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Sleepy Hollow Season 3: EP Teases Irving's Exit, Abbie's New Boss (and Beau?) and Crane on a Plane

Sleepy Hollow‘s Season 2 finale left Ichabod minus his witchy wife and surly, sorcerer son… and musing a fenestella’s worth of unanswered questions.

“Coming out of Season 2, and with a lull in the evil, like Abbie, he was also asking questions about, ‘How do I fulfill my destiny as a Witness and still find a place in the modern world?” says showrunner Clifton Campbell (The Glades), who took the series’ reins after executive producer Mark Goffman left in May.

When the supernatural drama returns tonight (Fox, 9/8c), we’ll begin to learn what Crane and Abbie Mills, his partner in apocalypse avoidance, got up to during the nearly one-year time jump between seasons.

Much has been made about Mills’ transformation from Sheriff’s Department lieutenant to FBI agent; tonight’s episode also will explore how Ichabod traveled to the United Kingdom “to look for context for what his life’s purpose was about, what his mission is about, how far back they go, and ‘Are there any others in my family that have had a brush with this?'”

Read on for more Season 3 details, including updates on Irving, the Horseman, Joe Corbin and — yes — Betsy Ross.

TVLINE | When you say “went back to England,” the first thing I think is “Ichabod Crane was on an airplane.” Was he?
He was… There’s some interesting things to play, post his return, that we put out there I’d like to keep secret, but yes: He definitely traveled abroad, and he experienced flight.

TVLINE | Does Sleepy Hollow have its own FBI bureau? Where is Abbie stationed?
They’re called resident agencies. They’re much smaller FBI offices, and there is one in White Plains, which is literally nine miles from Sleepy Hollow. So in our creative license way, we have a perfectly reasonable FBI presence within Sleepy Hollow that she’s been assigned to.

TVLINE | Are we done with the sheriff’s department, then?
Yes, we are.

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TVLINE | When Irving was around, he knew what the Witnesses were up to, and that greatly helped them with their mission. Does Lance have any inkling of what’s going on?
He does not, and that’s why the accountability is so important. It gives us a lot of conflict in Abbie’s character, because she has been called to duty on something that’s of preeminent importance, yet developing her own career path and becoming her own person requires a very terrestrial commitment to her job, and we love the push and pull of that. And you know, I’m new to the show. It felt like they all too quickly coopted whoever was the boss in the first two seasons into the supernatural, or just ignored them entirely. It felt like there’s real drama there, and if it’s a personal relationship, even more so, it could be a nice challenge to Abbie’s character.

TVLINE | Is Irving’s absence explained or addressed in the first handful of episodes?
It is.

TVLINE | Anything else you can tell me about that?
No. [Laughs] We handle it respectfully for the character. It was always our intention to finish this character’s story out. For a handful of reasons, it became difficult to schedule and to make work out, but his character and what Irving did between seasons and the decisions that he made in prioritizing his life are definitely explained.

TVLINE | We’ve known for a while that the Headless Horseman won’t be around this season. What was the thinking behind that change?
We wanted to refresh the mythology and deepen what it meant to be a Witness, and really sort of confound everybody’s expectations about what fear and evil could be. As iconic as that character is  — and it’s Sleepy Hollow: Anything could happen — but this season Headless is taking a break.

TVLINE | Do you plan to show flashbacks to the time between Seasons 2 and 3?
Oh, yeah. We’re going to have fun with that.

TVLINE | The show has been having a good time with the idea of Nikki Reed as a sexy, spying Betsy Ross, but will we see her and Ichabod getting romantic?
Well, they have a very close working relationship. Those moments, or those looks in between, are too much fun to play with, and I would say that’s about as far as we feel we need to go with that character. But it’s so far been very satisfying to watch these two carrying out General Washington’s orders and the fun that ensues.

TVLINE | The last time we saw Zach Appleman’s Joe Corbin, Abbie wrote him a letter of recommendation for Quantico. Did he go, too?
He did not… There’s a lot about his journey in the past year that comes into play in Season 3. Let’s call it being his own man and finding his own way, and to that end both Jenny and Joe Corbin have a lot of questions about August Corbin and what Joe’s father was really about that get addressed in season, which is really, really, exciting.

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  1. Pat says:

    I cannot wait for tonight and the return of ” Sleepy Hollow “. I really do love watching this show and how befitting is it, to have it start up on October 1st.

  2. Lea says:

    I really wish I hadn’t read that interview. I am now 80% less excited to watch the premiere. First was the reminder that this new guy did The Glades which I did not like. Then he bags on the original writers choice to not manufacture a bunch of drama over Abbie’s bosses not knowing about the supernatural (which I actually appreciated). I don’t want to watch her juggling normal FBI cases and witness duties while lying to everyone at the FBI. Was there really no one already on the writing staff they could have promoted to showrunner?

    • Weezy says:

      I agree with Lea. Season 1 was one of my favorites in TV history and Season 2 was a bit of a letdown. So of course it sounds like Season 3 is going to be almost a reboot with all kinds of changes and a B level director. I’ll watch regardless, but I’m not as optimistic as I once was regarding this show

    • suzi says:

      I loved The Glades, so no problem with Clifton Campbell, and I see no problem with the changes being made–change is what everyone wanted, right?

  3. Brigid says:

    Looking forward to tonight’s premiere! I just love the lead characters chemistry with each other and hope the new show runner writes them well.

  4. SayNay says:

    I’m willing to watch SH at least through the Bones crossover to see how this plays out. The characters are some of my favorites, so if I could suffer through season 2, 4-5 eppies won’t kill me.

  5. Tina Allan says:

    I’m going to be optimistic about the changes and give it a few episodes. The chemistry between the leads (Abbie & Ichabod) is amazing and worth watching. I can’t wait to see there relationship develop. And I hope there’s more Jenny and Abbie sister bonding too.

    I already like Joe & look forward to seeing him and Jenny working together.

    I think I’m going to like Daniel and Betsy (Hopefully). I wish she hadn’t been intro’ed as sexy Betsy (that was just not a good idea).

    I don’t think Crane needs another romance tho. We had enough of that. Let him focus on his bond with Abbie & see where that goes.

  6. Cory says:

    I’m so stoked for SH tonight. It sounds very promising.

  7. Drew says:

    The show needs to be rebuilt, so I’m willing to see where they take it. Things were messed up last year when they essentially wrapped up the series arc midseason. I have no idea what they were thinking.
    I hope that they can bring back some of the cool, downplayed creepiness of season 1. The show felt like an Halloween show back then, which was good. They need that back.
    As for Abby’s new job… I guess Ichabod will need a new nickname for her.
    I guess we will see how this goes. I will probably skip the Bones crossover though. I hate that show with a passion. I can’t believe they’re wasting Halloween in Sleepy Hollow on that crap.

  8. I wish you had asked about the Kindred and what happened to him. I’m still hopeful he’ll be the lynchpin for the Bones crossover. It would be a massive waste not to have that team investigate the Headless Horseman’s iconic head.

  9. Chaws says:

    Anyone watching Sleepy Hollow tonight should know that a female security guard was kidnapped from the set, thrown into the trunk of a car, forced to clear her bank account at an ATM then taken to another location and gang raped at gunpoint. Keep that in mind while watching the premiere.

    • Drew says:

      Ummm… Why? It’s a horrible story, just as it would be if it were about any person at any job. It’s not like Sleepy Hollow is to blame for what happened to her though. Why should anyone watching the show keep this in mind?

      • John Jacob says:

        Yeah really. Violence happens everywhere. How is it anyones fault some nut job decided to kidnap a security guard from the set. It’s a horrible act of violence that has nothing to do with the show as a whole.

      • I totally agree. What happened to that young woman is tragic but it is not like the cast and crew of Sleepy Hollow had anything to do with it. So whomever Chaw is totally out of line IMO about trying to tie that incident to the Sleepy Hollow premiere.

    • Seriously? says:

      Funny, you wrote the same thing over at TVGuide, word per word. Sounds like you have a problem. A tragedy befall someone who WORKED on the set of Sleepy Hollow. How on earth does (or should) that affect people watching the show? Frankly, you have major issues that you should address–or you are just one strange banana–get help, dude, you sure need it……..SMDH

  10. N says:

    Ugh can’t wait just mad it comes on sane time as Scandal which I record anyway. But ratings 😭😭😭

  11. Angela says:

    I personally kinda liked that Irving was in on the craziness and supernatural goings-ons-I think it made sense that at some point he’d see all the weird stuff happening and be like, “I should investigate this.” (especially when his own daughter got caught up in the creepiness). Plus, I liked the whole thing of him knowing but trying to keep a lid on it so as not to tip off anyone else who didn’t need to know :p.
    That said, I am curious to see how a boss who ISN’T aware of what Abbie’s dealing with will handle that whole situation, and how Abbie will try and hide/explain away all the weird things. We’ll see how it goes. I am glad that Irving will get a decent send-off, and we’ll know what happened to his character, at least.
    As for Ichabod and Abbie’s stories, I’m looking forward to hearing about Ichabod’s plane adventures :D. And I’m especially curious and interested in seeing how his time in England, and Abbie’s time in the FBI, affect them both going forward. I’m glad we’ll get some flashbacks and glimpses into that part of their lives. And I’m looking forward to seeing how Abbie and Corbin’s friendship continues, too, seeing what all’s been up with him as well.
    As for the romance stuff, so long as we don’t deal with love triangles, that’s all I ask.
    Glad to have the show back. I look forward to seeing how the new season plays out-fingers crossed it all works out.

  12. mikeam1978 says:

    This show has suffered so badly since the start of season two with all the changes they’ve made, and these new ones sound just as bad. It was so refreshing in season one that Abbie’s boss quickly learned about the events going on and became a believer. It’s a shame to see them continue to abandon that by now giving Abbie a new boss who will be skeptical of what’s going on. Just so cliched. This show was so fun and brilliant in season one, but season two was so frustrating with the unnecessary changes (not to mention the way the writers treated Katrina) and I’m really worried for season three. I won’t be one bit surprised if this ends up being the last season.

  13. Janet Gulbransen says:

    So excited…one show this fall I’ve been waiting for !!!