Grey's Anatomy Recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: 'Labor' Pains

Although we were all well aware that Derek’s “killer,” Penny, would be starting work at Grey Sloan in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, what no one knew until bam, there he was, was that the hour would also mark the debut of the series’ new leading man, Martin Henderson. What kind of first impression did he make? Read on, then we’ll discuss…

AT YOUR SERVICE | As “The Me Nobody Knows” began, no one — except possibly Amelia — was less thrilled about Penny’s new workplace than Mer. Yet, when Bailey assigned the transfer resident to the service of the general surgery chief, Grey agreed to it (albeit through gritted teeth). And both Penny and Mer seemed to regret it immediately. Even as the two consulted on the case of a pastor who fell down two flights of stairs after accidentally sending his sex tape to his congregation, Mer wouldn’t so much as crack a smile when Penny made a joke. (Too soon.) For that matter, neither would Stephanie or Amelia, who found it so difficult to contain her hostility toward Penny that she lashed out at Mer instead. How could Derek’s wife have Penny on her service? Amelia wanted to know. “I am trying to rise above,” Mer replied.

Unfortunately, doing so was easier said than done — especially when Penny seemed to stumble. (Understandable under the circumstances?) Making matters even worse was Richard’s revelation to Mer that he knew about Penny’s involvement in Derek’s demise. She was an excellent candidate for the program, he argued, adding, “You were the only reason not to hire her.” (Not cool, Richard.) When Penny put the pastor at risk for renal failure, Mer finally snapped, barking, “You froze in the OR, you screwed up his post-op care… Is there any part of this job that you can handle?!?” and kicked the newbie out of his room and off her service.

Afterward, Mer was bitching to Amelia about Penny in the ladies’ room, unaware that Callie was in a stall. You weren’t teaching Blake, Torres said to Grey. “You were being a bully.” Smarting, Mer went to the chapel to talk to Derek. (And right on cue, Alex showed up to offer his support.) At the hour’s end, Richard told Mer that he hadn’t wanted Penny at Grey Sloan any more than she did. But then, he hadn’t wanted Mer at the hospital originally, either, and look how well that had turned out. In response, she acknowledged that Derek probably would have liked Penny. As for Callie, she decided that she was still in her romance with Penny if Penny was. And their kiss suggested that indeed, Penny was. Mid-smooch, Mer paged Penny to say that she wanted her on her service for the rest of the week. #progress

THE NEW GUY | Via Nathan Riggs (Henderson), a cardiothoracic surgeon with whom she became acquainted during her last overseas tour, April brought to Grey Sloan Kamal, a kid from Jordan with an adorable accent and horrific tumors on his hands. The plan was for Jackson to operate, but the boy’s condition was far worse than his estranged wife had let on. Why did she lie about Kamal’s scans being lost? “If you had seen the scans, you might have said no,” she admitted. When Jackson did try to say no, Nathan pointedly thanked him “for taking the time,” and Avery, shamed, hung in there. Alas, since the tumors were pre-cancerous, amputation was the kid’s best bet of even surviving. Unhappy with that diagnosis, April got into it a bit with Jackson, prompting Nathan to remind them that, “This isn’t about you two!” Later, Arizona accused April of using Kamal as a “something” to reunite her with Jackson, and Owen — who apparently shares a very unpleasant past with Nathan — ordered Riggs to get the hell out of Grey Sloan asap. Before he could, though, he revealed to Jackson why abroad April was called “the machine” — because she never slowed down and made everyone want to work harder. Off that, Jackson recruited Callie in hopes of saving Kamal’s hands. And miraculously, they pulled it off! As the episode came to a close, Jackson thanked April for bringing Kamal to him, and they actually embraced. She was just about to ask if he wanted to go out when Nathan interrupted. (His first demerit?)

POP MUSING | Meanwhile, Richard’s old pal, Paul, passed through after a fender bender with his daughter and got diagnosed with diabetes. Off an awkward moment during which Richard didn’t admit to Paul that Maggie was his offspring, she insisted to Webber, “You don’t owe me anything.” Trouble was, he wanted to have a relationship with her. And beneath the hurt, she seemed to want to have a relationship with him, too. But how? Step No. 1: Richard confessed to Paul that he’d cheated on Adele — and that he had a daughter. And “I am very proud to know her,” he added, bringing a smile to Maggie’s face.

Okay, your turn! What did you think of Nathan? Hit the comments!

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  1. Al says:

    I dig Martin’s new character

    • FP says:

      I LOVE the new & hard to believe it possible, but even cuter McDreamy. Whether in movies or TV, he just always pops off the screen and shines so brightly it’s hard to remember the other characters in the scene w/ him.

  2. N says:

    I still like April & Jackson

  3. Cecilia says:

    April and Jackson will adopt the boy and Nathan will end up being a love interest to meredith.

    • Kelly says:

      I think they will adopt him as well but it looks like Nathan is a love interest for Maggie.

    • inge says:

      OHH – Please say it is so

    • B McKee says:

      They can’t adopt the kid. He’s Jordanian and Jordanian law (and the laws in most Islamic countries) bans the adoption of Muslim children by non-Muslims. I doubt that April would be willing to convert.

      • Bebe says:

        Not all Jordanian are muslims FYI

      • Hala says:

        Ya that’s the problem with that episode..that not all Jordanians are Moslems..not the fact that ” kamals family were killed in front of him. He was going to be taken as a young soldiers if not for his deformed hands!!!”
        Thank god shonda gets her medical information properly (I think I’m not a doctor) cause she and her co writers sure know zilch about what’s going on in the world and certainly nothing about geography.

  4. abz says:

    These stupid song covers have got to end! They just don’t fit in and they’re so distracting. This season has been really good so far, but I miss the days when Grey’s had good background music like the earlier seasons that really fit well with the scenes and didn’t overshadow. At this point I’d rather have the show go music-less completely.

    • abz says:

      Aside from that, I’m liking this Nathan character so far.
      I wasn’t really satisfied with the resolution to the rift between Amelia and Meredith. Amelia was wrong in her approach to Meredith during the dinner party. I want them to address it. And I’d also like to see at some point down the line Meredith acknowledging Amelia’s right to grieve as well. It should be a great bonding moment for the two of them. But, sadly, like with the poor music choices, the show’s writers have continued to destroy Amelia’s character and clearly are struggling with figuring out how to write for her properly
      I honestly wouldn’t mind if they got rid of both Owen and Richard. I’ve liked them both, but I can’t bring myself to care about the two of them at all. I’m not interested in this history between Owen and Nathan (reminds me of how the show first brought Mark on) nor do I approve of this relationship with Amelia. The show should seriously consider trimming the fat because the cast is already bloated as it is and allow for more time to be devoted to other characters like Arizona, Alex, and Callie. Callie used to be so heavily featured. Now we barely get a few words out of her each episode. I seriously miss her and her humor.

      • Michelle says:

        Yes to Owen, no to Richard. He may not be a front line player anymore, but I still love that he’s on the show.

      • A fan of TV says:

        I actually love Owen and Amelia. I’ve wanted him to have a happy ever after for a really long time, even though he’s his own worst enemy.

    • jd says:

      Oh thank god for this. I thought it was just me, but the music soundtrack has been SO BAD this season. I too miss the days when watching Grey’s also meant discovering awesome indie music. So glad I’m not alone.

    • Bigdede says:

      I agree with you regarding Owen. His character without Cristina is pointless. He has no chemistry with Amelia. He needs to go.

    • Omg I so agree with this. I HATE the background music now. Seriously – last week, an acoustic version of TLC? Just terrible.

    • robandco says:

      The music is excellent. Yes, it is distracting and sometimes the timing is bad and yes, that Oops… I did it again! cover was so good I forgot to listen to what they were saying and had to rewind but the music is very good IMO.

    • Helen says:

      I completely agree!! Seriously, ooops I did it again?? I wanted to throw something at my TV. Stop grey, just stop using cover songs, it distracts from the scenes!!!

  5. Luli says:

    it was a meh episode, maybe because ot the amazing episode that was the 250? anyways, hope for Japril!!!! And Amelia and Meredith talked (progress!!) Also Penny needs to get the hell out of Grey Sloan, but I fear she will stay for a while, maybe a long time…
    I liked the new Doctor. Didn’t expect him at all, nice that he has a connection with April and Owen! NExt one looks good.

  6. Robin says:

    Penny needs to get the hell out of Grey Sloan. They more I see her on screen they more I dislike her. She’s taking screen time from the people we love on the show. And after this episode I want calzona back together even more, and I wasn’t always a fan of them, but now I want them back.

  7. Jay says:

    Meredith’s hair! Wtf? Is she 2?

  8. Rick Katze says:

    Another vote to kill those musical interludes. They %^&*. But lots of loose ends created in the show for Shonda to play games with. Should be an interesting season. Almost need a scorecard to tell who has problems with whom.

  9. DarkDefender says:

    So far I think the new guy is ok. My money is on him and Maggie hitting it off as the cardio team. Her admission that she and the intern never talk – all but ends that “relationship.” She is too nice and nerdy a character to not have someone she can talk to. And she’s never going to break Amelia and Meredith into being chatty. The intern spiced her up a bit and now she is in the Grey+Sloan on-call room sex club. Time for her to graduate to a nice relationship with Riggs. I’m also guessing Mr. Cardio-thoracic guy had some issue with Hunt’s other cardio-thoracic friend, Teddy and I really don’t care if they spend anytime on why Hunt hates him.
    Unless Dr. Riggs digs Amelia and Hunt has to leave because of it.. I’d be ok with that too.
    I’m starting to understand why people believe in a Mer/Alex end game. Jo has been reduced to being an ineffective intern and wallpaper to everyone else and Alex seems attached at the hip with Meredith every time she needs a buddy. The good news? I’ve stopped wondering about the kids everyone has and I’m glad we have adult storylines. Show all the kids in a holiday episode and it will all be good.
    Get Jackson some happy. He needs to be smiling more.
    I like Pretty Penny and they can all learn some nice lessons in humility with her around. So I’m for her hanging in there.. Every single one of the surgeons had their “Derek”.. Time to forgive and get over it.
    And my last request is that Amelia lighten the heck up. Her scowl face gives me a headache.

    • Kelly says:

      I agree with alot of what you said except the whole Amelia character. I would much rather get rid of her and Stephanie. I like Owen, just wish they hadn’t reduced him to Amelia’s whatever. He could be so much more than just Christina or Amelia’s bf. I do not want a Mer/Alex end game. I like the fact that they are the only 2 who haven’t slept together. Men and women can be just friends!

    • A fan of TV says:

      I don’t know how I feel about Mer and Alex being anything other than friends, but I agree with your Jo assessment. What on earth are they doing to her character??

      • Kelly says:

        Knowing Shonda, they are trying to get rid of Jo so they can make Alex/Mer happen. Shonda always says “this couple” (Calzona) are the end game but then break them up for what some of the fans want. She always said George and Izzie were end game even after she broke them up because of backlash, and then she married Izzie/Alex off and pushed George to the side.

      • sosis says:

        I disagree, Jo should just leave – even if Alex doesn’t end up with Mer, he deserves better.
        I’d like to see Owen with a decent human being, like Maggie, or April (if Japril is over) and I’m not the only one who believed in the possibility of something with Callie last season…

  10. tahimar says:

    Meredith was a piece of work tonight, so ‘s her hair. WTF? Callie(Sara) has lost a lot of weight, looking good, but she must stop, bfre she looks like sick? She and Penny, where do I start..sorry, but see no chemistry, maybe my Calzona broken heart speaking. :( Like Nathan, he and Owen bad blood? Wonder he ‘s in for Amelia and not Meredith like some are predicting…let’s think about it.

  11. zac says:

    This is the first time I realized that the show has a really large cast. I had these “Oh, it’s Alex.” “Look it’s Hunt” moments during the episode. I also like the Riggs character. AT first I thought Martin Henderson was gonna be Mer’s new love interest (gladly he’s not, well at least for now) but he’s gonna be there for Jackson to be jealous of. Grey’s is famous for using songs to accentuate the dramatic moments. I didnt get that with Oops I Did It Again even if it was a really fine cover.

  12. This episode pretty much screamed hope for Japril. I loved it. I want Jackson and April to work out their issues, and some people (mostly on twitter) mentioned them adopting the little boy. I would be so here for that. I’m glad we got another Mer/Alex scene, and less Jo. I think if they spent time developing Jo more that I would love her, but lately, she just complains and is bitter over something. Even in the one scene she had she was all snarky about something Steph said. Meeeeeh.

  13. Kim says:

    Really starting to love idea of Meredith and Alex as more than “each other’s person!” I don’t want to love it bc they are perfect best friends, but I am starting to get a vibe! Like I said I don’t want to love it…but I am! Izzie and George…yuck, mistake… BUT Alex and Meredith, I can see it! Might be bc Jo is in no mans land most episodes. I am so conflicted bc I am a Jolex fan too??!!#shipperconflict

  14. Kinley says:

    Love Martin Henderson glad to see him again. His character on Red Road was better than I’m seeing thus far. Give him a love interest with anyone but Mer. Ugh. She is a mean girl. And hard on the eyes. Not Mer’s stepsister either…..why does everyone on the show need braces??!!

    • Coconuts says:

      You better look like the best thing on earth.. the way you are talking about Mer and Maggie.. guess what… they are human and they are surgeons… sorry if they don’t look like super models… *rolls eyes repeated*

  15. Coconuts says:

    First off, that oops I did it again song was the last straw… even if it was acoustic…why does it have to sound like zombies were singing it?

    I’m still a Maggie/Alex fan.. I really don’t see Alex/Mer… i see him as a friend that stuck from season 1..i cant even imagine them kissing… yuck….and she’s such a wreck right now that she doesn’t even look like she would be dating anytime soon.

    Mer was mean to Penny …and it was funny. Penny knew what she was up against. No one is forcing her to endure it. The door is down the hall..

    I hate Kepner. I was so happy when she lied to Jackson like a psycho and so angry when it all worked out in the end. Ugh!

    Maggie… I’m hoping there is some love drama there. We need some…. Away from depressing Mer and Kepner. Was there something between her and the new guy in the promo? Not sure. But I can dig a love triangle with him and Andrew right about now.. with Alex as end game lolll.

  16. 777 says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t like Callie and Penny. The sonner Penny leaves the better.

  17. A says:

    Is it just me, or did it sometimes seem like the new guy had an accent? I know the actor is from New Zealand, but I couldn’t figure out if his character was supposed to have an accent or not. It sounded to me like he said some words with a noticeable accent.

    • The Mendez says:

      ^100% this comment! It was driving me crazy. If he can’t do American then don’t. It was distracting. Not terrible indie cover of pop song distracting but close.

    • Ocean says:

      Omg I’m Canadian and live in New Zealand and I can’t figure out WHAT is going on with his accent. It’s all over the place!!!

  18. Grace331 says:

    I said it last week and I agree with everyone who said it this morning week. Stop with the bad covers. They song choice is ridic and they just sound awful and distract from the story. Someone tell shondaland to stop! Oops I did it again seriously? I just can not!

  19. Scotty_Dog says:

    Meh this was probably the worst episode of the season but the start has been quite strong (much better than last year) so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    I have generally liked April in the past (other than her first season) but this season she is really grating on me. She just left Jackson and expects him to forgive her because she is buzzing around him like an annoying fly! I kinda hope the April/Jackson storyline gets put on the backburner for a few episodes.

    I don’t mind that the cast is quite large, I mean it’s not nearly as big as the cast of Game of Thrones but it’s quite good in that if you don’t love all the characters they will sometimes take a back seat. Although I would like Callie, Arizona, Alex and Bailey to get more focus. I sometimes feel the writers don’t know what to do with Jo, Owen, Amelia…

    I am glad Maggie offered more than just rabbiting on about sex and interns. It’s fine for like one episode but she is a thirty year old Attending!

    Callie was really sweet to Penny (still hopeful for Calzona end game!) and I am glad she called Mer out for being a bitch!

  20. Niks says:

    I am so glad you call her pinny Dreadful. Conflict is required for story lines. Hence Meredith’s worse nightmare turning up. But does Pinnny know about the children yet? I do hope we get to see the children before the break, because it is getting very odd that all the kids are invisible all this time.
    I like Mer’s hair! I don’t blame her for dissing on Pinny, she had to get it out of her system. Why did that hospital close if it was so good?it wasn’t as highly ranked as GSMH soif pinny was top of a group of residents that can’t have been top notch can she? She is with the interns listening to Mer at the end, so isn’t that an assessment of her needing to have to start again with the basics?

  21. EM says:

    I think this episode was a little bit of a letdown since the previous (250) was so great. Penny is going to have to toughen up. I didn’t think that Mer was that hard on her and Deluca, the intern, was better than 3rd year resident Penny and she was skipping steps. Not buying Richard hiring her because the only reason not to was Mer and he doesn’t want to coddle her. I’ve not seen any coddling from him. The least successful story was Maggie and Richard relationship.The writers had a chance to do that earlier and I think it’s too late now. The new guy wasn’t bad and I’m glad he has history with April and Owen. Hope for April and Jackson. Loved the chapel scene with Meredith and Alex.

  22. Dominique says:

    i like this nathan riggs character, seemed to fit right in. plus; he’s got history with several characters, so that should make for some story (drama?)
    the mer/alex scenes are honestly my favorite thing on the show right now. they are so at ease with each other. i never thought i’d say this (always been a firm fan of their FRIENDship) but i’ve really started to see them in a new light, and wish that they will be endgame.

  23. Shirley says:

    Penny was at the top of her class at the non trauma, non teaching small doc in the box bodunk hospital in the middle of no where that couldn’t save Derek and was shut down. This is the best recruit that Webber can get? Let’s hope that Meredith makes her a better doc quickly so she can move on. I see no chemistry between her and Callie

  24. The Mendez says:

    I love the new guy. But what’s with the accent or lack there of? Is this intentional?

  25. Ali says:

    I really like the idea of Owen and April together and Jackson getting together with Richards daughter (whom I like, but, at the moment can’t recall her name.) I don’t miss Derrick at all and am rapidly tiring of Meredith. I also don’t really miss Christina that much either. Funny how good acting and casting can fix things like that. The new guy is cute and a keeper but I can’t tell if he’s an Aussie/Brit or American. His accent is weird.

  26. Kristen says:

    No more Britney Spear’s covers. Please. It’s cringe worthy.

    Nathan Riggs… I like him. I may be alone in this, but I don’t think he’s a love interest for Maggie. If he is, then I would expect a triangle between Meredith, Maggie, and Nathan. I want Maggie to be happy, but if there’s any connection between the two, it will be short lived, b/c I think he’s here for Meredith ultimately.

    While I like Alex and Jo together, I really like all the interaction Alex is having with Meredith. It’s sweet. He’s being her person. Speaking of Jo though… is she going to die soon or is she leaving? I feel like they are trying to write her off the show. She’s being portrayed as a mediocre resident, a tattle tale, and insecure. Then she’s hardly in any scenes, and when she is she’s crying or whining. It’s getting annoying.

    Pretty Penny can just go to a different hospital. Not that I don’t like the character, but I feel like this show is getting WAY TOO MANY characters. They bring on Nathan and Penny? So what is Penny’s purpose? Other than to make Meredith into a better teacher… and force Amelia to deal with her grief head on. Yay… Callie got a girlfriend? I just don’t see what she’s going to bring to the cast that they don’t already have. She just seems like an old-April. That’s it.

    Speaking of April… I’m so over her and Avery. I don’t like them together. At all. I’ve never liked them as a couple. Just last week Avery wanted nothing to do with her, and now after one surgery (a miraculous one at that), he’s okay with everything again? I’m assuming he got caught up in the moment and triumph of the successful surgery, but geez… now April is going to think everything is okay, and we’ll have to deal with her breakdown when she realizes it’s not okay. He wants a divorce. That isn’t going to disappear overnight all because you were able to repair a child’s hands. Also, if they decided to adopt this little boy just because they think it will save their marriage, I will eternally dislike the pairing that is Avery and April.