Grey's Anatomy Season 12

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Mr. Unpopularity

Although Penny was probably still the most disliked doctor at Grey Sloan in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, at least she could take some comfort in the fact that Nathan was catching up with her in the unpopularity department. Once he was granted privileges to work at the hospital, Owen found it impossible to contain his disdain. The question was, why did he hate McAussie so much? Read on, and I’ll tell you what we found out…

‘SHELL’-SHOCK | As “Something Against You” began, Mer was preparing to give a longtime patient, Mr. Jaffe, a life-saving kidney transplant, only to discover that he had a Conehead-sized lump on his noggin. His only chance of still getting the donor kidney? A skull transplant, Jo deduced. (That’s not a typo — a skull transplant. Now pass the aspirin, stat.) When Mer sidelined Penny for the procedure — assigning her to monitor the brain-dead kidney donor and thus depriving her of an amazing opportunity to learn — Callie stood up for her girlfriend and was promptly smacked down — by Blake. “You’re embarrassing me,” she told Torres, “so just shut up and stay out of it!” (Dang!) And Penny was just getting warmed up. She then told Mer that, although she didn’t need Callie to fight her battles, Callie was, in fact, right, and if Mer wasn’t going to teach her, Grey should cut her loose so that she could learn from someone else. Off that confrontation, Mer let Penny step up and observe in the OR, pissing off Jo in the process. At least, after Wilson blew up at Penny, Stephanie asked Pierce out for a drink.

THE MAN FROM DOWN UNDER | When early in the episode Nathan stuck his head in the doctors’ lounge and asked where he could pick up a pair of scrubs, neither Maggie nor Richard knew who he was, much less for which department he worked. So Pierce was understandably freaked out when shortly thereafter she discovered him treating her patient. And Owen… oh, Owen was livid. Who gave him privileges at Grey Sloan?!? Maggie wanted to know. His answer: She had! In fact, Bailey had hired him to work under Pierce and had failed to inform her. “And I’m the chief,” she reminded Maggie and Owen. Later, after Nathan disagreed with Maggie in front of the patient he’d treated, Pierce advised the newbie to get his feet wet before he dove in. His cocky reply: “My feet were pretty wet when I got here.” Meanwhile, Owen seemed to be coming unglued. When Isaac interrupted what appeared to an incident of Nathan-inspired PTSD, Hunt damn near attacked him. After Maggie and Nathan’s patient took a turn for the worse, Pierce adapted the approach that Riggs wanted to take, and saved the woman’s life — so they might make a good team after all?

WHAT’S UNDONE IS UNDONE | Toward the end of the hour, Bailey was cheerfully introducing Nathan around when it came up that he and Owen “go back a bit.” And, if Hunt had his way, “back a bit” was where Riggs would have stayed. Exploding, Owen accused Bailey of not properly vetting Nathan. “This is a really bad call,” Hunt yell-said, “and it was thoughtless, and it was reckless… ” He probably could have continued rattling off angry adjectives, but instead, Bailey suggested that they take their conversation away from the peanut gallery and into her office. No dice. Owen stomped away, growling at Nathan that “what’s done is done, right?” Amelia couldn’t get Owen to explain, and neither could Mer. But “I made a promise to Cristina that I wouldn’t let you get dark and twisty,” she said. So “just tell me, do we hate him?” Yup, he replied. “Okay,” she concluded. “Then we hate him.” As a result, when Nathan asked Mer out for a drink that night, she shot him right down. “I’m a friend of Owen Hunt’s,” she said. On second thought, make that “shot him down in flames.”

HIT THE ROAD, JACK… SON | On a lighter note, Bailey ordered Ben to invite houseguest Jackson to… you know, move out. When he argued that he couldn’t kick out his boss, his wife noted, “I’m all your bosses!” She was even more aggravated that night when she realized that Ben hadn’t done it. And worse, April was on what she thought was a date with Jackson. But really, he wanted to discuss their divorce. Since Kepner got paged, the conversation didn’t happen. However, they made another “date” for the following evening. Finally, Ben told Jackson that Bailey was withholding sex until he left, so he really, really needed Avery to leave. No sweat, said Jackson. And the next thing we knew, Jackson and April had just done the deed!

TRAGICOMIC RELIEF | In other developments, after Alex — correctly, it should be mentioned — warned the ducklings about a patient’s mother who was a doc knocker (someone looking to get busy with an M.D.), a baby-faced intern whose name I swear I’ve never heard skipped some check-ups on her son, who’d swallowed a glowing ball. As a result, he wound up in surgery instead of pooping out the “cherry.” And when Arizona went looking for a wingman to accompany her to a lesbian bar, Richard volunteered — and turned out to be great at it.

THE AMAZING RACE | Off a comment from Maggie about how race might play into the way that patients respond to Nathan vs. her, Amelia panicked that her having sided with Jo over Stephanie’s non-lie might have been construed as racist. Though Maggie was quick to point out that “I am not the spokeswoman” for all African-Americans, and “no one is,” she suggested that if Amelia does something, and “if you feel uncomfortable having done it, check your white privilege and don’t do it again.”

OK, your turn! Glad April and Jackson hit the sheets? Anticipating a Mer/Nathan/Maggie triangle? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Al says:

    Solid epsiode!
    I like the new guy!

    • trainwreck says:

      and I am a MerDer fan.. but that elevator scene between Meredith and Riggs – Sparks.. i tell you, SPARKS! Is it too early for deciding between MerNat or RigGrey? :P

  2. Alisha says:

    As MUCH as i want Jackson & April to work it out.. This can only lead to a total mess.. And I think given the amount of hate April had been getting, i think the writers decided to make Jackson the jerk. which btw, was successfully accomplished.

    • anon says:

      Agreed on all points! This was not what they needed right now.

    • the girl says:

      Jackson is actually incredibly correct in this entire scenario. If you abandon your husband and your marriage, it is only sensible that one might conclude that divorce is on the docket. April is seriously delusional and selfish. I don’t like her in this storyline.

      • Alisha says:

        Umm.. I get where he was coming from so far. Im not questioning his decision to ask for a divorce.. BUT sleeping with her?? Low blow. Now he is in the douche zone. He knows she wants to work it out. If he really wants that divorce (which.. he so does not), the last thing he needs to do is lead her on.. Not cool.

        • Alichat says:

          Well, sometimes sex happens. We can’t assume he planned it, and it’s not like he doesn’t love April. I just don’t think he can forgive her leaving when he needed her to stay. I’m not saying them sleeping together was a smart idea, but I don’t know that I would call him a douche because of it. I don’t think it was intentional. They need therapy. I’d like to see them do couples therapy.

          • Ams says:

            I still think it was low on his part. I mean I know sex happens but when you’re THAT adamant on divorce & know that your wife is holding out hope for a reconciliation, you dont take her to dinner, be all smiling & googly-eyed & then sleep with her & expect her not to get her hopes up. Now If the sex happened as an angry/breakup thing after the divorce talk, thats a whole different thing.

          • Dawn D says:

            I’m sorry but April I cut a lot more slack. She carried that baby the bond is way different. Then to go thru all that they did. I understand her thought of running away to do something different and more fulfilling to her for awhile. I think her husband needs therapy with her to try to save their marriage.

          • Alichat says:

            Ams…..yes, it was a bad idea. But it takes two to tango. She slept with him as well. But both are deluding themselves in this situation. He has blinded himself to the fact that April is still clinging to the hope they will get back together because she’s not following him around and demanding they talk, demanding they get back together, and they had a civil, heartfelt conversation the episode before. Everyone around him can see she wants that hence the “yeah right” looks they gave him when he mentioned talking divorce with April. But she’s blinded herself as well. Because he did that surgery, because they had that heartfelt moment, she’s deluded herself into believing he’s forgiven her and wants to work it out. She’s still not accepting her part in the why their marriage is failing. I guess I don’t see it as low since I don’t see that Jackson sleptwith her to be hateful. He’s just being stupid.

            Dawn D….I can see your point, but I don’t feel she deserves any slack. She’s the reason they are in this situation. Yes she carried the child, but that doesn’t lessen the hope he had as a father to be…the bond he had with his unborn child. He wanted them to be there for each other…to grieve together…..and she pushed him away. So he gave her the space she wanted. Then she decided she had to get away, so he put aside his grief to let her run off. She disappears not for a few weeks….three months…but is gone about 9 months…from Easter to almost Valentine’s Day I believe. All the while he’s at home worried that something will happen to her, and he will lose his wife after having lost his child. He needed to grieve with his wife…..he needed her to be there for him. Instead she returns for a short time, never asks how he’s coping, how he’s feeling, then decides that she has to go away again. Frankly when Jackson said “I can’t be here when you return,” perhaps April should have checked herself, gotten rid of the selfishness, and started thinking of someone else.

    • Luli says:

      April is one of my fav characters, and I love Japril… having said that, did you hear the voice over just when they showed they had sex? Not a good sign for them :(

    • Nicole says:

      Maybe April gets pregnant again and learns this after Jackson asks for a divorce?!

  3. Han says:

    Don’t you mean McKiwi.
    Martin Henderson is from New Zealand.

  4. Dawn D says:

    Love Martin is there curious to see who he hooks up with. Loved him in Off The Map. So happy there might be a chance with April and Jackson.

    • fiberlicious says:

      I’ll bet you a dollar that there’s NO chance for April and Jackson. This is a standard plot device. And shame on Shonda for using it.

  5. Jana says:

    I’m so glad they’re showing that PTSD doesn’t go away forever – people still think that it’s cured after a little bit of therapy, but triggers can really bring that trauma back to the forefront. Just sucks that Owen has to dredge up whatever happened again.

    Also, lolz at Amelia not knowing if she was racist or not. Hon, you are far from racist, but at least you now know that it is still “a thing”.

  6. Demi says:

    Has Meredith’s kids been shown at all this season? I haven’t watched Greys since the season premiere and I am a bit curious to see how the kids look now that they are a bit grown especially Ellis

    • sharon says:

      The kids have been missing in action season 12 which is strange to me. She has mentioned her 3 kids but must not be spending much quality time with them.

      • Alichat says:

        Or taking them to daycare/school. I mean she has a kid that’s under 18 months. Shouldn’t there be multiple car seats in her car? Shouldn’t she be taking the two youngest to the daycare center at the hospital? Taking Zola to school? I get that they want to do this “sister house” storyline but the carpool scenes just make me say to the tv “where are the kids???”

    • Alyse says:

      None of the kids have been seen. Not Meredith’s, Callie’s, or Bailey’s. Meredith’s seem to be the only ones that get mentioned though.

      • Saabgirlatx says:

        My thought is there are unseen nannies. These are surgeons with huge salaries. Also, we are assuming when they go to work it is morning. They could work different shifts as hospital docs.

    • Jenks says:

      Who cares? The show is not about the kids.

  7. rebecca says:

    Callie is being super obnoxious. Love the new guy. I can’t stand Owen but the scene with Meredith at the end made him slightly likable. The best part was Webber being the wingman for Arizona.

  8. Lindsay says:

    I loved richard’s and arizona’s scenes together!

    My dislike for Jo continues to grow with every episode she’s in. I wouldn’t shed a tear if she left the show.

  9. Luli says:

    Loved that Richard was Arizona’s wingman, I didn’t expect that! Jackson having sex with April just when he wanted to talk about divorce in what April believed was a date, low blow. Hope they can fix things. That Meredith and Owen scene was everything. I love the sisters, I want them all to be on the same side (I’m looking at you Amelia and Meredith, because according to next weeks promo they are at odds again.) Penny needs to leave like yesterday. She is making Callie so unlikeable. And I liked Mckiwi, but please no love triangles, and definitely no on the Mer/Riggs/Maggie thing. Just no. Don’t even suggest it.

    • sharon says:

      I agree ,no love triangles and please let Mer be alone.She is not ready for a real relationship for a long time.She had the best and he can’t be replaced for a long time.Has Katherine Avery been seen in season 12? very lonely for Richard.No wonder her invited himself to be Arizona’s wingman.

  10. 777 says:

    Penny needs to go.

  11. DarkDefender says:

    Excellent episode. I hope they don’t drag out the reason for Owen hating the new guy. Just tell us already. If has anything to do with “breaking Teddy’s heart”.. And not because of some medical/war decision, I’m going to lose it. Owen overreacts a lot, but since that is classic PTSD, I hope they show him deal with it… It could help a ton of people to see it play out. I guess now Owen will (hopefully) be the one start the therapy with the new psychologist for some PTSD blow out that has yet to happen.
    I think Jo needs a re-write… She’s becoming annoying and mousy.
    Oh.. And I am starting to like Penny. Curse you Shonda!

    • DarkDefender says:

      Also, since McKiwi is likely sticking around (accent and all) I suspect my dream of McAussie (Simon Baker, in full on accent with his sexy buddy holly glasses) is probably not going to happen. #sadface

    • Stacy says:

      I strongly suspect it’s war related. Besides the PTSD, Riggs also mentioned spending time in the Middle East. Owen harbors rage against this man, not just the opinion that’s he some heartbreaking douchebag.

      • Jenny says:

        There was also the conversation between Owen and Mer where he asked her how she can work with someone that she blames for killing someone she loved. That led me to believe that Riggs was the reason someone Owen loved died.

  12. ec says:

    In seeing how much people seem to dislike Jo now, maybe I’m wrong, but I think that she’s experiencing what a lot of young professional women feel at the start of their careers, which is unseen. I don’t think it’s that uncommon for a twenty-something who seems to be good at her job – and I think that the show has established her as capable – to feel insecure about how she’s perceived and treated. And I think it’s also probably pretty common to handle that insecurity poorly.

    Honestly, I thought that her being hurt about having to give up treating a patient she cared about was a perfectly human response (and thought way less of Stephanie for her eye-roll than I did Jo for the outburst). Sure, I wish that the writers would maybe throw her a single scene once in a while that didn’t focus on this insecurity, but I don’t think it merits quite the level of ire that the character gets. I’ll keep hoping she

    • sharon says:

      I thought Jo showed a lot of strength on this episode.I can’t stand Stephanie but I’m sure Shondra would never let her go.

    • Stacy says:

      I don’t like the character, but in this episode I could understand her feelings. The man had been her patient for years, but she was tossed aside in surgery and left out of his progress reveal at the end. I think Meredith was spending too much time trying to figure out the Penny situation to consider Jo as the doctor or friend to this man.

    • Ali says:

      This! I hate that people thought Jo was “whiny” this episode – Jo didn’t have an moment of rage she was calm and collected. All she was at the end of the episode was upset. And doctors especially younger ones form bonds with patients until they learn not to and even then they’re still attached to certain patients and Jo’s been treating this guy for her entire career so far- she knew his family, she had his chart memorized, this patient meant a lot to her. Stephanie’s smuggness was obnoxious and ridiculous. And it made me think far less of her than Jo. I didn’t blame Penny for Derek’s death per say. I did hate her for coming between Callie and Arizona but now I also hate her for this

    • Michele says:

      Didn’t Joe find out that she was pregnant a couple weeks ago…… And she asked Stephanie what to do.

  13. zac says:

    I would probably accept it more if Hunt is in a relationship with someone not from Grey-SLoan Memorial. A person who would drop in occasionally. I just dont get any chemistry from Amelia and him.

  14. Alyse says:

    I like Riggs. I feel like he is going to be a love intrest for Meredith or Maggie. I hope it’s not Maggie though, because I like her with DeLuca. I could like and see him as Meredith’s love intrest though.

    • Nia says:

      I honestly want Riggs and April together. Jackson is still adamant on getting a divorce and I loved April and Riggs in the last episode when he called her the machine. They should be a thing. Not Meredith and him because Mer needs to relax now, she had the best and Derek can’t be replaced so easily

  15. MoTuck says:

    I get more and more disappointed with the shallowness of Mer, Maggie and the others following suit. I am tired of so many cat fights and idiocy. I have never missed a show but am now considering dropping it. Now Hunt seems off balance, maybe for a good reason but when do we find out his hatred for the new Nathan. To have Mer hate Nathan just becuase she is a friend of Hunt’s increased my dislike for Mer. There is too much bitchiness and cattiness. I love medical shows but this one has become icky to me. Good thing I know how to turn off my TV.

    • sharon says:

      I know its old news but I still miss Derick and the show will never be the same.I never missed a episode from season 1-11. This year I record them and catch them later,even missed a couple of them.

    • rmmccoy94 says:

      She hates him because that is what he (Hunt) needed then. She and Christina would do the same thing. In fact I seem to recall one of them asking the other the same question. While I miss early seasons Derek, he got so annoying by the end that I’m not missing him that much. I also think Mer’s reaction to Blake is pretty human. She associates and blames her for Derek’s death and every time she sees her it reminds her of the worst day of her life. I wouldn’t exactly call that shallow.

  16. Michelle says:

    Who *was* that intern?! I had a hard enough time with them throwing the blonde one in a few weeks ago without an explanation, and now there’s another? Can we focus on the characters we already have first?

    • zac says:

      they were all in the season premiere. There are actually 3 new named interns, I think. The one getting it on withMaggie, the blonde one, and the one who puked when he saw brains being cut up aka Doc Knocker’d

  17. MzTeaze says:

    It took me a few minutes to figure out that the intern that got “attacked” by the Doc Knocker mom is David, the cutie from Blindspot who helped Patterson solve a few tattoos. Just without his glasses but that voice was the same.

    I wish they would just break up Jackson and April for good OR bring back GI April from last season. I liked that version of her personalities. I dislike this delusional, “Imma get my man, no holds barred” version. She walked out on him despite his warning that he wasn’t going to wait for her and now she wants to fight for their relationship? Nah.

    Jo’s another character that I am ready to see hit the bricks.

  18. Stacy says:

    Race, like all topics, is a great plot when it’s relevant, but this whole scenario seemed off-kilter. A discussion about race which made Amelia paranoid that Edwards *thought* she was racist, even though she wasn’t, and then panicked and worried that maybe she was. So she went to her “sister”, who asked if she came to her because of their familial ties or because she was the token black person in her life. What? It could have been framed better.

  19. George says:

    Oh come on, McAussie? Man from Down Under? He’s a Kiwi, he said so! Can’t you get it right now that he’s stated where he’s from? I get that people get the two (imo very different) accents mixed up but it’s very important to note the difference! To be honest us Kiwi’s get slightly offended being mistaken for Aussies… I’m not sure Aussies feel the same about being mistake for Kiwis, clearly because New Zealand is far more awesome! :)

    • AJ says:

      The differences between Aussie/Kiwi accents are not that obvious.

    • To be fair, as an Aussie I was finding it hard to place this actor’s accent – it was obviously Aus or Kiwi, but with a weird American overlay that makes it harder to pick.
      That said, since he explicitly said in the episode that he is not Australia but a New Zealander, you’d think the recapper could have gotten it right.

  20. EM says:

    Solid episode and the new guy is much more interesting than Penny who can go anytime. Callie needs to back off of her girlfriends work issues. I was more on Jackson’s side than April’s, but that was low sleeping with her when wanting a divorce. Not looking forward to the angst of Owen’s PTSD again. I felt for Jo this week because it wasn’t acknowledged by anyone that she was the one to come up the solution of the skull flap for the patient. Who is Meredith texting with that she had such a genuine smile on her face for the first time since she kissed Derek goodbye the morning on his death?

  21. That intern and mom thing looked like it came from a different show altogether. Never seen him before. Was that bit even necessary?

  22. Liz says:

    this article is confusing, why do you go back and forth between using a person’s first and last name, even in the same sentence? i kept thinking pierce was a different person…

  23. SG says:

    Poor Jo. I hate Penny more and more, please Shonda, kill her off.

  24. dmc says:

    So many comments…
    Well Nathan is interesting…Hunt’s backstory with Nathan however is not…not sure why they are dragging this out…but kind of don’t care.

    Penny ugghhh…this is the first episode where she didn’t hugely annoy me by being around.

    Callie…I feel like she always gets in these relationships and gets so invested so quickly…how long has she known Penny and now she is walking around the hospital like a crazy person

    More Alex

    Jo: Ok can she be anymore annoying. First, if she really cared about her patient wouldn’t she be more concerned that he was getting the surgery and less concerned that she was the one doing it. And then she lashes out at Penny who basically was following Meredith’s directions…just annoying.

  25. lizzie says:

    Two things left out of your recap: When Maggie used Riggs idea for the patient, she changed the method so that the patient would actually survive. And after April and Jackson “did the deed”, neither one of them looked happy about it.

    • After all this time giving us a story on Jackson and April leading us on then they finally get together is Shondra really going to break them up. Please Its not like April cheated on Jackson. Yes she did leave him and that was the wrong thing to do, but you think they could forgive each other after all they both went through an ordeal when they lost their son,which cause them both to lose their minds. They have to fight to get back together even if they go through couples therapy. So no I don’t want to see them break up, and Yes maybe April should get pregnant again.

  26. Paul says:

    Where is Bailey’s son? He was born in season 2 so he is like 10 years old now right? But we haven’t met him yet. I hate it when they do that. They move on I get it but some things still exist, hello? Da da? Where is Sophia? The “white privilege” comment was unnecessary. We have already felt the racism that exists by HTGAWM as this is almost the one topic each episode has, we don’t need Grey’s to do that, too. For God’s sake this show is on for 10 years we’ve seen a lot of both black and white people, is it really necessary to distinguish them that much? I mean, this is an action which stands on its own, basically creating racism. I was not even thought of the fact that Amelia went with Jo’s side for that reason and when that came up I was like “bloody no!”. Show some mercy.

    • On the contrary, I think the fact that it didn’t cross your, and many of the white folk watching’s minds – mine included – that Amelia’s automatic belief of Jo over Stephanie may have been sub-conciously racist reinforces the necessary conversation about ‘checking white privilege’. As you may recall, the first conversation that led to the topic of race was a discussion of how Riggs walked in and alpha-maled all over Pearce’s service, a situation all of the women in the kitchen could relate to. But the racial aspect, Mer, Alex and Amelia were all surprised by. Just because their workplace is multi-racial and we have seen these people being friends and lovers for years doesn’t mean colour, gender & sexuality have no impact on their lives. Yes the talking to Maggie gave Amelia was a bit on the nose with it’s meta-preachifying, but such spiels have been trademark Shonda since day one.
      And not everyone who watches Greys watches HTGAWM.

  27. robandco says:

    Great episode, once again. This season has been amazing. For me Scandal is now the weakest link of the TGIT lineup because Grey’s Anatomy is rocking right now.
    I loved Arizona and Richard. The whole thing was hilarious. That’s an odd paring but it worked very well. I like that there are a few new interns and that they’re not on the forefront like Jo and Stephanie used to be. I think Grey’s Anatomy has found their new thing and I like it.
    Jackson and April… well that’s a hot mess. I loved that April wanted to work on them, but she should just let it go. She’s done more bad than good.

  28. Kim says:

    Dot call him mcAussie, hes Kiwi!!! totally different

  29. Karen says:

    Correction: after Wilson blew up at Penny, Stephanie asked PENNY (not Pierce) out for a drink.

    And ditto to the comment about sticking with either a first name or last name throughout the recap…don’t care which, just pick one per person!

  30. bjohns says:

    Anyone else over Stephanie’s snarky attitude? Maybe her and Jackson deserved each other. Their my way or the highway annoys me. Jackson needs some therapy. Stephanie can just go, I didn’t get why they kept her. She’s not an intriguing character, even after hearing about her trials. She forgot she spent the entire episode lying about doing stuff for the chief in order to get her stuff done quicker. LOL

    • robandco says:

      Excuse me but she’s basically doing what the original 5 did for several seasons. Lying and cheating to get lab results or an MRI faster or to get interesting surgery.
      She’s great and far more interesting than whiny Jo IMO. I just hope it doesn’t take another tragedy at Grey+Sloan Memorial for them to patch things up.

  31. ClarkKent_DC says:

    I like “Grey’s Anatomy,” but the more I watch it, the more I think I would never want to be a patient in that hospital. A guy who’s been a patient there for more than a year grows a tumor on his head the size of a tennis ball, and nobody notices because he wears a fishing hat all the time? Really? That would HAVE to show up in his blood work!

    And I doubt excising the tumor and giving him the scalp transplant would make him fit to still get the kidney. Wouldn’t he have to be fully recovered from the cancer surgery to be eligible fot the transplant?

  32. carrie says:

    I think Jackson and April will work things out, If Mer is ever ready for a relationship I would love to see her with Alex. He has been there for her. the new doc and owen will be interesting to see it unfold.

  33. Kristen says:

    I called a Mer/Riggs/Maggie triangle quite some time ago, so I’m not surprised. I see this going Maggie wants Riggs, Riggs wants Meredith, Meredith doesn’t want Riggs, until she realizes she does, but I’m sure by this point Maggie will have already expressed her interest in Riggs to Meredith… riffs ensue. Boom! Drama! I think Riggs will see Maggie as more of a friend, confidant, something like that. Did anyone else get a twinge of sadness with their first encounter being in the elevator? It felt very MerDer-esque. Made me sad for a moment. :(

  34. Jacqueline Richards says:

    Please keep April & Jackson together! After last years devasting news of Derek dying. And Aruzona & Callie not together anymore. And Amelia & Hunt not talking about what going on with new doctors. And now having Mer getting attack. It makes me so sad ! I know it is just a show.