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iZombie Season 2 Spoilers

iZombie Boss on Liv's New Roomie, Major's 'Moral Crisis,' Season 2 Villains

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Tuesday’s iZombie Season 2 premiere.

No wonder iZombie executive producer Rob Thomas has been keeping mum about Major’s arc in Season 2!

At the close of the CW series’ sophomore opener on Tuesday night, Liv’s ex-fiancé was blackmailed by Max Rager into agreeing to kill off all of Seattle’s zombies. In return, Major’s pretty, undead ex stays unharmed. (Oh, and thanks to the cure’s side effects, Major can now sense when somebody is a zombie. Helpful!)

iZombie Season 2 Spoilers“That is his big mission: to keep himself and Liv alive,” Thomas previews. “In order to do that, he has to take out these zombies. It’s going to be a moral crisis for him. … It will be tearing him apart, and it doesn’t get any easier for him for a long time.”

That said, Major is “not just going to sit back and take it all season,” the EP continues. “At some point, he’s got to figure out how to turn the tables on Max Rager.”

Below, Thomas previews Season 2’s fresh foes, Liv’s shocking new roomie and more. He also weighs in whether a full season order is in the cards for the show.

LIVING WITH THE ENEMY | Max Rager’s plan to keep an eye on Liv by planting Vaughn’s assistant Gilda as her new roommate is paying off. Even though there are potential alarm bells, Gilda won’t be found out any time soon. “We’re writing Episode 12, and it hasn’t happened yet,” Thomas reveals. “She’s clever, that girl. But yeah, I doubt she’ll make it through the season.”

FAMILY RELATIONS | Liv wasn’t exactly on speaking terms with her mother and recuperating brother at the end of the premiere. So how will she make peace with them after refusing to give up her blood to save her sibling’s life — with no explanation? The answer may have to wait a while as “we don’t get back to the family right away,” Thomas says, “but we just shot a couple episodes with them.” Adds fellow EP Diane Ruggiero-Wright: “There are some pretty interesting, cool developments with the family.”

iZombie Season 2 Spoilers

BADDIES GALORE | As “the world is getting bigger” and “more moving parts” come into play in Season 2, the number of villains will grow, Thomas shares. “Last year, Blaine was the sole Big Bad, and this year, Steven Weber [as Max Rager boss Vaughn] is occupying a bunch of that space,” he says. Plus, Blaine — who’s pretending to be a zombie while operating a funeral home for his brain-dealing business — “has really fun, juicy stuff this year. [He] is going to try to become the crime lord of Seattle.” But there’s just one problem: there already is a crime lord of Seattle, named Mr. Boss (played by Ocean’s Eleven’s Eddie Jemison).

THE CURE IS IN THE RODENT | If you’re wondering whether the zombie cure will stick, then you’ll want to keep a close eye on Ravi’s furry, little friend. “We’ve got a whole Flowers for Algernon story playing here,” Thomas describes. “We’ve got the one zombie rat, New Hope, who will be the canary in the coal mine for both Major and Blaine. Once stuff starts happening to that rat, you have to figure that it will eventually happen to [them], as well.”

FULL SEASON, HERE WE COME? | The CW series received an additional five script orders on Monday, but Thomas isn’t stopping at 18 episodes. “I think we’re going to get to do 22,” he says. “I’m feeling bullish. We’re breaking towards 22. If we air on Tuesday and it’s a disaster, I will start thinking about 13. But I feel good. We have nine that play before the break for the holidays, and we built a really big Episode 9. And then 13, we’re treating like an episode on the way to 22. It could change, but that’s how we’re building it.

“I have to say, having done 22-episode seasons on Veronica Mars — and it’s been a long time since I’ve done it — it is a slog. Like last year, doing 13, it was so great. If I didn’t like money…” he adds with a laugh. “Thirteen is such a good number. But I’d still rather do 22.”

iZombie fans, what did you think of the Season 2 premiere’s twists? Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. Reba42 says:

    I was really hoping that Liv would adopt the dog.

  2. Steven says:

    So glad Live’s brother is alive. I was really worried all Summer that he would die and it would be all her fault. Really great premiere and I’m so excited for the rest of the season. Hopefully The CW does the right thing and gives them a back 9.

  3. Magali says:

    Old angry man Liv was awesome

  4. B says:

    I just realized the irony in Liv Moore’s name and I feel really dumb now lol.

  5. Carol C says:

    I’m loving the voting results and really hoping for 22 episodes.

  6. zac says:

    Hmmm.. not a lot of commenters here. I hope this doesnt mean that few people also tuned in coz they’d be missing an awesome premiere.

  7. Sarah_ says:

    It was a great premiere much better than I thought it will be.
    Major seems to be into a lot of trouble and I hope he gets out of it..
    Blaine still being himself even when pretending to be a zombie, and planning bad things to the Seattle population.
    Poor liv her family is know against her but she had to do what she had to do..
    I don’t think increasing there episodes number to 22 will help the show..and doesn’t CW have midseason premieres to show? With more iZombie episodes those will be shown later than preview.

    • A.b. says:

      Of course 22 episodes will help the show! Network shows that premiere in the fall and get an order of fewer than 22 are most often cancelled–the lack of episode order usually means that the show is not performing very well. A mere 13 episodes is typically a death knell. Also, shows that compile lots of episodes are usually more valuable because they are that much closer to syndication, where more money rolls in.

      When the show’s creator is so vocal about wanting 22 episodes, that alms should tell you that the 22 would help the show.

  8. MyFairLady says:

    Very solid season opener…loved it

    • Sheila says:

      Yes. Agree! I feel sad for Liv and her brother. Major is in a serious pickle. He knows there is a cure because he received it. He has to kill people who possibly could be saved when they have more cure.

  9. mike says:

    I just love how Rose is able to channel all the various personalities. Yeah, its the writers to, but she really makes it sell.

    uh..why is “your one of the good ones” insulting?

  10. Rob comes off as so arrogant about the episode order-it’s an initial 13 with a possible five more.He really should just write for 13&18 episodes,not 22 cause if it Dosent get 22,he’s gonna look bad & touchpad fans off by the story being cut off.

  11. KS says:

    I don’t understand why Liv doesn’t just tell her family that she has HIV. She could say that she accidentally exposed herself to it when she was a doctor, and that’s why she quit and why she felt she had to break up with Major and completely change her life. It’s such a simple solution! Her family would obviously understand why she couldn’t tell them right away.

    • Ashley says:

      There’s something morally grey for a show to compare, in a way, HIV with something like zonmbieism. It could be seen in a bad light.

      Plus her mother seems like the sort that would quickly have a go at the hospital’s lawyers and her lie would be exposed.

  12. Jason says:

    What i loved about the premiere was how it no longer felt like I was watching an episode of Veronica Mars. :)

  13. Jeri says:

    Great show. The more episodes the better. I usually don’t care for the season premiere as much as the 2nd and following episodes. Maybe I just put too much pressure on them after the break, I didn’t care for the grumpy old man persona much but still love the show.

  14. So Happy says:

    I just love this show! Everyone acting on this show is so good. I can’t wait for next Tuesday already! 22 episodes would be more than I could hope for :0)