The Originals' Jason Dohring on Playing Human ('We'll See How Long I Stay'), Will's Possible Romance With Cami

After portraying an immortal bloodsucker on the cult fave Moonlight, Jason Dohring is going back to basics as The Originals‘ Detective Will Kinney, a human role that may cause pause for concern.

Given the nature of the CW series (decapitations are pretty much the norm) and Will’s close relationship with Cami (aka the object of werewolf/vampire hybrid Klaus’ affections), it’s no wonder that Dohring is a little apprehensive about his character’s fate on the show (airing Thursday at 9/8c).

Below, the actor talks about Will’s life expectancy, his “attraction” to Cami and the CW drama he wants to appear on next.

TVLINE | Does it feel weird being on a supernatural show and not playing a vampire?
Yeah. I remember drinking that blood, and it was just…not the best. At the same time, it’s fun because you get to do all the cool stuff like fly around — at least our vampires were flying and s–t. Usually, they live the high life — driving Ferraris and having loads of money and being in people’s faces and just not caring. So this is very different because you have a much more strict set of rules and limits to who your character can be.

TVLINE | What are you enjoying about portraying a human on a supernatural show?
I enjoy the detective element of it because there are certain guidelines to the character. A detective can’t be “blah” or whatever. He’s just had training. Coming out of being on shows where I was kid and a spoiled brat, to find roles that are like a teacher [such as on Ringer], it’s just been cool because it’s more acting rather instead of emotional-based. There’s different characters features that are interesting to play with.

The Originals Jason DohringTVLINE | We see a little bit of Will at work in the premiere, but not too much. What kind of a detective is he? A by-the-book type? Does he bend the rules?
All police officers, good ones, bend the rules a little bit and in life, too. He’s smart, confident [and] wants to find out what’s going on after he discovers this serial string of murders. In the future episodes, he winds up getting more pulled into the supernatural world. He’s determined to figure it out, so he winds up in this terrifying situation.

TVLINE | There are a lot people in positions of power on the show who do know what’s going on. How much does he know about the supernatural?
He doesn’t know about the supernatural world, but he has suspicions that something is going on beneath the city. He enlists the help of Cami and Vincent, who’s a friend from before, a confidant, and he knows about the occult, so [Will] pulls him in to find out more about it. He suspects that he’s not being told everything, ’cause he’s a detective. So he goes, “That’s true, but there’s something else you’re not saying. What is it?” They don’t want to reveal what’s really going on.

TVLINE | Almost every character on the show has some deep, dark tragic history or secret. Does that also apply to Will?
I guess I’ve thought of things. It’s always weird to introduce a character. That’s probably the hardest thing to do is your first couple scenes because you have to build this memory of the character so it doesn’t look hollow. I tried to do that.

TVLINE | But he’s not hiding anything on screen so far?
No, not really. I just gave it a couple things in my head to make it interesting or dramatic for me.

TVLINE | How would you describe the dynamic between him and Cami?
It seems like it could be straight-by-the-book — help and a romance sort of thing. But there is this aspect of when you’re trying to figure out something and you’re not being told the full truth by that [other] person. There’s that aspect where she doesn’t want me to find out too much. She wants to help mostly for herself to figure out what is going on. I have clues, I have the conventional data that’s being gathered and stuff like that, and she has the bulk of the behind-the-scenes. [We’re] working together, but neither one maybe wants to give away all their cards.

TVLINE | Is there romance for Will, possibly with Cami?
There’s certainly an attraction. He respects her right from the start… She’s smart and she’s not one to be messed with. They’re both good people and they connect.

TVLINE | He’s spending a lot of time with her, which I have to imagine does not sit well with Klaus.
Right, exactly. So we’ll see how long I stay. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Do you worry about your life expectancy, playing a human?
I know that they’re food, right, essentially. Disposable. But as long as the story can be moved forward with purpose that this character might introduce, if you’re contributing, then it’s cool.

TVLINE | You’ve now done The Originals, Ringer, Supernatural and The Tomorrow People. Is there a CW show left that you want to guest-star on?
Oh, man, let’s see… We were talking about iZombie at some point.

TVLINE | Rob Thomas mentioned to me you were emailing about a role before you were cast on The Originals. Is there a particular type of character you’d like to play on that show? Zombie or human?
I guess zombie, right, because that’s more character. Detective zombie. [Laughs]

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  1. Jess says:

    This confirms to me that Jason just came to try to improve the image of Camille’s character (for example last episode the only thing he did was talk about what wonderful and necessary she is)

    • Larkin says:

      Nope that’s not it. The show is about the Originals and Cami is part of KLaus ‘ life because they have a connection, and now she is helping him, but they have so many things to introduce about the Originals that they had no time to develop Camille di per se, but as the show progress we will explore her more in depth; so far we know enuff about her uncle and she is the representative of the human faction so this is her field to help the detective with the murders as she is the main target being human. I am so excited is gonna be a good year. Narducci said so.

      • Jess says:

        it’s been three years and nothing has happened to Camille just apathy or disgust.

        Also, Did you memorized Narducci speech about the Importance of Camille? because I swear that’s what he has repeated again and again during the show, wellat least someone bought it.

      • Camille says:

        Well if king of the jerks says so, it must be true! Julie Plec is that you? lololololol Its okay friend, enjoy this drivel while it lasts because this show is done for.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    Really miss Moonlight especially when they had Sophia Myles (wolf whistle)

  3. zac says:

    Cami is the Matt counterpart from TVD. You dont know why they’re there but when something bad happens to them you get affected.

    • Larkin says:

      I don’t get it…. Why what you think she should do other than be a human caught up in that world? Plus she is Klaus’ love interest and friend. Or Klaus should not fall for anybody or less have friends even of humans? What planet are on? Maybe we can tell Narducci to sent Camille to the Harry Potter school of wizardy as it seems a title for the supernatural some viewers require from her to be part of the show, GTFO!!

      • Imposter Klaus says:

        Real Klaus would have eaten Cami. This show has an imposter!

      • Freud. says:

        I perceive a Camille/Klamille fan? Therefore nothing will make him/her happy until we say that Camille is the best lol. Good thing you admit that she’s just a love interest.

        • Imposter Klaus says:

          How dare you! Camille is so much more than a love interest! Klaus is the east, and Camille the sun!!

          • Imzadi says:

            Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon!

            From another author:
            The sun was shining on the sea,
            Shining with all his might.
            He did his very best to make
            The billows smooth and bright–
            Which was odd because it was
            The middle of the night.
            The moon was shining sulkily
            Because she thought the sun
            Had got no reason to be there
            Now that the day was done.
            It’s very rude of him, she thought,
            To come and spoil the fun!

          • Larkin says:

            Didn ‘t you hear? Camille has enrolled to the School of Witchcraft Sacred Avolon” just opened in NOLA and very soon she will be a full-pleged witch with a degree, beside continue her family tradition of occult expert, Narducci announced and will cover the role of vice-Regent next to Davina..A give yourself a real name, luv.. Imposter \Klaus sound as idiotc as your commets…

        • Larkin says:

          Nobody forces this show down my throat, i guess neither yours, when it happens that i do not like the cast i stop watching instead of trolling to spoil it for those who appreaciate the job of everyoe behind.. Do you really think that people who love the show and enjoy all the characters care about people like you who all they do is moan? Do not watch it, we do not have to justify nothing about the characters to people like just because you were disappointed, that your imaginary coupels/like tthey never were? Grow up… And is that your real name?.. WOW lol

          • Grown up says:

            how you going to say grow up to someone in one sentence and the next make fun of a name? This must be one of the writing staff for the show because only they make personal attacks on fans or critics.

  4. Carol C says:

    Would love to see him on iZombie!

  5. Meme says:

    Can’t wait for the end of the season, so he’ll be either dead or gone.

  6. spindae2 says:

    He is just great. Looking forward to see more of him in TO.
    BTW he was in The Messengers as well.

  7. lulu says:

    He should have his OWN tv show. End of story. Or a movie carreer. On this CW show, he will be wasted, mark my words, then killed off because he is not Klaus..zzzzzz
    p.s: he is a far better and charismatic actor than the guy who plays Klaus, who is not bad, but Jason is just better, sorry not sorry.

  8. Andreia says:

    I love The Originals. Great show. Great characters . Joseph Morgan is phenomenal.

  9. Imzadi says:

    In the Veronica Mars movie and the novels, his character, Logan Echols, is a Naval officer and a jet pilot, so he’s become a very mature, responsible adult. And, given Logan’s abuse at his father’s hands, it’s not so surprising he was originally a brat (and nearly a psycho!).

  10. Ada says:

    Why in the hell an actor as good as Jason come to a show as terrible as TO and to play such an insignificant character whose purpose is to prop to lamest character and romantic story in TV history?! There’s no justice in this world…

  11. Liya Jacobs says:

    I do like Camille, and if people wasn’t so bias in their “shipping” they’d see the complexity of the character and that Leah Pipes is a fantastic actress.

    • Jess says:

      Like you being a Klamille/Camille Stan? Yeah tots agree then

      • Liya Jacobs says:

        A Cami stan Klamille stan, fact is I can ship Cami with everyone tbh. Elijah/Marcel/Vincent I’ll probably ship her with Det. Kinney because Leah Pipes is that good!

    • Rinti says:

      Leah Pipes is great, but some people only see Cami as an obstacle for Klaus/Caroline. I have been a fan of Cami since the vampire diaries backdoor pilot.

  12. Cristina L says:

    I love Camille, it’s about time she got more screen time. She’s still my favorite character.

  13. Katie says:

    I liked the season premiere but they seemed more focused on establishing Lucien more than anything else. I hope they develop Will just as much because he has the potential to be an interesting character. Especially one that can tick off Klaus and drive him bananas…although he already IS psychotic to begin with, but still-could make for some fun scenes. Just have to wait and see. I get the feeling Micheal Narducci is none too fond of Julie Plec, so if she wants to do something to screw up a perfectly good show (like those who say she messed up TVD), she could have an ugly fight on her hands. Just a thought.

  14. Megan says:

    Love Cami. She’s my favourite character and I love Leah Pipes. Best actress on TO. cant wait to see what season 3 has in store for her.
    I’m also looking forward to how klaus reacts to a potential cami/will romance

  15. Cami is the cats meow says:

    Cami is so amazing! I mean come on people how can’t you see how important her role in the TO world is???? If it were not for her and Klaus’s epically weird stand offs we would have nothing to look forward to every week! Who cares that she is a two dimensional insult to females in general. Women are only worthy of being love interests to prop up the sad little men who cry about their mommies! This is grade A writing! If you don’t like it stop watching. Oh wait….

  16. Phoenix5632 says:

    This is an awesome show! You trolls are mindless Lemmings, you’re honestly long winded and doing absolutely no good… like you’re making all these assumptions based on “shipping”, when there’s a lot more to the show than that, this is a new chapter in the storyline and you have no idea what’s to come but your trolling, and denying that you’re trolling lol. And you obviously care enough about the show to tune in every week and come on here to comment, so my question is why?… Like seriously keep you’re feedback positive, or constructive.., or just shut ur mouths and just watch every week like you’re already doing. This is an awesome show! I hope it continues for a long time yet!

  17. zed says:

    It’s ok for a love interest for this season-Cami will probably be damsel in distress and I would love for Vincent to rescue her!!!