The Walking Dead Fall Finale

The Walking Dead Fall Finale Recap: Tower of Terror

Since last week’s episode of The Walking Dead left us with questions, lots of questions — Would Ron shoot Carl? Would Carol learn Morgan’s secret? Would the collapsed tower turn Alexandria into an all-you-can-eat buffet for the walkers? — we expected answers, lots of answers, from the fall finale. But how many did we actually get? Read on and find out!

IT’S GO TIME | As “Start to Finish” began, Sam was holed up in his room, listening to “Tiptoe Through the Tulips” and coloring a picture of himself tied to a tree and surrounded by monsters (thanks, Carol!) while ants swarmed a half eaten cookie. Outside, the dust had scarcely settled from the tower collapse when the walkers were all over Alexandria. On the positive side, their gate-crashing thwarted Ron’s plan to kill Carl. On the negative side, their invasion damn near got Maggie bitten before she could get safely to a rooftop, and Eugene was so petrified by the situation that all he could do was utter the “help” from “Always Accountable” and wait for Tara and Rosita to save him. By the first commercial break, that trio was in hiding together, Carol and Morgan were stuck together, and Rick, Deanna, Carl, Ron, Gabriel and Michonne had taken refuge at Jessie’s.

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST | Watching walkers flood the east wall, Glenn deduced that the west wall would soon be clear enough for him and Enid to make their way into Alexandria. Rather than thank heavens that she was with someone who had a plan, the teen again wanted to pack it in. “This is how it happens — and it always happens,” she sulked as she watched the walkers rush the community like it was a Target on Black Friday. Do what you want, Glenn finally said. But he wasn’t about to give up on his pregnant wife.

At Jessie’s, an already traumatized Sam became even more traumatized when Rick and Co. stormed his room. And that was before Michonne discovered that poor Deanna had been bitten! “Well, s—,” said the older woman (who I miss already). In a nearby house, Carol — suffering from a likely concussion — was forced to table her issues with Morgan and trust him to protect them. Meanwhile, Morgan’s captive Wolf did his best — worst? — to get in Denise’s head. It didn’t work, though. “You can change,” she insisted.

HOUSE SQUALL | Waiting for Deanna to turn, Rick explained to Jessie how he planned to lead the walkers away the first chance that he got. At the same time, Michonne assured Deanna that her blueprint for Alexandria’s future could work — could still work. In the garage, Carl interrupted Ron having a “We’re all dead” meltdown during which he tried to get his nemesis killed by attracting as many walkers as he could. When Rick and Jessie intervened, Carl covered for Ron, then redeemed himself (in my eyes, anyway) by demanding that the psycho give him the gun. To underscore how very, very much Ron needed to get over this crap, Carl added succinctly, “Your dad was an a–hole.”

Shortly thereafter, Rick went to check on Judith and discovered Deanna crumpled terrifyingly over the crib. He was just about to axe Deanna when she blurted out that she was okay, she was still herself. Knowing that the end was near, she gave Rick notes for Maggie and Spencer, and asked him to look out for her son the way he does for all his people — especially since they now were all his people. (Great last monologue.)

DIRE STRAITS | Rather than predict doom and gloom like Rosita was, or shut down like Eugene (apparently) was, Tara gave her gal pal a pep talk. And ol’ mullethead (who hadn’t been so shut down after all) redeemed himself with a bit of MacGyver-ism. After walkers overtook Jessie’s house, Rick set in motion a plot to dress everyone in walker-gore-soaked sheets and make a break for the armory. “What about Deanna?” asked Gabriel. Good question. She would end her life herself when the time came, she told Michonne. (Turned out, the Latin on her blueprints translated to, “Someday this pain will be useful to you,” by the way.) Before Michonne left her, Deanna reminded her to figure out what she wanted and “give them hell.” Once Sam saw his mom covered in walker guts, his freak-out increased exponentially. “Pretend you’re brave,” she suggested.

Once Carol had gotten away from Morgan, she made a beeline for the Wolf, knife in hand. When Morgan caught up with her, he refused to let her kill his hostage, and it sure looked like somebody wasn’t leaving that room alive. Instead, Morgan just knocked out Carol, and in turn, the Wolf knocked out Morgan. The Wolf was just about to slit Denise’s throat when Eugene, Tara and Rosita busted in. That saved Denise’s life, but it didn’t altogether save her — she left as the Wolf’s hostage! As the hour drew to a close, Rick and Co. started making their way out of her house; Glenn got a glimpse of Maggie; Deanna took out a few last walkers; and it looked like Sam was about to have a freak-out that could get his whole group killed.

UPDATE: The “coda” that aired during Into the Badlands found Daryl, Sasha and Abraham encountering another small army of Saviors, and this time they confirmed their leader’s name: Negan! (Watch the scene in its entirety below.)

So, what did you think of the fall finale? Hit the comments!

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  1. Matt C. says:

    I’m used to TWD using filler episodes to build up to a big midseason finale, but apparently now they use midseason finales as filler to build up the midseason premieres? This episode left me more annoyed than excited for what’s next. They wasted a whole 90 minute episode on Morgan’s boring flashbacks, but we have to wait nearly 3 months to see the conclusion of this way more relevant event? And don’t even get me started on AMC plugging their “2 minute prologue” into their ninja show. Come on now.

    • AngelWasHere says:

      I completely agree with you. It was ok, but this should have been 90 mins over Morgan’s flashbacks. This episode really didn’t tie up anything or relieve any of the cliffhangers. And OMG AMC and their shamless promotion of that ninja show is ridiculous.

  2. Ed says:

    Forget it AMC I am not gonna watch your new show just to watch a 2 min prologue. I miss The Talking Dead at 10.

    The finale was meh. Carl sure has come a long way. I loved his line to Ron.. You’re Dad was an A**hole lol

    • sully says:

      I actually like into the badlands but I agree with you. It makes no sense to have another show separating twd and td. Why not start into the badlands next Sunday during twd hiatus? Should’ve had twd episodes 1-8 Sundays @ 9, then played itbl during the break, finish twd then start better call Saul after twd finale. Bam, 6 months of Sunday programming set

      • VJ says:

        Well, but then into the badlands wouldn’t have this biiiiiiig lead in and I would assume that they like the viewers that stay after twd to watch into the badlands very much.

    • Veronica says:

      They said on Talking Dead that they’ll be coming back live after the hiatus. I was glad to hear it.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Me too. I kinda like ITB, it’s not a bad show but that pushes TD back to midnight in my area and I can’t stay up that late and go to work in the morning so I have to record it and watch it later. Also, the show really loses a lot of momentum when you have to wait an hour.

  3. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I would give this EP. a B it was alright…..the Carol vs. Morgan showdown was intense!!!! I like Morgan but now he’s a pain in the ass for me to watch. He better not ”may have” kill Carol with hard body slam to the floor I was like WTF!!!!!!!!! Carl should have shot that SOB in the FACE while he had the chance! Plus I knew Deana was a goner in this ep.

  4. Whatevah says:

    Negan isn’t even here yet and I can tell he’s going to be on too long.

    • Lisa says:

      Didn’t we already do “Negan” with the “Governer”? Or the leader of Terminus?

      Another big bad for the group to destroy.

      • Q2 says:

        No, because neither the governor or any of the termites had a baseball bat.
        After Negan, I believe the next big bad leader uses a piece of rotted cardboard that has the flesh eating virus on it so he too will be different.

        All these bad guys are unique in their own way so the show is fresh every season.

    • Alrisha says:

      Probably the whole arc will be really down the expectations. This show had became so boring and poorly written, that I had no hope the whole Negan coming to town is going to be any good.

    • Z says:

      Negan was around for a long time in the comics… and in fact is still around there.. so yea he’s here for the long haul.

  5. Relaxxx says:

    This was like a regular episode not a MSF! Basically Sam just sealed his, Jessies and Rons faith by continuously calling out Mom in a walker herd! I’m not complaining though! I loved Deanna telling Michonne to figure out what she wants. I’m tired of her walking around depressed. She does for everyone else and needs to find happiness away from Rick and the group! Carol chose the wrong time to worry about what was going on in the room with the wolf just like Ron chose the wrong time to go after Carl. Come up with an escape plan anything else can wait! Priorities!

  6. Lexi says:

    Good episode so worth the wait for that last scene of Sam calling out to his mom in the middle of the zombie herd… Sad for Deanna and Denise.. Would love to see Morgan get his ass majorly kicked.. and Carl how you have grown..

  7. Mike says:

    The First two seasons were largely about who are we here. The last four seasons have basically repeated themselves. Come across a new place. Then they meet a bunch of sadistic people. With the underlying theme since season three of nation building. I feel that the nation building has yet to be truly explored. Im just going to throw something out here. Scott Gimple should step down as showrunner. Then again get some new writers.

    • zacqua10 says:

      It’s just following the source material. If nation building is what you want, Negan’s introduction is just that. Pretty soon the Hilltop Colony will be introduced as sort of a neighboring town to Alexandria.

      I think Scott Gimple has been great for the show. Season 2 and 3 were a snooze fest. This is probably my favorite season yet. Did this mid season finale suck? Yeah. There was a lot of potential to leave it on a better cliffhanger but they didn’t. The rest of the episodes have been great though.

    • zacqua10 says:

      It’s just following the source material. If nation building is what you want, Negan’s introduction is just that. Pretty soon the Hilltop Colony will be introduced as sort of a neighboring town to Alexandria.

      I think Scott Gimple has been great for the show. Season 2 and 3 were a snooze fest. This is probably my favorite season yet. Did this mid season finale suck? Yeah. There was a lot of potential to leave it on a better cliffhanger but they didn’t. The rest of the episodes have been great though.

  8. Roro says:

    Please consider removing spoilers that big from the title of an article next time. I wouldn’t have searched for or clicked in to anything Walking Dead related prior to seeing the episode (which I am about to watch as soon as I get home in an hour), but your article came up in my news feed and the spoiler is right in the title. Sucks. Maybe I should just stay off the internet, but all other articles I’ve ever seen about TV shows manage to keep major spoilers (and even minor spoilers) out of the title, at least for at least a little while after the show has aired, as to not ruin it for anyone.

    • maregolden says:

      I did not see any spoilers in the title of the article. What were you talking about?

    • Veronica says:

      Do not go to a TV centric website or social media if you’re not watching a program live. If you choose to do that, and spoiler (which isn’t really a spoiller if the episode has already aired) info you receive is entirely your fault

      • Mark D. Moss says:

        Slow down and THINK before you wag your judgement. Titles and link text are displayed in any search result BEFORE anyone clicks or heads to the website, dummy.

        • Veronica says:

          Really. Because I’ve never “accidentally” seen a TV Line title or text link without going somewhere like TV Line, Facebook, or Twitter. I know thinking about the future is hard, but if one cares that much about being spoiler-free even though they’re not watching live, it’s actually not that hard to avoid the hit. Also, way to go with the name-calling. I’m sure you’re a lovely person and a real class act.

  9. Esme says:

    Just horrible; don’t know why I keep getting sucked into watching. Instead of getting better, each episode is worse than the one before. Seriously, worst finale yet! Who cares about Deanna?

  10. Spence says:

    I enjoyed it. Could’ve been a longer, 90 minute episode, but overall I think they’ve set it up greatly for a nerve-wracking second half. I appreciate the lack of major casualties, it was becoming too commonplace in mid season finales after Sophia, Hershel, Beth. And realistically, it makes sense that they’ve extended this walker invasion storyline; it’s not plausible to alleviate that massive of a threat in only one episode. Looking forward to episode 9 with the demise of Jessie and her demon children!

    • Lisa says:

      God yes! Get rid of all the Emo teens now! They can keep Carl but only if he gets a friggin’ haircut.

    • Q2 says:

      Every massive threat has been eliminated in one episode. All the other episodes around it are either buildup to the elimination of said threat or the aftermath of it.

      But i do hear what you’re saying about it not being plausible.
      Its the ONLY thing in the last few episodes I’ve personally found to not be plausible.

  11. wrstlgirl says:

    Okay I’ll be the killshot here. Morgan is/was wrong with saving the Wolf dude but Carol’s also wrong. You can’t just kill people. She’s going down the path that Carl was on but fortunately, with the help of Hershal, Rick was able to bring him back.

    • Veronica says:

      But Carol was very clear that she didn’t want to kill Morgan, but that she would if he didn’t step away from the Wolf. That’s not someone who’s lost control of herself; rather, someone who’s very aware of herself and the repercussions of her actions. The only person I see not valuing life here is Morgan.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        But all life is precious….that’s not valuing life?? IDK I mean I get that Carol is a total bad ass now but the way she’s going, kill or be killed, she’s likely going to kill somebody she shouldn’t, just like Carl did, and it very well may be her undoing.

        • Veronica says:

          Morgan is putting everyone in Alexandrea in danger by protecting someone who is open about the fact that he’s irredeemable and going to kill whomever he can as soon as possible. If all life is precious, how can Morgan be standing up for that value by hiding a wolf amongst a flock of sheep?

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I said in my original comment that I didn’t agree with what he is doing but I do believe that he feels he has the man safely away from the others. I seriously doubt that Morgan would blatantly put Rick and the rest of the people there in harms way.

          • Veronica says:

            But he knocked Morgan unconscious, easily freed himself from his rope ties, using a knife Morgan knocked from Carol’s hand, and wound up with a knife, a machete, and…was it three guns…maybe only two, and a (doctor) hostage. Morgan wasn’t keeping the wolf isolated, he was keeping him in his basement in the middle of Alexandrea. He may have felt he was keeping the guy safely away, but he clearly was not, and I think he definitely put people at risk, even if he thought he was doing the right thing, which I think he was not.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            I’m speaking from the view of the character, you’re speaking from your view so let’s just move on shall we.

  12. Aly says:

    Disappointing ep for me…I agree with everyone who said that this should have been 90 mins, not the Morgan ep.

    Speaking of Morgan…I hope he dies soon, or cracks and goes on a killing spree. He’s very irritating, and endangering the whole group. I was done with him several episodes ago, but he’s just become even more annoying now. Which makes me sad, cos Lennie is such a great actor (and I had been SO excited about Morgan’s return).

    • why was sam calling his mommy ? did he forget to pee pee before they left the house ? what was with him playing “tiny tim” ? a big disappointment & who cares about that stupid “badlands” kung fu show named after a springsteen song ? the world needs to end. who’s gonna eat the baby ?

  13. Aubrey says:

    Thanks a whole lot for the HUGE spoiler in the slideshow, it literally says “The Walking Dead kills off __” with a picture of Deanna. Could we at least have a different still in place so it isn’t such a dead giveaway?

  14. Pretty disappointing episode, especially as this season has been one of the strongest in my opinion. I have one question, probably due to me not watching properly, but when did Deanna get the bite? When she fell it looked to me like she landed on some jagged metal as opposed to getting bitten, or maybe I just dreamed that part of it?!

    • TYIA says:

      Thank you!! I asked the same thing…I remember seeing the blade go through her leg, and zombies were around, but I don’t recall seeing any of them bite her. Guess we just have to go with it.

    • Q2 says:

      She got the bite the same time Rick escaped the RV. Mystical effects at work, you know. In order for him to escape magically, the bite he was to take was transferred to her so he could get back to Alexandria safely. It just took a few days for the bite to show.

      Dont question that which cant be explained. Speaking if which, did all the houses have magic tunnels that led to the same basement where the wolf was being held?

    • mynameZach says:

      She didn’t get bitten, she just thinks she was. It looked like a bite, but so would a saw blade. Also, if you watch the scene again a zombie was right there trying to bite, but missed. They never showed her death. Also, the absence of her son in the episode is no coincidence either. She will probably be saved by her son and the missing alexandrians that weren’t in the episode.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Deanna is dead.

      • maregolden says:

        She was in the “In Memoriam” section on the Talking Dead, plus she was a guest on the show. They did not do that after Glenn’s supposed death.

      • Gary T says:

        She did not get bitten.
        I Tivoed the episode, and there is no spot where she got bit.
        I was so surprised that the whole crew on Talking Dead was talking it up like that, even the actress who plays her says she got bit at the point in the melee where she puts the pistol under a walker’s chin, but that is not seen anywhere. In EVERY bite of a character they highlight the actual bite very clearly, here they did NOT.

        And most significant is the saw blade that Deanna fell on which had teeth that looked like a bite mark of a walker. And they made a very intentional close up and highlight of Deanna getting cut with the saw blade.

        I guess they did not like how everyone figured out how Glenn likely did not die, they told everyone on the Talking Dead not to spill the beans.

  15. Jess says:

    So even Deanna knows that Michonne is the most underused character on TV. The episode was underwhelming, at best, for me.

  16. Walkie says:

    Meh episode.

  17. Caitlin says:

    You guys need to leave Morgan alone. He’s just a good person who needs to kill a bad guy so he can snsp back into reality lol. I love Carol as well, hard to see them hating each other. Anyway, onto my real point: SAM NEEDS TO DIE. Dumb little brat. Yeah, talk in the middle of hundreds of zombies YOU IDIOT. And why did no one say, “shut up!”

    • Q2 says:

      No one said shut up because cliffhanger. Give the masses something to talk about so they come back to see what happens. Funny thing though, they dont really need to resort to cheap theatrics for the squirrels to chase after the nut when it comes back. And yet they’ve done that all season.

    • Q2 says:

      Also, be a little less angry at the kid. First, fictional or not, that’s a lot of anger directed at a child.
      Also, the writers made him say it over and over so yell at them instead.
      Third, chill.

      • Bazinga says:

        Fourth the kid is pretty traumatized. It actually feels pretty realistic to how he would act. He’s not Carl he hasn’t been out amongst the walkers this whole time. He’s very young and seen a LOT in the last few weeks of his life.

  18. Funny how everyone i hating on Sam when the WHOLE reason they are in this situation is because of the dumb (butt) moves of his big brother Ron. Sam is the poor child that Carol scared with walker stories. Ron is the idiot that could not let go of his abusive dad’s death and blamed everyone else. He led the walkers into the house. He broke the garage door. He locked them inside. And his mom knew it with her, “were you fighting”. The kid needs to go. Carl should have let him get eaten in the garage.

  19. mynameZach says:

    Deanna is not dead, and she was not bitten. She fell on a gear/saw that makes it look like a bite. How am I the only one to see this?

    • maregolden says:

      Then why did she get sick?

    • wrstlgirl says:

      WHAT?!?! She was most certainly bitten. Why else did she react with “oh sh*t” when she saw it.

      • mynameZach says:

        It looked like a bite, but so would a saw blade. Also, if you watch the scene again a zombie was right there trying to bite, but missed.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I’ll be re-watching the ep before I delete it, I always do. But that makes no sense. Rick and Michonne’s reaction when they saw it and also Deanna. It was certainly implied that it was a bite. Rick’s comment to Michonne that the fever was starting, etc.

          • mynameZach says:

            Why would she trip over and get injured on a saw blade of all things? That would look like a bite. Also, when you rewatch you will notice a walker almost bites her but misses. That explains why she and rick thought she was bitten. Next, why wouldn’t they show her die? There is no reason. Finally, where was her son Spencer in this episode? Additionally, where were the other Alexandrians missing from the episode (Aaron and Heath). Alexandrians saving their leader would be a great addition to the story.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Good Luck.

          • Gary T says:

            Yes, it was more than implied, they all concluded she was bit, but she was not.
            It was a saw blade injury.
            She was non-lethally ill from the injury.
            We did not see her get eaten by zombies, or commit suicide.
            I tivoed it, and saw it all, pun intended.

          • Walkie says:

            She was bit. The show runner said she was bit. The fact that they didn’t film it in a way that showed the bit clearly is the director’s fault. But there is ZERO doubt that she was bit.

    • I saw that too! very little people seem to have noticed that!

  20. Jake says:

    Wow you people are a bunch of whine little b8tches. Please, can’t you just enjoy the show for what it is? I thought it was a great episode. I just wish stupid waste of time Eugene would get eaten. I kept saying EAT HIM EAT HIM!!

    • Q2 says:

      Please cant you just enjoy Eugene for who he is?
      Oh, I get it. Its not ok to complain when its something you don’t agree with. Yet its completely fine to complain yourself in the VERY NEXT sentence after you told others to stop complaining and just enjoy it for what it is.
      I see what you did there.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I agree about all of the whining. I get tired of hearing how bad the show is etc. Just stop watching if you don’t like it, LOL!!! Nothing we say here is going to change how or what they are writing.

    • AnnieM says:

      You’re looking at him wrong. He’s a brief bit of comic relief now and then to relieve some tension in a scene. Besides, if they continue to follow his comic book arc on the show, he’ll be proving his worth to the group.

  21. veronica says:

    can anyone remember when glenn found out maggie was pregos? i don’t remember that happening—they’ve been apart for such a long time!!!! ugh. also, i’m over morgan, he’s just ridiculous.

    • Z says:

      It did not happen on camera… he already knew in the season premiere… so sometime between seasons

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Kind of like them getting married. I don’t recall that actually happening on screen either unless I just completely forgot about it, did I??

        • Z says:

          According to an interview with Steven… they considered themselves married from the moment he gave her the ring,. and they didnt need a ceremony

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Oh good to know. I have been wondering if Glenn was calling Maggie his wife because as far as he was concerned she was, wedding or not.

  22. AngelWasHere says:

    Someone needs to grab Sam by his neck and tell him to shut up. Either that or put their hand over his mouth. Carol should have never told him those stories. >_> Anyway I hope Morgan dies on the next season half. I wanted him to come back to the series so bad, but now he’s so freaking annoying I can’t stand him. Put him out of his misery please.

  23. jenferner8 says:

    I haven’t read all the comments so this might have been mentioned but am I the only one who thought until Sam made an appearance it seemed like Jessie had all but forgotten about him while everyone else was getting covered up in zombie guts?
    But at least we got to see Eugene’s “help?” into walkie-talkie.
    Also, instead of having 90 minutes of Morgan flashback I wish the show had given us 90 minutes of finale.

    • db says:

      I keep wondering exactly how the tower collapsed in the first place?? Zombies are not smart enough to make that happen, so who planned that?

      • wrstlgirl says:

        The tower already had some fire damage, from what we don’t know, but then the truck that one of the wolves was driving crashed into it after Spencer was able to shoot the driver. The same truck that caused the horn to sound and break up the herd that Rick and Co. were trying to guide away. Between that and the force of all the walkers ramming against it, it collapsed.

        • db says:

          Plausible. But I remember pieces of wood being thrown out of the tower from the inside so I still think something is fishy

  24. Camden says:

    Why did they kill off denna😭😭😭

  25. Greg says:

    Dont believe Deanna got bit. mark was from sawblade not bite thats why the close up of the sawblade was shown. Hmmmmm. She either dies from walkers in house or has a miraculous rescue