Quantico: 5 Things to Know About Marcia Cross' Big TV Return

Quantico Marcia Cross Preview Season 1

Quantico‘s Caleb and Clayton Haas better get themselves in line, because in a few weeks’ time, mama’s coming home.

As previously reported, Desperate HousewivesMarcia Cross soon will debut in the recurring role of Claire, the wife of the FBI Deputy Director and mother of the conflicted recruit.

Casting the primetime vet “was like kismet,” executive producer Joshua Safran tells TVLine. “I’m very grateful that happened.”

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Aside from a few one-off roles, Cross hasn’t done much TV work since Desperate Housewives ended in 2012.

“The role was written for her. The second we came up with Claire, I was like, ‘We have to get Marcia Cross,'” Safran adds.

Read on for five quick facts about Mrs. — we mean, “Senator” — Haas’ arrival (including when it’ll happen).

CLAIRE WAS AN FBI AGENT | From the moment in the pilot that we find out both of Caleb’s parents were G-men, “we wanted to keep broadening out his family,” Safran says. (Caleb’s sister, by the way, also is on the Bureau’s payroll; we may meet her someday.) The Haases “were salt-of-the-earth people… who have now gone up a notch.” Caleb’s clan is a “dynasty,” the EP adds, “but it’s a different kind of dynasty.”

CLAIRE IS NOW A SENATOR | Her position as a power player will help the show look “at how the FBI interacts with the political side of the government,” Safran says.

CLAIRE MAY BE A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME | For those wondering what Quantico will look like “We’re going to use Claire and the emotional ties she has with Caleb and Clayton as a way to broaden our view of the show, so it’s not just about the FBI but also begins to become about politics in general, as well,” Safran previews.

CLAIRE AND SHELBY WILL HAVE WORDS | Caleb’s on-again, off-again love interest and his momma will have plenty of chances to be in each other’s orbits. “There’s a great Shelby-Claire story” that also involves Alex, Safran says.

 CLAIRE WILL FIRST APPEAR… | … in Episode 11, airing Dec. 13.

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