Is Jessica Jones a Super-Easy Costume? Is Glenn Still a Dead Man? How Will Who Bring Clara Back? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Doctor Who, The Good Wife and Chicago Fire!

1 | Has Jessica Jones given young women the easiest (and a modest!) superhero costume to pull off? (That said, doesn’t it kind of look like Shiri Appleby’s UnREAL wardrobe?) And after so many start-and-stops, has Rachael Taylor (Charlie’s Angels, 666 Park, Crisis…) finally found herself a winner?

2 | Shouldn’t Grimm‘s Rosalee be getting some kind of pay for being Nick and Adalind’s 24/7, on-call baby hotline?doctor-who-clara

3 | Now that Girl Meets World is leaving middle school behind, how will the show explain Cory’s inevitable transition to high school teacher?

4 | How do you think Doctor Who will bring back Jenna Coleman for the scene we know has yet to come?

6 | Who did Adele more justice: Miss Piggy or SNL’s Thanksgiving family?

7 | As much as we enjoyed J.Lo’s opening AMAs performance, wouldn’t it have been relatively easy to have her dance to a montage of songs performed live by the nominees in attendance, rather than dance to prerecorded tracks as they sat idly by?

8 | Did you privately hope that last Sunday’s Good Wife featured a “Viewer Discretion Advised” warning because Alicia and Jason were finally going to Get. It. On?

9 | Madam Secretary fans, ever get the feeling that the DIA Henry is working with doesn’t really know what it’s doing?

10 | Since everyone that The Leftovers’ Kevin encountered on the other side was dead, does that mean that Mary is a goner? Also, did anyone not lose it when young Patti tried to make it easier for Kevin to kill her?

11 | Were you relieved that The Walking Dead‘s Glenn survived — even knowing that you might have to mourn him all over again as soon as [COMIC BOOK SPOILER] arrives on the scene? And does anyone really believe that Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick didn’t know Glenn was alive?

Castle12 | How much do we love it when a TV show (e.g. Castle, shown here) works the airdate into that night’s episode?

13 | Jane the Virgin fans, did you find yourself unexpectedly heartbroken when Jane and Petra’s friendship was cut short?

14 | Of all the TV moments that should have been reconsidered after the Paris attacks, is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s “Sexy French Depression” at the top of that list?

15 | How bad are we for wanting Gotham’s Selina to do brutal things to fellow teen Silver St. Cloud?

16 | What Sunday or Wednesday show can we add to Gotham and Limitless to get ourselves three nights in a row of Ron Rifkin?

17 | Talented as Jordan Smith may be, is The Voice‘s relentless promotional push on behalf of the Kentucky belter making this season too predictable — and kind of dreary?

18 | How quickly can Chicago Fire end the tiresome Boden/Severide vs. Riddle/Patterson storyline? Who else got a kick out of the fact that Everwood alumni Treat Williams and Tom Amandes were both in this week’s episode? And how strange was it seeing the typically uniformed crew all glammed up for the department gala?

Chicago Fire19 | Granted it’s still very early in the NBC drama’s run, but is Chicago Med > CBS’ Code Black?

20 | Continuity oops! Did we see NCIS: New Orleans’ LaSalle drive a few blocks from a torrential downpour to an area with bone-dry streets?

21 | Who’s gonna tell Empire that its Manhattan establishing shot is a smidgen dated? And should we worry that the show is writing Anika into the kind of crazy corner that’s impossible to get out of?

Empire22 | Is CBS’ decision to once again air a new Elementary on Thanksgiving — typically a very low-rated night — puzzling? Or do you appreciate having something fresh to watch after all the turkey?

23 | Has Mom‘s Violet suddenly fallen in love with Gregory since we last saw her in Season 2?

24 | Enough time has passed that we feel comfortable asking this: Are Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers doing a better job at covering the news than The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah?

25 | Are you loving Eric Kripke’s Supernatural fun facts on Twitter as much as we are? And for someone so new to the social platform, Kripke’s really doing it right, isn’t he?

26 | How did Amazon’s marketing department Nazi this coming?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. “Has Jessica Jones given young women the easiest (and a modest!) superhero costume to pull off?” I’m only on the second episode, but doesn’t the show show the Jewel costume? I thought it did.

  2. Wordsmith says:

    They may find a sneaky way to bring Clara back, but more likely it’s going to be one of those splinter versions of her that got scattered across the Doctor’s timeline, as with the first two times we “met” her before she became an actual companion.

  3. Spence says:

    Every episode that goes by, I’m more and more in belief that Maggie will die at Negan’s hand rather than Glenn. They wouldn’t kill Glenn now after doing all this torture with him. Maggie, however, doesn’t have very much of a character arc left, and her death would serve much more for Glenn’s arc compared to what Maggie’s arc would be if Glenn died (again).

    • Wordsmith says:

      Somebody important is definitely going to die at Negan’s hand, but it could just as easily be someone like Abraham or Eugene or Tara. There are still plenty of places the show could hit us that would hurt.

      • The impact of Glenn’s death in the comics was not only that he was important but he was also someone who has been there since the beginning. So the only replacements I can imagine are Rick himself (very unlikely but would be awesome), Carl (unlikely), Carol (hopefully) and Morgan (very likely).

        • N says:

          They said they’d never kill carol

        • Mark says:

          If they are going for someone not in the comics but will have a big impact then Daryl would fit the bill

        • Spence says:

          Completely agree with Big Mike, I feel it will be Maggie because they’ve already had a pregnancy storyline and baby on the show, do we really need another one? Additionally, Maggie & Glenn won’t be around for much longer- I don’t know why, they just can’t be- and like I said, I doubt glenn will die “again”, so that leaves Maggie to perish.

        • Spence says:

          While I personally think it’s Maggie on the chopping block, I think Carol would be the second bet. Kirkman said he would never kill her, sure, but writers lie all the time so I wouldn’t rely to heavily on that. Also, killing Daryl could quite possibly kill half the viewership so I’m not sure they would risk that.

    • Big Mike says:

      I completely agree, as I’ve been saying the same thing for a while now. Her pregnancy seals it for me. There’s no room for another baby in the apocalypse, and what better way to make Negan the most hated villain of all time than to have him murder a pregnant lady?

  4. robandco says:

    6- SNL’s Adelesgiving sketch was so funny I must have watched it 15 times already!
    14- Nope, I’m French and I loved it. CEG is always on point with their songs.
    26- Clearly heads will roll.

  5. fiberlicious says:

    8 – Oh, yeah!
    9 – See 8
    17 – There is nothing dreary about listening to Jordan sing. Voice like an angel.
    18 – Would yesterday work? And I wish the fraudulent attack-on-the-neighbor setup had never happened.
    23 – What’s with Mom all of a sudden? Hated this episode.

  6. A says:

    19 – no. Code Black is 1000x better than Chicago Med its not even a contest.

  7. 22I thnk they aired them on Thanksgiving cause they started late in the season -along with MoM & Broke Girls-and they have 22-24 episodes to get in by mid May & they aired new stuff on Thanksgiving last year too& plus they gotta some comedies outta the way to make room for AFH,M& M,TOC too,

    • BrightLight says:

      Not just that but next week they couldn’t show the episodes they aired on Thanksgiving because they are showing Thursday Night Football again where they are supposed to reveal one halftime act for the Super Bowl. I guess they didn’t want too many weeks in between episodes for shows that had just started less than a month ago.

  8. 1. I really hope so because Rachel Taylor has been the best thing about those three shows and deserves a role she can flesh out, which Trish Walker is.
    10. I definitely did have some tears run down my cheek for Little Patti, and I realized that Mary was in that world after the episode which made me appreciate it even more.
    15. No because I felt the same exact thing so much that I wished Bruce would have turned his back so that Selina could have free reign.
    16. Hmmm, he should’ve been the Calculator on Arrow or maybe make an appearance on The Leftovers as one of the inhabitants of Miracle.
    22. Well, that scheduling paid dividends for the show since it boosted their ratings which I’m happy about because it’s a great show!
    25. Eric Kripke really needs to save the show that he built, or just come back to television period (maybe adapt his excellent new comic book!)

  9. #13 sorta sorta not,I like Jane& Petra being friends so yes but Petra’s one if he shows villains-along with Sin Rosetro & Luisas mom it seems “mutter”-so in that regard no.

  10. Carter says:

    I’d like Adalind to go out for a pack of cigarettes and never come back. I like Grimm and all but more Adalind in the show makes it hard for me to fully enjoy. Always hated that character.

  11. Tony says:

    I assumed that was the point of writing Anika as cray cray. She’s probably gonna be the big baddie bringing the Lyons together for a brief bit of time til it’s on to the next round of Lucious vs Cookie.

  12. Shar says:

    Re #16 – If ABC re-booted Alias, then he would technically still be alive to be the bad guy again. Yes, I know, they would have to dig him up but still and it would mean Jennifer Garner back on TV.

  13. Stacy says:

    23: My thoughts exactly! The show has definitely been rebranding itself by eliminating or minimizing almost all the male characters. Only Roscoe and Baxter occasionally appear, and Violet’s fiancee is a once or twice a season guest spot. As a whole I think the show has changed for the better, but this episode was a little weak unfortunately. I’m just not a fan of Violet’s; she’s not funny.

  14. madhatter360 says:

    Regarding number 3, since Cory is certified to teach 7th and 8th grade he is also certified in New York to teach high school. Secondary ed certifications are for grades 7-12 in your subject area for New York State.

    • Jayemay says:

      Good to know, because this is a franchise that has always been a stickler for reality when it comes to this sort of thing.

      That said, at this point Cory is about as “connected” as it’s possible for a public school teacher to be, (he’s close personal friends with the school Superintendent, and the brother of a United States Senator). Considering this, if the show revealed that he’d arranged to teach his same class of students and only that one class for the rest of their academic careers, I’d consider that entirely plausible.

  15. Mr. Tran K says:

    Number 6: The Adele Thanksgiving on SNL was better than Miss Piggy’s.

  16. cuius says:

    24. Possibly if you define news as jokes about Trump, who has become a Colbert obsession

  17. cp1945 says:

    10. The entire episode brought me to tears. I’m hoping Mary is in the coma wing of Purgatory Hotel. 24. Absolutely true. They are both killing it.

  18. Kim R says:

    24. I’ve tried to get into The Daily Show since Jon left but I just can’t seem to. Trevor Noah just is not a good fit, in my opinion. I much prefer Seth’s top of the show.

  19. prish says:

    22. It was a very confusing plot, so maybe CBS thought people would be too out of it to care, much. The husband grumbled, until the pie came out of the oven and munched away through the episode, not caring much how confusing it was.

  20. arial2 says:

    19 – I’m sure Chicago Med will do better than Code Black. CM had me flashing to a daytime soap, while CB seems more like a real overworked ER. Kind of like the difference between a private hospital in Beverly Hills and one in the poorest section of Los Angeles. Judging by today’s tv shows, the desired demographic prefers “heightened” reality to, well, “real” reality. College + medical school + internship + residency: doctors are rarely under 30.

    • Temperance says:

      I’m not sure what’s worse, the writing or the acting on Med. And if you’re going to hire a ginger hottie (that isn’t much of an actor) for the lead, at least get his shirt off a lot to give him a point. Geesh.

  21. Dj says:

    4. It could be the Doctor travels to a time in the past and sees another Clara.

  22. Angela says:

    #24: Can’t speak for Seth, ’cause I don’t really watch his show much, but I am happy that Stephen is bringing political and newsworthy discussion into his show, “Colbert Report”-style :D. But I also like Trevor’s take on the news, too. They just have different ways of commenting on it, and both styles work for me.

  23. A fan of TV says:

    3. They should just explain it the same way they did for Feeny, which was I think along the lines of ‘I knew you fools would need me,’ or something like that. I think they offered a similar explanation when he became their college prof, too…?

    11. I know Glenn, like all, will die eventually, it I’m still not convinced he’ll be offed by spoiler at the same time as in the comic, either. Show really does go out of its way to kill of major characters in different ways.

    I think Noah is doing better than expected on The Daily Show, to be honest. He had huge shoes to fill and should be given time to find his groove. Meyers especially was way rough around the edges when he started his late night gig. But also, Meyers and Colbert both previously had news-skewering gigs so that’s something they’ve had a TON of practice on.

    Re: Amazon/Man in High Castle, most press isn’t bad press and this probably qualifies in that category. At least by my sensibilities.

  24. Jeff hunter says:

    15 and 18 right on the money:I hope selina knocks her block and”future” Dick Grayson Steven r. McQueen looks good in a suit!jeff

  25. Nancy says:

    I like Chicago Med but I’ve never seen CB. Wanted more scenes at the gala and this Riddle/Patterson story can end any time now

  26. Danni Olson says:

    #20 As someone who has lived in NOLA it is not uncommon for a downpour to be very quick and limited to a few blocks. The Frech Qtr could be drenched while the Marigny (on the otherside of Esplanade) or CBD is dry…for example

  27. Ashbash says:

    “Now that Girl Meets World is leaving middle school behind, how will the show explain Cory’s inevitable transition to high school teacher?” Pull a Degrassi and turn the middle school into a jr/senior high school just like the one Cory and Topanga went to.

  28. maregolden says:

    18. I am hoping for a quick end to that storyline too. It seems that Boden is in danger of losing his job for some reason at least twice every season. It’s getting old.

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      Exactly! And many of these other random plots are tied up waaay too quickly (Molly’s landmark status granted in minutes? No way in Chi-town; Serverides wife; Caseys head injuries?). Writers need to give the fans some credit we can follow a story (or get annoyed with one).

  29. Margaret says:

    18. Omg me, totally over the storyline, its gone on eay too long. BTW, Steven r McQueen (Jimmy) is an everwood alum too! So there were three in the episode!

  30. Temperance says:

    9 – yup, the DIA is completely incompetent. 15 – heck yeah! Catfight! 17- Smith isn’t even close to my favorite, and I doubt that he’ll win. 19 – Code Back >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Chicago Med. Med’s a dud and needs to go.

  31. Scream Queen says:

    TBH I hope walking dead kills off Darryl just to see Carol in full on revenge mode.

  32. lrdslvrhnd says:

    1) It’s a good look. I’m not sure how “easy” it will be, though.
    3) Same way “Boy Meets World” did it for Mr. Fee-ee-ee-eee-eeny.
    4) Gonna be one of the “Impossible Girl” splinters. Either that, or the Doctor will be spying on her.
    6) Definitely Miss Piggy!
    9) Well, government agency…
    12) Always amusing. Also when they air the day of the week into the conversation (my favorite is Buffy’s “If Dawn’s in trouble, it must be Tuesday!”)
    15) If wanting Selina to kick Silver’s butt is bad, I don’t want to be good!
    16) I vote for Madam Secretary or Once Upon a Time on Sundays (although I suspect he could be hilarious on Brooklyn 99), or Arrow or Supernatural on Wednesday (it’d be amusing to see him playing a good guy from the DC-verse on Arrow…)
    25) Well I wasn’t before, but I am now! Thanks!
    26) Seems like somebody just stirring up trouble to get attention to me, TBH

    • Steven says:

      1) The problem I foresee with the Jessica Jones costume is that it’s nearly indistinguishable from Gwen on Torchwood. There’s no simple thing that distinguishes it from the other character. (See also: Castiel and John Constantine. Seriously, it’s just a shirt, a tie, and a tan trenchcoat.)

  33. Jim J. says:

    21: I think “Empire” was probably using the “dated” aerial establishing shot of the 30 Rockefeller Center building for legal reasons regarding the onscreen use of a competing network’s logo by a TV show. NBC’s logo is perched atop the 30 Rockefeller building (since last July), and “Empire” is a FOX-TV show.

    22: CBS airing an original episode of “Elementary” on Thanksgiving night is likely because of “Thursday Night Football”. There are exactly 30 Thursdays between early November 2015 and late May 2016, and the current season of “Elementary” has 24 episodes, so I was thinking CBS would like to keep pre-emptions of their Thursday programs to a minimum.

  34. J Lamb says:

    Because of your # 20. NCIS New Orleans comment; it is very telling you don’t live in the south. It will rain at work and less than a mile to my house, it is Bone dry. That is Typical down here. (and I live in Nashville!) New Orleans is so far south, it is tropical compared to Nashville! :)

  35. Becky says:

    I think Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers are doing better than Trevor Noah. And they’re doing way better than the JImmy’s, but I guess that’s to be expected. I watch all of Colbert and the first 15 minutes of Seth.

    I’m still watching Trevor, but he’s having a tough time settling in. The satire seems to be missing, just silly, make-fun-of people jokes. The wonderful, biting satire of Stewart is gone. It’s disappointing so far.

    I really like Larry Wilmore after the Daily Show. He’s doing a great job.