America's Got Talent: The Winner Is...

Heading into Wednesday’s America’s Got Talent finale, the majority of TVLine readers predicted that Drew Lynch — the stand-up comedian with a stutter of gold — would emerge the victor. But were they right?

Now, don’t be so hasty. We’ve got nine runners-up to discuss first: acrobat Uzeyer Novruzov, singer Benton Blount and comedians Piff the Magic Dragon and Derek Hughes were the initial five acts to be eliminated near the end of the finale, with the CraigLewis Band following shortly after.

In what might have been the most shocking moment of the finale, the “Professional Regurgitator” was the next act to be eliminated, preceding Oz Pearlman, whose cut was met with a barrage of boos from the audience. After the tensest commercial break of my damn life, Lynch was revealed to be the runner-up, making this season’s million-dollar winner… Paul Zerdin!!!

The ventriloquist, who allegedly won by one percent — at least according to host Nick Cannon’s math — thanked America, describing the entire experience as “surreal.”

But this wasn’t just the final night of AGT‘s 10th season, it was also Howard Stern’s final night as a judge. Needless to say, there were plenty of emotional moments, including him telling Cannon that he’s been an “absolute joy” to work with over the years. (No, you’re crying!) There was also a heartwarming — yeah, I said it — montage dedicated to the former shock jock.

All right, America, let’s talk: Did the right act come out on top? Drop a comment with your thoughts on tonight’s winner below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Matt says:

    Yes. Yes Yes. This might be the first time in 10 years that the most talented contestant actually won AGT. Shocked that Piff didn’t crack the top 5, but super glad Paul won!

  2. AngelWasHere says:

    Yay! I did want Stevie to win, but yay for Paul. :)

  3. Nancy Gerwe says:

    Yes. He was always my first choice.

  4. Blue says:

    Quite glad Paul won. Drew was a huge sob story throughout the competition which wouldn’t have been so bad if he was actually funny. Problem was, he wasn’t. I was actually surprised that America picked the better act because I know how much the populace loves to eat up sob stories like Drew’s.

  5. Carolyn says:

    So glad the guy that swallows gas, tacks did not win. Terrible to see in front of minor children watching. Would not pay to see him.

    • Blue says:

      Reminder that it’s your responsibility as a parent to choose what you expose your children to. Guess what? They can already see his act on the internet. Oh no, whatever shall you do about that? Also a reminder that it’s your responsibility as a parent to make sure your children don’t swallow foreign objects just because they saw someone else doing it. The world isn’t made for children to be coddled.

      Also, your opinion is objectively wrong as Stevie is actually talented; no one else does what he does. His act isn’t offensive in the least but I guess that doesn’t stop people like you from being triggered anyway.

      Tl;dr “protect the children” is overrated and you are a bad parent. Think logically for once.

      Slightly related but are you people actually using your real names when posting comments anywhere on the internet? That’s hilarious.

    • A whole lot of people would pay to see him including myself. He is quite talented. Also, the show along with him have made disclaimers not to try this at home. He is a magician in his own right and he did deserve to be in the top five.

    • Ree Colburn says:

      well I disagree with that He should of won Period.
      The guy was amazing so swallow that

  6. Gary a says:

    The professional regurgitator was “hands down” the best act.

  7. Deborah Plenn says:

    Paul Zerdin definitely deserved to win, but no way should Drew Lynch or the regurgitater have been in the final three. I don’t see it being an enjoyable experience to see Drew perform in Vegas or any where. His jokes were funny but not when he delivered them. I agree with Howard that his talent is writing. The mentalist and the male singers should have been in the final three.

    • Steve says:

      Agree on the Craig Lewis band disagree on Oz. I liked Oz’s performance last night, and his magic trick tonight (he is really a magician), but his prior two performances were lackluster and easily explainable i.e. a small printer in the gumballs and having Howard change his guess so that it would fit into his pre-recorded video of Mel being 2 off, his guess of Mel’s number obviously written on Carbon paper to keep the illusion of “sealed” envelope, etc.

    • The big one says:

      I honestly feel like all of Paula voices were the same except for the old man.

  8. Savannah says:

    Its too bad so many feel Drew is just a sob story, he is the exact opposite. I voted for him ever since I could and would LOVE to attend one of his shows. A few years from now it’ll be, “Paul who?”, while Drews got his own stand up show on Comedy Central. Drew is an inspiration with true talent, can’t wait to see what else he will do, he will go far. He is one of the only comedians to make me literally laugh out loud, no doubt in my mind America got it wrong tonight.

    • Blue says:

      >A few years from now it’ll be, “Paul who?”
      Just like Terry Fator, amirite? Oh wait.

      >stuttering unfunny comic
      >getting his own show
      Wouldn’t put it past America actually. Sad.

      • Suncatcher says:

        According to XFinity, Terry Fator is the 2nd highest earning comedian per year ($24 Million) and has a 5 year, $100 Million contract and his own named theater at The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas where he headlines. Hardly, “Terry who?” I think Drew Lynch would have been brilliant in Vegas – I think he STILL will. As for Paul, well, that remains to be seen. Drew should have won.

    • Nicholas says:

      Please enough with Drew … I could not understand his line . He got the sympathy vote because of his handicap which was not so apparent when interviewed apart.

  9. MYRON Gold says:

    Once again America got it wrong.the Lewis band was the most talented and it is shocking they lost.they are the’ll never hear if the winner again.

    • Billie Alberts says:

      Disguisted with the show after tonight ! Its supposed to be a MILLION $$$ act !!! What a shame the Lewis duo did not even make it to the top 5 – Either this country is worse than I thought for priorities or it was rigged. Drew should NOT have made it to the last night let alone the top 2. What about all the talented singers or even the groups with the shadows and lights etc. ??? some deserved to go further. The executives really did something fishy- WILL NOT watch next season.

      • kimudelf says:

        Um, the Craig Lewis band did make the top 5…

      • D. Grein says:

        100% agree – I have been a faithful watcher for years and this years results made us sick. The most talented, and possible Las Vegas entertainer, were not picked – ahead of the Craid Lewis band – crazy?? Loved the mentalist.

        We will not watch next season – somehting is wrong with the voting population.

        • joe g says:

          I agree… makes me wonder if the vote couning is somehow innaccurate!

        • Nicholas says:

          It is rigged because the producers were not going to let the American sentimental favorite (Not mine) win… because nobody in las vegas his going to spend money to watch him with his stuttering lines where I could not understand a word he was saying. Also I did not like at all the Duo (yelling and screaming style) they should have been in the final three because of their tremendous showmanship!

  10. Kris says:

    Yay!! I wanted Piff to win but Paul was my next favorite act…

  11. Nicole says:

    Yes! Each week he was so funny and original (loved the Howie mask and when he left the puppet on stage by itself). So deserving and a great champ for season 10!!

  12. wrstlgirl says:

    That was a tough top five, wow!! I would have been happy with any of the top three though. Great season.

  13. Taylor says:

    I dont think he should have won I think Oz Pearlman should have won.

  14. Nicholas says:

    Drew got robbed. Much more entertaining. Much more talent. Paul’s got one voice and as a ventriloquist that’s not enough. He shouldn’t have even been in the top 5.

  15. Jennifer johnson says:

    I don’t like him, I think he sucked and the one and only true winner and act who should’ve won is Drew Lynch, why is it that yall always pick normal people why can’t yall for once pick someone who is special drew in my heart is the true winner

    • Bill Rudick says:

      Drew had no business in the finals, let alone top two. He had a great, inspiring story, but he wasn’t remotely as talented as any of the other comedians in the competition at any point. He simply wasn’t funny. Be honest–would you pay your hard earned money to sit through an hour long set of him making jokes that are all, in effect, ha ha, I have a stuttering problem, ha ha? The fact that he was in the finals and made top two shows that the voting on this show is a complete joke. And like Drew, not a funny one.

  16. Chris says:

    Not impressed. I don’t even think Paul should have been in the top 5, necessarily. Drew should have won. Oz and the regurgitator second and third. Ugh

  17. sharon norris says:

    Paul is smart,funny and creative. Why has his professional career not been mentioned? We have seen other professionals in dance as well as vocal competitions. By whom are standards established regarding eligibility in these talent competitions? One of the comics on Last Comic Standing had a special on HBO and several dancers and singers on other programs had been signed with recording contracts/dance troupes. Please let us hear from a producer regarding this issue.

    • Debbie says:

      His professional career wasn’t mentioned because he’s English not American. This is America’s Got Talent. Paul has been working in England.

  18. vickie moen says:

    I loved Paul zerdini but drew was my choice. But he will go fari all the runner ups will do well

  19. Alese says:

    Drew should have won

  20. me says:

    I don’t get all the love for Drew. He was not robbed at all. He’s not THAT funny and frankly I found his stuttering seemed overly exaggerated for his act versus how he sounds in real life. I also found it incredibly annoying after a while. I find the talent involved in being a comedian (stutter or not) isn’t as great as the effort needed to perform as a ventriloquist. I was surprised Piff wasn’t in the top 5 and the regurgitater was beat by Oz though.

    • Annie A says:

      I wasn’t a fan of Drew’s either. I think he is a great comedy writer but no way could I listen to an entire show of his. I could barely make it through the time allotted to him each week! I also noticed his stuttering was exaggerated for his act versus real life.

      • Insight says:

        People seem to forget drew lynch was 1st a trained actor & so is his girlfriend! How many times did we see him act out that opie baby face crying? Little Ronny Howard did a far better job in “The Music Man”, and he was really only a kid! Drew lynch is 23 yrs. old. Come on people!

    • Debbie says:

      I agree with you, but at least Drew is American. He was born here. Is this not America’s Got Talent. Give the money to an American

      • LADY_in_MD says:

        You do now that no one is really American except for native Americans right? We live in a country that is a big melting pot of all cultures and all types of people where are your ancestors from originally? Probably another country just like mine and so many others who cares where the winner or any of the contestants are from

  21. Chris says:

    I think this is bull. He is it good and Oz deserved to win. Period

  22. Toni Wong says:

    Yes but was rooting for Stephen regurgitator

  23. Mingo scott says:

    Worst winner of agt ever…..shouldn’t have made the top ,five..

  24. Vicki says:

    America got it right! Congrats to Paul. So sad to see Howard Stern leave the show . America was the real winner with this judge who showed a side of himself that deserved the ultimate “golden buzzer”. The show has big shoes to fill, figuratively and really. Great season AGT.

    • I never thought I would hear myself ever say these words but I am sorry to see Howard Stern leave too. Prior to AGT I wasn’t a fan of this man, in fact I couldn’t stand him. AGT gave me a different impression of him and now I do like him, sorry to see him go he did add to the show.

      • Annie A says:

        I agree. I didn’t have much use for him prior to him being on AGT but I really grew to respect him. More often than not, I agreed with his assessments of the acts. He will be missed.

    • sistia says:

      I also agree about Howard Stern. Initially, I thought he would cut apart the contestants, but he actually gave very constructive comments that I thought were helpful. He did not make it more about himself than the contestant as some judges on these shows tend to do. My opinion of him changed because of his being a judge on this show. I will miss him.

  25. Steve Sirica says:

    Yes America got it right. He was awesome.

  26. Joanne Hebert says:

    I have been watching AGT for 10 years and this was the Greatest show. I loved the last 10 and 5 contestants. Enjoyed them all. Talented Contestants. I am sure the Last 5 will all have Successful Careers. Thank you to all the Contestants who always put a Smile on my face. The Judges and Nick are the Best!!!! Gluck to you all.

  27. Mary Alice MacInnis says:

    Yes, I firmly believe he was the best, although I did love Piff and Mr Piffles. Let’s hope Paul will be as successful as Terry Vator.

  28. Mike says:

    Piff? huh? that was really not funny…kind of pathetic too. No magic what so ever. The mentalist was truly amazing, as were the two singers. If you want to talk about Las Vegas Acts…it would be the Professional Regurgitator.

  29. Cathleen Srour says:

    Do the AGT runners up win anything? Clearly the exposure should prompt a career boost, but shouldn’t they win something for making it to the finals????

  30. Puppets voices were the same Needs more work. I think the best act was Professional Regugitator. Thank. You.

  31. mary says:

    the professional regurgitator should have taken it all.

  32. Scott Rossi says:

    I think Paul Zerdin was good, but not as good as prvious winner Terry Fator. To me the winner should have been The Professional Regurgitator with Oz Pearlman 2nd, Drew Lynch 3rd, and Paul Zerdin 4th.

  33. Suncatcher says:

    Just like the 8th season when the superb FORTE Tenors placed 4th, but should have won, Drew Lynch was bumped by Paul Zerdin (who had just been shown the ropes by the great ventriloquist/singer/impressionist/Mirage headliner, Terry Fator). Most sane people did not see Drew Lynch as a “sob story” but rather as a very funny comedian with really great presentation and writing. Like Forte (who just headlined with the great, 15-time Grammy Award winner, David Foster, at the Hamptons and have their 2nd album arriving in just a couple of weeks), Drew is a winner in his own right and both profited from the AGT exposure.
    PS – Does anyone else wonder about the AGT voting results? They do not have a public accountant like Price, Waterhouse et al, officially validating the voting results. They could be telling fans any voting results they want – and even be moving their own favorites along throughout the season. We never get to see who’s behind the AGT curtain, unlike American Idol although both are SYCO/Simon Cowell productions. Hmmmm….

  34. Sharon Tuszynski says:

    I can’t believe nobody’s talking about how fake that stutter was. I liked Paul but Terry Fator really did upstage him. All in all, not the greatest year.

  35. brian says:

    I think if the show didn’t overdo the back story part, Drew and Benton don’t make it as far as they do and Alicia Michelli or Samantha Johnson take their place

  36. Joy Adams says:

    It should have been Drew Lynch .I am very disappointed.

    • Nicholas says:

      Please with Drew … I could not understand his line . He got the sympathy vote because of his handicap which was not so apparent when interviewed apart.


    • Nicole Khan says:

      Omg I so agree with you. Personal stories should be left out. I was so mad that drew made it as far as he did because it was TORTURE having to listen to him and not because of the stutter but seriously because he wasn’t funny. And if Americans love sob stories why didnt Jonathan the 14 year old blind dancer make it any further? He had more talent. This is why I hate these shows and normally don’t watch this was my first time watching.

      • Insight says:

        That’s exactly what I said to my husband! He was going blind permanently! He didn’t go any further, because as you read some of the comments above and on some other sites.There are too many bigots voting! My husband said, but he was adopted by an American woman! Yah, exactly!

  38. Eduardo de Guzman says:

    I was cheering for Paul Zerdin and the Professional Regurgitator, but real happy for Paul my wife’s first choice also. Congratulations Paul and I commend Drew Lynch for being so modest and a good sport by saying Paul deserved to win 100%.

  39. sandy hallet says:

    Almost right. Paul was number one & that’s perfect. But Oz should have been in second place with Drew in third.

  40. tina says:

    I feel that stuttering is not a “talent” so it would not be right for the winner to be picked because people feel sorry for the comic. His jokes were not very funny even if he didn’t stutter

  41. Bobby says:

    YES!! The right person won last night. Love Paul’s act and his puppets and even though Drew was really good, he has a long way to go to cultivate his comedy. AGT had a really good season.

  42. Rosemary Osinger says:

    I love drew his was great and he didn’t care if anyone liked his voice he still mad me laugh and like the ideal that he wrote his owe comedy he’s great

  43. Shirley Bigham says:

    i am glad the stutter did not make it. the regulator should have made it and then oz. the musical guys would have been great, but I am happy with the person who did win.

  44. Susan says:

    Piff was my favorite…however, it’s supposed to be AMERICA’S Got Talent. Why all the foreigners on the show? Are all of these people US citizens? They should have to be US citizens to compete.

  45. Dean says:

    Oz was the only act worthy of a million dollars and the only one I’d pay to see in Vegas. Piff was a great gimmick, but just a decent magician. Paul is a good ventriloquist but his act doesn’t come close to Terry Fator’s, so why see it?

  46. You’re all wrong!! Drew should’ve won!!

  47. Scott Hamilton says:

    Well, I have finally decided that I will not watch this show again. It’s bad enough that Howard is leaving, but the 2 finalists were a joke! Drew Lynch is a nice kid but not very funny. I liked Paul from the beginning but his final appearance was a little weak. The Professional Regurgitator and Oz Pearlman were hands down the best of the final 5. There isn’t an act anywhere in the world like The Professional Regurgitator. He deserved to win. Then there is Oz Pearlman with his incredible talent. How could America get it so wrong? I don’t think America got it wrong. My take is since they never show any voting, the producers decide who’s going to win. That final was a joke. I love the show but I’m done with it.

  48. Alex Cooper says:

    My friends and I actually walked out of a Derek Hughes show a couple of years back, so I was shocked he made it so far in the competition.

  49. marie says:

    I didn’t like many of the finalists’ acts. Pif was my favorite until his final act. I think the mentalist had the best act of the night. I just don’t think the best man won. By the way, where were the women?

  50. Eric Hosssner says:

    I just don’t get why people liked Drew’s performance so much! He is a sweetheart but is not fit for a Vegas act. If I had it my way, and I am hoping many would agree, the top three would have been Stevie, Oz, and Paul and Oz should have won. He had Vegas-level material. The fact that Drew beat Stevie and Oz was a major disappointment. Just goes to show that people will most often vote for the person they feel sorry for.