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Big Bang Theory Season 9: Our Hopes for 'Shamy,' Li'l Wolowitz and More

When The Big Bang Theory‘s Season 8 finale cut to black, nearly each and every one of the comedy’s romances were in danger.

Sheldon, having just ended a Skype chat with Amy that signaled trouble for their slow-burning romance, revealed what looked to be an engagement ring to the audience at home.

Meanwhile, on their way to wed in Las Vegas, a plot contrivance found Leonard revealing he had once cheated on Penny, and Raj professed his “love” for Emily to avoid an awkward cemetery break-up.

With these cliffhangers in mind, we’ve come up with eight do’s and (please!) don’ts ahead of Season 9, premiering Monday, Sept. 21 at 8/7c. (The show returns to Thursday on Nov. 5.)

Sheldon moving out? The return of Professor Proton? The arrival of Howard’s dad — and a baby?

Check out our ideas in the gallery below — or click here for direct access — then share your Season 9 wish lists in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. rusty says:

    I don’t think we have to worry about a baby for Howard and Bernadette. Maybe a pregnancy scare just to see how they would react. I can see the writers dragging out the “Shammy” problem for a couple of shows. Since they have already told us about the girl Leonard kissed is still around and works at Cal-tech, That will be for a couple of shows also, just to have Penny see her. I would love to see Bob Newhart come Back, especially around the time the new Star Wars film comes out. As for Raj, I looked back at all the hook-ups he had in the previous 8 seasons and he had more than anyone else. I don’t know what the writers have in store for us about Emily, but I hope it’s nothing bad like she really is a serial killer or something. It may be that Raj’s expressed love to Emily may backfire and she may want to break up with him. Who knows, I just look forward to watching 24 episodes of fun.

    • Mary says:

      Yeah, a pregnancy scare is what I was thinking. Since it was Howard who really wanted to have kids, it’d actually be kind of nice and different for Bernadette to realize that she’s ready and for him not to be.

    • D Tanner says:

      I’m rooting for Raj and Emily. The writers built some conflict between Penny and Emily early in Season 8 and left it unresolved. Emily can hold her own with the others in the cast like no other of Raj’s romantic interests. Emily needs to interact more with the female cast members.

    • But Howard and Bernie are not expecting.

  2. Beth says:

    Wish TBBT would step back from all the romance stuff, this show was at its best before they all got into relationships

  3. Mary says:

    I have to completely agree. No baby! Sheldon was asking a lot of engagement questions to Leonard and Penny because they were engaged for so long, so any engagement would last for years. And I like Emily, she’s quirky, I like her input. Please don’t stop being geeky science nerds, it’s what we love the most.

  4. JMill says:

    Howard’s father is a nice bundle of potential.

    I’d like to see him as a version of who Howard could have been. An aging self described Casanova. Popped collared Members Only jacket , shirt collar New York rolled, and of course a killer belt buckle. Having left his family because, gosh darn it, a man like him just can’t be ‘caged’ by having a wife and kid. Still plying his ‘trade’, still alone, still clueless but (seemingly?) drowning with condfidence and Grey Flannel cologne.

    Howard will conflicted, certainly have a big piece of his mind to give ‘dad’, and will send him packing with flea in his ear, maybe half a leaf from an olive branch, and with an appreciation for his own future familial prospects.

    Of course later he’ll confess to one of the guys hr actually thinks his father is AWESOME. Sad, but AWESOME.

    And as for as roommates go, isn’t Stewart the obvious byproduct of splitting the Sheleonard atom?

    • Lyn says:

      I’d love for Nic Cage to cameo as Howard’s father since Simon does such a great impression. As for Shamy, I despise Amy, so I wish she’d take an offer to research on the east coast or in Europe. Apartment wise, Leonard should move in with Penny and Raj [being cut off from Daddy’s money] should move in with Sheldon, although his dog might be problematic. I’d like to see Zach move in upstairs or downstairs, maybe with Stuart as a roomie.

    • Jean says:

      NO to a Wolowitz baby for reasons others have given; YES to continuing Raj/Emily relationship — it’s his “turn” and his parents would go ballistic which could be very funny (especially if his sister shows up and has to encounter a married Leonard and Penny); YES to an advance in the ShAmy relationship — they do love one another but Sheldon is still too far behind on the affective learning curve for things to move too fast and his emotional dysfunction is key to the funny part of his character — last season he was getting really obnoxious for a grown man and we don’t want Amy to storm out in frustration, just nudge him along; YES to Stewart as new roommate in 4A — with his somewhat-passive personality it could be hilarious to watch the evolution of a new roommate agreement, owning his own remodeled store could give him some backbone, and maybe Sheldon would begin to wake up to the real possibilities with Amy; MEH to Howard’s dad — this isn’t and shouldn’t be a focus of the show; YES to bringing back Newhart any time for any reason.

      Bring back the mothers: let’s see Dr. Hofstadter (or whatever surname she uses) and Mrs. Cooper take one another on over their two boys, since each seems to prefer the other’s son’s characteristics.

      Keep the guys and Amy nerdy — Amy has been redrawn as a girly-girl, and she needs to reclaim what made her the perfect partner for Sheldon while having softened enough to stay friends w/ Penny and Bernie and to bring Sheldon up for the air the rest of us breathe.

      And, as an aside that is not off topic: Parsons/Cooper should at some point in the past seasons answered the unasked question of why Sheldon didn’t go to Houston’s Rice University, and wonderfully nerdy science-engineering university w/ a cracker-jack s-e faculty. It makes no sense that Sheldon would never mention Rice in the many conversations about where they all went to school. Sheldon needs a bucky-ball.

    • Olivia Payne says:

      I agree with the character analysis for Howard’s dad and I just realized the perfect actor for the role: Andrew Dice Clay, Google or IMDB him.

  5. Jsin says:

    I get that where we are with TBBT was a gradual and inevitable progression of events. I mean 9 seasons of watching funny geeks never get girls and strike out constantly would get very redundant… plus played out jokes are what reality shows are for. I have watched the show since it’s debut. It has been a hysterical journey. I just want to see them accomplish 10 seasons of fresh inventive comedy. A baby would be awkward but I trust their vision. Just never kill off any main character and try to replace them. I will throw out all of my season dvd’s and turn my back.

  6. T says:

    T,J, Thyne (Dr. Hodgins on Bones) could play a great brother/cousin/young uncle to Howard. Both he and Howard have unexpectedly deep voices. His curly hair and beard somehow compliments Howard’s cereal bowl haircut. He can speak nerd every bit as well as Howard and they could have a hilarious nerd disagreement. Then the two of them could take on Sheldon! Throw in Professor Proton and I can see a four person team as performer(s) of the week.

  7. ninamags says:

    Ugh, hate Amy as well. The only reason Sheldon might be proposing would be so that he can try to be the same as all his friends. They all have girlfriends/wives so he supposes he needs one to.

    I really don’t understand that relationship at all. Sheldon was perfectly fine being asexual. Leave him be.

    • Nicole says:

      I really enjoy the character of Amy. She brings a nice side out of Sheldon.

    • Cap says:

      Same here. Shamy is doing absolutely nothing for me. I can’t stand them together. I fast forward when it’s just them. I can handle Amy on her own but not with Sheldon.

      • Lyn says:

        Not to mention that she looks like she smells musty, and that even though she’s supposedly smart she hasn’t learned a thing about grooming or style after years with the other girls.

        • Sal says:

          I like that Amy has kept plain Jane. She’s tried a few things like high heels, but she could barely walk. Let her be comfortable and its nice to be reminded that physical beauty is not a necessity to be loved. As for Sheldon, he’s been brought up in a christian household and I guess some of its worn off, like marriage before sex. An engagement proposal says he’s seriously considering the next step in intimacy. Like so many others I’m torn about whether I want to see that or not. I would prefer the show to stop before that happens, but show a little snippet of Amy and Sheldon in ten years time with eight kids! (An indication of how much he likes it).

    • Tedra Clover says:

      I couldn’t agree more.

  8. C says:

    I really couldn’t care too much about it, but it would makes sense for B&H to think of a baby at this point/their age, and it IS an aging sitcom, so it would make sense to want to go there. We know how Bernadette can be now- imagine her pregnant. Tons of comedy to drain from that well, I’m sure.

  9. Becky says:

    I would love to see more of Sheldon’s mother on the show.

  10. mike says:

    1. Lose the writing that does not involve true character development and deeper meaning. This is morphing into 2/12 Men and Mom. The Big Bang Theory stood out when crude humor was replaced by nerd humor. They need more nerd humor.
    2. Write more Leonard and Sheldon scenes they are the real “couple” of the show.
    3. Have more scenes at their work place, and more extended dinners.
    4. Do not make Leonard a puppy dog to Penny all the time.
    5. Stop making Boys vs Girls episodes, it is weak and formulaic.

    • Patrick says:

      Or at least let the guys win some of the girls vs guys eps. I’m tired of a bunch of Cal-Tech Geniuses being shown up by a group of girls who are clearly less intelligent than the guys. I’d love for one ep to see the gals realize how lucky they are to have the guys, instead of the seemingly never ending message that the girls are doing the guys a favor by being in their lives.

      • rusty says:

        Your are right. It would be nice to see the girls show a bit more appreciation for the men in their lives. The episode that had the girls arguing about Thor’s hammer showed they can be as nerdy as the guys.

  11. c-mo says:

    You suggested Judd Hirsch for Howard’s dad but Would counter with Paul Reubens. I know it’s a bit cliche to have a tall skinny guy paired with a BBW but Reubens seems to be more age appropriate, he’s funny and could really rock the dickies!
    I also don’t want an H & B baby! Although I’d love to see Sheldon babysit!!!!!!!

    • Lyn says:

      Paul Reubens would never have had the moxie to walk out on his family much less start another one. Nic Cage would be great, or Jerry Seinfeld would work [the actor who played Howard’s half brother resembles him]. JMO

  12. ToyCannon says:

    My wish is that we finally get to meet Mee-Maw. And the person who should play her is Carol Burnett, who hails from Texas. Mee-Maw could show up to help cheer up a depressed Sheldon who is having trouble getting used to the sudden changes in his life due to Leonard getting married. Make it happen, CBS.

    • kyrotties says:

      I’ve always envisioned Betty White as Sheldon’s mee-maw with arms outstretched and calling “Moon pie!” when Sheldon opens the door to greet her. But I do like Carol Burnett too!

      And as a side note: I have such a hard time believing Leonard kept the kiss a secret from Penny for two years. He felt so incredibly guilty over kissing Alice that he told Prya right away. Can’t believe he would have kept this from Penny whom he’s loved since the moment he met her.

      • rusty says:

        True, it is a stretch knowing how Leonard is. I guess that is the best the writers could come up with. Instead of just having a really happy episode, they had to try and screw it up and of course it was Leonard’s fault.

  13. rusty says:

    I don’t think they will ever have someone play Howard’s dad. The kid they had play his half brother was good and a nerd too. I’d like to see him in a couple of episodes. As for Howard’s Mom always being a BBW. I think there was an episode where either a picture in the background or something and Howard’s mom was in it and she looked pretty good in it. I think we will see less of Stewart. I read that Kevin Sussman got deal to write a Sitcom or something.

  14. Mike & Paula says:

    Will Sheldon, Leonard and Raj’s mother’s return. They were way too funny and added an essential element to the humor line?

  15. Tedra Clover says:

    I can’t stand Shamy, they’re too creepy for words. It’s all about who’s going to sleep with the plain chick. Her “sexy toddler” Brrrrrr! He’s not even a character anyone, just a plot device.

  16. Terry says:

    Love the show, but one thing drives me crazy about it. They are constantly eating meals, but they never put a bite of food in their mouths. They play with it, push it around, move it from spot to spot…but never does a drop go in their mouth. If they are not going to eat anything, find some other activity for them to do while they are conversing. Just Saying….but the show is still awesome !!

  17. While trying to win back Amy, she plays hard to get by ignoring him and his advances. With Mandy coming on the scene, she and Sheldon both start to relate to each other by giving each other advice on how to handle a break-up and heartache situation! This inexplicably brings them closer, causing both Leonard and Amy to become jealous of this new found relationship. While Mandy is a brilliant and gifted scientist, she is also a God fearing religious woman! This in itself may cause Sheldon to re-evaluate what he feels and believes to be true! Although Amy has been the woman Sheldon fell in love with, Mandy might just become the woman that catches him!

  18. Denis Logan says:

    This first show of the season is terrible. The plot and lines sucked. It was a must see TV for my wife and I, but if that is a preview of what is to come we won’t waste our time.

  19. Teresa Yaun says:

    Need to draw out SHAMY drama!

  20. Nathan Scott says:

    Hi my name is Nathan and have loved the show from the start, it was different and funny. It started to go downhill in the 8th season and now in the ninth the beautiful show is almost ruined.
    The problem is the writers minds have gone numb and can no longer distinguish what the principle of good humor is. This will probibilly be the last season and you can only blame the
    writers, TOO BAD.

  21. Tammy Patchett says:

    I do believe the new babies name should be Peggy after Howard’s mother meaning the babies to be a girl thanks for listening to me you could have a contest but I do believe it should be a girl named Peggy thank you