Daytime Shocker: Tyra Banks Exiting Her Freshman Talk Show FABLife

Tyra Banks is heading back to her FABLife dressing room, packing her belongings and going home.

The America’s Next Top Model personality is quitting FABLife — the daytime chat-fest on which she serves as executive producer and co-host — less than halfway through its freshman season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“This is a very difficult decision, but necessary,” said Banks, in a statement to THR. “I will be devoting more time to my new, growing cosmetics company, TYRA Beauty, which is expanding faster than anticipated, as well as overseeing my company’s other entertainment ventures.”

Banks’ EP duties will end in December, and at present, no plans for a replacement host have been announced.

Launched in mid-September, FABLife centers on a lifestyle-focused including supermodel/social-media powerhouse/foodie Chrissy Teigen, fashion/makeover maven Joe Zee, interior designer Lauren Makk and “home” expert Leah Ashley, who gave birth to her first child last week.

Interestingly, in TVLine’s withering review of FABLife’s Oct. 16 episode, I marveled that Banks disappeared 20 minutes into the hour, and only returned with five minutes left for a “Bye, y’all!” sign-off.

Are you surprised by Banks quitting her show so early into its run? Will her exit doom the series to cancellation — or is Teigen’s star power enough to sustain it? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    As WWE superstar Daniel Bryan would say when he gets angry – NO! NO! NO!

  2. Luis says:

    Tyra never looked like she was committed to this show, but only lending her name. I seriously doubt it will see another season

  3. mooshki says:

    She was too jealous of Teigen’s popularity.

  4. sladewilson says:

    Here’s a thought: Maybe Tyra saw the writing on the wall. Teigen is pregnant and is more thank likely to take some time (probably significant time) off the show. She was probably also one of the biggest draw’s to the show. Maybe it was “cut your losses” time for Tyra. Just a thought.

  5. Melanie says:

    It’s probably very hard for her to be around pregnant people. I read that she is having infertility problems. I know I’m having similar issues and every time I even see a pregnant person, I get sad and discouraged. But to have to be around that everyday is just not worth it.
    For whatever reason it’s her decision and good for her.

  6. Carol says:

    I enjoy the show more without Tyra. I hope the show goes on without her.

    • Eileen says:

      Me too! I wouldn’t watch it before because it had such a juvenile name “Fablife” and it was so “me, me me” or “Tyra Tyra Tyra! It has become more diverse in topics, I really began to enjoy it! Joe Zee is great ! Give it a 2nd chance with a new name and no Tyra!

  7. Concerned says:

    Yeah check out It has a more honest and less PC account on what happened. Basically, very bad blood and she stormed off in a huff.

  8. The show is Garbage. Bring back One Life To Live

  9. Melora says:

    I’m calling it now. This show is not going to see a second season. They can revamp the show but its not going to change the fact that there are too many of these shows as it is. And this one is pretty vapid as it is.

  10. angelina says:

    Tyra Banks quit because she was not the “star”-the center of attention. Christy out-shined her by far and it quickly became Christy’s show

  11. Emma Hollowell says:

    Chrissy Teagan is great I am sure they will survive.
    I love the show I am watching now.

  12. angelina says:

    Tyra Banks quit because she was not the “star”-the center of attention. Christy out-shined her by far and it quickly became Christy’s show. Tyra was clearly jealous. Everyone could see it. Besides….THE SHOW SUCKS. SORRY

  13. brandydanforth81 says:

    This makes me mad-why sign up to do the show only to quit halfway through?Tyra cancelled/ened Top Model to focus in this show& her makeup line now she quits FabLife too.

  14. Cancel the show. We don’t want no more talk shows.

  15. Elaine. Geen says:

    Tyra Banks, if she wants a program to push her make up line. Someone should tell her to Rent T V time like Cindy Crawford, George Forman, Wenn products, etc.

  16. Marje says:

    I think the show’s done. It always seems so forced, even the laughter. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out they don’t really get along off screen. I wish each of them all the best, but they need to get while the getting’s good.

  17. Olivia says:

    I enjoy the show with Teigen in the lead roll. Tyra can stay in the background she didn’t seem happy on the show. Hope it’s not cancelled I like the show alot.

  18. Love Chrissy! Without Tyra’s ego, I’ll now watch the shoe!

  19. Bye girl! Let the door hit you on the way out. Her ego has taken over and she is heading for destruction. good luck with that cosmetics line. Just what the world needs is more skin care from a model. Hopefully the show can get a better MALE host with a sense of humor and they might make it to another season. as of now its just the Chew part 2

  20. Harvenia Parker says:

    I was up late as most nights and ran across Fablife. I enjoyed it so much that I record it daily. It comes on at 2a.m. in Atlanta Ga area. Why didn’t it make daytime? Now, is Tyra really leaving the show?

  21. DarkDefender says:

    Tyra’s brand has been in a rapid decline. It is sad to see ANTM get the boot (it was time) and at the same time see that she was launching a ponzi-like cosmetics company. I am guessing the talk show has not been well received (I had no idea it has been on 1/2 a season), and she is just bailing on another bad idea. It was odd that she tweeted hours before the announcement that ANTM was cancelled, that she was making it her last season, as if she had a say in why it happened. She has become somewhat of a caricature of herself. Maybe it’s time for her to move on from the entertainment world.
    I wish her well.

  22. gg says:

    What about Kris Jenner.?
    she is a good host for shows…

  23. Carol says:

    Would rather watch Christy anyway.Tyra said she wanted a baby and Christy is having one with her husband.Sounds like Tyra is a bit jelous about that,and knows the show is not going to be picked upShe jumped ship and let everyone else sink.Still like America’s Top Model but not because of her.

    • mary says:

      It’s Chrissy. And jealous? She said on the show she’s had a hard time getting pregnant. Geez, maybe it was just difficult being around two pregnant co hosts.

  24. Alexis says:

    I like Tyra but she was too dramatic for the show and seemed to be upset when the spotlight wasn’t on her. I love the cast without her, all great personalities that work great together!

  25. Sarah childs says:

    Don’t know her personally, but have watched the show several times. But will miss Tara on the show. I along with others have no room to judge anybody. I am sure she doesn’t care. She has probably more money than her critics I am sure. I don’t believe in he say she say, unless it came out of that person’s mouth alone. I still like the show.

  26. karen says:

    Sorry it’s pretty boring show you spend a few minutes on topics its like speed thru each segment just feels like a good time to catch up on housework

  27. Nicole says:

    I miss the Tyra Banks Show! I like Christy but I don’t think she is the reason Tyra quit. I love the make up part they had on one episode. I hope she does come back to television in a fashion/ make-up show. I doubt I will be watching this show when she leaves.

  28. Denise Millikan says:

    Oh no! I can’t believe Tyra is leaving ! The show won’t last long after she leaves, although I do like Christy Tegan, she’s just not as popular as Tyra to have a show, thats too bad too, I really liked this new show, Good luck Tyra with whatever your doing.

  29. I cant believe she quit very disappointed.I love this show and although there all good but tyra it wont be the same without her.

  30. R says:

    I love this show! I hope it continues…

  31. L says:

    Tyra is a jealous cow and is furious that Chrissy is not only pregnant but more like likable and cuter than she could ever be. Banks lame excuse about her focusing on her other line is a farce and everyone can see her color of jealousy.

    Chrissy and John and don’t let Banks guilt you over your blessed event. Five thumbs down to Tyra for being a hater! And a lame a** host!

  32. Regina says:

    I think the show will do fine without Tyra, she’s a little overbearing anyway. But I do wish her the best in her future endeavors

  33. Mlb says:

    The show is better without Her.

  34. Lena mcwhorter says:

    I like tyra, don’t think there was anything chrissey had to be jealous of especially that flat behind of hers, looks like it would hurt for her to sit long, you go tyra.

  35. m. ruiz says:

    I don’t really care to much about Tyra Banks not being on the show. The other four are doing such a great job and each one brings such a uniquiness to the show that she is just not missed.

  36. Shirley Gunstrom says:

    Show is better without her. The other hosts are much warmer and have some interesting ideas and talents to share..either design, cooking of style. I think the show flows better without her..
    Her inputs always disrupted the flo we. Wish her well with her beauty line.

  37. S. howard says:

    I just love this show. I tape it so that I dont miss it at all. Tyra was ok but it seemed like she tried to “over talk” everyone. Her voice got on my nerves from the beginning . That was even before I new there was a problem. I just hope that it cones back. I love this show. Tid bits on all topics

  38. Rachel says:

    I Love this show!!! I watch it every day!! I think it will do just fine without Tyra. I really hope they don’t cancel it!!

  39. Carolyn starcher says:

    I love the show and all of their hosts!! I hope it continues on. One of tvs BEST

  40. A says:

    I love fab life but Chrissy needs to tone it down please oh please don’t let her host or I will
    Watching I love all the others but she is all about herself and her life and won’t zip
    It and let the guests even talk

  41. Diana Barnez Borders says:

    I actually feel that the show is better without Tyra. I love her, but FabLife was not her best forum. I wish her the best in her future endeavors and that she will pop in in on the show periodically. Christy and Joe can definitely carry the show Tyra created. Tyra it will always be your show!

  42. Kathy says:

    Personally I am very happy Tara will not be on. She’s a great person, I just like the other three much, much more in this setting. I think they carry the show very well. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  43. Donna Ransom says:

    The show is much better without Tyra she is so goofy and the clothes she wears are ridiculous… Chrissy and the others are doing a great job. I hope they don’t cancel it just call it Chrissy and friends

  44. Pam says:

    Cannot stand Chrissy Tiegen and her big mouth. I heard the show was cancelled and don’t know if true or not, but if Tyra is gone, I don’t think the others can carry the show. Dont even know the other 3 people.

  45. Kelli says:

    The show has always seemed like it’s just a low-budget show. I don’t like any of the stars. Maybe Tyra sees that as well. I agree, bring back one life to live. Afternoons are meant for soap operas we have enough of these kind of shows!! Too many cooking shows too!! I am betting if they could pull it off and bring back our soaps, they would do better than any of these stupid shows. Even the revolution didn’t make it. Don’t like Rachael Ray on Abc during the day, and the 72730hew is OK, but it could be the 3 o’clock show after the soaps since the took off Dr Oz. Whathappened to ABC daytime shows??? They’ve ruined it! 🙀

  46. Michelle Rethford says:

    I love the show its like a breath of fresh air!!! Don’t cancel it!!

  47. Griffiths Diane says:

    Tyra sucked too much air out of the room. For whatever reason she left, happy she is gone

  48. Virginia says:

    I think all of the host can handle it. They are doing well! Sometimes Tyra was too over the top!

  49. Carol Robertson says:

    It’s a dumb show.

  50. aidelina says:

    Im upset I really enjoyed the show for me they were equally stars for me.I enjoyed everything they brought to the show individualy and as a team.I dont care if they dont bring a host bring a celebrity host every day or week or not.Bring back the shoe