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iZombie Boss Talks Liv and Blaine Romance (?!), 'Fun' Cure Side Effects, Veronica Mars Guest Stars and More

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iZombie is turning the tables on Liv & Co in Season 2.

The heroine is once again an outcast with her loved ones, Blaine’s a human and Major’s… well, we’re not sure what he’s up to after almost becoming a zombie , since executive producer Rob Thomas is keeping his arc under lock and key. But he sure isn’t keen on his ex-fiancée when the CW series returns on Oct. 6.

Those broken hearts won’t be lonely for long, however, as Liv and Major move on, Thomas previews below. Given the similarities to a certain couple on the EP’s cult fave Veronica Mars — and their new common foe, Max Rager could Liv ever see Blaine as more than just a frenemy?

Speaking of Neptune, Thomas also reveals which Mars alum could have been a Season 2 player (hint: he’s recurring on another CW drama) and which one he wants for a very different kind of role.

TVLINE | How different are the world and the characters, considering everything that happened at the end of the finale?
Well, there are no more scenes at Meat Cute. That has been blown up, and Blaine has a new business we will reveal in the first episode. Liv is, largely, on the outs with people close to her. Major has trouble grappling with what Liv chose not to tell him; Peyton is still gone; and things are understandably tense with any surviving family members she has from Season 1.

iZombie Season 2 SpoilersTVLINE | Is there any way she can justify not giving her dying brother her blood without exposing her secret to her family?
Any medical procedure would be tough for Liv. The second someone took her blood pressure or looked at her blood, it would probably result in her getting checked into the hospital. But yeah, certainly that would be a tough, tough thing to explain, and her mom is certainly looking for explanations as we start Season 2.

TVLINE | So where is Liv at emotionally and mentally? Is she in a dark place?
Yeah. She’s taken some comfort in work, but everything outside of work is sort of a nightmare for her as we start the season. There is not a lot going on for her as we pick up Season 2 beyond the job.

TVLINE | Last season, Major was all about taking down the zombies. Then he learned the truth. What is his mission now?
I love his Season 2 mission, but it is a big reveal in the first episode. It’s a fun reveal, and I can’t wait for people to see it. But he’s definitely got a big mission for Season 2.

iZombie Season 2 SpoilersTVLINE | What’s the interaction like between Major and Liv? Or are they totally avoiding each other?
Liv is not avoiding Major, but Major is avoiding Liv. In the first episode back, she’s trying to reach out to him, trying to get ahold of him because Clive continues to dig into the Meat Cute case. She is his alibi, and she needs desperately to talk to him, but Major is ducking her. So that’s what’s going on between the two of them when we first see them.

TVLINE | Will we see Major and Liv dating other people?
Yeah, we will. Those [love interests] are surprises.

iZombie Season 2 SpoilersTVLINE | Now that Liv has used up the cure on Major and Blaine, where does that leave Ravi?
Ravi’s holy grail in Season 2 is he can’t make any more of the cure until he gets his hands on some of this tainted Utopium stuff from the original boat party. He is on a quest to find that, and in the meantime, there will be side effects from the cure that will demand his attention.

TVLINE | Are there going to be any new creatures next season? Because the new Max Rager product could have really weird side effects…
I think we’re going to stay strictly zombie. There won’t be werewolves or vampires or anything like that. Like I say, we’re going to have a little bit of fun with the cure side effects, but no plans on having other creatures.

TVLINE | How’s Blaine feeling about being human again?
He’s loving the food. He enjoys gloating when he runs into Liv. There are some things that he misses, but he would absolutely vote for human if given the choice. And so, he’s pretty pleased with where he is as he starts the season.

TVLINE | Really? That’s interesting. I would have thought that he would be one of those types that wants to be all-powerful.
Well, he may not reveal to other people that he’s no longer a zombie. So he still has customers, and he’s not letting on that he’s now a human.

TVLINE | There are some fans who want to see Liv and Blaine together romantically. Is that out of the question?
I can say that I have a tough time imagining this murderer of teenagers and Liv getting together. Although you watch Jamie Lannister [on Game of Thrones] and then three seasons later, you find yourself rooting for him. So it has been done. People have been redeemed, effectively, on television. But at this point, I sure have a tough time getting my head around that. We love, love scenes with Blaine and Liv in them, and a lot of Season 2 is about finding reasons for them to be in the same scene together. They will share an enemy in Season 2. Season 1 was largely about zombies going after humans. Season 2 will have a lot of humans going after zombies, and that will make very strange bedfellows of Liv and Blaine – though not literally.

TVLINE | I would have said the same about Spike and Buffy and then that happened.
That’s right. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Or even Veronica and Logan [from Veronica Mars].
Yeah, that’s true. Though I would say if Blaine had only done bum fights, we could put them together. It’s the murdering of people that makes it a bit trickier.

iZombie Season 2 SpoilersTVLINE | What’s next for Clive?
There’s a joke in Season 2 where Liv says, “I didn’t even know you had a home life. I just think you went into your Detective Clive box at the end of the day.” But this year, we’re going to see a little bit of Clive’s home life… His white whale is trying to figure out what happened at Meat Cute. The police department has decided it happened one way, and Clive doesn’t agree with his peers, and between us and whoever you’re writing to, Clive is more right than the official story.

TVLINE | Are there still plans to introduce Liv’s dad in Season 2?
Yeah. We’re eight episodes in, and we haven’t written that, but it’s on our big board of ideas. We’ve intentionally not mentioned him so that we could do it when we found the perfect story, and there have been a couple ideas pitched that I really like. So it hasn’t been planned specifically yet, but it is out there in the ether and one of the things that we’ve been interested in exploring.

TVLINE | Do you have someone in mind that you would love to get for that role?
Enrico Colantoni. [Laughs] No, I really could not do that. We have laughed about that idea, how it would affect Veronica Mars fans. I’m dying to get Enrico in the show, but I will not do that. Enrico can only be the dad in one of my shows. Because I’m already fighting off the number of comparisons that I hear [to Veronica Mars]. I think that would be a bridge too far.

iZombie Jason DohringTVLINE | As you’re trying to push off those comparisons, is it difficult because you want to work with those people again?
Well, that I have no problem with. The idea of casting actors who I like and who have done good work, I will get as many of those as I can. In fact, you would likely see more, but because it films in Canada, we’re limited in the number of actors we can send up to Canada. Otherwise, you’d probably be seeing a ton more Veronica Mars people.

TVLINE | I was surprised that The Originals snagged Jason Dohring before you did.
Oh, I was broken-hearted when I saw it. I mean, I was happy for Jason, but I’d just been emailing Jason, saying, “We’re going to find something great for you this year,” and then he got cast in The Originals, and I sighed heavily.

TVLINE | As excited as I am to see him on that show, they do kill a lot of people, so there’s still hope for iZombie.
Maybe they will Bradley James him, and he will be available to us.

On that heartbreaking note — R.I.P. Lowell — we invite you to hit the comments with your thoughts on iZombie‘s Season 2 adventures. And stay tuned to TVLine for even more scoop!