Arrow Flash Crossover Photo

Arrow/The Flash Stars Preview 'Bigger, Crazier' Crossover Event — Plus: Who's MIA? Which Reunion Didn't Happen?

The CW’s Arrow and The Flash are going all-out for their second major crossover event (airing Dec. 1 and 2), which will launch the midseason spinoff DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and the efforts are earning high praise from their respective stars.

“These two crossover episodes standing together will probably be, in my mind, the pinnacle achievement for both shows,” Arrow leading man Stephen Amell raved during a set visit last month.

“It feels even bigger,” The Flash‘s Grant Gustin adds. “I feel like more people are a part of it this year from both sides, and we’re tying in Legends, obviously, so it’s just bigger.” Or as his co-star Danielle Panabaker sums it up: “It’s crazier. It’s nuts, but it’s great.”

Here’s what else we know about the superhero-filled episodes:

IT’S A TRUE ‘TBC’ EVENT | If you’re only going to watch one-half of the two-part extravaganza, you might want to rethink that plan. Whereas last season’s crossover event was designed so that one could enjoy the episodes independently, “It’s not the case this year,” Amell says. “If you put them back-to-back on one night, they would run like one two-hour episode of television.”

THERE WILL BE CITY-SWAPPING | The action kicks off on The Flash when Vandal Savage (guest star Casper Crump) attacks Kendra Saunders, forcing Barry to take the Jitters barista/Hawkgirl to Star City so that Team Arrow can hide her. Thus, “most of the Flash episode takes place in Star City, and most of the Arrow episode takes place in Central City,” Amell previews. “We have a common villain [in Vandal], which was not the case last year. And, just in general, we’ve done an excellent job of weaving not just two shows, but three shows together,” Legends included.

BARRY’S GAL IS SITTING THIS ONE OUT | “Sorry, fans,” says Candice Patton, but Iris is “actually not involved at all. I know that’s quite a disappointment to a lot of people, but she’s not involved in the crossovers that we have explored thus far. It doesn’t mean that we won’t ever see that. We know that crossovers have been extremely popular in our universe … so I’m sure we’ll have more.” Also not having much to do during the upcoming event: Joe West and Captain Lance. (Guess you don’t need cops when you have… Legends.)

THERE WILL BE NEW DYNAMICS | “One of my favorite parts about the crossover is that you get to see people that you wouldn’t otherwise see interact” have scenes together, Carlos Valdes shares. “That sort of creates a mysticism, like fireworks about itArrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow Crossover. So fans can definitely expect a lot of new relationships to blossom, and new interactions to arise.” And what about some more exchanges between Cisco and his crush Laurel/Black Canary? After all, Team Arrow needs some help from the S.T.A.R. Labs crew with a weapon powerful enough to destroy Vandal Savage. “No comment,” Valdes responds with a laugh.

THERE’S NO SHORTAGE OF COSTUMED CRUSADERS | Some leather-clad crimefighters may be missing in that above photo. We only count seven present, but “we shot a scene… that had, like, nine superheroes in it,” Amell describes in awe. “Nine people with either powers or supersuits. It was an amazing thing to look out over the scene and see the world that has been built over the course of three-plus years.”

THE CRIMSON COMET RETURNS | Although Jay Garrick “does not have interaction with the crossover characters, he very much has a story,” Teddy Sears reports. Per the official Flash episode synopsis, Harrison develops a serum to help Barry run faster, and asks Jay to test it out. (Hmm, could someone be getting their superspeed back?) Yet it’s a different character Sears wishes he had a scene with during the two-parter. “My first job was on a soap opera, One Life to Live, with Brandon Routh (who plays Ray Palmer/The Atom),” he shares. “We both were hired about the same time, and fired about the same time for probably being equally as terrible and not really knowing what we were doing. So I was hoping that we could to have some stuff, just ’cause I haven’t seen him in a long time and it could be really funny.”

Arrow/Flash fans, what are you most looking forward to during the crossover?

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  1. I would love a Ray Jay scene!

  2. ms Thang says:

    I loved Cisco & Laurel’s previous interaction. Looking forward for more.

  3. Dj says:

    So Ray and White Canary are in the episode too. Really looking forward to LoT.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Is White Canary the blonde from Arrow that has some anger management problems ? I don’t watch arrow as much as flash but I think her name was sarah, she has an obsession with beating people nearly to death, but is on the superheroes side lol.

  4. courtney says:

    Can’t wait for this.

  5. Lily says:

    Why does Iris have to be excluded from everything, but Caitlin and Cisco aren’t? That clearly speaks to who the writers think is necessary and who isn’t. That’s pretty lame.

    • Kate says:

      Next time, just ask why Iris is excluded without mentioning Caitlin and Cisco who appeared in Arrow before The Flash premiered.

      • Cali says:

        Iris is the female lead. If Felicity can appear in cross overs (sometimes without Oliver) and have independent story lines then Iris should too! She’s a pivotal character who should get more screen time.

        • JC says:

          Whoever deemed that Iris is the female lead?

        • Kate says:

          If she were a pivotal character, she wouldn’t be left out of the crossovers.

        • jj says:

          You contradict yourself. If she’s the female lead, she would have more screen time. The character herself described herself as a sidekick in the last episode. The Flash currently only has one character that could be classified as lead, and that’s Barry. Everyone else is a supporting character. Regarding the crossover, Iris is not as ensconced in the super hero world as the other characters. She’s relevant as a love interest but her relevance to the super heroes fighting villains is minimal at this point.

        • Julian says:

          Felicity is not the female lead of Arrow.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          Felicity is in cross overs because she can actually help, she’s a tech genius and the arrow and atoms close associate. What’s Iris going to do?, lol, stick her nose in the villains business and get herself or someone else killed ? Lol ok go for it Iris! I wouldn’t mind this show without you, or your overally vocal fans

          • Radha says:

            And I wouldn’t mind it if people like you would keep their snide comments to themselves. Putting aside whether you like Iris or not–which you clearly don’t– If there is a show crossover, I feel that ALL characters who are main cast should be front and center and accounted for. Leaving out Joe and Lance is also annoying. They could be seen in minor roles if the main action is dealing with the villain. Two shows crossing over is just that. Not an excuse to show only certain people and leave others out.

            I also take offense to the fact that if anyone dares to comment about Iris there are people like you and Courtney, to name a few, who point fingers and call Iris fans delusional. No, you can’t make a generalized comment like that about EVERYONE who likes her. Some are delusional, some are not. That goes for pretty much any fan who likes any character really.
            The problem with this show is that the writers do NOT utilize her character properly and when people actually bring up this very valid fact, they are constantly undermined by Iris Haters. Bringing up a solid point should not be met with ridicule and snide comments in my opinion.

          • Tessa says:

            Radha, she should keep her comment to herself? That’s rich from an Iris fan, the group that refuses to let people have their own opinions, attacking anyone on Twitter with a different opinion of their special snowflake.

            Look at this comment section. The Iris signal was sent out (I saw it on Tumblr) and all the fangirls rushed in here to comment on how you need her to be in the episode when the truth is 99.999% of the viewers will not notice her absence.

            All characters can’t be front and center, particularly in an episode like this with a million guest stars. And as mentioned, Joe and Laurel’s dad also won’t have much to contribute..

            I agree the writers don’t utilize her but that’s largely because they wrote themselves into a corner with her and her skills don’t contribute that much. Her investigative journalism skills aren’t that needed because the CSI work covers it. However, you Iris fans keep exaggerating her usefulness, prompting others to counter your arguments.

        • tvjunkie says:

          Iris isn’t the female lead. Flash has no female leads. They have 2 female co-stars, but calling either a lead is a bit of a stretch.

          • Nilani says:

            Candice Patton IS the female lead of The Flash. She IS Grant Gustin’s co-lead. The head honcho of CW, all of the producers and Candice Patton HERSELF have spoken openly about the impact and importance of casting a WOC as the female LEAD of this superhero show!
            Trust, that she is getting that pay check to go with her title as well ;)

    • Vince says:

      Iris is a journalist. Both Cisco and Caitlin are scientist. She won’t contribute anything to the group.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Exactly Vince, Iris cannot contribute anything that could help, except maybe being the bait but then that puts everything at risk. Cisco, Caitlin and Felicity are scientists, who actually contribute, they built all the tech the flash, arrow, etc, all use. Iris is just a reporter.

        • Dee says:

          Even Joe has nothing to do in the crossover but they expect Iris to?

        • Emily says:

          Technically, Iris could contribute the same way she did in 1.19 and 1.21. She can research stuff, she can ask around, she can provide intel from witnesses etc. If they wanted her in the crossover, she’d be in it. For whatever reason, they don’t.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            That’s true. And you’re comment below is probably also true, Iris will likely play a bigger part later in the season,likely whenever Wally is introduced.

          • John NYC says:

            Screen time is needed for the LoT characters and there’s only so many minutes of that in an episode, plus they’re essentially DOUBLING the regular show character load with the crossover.

    • Karen says:

      There are intoducing Legends of Tomorrow, Iris isn’t a super hero. There is only so much time in a one hour show. If I were the actor, I would prefer a rest to a mercy line or 2. Iris is going to get some overtime in the second half, they will be introducing her half brother Wally, so don’t worry, the writers and producer are not trying to ignore her character.

  6. Ingrid says:

    Going to miss Iris immensely, she’s my fave (P.S. : “Barry’s girl” ? I dig it ;) )

  7. janee22 says:

    I’m excited for Hawkgirl, she will be amazing I’m sure. But I hate that Iris West is not in the crossovers. She is the leading lady of the flash, she is part of team flash, so why she is not part of this big episodes? Iris West is one of my favorite characters and it is a shame she is not with them. Maybe she will be looking for Wally?

  8. adam1989 says:

    Barry needs her Gal Iris but the show want to keep them apart for drama and ~slow burn~. Go Kendra and spread your wings ;)

  9. Logan says:

    I’m disappointed that Iris West won’t be in the crossover, but hopefully she’s in the next one.

    • Jess says:

      Has Iris ever been clued in on the identities of Team Arrow? If not, I get excluding her. With so much else going on, taking time to address all of that might have been too much. I’d like to see Candice integrated more…but I’m not overly upset at this point. We have to spend some quality time with our existing Super Heroes, and establish the new guys. A tall order. I’m ok if it comes at the expense of screen time for some of the others in this case.

  10. Nilani says:

    I simply CANNOT believe, that Iris West isn’t deemed important enough to be in these cross-overs!!! She’s an investigative reporter for crying out loud! Have her investigate the arrival of these new meta-humans in Central City, report on Zoom going after The Flash etc.!
    The fact, that Iris and Westallen’s love story served as an important B-storyline in season 1 cross-over, when she WASN’T in on Barry’s secret nor a part of Team Star Labs, but only has One.Single.Line in this year’s “epic” cross-over is absolutely pathetic!
    The Flash show runners and writers better never forget, that Iris West Allen is the heart and soul of Barry Allen’s entire existence, his lightning rod, the reason he even exists as a superhero. Candice Patton is Grant Gustin’s co-lead on this show, number 2 on the call-sheet. She has the show’s biggest fanbase for a single character outside of Grant, and definitely the most vocal one. A lot of people, especially women, are tuning in every tuesday night FOR Candice, Iris and Westallen. The diversity Candice Patton represents as a main character and female lead on this show is by far one of the biggest reasons, it’s the highest rated on its network. CW, Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti & Geoff Johns better not oversee or forget that.

    • ndixit says:

      I’m sorry but that’s just not true. Yes, I’m sure some people watch for Candice, Iris, and WestAllen, but she most definitely does not have the second biggest fan base and she’s not the co-lead. I feel pretty confident that more people watch for Wells and Cisco than for Iris.

      • janee22 says:

        Iris is popular and and her fan base are big and devoted. They love her as a character and want to see more of her, investigating and helping Barry saving the world. They want to see her included more in these big superheros event. She deserve to be there, and we are her fans deserve to have her there too. I don’t know why they are doing this to her. I do watch because I love the show but I love Candice\Iris a little bit more because she is amazing. Alot if people watch because of her and that is a good thing. I love Barry, Wells, and Cisco, they are amazing too <3333

        • ndixit says:

          Oh please! Her fan base is vocal but hardly big. It’s clear that there are several characters on the show that are more popular.

          • Cali says:

            Iris has a HUGE fan base. It’s pretty difficult for such a small group to be so vocal.

          • ndixit says:

            Actually it’s very easy to be vocal without having a face.

          • Tessa says:

            Hearing them tell it, this show should be called “Iris West Investigates.” The show we are watching and what they wish we were watching are as different as night and day.

        • John NYC says:

          Given she’s not a superhero these sorts of events are probably the likeliest places she’d get some off time. Just as Joe and Lance are apparently.

      • Nilani says:

        Candice Patton IS the co-lead. She IS the female lead. Her name is second to Grant Gustin’s in the credits. Both Jesse L. Martin & Tom Cavanagh are veterans, thus they come last in the credits.
        On twitter, tumblr and youtube Candice, Iris & Westallen have the BIGGEST presence next to Grant. Just search their mentions, and see for yourself.

        • ndixit says:

          Yeah, in that way even Laurel is co-lead on Arrow given she is second on the cast list. In terms of cast importance, she is not a co-lead. Nobody barring Barry is a lead. As for online presence, that’s largely irrelevant given that there is plenty of people online who dislike Iris.

          • Nilani says:

            IMPORTANCE: The reason YOU may think, she isn’t important, is because Iris is clearly being sidelined atm. In season 1 she wasn’t in on the secret & she was dating Eddie. Now she knows and is single, but they’ve brought in Patty Spivot to be the love interest for Barry. It’s clear, they don’t know how to write for her character and utilise her on the show, when Barry isn’t thirsting for her. But once Wally West arrives, and they’re done setting up for LoT trust, that iris will be at the very forefront as the connector to Wally West, as a reporter AND as Barry’s love interest, since the Barry/Patty relationship already has an expire date because “She’s not Iris”.

          • ndixit says:

            All assumptions. Yes Patty Spivot has an expiry date but that doesn’t make Iris any more important of a character. And she certainly doesn’t have the popularity of other characters.

      • Kate says:

        Iris fans are beyond delusional.

    • courtney says:

      She has a vocal fanbase, I wouldn’t say she is a fave character among most fans.

      • Nilani says:

        Yeah that’s why Iris West and Westallen have such a HUGE presence on literally every social media platform, whether it be twitter, tumblr, youtube or entertainment comment sections! Also, I’m from DENMARK, and here the promos heavily feature Iris, and the reviews foucus on her being the yet unfulfilled love of Barry Allen, the hero. They very much focus on Westallen being the romance to root for!
        Also, our entertainment media have taken great notice of Candice Patton’s sense of style and fashion. What trends she is wearing, because that’s a huge thing here in Denmark with Copenhagen Fashion Week being big. They are comparing her to the days, when Blake Lively used to be THE trendsetter on Gossip Girl ;)

    • Lmao when it comes to credits the one at the beginning and credited last (having words like WITH or AND like Tom Cavanaugh and Jesse L. Martin do) are who get the better deal. Being “second” like Candice means nothing as shows go in alphabetical order after the lead of their show.

      • Emily says:

        Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes? That’s not alphabetical order. Candice is ahead of Danielle and Carlos.

        • Liz says:

          Wait you actually think that Candic is getting payed more than Danielle. That’s crazy talk. No offense I like Candice BUT Danielle is an experienced more established actress. I’m pretty sure Jesse L. Martin & Tom Cavaghna get paid more than Grant. But call sheets and billings are just not on salary. They have to do with contracts as well. Even though Katie Cassidy isn’t the female lead on Arrow now. I’m pretty sure she is #2 to on that call sheet cuz she had an existing contract with CW/ Warner Brothers, same goes with Danielle.

          • Nilani says:

            Actually Candice Patton DOES earn more than Danielle Panabaker, as does Katie Cassidy earn more than EBR on Arrow. The way billing works is, that the pay grade follows the order of credits. Grant Gustin is the lead, Candice is his co-lead, the female lead. She HERSELF has mentioned this in interviews! Jesse L. Martin has the highest pay check out of everyone in The Flash cast, but given his and Tom Cavanagh’s status as veterans, they come last and are credited with “with” + “and”.

  11. Diana says:

    Disappointed that we won’t be seeing Iris in the crossovers.

  12. Emily says:

    I’m sorely gonna miss Iris West in this crossover. Not sure how they can’t carve a space for her, but here’s hoping the back half of the season utilizes her more.

  13. Alexis says:

    Still don’t understand how/why they couldn’t find room for Iris to be involved in these crossovers. She’s an investigative journalist for crying out loud.

  14. Andrea says:

    I could understand if iris still have no clue about team flash, but she’s part of the team now, she should be on the crossover.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      She’ll just end up getting herself or Barry killed if she was on the bigger episodes, or if she doesn’t get anyone killed she’ll likely just fall in love with someone other than Barry lol or try to motivate someone else into doing something irrational at the wrong time lol.

      • Chinny says:

        I keep seeing comments like this and am I’m wondering who exactly has she gotten killed? Barry has killed four meta humans since season 2 started and Iris has ever done is keep Linda from getting killed while Barry, Cisco and Caitlin were busy going on their “dates”.

  15. jeee says:

    I’m sad Iris is not in the crossovers, but I’m here for Kendra and I love her, and I can’t wait to see her in LOT. It is good to see WOC playing important and big characters from the comics. Iris West and Kendra Saunders are my queens.

  16. Barry’s Gal will be missed. 😉 I really wish Iris was apart of the crossover this year. But I am excited to see hawkgirl. #Westallen #IrisWestBest

  17. Cali says:

    No Iris? :( She’s my favorite. I wish they’d address everything that happened with WestAllen last season! Iris is the main reason I tune in every week

  18. The flash is the best show to hit television in 20 years.

  19. Bill says:

    Whole lot of talcum powder getting used in that picture.

  20. nat says:


  21. Susan Potter says:

    Two of my favorite shows on TV and there’s not much TV I actually “look forward” to. These shows are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale scene. And if I miss something because I’m not detailed oriented on all superheroes, I can count on the internet to catch me up real in a flash. See what I did there?

  22. Brandy says:

    Iris is sitting out the crossovers?! This season of The Flash has been a disappointment in the amount of quality onscreen time Iris has had. I actually thought Iris being in on Barry’s secret would make her a valuable asset to Team Flash and that the writers would seamlessly incorporate her reporting into the show–I was oh so wrong. The “thought to be dead” only to end up being “soon to be dead” mother story line was a bust. So here’s hoping Wally’s arrival to Central City will bring to fruition Kreisberg’s declaration that the West family is going to be the heart of Season 2.

  23. Jen says:

    I’m really tired of the way The Flash treats Iris. Candice is such a great actress and her character is so underused and sidelined, even now that Iris knows that Barry is The Flash. And she doesn’t even get to voice her grief over losing Eddie. What’s up with that? And I won’t even mention how distant she’s been from Barry and there’s no reason for that. This season is uneven and full of disappointments. I know the media is always raving about The Flash, but it definitely has its problems this season, not only when it comes to Iris but things like the LoT prequel taking over the show.

    Why can’t Iris be part of the crossover? No offense to Danielle Panabaker, but Candice is far superior and Iris is way more interesting, yet I’m gonna have to endure Caitlin, a background character all over the crossover while Iris, the female lead is nowhere to be seen.

    I’m also tired of this Legends of Tomorrow extravaganza and how much it’s been taking away from both The Flash and Arrow.

    • John NYC says:

      For this airing she’s hobbled by her character not being central to the core Flash superhero storyline, Caitlin is Flash’s doctor…. Cisco his tech resource. Iris is his adopted sister / childhood crush… for an event such as a superhero gathering: “nine” in one shot, to introduce another superhero show, well, emotional tonality may be triaged in the interest of finite screen time.

  24. Lily says:

    I think there’s justifiable anger over Iris’s lack of screentime. The show went out of its way to buck tradition and cast a black actress in the part, which is great, but then only to sideline her and not include her in the team, even after she knows the secret? And who’s she being sidelined for this season, but a blonde, white, typical CW looking Patty? That’s mighty suspect, in my opinion. I can’t help but think there’s something more to that- I mean, why should Patty get so much screentime over Iris when she’s been there all of two seconds? Am I wrong in thinking this may be a factor here?

    • Coky says:

      THIS! And Patty is so basic, she’s not likable at all. She’s too forced and she stalks Barry and oversteps limits all the time. I’m already tired of her. There was hope for her partnership with Joe but that was ruined last week when she was bitching to Joe about kissing Barry and demanding to know Joe and Barry’s secrets. GTFO, Patty!

      Also: Barry and Patty have zero chemistry. It’s so bad, their scenes make me cringe.

  25. Drew says:

    This is something to look forward to. The characters from both shows work really well together, so it’s great to see them together whenever possible.

  26. S says:

    MY IRIS IS’NT IN IT!ughhhh idk what to do with my life.. I love IW sooooo much

  27. MaryCherry says:

    I wonder what is in store for Iris. In the comic books she were from the future and Professor Zoom killed her.She ultimately got better, but there were that BI about a co-lead getting snuffed.

  28. jake says:

    i thought captain cold was in legends, was hoping he’d be in the crossover

  29. Mike says:

    So many pop up ads on this article it’s impossible to read!

  30. Joey Padron says:

    Good preview about crossover episodes. So excited to watch the episodes next month! Love last year’s crossover episodes!

  31. Tessa says:

    I’m not a fan of how much screen time has already been devoted to launching this show and am glad it will soon be over. I hope these episodes are worth my time.

  32. brenna says:

    Last season’s crossover episodes were wonderful. The actors of both shows work so well together. I can’t wait for this!

  33. Greigiano says:

    What are these gloves in the hands of Flash

  34. sarah j says:

    Can not wait.
    Patty Spivot is Barry’s gal at this time not Iris!

  35. lrdslvrhnd says:

    I think the best line of the article was Teddy Sears’ acknowledgement of Brandon Routh being terrible… although I do like him as Ray Palmer, and he grew on me in Chuck, and definitely has improved as an actor, he was *horrible* in Superman Returns.

  36. Phoenix5634 says:

    Iris fans are so simple minded, and the only reason their fan base is allegedly “so big” is because most the world cares more about the relationships going on, than the science involved. Iris provides no contribution to the flash team that the police cannot, becuz even if she had some special information she should be going to Joe, her police father with anything disturbing News. And yes Barry too because he knows about him now, but her lack of screen time is because she provides absolutely no contribute to the flash team that the police can’t already. And other than that she’s just a liability if she goes out nosing around. This crossover is meant to include the flash and arrow, but likely most importantly to the network Legands of Tomorrow. Iris plays absolutely no rule in that, she doesn’t even know about anything other than Barry being the Flash, so just for the TV show sake, they’re not going to inform Iris on everyone’s secret just becuz her needy, delusional, social media collective fans want to see more of her. Until she smartens up and stops ignoring Barry as her true love, or Wally west comes into the picture, then she will play a minimal role. She’s just a reporter. Whose role is dramatically exaggerated for diversification purposes. You Iris obsessed fans have to realize, she is just a reporter, everyone else who’s in this crossover is basically a superhero, or a tech genius who ACTUALLY HELPS and knows about all the superheroes, and some police ( who are meant to deal with trouble ). And not to mention she’s basically the reason Barry is paralyzed and her friend Linda got dropped off a building, becuz she thought she was right and motivated Barry into being over confident against Zoom. She does play a big enough role becuz she can’t, literally, but she always thinks she knows best.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Doesn’t *
      In last sentence

    • Nilani says:

      How TF is it Iris’ fault, that Barry got paralysed by Zoom??!!
      Barry Allen is a grown a** man capable of making his OWN decisions! He HIMSELF should know the width of his strength and the range of his powers! Iris is his number 1 believer in both his person and his abilities. So if Barry tells her, he can defeat Zoom, then ofc Iris will believe in him, that he can. And btw, their plan did work, in that it DID lure out Zoom for Barry to fight. He just didn’t finish the job.
      Unlike that quack doctor Caitlin Raymond, who ALWAYS is such a Negative Nancy around him telling him all the things he can’t do, and shouldn’t be doing. In 1×06 she tells him he CAN’T do the supersonic punch, in 1×15 she tells him he CAN’T run fast enough to stop the tsunami, and now we have 2×06, where she tells him he CAN’T defeat Zoom.
      Not to mention how poorly the show is handling the OG Flash Jay Garrick, whom they’ve written to be such a weakling and basically reduced to being a love interest for a supporting character, that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the legacy of the Flash lore. Comics Jay Garrick would’ve NEVER left Barry Allen’s side in a time of distress to handle Zoom all by himself. He would’ve been in Star Labs right by Flash’s side to guide and support him.
      But I guess keeping that screen time for Danielle Panabaker’s tics and shaky body movements, awkward facial expressions, cringeworthy acting abilities worthy of her Disney Channel days are deemed more important.

      • Kate says:

        This is why I can’t stand Iris fans. You can defend your favorite without dragging other actors into it. And no, I am not a Barry/Caitlin fan.

        • Nilani says:

          Oh please! Both YOU and this person have gone around calling all Iris fans “Delusional” and “Simple minded”. If that’s not a personal attack, then tell me what it is??!!
          And it ain’t no lie about Danielle Panabaker: Tell me where her movie career is, if she’s that good and talented at all??!! She’s already a veteran in her late twenties/early thirties, but couldn’t further her career after Disney Channel so ended up on a CW show.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            It’s funny you just did what Kate said, even after she pointed it out to you lol. What’s with your personal attacks on Danielle Panabaker? We weren’t even talking about her. Why can’t you defend your precious Iris without dragging others down? Lol

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            When you come up with a response that isn’t based on trash talking other characters, whom in the reality of the show actually do play a much more significant role, get back to us. Lol. The fact is Iris is simply a reporter, and every time she gets involved she immedaitely thinks she knows best, even tho she has no idea what the flash is actually going to have to deal with after she emotionally guilts/ installs overconfidence in him, and sends Barry’s rushing in. She doesn’t even understand what Barry’s powers are, just that he’s fast, but she always seems pretty willing to send Barry into danger. And she’s the one that’s keeping her distance from Barry, except when things go wrong lol, and she let Patty move in on Barry also, her fault again.

  37. Personally if Iris in the comics married Barry.I most certainly would want that relationship to progress

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      I agree, I don’t care for relationships in TV shows, I like the science and creativity behind it them more. But with saying that, it’s clear that Barry and Iris are meant to be together. Whenever she smartens up. Patty is just a distraction.

  38. Lily says:

    Tell me this- why would they make Patty a cop instead of the lab assistant she was in the comics? Was it so they could integrate her into every part of the action like they’ve failed to do with Iris? Why was it important for Barry’s new love interest to have such a big role instead of Iris, who should be the one digging up scoop on metahumans, etc. since she’s the investigative reporter on the show? It seems like they prefer to write for Patty all of a sudden and I find that very disturbing. Do the writers not like Iris or what?

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Patty is a police officer, she would know about events sooner than Iris. It’s that simple. I wouldn’t doubt tho she’s killed within the next season. Sparking the Barry: Iris love interest.

    • Kira says:

      I am not a big shipper person, I think I mentioned this before in other comic threads that I think romantic relationships on comic book TV shows create more distractions than anything else. But I do agree with Lily’s asessment about the Iris/Patty thing. I still think Patty might be more then she appears to be but I too was thinking; Why is she doing all the research isn’t Iris the “Investigative Reporter”, and why is she so curious about Meta-Humans? And from the very beginning (IMO anyway) she showed a weird immediate type of interest in Barry. Why? But at the same time the show could take or leave Iris and Patty and it wouldn’t make much difference to me.

  39. Songz says:

    iris should be on the crossover

  40. Justin says:

    I really like Iris, and it definitely frustrates me that she’s been sidelined so far this season, but I totally get why she’s not involved in the crossover. There already seems to be so many characters jam packed into it as it is. If you’re not a superhero, a costumed crimefighter, or an active member of the support team, there’s really not much to do. I don’t even watch Arrow anymore, and the only reasons I’m watching the crossover are Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Vandal Savage. I’m sure Iris will have many moments to shine in the second half of the season, when Wally is introduced.

  41. Ben YB Wong says:

    I’m looking for Cisco to Vibe on anyone from Team Arrow