Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's, Castle, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, Nashville, Modern Family, Leftovers and More

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Question: Love Ask Ausiello! Anything on Grey’s Anatomy? —Mark
Ausiello: Not just anything but something quite intriguing. “Somebody comes along during the season from Owen’s past,” the doc’s portrayer, Kevin McKidd, revealed to us at Saturday’s #TGIT-themed Hollywood soiree. And, though he wouldn’t say whether the “somebody” would be played by Martin Henderson, who’s slated to debut around midseason, McKidd did admit that the character in question “ignites a lot of things in Owen and causes real problems for him.” Why? What happened way back when? “I don’t quite know,” McKidd insisted, “but Owen doesn’t react particularly well.” See? Intriguing!

Question: Any scoop coming up for Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy? —Ashley B
Ausiello: Check this out. Though Arizona and Andrew are now roommates, “we haven’t even gone into their apartment yet,” Jessica Capshaw confessed at Saturday’s #TGIT bash. But she still thinks that the duo are “hysterical.” Robbins’ love life, however, is no laughing matter. The new romance that Shonda Rhimes promised was coming still hasn’t arrived. Not that Capshaw minds. In the meantime, “it’s been Arizona doubling down on herself and trying to have a lighter, brighter, happier, sweeter, funnier [attitude],” she noted. “I feel like she’s back to [being who she was in] the beginning, but with all the knowledge she’s accrued.” That being the case, we can probably expect a good time from the Oct. 22 episode — the show’s 250th! — which includes Capshaw’s favorite scene of the season thus far.

sleepy-hollow-season-3-premiereQuestion: Do you have any scoop on the upcoming season of Sleepy Hollow? Dying for anything after that last season of turmoil. Thanks! —Tina
Ausiello: How about a definitive explanation of Crane’s relationship with Betsy Ross, straight from Tom Mison? “She and Ichabod, in the 18th century, were sent on a few missions together by Gen. Washington. They were colleagues where, if Ichabod had Facebook, the relationship status would be ‘It’s complicated,'” he tells TVLine. “They’re work colleagues, first and foremost. But being in all those sexy situations, with subterfuge and battle, muddles things a little.” Meanwhile, despite this little detail, the friendship between Crane and Mills is “still strictly platonic,” Mison adds with a laugh. “Well, from my side, anyway. I can’t speak for Abbie.”

Question: Anything positive for Castle‘s Caskett fans after this week’s “events”? —Mandy
Ausiello: As dire as things might appear for Rick, Kate and their marriage, you should find more than a little solace in the fact that Episode 7 — airing Nov. 16, during the heart of sweeps — is titled “Mr. & Mrs. Castle.” “It’s going to be a great episode,” co-showrunner Terence Paul Winter told Matt Mitovich. “For the fans who right now are going, ‘What the heck and Terence and Alexi [Hawley] doing?!,’ when they see that episode they’ll understand and see what we’re going for.”

Question: What’s going on with Homeland‘s Carrie and Quinn in the beginning of Season 5? —TOTG
Ausiello: If I told you the circumstances under which they reconnect this season, your response to me would go something like this, “Shut the front door, put down the crack pipe, and start making some sense, Ausiello.”

Question: What is in store for Lord Narcisse on Reign next season? —Veronika
Ausiello: Well, Veronika, if you aren’t already a fan of Craig Parker’s shady character — as I suspect you are, since you asked about him — you probably will be after the Oct. 9 season premiere. Though he hasn’t always been an ally to Mary and Francis, he’ll prove most useful when their enemies begin plotting against them. As for Lola, Narcisse remains intent on winning her over, no matter the cost.

Question: Now that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has put Jake and Amy together, what can we expect to see from them in upcoming episodes? —Tamara
Ausiello: Look for their relationship to put Amy on the outs with the department during the annual Halloween battle between Jake and Holt.

AAQuestion: I’ll take any scoop you have on The Blacklist. —Addie
Ausiello: Just because Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) was sailing away to parts unknown in last May’s finale doesn’t mean he’ll be MIA in Season 3. According to series creator Jon Bokenkamp, Tom and Liz will have an “incredibly different” dynamic when the show returns this Thursday. “Tom and Liz have almost flipped places,” he teases. “He knew that she had been framed and she was going to clear her name, but he had no idea that she had murdered somebody. When word of that reaches him, he will have a very specific opinion about how to handle the situation.”

Question: Hey Ausiello, any scoop on Camille from The Originals? —Belle
Ausiello: “Cami has a lot on her plate” in Season 3, her portrayer Leah Pipes explains. “She’s turned into the forensic psychologist for the New Orleans PD and is starting her practice as a therapist. Her first client is Klaus, which is basically purification by fire. If she can get through this, she’ll be the best therapist in the world. She could make Kanye West humble if she can get through to Klaus.”

Question: I would like a good Nashville scoop — the key word there being “good.” Don’t disappoint me, Aus! —Kevin
Ausiello: Don’t be surprised if, at some point this season, a key character is poised on the edge of a roof — the key word there being “roof” — and looking like he or she is ready to jump. The key word there being “jump.”

Question: I’m hearing a lot about The Leftovers‘ radically different Season 2. Exactly how different are we talking? —Chris

AAAusiello: First and foremost, “It’s still The Leftovers,” assures leading man Justin Theroux. “It still takes hard, jerky turns and is very emotional and very dark in spots.” Now for the changes. In addition to a new setting (Texas!) and a slew of new cast members (Regina King! Family Matters’ Eddie!), “the themes feel very different than the themes of last season, which were almost exclusively grief and loss,” notes Theroux, adding that exec producer Damon Lindelof “opens the show up in a way this season where he can go down different avenues, and it’s beautiful.” (He speaks the truth. I’ve seen the first two episodes and the show remains the same yet different. And really beautiful.)

Question: Where is Danny’s ma on The Mindy Project? I was sure she would’ve been there for Leo’s birth. —Claire
Ausiello: EP Matt Warburton assures us that “We will definitely see Rhea [Perlman] again,” adding that Annette Castellano and her future-daughter-in-law will clash when it comes to their philosophies on child-rearing. “People have always asked us, ‘What’s it going to be like when we meet Mindy’s parents? What’s Annette’s attitude going to be when there’s another mom on the scene? She’s used to all the attention,'” he says. “With the number of episodes we have, it’s a great luxury. We can examine all of these dynamics.”

Question: Could we please get scoop on Dean and his storyline on Supernatural, please? I’ll buy you cookies. —Dean
Ausiello: ZOMG, you’re such a huge Supernatural fan that you changed your name to Dean? That’s not the least bit crazy. Regarding your question, Dean (and Sam) will have more than just The Darkness to contend with in Season 11. According to EP Jeremy Carver, witchy Rowena will remain “very much a problem” for the Winchesters. Now that she’s got some major magical mojo, “We’ll be seeing her in the early parts of the season deciding what she wants to do with this newfound power, and you’ll see what kind of success she has with that,” he adds. “What makes her an enjoyable character is for all of her power, she’s still ruled by a certain amount of hubris.”

EmpireQuestion: There will never, ever be enough Empire Season 2 scoop for me. Throw a sister a lifeline! —Lisa
Ausiello: OK, Lisa, here’s something for you to grab onto! EP Ilene Chaiken tells TVLine that Hakeem’s failed coup (and shelved album) in the Season 2 premiere will be the impetus for some significant personal growth going forward. “Hakeem is only 20 years old, and he’s just gone through some very major events in his life. He starts the season having lost his father to prison, and having lost that relationship and all of his entitlement, too,” Chaiken offers. “It’s a big come-down, and he’s determined to prove it was a mistake, that Lucious chose the wrong son. He’s aware that everyone in his family underestimates him — and he’s got a big task to prove to them that he’s worthy, that he can accomplish the things everyone thought were being handed to him on a silver platter. We’re really going to see him maturing.”

Question: Is Tobias Fornell coming back for NCIS Season 13? —Matthias
Ausiello: I can confirm that he who shared an ex-wife with Gibbs (and is played by Joe Spano) is set for an encore this season, though an airdate has not been set.

This AAnd That…
♦ Save the date: Scandal‘s Oct. 8 episode features an Abby/Olivia scene that’s so juicy it gave Darby Stanchfield “chills.” 
♦ I chatted up Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet at the Emmys and scored an honest-to-goodness casting scoop! Press PLAY below to find out which famous face will be Airbnb’ing Cam and Mitchell’s spare bedroom later this fall.

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  1. Col says:

    Nashville scoop -I think it’s either Juliette (with the PPD) or Will.

  2. aph1976 says:

    On Grey’s, i wonder if Martin Henderson’s character is a relative of Owen’s because we don’t know much about Owen’s family besides the fact that he has a mother.

    • Nathan says:

      Lol oh God. I love this show, but how many families in this show have a family of doctors?

      • Anna says:

        Isn’t just two of them? A good amount of families have multiple members in the same profession, especially if a parent or grandparent is in that same profession. My dad, aunt, and cousin are all in general contracting, as was my grandfather. A friend of mine’s dad and two brothers are all cops, and my ex’s grandfather, mother, and uncles are all professors or teachers.

  3. DD says:

    I’m (almost) over Scandal, i’ll give it another couple of episodes.
    I feel bad for Sam he seems to get the crap end of the stick most often, I still like the idea of the spin off based on Jodi, can’t remember the name. I just want Bobbi back on Supernatural.

  4. abz says:

    A better Owen spoiler from Grey’s would have been a breakup with Amelia. Amelia and Owen cannot happen. I don’t know what Shonda is thinking pairing those two together. Ugh. On a side note, I’m really looking forward to the fun Arizona and her friendship with Deluca.
    I’m so indifferent about Castle these days, I’m all for putting a spark back into the show and making this fresh, but this separation was LAME! It was stupid and the nonsense about Castle needing to WIN Kate back after SHE left him for no good reason. Please. It’d be more interesting if they made him have some self-esteem and have Kate begging to come back when she realizes how stupid she was being. Better yet, they could have just kept them together, got rid of Ryan/Esposito/Lanie and come up with some new fresh storylines or obstacles that they could conquer TOGETHER. This whole storyline thing was basically done similarly on Bones, and we all saw how that went and that show has clearly overstayed its welcome in my opinion. Seems like Castle is following the same footsteps.

    • EDL says:

      What are you talking about with Bones? ALL of their drama, they’ve conquered and pulled through together. B&B have been a very happily married couple (and happily together) for many years now. The only thing that’s even similar is the S7 and S8 finales, and both times, it was resolved in the very next episode and they NEVER broke up. And even with the broken engagement for other people’s protection, they STILL were together, never broken up, still lived in the same house, and by the end of the very next episode, Brennan realized she knew Booth and had complete trust and faith in him.

      That is not at all the same thing as Beckett choosing her obsession over her marriage and Castle acting like a puppy trying to win her back, even though SHE left.

      • Gern Blanston says:

        I’m sort of confused as well. Maybe abz was refering to their brakeup due to Booth’s gambling?

        • EDL says:

          It could be, but even that wasn’t even a breakup. She told him to leave the house to get help, and she made sure to be there for him and encourage him, telling him she loved him, to make sure he got help. That’s still not at all the same. Plus, it was only two episodes.

      • kmw says:

        So right about that. Booth and Brennan handled their situation differently. it does seem Castle fans have something to look forward to seeing as how the writers stated their will be another change in story that seems to indicate they will be back together. However that doesn’t make what they did right. Making Kate regress and then have Castle come running after her? They could keep sparks in their relationship while still in the same house and not separated. Just a silly denouement in that couples relationship that didn’t need to be. Also just for the record Booth and Brennan’s recent ” split” was stupid as well

      • abz says:

        Sorry, perhaps I didn’t phrase it very well. What I meant is that there is a lot of similarities between the two couples and how badly they’ve been handled at times. Kate keeping a secret from Castle just like Booth keeping a secret from Bones. Wedding called off on Castle just like in Bones. Kate needs time and breaks up with Castle for stupid reasons. Booth gambles again and that causes problems with Brennan and their marriage. Not saying that couples don’t have their drama, but just that these shows seem to go out of their way to drive wedges between their main couples at almost every chance they get and it can be pretty lame a lot of the time. This whole Kate not over her mother’s death storyline and part of her still being “broken” would have maybe made sense if they established it along the way last season. But rather it was completely resolved and they only came up with this plot now just to bring further angst and unnecessary drama to the show.

        • Angela says:

          these shows seem to go out of their way to drive wedges between their main couples at almost every chance they get
          To be fair, though, is a problem common to MANY TV shows where the male and female leads are in a relationship. “Bones” and “Castle” would just be the latest in that long line. Hollywood just doesn’t seem to know how to write happy couples in general, or at least, they don’t know how to write realistic drama for a couple to deal with that isn’t related to their relationship.

          • abz says:

            Yes, that’s true. I only mentioned Bones I guess because I’ve always felt like the two shows were almost exactly the same or extremely similar to one another with minor differing details.

        • Kirk says:

          Maybe it’s just a way to plan ahead for the eventual replacement of 1 of the 2 main characters on castle?

    • Beckstle says:

      abz: ” I only mentioned Bones I guess because I’ve always felt like the two shows were almost exactly the same or extremely similar to one another with minor differing details.”

      I would disagree with that up until episode 6×23 – which was a disaster. Since then there’s been a lot more similarities.

  5. Brad says:

    Lol Iam not getting my hopes up for that castle episode

  6. K says:

    BLOOD AND OIL scoop please!

  7. lame says:

    I’ll be interesting to see how many Castle fan hang around for that November episode.

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, looking through the comment sections for that show the other night were…*Low whistle*. Wow. Hell hath no fury like a fandom scorned. Be VERY interesting to see how the showrunners handle that backlash.

    • Lee says:

      Not many I’m guessing. I don’t think bribing them with a million dollars will bring some of those crazed know it all fans back.

    • BM says:

      My thoughts exactly – episode 7 might be a little too late to show fans what they’re doing. The damage will be done by then.
      And if Beckett can’t stay with Castle now, how is she ever going to be able to? Even if Castle and Beckett get back together, there’ll always be doubts in my mind that she’s going to stay. This isn’t the “happily ever after” love story it was for seven seasons anymore. Now it’s a “she may be back now but what if it happens again? There’s no guarantee she’ll stay” love story. Which is sad because I don’t think one season is enough to establish why she would stay the next time around and I don’t think they’ll get a shot at another season.

  8. MyFairLady says:

    Thank you for the Reign, TO and The Blacklist scoop. I can’t wait to see what kind of dynamic is between Tom Keen and Liz now that she’s a fugitive.

  9. Roxie says:

    Castle showrunners. Liar, liar pants on fire I wouldn’t watch it if they called the episode “mr. And mrs. Castle naked”. Their hubris did them in for a lot of long-standing fans. They make Marlowe’s lies seem like fairy dust tales.

  10. SB says:

    Grey’s Anatomy 250th episode should be October 22 not 29th unless they’re having a break?

  11. RedReddington says:

    Can Tom Keen/Jacob Phelps pleaseeeee go away and stay away? I hate how they’re writing his “redemption” story. If they went the way SHIELD did with Ward I would be much happier. T/J is not a good person, please quit trying to make him look like one.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Totally agree! Make a deliciously evil bad guy or eliminate him. Having Liz still be in love with him is gross and disappointing.

      • davido says:

        Also makes Liz incredibly dumb and weak, never mind that the show is trying to paint her as smart and bada**. Kill him off already. Whoever thinks Tom is “interesting” must mistaken that for one-dimensional and make-up-as-we-go-along character. Weak writing.

    • MyFairLady says:

      No way… after Red, Liz & Tom are the only truly interesting characters to watch on the show.. He’s quite complex and fun to watch, hope his character is developed even further this season. I also love the messy r/ship between him and Liz….

    • Samanta says:

      Tom’s story last season was really boring. I really hope they’ll kill him off because there is nothing interesting about him anymore.

    • Whatevah says:

      Love Tom Keen! LOVE HIM. He can stay.

  12. Boiler says:

    So called Castle “fans” are bugging me. Heck if you look at the pictures of the season so far they are together on case work at least. Just try and enjoy the show and not take everything so personally as if your life is ruined

    • Probably the same rabbit fans who watched Twilight, and if they are you mind well forget it. Castle and Beckett are real instead of fictional characters in their eyes.

    • Paula Ruiz says:

      Exactly. Too early to say the show is doomed. I have stopped watching shows before they ended and never made a scene about. I just quit tuning in every week.

    • ndixit says:

      That’s really not the point. The point is that they have destroyed one of the lead characters for good and tarnished the romance. No amount of working together and getting back together will change that.

    • Separation makes the heart grow fonder says:

      Agree with you. After reading the comments on the Castle posts, some people have taken this too personally.
      It’s TV, it’s entertainment. They write stories to entertain, if seperating them gives more ideas and better episodes then so be it.

      I might be in the minority who likes the two part episode. More interested to watch this season than Season 7.

      • angel says:

        Separating them is all well and good, but they should at least give a somewhat reasonable reason (I know – I’m expecting way too much out of the writers, reason and logic have left the building long ago). Beckett leaves because of a reawakened obsession? Backsliding – major loss of what little character development Beckett had gained. Her leaving will keep Castle safe? If “they” want to get to Beckett, “they” would most likely still go after Castle, and probably Alexis, Martha, and definitely “he who is hardly ever mentioned anymore” – Beckett’s father. Case in point, look at Gibbs from NCIS – they recently had the season’s big bad kill his ex-wife from years ago just to mess with him. Another big bad traveled from Mexico all the way to Pennsylvania, just to try to kill his father.
        I think the reason so many fans are upset with this turn of events, is that a once great show is slowly limping to a disappointing finish. Poor writing decision after poor writing decision has left the show in shambles. There is no regard to established storylines or previous character development. It’s hard enough watching a show where we are constantly told what a great detective Beckett is, yet without Castle, she seems unable to solve even the simplest of murders.

      • Beckstle says:

        Judging by the ratings, yes, you are in the minority. In terms of being better than season 7, I’ll give you that in general this mythology is better than that Castle disappearance mess they had, but they ruined it with the need to split up Castle and Beckett.

        With this breakup move they’ve basically created another illogical scenario to split up Caskett. In 6×23 it was having Beckett find out that she’s actually married before but she “didn’t think it counted.” This supposed marriage also never showed up anywhere on any of her extensive background checks. All of that unbelievable stuff to create a reason for Castle to be driving by himself, disappear, and get his car blown up.

        This new season 8 mythology didn’t need an “obsessed Beckett” to make things interesting and dangerous, but the story we’ve been shown: Beckett’s gotten “obsessed” with finding the killer of her colleagues – to the point of walking away from everything she’s worked so hard to have. We’re supposed to buy this, even though Beckett’s obsessiveness was built around the loss of her mother and she took a captain’s job, which symbolically is her giving up having to be out there searching. Worse, she falls for Rita’s Jedi mind trick that says the only way to keep Castle safe is to have no connection to him, while everyone watching can see it’s the exact opposite case. The only point to this turn of events is to have them be split up. It’s as unsound a story as the first marriage that set off the mess of season 7. This split is worse though because it’s a chosen breakup.

        The final nail in the Caskett: the fact that they they’ve continued the silly Castle P.I. stuff. Castle off on his own doing his own thing with occasion meetups with Beckett was not a ratings success. “Castle P.I.” was the lowest rated episode of season 7. It was a 1.3 demo, which tied with the one with Castle and Alexis on the plane working to solve the case. So what have brought back for season 8? Castle P.I. and Alexis working with him on cases. Brilliant.

      • tvfani says:

        I belong to the same minority, the first two episodes were fantastic, much better than the directionless season 7. Admitted the Caskett separation (I wouldn’t call it break-up) was unfortunate and feels like totally unnecessary at this point, but let’s give H&W chance to show where they are taking the show before dooming it to be dead. And Beckett is still my number one TV-hero.
        Speaking of fan reactions reading all this ranting the last few days has been almost as good entertainment as the show itself. Or it would have been if there wasn’t so much direct hate and abusive language towards people working in the show. All that because of a fictional TV-show. There was by the way a recent study that says that ranting in the internet doesn’t help dealing with the negative feelings but it actually makes you feel worse and more depressed….
        Peace to everyone, it’s almost weekend.

      • tv fan says:

        you got that right, i loved the two-parter, even the ending…….for me it adds to the “whole” story not episode by episode. this series is like a book as to be read as a whole not one episode at a time. I tried that and couldn’t do it. so i watch now and then when the season’s over do a marathon of that season. for me it’s better.

        this one was way better then season 7 openers (1st two).

    • Carla Krae says:

      Agreed. So annoying.

    • tv fan says:


      hey, i’m a castle fan and i don’t fit into that category! and yes they are “together” but just showing pics don’t tell me the story only the show will do that. and right now seeing those pics……i don’t think that i want to watch. i don’t want to see Alexis (or Beckett or Castle for that matter,) looking like that! (no offense to any of them). i don’t like to get dirty images of them any of them! she looks more like “Nikki Heat!” shakes the image.

      and did you know that Castle and Beckett are “real” they do live in our lives.

    • Celina says:

      You are the one being bothered by the people who dislike the storyline. How will all the fans or so-called fans, like you said, enjoy something they think is bad??? And why can’t they say they don’t like it? I used to enjoy the show a lot, then, at season 4 if I remember correctly, I get bored with the “lets continue to keep the couple from being together because being apart even though they love each other is whats the show is about”. But then, they decided to put them together, and I kept watching, because it was new and fresh. Then, they destroyed the wedding, because that horrible wedding with just family and cg was disgusting. And the whole storyline about Castle’s disappearance was ridiculous and the explanation even worse. And now this. This is horrible. I will watch eventually, just because I want to see the end of the story that I watch for so many seasons, like I do with a lot of other tv shows, but they lost it. They destroyed the construction of the relationship and the fun of the show, and just because they want to re-do the”lets continue to keep the couple from being together because being apart even though they love each other is whats the show is about”.
      I hope Castle gets canceled.

  13. Angela says:

    LOL at “it’s complicated”. So long as Ichabod’s history with Betsy Ross doesn’t lead to some goofy triangle situation, I’m good.

  14. Db says:

    And for many they no longer give a crap about castle or what they do as they’ve already destroyed the show, Becketts character and especially Caskett. It’s too late now for them to anything to try and fix or say oh look see this is where we are going 15 more episodes away.

    Stupid ,idiot jerks!

  15. Freud. says:

    If Cami wants to be the best therapist, she just must follow APA standards and not romantically involved with her patient

    • Sarah says:

      The writers and Leah have said multiple times that Cami is setting CLEAR Boundaries between herself and Klaus so she isn’t going to get romantically involved with Klaus and she’s going to smother all her feelings with professionalism. So I don’t see her dating and giving therapy at the same time, she would have to quit him to date him. I’m not even sure if she’ll end up opening a practice if this criminal profiler stuff works out.

  16. How the hell is that a Dean spoiler? You answer a Dean spoiler question with stuff about Rowena? Am I to take it that there is literally nothing to talk about with regards to Dean this coming season? No storyline? Nothing? Despite the fact the big season mytharc is connected to Dean’s storyline last year? Or it least it should be! Nothing about how Dean may be connected with the Darkness since that is what the Mark of Cain was holding back? Nothing about Dean killing Death? What the hell is going on with Supernatural’s PR this season, there has been literally no mention of Dean at all in ANY of the spoilers.

    • Mare says:

      Here, here!!! Well said!!! So much potential for Dean stories from the end of last season, and yet he’s the only one WITHOUT a story! Nothing. Nada. Zilch. And here I was hoping we were getting away from “the only worthy Dean is a Dean who is supporting other character’s stories” that Carver filled season 8 and the first half of season 9 with. Ugh.

    • Samanta says:

      That’s why I have decided to stop watching Supernatural this season.

  17. Rinti says:

    Im reading a lot of Cami scoop for this season. I like the character but what about the others regulars?

    • Dani says:

      To be fair this isn’t really new scoop Leah Pipes said Cami was gonna sorta become a criminal psychologist and gives Klaus therapy at Comic Con. I don’t think they are willing to give up spoilers at this stage and are just cleaning things up they’ve already said!!

  18. Babe with the Power says:

    Why not just cancel Sleepy Hollow now. I’m so sick of hearing about BR. I’d like to hear about Abbie, Jenny and Joe but seems like TPTB are bound and determined to repeat the mistakes of S2. If the show does get canceled I wish Nicole and Lyndie Taraji p. Henson like success. Why they cast Nicole as the lead only to completely undermine her role as a co-lead every chance they get is beyond me. GET OUT NICOLE! GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN! GET OUT NOW! RUN GIRL! RUN LIKE HELL!

    • Ulrich says:

      I agree….it shows they gave up on SH when they moved it against Scandal and all their shared fanbases. I don’t really care for Jenny much, but at least she was never on much. But all the hype with all these new female characters sound like more attempts to overshadow Ichabbie’s friendship and Abbie being sidelined.

  19. Arcadia says:

    I don’t get it – what does that Supernatural spoiler have to do with the question about Dean’s storyline?

    I, for one, would really like to know what Dean will be up to this season. Because as of now, it doesn’t sound like a whole lot. Sam, Cas, Crowley, even guest characters like Rowena get juicy storylines but we havent’ heard anything for Dean. That’s pretty sad for a lead character.

  20. Karin says:

    Um, the Supernatural question was about Dean, not Rowena. We want to hear what Dean’s story will be for this season.

    I guess we can consider this as acknowledgement that Dean won’t have a storyline, since you couldn’t answer the question.

  21. Evan Rouse says:

    In other words expect Castle to have very low ratings for the next month then MAYBE go up for a week then drop again.

  22. Terry says:

    Ok, bear with me on this….Empire/Bonanza…two tv shows very similar. Lucious and Ben Cartwright, both rich with 3 sons. All old Ben needed was Cookie!!!! Some tv exec is missing the boat on this one. lol

    • Ulrich says:

      Jesus, now that was an unexpected comparison. I did lol!!!! I never watched Bonanza that much, as it came on really late when I was a teen in the 90s, but I did think it strange he was never given at least a girlfriend. But he did have three wives as I think all the boys had different moms, which is how the writers explained all their dissimilar features. I’ve never watched Empire.

  23. Pedro says:

    The idea that Arizona, a multi-millionaire, can’t afford an apartment herself is so ridiculous. Why not say she didn’t want to live alone or something?

  24. mary says:

    One of the best parts of The Mindy Project this season is no Ma, she was the only thing i didn’t like about season 3. I can’t stand Ma, she made me dislike Danny so to get back to being a Danny fan I am going to need Ma to stay gone.

    • Supah Supah Supah says:

      Danny is doing a fine enough job n his own making me hate him this season.

      “A little bit of pain” when referring to childbirth. As an OB/GYN. What.

  25. ndixit says:

    Castle is a hopeless case. I don’t really care how much Kate cries while she and Castle are apart and how much Castle tries to win her back, to me its clear that she clearly can’t sustain a healthy relationship. At this point, I really don’t care all that much about them getting back together. Castle can do much better for himself.

    I am looking forward to how B99 deals with Jake and Amy. The relationship is ripe with possibilities for humor. They did a really neat job in the premiere by keeping it sweet and funny at the same time.

    • Boiler says:

      Yea and you’ll get pissed off when they break them up too

      • ndixit says:

        Well, if they do it for some seriously stupid reason like Castle did, then yeah, I will get pissed off. But then again, Jake and Amy are not the center point of B99 so it won’t kill the show the way it did for Castle.

  26. Annie says:

    Fan asks a simple question about Dean Winchester, gets a paragraph about all the cool things Rowena will be doing. :| A+ TVLine. Like Dean could not be ignored and stepped on anymore than he already has been.

  27. TvLover says:

    I’m so excited for the new Sleepy Hollow season!

    Also, the eps of Castle not so subtle with what they have planned for the episode 7. Mr. And Mrs. Castle. I Might be way off on this but there’s a film with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie called “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Hmmmm. Sounds interesting.

  28. Dude. One of the few things that will pique my interest for spoilers/scoop is seeing Jensen Ackle’s face in the banner. Imagine then my disappointment when the answer to a question about Dean’s storyline this season is answered with, “Rowena is…” Surely with him, you know, killing Death in the season finale, there must be *something* happening with him. Try harder, pls.

    • cassie says:

      actually it’s pretty clear. when there are no dean spoilers there is no freaking story arc. & this whole hopping that dean will have a story arc makes fans keep watching/keep ratings up, allows tptb to continue scr*** jensen every other season. so if you want jensen to have a story arc all you have to do is call every jensen fan & tell them to stop watching=drop the ratings(=money). that’s the only thing they will understand. but since jensen fans insist on keep watching, no matter how much jensen get’s scr*** every season, & even now that is clear that he will have nothing to do once again in s11, obviously tptb attitude towards jensen, will never change. & btw history proves all dean dropped arcs are given to special snow flake. s11 is clearly all abt special snow flake. & will not be surprised given that demon dean/moc was dropped, that will also be given in some form or another to special snow flake & turn it either in to another swan song, either having dean try to fix special snow flake version 100 up for s12. in final analysis if you want jensen to get an arc stop watching the snow flake show, because onviously complaining does’nt change anything, & all dean dropped story arcs prove exactly that.

  29. Karrie says:

    I agree with whoever mentioned Owen and Amelia. I can’t Amelia on Greys I also wish someone the spoiler was that Owen is done with her. THE most lazy couple pairing ever. And I love McKidd, but there’s no chemistry with him and Scorsone. It’s way too forced and she is way too over the top with her acting and screaming and needs to take it down a few decibles.

    • Cheese says:

      Agreed. Like Meredith, I don’t totally like Amelia.
      Hope Owen/Amelia is short lived.

      • Karrie says:

        Scorsone only on the show bc Shonda likes her, seems like an obnoxious a person in real life as as her character is well based on the candid pics I’ve seen. Seems like she has to be the center of attention with her constant over posing and hanging on Kevin in pics. McKidd deserves a way better acting partner is all I gotta say. Too bad he is on a sinking ship of a sinking show

  30. So, in the “spoiler” about Dean Winchester, were you just too busy mocking the person asking the question to actually answer it? That spoiler was about Rowena, not Dean, and it was anything but new.

  31. Beckstle says:

    So, if Castle fans want their show back they should just wait and tune back in for episode 7? Great! Thanks for the scoop!

    • T says:

      I had the same reaction to his comment about episode 7. Castle and Beckett did a fun dance in the run up to “Always”. After that, their development as characters and their reasons to be together were very poorly done. The get together moment in “Always” felt earned and rooted in the history of the show. Their milestones after that felt like check boxes on a list. Now the writers are intentionally trying to reconstruct the original chase. I find Hawley’s recent interview comment “…how do we do it in a way that hopefully nobody gets mad at the characters? They can get mad at us, but…” to be incredibly inconsistent with the purpose of any show in the first place; to get viewers invested in the characters. I am not supposed to remember that these characters are figments of a writer’s imagination. They are supposed to seem real. I left episode 2 both extremely angry with and very disappointed in Beckett’s action. I will not look favorably on her if Castle has to do all of the heavy lifting to get back together. I will also not like it if she gets the bad guy and then all is well and back to Castle she runs. But it does not sound like I will be happy when Hawley goes on to say “…the gag that we launch starting in Episode 3 is having Castle figure out different ways to get involved with the cases — because to win her back, he needs to solve cases with her…”. This sounds like last year’s PI arc all over. These first two episodes were so far over the top (mercs, Beckett leaves dead bodies but multiple machine guns can’t hit her, self-surgery with convenient vodka and a soda, no after the fact inquiry as to what happened or will happen by the authorities, no impact on just walking in and assuming her new job a day and a half late, step-mommy from nowhere who also shows up just in time to save Beckett, Beckett keeping that from Castle after promising no more secrets, Beckett’s newly found obsession, super woman Alexis…) that I can no longer invest in the characters anyway because none of it is remotely believable. One thing is for sure: Castle is relegated to my DVR and will be watched, with fast forward in hand, whenever I may get to it. The showrunners have told me not to invest in the characters. So I no longer will.

      • Annie says:

        This! What the writers don’t seem to understand is that they aren’t creating energy or excitement but are destroying characters to the point viewers don’t know or care about them any more. And saying that it will all be clear in another four episodes is basically saying you expect your viewers to waste their time on tv they won’t enjoy. Very dismissive and unappreciative of the viewership.

  32. ninergrl6 says:

    Thanks for answering a Reign question! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who watches that show. It’s one of my faves!

  33. Beckstle says:

    So, if someone want the Castle show they used to love back they should just wait it out – maybe check out Blindspot – and then tune in for episode 7? Great! Thanks for the scoop!

    • BK says:

      I don’t think we get the show back we used to love. I see it as we will finally understand where they are going. If we will really understand remains to be proven.

  34. lame says:

    The wound from 6.23 is still fresh in the minds of Castle fans. The next three episodes will be an indicator of how many will ride this out. This is a huge gamble.

  35. Supah Supah Supah says:

    “the annual Halloween battle between Jake and Holt.”

    Does this mean the Captain will be back in the 99? Or is Jake just going to head over to Petey the Pidgeon’s stoop?

  36. Mike Q says:

    Based on the ratings so far, I wouldn’t bet on a lot of fans seeing Castle Ep 7

  37. Mare says:

    I’m trying to be glad that you picked a Dean question to answer, but considering you didn’t actually ANSWER it, but instead you talked about Rowena, I don’t get it. Did you not read the whole question? It was a question about “Dean and HIS story.” Not one asking about what’s going on with one of Dean’s enemies.

    Or are you just trying to let Dean fans know, in a subtle way, that there is NO story for him, and to not even bother hoping? Because honestly, that’s all I got from it. Carver has more plans for a villianess, Sam, Castiel, and Crowley, then he does for Dean.

  38. Sara says:

    Okay, so the Supernatural spoiler question was about Dean and we got a paragraph on someone else? Typical…

  39. davido says:

    Tom Keen needs to get killed by the Feb sweeps, by the most vile and brutal way possible. What a douchebag.

    • prish says:

      It’s tough when you like an actor. All I can think of is he’s cute, a good actor, and he got into this mess in the first place because he fell in love with Liz. I can’t even remember what douchebag thing he did (no doubt very very bad). I just like seeing him and hope he stays. Now, Red…

  40. prish says:

    The husband and I just saw NCIS, and after it finished he asked me, “Did you understand that show?” Looking forward to Fornell and the regular plotting because I had not a clue how to explain the current writing.

    • mary says:

      What did you have trouble understanding?

      • prish says:

        The husband said, “The making a dent on the war on drugs did not make any sense. And no one is fighting anymore. It”s dull. I guess Ziva was the fighter, not so much Tony and McGee. Ducky and Palmer are not on it much, anymore. It lacked the continuity and humor it used to have. Lately, there is no joke at the beginning of the show, like NCIS-LA still does. It set the tone for the whole show. Tony used to be more witty with McGee his straight guy. The Bishop character is just there and does not stand out.” Actually, we couldn’t figure out what Gibbs was doing in that episode, in retrospect, talking about it now. I might say Gibbs was on a personal journey, but the husband says, “Keep it real. It’s just a TV show.”

        • Leia says:

          Why do we have to have fights, and the facts are the facts, every time we take a drug dealer down there are five to fill the void. Gibbs owed the son of the NIS agent who died protecting his family a debt, and he repaid him by capturing not killing the guy with a taped confession, thanks to a warrant and the stoner Highland, this ep just followed on from the first with Gibbs conversation with Kelly while he was in surgery, time to let go of the past and think about the future. And yes it is just a tv show.

  41. Alichat says:

    So has Quinn been sent to kill Carrie? Would that be the ‘shut the front door’ inducing reason?

  42. Mel says:

    Looking forward to Cami this season on The Originals. Good to see a career woman on one of these shows. She always has had so much potential but they never utilised her properly. I’m glad she’s stepping away from romantic relationships and is going to focus on herself for once. Hopefully being a criminal profiler will inspire her to take over the Human Faction. Marcel, Cami and Davina/Vincent United and in charge would be goals.

  43. Vibesman says:

    Does anybody actually watch any of these shows?

  44. Scarlett says:

    Could you have answered that Supernatural spoiler question any more lamely? The question you posted was very clearly asking about Dean, not Rowena, and you didn’t answer the question at all.
    I, for one, would have like to have seen that Dean question answered… It’s certainly the question I’m most interested in for season 11 too.

  45. as524 says:

    Yay on Fornell returning to NCIS this season!! Love the character & the actor who plays him!

    here’s hoping he’s back to being *Fornell* & not just an extension of Diane

  46. isaac says:

    owens gay lover!!!!!!!

  47. tv fan says:

    Castle fans: where have we heard that line before, we fans will be surprised at what we are going for. last time i heard that we ended up flames! Be prepared for another bumpy ride, just hopefully upwards not down (if you get my drift). I still don’t know where the season is going but form the pic and all that i have read not good! but we will see. I just hope that they make it to that esp 7!

    • annek says:

      Dont get hopes up about ep 7. Read between the lines and other interviews. This will be a season long break, unfortunately

  48. Teresa Yaun says:

    SOoooooooooooo anxious to see what is in store for The Pretty Little Liars..

  49. Teresa Yaun says:

    Anxious to see how DRS. Kepner and Avery end up. KEPNER was CRAZY to run off!

  50. Teresa Yaun says:

    Think we will see Dr. Grey (Grey’s Anatomy) get a love interest?