Castle Ratings High

Ratings: Castle Fall Finale Winds Up Flat After NFL Adjustment

With significant NFL preemptions now factored out, ABC’s Castle this Monday wound up with 6.7 million total viewers and a 1.1 rating (per finals), matching its week-ago tallies.

TVLine readers gave the fall finale an average grade of “B.”

DWTS meanwhile opened ABC’s line-up with 13.3 million total viewers and a 2.1 rating, down from its two most recent Monday finale nights (14.9 mil/2.5, 14.4 mil/2.3).

Elsewhere in the ratings….

CBS | Supergirl (7.2 mil/1.5) slipped 9 and 16 percent to season lows. Scorpion (9 mil/1.7) was flat, while NCIS: LA (7.8 mil/1.2) dipped a tenth.

FOX | Gotham (4 mil/1.4) dipped a tenth, Minority Report (1.5 mil/0.5) dropped two tenths.

NBC | The Voice (10.3 mil/2.6) slipped 9 and 14 percent, while the Blindspot fall finale (7 mil/1.9, average grade of “A”) dipped 9 percent.

THE CW | Crazy Ex (880K/0.3) was steady, while Jane the Virgin (1 mil/0.4) ticked down.

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  1. ndixit says:

    I am assuming that Castle will be adjusted down by at least 0.2 due to the preemptions, but I hope that it holds for the most part for the show’s sake.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Definitely at least one tenth, seeing as the audience lost a million over the hour. A 1.3 would still be (faint praise alert) a season high. We shall see! #cliffhanger

      • ndixit says:

        Figures!! But I think it wouldn’t be a big surprise if this ep did have a season high because a lot of Castle fans were anticipating this ep as a potential end to this separation arc. That B grade indicates that a lot of people still weren’t all that happy with how it went down.

      • afan says:

        I thought episode 2 XX had a 1.7 rating.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Maybe with Live+7 DVR? But nowhere close in same-day.

        • ndixit says:

          No ep has had greater than 1.2. I think you might be confusing the prelims with final ratings. Just like the prelims for yesterday has Castle at 1.5 but it will likely be adjusted down, the prelims for XX were 1.6 and was adjusted down to 1.2 in the finals.

      • ndixit says:

        Maybe you can confirm this for me Matt, but isn’t a B grade a fairly low rating on this site. Especially for an established show.

        • Joey says:

          It was even lower than a B rating. It was a C+ . The low ratings are all about the split, Monday night football has been around for many years.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    Move over DiCaprio, Rick Castle is THE KING OF THE WORLD (finally) last night. As for Supergirl, still no word if it gets a full season order from CBS and the numbers hasn’t been setting the place on fire unlike what Agents of SHIELD was.

    • John NYC says:

      Agents of SHIELD? Up until the movie release that was a snoozefest that got slammed close to universally and IIRC the ratings showed that.

      • You don’t RC. SHIELD had crazy ratings when it started and only started to decline in season 2.

        • Dj says:

          AoS started big but started to decline in season 1. The post Captain America episodes were excellent but the first 13 episodes hurt the show and it never recovered

      • chiguy79 says:

        Per Wiki, AoS live ratings never dropped below a 2.0 until it’s 14th episode during season one and only had four episodes fall below a 2.0 with a 1.8 being the lowest. As for critics, RT reported an 86% approval and Metacritic gave it a 74/100 for the season overall.

  3. ndixit says:

    On another note, barring any adjustments, Supergirl has now got almost the same demo number as the Flash.

  4. Boiler says:

    I wish Scorpion was higher. It is a fun show and last night was dynamite, I thought. Matt how did you like the boy catching the ball from the building?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Matt was busier than a one-armed paperhanger last night, haven’t seen The Scorpion yet. Was CGI involved???

    • ? says:

      I rarely watch Scorpion but the complete bunk in last night’s episode made me want to bash my head against a wall. Boiling bacteria in order to aerate it? Really? All those geniuses and not one knows boiling kills bacteria?

  5. DavidJ says:

    Yeah I’m a big fan of the show, but I don’t think it’s really looking good for Supergirl. People were excited when the numbers seemed to hold steady last week, but the fact CBS continued to hold off on giving the show a full season makes me think they’re still not too crazy about them…

    • Luli says:

      Well the episodes were switched so maybe the dvrd both eps and watched them later??? I think the show is getting better with each episode, livewire was soo good and the effects!

      • dan says:

        My DVR didn’t record Supergirl last night, not sure why. I went looking for it around 9:30 pm and it wasn’t recorded. I know they swapped this week’s Thanksgiving episode with last week’s episode, but they were both originals so my DVR should’ve recorded it.

  6. Coach Taylor says:

    Wow that seems like a significant drop for Blindspot! 7 million? Last week was over 8 and around 2.2? Not a good sign with the break its about to take those numbers seem strange

  7. Tica says:

    Happy for Castle!! Fingers cross that it won’t go down that much :)

    • shirley says:

      I so agree with you.
      Have fingers crossed.
      I do hope the writer are very aware of how the fans are feeling.
      They tell us that they are taking bold moves. Well, bold moves is not working for the fans , so stop being bold and get back to basic.

  8. lame says:

    Be grateful for what you get, this season ‘s high was near the bottom of last season

  9. MFL says:

    I am really rooting for Supergirl..but 4 episodes in and I’m still not captivated. Will be DVR-ing from now on & try and watch the epi within 3 days

  10. kmw says:

    Good for Castle if it stays but it probably wont. I can see at a 1.3 or 1.2. While Supergirl is slipping it wont be cancelled any time soon. Too bad for Scorpion and NCIS LA. Gotham is still hanging in there

  11. Luli says:

    So how doomed is Castle?

  12. Teri says:

    Those adjustments are ridiculous. I question their accuracy. Monday night is the worst, due to MNF. Castle is still my favorite show. It does not compare with any other show in what it offers.

    • lame says:

      Question them all you want it’s the measure used by the industry. The live count is how they bill advertisers. It’s how the studios make money. The studioseries aren’t charitable organizations.

    • cece says:

      Agree 100% still favorite show on network tv

    • shirley says:

      So agree with you.

    • jahoney1 says:

      Dislike them all you want, but the adjustments are statistically still valid. MNF takes something away, but Castle has always had to deal with MNF. Advertisers only care about who is watching live mostly because that is who see’s and hear’s the ads. Leave streaming is a different form of advertising and cost a different amount of money. Live plus three counts for a little, but not as much as the studio’s want it to because advertisers understand that after three day’s a person can watch a show on TiVo or DVR and skip all the commercials. Studio’s like live plus three and plus seven because they can show those numbers and can try to charge more.

  13. lame says:

    Final adjusted ratings for Mr & Mrs Castle were lowered from season high to average 6.65 mil viewers and 1.1 demo. Letting a little air out of that balloon.

  14. Sally says:

    Are you kidding? ABC didn’t even advertise the show for this year / no one knew it was still on!!

  15. Tony says:

    I felt the entire Castle season was flat. New characters were droll & very predictable. No chemistry between Kate & Rick. It seems everything that made the show great & was left on the cutting room floor.

  16. herb m. says:

    as soon as they broke up castle and beckett from working cases together it was doomed. the show is supposed to be about castle and beckett working murder cases together, not apart from each other. change this setting and it will prevail into next season.

  17. Richard says:

    Castle’s BIG! HUGE mistake is all this crap of spiliting them up! Put them back together and the series will again get the ratings.


    • Rick says:

      Couldn’t agree more. This season was not watchable so I didn’t. Hope next season it is either cancelled or they get better writers who understand what makes this show different.

  18. sharon says:

    I really like all mentioned, I am glad they are moving to Friday night, it’s one night there seems to be nothing on TV, so now I have something to watch that I like.

  19. sharon says:

    I really like all the shows mentioned that are moving to Friday night, I am glad there is usually nothing on Friday, now I have something to watch

  20. Mark says:

    Castle needs to be cancelled so we can get Firefly back!!!!!

  21. Barb says:

    Football games are ruining my enjoyment of shows I like because they delay start times or kick shows off air. I hate reality TV. Grow up people who worship false idols! Now I love public TV, Masterpiece Theatre for mature adults without cursing and nudity, innuendos etc.

  22. lame says:

    I liked 8,08 up until RC caved with his OK taking KB off the hook far to easily and the continuation of the moronic separation. I sn’t it time for the lights to go on in Caskett that this once dynamic duo realize keeping up this charade is pointless. Or at least turn on the lights in the writers room. They more than their characters need to realize the fans are far more intelligent than are given credit. So it’s okay to raise the level of writing above that of the 10th grade.

    • jahoney1 says:

      Lame to some extent I agree with you. RC caving did not surprise me. The moronic separation line is stupid and we are seeing the show being remade into the version of what Alexi Hawley wanted it to go before he was forced to leave. Sadly I have had 10th graders who write better than this crap we are seeing right now. We are now seeing the true reasons behind the “Moonlighting Curse” that many were so stupidly fearful of. The couple getting together was never the issue in Moonlighting. It is and was just like in Castle the contrived and simplistic plot lines, separation, character regression and “reboot” that cause the show to fail. I discount most behind the scenes issues because in the end most actor’s and actress’s are professional enough to do their job.

  23. lame says:

    That final scene of 8.08 was an insult to fans. Just cause KB is so self centered and hasn’t a clue to the pain she heaped on her husband doesn’t mean fans are that shallow and forgiving.
    These writers have to revisit that conversation otherwise Caskett is no better than guests on Jerry Springer or Dr.Phil.