Defiance Season 3 Finale

Defiance Finale Recap: Bon Voyage...?

Syfy’s Defiance on Friday night closed Season 3 with one of the most series finale-est episodes one could imagine, apparently choosing not to hedge any bets about its future.

The hour picked up where last week left off, with vicious Kindzi planting her purple paws on li’l Lucas Tarr. Stahma did all she could to wrest the child away from the Omec, even offering to be Kindzi’s slave, but to zero effect. Luckily, just as Kindzi began laying her tongue on the tot’s noggin, Datak showed up to drive his jerry-rigged talon through Kindzi’s skull and into the wall. But as even Alak had to remark, “How is she still alive?!”

Later, Yewll laid out for Nolan, Amanda, Irisa et al a plan to ride pods up to the Omec ship and overheat the engines until the vessel explodes. When Datak volunteers to go along (inviting derision from his missus), Amanda figures a psychopath could come in handy.

Amanda however will not be taking the trip, because during a skirmish with a very hungry Omec she gets her Pilates-perfect abs slashed. Irisa goes in her stead, despite some protest from Nolan. Once on board the Omec ship, Yewll has Datak plug her (ouch!) into the computer, while Nolan sets out to sabotage the engines and whatnot. Little did anyone but the good doc know, this will be a one-way trip for her. So before Datak grabs a pod back to the ground, he and Yewll share the closest thing to pleasantries as the frenemies can muster.

Back on Earth, Stahma and Amanda have words of their own, as the former bandages the latter. After inviting the reminder that Amanda still holds Kenya’s death, among other transgressions, against her, Stahma admits, “I am uncomfortable with the reality that the person I most admire, the woman I respect more than any other, despises me.”

Aboard the ship, Irisa has misgivings about their plan, upon seeing that among the many Omec in sleep chambers are mere kids. Though Datak argued that these young’uns would not think twice about tearing into wee Lucas, Irisa ultimately throws a huge wrench in the works by telling Nolan that she is staying on the ship, to see it and the Omec to safe harbor. To that end, Nolan — who had driven a knife into Kindzi’s cranium, leaving the Omec to tumble into and get shredded by a giant fan blade — asks Yewll if the planned explosion can be averted, and she says yes — but only if they vent the growing excess of energy through the propulsion system, effectively sling-shotting the ship into the galaxy, far from Earth (which, Nolan, reckons, is perhaps the best place for all these Omec to be).

Nolan then throws a curve of his own, by KO’ing Irisa and shipping her back to Earth, but not before father and daughter trade tender I Love Yous. Nolan stays aboard and takes the captain’s chair, with Yewll still plugged into the mainframe, as the vessel warps into the unknown.

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Six weeks later, Irisa narrates her latest journal entry, revealing that the “restored” arch has been named after Nolan, while a montage shows a happy Berlin, Alak and Lucas, and Datak and Stahma. Irisa tells us that Amanda, seen looking forlorn in the mayor’s office, suspects Nolan is dead — though Irisa knows better. And as she notes how her dad, ever since being a lad, wanted to travel into space, the camera zooms us into the cosmos, zigging and zagging, until we see the “captain” happily piloting the Omec ship, far, far, far away.

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  1. Thanks for covering Defiance, Matt. It’s nice to science-fiction getting some mainstream love.

    Fingers crossed we’ll be back together for season 4!

  2. A. D. says:

    Better be renewed! All of SyFy’s Friday shows need to be renewed!

    • anonomousaurus says:

      Haven has already been cancelled:(

      • gcw07 says:

        Yeah, but everybody has known since March 2014, that Haven would end after 5b aired. So it shouldn’t be a surprise.

        • Jerry says:

          Thank you! I’m not crazy! I remember hearing long ago that Havens current season would be its last and was very confused about all the cancellation announcements

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            HAVEN Season 5 in fact was never “announced” ahead of time as its last, though many (ultimately correctly) presumed it was. (Believe me, last year I accidentally referred to it as “final season” and was instantly and loudly admonished by Syfy.) –Mgmt.

          • And Continuum will be dine with Season 4. :/. Don’t care for KillJoys. Dark Matter on the other hand is excellent.

          • Simon Jester says:

            @Gareth Gudger – You should give KILLJOYS another chance. I was pretty bored for the first few episodes, but it really pulled me in.

          • Tom W. says:

            I prefer Killjoys to Dark Matter but then I am totally bonkers over Hannah John-Kamen

  3. prish says:

    Well, this is all a reason for catch-up. I’ll start the series. Thanks.

  4. Ronnie says:

    Loved every minute. Brutal at times. Need a sequel.

  5. maregolden says:

    I see that season 4 could go either way. I hope it comes back, although I guess it will be without Nolan and Yewll. It was an excellent story arc this year, would love to see where it goes next.

    • maregolden says:

      And thanks for posting the link to the cable renewal scorecard in the story. I had been looking for it, but couldn’t find it.

    • Clint says:

      Why would it be without Nolan and/or Yewll? This is science fiction. He does have a ship after all… No reason he can’t return. And we saw another Yewll being cloned/grown in a tank in old StLouis: Probably one of the last food being grown. No reason this can’t be the new Yewll with the same acress.

  6. Johnnny says:


  7. John Frame says:

    With all of the trash, near comedy scifi on the air now (take Under The Dome or Extant) why can’t an intellegent and entertaining show like Defiance get continued for a 4th season without drama. It seems that if a show is actually well written, acted and produced, it is doomed for cancelation.

  8. John NYC says:

    Liked it a lot!

    Here’s to a great season 4!

    They sure know how to close a season. 😊

  9. Nickr says:

    Would love a season 4, a great story with a great cast!

  10. James D says:

    Syfy better renew this because if that was the series finale I will be pissed. It was a great episode but it left to many open plot holes to be a satisfying series finale. Friday for SciFi has been so great this summer I really hope it continues with all three shows coming back

    • Patrick Gillease says:

      I strongly disagree. They wrapped up all the dangling plots from the season and sent Nolan on his greatest adventure and fulfilling his biggest wish in the event that the series is canceled. Yes, there could be a more satisfying wrap-up to everything if they knew in advance there would be no more episodes, but I thought this was a brilliant way to write the season finale in the event that the show gets cancelled. Perhaps a spin-off is in the cards with Nolan and Yewll exploring the Galaxy??

      • m3rcnate says:

        I completely agree with you Patrick. This was a FANTASTIC season and series finale (if need be). It left enough open with the possibility of a time jump forward a year or more, Nolan coming back, reuniting with his daughter and (a hopefully single) Amanda. They can easily create a new “big bad” or mythology for the series (have some device be discovered that is extremely important or something like that), they can easily add some new character (great actors/actresses) to the show because of the time jump, which will help give a new feel to the town with new blood being added.

        But at the same time, if that was the finale, i feel satisfied. Nolan protected his daughter, he is off in space like he dreamed as a kid, Arissa is happy and healthy and mentally stable (who knows, does she end up with Alak? Saw chemistry there). Amanda is sad (thinks Nolan is dead) but it’s easy for me to imagine that Nolan comes back and they reunite and end up together as a couple. I feel like the Tarr family story-line is in a good place if this was a series finale.

        So overall i really loved it. I hope it gets another season (especially if the ratings are iffy, one last season, if need be a 8-10 episode season where we get the writers/show-runners conclusion to the story. Hell i’d take a TV-movie (2 hour Defiance TV movie wrapping up the story). Have Nolan come back 5 years later, something big has happened (all out war or new ships have arrived or SOMEthing cool and new) and Nolan has to reunite with Arissa (married to Datak, raising the girl together and have their own kid), Amanda (still single, subconsciously unable to move past Nolan since he left), Berlin and the Tarr’s play a role in the story as well….give them one last huge event that either brings all the races together and forms a big (good) government or the Aliens leave for a new livable empty planet they found and certain aliens have decided to stay behind (like Arrissa and the Tarr’s) and let it end happy, maybe a death or two (Berlin, Stamha) but let Nolan end up with Amanda and Arissa survive as well.

        • buckqjohnson says:

          I saw the finale (which I didn’t know) yesterday on demand. It felt like the series ending even with Arissa talking at the end and such. Your correct, the only way it would work is two ways one is to have a spin off of Nolan and the doctor on the ship finding a place for the Omecs. But I think that won’t go anywhere because it would look to much and feel to much like Farscape. The best would be if they have another season, and Nolan comes back after 10 or 20 years. Defiance has changed it’s bigger and more advanced and Datek is an old man and his wife is dead. Alec is alot older and his son is his age now and Arissa hooked up with Alec. Amanda married and had kids.

          • m3rcnate says:

            Here is what i want to see happen:

  11. SPAMMER says:


  12. Sherry SMOLAR says:

    I seriously hope there is a season 4 although with Nolan gone as well as doc………….however there is so much more that could be done with this series and its characters. It’s very addicting!

  13. Jamie says:

    I really hope this isn’t the end. It closes with enough time for new law keeper and rebuilding the arch, but it really needs to come back. One of the best plotted and acted series on TV

  14. pandora403 says:

    I enjoyed tonight’s episode but have to ask: What has Nolan been eating for the past 6 weeks up there in space? In the closing shot of him he didn’t look like he’d lost a pound. With that said, I love Defiance and hope it will be back for season 4.

    • A.B. says:

      I’ve always wondered about that with every show and movie where the human leaves on an alien spaceship. What are you going to eat and drink, where’s the restroom. They were outer space aliens they are not human.

    • Keith says:

      Well considering how time works at really fast speeds, even though its been 6 weeks on earth, it’s prob only been a couple days for him. Still a good question though.

    • SeaJay says:

      Yes, relativity speaking… 6 weeks Earth time would be a few days at partial light speed… if “warp speed” Faster Than Light, it has been just a few hours to Nolan & Doc Yewll.

      Still, Big Daddy Omec & Vengeful Daughter Omec must hage had food processor systems. Being hungry omec, they probably have the very best food replicators technology.

      Doc Yewll controls the whole ship, so she is sure to feed Nolan & I hope she can create a wireless interface… ouch!
      All those big cables hurt & she sure was bleeding a lot.
      Nolan would be out of luck if she died & he couldn’t control the ship.

      Andromeda had several versions of Rommie & she was still independent from her ship-self.

      Doc Yewll should be able to rewrite some of the Omec Ship’s systems so she stays in control & can unplug. Ouch again !

    • The Omec would have had some food supplies although not enought for everyone to be awakened. Ti has already been mentioned that to 2 first Omec had stayed awake looking for a new home and that when they picked up an Earth transmission.

    • He probably ate an Omec or two :)

  15. Jim says:

    It was good. Real good. This season was excellent. I kinda’ wish they would just make a parallel spin-off space odyssey out of Nolan finding a suitable planet to offload the Omec, then cruising around the galaxy, picking up a ragtag alien crew and having adventures, until he finally makes his way back to Earth and Defiance. However, that is simply too much to hope, but one can always dream.

    • prish says:

      Sounds a little like Farscape, and you are right about it being a scifi fan’s dream tv show. I’ll hold my breath, too.

      • Jim says:

        Probably a good call. ;^)

        Just think of it though…

        Nolan would be the ball siesta captain since Mal. It would be freakin’ epic! If they kept up the excellent SFX like they did in this last season Star Trek or Star Wars would have to go a long way to match it. That last FTL stellar sequence was gorgeous! It is a perfect set-up for a space opera odyssey. And Nolan would the tough, gritty kind of Captain I’d want to watch every week. Give him a hot female alien first mate, with a bit of sexual tension, and some wild oddball as a crew, all with different agendas, and you gotta’ show with legs.

        • prish says:

          Encouraged by your summary, I just checked into the last 20 minutes. Fantastic!!! How did I miss this show? That end was perfection, both, visual and storytelling. I am on board hunting up ep.1. I keep asking why do they not create novels off of the shows they cancel? It drives me nuts they don’t.

        • Bektol says:

          No what you would have is farscape reboot.

          • Jim says:

            Just because it is similar it does not have to be the same. Fars cape was its own deal. I like Crichton just fine, but Nolan ‘ grit reminds me of East wood’s Man With MO Name. Maybe a better way of describing what would be my ideal show would be a mash of Firefly, Farscape, and the untold rogue and ribald adventures of Hand Solo.

        • SeaJay says:

          Doc Yewll is a bit more blue than Rommie … but a living tech super space girl ! Every geeks dream, even if Doc Yewll prefers the ladies…


          Nolan is the best bad azz captain since Firefly & EVERYONE begged for more firefly…

          The explosive gulanite ram drive of tye Omec ship even paid respects to the Firefly type engine … boom boom boom !

          I very much would like to see two shows, Season 4 of Defiance & Season 1 of Nolan.

          Doc Yewll, she is the best ! And she gets ALL the best one-liners,
          “Stick it in me, sailor !”

  16. Teresa goodman says:

    Already wanting to know when season 4 will be on.there were no previews for season 4.really hope this was not the end.Nolan has to come back somehow . would like to see irisa and Alack get together

  17. Teresa says:

    FANTASTIC!! EXCELLENT!! Each episode just keeps getting better and better!!! Can’t wait for next season!

  18. Mars Neff says:

    The best Syfy show ever and it may not be coming back…..really ….? Really?

  19. I hope he crosses paths with Liam and Renee aboard the Taelon mothership…

    • jack says:

      Baha…Indeed! If Defiance doesn’t come back I might like to see a spin off about Nolan and the omec but doubt that will happen.

  20. Deirdre Reynolds says:

    The season finale was great but it did seem to tie everything up with a nice little bow. I sure hope there is a season 4!

    • prish says:

      CSI-NY wound it up in a bow for three years straight, coming back for two more, with the third its cancellation. I know the quandary as a fan. We have to appreciate the showrunners who don’t take chances on renewal.

      • Dr. Slax says:

        I have to agree with you there, i’d rather a season ended all tied up in a nice neat bow when renewal is unknown instead of leaving us with a cliffhanger then being cancelled… I still guess at what happened after the end of Alphas S2!

  21. Mr. CSZ says:

    A great wrap up to a fun show. I do hope this is the end as it leaves us wanting more as opposed milking it for all its worth and becoming a shadow of its former self. The idea of a spin-off based solely on Nolan would be a must watch.

  22. christopher bee says:

    That´s what i call perfect SciFi in every angle. Please renew.

  23. Mark says:

    I think with Julie Benz moving on to another gig in Hawaii Five O the cast must already be in the loop that this was the end that just seemed to much of an ending. Which was great because if its so they got to end it on there terms and not a cliff hanger….

  24. DomenZmon says:

    Even though I would like to see how this turns out, but unfortunately I don’t think we are going to get it this the ending and it seems so.

    I would like to see how things turned out for nolan and yewll, but I think that wouldn’t fit into Defiences image…..

    IN short I feel this is the ending.

  25. Jerry says:

    Season 1 of this show is what I would consider comfort food. It wasn’t “the best thing ever” but it came at a much needed time for SciFi on television. Season 2 was a little rough, and that’s all I’ll say on that.

    Season 3, though, has been fantastic. It has made me recommend it repeatedly to friends.

    If we don’t get a season 4, I am happy with this ending. It was better than most series’ final episodes.

    The best way to get season 4 I think is to make some noise on social media, and get people watching the series on Amazon VOD. That gets advertised during every episode, so I bet SyFy is watching those numbers closely.

    • It was nice of the writers to give us a sense of closure. That would work as a satisfying ending.

    • I thought season 3 was the roughest. People died just to add to the body count. Enemies were defeated waayy too easily. Kinzie being tossed to her death instead of just beating the hell out of Nolan. Why was she that attracted to him other than the needs of the plot. She killed her father to save her race, but she toys with Nolan? Defiance is like Smallville. It has moments of greatness that make you forget about the flaws….

  26. polynyas65 says:

    Awesome finale..But the big question is where does Amanda get her eyelash extensions done in Defiance?

  27. maregolden says:

    Was it just wishful thinking on my part, or did there seem to be a little spark between Alak and Irisa?

    • I’m not sure if it’s an Alak/Irisa spark or an Irisa/Luke spark. That baby really likes her and poor Alak will take anyone who loves him and pays him attention.

      • SeaJay says:

        Well, Alak is a bit conflicted, spoiled a bit by his mother & difficult relationship with his father… and growing up in a strict crime family !

        All that turmoil gave him angst for his music & fuel for his band…

        One wonders if he will be able to create some new CDs for iTunes after battling off the Omec trying to eat his baby !

  28. i really enjoy Defiance and hope it returns for many more seasons. Too many good shows with great makeup and sets are cancelled with stupid shows with a laugh track like “Baby Daddy” returning More crap not really entertaining or teaching us anything is returning. How many CSI shows do we really need?

  29. pam c says:

    Hopefully it will be back, but it also could be a good final episode.

  30. Edrine says:

    Every time I grow to love a sifi series it gets canceled Haven and Defience. Going back to main stream!

  31. SeaJay says:

    SyFy has the opportunity to branch the show into two shows now…
    Star Trek had ST Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager… wonderful.
    Nolan’s setting up the new Omec world & DEFIANCE further adventures with the Votan Collective makes two new shows.


  32. luvdefiance says:

    Loved this final show, but wishing for a season 4. Why didn’t Irisa die when Nolan went into space? I thought they had to stay close to each other because of the implants in their heads. Oh, well. Do want another season.

  33. randym says:

    I really hope this show is renewed for another season. This is one of the best shows on this network and they have some nice shows.

  34. torakka says:

    Imo it looks like some actors want something else to work with so looking back on the finaly I’d say those few who already have something else planned took a big hike in a space ship that has no navigation nor understanding of pulsars logically so their return is non-negotiable(ish)
    Logically.. there could be that pesky “navigation device” switch Yew’ll forgot to mention.

    So if there is a S4 I’d expect some changes in the leading actors just from career perspective.

    It just might be S4 will come but without leading male actor it could be a bit difficult or the previously mention spin-off as James Nolan Kirk takes on the VulClingonoids in deep ace.
    But looking at the current 1 per series on 1 per category market saturation of barely non-existent scifi I doubt it with Dark Mentalists running in the side.
    Crappy bit of time since watching Jaime Murray do “lirkutus” to get her point across it’s just too nice to give up (again) and again wait for the slight chance I’ll see Murray again doing some SF in some sob series in the future.

    PS Lirkutus means “Female dialog with a self serving /malicious purpose using hormonal activity to stun the victim” We Finns got a word for everything.

  35. Mike Purdin says:

    hope there is a season 4, but this seem like a series finale. Syfy is bad about having a good show and then dropping it, almost as bad as a&E, a channel i never watch anymore. For that reason.

    • prish says:

      I am holding my breath about Dark Matter. I wish they had created a tie up “just in case”, like Defiance did, here.

  36. Diana says:

    liked the ending but I am confused, due to the fact that the end looked like it was really the end of the show. Is the show cancelled? I hope not I really like this show

  37. Ryan Chaplin says:

    I thought Season 3 started off fantastically- still think I’m in shock about poor Rafe!- but got a little clumsy in the last few episodes. The Rahm Tak/VC angle was great but ended far too early/easily to make way for the big Omec push. Things then got a little silly- Nolan’s delusions, Kindzi rescuing him, Berlin inexplicably reappearing (still in Defiance 6 weeks later- forgotten about Von Bach?) I am glad everything has been tied up in the finale, because I worry that for all it’s great moments the weak moments don’t exactly scream “renew me”!

    That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to see another season though, but if it comes I hope they focus on what’s already on the planet. I just think this wonderful, unique world was created for this show, with so much potential and possibilities, that it doesn’t need more outside influences- the aliens have already landed on the planet, we don’t need more. Season 2 could have been so much better if they’d gone with the town rising up against the E-Rep (something hinted at but not followed up on), but instead all that was forgotten about and focus placed on the Kaziri or “secret alien threat”. Season 3: planetary struggles swept aside to face “secret alien threat”. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that just a little bit disappointing.

    Oh, and as for Doc Yewll being in any S4- correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there still a clone of her growing in the Omec base? I’m sure some clever “Indogene memory transfer” could have taken place just before she transported to the Omec ship. Or if she and Nolan do manage to come back, her mind could be transferred from ravaged body to fresh new body?
    Obviously Nolan doesn’t have a clone (hopefully!), but I couldn’t see the MVP not being in a new season, so if it does come back I personally think they’ll find a way home.

  38. Debi Winegar says:

    No Way!!!!! Defiance is awesome show.

    #’s may have appearance if being down but so many re waiting to watch Full season 3 all at once!! Making numbers look down when they are not.

    Season 4 please!!!! Syfy u have a real winner here. For sure you can get another season if not two more!!

  39. Shanahan94 says:

    Not sure if it will be renewed for a fourth season—with that extended ending sequence, I’ll say no—but I’ve enjoyed this show tremendously, and if last night was the series finale of “Defiance”, I’m OK with that … SyFy seems more interested in making “Sharknado 7” or whatever these days

  40. Bobashootslast says:

    Thanks a bunch for Defiance coverage. I knew I wasn’t the only fan. Hope to see a season 4. There’s so much left to be told about this Earth. Please, SyFy. Please.

  41. samiam says:

    This episode made me hurl.

  42. KrazyAmateurs says:

    If this is the end of Defiance, well, it ended better than most series finales. I hope, however, that SyFy management allows the continuation of this new Defiance chapter so we can see how it works out. With “The Expanse” on the horizon, it would be nice to have some truly “space-based SyFy shows throughout the year.

  43. Whatchusay? says:

    Love this show. Hope it doesn’t end, but nonetheless the finale was great. Doc & Datak are the best.

  44. Stephen says:

    I sincerely hope that this show is not over! I’ve been a fan since the first episode and this finale really straddled the end of everything. Hopefully there is another way to get Nolan back to work for season 4!

  45. Ron says:

    This finale is giving me the impression that this is the end of the line for the series.

  46. Martina says:

    Best SF show I’ve seen in years,.. I absolutely LOVED IT!! PLEASE keep it going!!!

  47. Brigid says:

    I love this show! What a great season finale and I really hope it comes back next year. I got the feeling that the ending was showing us all of the different galaxies Nolan had stopped looking for a place for the Omec to live and couldn’t find anything suitable. He looked frustrated at the end and if they bring it back he could well make his way back to earth with the Omec still on the ship because he couldn’t find any other world. That was my impression. By the way, this has been the BEST night of tv for Sy/Fy in years. I love all 3 summer shows and can’t wait for next season!!!

  48. Tim Parks says:

    I do hope they continue the show. I know I am in the big minority here, but I was a fan of Tommy’s character and wanted to see where they could take his and Irisa’s relationship. With him taken out in the manner he was, did like the scene of her “shooting” him as it seemed like other than a few quick mentions he was basically forgotten. Maybe just the nature of the world they lived in, maybe not.

    The Alak love angle could grow on me I guess, but with the whole “person in your head” stuff that was going on, was curious if Tommy would reappear in that manner.

    Anyway, even though one of my favorite angles was gone, I do hope they renew and see where stuff could go.

  49. Charlotte Acha says:

    It was just …. awesome. I’ve never laughed and cried so much during a series as I have this season, with the shocking loss of Christie, to coming to actually like Stahma of all people (er, aliens?), to being oh so happy you’ve adored Doc Yewll from the very beginning, to being both incredibly sad and happy all in one swoop in this final episode for Season 3.

    While I would be very very very very happy for a Season 4, the writers at least did make this episode completely satisfying as an end should it not be renewed. It leaves you guessing. It leaves the possibilities for a new season or as with Firefly, a movie.

    • maregolden says:

      I always liked Stahma. Everything she did was for the protection of her family. She even turned on Datak when she thought he was treating Alak badly. She was trying to break free of the tyrannical way her people treated women, and prove that she could be equal to her husband.

  50. Shaun Weyer says:

    Plz don’t cancel the show. It connects to viewers like no other SyFy series has since Star Trek .bring Nolan and the “very funny comic relief, say it out like its” Dr Yewell. It is a, who,what,when where and why show. You just never know what will happen next.