Castle Rick Kate Break Up

Castle Bosses Defend 'Bold' Twist, Preview 'Caskett' Version 2.0, Trust Fans 'Will Be Pleasantly Surprised'

The following contains spoilers from Part 2 of the Castle Season 8 premiere.

ABC’s Castle this Monday wrapped up its two-part Season 8 premiere by not only revealing where Beckett had been, but also suggesting where she is headed. And, shockingly, husband Rick won’t be a part of her immediate journey.

As detailed in our recap, Kate — having pulled at a new, especially nasty thread in the larger Bracken/Vulcan conspiracy — had her passion for obsession reborn, and now she is resolved to identifying the sinister senator’s partner in drug-running aka the powerful federal official behind the LOCKSTAT code name.

But to do that, Kate was strongly advised by Rick’s (classified!) stepmother Rita to not put her husband in harm’s way. And thus — as foretold by TVLine’s June 30 Blind Item — she tearfully broke up with him in the episodes closing scene.

In this exclusive interview, Castle co-showrunners Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley shed light on this sure-to-be-scrutinized storytelling decision, survey what the long-running procedural will look like from here on, and dangle before fans the idea that Caskett “2.0” could produce more sparks than ever.

TVLINE | It’s Monday at 11 pm – have you deactivated your Twitter accounts yet?
ALEXI HAWLEY | [After both laugh] Here’s what we’re hoping, that the audience sticks around long enough to see next week and realize that this is just the beginning. We’re using this to actually put the spark back in, and the stakes back in, which give us the fun and the juice… Obviously there’s some heartbreak in it as well, but it makes it much more emotionally impactful every week, because there are stakes now.
TERENCE PAUL WINTER | There are things we’ve been able to do in the following episodes that we would not be able to even broach, now that we’ve created this new paradigm in their relationship. And it’s created some really fantastic results. We’re really excited about what were able to give Nathan and Stana to play. It was a bold choice, it was a tough choice, but I can say this — and I speak for both of us: The characters of Castle and Beckett both mean a lot to us, and their relationship means the world to us as well. So we have a real plan for how to guide through this new path, and we really do believe it’s going to be something that will be satisfying overall. Castle-BreakUp-Blurb1If people give us a chance, they’re going to really — hopefully — appreciate the journey that we’re going on.

TVLINE | Obviously, Rick suspects that something unsaid is at play here. Does that make him more bothered by the situation, or less?
HAWLEY | Ultimately he’s concerned about why this is going on. In the episodes immediately following, we are playing it a bit like he isn’t quite sure why she’s doing this; she really isn’t giving him a whole lot of information. I do think he might suspect deep down that there’s something more to it, but he has no frame of reference. The way he’s approaching it is: “No matter what, I’m going to win her back. She needs me.” So he puts a very positive spin on it … rather than get too heavy with his suspicions or fears.
WINTER | And the thing about it on Beckett’s side is ultimately she’s doing this out of love, she’s doing this because she wants to protect Castle. But for us, we came into this season talking about the threads that have been laying out there, and one of the big ones was: What does it do to you to have an obsession for all your adult life? You put Bracken in jail but can you really just move on, or have you been affected on a DNA level? Last season, Beckett tried to be the happy wife and great detective, but what the case that launches this season did is make her realize that there’s something a little “broken” inside of her. Hopefully by solving this,STANA KATIC she will come face to face with what she needs to get out of it. She has those lines toward the end of Episode 2, saying that hopefully by doing this I can then own it and it can go away.

TVLINE | I felt like she was almost speaking to the audience at that point. Like, “Put down the pitchforks, everyone….”
HAWLEY | Look, the most important thing for us is to A) tell a compelling dynamic story, but B) protect these characters. When we first started talking about doing this, the thing at the forefront was: How do we do it in a way that hopefully nobody gets mad at the characters? They can get mad at us, but… Beckett is doing this for the right reasons in her head, which is, “I have this obsession that I don’t know how to deal with yet, but if I go down this road with Castle, he could get killed.” We’ve just seen what happens when these people know you’re looking into [LOCKSAT], so she makes a conscious choice to do it without him, because she knows that no matter what she says to him, if he knows what’s going on he’s going in there with her — and she can’t have that.

TVLINE | And just to be clear, Rick was never looped in on the stepmother Rita of it all? He also believes Allison Hyde was in fact leading all of this?
HAWLEY | Correct. He thinks that it’s over. But he knows that it opened a door that Beckett had closed inside of her. Now she’s obviously trying to close it again and he wants to help her, but he doesn’t know that she’s got a new obsession. He just knows that it all blew up in his face.

TVLINE | Here’s the trickiest thing, as I see it: We know that Kate has pushed him away because she’s got to pursue this thing. So, how often will you re-establish that she is in fact pursuing it? Is it every other episode, are there just little hints…? Or are we to just assume she’s doing stuff?
HAWLEY | We’re carrying it through more so than Castle has traditionally done in terms of serialized elements. We definitely nod at it in Episodes 3 and 4, and then come back to it in 6 and 7…. They’re not big parts of the episodes, but they do keep it alive. It’d be unfair to the audience to not at least engage her in this. The last thing we want the audience to feel is like we’re manipulating them, so we’re trying to play fair with what the characters are up to and what they think at all times. This is not an easy thing for Beckett, and you’re going to see over the course of the next several Castle-BreakUp-Blurb2episodes that she is struggling with this choice, with this path — and Castle isn’t making it any easier, because he wants to win her back.

TVLINE | What does the show Castle look like moving forward? Kate is captain, Rick is off doing the P.I. thing, we now won’t have scenes of them home together…. How different of a show will it feel like? Will it in many ways resemble last season’s P.I. arc?
HAWLEY | The gag that we launch starting in Episode 3 is having Castle figure out different ways to get involved with the cases — because to win her back, he needs to solve cases with her. That’s how they fell in love, so that’s what his plan is. We actually have a lot of fun in figuring out different ways for him to get involved.
WINTER | In every single episode, they do end up working together. They end up building theory together. They have all those delightful put-togethers. The sparks between them are electric if not more than ever, and that’s one of the main reasons why we made this bold choice.

TVLINE | It sounds like it will almost feel Season 1-y.
HAWLEY | Season 1, and 2, and 3….
WINTER | But there’s a new layer now because they have this rich history between them. And they are still in love, and they know each other so well, so it’s a different kind of energy. It’s a “2.0” version of them, which is kind of exciting.
HAWLEY | Just even sitting in the editing room working on the next couple episodes, I was happy to see that I was feeling the same way about that relationship that I used to, that it makes you lean forward and you’re rooting for them again. You want them to get back together and all that stuff, which is a much more dynamic thing than just “They’re happy” — which is of course our goal but at the same time it’s not as dramatically interesting as rooting for them.
WINTER | Here’s the thing: The end of [Episode 2] is a whopper. I mean, the way Stana and Nathan played it was amazing. And we both understand that people are a little leery now of what the show is going to be, and they should be. But if they [stay tuned] and see what we’re doing and see how that energy comes back, I hope they’ll be pleasantly surprised about what opportunities are in store for us now that we’ve made this choice. This thing is going to constantly evolve, which is something we promised when we took over the show. It’s not just going to be this dynamic from here to the end of the season. By the time we get to the end of our fall finale, there’s another shift and change that’s going to happen that’s incredibly dynamic. And that will lead us into even more interesting storytelling that will bring them together in a fun way.

TVLINE | So, we don’t have 20 episodes of angst ahead of us.
HAWLEY | No, no, not at all. As hard as it might be to believe, Episodes, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 are a lot of fun. We’re doing the standalone cases, we are keeping continuity with Beckett’s journey, but we’re also putting Castle and Beckett in situations together that have electricity to them, and we’re having some fun guest characters. As Terence said, by the time we get to our fall finale we’re shifting the dynamic again, so the audience is along for something of a ride, but one that ultimately is really fun.

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VIDEO: Castle‘s Nathan Fillion Talks Season 8
Rick & Kate: ‘Things Have to Change’


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  1. Alisha says:

    Bold, My foot.. Its dumb and contrived and entirely unnecessary.. Should have just ended it last season.. Its not a reset thing that’ll just take it back to their S1/S2 dynamic.. THIS will be painful to watch.

    • Just one thing says:

      Bold, bold, fun, fun, fun. :-)

      • Db says:

        Missing Sparks is because these dummies never knew how to portray an actual married in live couple. From the moment they were put together the show runners have been trying to come up with situations that seperated them. Even when they tried to have this’d moments these idiots were constantly interrupting them.

        This is a disaster of major proportions that is going to have this ship in single digits constantly falling with viewership! If it weren’t for ABC’s history this show wouldn’t make it past its winter finale, let alone November sweeps.

        They really do think the fans are stupid .

        • georgee says:

          Yes they are missing the spark, but for the new show runners to take away the heart,soul and core of the relationship and love affair will distroy the show. We all to remember they are the ones that said we are going to make the fans mad and they do not care we got a plan. now they will not be living together, Backett will be having affair with the new tech guy. She smiled at him like she the smile at Castle when he gave her coffee. And now we are talking about a divorce, that should be real good for ratings. I just got the feeling this show will be canceled because of low rating, no season 9. I how the two show runners take a hard look in the mirror and take ownership for destroying a once great show, mission accomplished.

          • kate and the tech guy?! cheating slore! does castle have a skinny pencil peen that she just can’t be satisfied and has to search for a big thick fat meat instead of being a good wife???!

            It was a great two-parter, UNTIL THE ENDING. Kate is beyond selfish and logically this makes no sense as if not for Castle & the Scooby Gang, she would have been killed.

            after such a riveting action packed filed episode, they turn this thick meaty potential storyline into a typical worn out slack twist of kate being back to square one with her emotional immaturity. it’s wearing thin now and i don’t think the writers have any direction anymore. we want thick chunky heavy Doses of action and pounding pulsating Drama, not this melodrama of “one woman against the world, including her husband”. rick has too long had to put up with her, she has been so fortunate to find a man so patient and loving who has given her ample time to grow into the relationship and learn to trust him and then she blows it all to hell. and of course instead of making castle firm and fight back against her immaturity, they will make him chase her down like a puppy dog YET AGAIN as if to insinuate the only way to love is to bow and kneel

            The only think I’m happy about is the fact that it’s Kate who has screwed things up. TV writers seem quite obsessed with the idea that the man in the relationship should be the cause of most of their issues. if you think about it, Castle has always had the shorter end of the stick when it comes to his relationship with Kate. Before they got together, Castle had a few girlfriends that were almost never around or mentioned only lasted an episode.

            Meanwhile, Kate had multiple boyfriends over
            the course of the series that made multiple appearances, 99% of the time to make Castle jealous. She even ALMOST KISSED Tom Demming when she was ALREADY WITH Castle. That always annoyed me. Castle had to fight for Kate waaaaaaay more than Kate ever had to fight for Castle.

            When Castle wanted to be with her, he had to watch her date other men, but when Kate finally wanted to be with Castle, they got together THAT

            There is something I want the writers to do with this situation: Let Castle be pissed! He may understand why she did it, but he still deserves to be angry. We’ve always seen Castle be affectionate and understanding of her, set that
            aside for now.

            Kate is hoping to do this and still get Castle to
            forgive her and take her back in the end. I want the writers to make Castle put some serious doubts in her head that such a thing could even
            happen. Create a situation where she has to fight for Castle, because as I mentioned above, she’s never had to do that anywhere near to the same
            extent as him.

            Do that and I’ll tolerate this season. If we spend
            the coming episodes with Castle desperately trying to get her back and she just keeps turning him down, I will be massively pissed, because
            that would just be him fighting for her AGAIN while she’s controlling when the relationship happens.

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            Do you really think KB and the tech guy or anyone else for that matter ? I do not see this and I do sincerely hope the producers will not go that route because if there is one thing fans have always been able to count on in this show it is the strong love between the 2 main characters because it has always been the core of the success of the series and even if Beckett seems very torn at this point I believe she honestly and truly loves Castle and would never cheat on him. Granted she seemed tempted in S5 with Eric Vaugn but only for a few seconds. I am a hard core fan of the series and will watch at least until the fall break and I am confident the producers will not destroy the show with an affair or a divorce. If they do I guess it will be because ABC does want the show cancelled. By the way I think if KB keeps wearing her wedding ring in all the episodes, this will be a good indication that she has not given up on Castle or their marriage. Keep an eye out for this.

          • Ghost1234 says:

            @ Bruno Bailly………..She was tempted a lot, enough to let a known womanizer, who she didn’t even know, to kiss her and instead of quickly pushing him, she pushed him slowly. This time is a guy whose helping her, she isn’t living with Castle, and the guy has helped her slightly. A little mood and she might jump to it this time.

          • Bruno Bailly says:

            She truly loves Castle and again it is not in her nature to cheat on any of the men she has had in the series. If this is where the writers are headed then they will definitely Kill the show. I also believe there is now too much drama on Castle. The original premise of the show was the week to week case to solve and the budding KB and RC relationship with light drama tossed in , this is what made it a feel good show for me. They need to go back to the light drama formula and the fun cases formula while letting the couple move forward with the relationship. Marriage in a show does not mean the fun is gone just has to be written properly.

        • suzyku says:

          Totally agree with DB on this!

        • Lily says:

          Why blame the fans for what the writers and producers want to do? Why make a generalization like that? It’s not right.

        • ywang1990 says:

          It’s not that they don’t know how to portray a married couple, it’s the fact that a married couple irl is boring…

          • tvlover44 says:

            exhibit A for how inaccurate the idea that tv shows can’t portray a married couple in a nuance, sexy way: Friday Night Lights, Coach Eric Taylor and Tami Taylor. No showrunners have any excuse that there is nothing interesting to be found in a portrayal of a happily married couple after that stellar series showed how it’s done!

          • tv fan says:

            @tvlover 44
            that’s true but what you guys have to remember this is not like all couples. i don’t want the boring so so couples, i want what fits the castle characters and that’s why i’m getting. I loved how they (any of the writers yes even the last ones) have written them, they are different and yes they stick out. that’s what drew me to the show-not their love story that was bonus. I will stick around for more. cause i’m an great big fan, always will be.
            for me this is still one of the best shows.

          • Why not just solve the cases week to week. There are lots of things that happen in everyday life that can add comedy and fun to the shows. Everything doesn’t have to be about sexual tension and that is what these writers miss. If there isn’t sexual tension then they have nothing to write about!

          • jahoney1 says:

            Friday Night Lights showed a well written married couple and or committed relationship. Modern Family, The Middle, The Crosby Show, CSI NY with Mac Taylor in several committed relationships after his wife died in the towers. It can be done and done well. Even ABC’s own Grey’s has committed relationship with sexy sparks and problems flying. The problems that with these writers they cannot write it.

          • always been me says:


            yes to that too, but these aren’t like those characters……not be a long shot. I do like those characters, but not every show and every characters are the same or nor should they be! I don’t want to see the same ol same ol that’s boring…….i want to see one that fits these characters…..what that is i don’t know, but i think the writers will show us soon. And people take this show a little too seriously, which is good and then not so good.

          • jahoney1 says:

            I get that those characters are different than the one’s on Castle. My point was that A. Married Couples can be written about. B. Sparks can fly even with married couples both good and bad sparks. It comes back to the writing and the story. What has made NCIS and all its spin-offs so good was that the stories and the writing are very well done. You can have the conspiracy and all that, but still maintain the plot and being true to the seasons of character development. Why do you think that Shonda Rhimes shows on ABC have been so success. The show lost between 1-1.5 million viewers from season 6 to season 7. From Season 7 to season 8 you have lost between 2-3 million viewers moving the show from one of the top rated on Monday night to solid performer to in danger and most likely to be cancelled. With rating in the tank they will be lucky to make it to winter sweeps. That is what poor writing and contrived plot lines do. These guys can write good stories, but I am not sure they know how to run a show.

        • ywang1990 says:

          To all the spoiled “fans”

          Don’t make it sound like you are doing the show a favor just because you’ve stuck around for this long. The fact is the show or its writers owe you nothing. You should be the one thankful that you’ve been on the blessed to be on the journey they’ve created.

          Obviously people have differing opinions and not everyone likes where the show is heading, and I have no problems with that. However acting like kids by making threats of stop watching the show or bashing the writers is simply idiotic because as terrible as you are making the writers out to be, at least they are getting paid for it and you aren’t.

          As for my personal opinion, I think because what happen in S7 Finale, the writers were forced to do something like this to open up the season.

          Have you even asked yourselves “If Kate didn’t leave Castle and they stayed happily married, what would the show even look like?”

          Kate stuck in her office doing paperwork?
          Castle partnering up with Alexis to solve PI cases?
          A Caskett scene at the end of the episode where the two talk about their day?

          HONESTLY, who would sign up to watch that show?!

          Let’s be real here, “fans” have be complaining that the Caskett relationship has lost its spark since season 3 and now that the writers have setup the relationship to be a cat and mouse game once more, “fans” are still complaining?

          Finally, for those that were surprised with Kate’s decision, I ask you, have you been watching this show because it was obviously what she was about to do since going MIA in episode 1.

          • N-A-Coma says:

            How can writers have a show if there are no “fans”?

          • tv fan says:

            there are still fans……just pissed ones right now! i’m a fan for life….

          • tv fan says:


            that is what i was getting at the whole time! is that we complain and then we get the opportunity to change and you want to throw them under the bus again. relax….enjoy, im thankful to get to see this so far!

          • lkh says:

            thank you!

          • AG says:

            For me it is all about believability, my ability to suspend my disbelief, immerse myself in that world for the length of an episode – the characters need to at least feel real for that, and with such a great cast all round (& some of the best ‘unknown’ guest actors have been on this show) I have not often found that difficult with Castle.
            Such a contrived plot device as this, which to me goes against everything KB has been working towards, pops that bubble for me. I can only see them now as written characters, acted out… (Exactly what they are, but what I need them not to be). Make believe world gone, enjoyment diminished.
            Also, I have a real problem with the promo for the next episode… ‘Fun’ & silly just not going to sit well in this context. Given RC was so mad at KB at the end of S4 for lying, his clowning around, playing it up & trying to win her back makes absolutely no sense in their world which has been created and developed for 7 years.
            Just sayin’.

          • tv fan says:


            then i hate to say this to you then you need to find another show. that’s the way this show has gone on and i don’t see that part of it ever changing. now i saw that he was undercover, and that’s when he acts the most foolish ways. I think it will be fun to see how he can get her back…..that’s what everyone was complaining about going back to seasons 1-3 and now we might get it yet here we are complaining again. they and we can’t win! just enjoy!

          • Patty says:

            I agree with you completely–these first two episodes have kept me at the edge of my seat, unlike last season. The writers had to do something to put some conflict between Castle and Beckett or the network would cancel it. And yes, I’ve been a Castle fan since Season 1, episode 1–but I write novels so I understand what the writers are doing to save the show from cancellation.

          • tv fan says:


            me too, much better then last years first two esp. as for the new conflict i thought it opened so many doors both good or bad. i think fans of the show should give it a chance, not just jump to the worst conclustion like a lot have, i know a lot are up set i get that i was to but i’ve giving up on them. if i did that i wouldn’t have made it this far. yes, i started in season 5 but i watched all the others and felt betrayed in lots of them (if that’s all i knew -seeing i live).
            i can’t wait to see more and more.

          • jahoney1 says:

            The spark was taken out of the relationship with the poor writing. You can still write in the spark and still be in a relationship. It has been done. They have taken a major step back in both the character developments and the writing has gotten even poorer. I expect the ratings to drop over the next two episodes that the bosses will be concerned. Syndication will help offset that cost, but the line is thin. Castle has always been about the relationship between Beckett and Castle while solving crimes together. At the same time showing how each other has changed over time. If this is done wrong they don’t make it past winter sweeps.

          • tv fan says:


            true to that, but the other can be said as well, the writing might get better, who knows i just know that i will be watching all i can. and from the title that i have seen (haven’t watched promos and pic-) i am excited. especially esp 7!

          • lila1star says:

            Spoiled? Really–that is your take away of some of us fans disgust at yet another reset to a show we have loved and stayed with? I disagree–the show or whoever does owe the fans as with out us there is no show and thus no pay checks for the writers, actors and crew. No advertisement dollars for the network or fans who spend money due to the very same ads.
            The writers may do as they like and us fans also may express are happiness or unhappiness. In this case it is unhappiness to the point of no return for some of us–not a threat but a done deal. Lets face it–Castle fans of today are far from being spoiled because Castle the show jumped the shark long ago–what fans that are left are loyal not spoiled. Castle fans are hopeful as we hoped this season would be better not more of the same.
            So call us spoiled if you want as you are allowed your opinion but this fan is out and also allowed my own opinion.
            Thank you…..

          • L8wrtr says:

            You’re right. They don’t owe us jack squat. And we don’t owe them squat either. They can enjoy their shake-up as the ratings plummet.

          • jahoney1 says:

            First off with the “spoiled fans” there would be no Castle. With the way the ratings are going Castle could very well not make it past the November sweeps much less the bigger winter sweeps. They could have should have done a lot better than a plot device that is very old and so far out it goes beyond stupid and into lala land. It is not idiotic to criticize the writer if comparing it to other writing and shows in the same genre it fall flat in comparison. The fans are complaining because the spark was taken out of the relationship by poor writing. The cat and mouse chase again is just lazy writing and lacking creatively. Kate’s decision shows she has Psychopathic and or Sociopathic tendencies. Adding spark should be as simple as writing about a disagreement on a suspect and in how a case is going. Season for for example during the case with the Mayor.

          • CastleGuy57 says:

            Your response is just plain ignorant. If people stop watching Castle then the show goes off the air, pure and simple. It has nothing to do with “spoiled fans.” If the show gets ridiculous and contrived, people stop watching. If people stop watching, bye bye Castle. If Castle “Jumps the Shark,” I am done with my beloved show . . . and that will break my heart. Fans make the show popular, NOT the show runners.

          • Yes I would sign up for that show where they talk at end of day and theorize . Yes it was obvious that is why I stopped watching . Plus when he finds out she was lieing I hope they divorce. give him a pair for once to justify the preview here. So, Castle says “There’s no greater betrayal than a lie in a marriage.” That may be true. However, a showrunner betraying the fans isn’t great either. This whole forced break-up of Castle and Beckett by not just resetting the characters but actually attempting to reshape them is a huge betrayal of the story that has been building for many seasons

        • Katie says:

          Amen! It’s like they think that just because you’re married their aren’t sparks or conflict Have they ever been in a successful marriage?! There is so much more to life than angst and obsession!! Just living life throws enough craziness and chances for and growth and evolution as a person. The writers are being lazy and uncreative. They are killing one of my favorite shows!! After reading this article; I’m not going to watch anymore. Screw them.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Writing the same old, same old is ‘lazy and uncreative.’ Throwing the show and the fandom an incredible curve ball and then getting a hit off of it (latter remains to be seen) takes creativity, courage, and lots of effort. Dislike the curve, but don’t label it incorrectly.
            Give it a chance to be hit out of the ballpark. In five short hours of our time, on Nov 16, we’ll be offered an ep called Mr. and Mrs. Castle (8×07). I for one can’t wait for that and everything in between.
            You’re other option? Cut off your nose to spite your face. Only you will be the loser.

          • tv fan says:


            me too i’m more excited now, i did get the title wrong but close enough. anyway, I think that fans need to give this a chance, so you didn’t like one esp, so be that……i don’t know one fan out there that can say they like every second of every esp of Castle (or any show for that matter). if i can find one out there. wow! i can say though mine is about 97% for castle. Actually one of them that i won’t ever watch again is on right now “kill switch”. i hate trains. long story with that.

            and your right if all goes wrong we only really lose 5 hours…….something to think about there. i think that everything will be okay.

            I do have a question, (go to sound stupid) but wasn’t that their anniversary? i couldn’t remember when they got married…..with all that went on.

            and look we have almost reached 700!

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Ouch. Typo. Should be “Your other …”

          • tv fan says:


            did you read the latest on esp-7 “mr mrs…..” at least wait till then? i’m i hope fans will relax a little. yes i;m way upset to but i’m willing to stick with this show…..

          • CastleBuzz says:

            tvfan – Mr & Mrs will be shown very close to their first anniversary. Time of Our Lives was ep 7×06, shown on Nov 10. I’m sure the writers and showrunners are aware of that!

          • always been me says:


            cool, that gives me a little bit of hope that maybe just maybe they will show something good for that esp……unless they get a divorce first. i don’t think that would happen but could with the way that the show is going…..

          • always been me says:

            maybe that’s why they are telling us to hold on till then, what kinda surprise do they have cooked up for that! last time we as fans wanted something (esp 150-mile) it wasn’t all that so…..i don’t know……but i guess that i can wait that long anyway.

    • Red Snapper says:

      I agree. This isn’t a ‘bold’ twist. It seems like they has no idea what to do next and really wanted to make a splash as the new showrunners. When you need to do some sort of reset it means you’ve hit a creative dead end and should think about ending the show. I’m a huge fan of the show and I’m not against a breakup or separation as long as it works with the story. This just seemed so forced. I’ll stick with it for now but its definitely on notice.

      • sharminina says:

        i agree with you!

      • How is it ‘forced’? Kate has always had this obsession borne from her mother’s death. Back in season 1 we saw how it almost destroyed her life. It’s the most in-character narrative they could have done.

        • Laura A says:

          Except that she resolved it. over a season ago. And has shown ZERO indication since then that it’s an issue. Which means they pulled this out of thin air because they were stymied.

          They’ve all but admitted that they are having to reset the show to an earlier incarnation while pleading with us to see it as something new.

          It’s not new. It’s PRECISELY what they did to Moonlighting and then to Bones. Put them together and then tear them apart again. At least Bones has the sense to actually show Bones and Booth working through issues like actual couples do. But between the two months’ gone thing last season and now this, it feels like Castle’s writers literally have no other ideas than separating them in one way or another. And no idea how relationships work. You don’t pull apart when things get hard. It’s the difficult stuff that often brings you together.

          Seriously, can they maybe borrow some writers from somewhere? Castle has a great cast, but its writing…ugh.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Laura, Kate thought it was resolved with taking Bracken down. He was supposed to be the kingpin, the head honcho. Once he was imprisoned, Kate could relax on that score, hence the zero indication. The death of her entire AG team, her former partner and colleagues, solely because of them seeing a memo she requested on Bracken two years before is hardly pulling something out of thin air, at least not for Kate Beckett. Suddenly she has to face the fact that Bracken was just another player in this corrupt ring that has political power and murderous tendencies. As Floodlit says, it’s in her character.

          • tv fan says:

            @laura a

            my question to you is can you read minds?
            what i mean is just cause she don’t talk about it- and we know that she doesn’t- that all of this was behind her?
            you don’t ever get rid of it, no matter how hard you try to, it’s in the back of you mind forever, it becomes part of you part of your DNA. I know (not that i had someone die) but things stick with you. and these characters are no different.

          • annek says:

            Not trying to be rude but speaking of reading minds, i cant be expected to read Becketts mind. If it doesnt happen on screen, it doesnt happen. Are we to believe she was just acting happily married?

          • tv fan says:


            that’s not rude……but to answer your question I don’t know, if i watched the esp correctly, she told Castle that she had to do this so that she could live happily with him. so i don’t know if she’s not happy right now or she just needs to find that peace with herself. i can’t say one way or another. but in the past behavior she never talks to him about anything. (on screen).

            i was saying for me it doesn’t go away, it sticks with you, at least mine did, that’s why i hated the end of season 6, i was in a car that allmost blow up and why i will never watch the “kill switch” esp again. i was almost crushed by a train when the lights didn’t work on the crossing. when you have that you sticks with you. even 20 years later, i still cringe with trains.

            but here i think we are trying to figure out where the writers and characters are coming (thinking) of.
            i love to read all this different ways, so for me it’s not rude, and i’m not judging anyone.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            annek: You’re correct. We only know what’s shown on our screen. Still, we can surmise certain things from what we know about her character and mindset. I think Beckett’s very much in love with Castle and very happy to be married to him. But these events woke up something that was dormant within her since Veritas. She believed that with Bracken’s arrest, it was over and she could indeed put that aspect of her life to rest. Now it’s clearly not over and the question for her is what does she do with that knowledge. Is it within her to ignore it, push it out of her mind, accept the gift of love and marriage that Rita alluded to? Or does her nature, her DNA, compel her to take action and, if so, what action and how to act without putting those she loves in even more danger than they already are.

          • annek says:

            I understand what u r saying but we can then also assume she learned nothing hanging off that building, and does not know her husband as well as we all we were led to believe.

          • tv fan says:


            both of you are right, we just see what we want to in each other characters, that’s my fav part of this show is that the characters are not just one sided……wwe get muli layers to them.

          • tv fan says:

            it’s in her DNA to get justice! and that’s what she’s doing to do, just i think that she’s going about it all the wrong way. she’s not going to let it go if she did she loses who she is and has become….i would hate to see that. i just wish that she would have talked to Castle and taken him along with her. and maybe she will…….

      • Georgee says:

        Like you I disagree on how episode 2 ended. We all know the whole show are those two people Rick and Kate. I also believe that Mr Winter has done a super job for the last 7 seasons. I trust in what he is doing, and I’ll give him until episode 8 in November to see how things go. I owe him that much. After all if his bold move is a cluster screw up the fans will be out a great show, and he will be out of a job. I also feel the rating numbers are going south, lost allot of fans. To add insult to the fans who waited around all thru all the crap rumors, they give them self a three month winter vacation. The cliff hanger in episode 8 should be a Rick and Kate baby. Please no more break ups no one wins. I’m praying for this all to work out. Again Thanks for a wonderful 7 seasons.

        • always been me says:


          i agree with you, it’s always been about R and K, yes not in the way that many want, but it’s not all done. people (not just Castle fans) have asked for writers to step up there game give us something new and yet when they make bold moves like this one on this show, then you want to kill them. Give them a few esp to show what they got, yes i know that you don’t trust what will happen here because of the past but it seems like everyone is putting all the writers in one group. it’s all sad. i want to trust them too, i just have to be patient and for me that’s way hard to do. I actually think that this could work out. I hope anyway.

          as for ratings it looks like a lot of shows are going down…….

    • Thomas Lark says:

      Could not agree more.

    • DJE says:

      Really tiresome – disappointed they aren’t able to make great new episodes without this. It’s turned into a bad romance tease instead of a great adventure.

    • Jessica says:

      Yes it will be extremely painful to watch and I don’t know if I can I feel we are going backwards with their relationship and that’s never a good thing

      • N-A-Coma says:

        That’s how I feel instead of moving forward we are moving backwards. This is crazy. I’d rather see Beckett as captain & have Alexis & Castle running the pi business & working with Ryan and Espo.

    • DJE says:

      The best part of the show, the humor, is gone.

    • tv fan says:

      i think that they kicked a$$ and this is what it needed. At least these writers, have guts along with the character and you know they will not be apart for that long! (if you know anything about the show). bold yes and that’s what we need!

      • But after this on top of everything else she’s done to him it should be over. They shouldn’t get back together.

        • kath says:

          Oh, but she’s doing it to keep him safe! It’s so wonderful!

          Except for the fact that the whole idea is not only incredibly stupid, it takes away what made the show work in the first place which is Castle and Beckett being on the same side.

        • Dr. Enie says:


      • CastleBuzz says:

        Exactly, tvfan.
        As for the “everything else SHE’s done to HIM” comment from JS and other similar ones, oh, please. Stop confusing your own life’s disappointments in love with these two characters. Stop worrying about poor, little, ole’ Rick. He’s a grown-a** man, as Espo called himself. He can manage this. Ultimately, he’s in love with Kate and more to the point, understands her, sometimes better than she understands herself. And Kate ultimately loves him and her life with him. She may be wrong in thinking she can protect him by leaving him, but there should be no doubt in any fan’s mind that she sincerely believes that is the case.
        IMO Beckett believes she’ll be able to investigate the agents’ murders and the CIA mole on the down low, perhaps with Vikram’s help, thus keeping her, him, and her loved ones safe. In her mind, identifying and bringing down this latest threat is the only way to make them all safe, always.

        • Ralph Benson says:

          Then if that is so, I expect most Castle fans to miss this fantastic writing

        • nothappy says:

          Dude. I still think you work for ABC. But as someone mentined, Kate is not a super hero, she is human. She can’t save the world ad that isn’t what brought people to the show. Does anyone remember what that was?

          • CastleBuzz says:

            If you were addressing me, I’m neither a dude nor do I work for ABC. And, yes, I remember what brought me to watching the first episode — I liked the premise of a mystery writer following a cop. I became a fan of the show in the first scene when Beckett approaches the first dead body. Stana’s Beckett has grabbed me ever since with her drive toward justice and respect for the victim. Nathan’s Castle runs hot and cold with me. And, you’re correct, Beckett is not a superhero. She’s a very human hero, flawed in some decisions of how to do something but never flawed in what to do in the larger sense. Still, she is “saving the world,” one criminal at a time.

          • lkh says:

            Dudette, please!

      • nothappy says:

        How is repeating the same plot device gutsy?

    • Jared says:

      Even if we are to believe what the producers are saying, if the rating is a .8 or.9 will it matter that they tell a great story. No one will stick around to watch. The loyal fans are what is left after 7 years, this is NOT how you treat or reward them.

    • H says:

      So basically this is Bones season 8 finale, when Booth broke up with Brennan cause otherwise she would have been put in danger.
      Meanwhile in the season 11 premiere Booth suddently disappears and everyone gives up finding him but his woman who just knows he will be back.
      Sound familiar, Castle fans?

    • Barry says:

      I’m not about to read 306 comments — I just don’t have the time. And I agree to some extent with what you are saying Alisha. But I do have an additional input or two to add, so pardon me if some other poster has said the same thing.

      The rumors last season about Stana (not Kate) and Nathan (not Rick) not liking each other anymore seem to come into this conversation for me. It seems like the new writers are trying tol put lip-stick on an “interpersonal pig” by keeping them apart as much as possible on the small screen. Add to that the obvious lack of chemistry since last season (chemistry that made this one of my favorite series of all time), and we have Castle going it alone much of last season and now this crap. And as for ABC, I’m a management consultant so I get them — they are going to milk the sponsors of this popular show (make as much $$$ as possible), until the ratings fall lower than they already have and the show ends its run. What a SHAME actors become such divas — male as well as female.

      I will give this a little more time, of course. But Rick chasing after Castle “to win her back” — as we see in the promo for Episode 3 — is crap. If this were real life, I’d tell Castle to grow a pair of grapes and move on. As for this loyal Castle fan, I will be taping NCIS: LA now — and thank God for Monday Night Football — at least with it on there will be noise in the house :-). In fact, the 10:00 news is starting to become a viable alternative for me as well.

      Also — Stana just got married. I’m delighted for her — but even if the current writers’ egos weren’t too large for their hats and they didn’t think they could pull this crap off on we stupid viewers — her marriage would have also made the chemistry in those previous love scenes we used to love much harder to pull off — again, under the best of circumstances.

      Finally, if you read this Stana, here’s one last point for you. I remember during one of the Paley discussions a female fan asked you how you felt about all of your new fans. You smiled and said somethiong like this — “I’m just so honored — I’ve never had fans before.” Well, when this show goes into the toilet and you are back to making “B” movies again, just remember how good you had for most of these seasons.

      • CastleBuzz says:

        Whoa, Barry, your comments are dripping with hatred for a real person, not her character anymore. With “fans” like you, who needs enemies.
        Also, you do know that most love scenes in TV shows and movies are between actors and actresses (or any combo thereof) who are in all likelihood in relationships with other people in real life, right? It’s called acting.

        • Barry says:

          Wow — thanks for the insight into what I’m thinking. Where do I send your freaking check doc?

          • Ralph Benson says:

            I believe CastleBUzz is the house shill for ABC.

          • nothappy says:

            I’ve asked him if he worked for ABC several times. I don’t expect him to answer if the answer is yes, but if he wasn’t then I think he’d say so. He’s here to try and tip the scales on our responses, so when they have someone troll through these sites they can see more positive ones. And he’s said the same thing on other sites.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Any time, Barry, your psyche was easy to read as it was revealed in your last two paragraphs. Easiest job I ever had. Checks always welcome.
            Ralphie and Nothappy – not a dude, not the house shill for ABC (wouldn’t mind that gig, though), just a Castle watcher like you with a different POV who’ll post as frequently and diversely as she desires.

    • Tammy says:

      I agree completely!

    • Kim R says:

      Sigh. This plot twist just makes me tired. So first we have the almost wedding ending with a mysterious car crash. Then we have amnesia. Now we have the old, I have to leave you to keep you safe. What is next? Evil twin? This is a soap opera. What have they done to Castle and Beckett? They are good solving crimes. They don’t need all of this other going on.

      • KIC says:

        ^^^^ This. It makes me tired. Very sad. I loved Castle. No longer “must watch live” and soon maybe not watch at all. :(

        • tv fan says:


          keep those spirits high, it won’t last too long……..at least record then watch later, they say we will be surprised! (but then again we’ve heard that before). i have a gut feeling that all will be okay, that doesn’t mean that all fans will like the new way but, just hold on……

      • tv fan says:

        @kim r

        that’s what makes the drama, and don’t put that twin thing out there for them to see……i can’t wait to see more and more. and yes i was and still am heartborken.

    • davej13 says:

      First, I don’t like the new girl. If I liked her, that would make this so much easier. Second, it seems Alexis has aged 5 years and completed a degree in a whole new unknown major over the summer.

      Third, Bold my foot!!!! Are you guys actually TRYING to get the show canceled??? If you have run out of ideas, just resign or hire someone new to come up with better ideas.

      Rick getting kidnapped on his wedding day was crap. The resolution to Rick being kidnapped on his wedding was crap. And now this is more crap.

      And don’t pull a ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and tell me how we are a passionate fan base that you appreciate!!!

      • CastleBuzz says:

        I don’t dislike Hayley, the new “girl,” as much as I don’t see her relevance. In upcoming eps, she may prove to be necessary to Rick’s PI biz but so far she hasn’t added anything for me.
        As for little Miss Castle becoming super PI overnight, I appreciate your sarcasm. And it’s only going to get worse if the recently released promo shots for the next couple of episodes are any indicator. She’s there with her dad investigating out in the field, questioning people, and doing undercover work dressed in a skimpy outfit at some frat party. At least the last puts her on a college campus where she belongs. What they’re doing with her character is about the only thing that bothers me right now. Shudder.

        • tv fan says:


          i know really Alexis grew up overnight but that is what some fans asked for and her to work with her dad and go to college….maybe that’s hers…..some asked for that to…..over on abc panel. so i guess they are trying to listen to us. we also asked for Beckett and Castle to be like 1-3 you know the spark and all…..so many this is their way of doing that for us fans. I just hope that it doesn’t backfire on us……so maybe given the chance we will see some good things. I just have to hold on to that and the new titles…..esp 7 wink…….

          as for the new characters, both of them they’re growing on me, at first i didn’t like gates and she ended up being my third fav (over Beckett and Castle of course) so with them we will see, as of right now i don’t know what they bring to the table in the way of help. i don’t like how they way that she tells Castle and his daughter to think of only themselves though….that’s not what the show for me any was about. it’s was working together…….

          i haven’t see any promos yet, i don’t want to……i want some surprises….to look forward to.

          I can’t imagine what she (Alexis) will become, she might end up looking more like Nikki Heat then Beckett did!

      • tv fan says:


        why not say that we are fan appreciated. they did listen just not exactly how you or others (including me) might have wanted them too, they are trying something new with the characters. yes heartbreaking for now but they will be back together……esp 7 mr and mrs……anyway, i do get why folks are upset, he!! i am but i will give it a shot this coming monday and that be that……

    • lkh says:

      And you know what, if they keep this sort of thing up, they’ll get comments from the fans! Just guessing. :)

      • tv fan says:


        they are ready have! look at this, over 600. yeah…..let’s keep it going…..and the newest thing is esp7 mr and mrs…..

    • Caroline says:

      I think it’s gonna be interesting what they play, plus it makes us wan to watch more and will give new content to hopefully obtain a new season.

      • always been me says:


        exactly, i wanted to see more and more…….but i think that was only cause Stana (and yes Nathan too) did a priceless piece of work again. Almost as good as the “fight” scene in always. (which was the best of the series-in that respect) I cried at this one too, I felt what they felt and that makes this show worth the time that i watch it. not to many show can do that for me. so i say I will be there till the end!

    • jahoney1 says:

      It some extent I agree that this could be painful to watch. I am glad they renewed, but very disappoint that the writing is worse than some of the episodes last year. Plot devices that go so far out there that they go beyond stupid and into lala land.

  2. Blurgh says:

    Deep breaths, everyone.

  3. Kate says:

    That did NOT make me feel any better… :-(

    • Christina says:

      All that did was reinforce my decision to let my DVR record all episodes and let them sit, unwatched, until possibly the season (probably series) finale. I’m sure it will end with them together, and I can stomach at least 12 episodes of them apart if I know where it’s going. If they get divorced and that’s it, then that nice season 7 finale works as a series finale for me.

  4. Just one thing says:

    “Last season, Beckett tried to be the happy wife and great detective, but what the case that launches this season did is make her realize that there’s something a little “broken” inside of her. Hopefully by solving this, she will come face to face with what she needs to get out of it.”
    The little “broken” something inside of her was not having justice for her mother. That was all put to rest in Veritas. Anything else “broken” or unsolved that they throw in Beckett’s way is just a contrivance.

    • skrable2 says:

      When you and I are in complete agreement … they really must have screwed it up big time.

    • BM says:

      It wouldn’t be had they set it up in S7. But this kind of comes out of the blue and that’s bothering me. Because, I think, losing your mother at a young age and to murder no less is never ever going to go away. But it did in S7 and it shouldn’t have. There should have been hints of it.

      I also think that the fact that it was still with her could have been explored in other ways. Because the murder doesn’t just influence her in the way of wanting revenge, It influences her in a lot of other ways, too. And what about that scene in S4 when she talked about who she would be without her mother’s murder to solve with Dr Burke? I thought the S4 finale meant she had figured that out.

      • Just one thing says:

        You know what else came out of the blue?
        Beckett considering a job in DC, and suddenly not feeling content as a detective. Beckett somehow getting that job in DC, despite being married to a known felon for 15+ years. Beckett once again feeling discontent as a detective and craving something more – like another job in DC, in politics, which she loves so very much.
        Nine times out of 10, when the show needs conflict, they call on Beckett’s past – either her “obsession,” her doubts, her fears or her Vegas marriage. And each of those times, it’s either Beckett’s narrow-mindedness or plain ignorance that justifies those storylines.
        But when Castle misses their wedding and disappears for two months, he is simultaneously a victim and a hero whose actions were needed for the good of the globe.
        You’re right. There have been many times along the way where it appears Beckett had made peace with her past and her life. But apparently the showrunners need to unearth those layers to make the show interesting again. There’s simply no other way.
        Viewers just need to have faith.

        • nothappy says:

          Viewers had faith. Which is why we are still here after all of the things you named above. The comments the show runners made don’t cause faith, just frustration.

          It sounds like they will be seperated for several episodes, while Rick does the work of mending a relationship he didn’t break.

          How can you still she be around him and say she is protecting him. Maybe Rick (and I’m reaching here cause I’m tired of the need to pull them away from one another to grow) will get hurt and then she’ll see what she’s done is silly.

          • U says:

            Well said. I think the writers going down this path insult the viewers on so many levels making it hard to watch what happens next.

        • R says:

          Hey JOT, although its certainly hard to engage inc conversation between the two behemoth Castle threads going on at-the-moment, your smattering of posts really capture a lot of the emotions I have.
          I so badly want to write how I feel regarding the current state of the show; unfortunately, for the first time since I have started watching Castle I am struggling trying to collect all of my thoughts.
          All of the rumblings and hints couldn’t have prepared me for how poorly the new show runners “bold” (lol) decision was.

          • Just one thing says:

            Hey, R! Glad you came about.
            It’s really crazy to think that they didn’t believe the viewers would attack Beckett for this story decision. It’s just really strange logic, thinking television viewers are going to instinctively take a step back and say, “Forget about this show and the characters I immerse myself in for an hour every week. I see the bigger picture and the greater necessity for drama, so I’m not going to blame Beckett for the choices she’s making on my television screen.”
            Uh… No. Haha, that’s not how non-fanatical, regular viewers typically watch television. They just get mad and change the channel.
            And I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, that this wasn’t somehow engineered to make Castle more likable or protect him from viewers’ wrath. I really, really want to believe they thought viewers would understand Beckett’s POV.
            But it’s hard to believe that, even with all of their comments to the contrary. Because these are smart guys. And though it appears they could only fit one woman (maybe two?) into the writers’ room this year, I thought they were a bit more in tune with how to move a female character forward without making her look wishy-washy. They certainly demonstrated that skill in past years when it came to Beckett.
            I realize I apparently gave them too much credit this summer, because I believed the rumblings of people in the know who shouted from the rooftops, but I honestly thought they’d try harder to give equal footing to both characters this season, which season seven failed to provide. Silly, silly me.

        • I'm going to let you finish but says:

          It’s always Beckett whose moral high ground needs to be lowered all to the delight of a man. It’s 2015, the writers who are all mostly liberals need to write like it is. Enough of this contrived nonsense.

          • Barry says:

            Huh??? What in the hell are you trying to say? Good grief!

          • tv fan says:

            wtf? where did that come from? and what does that really mean? I don’t get it.

          • Barry says:

            Beats me — I sort of remember some dummy posting a short rant that made no sense. Clearly, my response wasn’t meant for you.

          • Harvey says:

            Castle being left with no reason to him, just left after marriage, and then him going after Beckett is him becoming a fool. Then in TSATQ also, the episode was made by lowering Castle’s moral ground way too much than was really believable or should have been, only to show Beckett can be trusted, only there the screenplay wasn’t able to show that but maybe more of the opposite of that so that didn’t work, but the episode itself was obviously written to give Beckett a push, and Castle a pull. It was only the marriage ep written with pulling Beckett down, otherwise not much that way.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Sorry, Harvey, but is what you just wrote English? I haven’t a clue what you’re trying to say.

          • Harvey says:

            Castlebuzz, lol, you are also as arrogant as your fav character?? Probably the connection comes from there then

            Still, I meant that they have tried to lower Castle’s moral ground to show Beckett’s trust in TSATQ, and now they are doing the same thing.

    • KIC says:

      This. That WAS put to rest. Fixing the broken allowed her to admit love to Castle. Just not good writing.

  5. annek says:

    They have completely underestimated their long time fans. Always doesnt mean this….
    Canon is all but out the window

    • It was a great two-parter, UNTIL THE ENDING. Kate is beyond selfish and logically this makes no sense as if not for Castle & the Scooby Gang, she would have been killed.

      after such a riveting action packed filed episode, they turn this thick meaty potential storyline into a typical worn out slack twist of kate being back to square one with her emotional immaturity. it’s wearing thin now and i don’t think the writers have any direction anymore. we want thick chunky heavy Doses of action and pounding pulsating Drama, not this melodrama of “one woman against the world, including her husband”. rick has too long had to put up with her, she has been so fortunate to find a man so patient and loving who has given her ample time to grow into the relationship and learn to trust him and then she blows it all to hell. and of course instead of making castle firm and fight back against her immaturity, they will make him chase her down like a puppy dog YET AGAIN as if to insinuate the only way to love is to bow and kneel

      The only think I’m happy about is the fact that it’s Kate who has screwed things up. TV writers seem quite obsessed with the idea that the man in the relationship should be the cause of most of their issues. if you think about it, Castle has always had the shorter end of the stick when it comes to his relationship with Kate. Before they got together, Castle had a few girlfriends that were almost never around or mentioned only lasted an episode.

      Meanwhile, Kate had multiple boyfriends over
      the course of the series that made multiple appearances, 99% of the time to make Castle jealous. She even ALMOST KISSED Tom Demming when she was ALREADY WITH Castle. That always annoyed me. Castle had to fight for Kate waaaaaaay more than Kate ever had to fight for Castle.

      When Castle wanted to be with her, he had to watch her date other men, but when Kate finally wanted to be with Castle, they got together THAT

      There is something I want the writers to do with this situation: Let Castle be pissed! He may understand why she did it, but he still deserves to be angry. We’ve always seen Castle be affectionate and understanding of her, set that
      aside for now.

      Kate is hoping to do this and still get Castle to
      forgive her and take her back in the end. I want the writers to make Castle put some serious doubts in her head that such a thing could even
      happen. Create a situation where she has to fight for Castle, because as I mentioned above, she’s never had to do that anywhere near to the same
      extent as him.

      Do that and I’ll tolerate this season. If we spend
      the coming episodes with Castle desperately trying to get her back and she just keeps turning him down, I will be massively pissed, because
      that would just be him fighting for her AGAIN while she’s controlling when the relationship happens.

      • The writers and showrunners have no respect for the character of Castle no matter what they said in this interview. He’s going to try and “win back” the woman he’s been married to for less than a year who left him? He makes up a reason that she left to convince himself there’s a way to bring her back? Solving this case would take years, just like Bracken and she’s willing to leave her family for that length of time. Change the locks and file for divorce in a few months would be the human reaction but the writers won’t admit that.

        • tv fan says:

          @jim s

          she might be even chasing a ghost that might not be there! the whole story line (right now) doesn’t make sense to me. but i will continue to watch!

      • Beckstle says:

        I am so tired of the “he had to watch her date other men” nonsense. She had to hear about him boinking the “deep-fried twinkie” and that actress. Worse, we actually had to see him do it. He also had the kiss with Kyra and the thing with Gina. Castle’s rep was a playboy and we got to see plenty of him playing. So let’s not pretend he was just waiting around for Beckett. They were two mature adults trying to find their way. Period.

        • Just one thing says:

          Yep yep!

        • CastleBuzz says:

          Thank you from me too. God I’m tired of this caveman mentality.

          • Harvey says:

            Castlebuzz, he would have ever to come the precinct if he would have thought he didn’t have a chance with Beckett? NOPE! So yeah, he was waiting for her. He had flings, but when it came to relationships, he was again the one to do that after Beckett started a relationship. And she could have gone back with Sorenson, and he was already serious, Demming could have been good enough for her maybe, when he left he didn’t know how far they’ll go, and they weren’t on any bad terms, and with Josh, it was after many episodes he came to know about that. And later in those episodes, Josh saved her life too, just so you know. So yeah, he was waiting around.

        • Harvey says:

          LOL! You made a right point, until the end when you said he wasn’t just waiting around for her. I mean I don’t get why to prove some point you have to take off of something Castle did. They both were together with other people, but Castle was definitely the one waiting. Castle’s relationship with Gina was over in around the 12th episode of Season 3, and then he had nothing until the end episodes of season 4. He was definitely waiting for Beckett, it was Beckett’s decision to be with him or not. For all he knew, Beckett could have gone with anyone else, as he only had 1 real girlfriend with a chance of staying, Beckett had Sorenson, Demming and Tom, all were serious boyfriends and she could have gone with anyone. In whole season 4, it was all about when Beckett’s ready. It was always about when Beckett’s ready actually, so don’t put this on Castle that he wasn’t waiting for Beckett.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            As it should be….LOL ….in nature, it’s always the male who chases the female. I agree with Beckstle. If Rick was “waiting,” he certainly had a strange way of doing it.
            As for Beckett’s “serious boyfriends,” Sorenson was by far the most serious and yet their relationship was prior to the start of the show so it doesn’t count. They’re just friends in the two eps we see him in. She dated Demming casually for a few eps, hardly serious, and dropped him in favor of Castle. Only Castle never found out b/c overnight he became infatuated with his second wife again. Josh (not Tom) lasted longer than that but that relationship was fraught with problems and never seemed as though it would last.

        • BB says:

          THANK YOU, this fandom is full of hypocrites who think men can do whatever they want whenever they want while women should kiss the path they walk on. Enough of this double standard.

          • Harvey says:

            lol! I think most would have just known that most of the time Castle was single, and actually mostly she was in a relationship that stopped them from getting together. It’s sad to see Beckstle think Castle didn’t wait for her, when he obviously did.

        • tv fan says:


          exactly, it’s not that she waited around for him either, with her “flings”. anyways wont go there….I just hope that they can find each other again and i think that she might need this time to just do that. hurtful as that might be. i would want my spouse to do it sooner then later……but then again…i wouldn’t want them to lie to me at all just just up straight with me. but we are talking about them, the most un-normal couple. that’s who they are and always will be……so just relax and let if flow.

  6. Grace says:

    All the writers of this show EVER do is make promises they never fulfill. They ask for trust every single season and it’s always a let down. The foundation of this move is so shaky and weak that asking us to trust where they’re going feels like a punk.

    done. Feels good to be done.

  7. Just one thing says:

    “Look, the most important thing for us is to A) tell a compelling dynamic story, but B) protect these characters. When we first started talking about doing this, the thing at the forefront was: How do we do it in a way that hopefully nobody gets mad at the characters? They can get mad at us, but… Beckett is doing this for the right reasons in her head, which is, “I have this obsession that I don’t know how to deal with yet, but if I go down this road with Castle, he could get killed.”
    Sorry, guys. That didn’t come across tonight at all. Maybe because of Rita’s last three or four lines? Where she essentially spelled out that Beckett has a choice in the matter?
    Nice try, though. I guess.

    • Mia says:

      Totally agreed. If that’s what they were going for in those last two scenes, they didn’t succeed.

      Hawley seems way too attached to the old seasons when he was back on the show. The characters were supposed to have grown in the three years he hasn’t been around. I could have lived with some angst, even a separation, but not written like this. So poorly done on the Beckett characterization front.

    • titnaskers says:

      Hey just one thing I honestly think they should have originaly named this series Beckett instead of Castle, because during this whole entire series we have gotten a lot of Beckett’s backstory. Instead the backstory of Castle, rember last year we were promisied to have Rick’s anthology, and we barley got any of it. Now they have gone done this ridiculous move and tell us to trust them. In my opinon I am very leary of this upcoming season.

      • Just one thing says:

        FYI: I am a major Beckett fan, so had they called the show “Beckett,” I would’ve been pretty cool with it. 😎

    • Tara17 says:

      This! Using Caskett’s relationship status as a plot device seems like lazy writing to me. Also, it makes Beckett look like someone who doesn’t take marriage and vows seriously. And what, Castle is just supposed to take her back after this is all done?

    • Kathoops says:

      But it was okay for Castle to be involved with their investigation of Vulcon in S7. Not too worried about him being killed.

    • Teresa says:

      Agreed. I am mad at the showrunners AND Kate. This was just the last nail in the coffin as far as any affection I had for Kate. Go Rick! The show is named Castle for a reason. He can move on without her!

      • shirley booth says:

        I agree. If she is the captain….why isn’t she in the office. Instead she is chasing her obsessions. Maybe more counselling is in order. And….why do we now need “Fall finales”. What happened to a September to Spring season !!!

        • CastleBuzz says:

          Did you actually watch the show? In the first scene of ep 1, out of the blue, entirely unexpected, Beckett got a classified code 7, life or death, call. That code means the call is from someone associated with the AG investigative office. The oath she took for her AG job still stands even after leaving that office (you can google the oath and see for yourself what it say). She had to respond and not tell anyone. It was only at the theater that she learns from the new guy about the assassinations of her former colleagues and the thugs looking for him and her next. Of course she doesn’t show up at the precinct until she’s “safe.” Next week, she’s there. If there are any ramifications to being Captain b/c of her AG ties, we don’t know. But all indications are that she will hunt the bad guys on the QT, not openly.

          • jahoney1 says:

            I was bored so I was reading some of the other posts. I saw this one and decided to comment. First off the oath of office she took as an FBI agent attached to the AG’s office ended the minute she was fired from that post. She is no longer required to respond at all. The fact that she did is well beyond belief for me. That oath ended when she was discharged from office. Vickrim should be fired for contacting someone outside his agency. The people looking for her were not thugs. They were mercenaries for hire, and or special operators and operatives. Elite federal agents and operatives have had a hard time finding Lockstat and the organization how should a lowly NYPD Captain find the group. Going all lone wolf and not including others is how and why her mother was able to be killed so simply. The reason this group was able to stay off of the radar is because they think like intelligence operatives and not law enforcement officers.

    • S. says:

      Came across to some of us, but not surprised it didn’t come across to you. Never does. She’s doing what she’s doing out of love, so is he, at some point they’ll get back on the same page with it but if your ability to keep the love of your life alive is not telling them everything, you’d do it. Of course she can’t let it go. Castle has the same piece in him to not let some things go–it’s the same thing that can be used for comedic effect when he tries to get involved in all her cases no matter how Beckett (or in the past Gates or McCord) tells him to butt out, but sometimes it gets used dramatically for him too. I do love that they’re finding a way to reconnect with the case-solving foreplay of the early days because people were complaining about missing that. Now that they pulled it back in, people complain about that? Can’t win with some people.

    • caskett2014 says:

      JOT, all of your comments make sense and are logical. But sadly as Castle has said, and apparently the writers are following, to paraphrase..don’t mess up their story with your logic. It is beyond me how we the fans have come to accept mediocre writing as “bold, creative work”.
      I also find it hard to accept that it’s ok to lower the moral character of one for another. Change is good and needed for growth. But sacrificing the true essence of this show which is “Caskett” is troubling. I am very disappointed that tptb have taken this path because everybody loses.

      • Just one thing says:

        The disappointment seems to be pretty widespread. Even more widespread than after The Wedding That Wasn’t.
        The risky thing about writers rooms all over the TV sphere is that everyone can kind of fall into the same logical lock-step, and if someone isn’t there to ask the questions there and think like an outsider, the writers room can become one giant circle jerk.

  8. Joe says:

    They sound like complete idiots… Castle has to “win” back the wife that dumped him with no explanation??? It’s season 1 all over again??? How does any of that sound even remotely exciting???

    • RBA says:

      The more interesting story is that he doesn’t try, and she realizes her mistake and begins her efforts to win him back..

      • prish says:

        Right! And the show IS called Castle. He’s the one I watch, anyway. I can move on.

      • Fred Bloggs says:

        Absolutely agree that would be the more interesting story.

        I may like future episodes in this arc – am interested in seeing them – but execution of this concept in this episode was lacking.

      • Kirk says:

        Exactly what I was thinking. But they (show runners) will as always make Castle look like a buffoon. Which in my book is getting tiresome.

    • Brad says:

      Yup y does he have to he should just forget it and move on

    • Kathoops says:

      Exactly! If I had Castles money I would leave the PI business to Alexis to run and I would have some fun looking for a new muse.

    • Robert says:

      Agreed. Even saying that he needs to “win her back” makes my blood boil. IMHO, the only GOOD thing that could come out of this is if Kate just disappears for awhile on her little journey so that we can actually see more of Castle. The show is named for him, after all. Would rather see him just go off on his private eye venture and find someone new than have to deal with her for one more minute.

      And BTW, two things bothered me about the first two episodes. First of all, where is Castle’s mother? Secondly, that bracelet Rick gave to Kate had a clasp that would have to be opened in order for it to fall off her wrist. But when Rick found it, the clasp was closed. Are we supposed to think she left it there on purpose, or is this just another example of shoddy writing?

  9. Gaby says:

    “We’re using this to actually put the spark back in…” Basically they’re saying they can’t actually write a relationship and are using this huge step back for Beckett – as a character – as a plot device. Sorry, I don’t think people will really stick around to see this train wreck.

    • Viv says:

      So true. If you rewatch certain season 2-3 episodes, you can imagine they could work also with Caskett being together.
      The problem is not them being together or not. It’s the jokes, the teasing, the random funny dialogues, the absurd theories…That’s what made season 2-3 funny and witty and charming.
      Season 6 was a bore. It was a check list of all mariage related stuff (date? check. Song? Check. People to invite? Check. Venue? Check….) inserted at the beginning and end of boring COTW episodes where there was no witty dialogue, no jokes, no fun things Castle randomly says. The writers were lazy.
      For example, take the jackass/dumbass convo of an early episode, it could have been said with Caskett being together. The whole Curse of the Mummy episode could have been a season 5 episode.
      The problem with Season 5-6-7 was that the dialogues in the COTW plots were boring.
      They want sparks? The sparks were the dialogues.
      I’ll continue watching because I do think it will be funny episodes coming up but I will have to suspend my disbelief. The reason for breaking up was such b***s****. Her obsession was catching her mom’s killer, it was personal. Losing your mother when you’re 19 is not the same thing as losing former colleagues with whom you worked 2 months and whose jobs put them in the crossfire. This is not personal. She’s putting her happiness with Castle after her solving this?
      What did they want to do? Show that she’s an obsessed person? If so they had a reason right there : where was Castle during 2 months?
      But then, when will it stop? When she catches the mastermind behind this, what’s her next obsession gonna be? I say “Dump her, Castle!”
      They want us to still like Beckett? Boy! What an ego they gave her! Without Castle, she would never ever have found her mother’s murderer, or even be alive. What makes her think she can do all this by herself?
      All this drama is so fake it hurts!

      • Viv says:

        Oh, and by the way, Beckett, everyone knows your Castle’s wife. So pursuing your investigation ont he side won’t protect him! They’ll still go after him to get to you!

        • Viv says:

          *you’re Castle’s wife

        • Felicia says:

          Thank goodness…I thought I was the only one that had the sense enough to realize this!!!

          • Emily says:

            Amen! This sums up all my thoughts. I mean really no matter what there was and always will be a chance Castle will get killed simply by following Beckett on cases so why is it so important that Castle stays in the dark and Beckett goes alone to pursue her obsession. Everyone knows they are married so Castle wouldn’t be safe anyway plus they always work better together so it should be them working together NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.

        • Unless they toss in a divorce. They really should. They’ve killed the show anyway.

    • aussiefem says:

      Good bye Castle, it once was my favourite series. I;m done.

      • tv fan says:


        wow! if that’s how you feel then so be it…….but i will continue to watch it cause it is still the best on tv!

  10. Brad says:

    Suffered through 4 seasons of will they won’t they they do it again smdh

  11. Nicole says:

    What bothers me is that they say it is going to make the show different and fresh….you know what would have made be show exciting again? Having the finally together married in love couple actually work together to overcome an obstacle. The best of castle is when the show pairs them together to solve tough cases, so why not this one?

    • Christine says:

      EXACTLY! I feel they would have the Real Castle fans eating out of their hands if they actually had done this. Last night Castle died in my eyes. I won’t be there for the rest of the ride. I am sorry, cause I loved Castle so much and ADORE Nathan and Stana but I can’t stand to watch what was once my favorite show go down this rabbit hole.

  12. ndixit says:

    All right. There’s nothing very substantial in this interview except it sounds very stupid. I still don’t get how her leaving him like this makes him any safer from a logical standpoint, given that’s the defense being laid out. Its not like Castle and his family wouldn’t be just as much of a leverage against Beckett as before. Unless they are getting a public divorce. And I’m really not looking to clueless and silly Castle which is what we will see over the next several episodes. They are just going to continue making him look like an idiot. And finally, the point is that obsession is not mentally healthy. She brings down one big villain, there will be another big villain around the corner. That’s how the world is. There is always evil to fight. If her reaction to every such situation is to break off with the love of her life as a clumsy means of protecting him, then she’s better off alone because she’s clearly not mentally healthy enough to be in a relationship. Its more than just something a little ‘broken’ inside her. Also, I’d love to point out to the writers that nothing good as ever come out of Beckett going solo without Castle. She has on separate occasions been nearly killed, suspended, had her relationship with Castle torn apart, and having had to go on the run. The reason she got Bracken was because she worked with Castle.

  13. skrable2 says:

    Many fans are angry.
    Many fans feel like this is not a road they had to go down.
    Many fans are, in fact, taking sides over the characters actions.

    But … HEY! … we have fun next week!

    You said it best in saying how this feels like Season 1. News Flash to the show runners: It’s not Season 1 anymore. They might not want to believe it. But many fans have been there and seen that already.

    Hawley and Winter failed miserably in this re-imagining.

  14. Bill says:

    Bunch of crap. Nothing “fun” about having to try to win back your wife, who is still your wife, when you have no idea why she left you in the first place. Castle is going to look like an idiot treating this situation as some kind of fun game. “Cool, my wife up and left me out of nowhere. Let’s see what kind of clever hijinks I can pull so that we have to work cases together.” Bunch of crap.

  15. heather says:

    I feel like this is such a slap in the face to all of the fans, especially the ones who have been watching from the beginning! This is going to come back and bite the writers in the ass, when those ratings get worse. Also….I hate what these new show runners have done to Beckett’s character development.

    • Kate says:

      As sad as it makes me, I agree with you completely. I can’t imagine not watching, but I’m not sure I’m game to be there to see what they’re talking about. I’ve loved these characters from the very beginning, but this doesn’t make any sense. I wish the show would have ended last season with that perfect season finale…

  16. John NYC says:

    So the “big bad”, having functioning eyes, sees them together, sees the love; and the millisecond she heads in their direction unknowing Rick gets grabbed and Beckett starts getting boxes containing bloody bits of him along with rather grisly videos.

    Just like Rita warned her.

    Does not seem like a well thought out plan. Ymmv.

    • John NYC says:

      A tricky path.

      Early days.

    • lkh says:

      any well thought out plans over the last seven plus years?

    • Viv says:

      I completely agree.
      Beckett is not as intelligent as they want her to be, she acts a lot without thinking…Can’t contain her emotions. (She wouldn’t last 2 days as Senator. Thank God they abandoned that idea). Without Castle, she wouldn’t have solved half her cases!
      Montgomery knew it : “With Castle gone, I just hope our clearance rate doesn’t drop”

  17. Worldsoul says:

    Give you a chance? are you kidding us? in what universe being a happy couple is a bad thing that you needed to destroy them to have a so called spark? What is wrong with you?

  18. Christina says:

    I spent four years watching them get together. Having to rewatch the same damn thing is not my idea of “fun.”

    • Jessica says:

      It’s not my kind of fun either don’t get me wrong I loved seasons 1-4 but now that they are together and she just leaves him it’s not gonna be fun to watch it all over again

      • John NYC says:

        MAYBE had they at least switched it and had HER chase HIM? But to, perhaps (we haven’t seen any of it yet) simply recycle the early season structure?

        Tough one.

  19. Kim says:

    As long as there is payoff like they claim, I will be happy! Alexi and Terence have written some of my favorite caskett episodes of the series! I NEED my caskett happy ending though! And babies!! 3 to be precise! I NEED my ALWAYS! This fan is sticking around till the wheels fall off! #dontmakemeregretit

    • CM says:

      You cannot adequatey pay this off to justify this story line.

      Castle and Beckett’s relationship will be “less” after this. Not stronger.

    • Kirk says:

      All this does is give them something to beat each other with, there is no way you can claim it will make them stronger. this creates a weak link in the relationship that will always be in everyone’s mind going forward? Will something happen this episode that she needs to leave again and again. Just creates mistrust on a epic level for the show.

    • Gloria says:

      Sorry, Kim, but, the wheels fell off!

    • Tiffany says:

      Don’t listen to these haters Kim! I’m with you!

  20. Jack says:

    I adore this show. I had to stop somewhere after four seasons because the DVDs just became too expensive where I’m from and so I’m awaiting the series’ conclusion where a singular boxset will come out and I can just binge watch the whole thing from start to finish. I think the writers aren’t necessarily making a “bold” move, I think they’re just telling a great story, and they’re finding new ways to keep it exciting. In the real world, couples can get together and stay together, and settle down and be happy and that is beautiful, but on television, as much as you love two people together, you need growth and you need development and challenges and conflict that aren’t mundane, ordinary “real world” things (depending on the type of the show it is). I think this is going to allow for Castle and Beckett to earn that “happily ever after” in a way that brings the show back to the beginning, and it sounds like the right move on their part, eight seasons into the game.

  21. JW says:

    I didn’t read the interview because, as I commented in the earlier recap thread, I don’t care why the showrunners have done it–I just don’t want to watch this show anymore. I’m tired and fed up with the game playing and I’m done. I’m just posting here because undoubtedly they’ll have interns checking comment threads, so here you go: I just deleted Castle the series off of my DVR for the first time since it premiered. I enjoyed much of the first six years, so I’ll just be watching that in syndication. Bye to the show, and I’ll catch Fillion in his next project (best wishes to the rest of the cast as well).

  22. Hope says:

    Thing is if she still is pursuing it then he isn’t safe whether together or not as bad guys know she loves him and would use him to get to her so really a not a good reason.

  23. Brendan says:

    Here’s the thing that is bugging me about Beckett’s decision: if Castle was given the choice of being safe without her or in danger with her, he’d choose the latter in a heartbeat, and she knows that. So the “noble” bit about protecting him is just really not respecting him at all. So the whole not-hating-the-characters idea they pitch there doesn’t hit the mark….
    I’m still hopeful. There’s no reason that the individual episodes can’t be good going forward, and the interesting cases of the week have been a huge part of Castle appeal the whole series. And I’ll wait until the dust settles on this whole thing before I get too angry. I’d really rather enjoy the arc, obviously. But I’m not so optimistic on the through-line being any good at all. Please prove me wrong, new guys.

  24. N says:

    I hope the writers know what they’re doing! :-P

  25. Lauren says:

    Vomit, Vomit and more Vomit. These two can only write electric elements when the main couple are not really a couple. VOMIT!!

  26. Blurgh says:

    The producers pretty much said Rick and Kate are getting back together, so I don’t feel worried.
    And I understand that she does need to work out her issues. I’m thinking it’ll be painful to watch for a while, but everything will work out okay.

    • Davin says:

      It’s not the destination that matters most, it’s the journey.
      If the season was 6 episodes long, then so be it. But it’s a full 20+ episode season, and it’s not the first time we’ve gone done this hole (it’s the same hole from s7).
      People aren’t worried, they’re frustrated, we all know the outcome, but it’s going to suck getting there, again.

    • Tammy says:

      No they didn’t say that at all!! In fact, if you read between the lines; it seems like they’re actually saying they won’t get back together.

      • tv fan says:


        they never said they were or weren’t getting aback together. we never really got the whole story and every just assumes they broke up and are headed for a divorce! if you as a fan know the show at all that’s not going to happen at all. just because she walked out, doesn’t mean that the love story is over, i think that it’s just beginning all over again, isn’t that what everyone asked for? for the sparks to fly again and now that the chance is here, you guys don’t like it? i think that the show got kicked in the gut/a$$ whatever and that’s what is needed. I think that Castle will not give up therefor back to say s1-3 with the thinking outside the box to get her back, i love the idea!

        • Harvey says:

          So if somebody you love, have loved this much, still just leaves you, once she has even married you without a reason, without it being your fault, then you go after that person who dumped you like that! That is another ruin for the show.

          • tv fan says:


            in her mind she thinks that she doing the right thing, and he does know her. then yes i would. if i loved her as much i would. cause i know that ‘s who she is…..

  27. Julia says:

    ive been watching castle since the beginning. my absolute favorite tv show. i have to admit season 7 was my least favorite and its exciting to see this season go in a different direction. my heart broke when kate left but i know they have to get back together and she’ll eventually find what shes looking for

  28. mskrislarsen says:

    Why in the world should Castle have “to win his wife back”? SHE left him, not the other way around.

    Once, just once, I’d like to see showrunners just admit that bad blood between lead actors (regardless of who is to blame for the animosity) is what drives such devisive storylines. Now that would be a breath of fresh air. Then again, that’s not what advertisers want to hear and let’s be honest – it’s advertising dollars that drive network television.

    I’ll keep watching because I’m a fan and I enjoy the work of the actors on the show. I like some characters more than others; Esposito is my least favorite, but it doesn’t mean Jon Huertas is a bad person.

    • Just one thing says:

      What showrunner – or actor, for that matter – is going to say, “Hey, guys! The rumors are true. Our hands are tied and we’re doing the best we can!”?
      See: The Good Wife showrunners’ expert dodging of Ausiello’s 19 different questions about the last season finale. Anyone who wants to remain both employed and employ-able is going to do everything they can to resist throwing someone under the bus.

    • Nicole says:

      After all these years do they still not get along? Aren’t they more professional
      Then that? What is this, the Good Wife?!

    • DarkDefender says:

      I wasn’t going to get into this debate, but I have to say..
      If SK & NF did not get along as everyone (who do not know them) has said, they would not have re-signed to continue the show. They both have enough side projects to not need to do a “final season” if they truly hated each other.
      Season 7 ended on a sweet, high note and coming back to work with someone you hate just isn’t going to happen. They are clearly two different people with completely different interests outside of the show. This does not mean the do not like each other or cannot work professionally together. I don’t recall a whole lot of chatter between PD & EP from Grey’s all those years, but I believed in their story.
      While I am uncertain of the direction this show is headed, I do not doubt for one second that SK & NF want anything but the best of their respective characters to shine and the show to remain interesting storytelling. No doubt at all.

    • Blurgh says:

      I have no idea where people get this ridiculous idea that Katic and Fillion don’t like each other.
      What drives relationship shake ups is ratings. Look at how many darn times Ross and Rachel broke up.

      • Guest47 says:

        Not ridiculous at all… Too bad. Believe it or not. :)

      • bookaday says:

        Actually Ross and Rachel only broke up once. They got back together later in the season for a single night, she wrote him a letter, he refused to take responsibility for their break up – and until the last scene in the last episode, they were never together again. There were kisses and sex once (hello Emma) but that was that. In between there were boyfriends and girlfriends and marriages. Do you want to see Castle date around since Kate left him? Do we want to see Kate try other guys on for size?

        • Blurgh says:

          You know what I mean. There was a lot of starting and stopping with Ross and Rachel even before they officially dated.

          And I never said I want Rick and Kate to date other people. I was illustrating a point that their breakup is all about ratings to keep things fresh.

    • srieley says:

      I agree with you. I also feel like stana is kinda done with the show. I would bet she has it in her contract that she is working less hours and after last year we know Nathan has that too. I don’t blame the actors for wanting shorter hours but now they have to change the show and have more story with other charters. Thus the Alexis is now a PI story (dumb). I think they should have quit while they ere ahead.

  29. Bob says:

    One word to describe this “twist” : FAIL.

    • DoneDoneAndDone says:

      Two words Bob….. EPIC fail.

    • CastleBuzz says:

      Three words…SUCCESS, you’ll see.

      • tv fan says:

        @castle buzz

        i got three words to you and not it’s not “go to he!!.”

        it’s “One can dream!” (both ways)

        you like me hope that it will turn out good but who really knows. I didn’t get the whole story and are waiting for more. others seem to have made up their minds, but yet they came back for s6 mishap? who’s to say who’s right or is that wrong?

      • nothappy says:

        What is the definition of success in this situation?
        It isn’t repeating the same plot with different words. It isn’t regressing? And it certainly isn’t creating a situation that was unnecessary. They could have found a way to bring back the banter without this. And I think that’s where most of the frustration comes from. These aren’t mindless viewers, and they are entitled (don’t make too much of that word) to expect to be treated as if they’ve been paying attention for eight seasons. Because they have. They’ve invested, and they have expectations. So naturally, when those things don’t feel respected frustrations arise.

        Sure it may turn out fine but will that be success if there is no one to appreciate it because the writers decided to go down a path they didn’t need to.
        Just sayin.

        • tv fan says:

          @not happy

          i have a challenge for you then, if you said that you (and others) could have written it better, then i want to challenge you guys to write a fanfic that shows that!

          i was pissed at the end of 6-like most but gave it another shot (i loved the show) and now i might have to do the same thing but life moves on. i want to know what happens……

          fans here (and other places) are complaining that they wanted change form end of 6 and they tried at that, then we wanted change again to go back to 1-3 season falling in love. now we get an opportunity to do just that, they are getting fired at cause fans don’t like it. they say don’t fix what’s not broken yet they want chances? I don’t get that? either you do or you don’t. so in my eyes who’s getting disrespected here? it’s certainly not the fans! yes we stick with them and when things don’t go exactly the way we want we complain, yet when they try to fix them what happens we don’t like it we again complain. what the deal? just enjoy the show and relax, if you don’t want to watch don’t!

          i guess the thing is if we didn’t complain then we don’t love the show.

          • Harvey says:

            @Tv fun
            LOL! That is so childish! People didn’t say let’s forget all the character development and have a foolish Castle running after Beckett again. When people say they liked the first season better, they don’t mean they want the whole story to become the same as it was in season 1. And you know, nobody here started saying things about not being true fans, it was the people who liked the episode who said that true fans just had to like whatever the makers throw at us, so don’t act like anyone is talking to you like that. And then, you want more stupid differences, Castle hasn’t done anything wrong and still he is the one who is going after Beckett, instead of Beckett coming back to him and apologizing, and yes that is going to happen, when he didn’t do anything wrong at all. Then, they both are together and Beckett only has stupid reasons, and as turns out, ways of keeping Castle safe. When they first got together, their was love and trust, but now they are MARRIED, you probably missed that episode and all the things about their Marriage, and now they are not supposed to again go to the season 1 formula, and that also without a good background, reasoning, anything at all. People, nobody, ever said that they want them to be separated, not even once. Beckett leaving for stupid and selfish reasons, Castle still going after her, this all is just pathetic.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Wow, Harvey, have a nice rant, why don’t you? Feel better now? We don’t know for sure why she left. We don’t know for sure why he tries to “win her back” (other than the obvious that he loves her). We don’t even know whether he, in her eyes, has done something wrong (I don’t think he has. I’m just saying).
            The fan base is clearly in two very divided camps. One is willing to go along for the ride. The other is not. Some in the first camp are dubious but still willing to give the benefit of doubt to the writers and showrunners. Many in the second appear very bitter. But no one is childish or stupid or not “true fans.”
            My suggestion for the best course of action? If you’re really, truly upset, save yourself from more pain and stop watching. If you’re at all open-minded enough, curious enough, or just plain eager, stay tuned and come to conclusions after the arc has played out a bit. Who knows? Maybe we’ll all be happily surprised.

          • tv fan says:

            I am hoping for surprises and now seeing some titles i’m excited….(clapping hands and winking) i’m still upset with the guys, about this, but will try to get over it. one esp is not enough time for me to “hate” (ready to kill you-jokingly) how you (writers, actors and others) show yourselves. i will see if you continue to upset me I will leave and take everyone out with me, (that’s just a joke). still watching re-runs right now in fact. I’m getting all emotional watching Castle and Beckett-somewhat happy!

          • Harvey says:

            Castlebuzz, I was replying to all TV Fan said, and I wasn’t the one who brought up the not being true fan thing so don’t tell me that. Castle loving Beckett, and winning her back are two different things. Love is just being taken for granted here.

            I am going to be honest, I will be watching, it’s not very easy to just leave a tv show you loved for years, characters you loved for years. And it’s not about open mindedness curiosity, it’s just the addiction actually.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Sorry, Harvey. Just to clarify, my second two paragraphs were not specifically directed to you, but rather to every poster here. I agree with you about the term “true fans.” It’s just another insult being bandied about. On the other hand, I disagree that Kate is taking Rick’s love for granted. One only has to watch the last few seconds of the show to see her fear of losing him on her face. Stana is superb at letting her face reveal emotion. She goes from agonizing sadness to resolve in a second or two. It’s that moment of agony that tells me how much Kate loves Rick and does not want to leave. It’s that moment of resolve that tells me she believes in the necessity of taking this action, that it’s not some whim but critical to their survival, literally and figuratively.

          • always been me says:


            i know that look on Stana (way to go, thanks) face was priceless almost as good as the one she had in “always” the fight scene, that tore my heart out . and now this one did too. that’s one reason why i watch, it not about what the writers write it’s how it is played out that gets to me. I cried at that scene not just about her but him too. that’s why it hurts so much, cause i feel what they do when the loved one is leaving for whatever reason!

          • tv fan says:

            i know she (stana) is the best at her emotions. you have to read the actions more then her words i know i do and was crying along side her. that’s why i was so upset that he-not by his fault-made this feeling. I felt bad for both characters…..i am hoping to have more in this season that i can “feel” the characters too. i am watching pi esp now and laughing at it. so i will continue to watch and write about them.

  30. kmw says:

    That interview is supposed to make fans feel better? The writers should take the blame for this crap but in process they are regressing Kate instead of moving forward. In the meantime Castle will act stupid trying to win someone back who chose an obsession over her partner and spouse. Sounds bold to me

  31. Kim says:

    Gotta say I’ll watch this show till the end but there’s a way to keep it fresh and move the characters forward with a little angst without going all the way back to Seasons 1 2 or 3. Those were wonderful seasons but I love where the characters are today and how they might look moving forward not 7 years backward. They are walking a fine line. Terrance and Alexi are very talented writers. I hope they have a way out of this that doesn’t last the entire season.

    • Christina says:

      I will eventually watch to the end, but I have to stop for right now. With time-shifted viewing, I’m betting a lot of people will give up for now, which can’t help this show at all.
      Also, season 4 is by far my favorite, but that doesn’t mean I want to rewatch those episodes with present-day characters. They grow for a reason, and this just feels like a waste of time.

  32. Georgia madman says:

    Last year, i wished they’d ended Castle and kept Forever. This year I REALLY wish they’d ended Castle and kept Forever. I’m done. Blind spot is my Monday evening show now.

    • Voyuese says:

      Right there with you on all counts.

    • abbyhope says:

      SO MUCH THIS!!!! I am still bitter that they cancelled Forever… You are so right.

      Castle lost me as a viewer last night. I am a student and my entertainment budget, time-wise, is tight. I don’t care to waste what little time I have for TV as a stress-relief watching the show runners try to crawl out of the pit they threw Castle into last night.

      P.s. Dear FOX – if you wanted a sexy, smart drama centered on an M.E. and big-city homicide cops, why didn’t you just pick up Forever when ABC stupidly dropped it?!?!

  33. RBA says:

    In other words — “we lack the talent to revive the spark and sexual tension between these two as a married couple, so we had to break them up and reset the show to season 1. What we are hoping that by doing this we can just cover the same material we did in the first 3 season’s without the fans noticing that is what we are really doing.”

  34. CastleBuzz says:

    Guess I’m in a minority of one so far on this. Thanks for the interview, Hawley and Winter, and for the direction in which you’re taking my favorite show. I like the idea of a little separation now for Kate to explore herself and go after the big bad guys. I see it as less of an obsession or a “little broken” bit inside of her, and more as an admirable quality to find justice and root out corruption. If she thinks being with Rick is too dangerous for him while she does it, I admire that as well. Beckett is an incredibly deep and rich character, and I’m glad to see that continue.

    • ndixit says:

      You keep saying this but you don’t actually explain this. If her reaction to every big villain who could threaten Castle and his family is to push him away, then how does that make her a person remotely capable of being in a relationship. There is always a big villain around the corner and being in danger is part of what Castle signed up for. And lest we forget, he helped solve her first obsession. So how is this an admirable quality and not a sign of serious mental issues.

      • Brad says:

        Yup she’s a cop there’s always gonna be a big bad

      • Tara17 says:

        huh-huh, this. Bottom line is Beckett just stomped all over her marriage vows for a very stupid reason. The bad guys can go after Castle regardless.

      • Kathoops says:

        Create a new show and name it Beckett and let castle be on his own

      • CastleBuzz says:

        ndixit, you and others just don’t get it. You need to stop looking at this from your POV. Try to get into Kate’s mindset. She believes, in her heart and mind, that by leaving Rick, it will allow him to continue on as though the case of the CIA mole is done — the deputy AG “took” responsibility for that when she committed “suicide” — and this attitude will keep him out of investigating further and therefore “safe.” It also will allow her to continue to investigate discreetly, in secret, so as to hopefully keep herself safe as well and if she can solve the problem make them all safe in the long term.
        Continuing to investigate, trying to bring down the top dog, and setting things right is completely in character for her. It doesn’t matter, probably doesn’t even occur to her, that there’s always another villain around the corner. That’s the kind of thinking of people who look the other way, whether it’s a crime on the streets or a crime of the state, who walk through this world with blinders on, who let others do the fighting for them. The people who identify evil and are willing to fight against it are often derided through history as being mentally ill, paranoid, unrealistic. Just look at history in the past 100 years to see what I’m talking about. Think of the what appeasement allowed Hitler to do. Think of the derision Reagan got when he called the Soviet Union “an evil empire.” Think of the criminals who never get caught because people don’t want to get involved.
        Kate may be wrong in believing she can keep Rick safe, but her action is in keeping with her character. She may fail. She may give up because it’s impossible. But Kate cannot NOT try. She is who she is. And what she is is admirable and noble and brave.

        • Harvey says:

          After marriage they needed to solve things together. If she would tell Castle strictly, like she did in Season 2 about her mother’s case, then he would listen but she just doesn’t! Then she is doing this all for the wrong reasons, I mean if she thinks she is protecting Castle and that is with in her character, then that means she is damn stupid because this definitely in a logical world doesn’t protect him at all. And then another thing fans are angry about is him going to get her back, he didn’t even do anything to lose her so why should he be the one trying!

          • CastleBuzz says:

            I explained what I think is her logic in my first paragraph. That by keeping him in the dark as to whether the CIA mole was really the AG woman he won’t investigate or follow her and therefore will be safer. She may be right or wrong in this, but she isn’t being stupid. I’d say she was being hopeful at this point.
            As for fans being angry about the promo for ep 3 showing Rick pursuing her again, is that really so unrealistic knowing him as we do? He’s besotted with her. Moreover, he did do things not just in the past but in these episodes too that forced her hand. As much as she tried to keep him out of it, he became involved in the search to find her when Ryan and Espo called from the precinct. She anticipated that since I believe she intentionally left her new bracelet where Rick would find it. What she didn’t — couldn’t — anticipate is that Hayley would enter the scene and Rick would go off with her instead of staying with Ryan and Espo, who would have had his back.
            Had Rick done that one responsible, mature thing – staying at the 12th, not lying to the “boys” (I hope all the naysayers about Kate’s “lie” caught Rick in the act as well) or sharing his info with them, and not going off half-cocked to talk to Bracken (a good scene by both actors but totally useless to the plot) — he would not have been captured, tortured with spiders in one of the silliest torture scenes I have ever seen, and almost killed before Kate rescued him. Later he again fails to inform Ryan and Espo of his/Hayley’s/Alexis’ breakthrough about the plane and runs off to the hanger.
            If I were Kate, I’d probably handcuff and shackle him to a pole in the loft or lock him in a cage. I’m sure Props still has the one Alexis was in in Paris.

          • tv fan says:


            lol that’s funny i can see a story coming out of that one. and one with spiders…..off i go to write.

          • lkh says:

            Actually, he went behind her back several times regarding her mother’s case. You know he can’t be trusted to act with respect for information or privacy. It’s part of the character profile.

          • tv fan says:


            exactly, that’s not going to change and that is why both do what they want to do-right or wrong in our eyes, they the characters think it’s what they must do.(castle even said that in the “murder for ever” (i think that was the tile) that’s what is happening now! Beckett running off like she did secretly and Castle thinking that he has to win her back! they don’t think that they should do it “together” till something happens that almost gets one or both killed. but how many times can that happen?

          • tv fan says:


            yes the need to do it together…..but that’s not how she sees it right at this moment-the seed was planted cause of the “step mom” and she went with it. (back to her old cop ways before him). he wants her back plain and simple. he wants to fight for her. i don’t blame him (look at her-lol) he’s not one to just give up!

          • Harvey says:

            lkh = It was only in season 1 he did without her permission, but later he apologized and agreed to stay away if she wanted also! After that Beckett herself got him a lot into the case and finally it was him protecting Beckett because she was clearly not alright anyway after the shooting. It’s a completely different thing!

            @TV FUN
            Well that’s not exactly the way it’s supposed to work, somebody’s beautiful so let’s just keep going after her no matter what she does to him, nope.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            tvfan: ooh, does that mean I’m a muse? :):) Be sure to let us know how to read your story after you’re done. Thanks. And, yes, you’re right about the stepmom. She certainly got how to tamp down Beckett wrong.
            lkh and Harvey: lkh is right. Over and over again, Castle has proven to deliberately go against rules and her commands, not to mention Ryan’s and Epsosito’s. His unrelenting curiosity and need to get to the end of the story is in his DNA as much as seeking justice is in hers. Harvey, have you forgotten his Big Lie, the one where he kept the knowledge of Montgomery’s file from her? These “lies” they tell each other, the things they keep from one another, all have the same root — their own “obsessions” and their need to protect each other. They take turns doing it, which is as much a fabric of their story as their love.
            One more thing, Harvey: You imply that Rick protecting Kate after she was shot by not telling her about Smith and the file was OK because she was clearly not alright. Ever think that a big part of her not being alright had to do with the sniper and the bad guys who hired him never being identified, which meant as far as she knew (because of Rick’s lie) that she was still in their crosshairs? She even says she’d been waiting for the other shoe to drop in their fight at the end of season 4. The file would have given her answers and maybe real safety, physical and emotional, not hidden away as Rick decided to do but under investigation by the NYPD and FBI.

          • Harvey says:

            Castlebuzz, it was a file, I don’t really remember, I mean remember Castle already being told about that. I think it was just Mr Smith who had knowledge about the man, I am not sure. Beckett in Always showed how much not alright she was, she might have gotten closure or she would have gotten even more into it. It’s obvious that Castle was able to keep her out of it without the file, while this time it wasn’t that Kate could keep Castle out by hiding this, as he didn’t know where she was or what could happen to her. This way, they both were still in danger, but when he hid from Beckett about Smith, it’s obvious that Castle was able to actually protect her. I think that’s how you mean? Or are you just saying it straightly that Castle was doing it wrong without comparing it to what Beckett did in the first half? Still, when it comes to Beckett leaving, that is not the same thing as she isn’t there to stop him from still doing something wrong, she left him hanging completely, and he, as being officially married to her, is still in danger. So nothing here seems right about that.

            As far as Castle again and again coming into the investigation, that also only has this problem, if Beckett keeps going into this investigation, then Castle would still be in danger no matter what.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Harvey: The file that Castle kept secret all of season 4 contained all of the information needed to crack the Bracken case wide open. When Captain Montgomery sent it to Smith before he left for the hanger in the last ep of season 3, he informed Castle that he had taken steps that would safeguard Beckett. At their first meeting, Smith told Castle that Montgomery sent him a file and that it contained info that would get to the truth of what Beckett sought but would also lead to her — and Smith’s own — life. Castle decided to lie to her and keep it secret. His reason was to protect her. But, as she yells at him in Always, it was her life on the line and therefore her right to call the shots. She also points out — and this is the cop in her — that the truth might just have made her safer. By not knowing any of this, she spent a year worrying about when “they,” the unknowns who wanted her dead, would hire another hitman to take her out. I believe this is one of the reasons why she puts her relationship with Rick on hold (in addition to getting herself “better”).
            In XY and XX, her lie about the phone call is required by the fact that the call was a classified AG code. She still has to abide by the oath she took when she took that job two years before. She has no idea what’s in store for her, except that it’s a life or death situation. Later she was limited in being able to contact him. I think she left her new bracelet in her blood to try to keep Castle with Ryan and Espo, which would keep him safe. He went off with Hayley and got into trouble b/c Hayley didn’t stand by him at the prison. Fortunately, Beckett was either tracking him or the two assassins and so was there when he needed saving.
            I also believe that it’ll turn out that part of her reasoning in leaving him at the end is that if she’s out in the open, doing her job at the precinct, there is no reason for the bad guys to go after him. They only did that to find out where she was. If she’s not in hiding, there will be no interest in him. He won’t be in danger. Additionally, IMO, she believes that if she continues the investigation in secret, it’ll be easier to keep that from Rick if she leaves him. Remember, she’s not expecting him to come to the precinct to work. He shouldn’t have the opportunity to figure out what she’s doing or realize that the case didn’t end with the apparent suicide of the AG deputy. In her mind that will keep him from investigating further, which will keep him safe.
            Again all this is just my supposition. I could be wrong. Even if I’m right, Beckett could be wrong, her reasoning flawed. But … a big but… she’s sincere about it. There’s nothing hateful or hurtful in her attempt to try to protect him just as there wasn’t anything hateful or hurtful in Rick’s action in season 4.
            Sorry. Didn’t mean to go on for so long and apologies for being redundant.

          • Harvey says:

            Castlebuzz, Castle didn’t know, I think, about how important the file can be. Also, I am not sure if the file was really that important in the first place. Bracken would have known that if Beckett had a guaranteed proof, he would be in jail. This was more of signs, enough to go to trial type thing and that’s why it wasn’t a clear thing for both of em, thus it was good enough for blackmail.
            And she was there for the assassin, not to keep him safe. So she was only accidentally there to save him, not exactly being there for him. And see, she has left so she can dig deeper, if they can’t attack her then they will attack Castle. At the end of the day, they are married and to find out how much she knows, or to get to her, they could go to Castle and he wouldn’t have a clue.

    • ndixit says:

      In addition to my previous comment, if breaking up with Rick is a way to protect him, then she should break up with every relationship she has. Her friends could be leveraged. She should disown her dad because her dad’s safety could be leveraged. Its such a pathetic excuse that is almost funny.

    • Ellen says:

      Beckett will never put Castle first. Never. Keeping him safe is just an excuse. Not telling him didn’t keep him safe in the first episode. He deserves better.

  35. Kelly says:

    Really? His wife walks out on him and he’s going to win her back! How many times does Castle have to convince Beckett their love is worth it. That doesn’t sound like fun, it sounds pathetic.

    • Keepitcoming says:

      I agree. Pathetic is good word but isn’t that what the shows creators and writers have been doing Richard Castle for the last few years – making him look weak and pathetic?

      It’s just going to be sad. I’m glad that at least the fun/funny parts between Castle and the rest of the cast are still worth watching.

  36. SlurpeeMonster says:

    All these people saying “i’m done, you’ve lost a fan . . . ” thats fine. You have a right to feel that way. Normally i’m right there with you. But think about it, arent you also the ones that werent happy with things the way they were?? Maybe a little bit?? Now they are trying something else. You are either together. Want to be together. Or you hate each other and never want to be together again. Isnt that how things happen in real life?? If you hate the show, hate the characters, thats fine. Im not telling you your wrong. Everyones gonna feel what they feel about this. I personally very much enjoy watching what Nathan, Stana, Susan, Molly, Seamus, Jon do for a living. They got me to care about a show. THEY got me to care about these characters. They feel like family (a family i dont really know or never get to see personally) but i get to catch up with what they do weekly. I MAKE a point to stop what im doing, tune in and catch up. Getting to know about them as people from interviews, gag reels and social media has helped. Made them human, made me like them that much more. Not just for the talent but the humanity.

    I WILL tune in each and every monday to support my tv family. I cant speak for anyone else. Thats for you to do. Thank you Castle!!

    • M says:

      I am trying not to be critical of these guys because I can’t imagine that writing these scripts are easy, but this seems like a real slap in the face to the viewers. First off, their basically saying that the only way for there to be any spark between Kate and Rick is for them to be apart. We’ve spent seven season waiting for them to be happy and now that they are, these guys tear them apart on the second episode that they write. Really?! There is so much potential that could’ve been explored and that’s what makes it even more frustrating to watch. There are a lot of great characters on the show that have largely been left unexplored. I’d rather further explore some of the other characters rather than rely on a outlandish plot device to attempt to reinvigorate the show. What would have really been exciting was for them to move past the old Hollywood cliche that marriage takes out all of the excitement between a couple and instead show how it intensifies the spark. Having Castle pursue Beckett is not the only way for this show to be interesting. To be honest, we’ve watched that part of the story, why should viewers invest more time to see the same things. We’re supposed to be moving forward not backwards.

      I do have a bone to pick as well. The show runners keep saying that we need to trust them and frankly there is no reason for viewers to do so. This is the first year that they are on the show as show runners and to start off they break up the golden couple and expect fans to embrace them? I’m sorry, but that seems rather odd to me. They have to earn that trust first. For example, I trust Shonda Rhimes that Grey’s will be able to move past Derek’s death because she has shown that she can move past character’s departures from the show. These guys haven’t shown that yet. And I’m not sure if their going to even get the chance. Castle hit a series low on it’s premiere and I’m afraid to see what the ratings are after yesterday’s episode. I really hope their able to turn it around. I’m not mad at the show runners, like they seem to think, but they don’t seem to be very respectful towards their viewers. It’s funny that you’re viewers are angry? People have invested seven years in this show and these guys don’t seem to have any awareness of that.

      And that’s way more than I meant to write….

      • AG says:

        Saddest thing is that having created and developed characters many of us could believe in, suspend the disbelief, and immerse ourselves in their story, the writers have contrived such an obvious dramatic device that I am no longer able to suspend my disbelief. KB was one of my favourite all time fictional characters, she worked so hard to get over her traumatic past and with (note!) Castle was able to do so, and move on. Now knee jerk reaction, back to square one as if she had made no progress at all!
        Also, how are we going to stomach ‘fun’ and silly episodes with all the background angst? Ridiculous. There is nothing charming, funny or amusing about Castle trying to win back the love of his life in these circumstances. I already struggle with Castle when NF plays him as the fool, I can’t find that an attractive trait, it will now be entirely inappropriate.
        So sad. My make believe world of Castle with all the wonderful characters, so well acted, is now lost. Hard to look beyond plot devices etc. at this point.
        I feel bereft, (& now not just because England lost to Wales in the Rugby World Cup last Saturday!)

        • Joey says:

          You stated one of my biggest problems here. Watching the promo with Castle grinning and cheesing and partying with frat boys was so jarring to see right after the episode. He just found out that his marriage has a much bigger problem than some trust issues: namely, his wife clearly has a serious obsessive disorder. Trying to win her back??? I would think he would be panicking and trying to convince her to get rigorous counseling. This show is notorious for sweeping things under the rug, but you can’t drop a major bomb like that and somehow do a 180 to lighthearted comedy.

          • tv fan says:


            did you not get the promo at all, he was “pretending” to fit in at the college!(acting like a college student would) trying to get info on the killer (like he always does)…….hello pay attention……he not making fun of trying to win her back. you guys think to much……

            that’s the problem with promos, they don’t give you the story-parts.

          • Harvey says:

            @tv fun
            It’s a simple thing you are not understanding, he doesn’t need to go after Beckett! All the times he did before, you could have said they weren’t together and he was trying to be, but now it’s not that they are a bit separated, it’s that Beckett just chose an obsession over him, didn’t tell him anything, lied to him, MARRIED him without thinking she would ever be in danger, left him for the wrong reasons, and now him going after her, no matter how, that is just making him a spineless idiot, it should be Beckett coming to him and trying to get him back, not the other way around. His love is just being taken for granted by her.

          • Barry says:

            BINGO — WE HAVE A WINNER. That’s exactly my issue, not merely these 2 lame-butt writers who are naive enough to think that they’re so talented “LOYAL” fans will stick around for this and that ABC will see the ratings climb again. If they believe that, I’ve got a bridge I would love to sell them.

            I’ve become so bored and tired with the way they portray Castle as a man without a pair of grapes. If they don’t end this crap by Xmas — and have her come begging to him to take her back like the end scene in 4×23, I probably won’t stick round in 2016 — THE OPERATIVE WORD HERE WAS “PROBABLE?” — I could change my mind if I see some movement in the right direction.

          • tv fan says:


            they will be back together, by the end of the next esp with some lame excuse i know. we never get the full story……i just like to see how people react to all of this. it’s crazy isn’t, that this show can divided the fans real quick. i love the show and want to see how they get out of this mess-that’s really why I like this show. the two characters together (married-if you even want to call it that) or not, it was a great show for me. i like the shows with back and forth in them and that’s what i got. so call this “breaking up” i don’t really see it that way. oh well, i will enjoy it either way.

      • Kathy Parker says:


  37. James D says:

    there is so much wrong in these statements that I no longer know what right is. the “new” idea about making Kate feed into her own obsession and by some miracle she solves the case and thus can move on is not new it has been done on this show in fact it took six seasons. the fact that she is doing it for the right reasons and is trying to protect him, first, no she is not she maybe diluted into thinking that but she is simply giving into another obsession which they made abundantly clear, that is not right it is unhealthy, second Castle is a grown ass man who has been tortured, shot, kidnapped, he has been shot at and he has shot people I think he has proven he can take care of himself. having them happy is not entertaining nor dramatic, um what? I’m forced to ask but are these people sadists, and clearly they have no understanding of their fan base, the problem was not them being happy together the problem is the writers of this show where not talented enough to write them properly Life is plenty dramatic breaking up a marriage for the sake of adding drama is shoddy writing and not creative. and the creme de la creme having Castle spend the season trying to win Beckett back, don’t even know what to say about that except it infuriates me, here’s an idea why doesn’t Beckett get on her knees and beg for Castles forgiveness, ARGH not too long ago Beckett was one of the best characters (male or female) on TV now look at her what a sad state of affairs. way to ruin both characters in the span of an episode. So sorry for the rant guys, I’m kind of ticked off as I’m sure a lot of you are as well and I’m writing this out of frustration.

  38. Kelley says:

    I’m personally ready to lead that pitchfork brigade you mentioned. Castle strung us along for so many seasons, only to get us here. Not cool. I’ll give it a couple of episodes to convince me otherwise, and then if the feeling that Beckett cares more about her past than about her husband and her future persists, I’ll be done. I feel like they’ve just destroyed one of my favorite shows. I’m so not ok with this.

    • Keepitcoming says:

      I think this Beckett decision to protect Castle is just to offset or balance, if you will, Castle’s decision to have his memory wiped ……. probably to protect Beckett (etal) from something from his past or some big bad. How much do you want to bet that the “big bad” in each case is the same evil villain/party.

      • Harvey says:

        Castle having his memory wiped, that was so he could be with Beckett, and this is opposite. Beckett was kind enough to remind Castle of him having gone for 8 weeks, but not remembering that he chose to stay with Beckett.

        • Keepitcoming says:

          Harvey, Are you sure, I remember that in Montreal an agent (can’t remember who) said to him that Castle wanted to have his memory erased. If so, it appears there is something that he is hiding from and a natural extension would be to forget something that might come back to harm the people that he loves. Correct me if I’m wrong – not so into Castle that I’d go look this up.:)

          • strgbog says:

            There were things he said he didn’t want to remember. Possibly things he did while there. It had nothing to do with protecting Beckett.

      • CastleBuzz says:

        Just remember that before Castle asked to have his memory erased — and we can’t really trust the source of the given reason — he was fully aware of what he was doing and had access to contacting Beckett to at least give her, Alexis and Martha assurance that he was alive. How do we know that? He made the video, thus he had access to a computer, and had the freedom to store the drive in a safe deposit box, so he had access to phones as well, not to mention a snail mail. He chose not to. He chose to be away those eight weeks, probably with good reason, and chose to lie to her for most of that time. They both have things bigger in their lives that have driven them apart, but they find a way to get back together.

        • tv fan says:


          that storyline i never got and i don’t really get this one all that much either.

        • Harvey says:

          Yeah, only that storyline, we really don’t know anything much about. This storyline, at least the leaving part, we do know as much as Beckett herself does.

          • tv fan says:


            yes and not to that, only what she was willing to tell

            i think there’s more to this story that we don’t know.
            maybe “step-mom” is the real one behind it?

  39. T says:

    Their comment that they want to “…put the spark back in…” is a not so subtle hint that the spark was gone. I said the spark was gone two seasons ago. However, spark could have been generated by any number of story lines that did not go down the path that they are on. I am not interested in watching a new version of Castle repeats whereby he has to win Beckett. He already won, if only briefly. I don’t see how this story line keeps him safe or allows her to exorcise her demons, whatever they are. The interview sounds like a rehash of comments made by Marlowe and Amann after 6×23. Stay with us and you will be happy. There are too many other choices on tv where I do not have to be told I will be happy. I just watch. Time to move on.

    • Joe says:

      Exactly…stick with us and maybe down the road you will be happy when/if castle manages to get a date with and “win” back his wife who dumped him with no explanation…

    • Eleanor Green says:

      Personally I don’t think the spark *had* gone. It’s understandable that once a couple are engaged to be married, there’s going to be a relative lack of serious conflict in their relationship. So for a TV show, a writer must find conflict in other places. Castle’s disappearance, although a bit contrived, was believable, because he effectively works for the police and has family in the CIA. That was appropriate conflict. This is not. It’s poorly written and will destroy the spark that I don’t think had gone before it.

      • T says:

        I don’t believe that showing them engaged or married is the reason the spark disappeared. It disappeared because the writers refused to create good stories for them as a couple. Then, for whatever reason, some of the “couple” moments were just more awkward than believable. These are the things that killed the spark. I really expected the show to get better in season 5 when Castle and Beckett got together. After all, Stana and Marlowe kept comparing it to “The Thin Man” series of movies. That set of movies was about a married couple who had a lot more spark than seen on Castle. This show has rarely demonstrated that level of banter and most of that was pre-couple. I thought Castle’s disappearance story was terrible; Beckett’s split is equally bad.

        • Annie says:

          Yes! The “spark” the writers mentioned was poor writing. It didn’t need a reset, it needed mature adults who understand that a committed relationship with good communication is a roller coaster ride in itself.

          8×02 showed a sad lack of creativity and destroyed Beckett’s character in the process. I expect that we will see a diminished Castle in the upcoming episodes. These were two of the best characters on tv and now they both look like idiots. I really don’t care what happens to them anymore.

  40. Voyuese says:

    Nope, don’t need manufactured heartbreak. Season Pass canceled.

  41. skrable2 says:

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea that this huge, all-knowing conspiracy is going to leave Castle alone just because Beckett moved out of the loft. The first thing they would do is use him as leverage.

    That’s just ridiculous.

    • Sarah says:

      Omg thank you! That’s the first thing I thought. This storyline literally makes no sense.

    • CastleBuzz says:

      NO. Kate will manage to make it look as though everyone, including herself, believes the AG woman who supposedly committed suicide was the CIA mole, thus keeping the dogs at bay while she can investigate in secret. Give her and the writers a little credit.

      • Sarah says:

        They need to earn it first. I say that as someone who has loved this show since day 1, by the way.

        • CastleBuzz says:

          And I said what I said as “someone who has loved this show since day 1.” I think many here can say that, but it doesn’t add any value or credence to anyone’s comments. I think the evidence is in my corner on giving Hawley and Winter some credit, some leeway, here and their having earned that. All you need to do is look at the list of eps they wrote in the past. Some of the best of the entire series, with some of the best portrayals of Beckett and Castle.

          • tv fan says:

            and I’m not one of those who has been there that long, been here since season 5. I think that is why i see them different then some of you. i will give them a chance but to tell you the truth I couldn’t tell you which ones (without a list) they wrote, for me that though i don’t really care. if i like an esp (which is most) i like it all the way around, whoever wrote it. but i do get upset at some of them. most of the ones i won’t watch are only cause of subject matter. As for writing this one or should i say two, i loved it…..not the way i suspected it to go at all, i finally got another “did not see that coming” moment and was thrilled. and yes i cried, heartbroken for the characters that i love. but i am not giving up on them that easy. I want to see how and why rick thinks that he has to win her back (if that’s the case) or why Beckett thought she had to leave him standing there alone. I am like Rick i have to know how it ends! good or bad!

        • tv fan says:


          exactly, they need to earn it…..so give them that chance! one esp doesn’t prove anything.

          • Sarah says:

            We’re just going to have to agree to disagree on this one. This show has gone downhill so much over the past couple years, and these writers are partly why. Now they’re in charge, and the direction they’re going makes no logical sense and is definitely a step backward-all my opinion, of course. So, no, they have not earned it in my eyes. However, I totally respect your opinion and understand having faith in a show even when others are losing theirs. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the season! (I sincerely mean that :) )

          • always been me says:


            i agree too, people here are just putting all the writers together, and not giving these guys a chance, yes this show has gone down but i enjoy some of the esp “winter” has written so i will give them a chance to earn my trust.

  42. Bold and fun love this show

  43. Carlos Uribe says:

    “We’re using this to actually put the spark back in”

    The quality of the show might have fallen over the last couple of seasons (Castle is aging after all) but the sparks never went away. And frankly if it does go back to Season 1-3 then that just makes Season 4-7 pointless. You can’t go back. You shouldn’t go back. Also having them just banter like normal is like saying their relationship didn’t actually matter to them because it didn’t affect them emotionally.

    The Richard Castle-Kate Beckett relationship was never one I was THAT terribly invested in. I watch the shows to watch the two solve fun cases. But I feel like this break-up MIGHT be bad because it might affect the fun cases.

    • Amy says:

      “And frankly if it does go back to Season 1-3 then that just makes Season 4-7 pointless.”

      Yep. And if I wanted to watch seasons 1-3….I’d go and watch them?

  44. lame says:

    Will be tracking the ratings closely. Remembering how so many fans felt Marlowe, someone they trusted had jerked them around big time, the ratings for the next five episodes will tell if fans are willing to give Winter/Hawley their trust.
    This is a big gamble fortifying many fans belief that Beckett is border line pyscho.
    Cheers, Rick finally has a gun, now can Alexis get one and prove sharpshooter are a family DNA.Ha

  45. codepink1908 says:

    BLAH BLAH BLAH; Considering Casketts relationship background this approach DOESNT MAKE SENSE; PERIOD! I understand the need to shake things up but this is the wrong way! We’ve been through the trust secrets and baggage since day one which is how CASKETT was able to get to where they are today; MARRIED! Now, all of a sudden we’re back to these same issues and Beckett choosing a case over Rick???? And, as usual, Castle is the one fighting for their relationship and its become downright SICKENNING! “Im going to win her back” WTH; HE SHOULDNT HAVE TO! Im tired of seeing Castle go through this mess. Its like Beckett doesnt deserve him.1 Yea shes scared but how many times does Castle have to tell her if your hurt im hurt if your scared im scared still no matter what IM HERE; ALWAYS! She keeps saying im protecting you when in reality shes killing him; breaking his heart. YOU dont push away the one man that has had her back from day one. This is not a good look for Beckett and its to the point she’s becoming unlikeable. I just dont get it! I dont know what show these new writers have been watching but it damn sure hasnt been Castle!

  46. Lauren K. says:

    Okay everyone is hating but I actually can’t wait to see how this season plays out. I love good drama and this twist is kind of shaking things up a bit which I think that this show really needs. Obviously they are going to end up back together but in the mean time, we are going to hopefully get some great episodes with great acting by Stana and Nathan with some of the “when will they get together” tension of the earlier seasons that I miss. I think that within the last season or so, this show kind of lost some of its spark and it of sounds like we may get that again with this story arc.
    Constantly with this show, whenever I have had doubt about a story line, thinking that it will be stupid or it won’t work, the writers have always stepped up and created something great. I hope fans will stick with this season and watch it play out.

    • Boiler says:

      Great comment. True fans of the show will give it a chance

      • Harvey says:

        True fans aren’t the one that just stick up whatever they get! A true fan actually, we can say, would never like Beckett and Castle breaking up after a marriage.

        • Fred Bloggs says:

          There’s no such thing as a “True Fan”.

          There isn’t only one way to watch and enjoy or not enjoy the show.

          My way is not better than yours. Your way is not better than mine. Just different.

      • Mig991 says:

        I agree. We have about twenty more episodes ever of my favorite show and I for one plan on enjoying them.

      • abcd says:

        The very idea of “true fans” who stay with a show even if it isn’t worth watching is a little creepy. It’s not “dear leader,” it’s a TV show.

        • tv fan says:


          that’s creepy, i now see where the “true fans” comment thing came from. but aren’t we all true fans of the show, if we weren’t we wouldn’t (i don’t think anyway) be talking about it, and who’s to say one person is a true fan over another? it is just tv, i love the show and always will. I watch it different then most but that’s okay each their own. and yes i think that any true fan most everyone here will stick with the show, not that they will forgive, forget or enjoy it after this but I don’t think many will ditch a show, I could be wrong though, that doesn’t make you a not true fan by any means.

    • Annie says:

      Can you really say that the writers “created something great” out of Castle’s disappearance in season 7? Was Sleeper really great???

    • Really? “True fans will stick it out”? That’s your takeaway? Right…..

    • Have you heard what’s happening to the ratings? They’re not getting back together because they’ve alienated so many viewers that it’s unlikely they’ll finish out the full season.

  47. DoneDoneAndDone says:

    They won’t even have a chance to see any of this b.s. through. There won’t be enough fans watching for it to play out. I cannot believe that their “bold twist” won’t result in a absolutely massive ratings hit beginning with Episode 3 and therefore ultimately early cancelation by ABC.
    What’s just so puzzling, but really not when you factor in the money, is why Stana Katic would agree to come back? For years, she’s been a champion for her character and the strong female role model that Kate Beckett has been. By all accounts, Ms. Katic seems like a very smart woman re: her ATP work (see the Google Talk she did), charity work, and her many press interviews. Head scratcher all around. And to agree to come back to the character assassination of Kate Beckett seems so out of her character, that it just had to be gobs of money. Only thing that makes any sense in this train wreck.
    Just so sad what Castle has become…not angry. Just hurt. I simply cannot bring myself to watch it anymore. Good luck Messers Hawley and Winters. Goodbye Rick and Kate.

  48. Sarah says:

    This interview is just a bunch of crap. The leads have been at odds for years, probably because they were once involved and it most likely ended badly so this is what we get for it. They can’t stand to work together anymore which left the writers no other choice than to separate them on the show. Season 7 should have been the last.

    • prish says:

      They are actors, and very expert actors, too. They could just pretend. No, there must be something else going on. It sounds like too many cooks…

    • Brigid says:

      Please show me any evidence of your comments because I’ve never read anything but fans comments that they have issues with each other.

      • kajar says:

        Amen. This kind of diatribe is what makes me count to ten every time I see it. I have never seen ANYTHING ANYWHERE aside from pure fan speculation and rumor-mongering that there is ANY kind of rift between these actors. And yet many so-called fans of the series continue to perpetuate these rumors offering no evidence of any kind to validate their claims. And no, the fact that they don’t hang out together, attend interviews together, or speak to the press about each other outside of work is NOT evidence. By those standards I would have to “hate” a majority of the people I work with, and that is emphatically not the case.

  49. jmanphx says:

    This has to be the most bizarre explanation for breaking up a couple I’ve ever heard. She’s leaving to protect him? How exactly does that work? She still loves him, he still loves her… just because she left the loft doesn’t change their feelings toward one another nor does it change how much danger Castle is in, whether Beckett is around or not. It’s pretty easy to just grab Castle and start mailing Beckett body parts! This makes utterly no sense at all.

    • BM says:

      Maybe then she’d finally realize that vengeance isn’t worth it? Where’s Gibbs when you n
      need him to give someone a pretty good smack on the back of the head?

    • srieley says:

      Agreed it’s not like their relationship has not been well publicized. Any big bad out there would already know how much she cares for him and his family. they’d probably be safer with her bad assery around.

    • If they wrote Rick Castle as a real human being then his feelings just might be changing after being abandoned for an obsession yet again. Do they think he’s forgotten what happened in Knockdown, Knockout or the summer she cut him out completely? This would probably be the straw that broke the camel’s back.