunity to have him kidnapped. It never should have gone down like that. For sure.

  14. Steve says:

    Why do you call Natalie Nathalie?

  15. liz says:

    that was Elias in the end who kidnapped simon! I swear if Elias is the bomber i don’t know what I’ll do. I love Rick cosnett and don’t want him to leave the show or die like in the flash. hope he had a good reason to do what he did.

  16. al sham says:

    I sure hope the real FBI is nothing like the buffoons portrayed on this show.

  17. Dawn says:

    I watched the ending a few times in slow mo….still not convinced it was Elias…looks close. And I agree with the posters about Brandon (Jacob Artist from Glee, wish he’d sing! lol) and we haven’t seen him in the current timeline. Did he get kicked? Or maybe we’ll uncover a body in the finale? I’m also curious about Miranda’s son…no mention? I’m still so conflicted about who is the real bomber….watch it end up being Caleb’s mom…really looking forward to Marcia Cross coming back to TV. And there is no way Shelby and Caleb could end up together…I mean she slept with his DAD! It may be forgivable but definitely not forgettable.

  18. Sy Snoodles says:

    I know! EVERYONE DID IT! They were recruited by Olivia Pope’s Dad! I mean, Aujaunae Ellis’s dad!

    God this show is just the worst possible version of itself.

    Seriously, just wait, I bet everyone did it.

  19. Gus Gus says:

    I think it is Ryan working with Elias, both of whom are the secret sons of Clayton Haas. They are trying to destroy him and his wife.