Walking Dead Recap: Wall or Nothing

The Walking Dead Glenn's Alive

In Sunday’s Walking Dead, the last episode before its winter finale, the zombie smash set up three — count ’em, three! — big cliffhangers. But the series also resolved arguably its most humongous cliffhanger ever: Did Glenn survive? Well, the wait is over. Read on and find out!

HALLELUJAH | As “Heads Up” began, at last we learned that Glenn had, in fact, survived his fateful fall into a sea of walkers. While the zombies were chowing down on Nicholas, Glenn had wriggled his way under the dumpster to safety. Upon emerging, he was tossed a bottle of water — by Enid. She didn’t want to hang out and catch up, though. Rather, she beat a hasty retreat. When Glenn finally caught up to her, she wouldn’t answer any of his questions about Alexandria or Maggie. (Apparently, Enid is only helpful when one is in need of hydration.) After the teen again bolted, Glenn again gave chase. This time, before catching up with her, he happened upon the ill-fated newlywed that Michonne hadn’t been able to save in “Thank You” and retrieved the poor guy’s goodbye note to his bride. After that, Glenn found Enid once more, and though she gave him a crash course in what parenting an obstinate adolescent was going to be like, he insisted on taking her home to Alexandria because it was what Maggie would have wanted.

TALK OF THE TOWN | Meanwhile, in Alexandria, as Maggie continued to watch for a signal from Glenn, Rosita presided over a Machete for Beginners class (and went all Eileen Brennan on scaredy-cat Eugene); Rick and Carl — doing his best Clint Eastwood impression — taught Ron Firearms 101; and Rick, Carol and Michonne confronted poor, tortured Morgan about his having let Wolves escape during their invasion. “I don’t know what’s right anymore,” he admitted. He certainly didn’t want to let go of his “All life is precious” motto, but the group’s message was clear: Whether you want to, you need to. Later, Michonne called Rick on his reluctance to factor any Alexandrians into his strategizing about how to draw away the walker herd. Even if she hadn’t, circumstances were conspiring to force him to see the larger group as part of the group. First, Deanna presented him with her blueprint for an expanded Alexandria “after this.” Next, while helping fortify a wall, likable Tobin joked with Rick about the scary first impression he’d made on the Alexandrians, and asked him not to give up on them. Then, Spencer nearly got himself killed trying to get over the wall and past the walkers to lead them away from town. Why would he do something so stupid without talking to him first, Rick wanted to know. Spencer’s response: Would Rick have listened? Finally, when Rick told Tara she hadn’t had to risk her neck to help save Spencer, she sweetly reminded him, “That’s how it works with us.” The implication for Rick: They’re all “us” now.

CAN WE TALK? | On their way back to Alexandria, Glenn and Enid happened upon the helium tank that the walker herders had used on that derailed mission, and grabbed a few balloons to distract zombies, if need be. Enid still didn’t want to talk, but Glenn was more determined than ever to strike up a conversation. Going into full-on Mike Brady mode, he accused her not only of being scared (true) but also of being scared because “you don’t wanna lose anything again” (also true). Huh. So maybe he’ll be able to handle parenting a teen after all — if he lives that long! When the two finally reached the outskirts of Alexandria and saw that it was surrounded, she wanted to give up. “The world is trying to die,” she said. “We’re supposed to let it.” Like hell we are, Glenn replied, adding that he was no longer helping Enid for Maggie’s sake.

HOPE FLOATS | As the hour drew to a close, Morgan reluctantly recruited Denise to treat the Wolf that he was secretly holding hostage. Spotting the odd couple en route, Carol followed with Judith, then went to drop the baby off with Jessie before investigating further. While at Jessie’s, traumatized Sam asked Carol — from upstairs, where he now apparently resides full-time — “What happens if you can’t live with it?” (Somebody needs to book this kid some couch time with resident shrink Denise, fast.) Once free of Judith, Carol made a beeline to confront Morgan. (Cliffhanger No. 1!) Nearby, having stolen some ammo, Ron stalked Carl with a murderous gleam in his eye. (Cliffhanger No. 2!) And, just when Maggie saw the balloons that Glenn and Enid set free as a signal, a tower damaged in the Wolves’ invasion came tumbling down — taking down one of Alexandria’s walls with it! (Cliffhanger No. 3!)

So, were you surprised that Glenn was alive? Who do you think will die in the fall finale? Hit the comments!

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