Grey's Anatomy Season 12

Grey's Anatomy Recap: All Fired Up

The wildfire raging near Grey Sloan wasn’t the only thing blazing in the fall finale of Grey’s Anatomy — tempers were so hot around the hospital that the docs were lucky they didn’t set off the sprinklers. Which clashes got the most heated? Read on and find out!

HOT UNDER THE COLLAR | As “Things We Lost in the Fire” began, we still didn’t know the reason that Owen loathes Nathan. (Although at least I had learned that Riggs is McKiwi, not McAussie. Apologies — my bad!) Alex suggested that when two guys hate each other as much as Owen and Nathan do, “it’s usually about a chick” — maybe April? Nah. Arizona wondered whether the men had actually had a wartime affair themselves. What was the actual truth? Little by little, we inched closer to it, starting when injured firefighters began arriving at Grey Sloan — including Owen’s mom Evelyn’s young boyfriend, John.

First, Nathan infuriated Mer by pulling a spike out of John’s chest when she wanted to wait for Maggie. Then, Riggs ticked off Owen by refusing to step away from the operating table while trying to save John’s life. In turn, Owen hurt Amelia by continuing to shut her out. All he’d allow was that he didn’t want Nathan anywhere near his family. (She actually got better intel from Isaac.) When things went south in the OR, Nathan and Mer blamed each other. But thankfully, a shot of adrenaline kept John’s heart pumping.

Post-op, Amelia was giving Evelyn an update on John’s condition when she saw Nathan, burst into tears and embraced him. (What the what?) Afterward, Amelia reached out to Owen, who rebuffed her once more. “I do not want your help,” he barked, “not with this.” In John’s room, Mer asked Evelyn how worried about Owen she needed to be, what with Nathan around and all. “Close the door, dear” was Evelyn’s reply. (Yikes.)

Off that convo, Mer was approached by Amelia, who was understandably anxious to find out what, if anything, her sister-in-law found out. When Mer refused to divulge any info, per Owen’s request, Amelia wigged, prompting Grey to explain that it was neither of their business but that she was honoring her promise to Cristina by looking after her former husband. Livid, Amelia accused Mer of being incredibly loyal to everyone except her own sister. And that was when things went from unpleasant to downright ugly. “You are not my sister,” Mer clarified. “Cristina is my sister. You are Derek’s sister, and Derek is gone.” (Whoa.) Right on cue, Penny stuck her head in and nearly got it taken off by Amelia. Before Mer and Amelia’s argument was over, the latter lashed out at the former for wrapping Blake around her “like some sick widow shawl.” Grey was “hollow,” Amelia added. Hollow in a way that would have “disgusted” Derek. Finally, Mer said that she wanted Amelia out of her house. (Da-amn!)

Shortly thereafter, when Nathan went to check on John, Owen told him to walk away — preferably very far away. Riggs admitted that he’d already seen “Ma” (hmm) and reminded Owen that his family is Nathan’s family, too. To reinforce how incredibly NOT the case that was, Owen decked his nemesis.

BURN NOTICE | After Jo interrupted Mer and Alex talking, and Grey yelled at her to get away “like [she] was a stray dog,” Alex found himself in the doghouse. And the more he defended Grey and why she had to be his priority, the more it began to look like the doghouse was gonna be his new permanent residence. His biggest mistake: telling his girlfriend that Mer was “the only one I can count on.” (Think what you will about Jo — we all have lately, right? — but still, ouch.) Afterward, when Stephanie happened upon Wilson crying in the supply closet, Jo managed to have a whole argument with her ex-friend without Edwards so much as saying a word. Later, Stephanie approached Jo, and they made up. That night, Jo broke up with Alex, only to have him turn around and propose to her. That was what he and Mer had been conspiring about when Jo had interrupted — Grey had been hiding the engagement ring for him! So “yes or no?” he asked. And we didn’t get a dang answer!

HOT TOPIC | In the aftermath of Jackson and April’s surprise hook-up, he asked Callie whether she and Arizona had gone through marriage counseling before divorcing. Later, telling Jackson about her and Arizona’s counselor’s advice not to have sex while estranged, Callie deduced from his reaction that they’d done it. Toward the end of the episode, Jackson finally got April to talk to him about their situation. Sorry, got her to YELL at him about their situation. She assumed that he was going to dump her and challenged him to say it. But what was he actually going to say? Gah — we didn’t find out!

TOO HOT TO HANDLE | Meanwhile, Maggie and Andrew, it turned out, were still playing doctor. (Did anybody ever come up with a Mc name for Andrew? McStudly?) But she got ticked when he dared to touch her at work. They had to be professional, she huffed. Well, “my feelings for you are not professional,” he replied, “so I’m calling this.” Later, she admitted that she liked him, too. “I just can’t like you at work.” And they kissed (and then some) and made up.

WARMING TREND | Though Arizona flirted with a female firefighter with a burned butt, she had so much trouble sealing the deal that she tried to recruit Richard to find out for her if the woman liked her, too. Alas, the lady in question already had a girlfriend.

ASHES TO ASHES | As the episode — and the first half of the season – ended, Nathan drowned his sorrows at the Grey Sloan docs’ favorite watering hole, and Amelia — her own wounds still smarting — tumbled off the wagon by drinking, too. Back at the hospital, Mer sat down with Owen and said, “You never told me you had a sister.” The plot thickens…

So, your theories about Owen and Nathan’s past? Will Jo accept Alex’s proposal? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Al says:

    Great finale

  2. Alisha says:

    What IS with this never ending Jackson April drama? So all the other couples resolve issues pretty much within an episode & theirs stretches on for more than half a season. Jesse & Sarah are amazing at ansgt but give them a break jfc. I really REALLY want them to work it out.. & i know they will so can we atleast start along that SL?..

    • PL says:

      Um, have you been watching this show? Please explain to me how Callie & Arizona ever resolved all of their issues in one episode, or how Meredith & Derek did after she tampered with his trial or his DC job, or Owen & Cristina after her abortion and his infidelity. It’s EXTREMELY rare for any couple on here to resolve their issues within an episode.

  3. Dina says:

    Can someone please explain what Mer’s problem with Amelia is? Does she think no one else is allowed to date Owen? Is she going to be supportive when Amelia goes back to drinking and drugs?

    • kath says:

      As far as I can tell, Mer only pays attention to people she feels are worthy of her. She promised Cristina to take care of Owen and dammit she’s going to do it even if it hurts Owen (by keeping Amelia out of the loop so she can’t be there for him).
      I have no idea what she has against Amelia other than what appears to be a complete lack of empathy.

    • Sammy says:

      Honestly I am so over Mer. I hope shonda uses the next 16 episodes to redeem her and find a way for her to become a good person.

      The only reason Im even coming back in Feb will be for Amelia, Bailey and Alex.

      Last season Mer said Amelia was her sister and now its like youre not my sister. Eff off.
      Amelia lost her brother that is jus as or equally more painful.

      I think Mer must go back to see a shrink. They are writing her as a very crappy person.

      • tvadictmom says:

        I’m also not impressed with Mer. either. Kinda hate her. She’s bitter , mean and that makes her look ugly. Very unprofessional regardless with how she thinks she has to be loyal to Owen. Maybe it is time for her to see a shrink. Would definitely not miss her if they killed her. Maggie could be the new grey

    • Busta950 says:

      Amelia is either gushing or baby like. Meredith will be supportive I am sure if Amelia goes back to drink and drugs If you remember when she first met her she told Derek so I smashed my Mums car ok I was not high, but she is still your sister. Amelia has got worse since Penny came in always blaming Meredith for that (after Webber’s chat to Meredith I gave you a chance) No Amelia sees one side I think her side only

      • BipolarCoaster says:

        Yes. I wouldn’t necessarily defend Meredith’s behavior as being sensitive or warm towards Amelia at times, but Amelia is shockingly self-centered at times and seems to think that her own feelings about her brother’s death should constantly be prioritized over anything and everything else, including Mer’s own grieving process.

        • Marlin says:

          In amelias defense, meredith kinda took amelias time to say goidbye to her brother who she adored away by totally excluding her from being there. That was selfish on merediths part and unforgivable. I like maggie as long as she diesnt talk, the lisp irritates me
          On a grown woman.

    • Bazinga says:

      Because Amelia is the worst. How does anyone not have a problem with her? If Owen doesn’t want Amelia’s support its not merediths place to stick her nose in that. she’s not keeping them apart but it’s not her place to shove Amelia at him for support if he has already stated he doesn’t want it.

    • Kristen says:

      I’m wondering the same thing. Lately Amelia has been acting like a self centered brat, and I can see why Meredith chose not to tell her Owen’s secret in this one scenario, but Meredith does seem extra hard on Amelia. Maybe it’s just a dose of reality even I don’t want to accept, but cut the girl some slack. Amelia, while not handling everything perfectly, deserves to not be pushed away. It is Owen’s place to tell her, not Meredith’s, but still. After Amelia let it all out on Meredith she deserved to be kicked out of the house though. That was low.

  4. Alyse says:

    So Nathan is Owen’s brother in law. Since many spoilers said Owen’s issues with Riggs are life and death I’m assuming he blames Nathan for his sisters death.

    • Almost there…. Nathan is his sister

    • anna says:

      I think that’s a pretty clever theory, but I don’t think Owen’s mother would have reacted so strong if Riggs was just a son in law. Also, I think if Riggs is Owen’s brother in law, that doesn’t constitute much hate, so Riggs would have had to do something to Owen’s sister (break her heart). And if Riggs had hurt Owen’s sister, Owen’s mother would probably hate him too. I think Meredith’s last line is meant to make us believe Riggs is transgender, but I’m not sure because I don’t think Owen would punch his sister either. I think that Meredith’s last line was supposed to make us believe he is transgender, but as an avid watcher of shows by Shonda Rhimes, most things go very differently from what we are led to believe.

    • I personally feel like he and Owen are half-brothers, and the sister is dead and something Riggs did makes Owen blame him.

    • Tony says:

      I think folks are over thinking this. He’s probably his brother in law and did something to hurt Owen’s sister. I’m gonna theorize he left her, broke her heart (maybe even cheated) and she committed suicide

  5. Dor says:

    I understood the Meredith and Amelia dynamic until now…. That was cold. So Harsh- it was hard to watch….. Don’t really understand Meredith for being almost cruel to Amelia but I completely understand Amelia’s reaction to it :/ great TV!

    • Please – Amelia has been slinging mud all season at Meredith. She is hardly an innocent party. This type of fight has been simmering for a long time. They have been nasty to each other all season long, with short breaks in between.

    • Stacy says:

      I never liked how Meredith excluded Ders family from his death bed etc. Especially Amelia, she was right there! I completely understand Amelia’s animosity and have grown to hate Mer in the last couple seasons. She’s wretched now. LOL

      • Ben says:

        +1. Meredith haves always been the arrogant and selfish one (with her is always me me me, just look at what she did with Karev relationship or how selfish she was about the grieving process with the rest of her family b.e.).

        I don’t see how Amelia has been selfish or childish in that situation… i even think that the character reactions haves been abnormal, a way too pasive, supportive and positive for a person with all that issues (drugs abuse, traumatic losses, etc).

  6. Ryan says:

    Am I the only one who is sick of Meredith? I feel like she is just horrible to everyone but no one calls her out (minus Callie). She hasn’t been enjoyable all season with regards to Amelia and Penny. She acts like she was the only one who lost Derek and that only she can be upset. She also treated Penny horribly. I’d like to see how Meredith would interact with the families of every patient she lost. Now with Riggs she is just insufferable. (Rant over :))

  7. rebecca says:

    I feel bad for Amelia, don’t drink it girl. Arizona was really cute trying to figure out the firefighter.

    • DarkDefender says:

      That was funny. Also gave us a quote for the week:
      “I’m not going to wingman a patient for you!” ~ Dr. Webber is the funniest, most game wingman ever. I love the dynamic between him and Arizona (and always between him and Bailey)

  8. Samantha says:

    Has anyone stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, Nathan could be Owen’s sister? That’s the first thing my 10 year old said after Meredith commented about his sister. Nathan being his sister in law is probably the way it’s going, but you never know with Grey’s

    • Alyse says:

      I think he’s Owen’s brother in law. Everything I’ve read said the reason for the hatred is life and death. Since they said Owen had a sister, I’m assuming she died and Owen blames Riggs.

      • Rod Galo says:

        This is what I want to happen:

        I think that Owen is his bother in law, and that Nathan was married to Owen’s sister, but although both thought they were straight, they fell in love with each other (see movie Bedrooms and Hallways), which caused Owen’s sister to commit suicide. Owen, feeling guilty over causing the death of his sister, went off to war to seek the death he felt he deserved, but that did not happen. Thus he had the nightmares when he came back, and that is why he was so frantic to make things work with Christina, to prove to himself he was straight, and to punish himself for now both his sister’s death, and for the sin of having lived through the war, by denying himself his true love. That is why he was so mad at seeing Nathan again, and why he was so mad at Bailey for hiring him, as he had been trying to escape his feelings for Nathan. That is also why one of the residen’s found him talking to himself in a trance, as he was fighting back all the old feelings for Nathan. As for Nathan he also went to war, but to find Owen, but Owen made it quite clear that they were over, at least as far as Owen was concerned. Nathan however was not ready to give up, and if he could not be with Owen, at least he could be physically close to him, so when he found out where Kepner worked, and having kept track of Owen, he just had to find that one case that would make Kepner invite him to come to the hospital. At least he would then have a legitimate reason for seeing Owen again. Seen in this light, Mer is not being mean to Amelia, she is trying to protect her sister in law, as well as allow Owen to be the one to explain their history.

    • That was my first thought too. Literally, as soon as it came out of Meredith’s mouth.


      I don’t think Owen is transphobic.

      And he kept saying it used to be his family. So, I can see how Nathan could be his bro-in-law.

      And honestly, there are transman actors that could’ve been cast in the role and I have a feeling Shonda Rhimes is behind the movement that calls for transpersons to fill the role of transpersons’ characters–since those roles are so scarce–and that’s not the case here.

      • A.F. says:

        Not to throw a wrench in you’re system there, but Riggs said already to Maggie in the episode last week that he is from New Zealand and since Owen and his mother are native to Seattle he can’t be the sister.

        • Maybe you just read my first sentence and not the rest? After my initial “Riggs is his sister!?!” I thought it through–not from the perspective that he’s from New Zealand (which I didn’t watch last week’s episode and maybe he didn’t talk enough this episode cause I have loads of Kiwis as friends and his accent is not nearly as thick as theirs…or even nonexistent?)–and realized Riggs couldn’t be his sister. More like bro-in-law or former boyfriend of sister or doctor to the sister, or whatever. And when there’s a “but” that negates whatever came before the “but.” AND I even said “I can see how Nathan can be his bro-in-law.” Reading comprehension, maybe you should work on it?

    • Kayla says:

      Why in the world is a 10 year old watching Grey’s? Highly inappropriate in my opinion. That’s more concerning than who this Riggs character is.

    • Kin says:

      I immediately thought the same thing! But why would he punch his sister?

    • Nicole says:

      That was my thought as well! That is a major plot point I could see Shonda wanting to tackle and it seems like it is being talked about more openly then ever before.

    • PL says:

      They JUST did that storyline last season with Ben’s brother, now sister. They won’t repeat something like that so soon.

  9. knd24 says:

    Amelia is literally the worst

    • As someone who lost my brother unexpectedly, I totally understand Amelia’s reaction. ESPECIALLY because she didn’t get to say goodbye. If that had been my situation I would be like Amelia. No doubt.

      I do not get Meredith’s behavior at all. If my brother’s wife acted the way Meredith was acting? Well, it wouldn’t be pretty.

      • Bazinga says:

        Amelia was the worst before Derrick ever died.

        • carlybarly says:

          Exactly! To be honest, ever since Amelia appeared on the scene she has been selfish, arrogant and sometimes just a bitch. Everything is always about her, her addictions, her suffering, her loss. Yea, her life wasn’t easy, but she made it harder for herself from day one. If anyone reached out a hand to her, she’d bite it first. She was like that on Private Practice and got worse on Grey’s. At one point I enjoyed her, but she is truly insufferable.

          I’m not crazy about the way Mer is with Amelia at times, but I don’t know where they are going with the character (Mer). Maybe she needs Amelia out of her life to truly start over without Derek.

          As much as I’m on the fence with JO (sometimes I like her, sometimes I don’t lol) Mer and the others do not treat her respectfully at all. The biggest problem I have with that though is that Jo doesn’t stand up for herself with them. She is tough, she fought to become a doctor, she sure as heck can stand up and tell them that she refuses to be treated like that from them. I don’t know why they are making that character so wussy since they have her being strong as heck in her past.

    • kath says:

      Because she wants to mourn her brother?
      I think Meredith is the most selfish, she didn’t call Amelia when her brother was dying and she shuts Amelia down any time she shows any grief.
      Meredith acts like Derek was her property and Cristina and by extension Owen is now too. She got between Owen and Amelia and she’s getting between Amelia and Derek.

  10. chris says:

    Callie has NO chemistry with Penny (who needs to leave and take a few other interns with her) and AZ belongs with Callie. You don’t do a musical proclaiming them soulmates just to split them up and dump them on other people. When do we get Calzona back???

    • Robin says:

      Yes! no chemistry between them at all. I need calzona back in my life just as much as I need this hiatus to be over

    • Dina says:

      Good point! We sat through the musical episode and the other weird episodes, so Shonda should at least give us relationships that make sense!

    • Anna says:

      I honestly don’t understand why some fans love Callie and Arizona together. They were awful to each other for such a long time that it became a chore to watch their scenes together. They may have chemistry, but it takes much more than that to sustain a marriage, and the two of them really could not work that out. Plus, Callie was a shell of her former fun self during that marriage. Shonda also spent a good chunk of season 9 and all of season 10 showing us why they shouldn’t be together anymore.

  11. cyndi g says:

    Nathan used to be Natalie. This would be a good story line.

  12. kdn1231 says:

    Listen, Meredith is and will always be my favorite but I am really unhappy with the way she treated Amelia tonight. I wish these two would support each other rather than hate each other. With that being said, I do understand and agree with Meredith not spilling Owen’s secret to Amelia. It is not her business to tell, and Amelia should hear whatever it is from Owen directly.

    • TJ says:

      I agree Meredith should be loyal to Owen & not “put his business out there” however wth did she have to throw Cristina in Amelia’s face.. that’s just WRONG!

    • Mandy says:

      Meredith didn’t hear it from Owen directly. She went and asked Owen’s mother. I don’t see how Amelia asking Meredith is so much worse than Meredith asking Owen’s mother.

      • we have no idea what the mother said… for all the “THIS”, the mom very well could have told her in confidence because she knew Meredith.

      • Kelly says:

        Mer didn’t really ask his mother, just how worried she should be about Owen. The mother volunteered the info herself. I agree with Mer in this situation. Owen has specifically said he didn’t want to talk to Amelia about it so why should Mer break his trust for a woman who he’s only been dating for (tops) a few months. I didn’t like what Mer said to Amelia, because it was a little harsh but Amelia saying Derek would be disgusted with his wife for teaching Penny was over the top. I haven’t liked Mer much this season but I despise the character of Amelia!

        • Stacy says:

          I don’t think she said Derek would be disgusted by Mer teaching Penny. I believe she said, essentially, that he’d be disgusted by how hollow she’d become emotionally, and by how Mer used Penny as a “widow shawl” – garnering attention for both her vulnerability & weakness, while also being lauded as strong for dealing with Penny.

        • BipolarCoaster says:

          Exactly – both Mer and Amelia are being harsh with each other. Meredith is prickly (not exactly a shocker – that’s been her from the beginning) but Amelia has been lashing out like an insensitive child and being insanely self-centered. I’m not sure why so many people want to demonize Meredith here when they’re both acting out of grief in an extraordinarily painful situation.

        • kath says:

          Owen told Meredith he wouldn’t tell her what the problem was but that didn’t stop Meredith from listening when Owen’s mother told her.
          So that makes Meredith a complete hypocrite.
          Owen has been dating Amelia for almost two years now, since before Derek died. It’s ridiculous that Meredith refuses to tell her when Owen is in such bad shape he needs all the help he can get.

          • Kaitlynn says:

            Owen has not been dating Amelia for anything close to 2 years. If you’ll remember, Owen went to be a trauma surgeon in the army with April for a year. And Owen and Amelia have been off and on sleeping together, not really dating. They both push the other away anytime things get tough, so the reality of their relationship is nothing close to two years of dating.

          • kath says:

            Whether they are in a dating relationship (which is what it looked like to me) or just FWB, if Meredith really wanted to be a good friend to Owen, she would do what is in his best interests. Pushing Amelia away is not what is best for Owen because he needs to have friends supporting him. It was also wrong not to tell Amelia what Owen’s mother had told her because knowing Owen’s mother, she would probably be thinking Meredith would pass on to Owen’s (girl)friend what she shared with her.
            Instead it came of as Meredith being selfish and wanting to keep Owen isolated from other people even though Cristina had moved on.

      • kath says:

        Owen’s mom is a nicer person than Meredith.
        Or maybe she thought Meredith would pass the information on to Owen’s girlfriend?

        • Shobe says:

          However Owen’s “girlfriend ” was standing right outside the door which his mother told Mer to close. Owen and Amelia’s relationship is complex and Owen’ mom knew Mer from before, maybe she thought that Owen just needed a friend to talk too.

  13. Lerbert says:

    There were some strong points to this episode for me–Jo and Stephanie, Jo and Alex, April and Jackson (the execs clearly know this couple has a fan base–though I also know there will be a few tvliners ready to disagree :))but also some real question marks.

    I’ve mentioned my confusion about Amelia’s character on Grey’s since she became a regular. Its so odd to watch this same character rehash behaviors that she already progressed through on a different show. For whose benefit? The viewers who didn’t watch Private Practice? Is this really serving the plot? I felt sorry for her in the confrontation with Meredith. In that respect I think they are showing the angry and guilty side of grief somewhat accurately as they’re both kind of wretched right now.

    Nathan so far for me is a dud. Is he ultimately supposed to be like Owen which along with the fate of the mystery sister, is another reason Owen can’t stand him? Pulling spikes out of people and flirting with Amelia and such…

    • Rach says:

      Being an addict is a choice every day. Going back to using is part of addiction. The struggle never ends and continually there. Some topics can never go away.

  14. Luli says:

    I’m just mad they left me hanging on that Japril scene. Both Jesse and Sarah were amazing!!

    Also what the hell is Meredith’s problem with Amelia??? She’s being a bitch to everyone… She literally made Amelia drink!! My favorite part of the season has been the sisterhood between Mer, Amy and Maggie, and they are ruining it.

    I hope that Merdith fixes things with Amelia soon. Before she hit rockbottom again, and based on that last scene I think she’ll get there pretty soon. And why tell her she is not even her sister, that she was Derek’s… At the beginning of the season Mer told her she was family.

    Meredith needs to stop being a bitch to everyone.

    • Bazinga says:

      Really did she open Amelia’s mouth a shove the liquor down her throat? Please. No one is responsible for Amelia falling off the wagon but herself. She should have respected Owen when he said he didn’t want her help. Mer has a long history with Owen, Amelia has a few months. She needs to step back and stop making everything about herself.

      • BipolarCoaster says:

        Thank you. To suggest that Meredith being “mean” is the equivalent of sabotaging Amelia’s sobriety is just ludicrous. Regardless of whether or not anyone finds either of them justified in the harsh things that both parties have said to one another (and I would tend to argue that Amelia is far more narcissistic and childish than Meredith, not that anyone is a saint), no one is responsible for Amelia’s sobriety except for Amelia.

    • fiberlicious says:

      Someone needs to look up the meaning of “literally.”

  15. Charif says:

    i don’t feel bad one bit for Amelia #TeamMer

    • Luli says:

      What?? how can you not?? #TeamAmy and #teamsisters

      • fiberlicious says:

        Amelia was ugly to Mer after Der died. Yes, perhaps she could have left him on life support long enough to call Amelia and get her there but Mer was hardly thinking clearly at the time.

    • LyriaO says:

      I don’t either! Amelia is a self-centered brat. Meredith is right – she’s a child. I didn’t watch Private Practice, so I don’t know what she was like there, but I’ve struggled with her character since she got to Grey’s.

      • Busta950 says:

        I agree with you. Amelia basically got her job because of Derek she seems to be trying to live his life his friends his collegues stayed in his house and moved in with his wife. Moved on with Meredith’s (best friend, sister whatever) yes did one fantastic surgery. It is not up to Meredith to tell her. Meredith is doing what she always does is helping others hide Alex’s engagement ring. Amelia need to grow up and stand up not always be on Meredith’s shirtails

        • kath says:

          Amelia had a job and a life in California. She came to Seattle because Derek called her and asked her to take over for him because he was moving to D.C. She didn’t need to but she did it as a favor to her brother. Amelia has every right to be furious with Meredith for not calling her to say good bye to her brother but she’s an adult, she got over it.
          After Meredith came back, she invited Amelia to live with her, as she did Maggie.
          Meredith needs to stop interfering in Alex’s relationship with Jo and Owen’s relationship with Amelia. It’s hurting both Alex and Owen, Meredith’s need to be the only woman in their lives.

  16. Luli says:

    And my Merlex ship has sailed…. 💔

  17. Meres says:

    How about McSmolder

    • DarkDefender says:

      More like McTransition guy.
      Maggie needs a proper boyfriend who is quirky, sexy and her equal. McIntern is not going to be the love of her life.. And if we all know one thing, Shonda loves soulmates.

  18. Kelly says:

    Can someone explain to me how Meredith knows Owen has a sister? I’m kinda confused as to how she knows and how Riggs plays into all of it

    • Jo says:

      When she went into the room with Owen’s mom and her boyfriend and she was told to close the door, it was implied that Owen’s mom told her what happened to make Owen hate Riggs and it centers around Owen’s sister.

    • Mhor says:

      Meredith spoke with Mrs Hunt, she would have told her.

      Also everyone is forgetting Nathan Riggs has already said that he is Kiwi so that means he can’t be Hunt’s sister.

  19. Dil says:

    I think Owen and Nathan were childhood friends and he introduced him to his sister and they got married…then the sister got sick/in an accident and Nathan knew she would want him to pull the plug and Owen wasn’t in favour of it…..or something along those lines..

    • Annie says:

      Maybe it’s another situation where Nathan pulled the plug on Owen’s sister (his wife) without allowing Owen to say goodbye. Just like Mer did with Derek to Amy. This would make a good spark between Owen and Amelia’s relationship. #TeamOwelia #TeamAmen

  20. Some like to be blind and others like to follow. While it’s now known that Riggs is related to Owen, and Meredith’s comment of “I didn’t know you had a sister?” All I can think is that Ms. Rhimes just created her first transgendered character. Meredith did not say “I didn’t know you had a brother?” The sister is dead indeed and reborn into a male. Many can think I’m wrong, and that’s ok, but I’m not.

    • Annie says:

      You may be right and I thought that too originally, but when Owen nailed Riggs square in the face, there is no way Owen wouldve punched a girl. No matter how much he hates them. Even though Riggs would’ve been technically male, he still would’ve been Owen’s sister is his mind.

    • Jamie says:

      Your theory might be right, but I think people are taking issue to the idea that Owen would punch his sibling because he’s transphobic. If Riggs is Owen’s transgender sibling, there has to be a different reason why Owen would punch him. Even if Owen didn’t understand/wasn’t supportive, his character wouldn’t become violent because of that phobia. Nor does it explain his PTSD being triggered.

    • A.F. says:

      That doesn’t fit and not only because of Owens character. Riggs said last week to Maggie that he was from New Zealand. Owen and his mother are native to Seattle, so that doesn’t fit.
      Also it was implied that Owen and Riggs served together. Also in Owens PTSD dream he was begging somebody for help for a her, whoever these two are I would presume that they are Riggs (helper) and sister (needed help) and that something really bad happened.

    • Tammy says:

      Not Shonda’s first Transgender character…she’s been there done that… Ben’s brother became Ben’s sister!

    • Tammy says:

      P.S. you are wrong, just sayin.

    • Kaitlynn says:

      Owen is from Seattle…Nathan is Kiwi. So, yes, you’re wrong. Also, this isn’t the first transgender character on Grey’s. There were two just last season. Just because you want something to happen, and just because it’s “trending” right now, doesn’t mean it should or will happen.

  21. Marly says:

    Meredith is tough and a survivor.
    Amelia is fragile, temperamental and self-destructive.
    She and Mer were never tight, but Mer has attempted to support and bond with Amelia.
    Someone said Mer made Amelia drink. Amelia chose to drink. She has repeatedly thrown tantrums and threatened self destructive behavior every time she doesn’t agree with something or things don’t go her way.
    On the flip side, we are supposed to feel deeply about the characters and by reading the comments, the actors did their jobs. I love them all!

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      You said everything I wanted to post. Amelia has been quite awful from Private Practice on. She and Mer have never been close and it wasn’t like Mer invited her to stay – didn’t she just show up?? Amelia has always made everything about her – never very giving- it’s just who she is. She went through a spiral when her partner on PP od’d and then she lost the baby so her being fragile is spot on but she just expects everyone else to be in her head and doesn’t get it when people aren’t.

  22. Des says:

    Seriously, Meredith is so mean to Amelia. I love Amelia. Meredith is just out right cruel. Derek was her brother. I am married and have a brother. If my brother died it would be just as painful. Maybe Meredith just doesn’t get family. She had a hard time with Lexie at the beginning too.

    • Jo says:

      Honestly I am married and have a brother also, and yes it would be devastating to lose my brother, but with 3 kids and my entire life wrapped so tightly with my husband’s I totally agree with Meredith that losing your one true love is worse.

      I also have a drug addicted sister in law who, like Amelia, is a whiner and is weak and expects everyone to worry about how she is feeling and thinks everyone should treat her like she is the most important person in the room.

      Amelia expects Meredith to drop all of her loyalties to everyone else and tell Amelia everything she wants to know. Cristina IS Meredith’s sister (in all ways except biologically) so Meredith is doing the right thing by not telling Amelia anything. And Owen is her friend and she promised Cristina to take care of him and he also doesn’t want Amelia to know so she is doing the right thing for both of her friends in this situation.

      I normally love Amelia but this needy crap she is pulling with Owen and Meredith is ridiculous and needs to stop. Just because Owen who has major ptsd issues didn’t want to talk and Meredith is doing the right thing by not gossiping she whines, throws a fit and then goes drinking? Come on. Talk about selfish. Now while dealing with all of the tragedies in their own lives they will have to scrape Amelia off the floor again. Who will OD with her this time? Or is she just going to sleep with Riggs who apparently destroyed Owen’s life once already and destroy him again?

      I have no sympathy for Amelia in this current storyline.

      • kath says:

        I think Meredith is actually hurting Owen even more by keeping Amelia away from him. He’s in a relationship with her and Meredith should be pushing them together to support each other because that’s what Owen needs right now.
        It looks like Meredith can’t stand to have Owen with anyone but Cristina. If Owen moves on, Cristina is truly lost to her.
        I get that Meredith is broken but that’s no excuse to break the people around her.

        • A.F. says:

          But in the episode Owen repeatedly stated to Amelia that she shouldn’t get involved and that he didn’t want to talk to her.
          So Mer is just respecting Owens decisions.

          • kath says:

            People in emotional crises make stupid decisions. They often push away or don’t tell the very people who could help them get better.
            Meredith isn’t his doctor so the confidentiality rule doesn’t apply Owen is going through a tough time and he needs the support of people who care about him. If Meredith really cares about how Owen is doing, she needs to do what would be best for him. That’s not pushing Amelia away from him.

        • Jo says:

          But Meredith isn’t keeping Amelia away from Owen. Owen repeated many times in this episode that he did not want Amelia’s help and he didn’t want to talk to her. All Meredith did was respect his wishes.

          And I don’t think she has an issue with Owen being with someone else. She knows that Cristina isn’t coming back and her promise was to help him be happy and to pull him out if he went to the dark and twisty place. So if Amelia makes him happy she wouldn’t stand in the way of that.

          And based on the fact that Amelia is drinking with the man Owen hates tells me that she is not who Owen needs to be with. She is selfish and weak.

          • kath says:

            Amelia is feeling rejected by both Owen, who is her boyfriend, and by Meredith who she mistakenly thought was her sister. Until she learns why she’s supposed to hate Nathan, I don’t think she owes it to Owen to avoid him.
            As I said elsewhere, Owen may want Amelia not to know but people in emotional distress make stupid decisions. If Meredith cares about him at all, she should do what is best for him which is to encourage him to go to Amelia for support and not to push her away. By keeping Amelia away, she’s not helping Owen out of the dark and twisty place, she’s pulling up a ladder that could help him get out of it.

        • Saabgirlatx says:

          Mer probably sees that hot mess Amelia is no help to hot mess Owen.

      • Paula says:

        I completely agree with you!!

  23. Yvonne says:

    Honestly, great episode…. but am I the only one not liking Mer right now? Feeling like her words to Amelia were overly crule and unjustifiably mean! Was liking the idea of having the “sisters” share the house and moving through that dynamic on the show….this just seems hurtful and not worth the potential story to alienate Mer’s fans.

  24. A.F. says:

    I laughed a little after that sister reveal from Owen. Somebody here mentioned a sister for Owen in an article yesterday or was it a few days ago. Anyway after I remembered that I just had to laugh.
    On another note: Can anybody explain to me why the winter breaks seem to start earlier and drag out longer every year.

  25. Ariel says:

    Al… I no how you feel.
    Just got done watching the finale and so wish tomorrow would be February 11th lol. My heart is pounding. I can’t wait too see what Jo says too Alex and I hope the April and Jackson can solve the situation out and get back together. I loved them two. Also I can’t wait to here more about Owen and what happen too his sister.

    Will Christina come back next season?

  26. kath says:

    Meredith remains a stone cold bitch. They spent years trying to tell us that she’s not her mother but she really is.

    I’m glad Jo finally got some happiness.

  27. S says:

    They’ve already done a transgender story with Ben’s brother transitioning. Plus Riggs can’t be a native of New Zealand and the sibling of an American.

  28. Tammy Clark says:

    Seems like Merideth has forgotten how her mother treated her, & others, cause she sure is turning into her. I know she’s been through a lot but who on that show hasn’t?

  29. serena says:

    i feel like mer is kinda of being rude to everyone although she is trying to “forgive” penny by rising above and being a good superior but practically screaming “go away” to jo was unessesary especially if she knew alex was proposing to her. but amelia is still being a complete bitch to penny even though theyre both doctors and should know that even they could make mistakes, and have. like honestly im kinda fed up now.

  30. Othelia says:

    I don’t know why everyone keeps calling mer a bitch when amelia keeps attacking her. It was about time she put her in her place. I hope she does go back to drinking and drugs. I don’t like her character she’s so childish and such an attention seeker. If Owen wants to tell amelia what happened that’s up to him why is amelia angry at grey for being his friend he clearly doesn’t see her as someone special enough to tell her himself. Amelia is the horrible one how could she say such a thing to mer when she’s been putting up with her nonsense. Even letting her stay with her. Also if Jo says yes I think it is something she will regret as Alex will still prioritise mer. I hope Jackson and April break up because there love spats are getting on my nerves and April is selfish I don’t think she deserves Jackson anymore. She isn’t listening to when he speaks and thinks she can come back to him when it’s convenient for her

  31. Jenn says:

    I don’t get why everyone on this board thinks Riggs is transgender -they already did that storyline with Ben’s transgender sister. Remember how Bailey had to held Ben accept that his brother was actually transgender and was going to transition

  32. I loved this episode — great finale — and saw sparks and chemistry between Arizona and the fire fighter — perhaps we’ll see more of her in future episodes — break up with girl friend or perhaps a death — hot hot hot — and let poor Callie be stuck with lucky penny — or not!? Jackson and April should get back together — what does April want? Owen and his sister and brother-in-law – can’t wait to find out what happened — Alex should be with Meredith “his person” not Jo —

  33. dusty says:

    It got really nasty between Meredith and Amelia. It’ll be interesting to see where Amelia ends up living now. I don’t think Meredith’s loyalty extends to Amelia the way it does to Cristina, Amelia hasn’t earned it. Amelia needs therapy urgently, she needs not to be so me, me, me. She doesn’t understand her sister in law at all. She’s still not dealt with Derek’s death and it’s an easy target to take low blows at Meredith by saying awful things and say Derek would be mad at Meredith. I don’t like how dark and twisty Meredith is being written, there’s a large amount of unkindness. Maybe Meredith is channelling her mother and the way Ellis Grey was with her. Conflict makes a storyline, and perhaps this is the lead up to Meredith being written out. I would be sad to see Meredith leave, and that would be the end of me watching GA forever

  34. Dxan says:

    Nathan is NOT transgender. Get over it!
    I think he’s Owen’s brother-in-law. It’s possible they had known each other for a long time. Maybe they were even friends!? When they returned home Owen introduced Nathan to his sister and eventually they got married. Nathan wanted to go back to the war zone but his wife was against it. So instead of looking for spot in a hospital Nathan took his wife with him to war.
    Owen probably didn’t know any of this, but later on he found out and tried to protect his sister. Or maybe he told her to go back home. She didn’t listen, stayed with her husband and eventually got killed. Owen of course blames Nathan. Definitely blames himself too.

  35. Phantomtoni says:

    I do that Shonda may have created another transgendered character , already morphed. That person is not Riggs. I think Owen is the sister that died. Riggs may have been her love interest back then. That’s why he cannot talk to Amelia about it.
    If not than Riggs is the brother in law and Owen blames him for his sister’s death for putting her at risk in the war zone.

    • Stacy says:

      Transgendered people do not refer to their former identities as their siblings. Owen wanted children with Cristina, and got her pregnant. That is not possible biologically if he was previously a female. Transgender people cannot serve openly in the military, and if Owen had transitioned and needed meds, he would not be able to hide that.

  36. mercurio6662015 says:

    I hope that the chapter has been more entertaining to watch than reading, which to me has been my boredom. The comment, which contains only an account of what has happened in the chapter, without taking a position on the quality of the performances, the wonder of rolled flat, I think the orders of Debbie Allen, or the quality of the scripts but what will you say, It is a ” Vintage Grey’s ” of previous seasons, good is not strict, if it was Derek Sheperd would be in the plot and I would not have stopped watching the series from chapter 21 season 11 that “witch chocolate” decided to eliminate Patrick Dempsey. I stress for me, this is not a comment, it is a monotonous summary of what happened in the chapter, without comment on the frames, interpretation or technical … maybe do you want to feed the curiosity of dissidents to return to the fold? Are you impartial or equipment Shonda Rhimes guides your pen? But what I know, I was just a fan who watched without fail this series since its beginning.

  37. RK says:

    #Team Mer. I’m waiting for Mer to unleash her rage at Amelia. For moving in on her last few months of happiness with Derek, for refusing to make it easy for him to come back to Seattle when he wanted to – maybe he would not have had to be on the road that day if she had just let him come back the first time he asked – for giving her a hard time about not dealing with losing her husband the way Amelia demands she do it and for forgetting that it is Addison that she has the close relationship with, that the death of Derek does not suddenly make them besties. Please bring Christina back for one episode to put Amelia in her place and shut her selfishness down. Yes, she lost her brother – a brother that up until he died she had major issues with and she is taking her guilt out on Mer. She has like 4 or 5 other sisters that she never mentions and a mother that lost a son. Meredith has lost both of her parents, her best friend is on the other side of the world and her one true love. Like I said, #TeamMer

  38. Susan says:

    I loved it!!!

  39. robandco says:

    Oh no, I am not a fan of Amelia but she’s going to be a mess. After watching her on Private Practice lose the baby and sober up even if I don’t like her (she’s a grown up child) she’s still a character that I care about (because of PP).
    Again, Grey’s knows how to do a good finale. The dynamic with the new doc is extremely well done. Maggie is so smitten with Andrew, they’re so adorable. I hope Jo says yes. I am glad Stephanie was the bigger person. I love Webber and Arizona. It was just perfect.

  40. Enis Alumti says:

    I’m guessing Andrew is Owen’s brother in law, and he killed Owen’s sister. There’s that interplay between Meredith’s and Owen’s story lines that Shonda uses all the time, which I think is why she wrote that line for Meredith, “you’re not my sister … you’re Derek’s sister, and Derek is gone,” and why Owen (violently!) tells Andrew he isn’t family. Also explains why Owen is so interested in Grey coping with Penny, and why he talks to her instead of Amelia.

    I’m going to stretch a bit further and guess that Andrew was drunk when it happened. That man is either at work, on the way to the bar, or already there. Maybe drunk driving, Shonda seems to be going out of her way to demonstrate to us that he’s reckless. And it’s platforming a hot topic, which ticks another box.

  41. Jade says:

    I believe Nathan is Owen’s sister. Nathan is transgender!

  42. fiberlicious says:


  43. anonymous says:

    How come there are recaps for every other Thursday night show except Bones? I was really looking forward to reading it and discussing it with others. Is someone gonna write a recap or what?

  44. Minny says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Nathan is/was Owen’s sister who became a man?
    Sorry for my english, I’m from France.

  45. Okay dude says:

    When it comes back, we’ll find that April and Jackson are together and Jo and Alex aren’t. I know how shonda functions by now. Besides, why would Alex want to marry Jo right after she’s said that she doesn’t trust him to be “in her corner”? I mean, clearly, if Alex hiding a ring from Jo with Meredith’s connivance was all it took for Jo to believe Alex had forsaken her, they’re not ready for marriage.
    And I swear to god, the Maggie/Intern storyline has literally been repeated half a dozen times on this show before, we are TIRED OF IT.

  46. Jenn says:

    Here’s my theory on Owen and Riggs:

    Owen’s little sister and her husband (Riggs) signed up to go to war, but being big bro, he couldn’t let her go alone. He is always the protector (of everyone but himself). Little sis gets injured or trapped – something. Riggs makes the snap decision not to save her (Owen’s “do something” comment). Owen never forgave him.

  47. Kim says:

    I am so over Meredith and her b*tchy attitude toward everyone. I mean, it’s been forever since we’ve seen her smile, or laugh, or do anything other than be condescending or yell at anyone who crosses her path.

  48. Olivine says:

    Pretty sure he’s Owen’s brother – in – law and he killed the sister on purpose to end her suffering and Owen felt she wasn’t Done with life yet. Any bets?

  49. Kelly says:

    Meredith gets more and more annoying every season