Glenn Dies

Walking Dead: Glenn's Fate Revealed

Warning: Stop right there and turn around if you have yet to watch Sunday’s Walking Dead. This will serve as your one and only warning. 

The Walking Dead left us hanging for nearly a month about the fate of Glenn, who was last seen in the Oct. 25 episode at the center of a zombie mosh pit. The AMC hit certainly wanted to give us the impression that Glenn was a goner: Not only was he absent from the next three episodes, but Steven Yeun’s name was scrubbed from the opening title sequence.

Well, as viewers learned in the first seconds of Sunday’s installment, Glenn is very much… alive. Turns out the death-defying ex-pizza deliveryman managed to escape the seemingly inescapable by wriggling his way out from under Nicholas and taking refuge under the dumpster. Yeun, meanwhile, is once again listed in the opening credits.

On Sunday’s Talking Dead, Yeun said he was “relieved” he no longer had to keep Glenn’s fate a secret, adding, “I feel bad that I couldn’t say anything to family and friends.”

Exec producer Scott Gimple, meanwhile, likened the mystery surrounding Yeun’s status on the show to the plight of the survivors. “The story we were telling was one of uncertainty,” he explained to host Chris Hardwick. “When people leave the walls of Alexandria, they don’t have cell phones. They aren’t ricking ’80s beepers. You don’t know what happens. I felt it was important… that the audience would share that uncertainty that the characters had. Maggie didn’t know what happened to Glenn. I wanted the audience to be exactly where she was.”

Hit the comments with your reaction to the Big Glenn Fake-Out of 2015. And then read our full recap of Sunday’s episode. 

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  1. Matt C. says:

    About time.

  2. datdudemurphy says:

    That is the most ridiculous bit of story telling this show has ever tried to pull off….and with this show, that’s kind of impressive.

    I guess we should expect Beth and Herschel to just show back up too…. It wasn’t as grim as it looked, they just walked it off.

    • Trinity says:

      Why is that ridiculous? I knew from watching the episode that it wasn’t him that was getting his guts ripped out. It was his friend Nicholas that fell on top of Glenn and saved Glenn’s life! I thought it was awesome! Herschel had his head chopped off…Obviously he is really dead, but the way they filmed Glenn’s scene left it open to the possibility that he didn’t die!! It was great storytelling!

      • datdudemurphy says:

        No….it’s ridiculous to think that someone could be on the bottom of that pile of walkers and emerge from it without so much as a scratch.
        Even if you are using another body to block, to escape a dog pile like that with no bites or scratches is a little far fetched even for this show.

        • KP says:

          He has a scratch. On his face.


        • Kristen says:

          I have to agree with you. How they fell, only Glenn’s upper body (and not even all of it) was covered, and the walkers conveniently only focused on tearing from that exact location. Even the walkers that were by Glenn’s legs were stretching past those meaty legs just to desperately grasp at the safely covered region of Glenn’s body.

    • MichelleR says:

      Few people thought Glenn was dead, though. We saw Beth and Herschel die. We only saw Glenn fall off the dumpster with Nicholas on top of him. Then, Steve Yeun did not show up on Talking Dead, which is tradition when a character dies, he was not put in their memorial clips, and Scott M. Gimple released a statement he would be back, implying it could be as a walker or because Maggie is pregnant, but in vague enough terms that it was clear Glenn rolled under the dumpster.

      For most people, it was just a waiting game to confirm it.

    • Jack says:

      Except we saw Beth and Herschel die. So it would be silly to see them come back. We did not see Glenn die. I understand this upsets you, but we did not see him die. So, the point is moot.

      • Q2 says:

        Lazarus Pit. They discover it in season 8 – miracle cure for all zombies to re-animate back to their human selves!

      • Lena120 says:

        No, it’s not moot. We saw Glenn fall into a onslaught of walkers with flesh being torn apart and him screaming in horror. It’s not a stretch to say that he was eaten in that scene. TWD went out of its way to stage it in that way. Then they took his name out of the credits. The whole thing is stupid to me because this show has never played with death. I found it to be damaging to the overall integrity of the show, which has been pretty straight-forward. Dead means dead. This seemed like nothing more than a way to toy with fans. Not tell a good story. It makes no sense considering the upcoming story they’re about to introduce and the role Glenn plays in it. SMH.

        • Neo says:

          He was screaming because he just watched his friend put a gun to his own head and commit suicide then was sent tumbling down into a group of walkers nearly dying….I think you would be screaming too.

  3. flutiefan says:

    it’s funny that I’ve never seen single episode of this show, and I could’ve told you that.

    • MichelleR says:

      Really? Is it because shows don’t kill main characters? Because this one actually does. But for other reasons it was clear he was still alive.

      • Robert says:

        Name a core character that has been killed lately? This gimmick was hackneyed and lazy. They went to such lengths to string you along when they really could have made it ambiguous by just showing them fall off the dumpster and end scene.

        The gimmicks all mentioned in the article above let you know it was a lazy attempt at generating drama and concern from a fan base and getting new publicity.

    • betty says:

      Wow you really are missing out….. :-(

  4. tlcummins says:

    Hahahahaha, people that are made just don’t watch the show or don’t understand how to be creative at writing. If you think zombies can be real or watch a zombie show and then try to say it’s bad writing because he crawled under a dumpster are just dumb

    • Lobo Dredd says:

      You comment is full of bad writing, but that’s besides the point, it is bad writing, Glenn had his chest and legs exposed, and he came out without a scratch on him, also zombies can bend over, and dumpsters can easily be moved from zombies shuffling up beside it. So there was no way Glenn could have survived this, but since the Walking Dead writers have no balls, they copped out, all fan favourite characters will always survive, it’s turned into that kind of a show.

  5. Debbiecat says:

    I called it exactly! No one believed me, but I knew there was some wiggle room under that dumpster. Yeah happy moment.

  6. VJ says:

    Okay, very glad but… Isn’t the episode still airing, meaning all the theories about a double twist can still happen?

  7. Janet says:

    Yes, this is lazy writing.
    Yes, this is an unbelievable stroke of luck.
    Yes, fans will complain.
    YAS Glenn is alive!!!! *releases all the balloons*

  8. Thank God Glenn is back.

  9. I thought I had imagined or missed not seeing his name in the opening credits since no one else said anything about it.Don’t know why they did this since they have left others that have been killed off in the opening credits.Think it’s a shame using our dedication to TWD to force us to watch Badlands.Now it’s in the form of a message from Steven Y.!!

  10. Amanda says:

    Great movie bring Glenn back please don’t don’t ever kill him off. We love him on walking dead

  11. Donna says:

    So glad he’s alive!!!

  12. Alma Fuentes says:

    Yes Yes Yes I sort of knew he didn’t die, happy Glen is still ALIVE!
    The Walking Dead … would not be the same without him.

  13. Worried True Believer says:

    Yeah – but for how long with The Saviors and Negan soon to be introduced.

  14. Hannah Frix says:

    Everone was freaking out over Glenn and I’m over here worried about Maggie and how her pregnancy will turn out lol.

  15. just in time for negan to beat him to death. or am i thinking of the wrong person. its been a while since i read the comics.

  16. Spay and Neuter Lady says:

    So glad Glenn is alive!!!! Although it makes me worry if that Negan character is supposed to take him out later. I don’t think it was lazy writing at all . You are either a fan and go with the unbelievable or you are not and spend way to much time complaining about a great show!

  17. Q2 says:

    No way! I’m shocked!!
    No really, that was totally unexpected. What a well kept secret by everyone. Totally blindsided by that reveal. Omg!! How did they do it?

    • Q2 says:

      I forgot to add that they took him off the credits and everything. Even the talking dead guy said he was dead…..mostly.
      The show doesn’t need cheap publicity so this was for real REAL.
      Did I say OMG?!?!
      The producers wouldnt take all of us for fools and screw around. ….would they?

  18. John Monahan says:

    Look, even on wheels there is no way he was fitting under that dumpster. But for the sake of telling the story, he could fit, but how did his head end up right next to the dumpster? If you remember, Glenn and Nicholas fell AWAY from the dumpster, heads first. We saw them hit the ground heads away from the dumpster. How did his head end up at the dumpster? Guess we weren’t supposed to notice that either.

  19. Q2 says:

    And basically, what we learned is everybody in Alexandria needs to be very very quiet and all the zombies will scatter away in a couple hours.

    How has Rick not learned this after all this time. Zombie expert? Not anymore. He’s banging away with a hammer, so the opposite of what he should be doing.

  20. DarkDefender says:

    I clapped as he crawled under the dumpster, then I sweated out the last 50 minutes thinking they might kill him anyway. It sounds like we can breath easy for now.. Glenn will make it back into Alexandria.

    • Fido says:

      Me too. Was waiting for him to get within viewing distance of home and get shot or trip over and get mauled by a bunch of crawlers. Pleased that didn’t happen and hope next ep sees him reunited with Maggie and have a bit of well deserved sexy-time.

  21. Phoenix5634 says:

    So happy Glenn is alive! I knew just by the editing done on the scene he wasn’t dead, but that didn’t relieve the anxiety of waiting. Happy dance everyone! Lmao. Now let’s please find a different victim for Lucille later on. I will hold on grudge on this show if you don’t change that part of the comics, please.

  22. Snake says:

    I knew Glenn was alive! But then my mind started messing around. Edith is a Wolves spy. So what if Glenn eventually gets lead to there camp and killed by negan? Or something like that :o

  23. Kitty says:

    I’m stoked about it….actually if Glenn had actually died and had become one of the walking, I probably would not of watch anymore of it….it’s one thing to be desensitized by blood and guts continuously, which takes quite a bit of mind numbing FORTITUDE …. it’s another to be so let down with feelings of hopelessness for a writer to off your MOST favorite throughout, since day one…..if Glenn were to die, to me it would mean why bother to try and survive, it’s surly hopeless to even try….
    I HIGHLY SUGGEST GLENN, MAGGIE, RICK SAMONE, RICK’S CHILDREN, CAROLE AND LAST BUT NOT EVER LEAST, DARYAL ARE OFF LIMITS AND KEEP THEM RELATIVELY HEALTHY AND WHOLE….the writers already killed off Hershal, or he would definitely of been on my life list…..I’m vested obviously. Naturally writing and use of the word is a complete art and skillful craft….but one must not lose sight of the stimulation of all senses including hope…..don’t totally break the viewers heart and perseverance, or they may not be able to recover…..THE PEOPLE I HAVE PREVIOUSLY LISTED ON MY SURVIVOR’S LIST ARE ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL SO DONT SPOIL IT….PRAISE TO ALL FOR A WONDERFUL AWESOME EXPERIENCE TO DATE…

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Same, if Glenn had actually died, there was a very high possibility I would have stopped watching. He’s my favourite. In my opinion, Glenn and Maggie, Rick, Daryl, Karl, Carol, and haha even Abraham is almost making that list, haha, are the ones the writers can’t kill without loosing a large chunk of their fan base, first 4 I said for sure. The viewers like following characters that they can relate to, and if they kill off an established character, and then try to replace them with another similar character, you will lose viewers, a lot. Just keep killing stupid Alexandrians and other aggressive or delusional people, I’m good with that. Don’t kill those 4 I mentioned.

      • Robert says:

        I don’t understand this? If you know these characters are “safe,” then where does the tension or drama come from?

        Basically you are describing Star Trek and their “red shirt” crew men. Dull

        • lis says:

          Even being “safe” it seems anything can happen now. How about this twist, which
          I mentioned as a posible outcome elsewhere some days algo: Glenn Survives but eventually is either captured or rescued by the saviors… So he is not killed by negan and lucille, but actually he is the one forced to kill one Of the guys in order to save maggie…

  24. Phoenix5634 says:

    Anyone else think Enid could be a modified storyline for Alpha’s daughter?

  25. We need a Negan meme that says “That’s a nice Glenn you have there. It would be a shame if something bad happened to him.”. Maybe on a t-shirt.

  26. partisan says:

    Should have “revealed” this after the commercial break when he fell off the dumpster. Making us wait was more annoying than anything and it made the last three episodes a lot less enjoyable since I kept thinking “Really? They’re still not gonna tell us?” instead of paying attention to the actual stuff going on in the episode. And the whole taking his name off the credits thing was just insulting. JMO

  27. xomylifexo says:

    I anticipate 1-3 episodes of being excited that glen is alive before Neagan beats him to death with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

    • Jack says:

      Except Negan does not show up until MAYBE the season finale, which is 9 episodes away. Not to mention the fact that you are referencing something from the comic. This is the tv show. Odds are that he will not die the same as the comic. Look at every other death from the show versus the death from the comic. The only ones that were similar were the Governor and Shane, I believe. Everyone else has been different.

  28. Mark says:

    This is the point where Walking Dead jumped the shark — not when they “killed off” Glenn, which was bad enough, but when they “resurrected” his character. I feel jerked around as a fan.

    • Jack says:

      Cant resurrect someone who did not, in fact, die. So, your point is moot.

    • partisan says:

      I’ve been thinking “Jump The Shark Moment” since Glenn fell off the dumpster!
      Don’t know if I’ll ever get back to the way I used to look at this show.
      Which is worse having someone punch you in the gut out of nowhere or having them do it then go “Just kidding!”

  29. Whatevah says:

    I am so happy that Glenn is alive (for now) yay!

  30. sunset84 says:

    I’m just so happy that Glenn is alive, I didn’t care much about the show after that to be honest. I could care less if this was crappy writing or it jumped the shark or whatever. People complained when he “died” and now they complain that he’s “alive”.

  31. Joey Padron says:

    So happy and glad Glenn is alive and okay! Great episode last night. Sucks how it ended at the ending.

  32. betty says:

    So very HAPPY!!!!

  33. Mark D. Moss says:

    Never been happier to be so dead wrong … that said, I still feel a bit jerked around and it seems a wild stretch to be inches from a massive swarm of ravenous walkers blindly chomping away at a body right on top of you and not get even a bite taken out of you. Kind of cheapens a whole string of other “deaths by walkers.” Can’t help but think that this is just a wind-up to make us even feel *worse* when Negan arrives at the end of the season. Slightly better than the Dallas “shower” excuse, I guess … but not exactly brilliant writing or anything.

  34. aph1976 says:

    I knew Glenn was still alive but i have a feeling what happened has changed Glenn in certain ways because he had to watch as the zombies devoured Nicholas’s body.So that had to change him.

    • LC says:

      I’m not so sure. He’s seen it before with people he knew and cared for. Remember him sitting inside the revolving door watching the walkers tear Noah to shreds? This really isn’t anything that new to him. His life has been in danger before, he’s been close to being bit before, he’s watched people be devoured before. So, while I’m sure it impacted him, no more or less than any other death/loss.

  35. Jah says:

    Miracles happen everyday.. So why is it so hard to believe Glenn was able to survive.. People have been in horrific accidents in real life and walked away without a scratch. I’ve been reading the comics and its some unbelievable stuff happening in it as well.. Enjoy the show instead of getting lost in what can and can’t happen.. The dead has risen for Gods sake, is that more believable than someone crawling under a dumpster to escape “the dead” ? Let that marinate

  36. Jersey says:

    I cried when Glenn was Surrounded by the walkers huge fan of walking dead and everything
    About it and I knew Glenn couldn’t die I have pictures of everything in my room and I have pictures of every character in my room and I have collectibles of walking dead and my wallpaper Is everything I have is walking dead and glenn is one of the main people so yea bye

  37. Saleena says:

    I cried so much when I found out Glenn fake died