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Pretty Little Liars Boss on Charles' Transition, Ali's New Man and the Show's Future After Season 7

Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars finale made good on its promise of answers — including the true identity of “Charles” DiLaurentis — but as expected, it also left us with a slew of new head-scratchers.

TVLine got PLL mastermind Marlene King on the line to answer some of our biggest questions, including: Did Charles fully transition into a female? Who is the “He” that’s coming for Alison after the time jump? And how can she possibly top the “A” mystery moving forward?

TVLINE | First of all, I’m very concerned about the moms. How did they get out of the basement? Did they get out of the basement?
[Laughs] I think they got out of the basement after the end of last week’s episode; the police found out they were down there. That was really just about having a lack of time to follow up on that storyline. Someone let them out right away.

TVLINE | OK, good. I just wanted to make sure they weren’t still down there five years later.
Maybe they just found the wine locker down there and they’re really having fun.

TVLINE | Alison has a new name in the flashforward. Is she married, or did she just change her name for safety purposes?
She is married.

TVLINE | “Rollins” was, I believe, the last name of a doctor at Radley. Is that who she’s married to?
She’s married to a doctor, and that’s all I’ll say. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Are any of the other girls with someone they weren’t with before the jump?
I’m not going to say, because I think it’ll be fun for fans to wait and find out. All the people who are in the show now are still in our world when we come back.

TVLINE | What can you tell me about this “He” the girls seem so afraid of?
“He” is not Charlotte or CeCe or anyone related to that particular name. It’s a different person the girls are coming to warn Alison about.

TVLINE | Could “He” be the new “A,” in terms of being the show’s Big Bad?
I can’t confirm or deny if there’s a new “A,” but yes, “He” is prospected to be the show’s new baddie.

TVLINE | You spent five years building up this big mystery. Do you think you can top it?
Yes. There are two final twists, and we’ve got 30 episodes to deliver them.

TVLINE | Will one of those twists be who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?

TVLINE | You say you have 30 episodes left. Is that the definitive end point, or are you waiting to see how it plays out?
We have enough story to take us to the end of Season 7, and we’re going to let the fans tell us if they’re ready to say goodbye to this world and these characters.

TVLINE | Charlotte’s lair, with the hologram, felt very sci-fi. What was the inspiration for that?
You know, sometimes I just wake up with these crazy ideas, Andy. This was like that. I knew Charlotte wouldn’t want to tell her story directly to the girls; it felt like she’d engineer this scenario where she could hear this story. Her intention was to tell it, then take her family out with her.

TVLINE | Will Charlotte remain a part of the show, or is that story over?
We will see Charlotte five years later. Alison stays behind to take care of her, and we’ll see how far she’s come when we make that time jump.

TVLINE | I know you knew CeCe was going to be the mastermind for years, but how long did you have the transgender aspect nailed down?
We started talking about that three-and-a-half years ago, back in Season 3. We knew a character was going to steal the game from Mona. But Vanessa Ray didn’t know until the week before [we filmed]. We kept her in the dark, as we did with Janel Parrish when she was “A.”

TVLINE | Did Charlotte actually transition, or does she merely identify herself as a female?
Honestly, I don’t know the answer to that question. We deliberately decided not to answer it because it’s such a gray area and sensitive issue for people.

TVLINE | Were you concerned people would react negatively to it?
Because it’s so sensitive and such an important issue, and one that I’ve been conscious of on social media — I’m supportive of the whole transgender community — yes, of course. But it was an integral part of the story, and once the transgender movement really started happening a couple of years ago, we had to be even more sensitive. It’s such an important time for that community.

TVLINE | How’s Jason handling all of this?
I think he’s accepting. Both Jason and Alison understand the damage that was done to Charlotte by the lifetime of neglect she got from her family.

TVLINE | Lastly, how did Charlotte get all the money to fund five years of torture? That couldn’t have been cheap. 
We know from hints that were dropped that Mrs. D was sending money to the Carissimi Group. Charlotte is the real Wolf of Wall Street; she took that money and built an empire out of it, which is another thing we’ll explore after the time jump.

PLL fans, let’s talk: Who do you think the girls are dating (or married to!) after the jump? Who killed Mrs. D? And would you like to see the series continue beyond Season 7? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.

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  1. nellie says:


    Marlene didnt come up with this crap in season 3, when in Marion was very much alive in Season 4.

    That scene with Toby and alison kissing, did we forget about that you whore of a liar!?

    Im done. The bitch.looks like a.liar, sounds like a liar and has been smelling like one for six years now!

    Close moy

    • DL says:

      Yeesh, these big reveals are never as satisfying as you hope. Too much time spent building them up. I honestly thought that was a way better reveal than the other recent big one I can think of — Red John on “The Mentalist.” That was easily the dumbest and most nonsensical waste of a good mystery I have ever seen. So be satisfied we at least got something decent on PLL.

      • johnhelvete says:

        Red John is a good example and you are correct that the PLL reveal was at least done better than the one on the Mentalist. I think when it comes down to it, a show is better off having one big mystery that ends at the end of a season and than having a second one for season 2, than trying to keep things going for 5-6 seasons.

        • DL says:

          I completely agree. I’m actually a writer myself and one of the best things I learned was not to hold back. If you have something cool, don’t keep readers (or viewers) in suspense until it’s totally played out. Instead just go for it, and then challenge yourself to come up with something even better for whatever comes next.

          • Musicfan5 says:

            Great advice. PLL held onto this mystery for too long. How exciting it would have been to have had these answers years ago.

    • Ant says:


      • abz says:

        What does that mean? A family site? Are you visiting this site and reading comments with your children?

        • Belle says:

          Holy Cow people, no one should be using language like that PERIOD!!! The TV Line guys have said repeatedly to NOT curse and keep your comments rated PG. Show some respect to Michael and his employees :)

          • abz says:

            Not cursing is fine. It’s the whole “this is a family site” comment that I thought was weird. This is the Internet. Everyone has access to it.

        • Cheryl says:

          No..but my daughter, that loves this show is 12.

          • Dua says:

            Lots of twelve year old watch this stuff but also know how to swear ALOT

          • Karen wells says:

            What! You let your 12 yr old watch this! There is sex, drug use, and alcohol. No wonder there is so many teen pregnancies and other issues. People like you let their kids watch this stuff!

          • Dua says:

            Karen wells Yes there is but as I said said lots of “kids” watch this and know about sex, drugs and bad words they don’t care and many of them use this type of language in school

          • Anna says:

            Why is everyone so dramatic about the age its called a 12 for a reason ! I watched the very first one on my 12th bday fgs!

          • peter says:

            Karen you are aware that the pretty little liars dvd are age rated 12 so there is nothing wrong with cheryls kids watching it. It is just like an 8 year old boy watching spiderman which is also a 12. You also can not blame tv/ films and peoples behaviour like teens getting pregnant. They have there own minds and they are going to do what they are going to do. End of.

          • candy says:

            okay u don’t want people to swear on this site but u let your 12 year old watch pretty little liars. they swear and show sex and gay stuff. are kidding me now.

    • Belle says:

      Really??? You don’t need to be so nasty…you do realize it’s a TV show and not real, don’t you ?!! We have free will so any one of us can change our thinking at any time and however many times we want :) Get a grip and for crying out loud, watch your language!!!

      • lara says:

        omg I know, I’m 12, I watch it, and basically everyone else in my form,its our choice, just because we are younger doesn’t mean we are going to continue the curse words and everything In our real lives, and for the memo, this show was based around teenagers in a highschool, not grownups lives, kids.

    • Imogen says:

      Please Keep your thought to yourself that’s just mean and I don’t want to start a fight but I don’t like reading stuff like that so please :)

    • cat3498 says:

      Don’t be such a rude ass!

    • Kevin says:

      I’m going to ignore the name-calling aspect of your post and focus on the factual part. While it’s true that Marion appeared in Season 4 (Ep. 1, A is for Alive), the scene was a flashback to before Alison’s disappearance, so contrary to what you’re asserting, Marion was not alive in Season 4. However, there is an apparent discrepancy between the information we previously learned about the date of Marion’s death (per the PLL Wiki, Toby stated in Ep 13, S 2 “The First Secret” that his mother died in October 2007) and what we saw in the Season 6 Mid-Season Finale. Specifically, in the finale, we see that Charles and Bethany are clearly children [age 12 or 13 at most] at the time Marion is killed by Bethany. However, Charles could not have been a child of that age in 2007, since the “present day” events of the show [at which time CeCe is in her late teens or early 20s] take place from Sept 2010 [beginning of junior year] to Sept 2012 [Labor Day weekend following senior year].

      Honestly, this discrepancy along with the incest aspects of CeCe’s relationship with Jason are what I find most problematic with the CeCe is Charles/A reveal.

      • Atherworld says:

        Apparently, they were kids in the flashback, but the regular actors were used because flashbacks are “interperative memories.”

        • eva says:

          Their flashbacks were “interpretive memories” yet Charles and CeCe were seperate. They could have filmed CeCe in a male form or as the female she is now. I think she’s making up poorly executed excuses because she’s trying to be “on trend” which is wrong. This is a sensitive subject and she could have properly included it within different parts of the plotline

      • EkhoTheCat says:

        I came across this after hours of diligent fan-Googling spoiler articles, and I have a lot to say about this.
        First off, in the scene with Marion, Bethany is SUPPOSED to be about 16/17 years old and Charles is supposed to be 15/16, but I read earlier this evening that their actors flaked out at the very last minute and they were forced to make due.
        Additionally, not everything you read on the Wiki is true, because there are a lot of holes in their seemingly flawless logic… Like the fact that in 2010 Jason was 23 and he graduated in 2005, meanwhile Charles/Charlotte is only 15 months older than Jason, so in 2010 she was 24 – on the Wiki it states that Jason is 29 and “Charles” is 25. (HUH?! My calculator hurts…)
        In 2×13, Toby says, “It was a year ago last week…” Which means it was… 2009 when his mom died?

        You can’t get any decent info on the internet anymore.

        • Stephany says:

          The problem with wiki as a valid source is that any one of us can go in and edit a page.

          The issue I took with Marion’s death is we see Bethany push her when she and Charles/Cece are kids, preteen at most. That means Alison and Toby were younger than preteens when Marion was killed. Yet we see a flash back scene with Marion alive when Alison and Toby were at least preteens. Interpretive memories for flashbacks, if the writers are using that excuse they are grasping at straws.

        • Y0UN6R34D3R says:

          Look, the liars were born in 1993-94 so after the five year jump, they are now 23 according to the site, which mean that NOW they are in 2015. So meaning the whole story and flashbacks and shenanigans were before 2010. Basically they graduated and the summer finale was based in 2010.

          So, according to this theory. Every other date makes sense, i think. Marion died in 2006 or 2007, i guess. For two years, Charles was framed by Bethany. Then in 2008, Labour Day weekend, Bethany died and Alison disappeared. Mona tortured the girls for a year til she was caught.

          Then she met CeCe, who escaped Radley in 2009 (mid season 3) and then spend a year in killing Reynolds, Wilden, playing dollhouse, ruining the girls’ life, you know, the usual. All ending in 2010, when it was GAME OVER.


    • Cameryn millar says:

      I love this show so much. I am not ready for it to end anytime soon. I have a feeling that they all meet new people. And one of the liars boyfriends that we now already does not like that. So what he does is come back and try to hurt Ali because he thinks it all her fault that they not dating anymore. I also have a feeling that Mr D killed Mrs D because he found out about CeCe. And everything comes back harder and the liars should be scared. – new A

    • staci says:

      Stfu it was was a flashback u idiot! She wasn’t alive in season 4….they were showing a flashback of the day ur the whore

    • Shelby says:

      Per Marlene, she said that flashbacks like the Toby and Ali one was from their perspective and could have been when they were much younger, solving the time line issue, yeah I know, lame, but just go with it…I’m ignoring the blatant disregard for cannon they chose to foolishly ignore and just enjoy it…
      As for kids watching, 12yr olds are exposed to way worse in music videos…I’d rather my kid be educated, than not and not then less prepared for the real world…

    • Me says:



      be quiet you pathetic little 2 year old moron ; )

    • Tyler says:

      I love this show and don’t want it to end in all honesty.. I know that is unavoidable but I am seriously in love with it! I think Mr. D killed Mrs. D and also I want the show to go on as long as possible and also no more time jumps! Because then they will have to end it .. 5 years is a lot and crazy to base something on in only 30 episodes so there better be more then just 30!

  2. ThePLL says:

    I mean it’s so blatantly obvious that this woman had no plan in mind. I will give her credit because I am sure she had to deal with pressure from the network and all the other downfalls of satisfying egos as a show-runner, BUT she has a very influential position. Just because you have a show called Pretty Little Liars doesn’t give you a free pass to lie in interviews. You knew Cece was A since season 3? Really? Also, Jason’s made out with 2 of his sisters, albeit unknowingly, and his mother LET him do it. This airs on ABC family right? The network will let that pass?

    • dude says:

      That’s the biggest thing I took away from last night. It was always clear she was operating without a plan just based on how many times they revealed something only to take it back but making two important characters in PLL mythology, Sara Harvey (a character introduced THIS season) proved it. No way when they set that crap up, they planned it for a character they hadn’t even created yet. The only reveal that they successfully pulled off that actually shocked me was Toby as A and of course they had to take that back and ruin it a season later.

    • polarber1997 says:

      Sara was one of the red coats. She was helping “A” or CeCe. She led spencer away that night in the woods. And she was wearing that mask. If you’re going to bad mouth the show then don’t watch it :-)

    • ManuelM says:

      “This airs on ABC family right? The network will let that pass?”
      Of course it will.. It’s their biggest show. Have you seen the ratings for the finale? What teen show does that on its 6th season?
      PLL is a monster, even though people say that they’re tired of it.

    • Tyler says:

      At least Jason wasn’t forcing his sisters into having sex with him like Jenna.

  3. anonomousaurus says:

    Im confused about how Mona killed Bethany thinking it was Alison. Didn’t Mona help Allison run away and fake her death?

    • Ingmar says:

      Ali came to her after she was attacked. I think..

    • Spence says:

      Ingmar is correct, Mona helped Ali escape after Ali was dug out of the grave the night everything happened.

    • whispers says:

      When the old creepy lady from Ravenswood took ali to the hospital and ali got out and started walking mona drove up and picked her up then took her to the lost woods hotel.

    • Brenda M says:

      Mona hit Bethany with a rock thinking it was Alison and left her then she saw her walking down the road, and she asked her if she was okay, after that she helped Ali and tricked her into leaving Rosewood by saying first if this A person bashed your head in with a rock what makes you think they would do it again and secondly says make A (AKA Mona at the time) think your dead. And she gets what she wants Ali leaves.

  4. Ingmar says:

    One of the remaining questions is….how did Sara and Cece meet? Why did Sara become a member of the A team?

  5. Stephanie says:

    Of course I want the show to continue past season 7!
    I want to know more about Alison being married (so weird.) I also didn’t expect her to be a teacher.
    Of course Hannah and Caleb are engaged. I don’t understand why Aria and Ezra are still not together, but they better hurry up and stop messing around and get married already.

    • abz says:

      Because Aria and Ezra are gross and inappropriate together. The man was her teacher. There’s also the fact that despite him being nice and caring to the girls, he just comes across as creepy a lot of the time. And let’s not forget the way he lied to all of them and how before he fell in love with Aria, he took a job at Rosewood High and orchestrated his meeting with her and dating her to get close to Allison for his book.

      • Kia says:

        Ezra and aria are amazing together! They are one of the best couples. Yes he is older, but age doesn’t matter when it comes to love.

      • Jessica says:

        But once he fell in love with Aria which didn’t take long he stopped writing and investigating. And he only did that because he wanted to know what happened to Ali cause he cared about her if you’d bothered to watch the season 4 finale toy would have known that and one more thing Ezria are endgame and will get back together whether people like it or not so tuff

        • abz says:

          I am up-to-date with the show and have watched each episode and I know what happened with regards to that, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t always remember every single small detail of this show like some people who act like this is quality television that we’re watching instead of the convoluted, inconsistent mess that this show actually is. And regardless of age or whatever, I still think they are gross together and it’d actually be great for Aria’s mental health and future to move on with her life and completely start over brand new. Ezra still comes across to me as a creep to me. And even if he stopped his writing and investigating because he fell in love with her, the fact is this man who is a school teacher specifically got himself employed at a high school with the plan to seduce and romance one of his students and use her and spy on her and her friends for information. How is that not messed up?

          • krum says:

            it is messed up,.. hes practically a pedo .. what was she 14? this is just telling younger children that this ok.. its full not..

      • polarber1997 says:

        Yeah but in the end he was helping all the girls. Ezra and aria are cute together

        • Looi says:

          Just because the writers spun their romance to make Ezra look like one of the good guys till doesn’t mean their relationship is okay. The way their relationship started was creepy and gross, and I will always see their relationship that way, I don’t care how “cute” they look together. I feel like alot of the people supporting Ezria are probably young girls themselves, so maybe they don’t get it, but I support the “protect underaged girls from Creeps in their 20s” movement. I’m still a teenager myself, and if my teacher hit on me, I don’t care how old he is, I would report his ass, no student should go through that.

      • Suzy O'Connor says:

        It might be started out as a way of getting info for his book, but when you meet someone, you can’t tell your heart who to fall in love with. She was 17, he was 25. Some girls are more mature even at 17 and Aria was one of them. Teachers are humans too. Would it have been less creepy if he owned the book store first? I font think so. People see it as student/teacher, which is illegal. But no one sees it as heart to heart. He even left the teaching position to be with Aria. He came to her rescue. True, he should’ve confessed he was researching his book. But, men just don’t think things through sometimes…lol. They will always be connected somehow. They have been through so much together and still care deeply for each other. I would love to see them resolve everything and be together. I’m a suckers for true love. I fell in love with my husband at 15. He was in college. We married when I was 18. We’ve been married 27 years now. With 4 kids, 2 deceased and 2 grandchildren. But that’s just me. I truly do see everyone else’s point of view, but I just feel differently about the whole story.

    • erin says:

      actually hanna isnt engaged to caleb. she is engaged to a new character named Jordan :(((((( But they get back together later in the show

  6. abz says:

    This woman really embodies the LIAR aspect of this show in real life. I sincerely believe she continues to lie a lot in each and every interview she does and not in a withholding-information-till-the-show-airs type of thing. It seems like she’s actually starting to believe the lies she comes up with, I call bull on her knowing all along that it would be Cece, let alone actually planning on her being transgender. Someone who knows the final outcome of such a hugely significant arc such as who the hell A actually is would not have done such a POOR job planning and writing it. PLL was never and will never be quality television, but the mystery was at least interesting to a point. But it dragged on forever. It was just annoying all around.

    • i loved every reveal, it was never dull to me. i honestly think she did plan for Cece to be a and transgender. ali never verified Cece’s story on how they met. SE WAS WAY TOO DEVIOUS AND CREEPY WHEN SHE LEFT USING ALIS PASSPORT. and i suspected sara for a bit now. ever since A sent the video of her about to kill sara while sara was asleep. they rushed to Emily’s house and sara was just getting out of the shower?? she was sleeping they weren’t that far away no time for a shower… and when the girls found out about the chips in their necks. Emily went to check sara’s neck for one. as soon as she touched it sara distracted her by kissing her . seems to me like she wanted her mind off of the chips. and they never did verify if sara had one and never did bother to remove one from er .

    • polarber1997 says:

      If you think the show is so bad then don’t watch it! This was a great season finale. I think the writers knew what they were doing and Marlene isn’t lying in her interview. I think she planned everything out very well. We were all questioning every episode and the episodes left us baffled.

      • abz says:

        I think you should do yourself a favour and take a good 5 minutes browsing around the internet and even the PLL Facebook comments and you’ll see that this show is anything but planned out very well. Since last night’s finale people have been been finding plotholes and inconsistencies left and right. I’m happy for you that you enjoyed and can choose to move past the poor writing, but it does bother many viewers who feel like this entire show was a waste of time watching. Also, I’ve read enough of the woman’s interviews to know that she’s lies and that so much of what she says ends up being just untrue. And it’s pretty clear from her recent interviews that she also doesn’t really understand why there is so much backlash against the show now.

        • maryberry says:

          Can you please name some of the inconsistencies? I could browse the net but since you know of a few,will you please share? I’m curious to know,thanks abz

          • Alastaire says:

            There are a few things like

            1. She said A was in the pilot episode and thirdsseason premiere

            2. When the viewers theorized that A could be a transgender person, she flat out promised that A is not a trans person.

            3. The infamous Marion cavanaugh’s time of death issue.

      • dee123 says:

        I really don’t understand the dumb “If you don’t like it don’t watch” comment. That’s not the way the world works…

  7. Chloe says:

    Omg, this was the best episode yet, it was so cleverly thought out and it was so suprising. I CANNOT say goodbye after s7 thats only 1more season?! More please!!!!!

  8. Teioka says:

    Yes, I would love to see it go beyond season 7! I love this show!

  9. Adam says:

    I agree with Nellie!!! Can you please ask Marlene to at least let us know if we will find out what is with the plot flaw. Also ask her if we will find out who killed Eddie lamb or what happened to him. Also, we need to know who killed Ian.

  10. Jake says:

    Cancel this snooze fest. This show is so far fetched is just blows my mind that people buy into this b/s!

  11. skyler stovall says:

    don’t stop after 7 I don’t want it to be over there’s always another mystery to be solved . and Hannah & Caleb I believe are together & I hope Ezra & Aria are together

  12. Jared says:

    Ehh..I never thought CeCe was that important of a character so having her be A was a total let down. This show had years to drop hints yet they waited until last nights finale to cram every last detail into one episode? Initially I thought the 5 year time jump would be a cool reset but now I can honestly care less.

    • Mercedes Guy says:

      I’ll agree that I’m weary about the reset. But CeCe being A did not surprise me- at all. A long time ago I looked up who A was (lets remember this is a book series even if the show has gone off the story line) and it said Ali had a twin… Well.. Ali’s mom said something about CeCe and Ali dressing up like twins. And this was when Cece was first introduced. So the most surprising thing for me was when we found out A was actually their brother Charles, and when they brought it round full circle I went.. Yup, makes sense now.

  13. Amber Sloan says:

    Yes, I would LOVE to see Pretty Little Liars past Season 7. It’s my favorite show on TV. I believe Hanna is married to Caleb, and Spencer married to Toby. Or at least that’s how I hope it turns out. More PLL please.

  14. hannah collins says:

    i hope hanna marries caleb!!

  15. Jordyn says:

    We want to know how Sarah fits in as red coat? What is her connection to Cece and why did she want to take part in torturing the girls?

  16. flycass says:

    That’s a big fAT Lie!!!!!! Marlene… is just a big liar like the name of the show. That was really low even for her. Thanks but no thanks~!!!!

  17. Aiysha says:

    Hia I think one of the girls should get pregnant with there original bf and A should kid nap the child and make a new A out of it.

  18. Jaumecia Thompson says:

    Yes you should make a season 7

  19. Lexa says:

    I think it would be great to go on after season 7. I feel as if the seasons ended the liars would have nothing else to watch their back for and the memmories would trick them into thinking that it was still happening and that would be a great twist to show that they were so tramatized by the situation that the were all put in a different psyc ward like Radley just to be put in meds to get rid of all of the pain of thinking about it. Thank you

  20. Catherine says:

    It was good yet I still feel really let down. Such a build up for 6 years and then it kind of just ruined it:/ and I really don’t believe in the storyline it felt so rushed there I couldn’t relate and I just do not buy into CeCes motive to be so horrid tot he other girls. I get she was protecting Ali but it just isn’t strong enough a motive. And was it always CeCe doing these things? Where on earth is the link from Sara to CeCe? Doesn’t make sense! It just feels like a mess all over to be honest. And it’s hard to believe the 5 year jump when the girl still look the same. ( the problem with having 30 year olds play 15 years olds…) and no way would he girls mums not see them off to college. And why would CeCe have any reason to be horrid to the girls parents? I agree that CeCe just was never an interesting character for me so yeah majored down:/ not a total waste as I like most of the seasons plots and creepyness but season 6 is a write off for me. I dorm want to see it go any further now never mind season 7. I can ily see it getting more ridiculous and unrealistic. And leaving it out the transition from name to female makes it so much more confusing and not believable. I appreciate its a sensitive subject but if you have the balls to go with a transgender idea at least do it properly.

    • maryberry says:

      I’m sure the moms said their goodbyes but they were showing the girls saying bye to each other instead because the show was about their friendship and how important it is to have someone you can trust. The whole CeCe being Charles was interesting to me, CeCe did say to Ali that she didn’t sleep with Jason and said it must have been hard for him because of the way she looks(when she’s looking in the mirror acting conceited lol) even though they don’t mention it due to sensitivity and I’m sure because of the network,it’s easy to say that CeCe has had full female transformation. She has boobs,obviously you can see them lol and her “lady parts”, I remember an episode where she’s in a bikini with Ali or something like that and not only that I remember CeCe telling Ali about some hookups she had so Obviously once again,she had a full change and is now a happy-ish girl. I would love for the show to go beyond season 7, I’m glad they’re throwing another mystery into the mix and I do see slight changes in their appearances,lots of people mentioned that they don’t look much different but I am way past high school and I still look similar to what I did in H.S,the only major changes are from little girl to teenager to young adult, after that the next vig changes are in mid 30’s and the girls aren’t that age yet. If you count the ages,they should all be in their early to mid 20’s. Oldest being 23-25. Most people graduate high school at 17-18,count five years after that,they weren’t specific if it was 5 years aftwr high school or college.

  21. Moksha says:

    How is it possible for Charles and Bethany to be portrayed as kids during Mrs Kavanaugh’s death? If you recall, there was a scene where Ali and Toby were teenagers and were kissing and Mrs Kavanaugh came in. Charles is clearly older than Toby’s mom so how is this possible?

  22. Sabrina says:

    I absolutely loved the finale and got emotional omg I definitely want the show to go beyond 7 seasons I would die with out the show still going ! Love it !

  23. sarah says:

    i wanna see emily with paige and hanna with caleb

  24. aisha says:

    I really ant there too be alot of seasons and clifthangers becuase they are sooo good i bet He is the new A! I think Spoby got married and aria is dating someone bot sure though! Much excited for season 7 ahahahahhahaha!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  25. Maricella Rendon says:

    I want this show to continue as long as it can. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if this show ever ended. This show has tough me so much and I feel so independent because of this show. I would like Aria, Hannah and Spencer to be with their men they still have. And when I said that Aria needs to be married to Ezra. I would like to see Emily single. She has dated enough girls. Thank you writers for having emily punch Sara. It’s about time she showed some anger instead of crying about it. I would have knocked her out also.

    • abz says:

      “I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if this show ever ended.”
      There are several other great shows out there for you to check out, some of which you might find to actually be infinitely better than this one.

    • Olivia says:

      Look at that thinly veiled (nah, jk) discrimination… You know what you could do with yourself when this show is cancelled? 1) work on expanding that tiny world view of yours; 2) take the “how to comprehend that women don’t need men to exist even if they are straight 101” class.

      Ezria 5eva !!1!11!!

    • Looi says:

      “I would like to see Emily single. She has dated enough girls.” Yeah, that’s kind of what lesbians do… they date girls. Maybe Aria needs to be the one that’s single, I mean she’s dated more people than Emily has dated girls, and god knows she needs to shake that creep Ezra.

  26. Cecília says:

    Continueee, I’m not ready to say goodbye to pll yet, plus, there are some things about A that I still don’t get it, like, why the game started with the messages to Ali and scaring her when her sister actually wanted to take care of her ?

    • BrittBrat says:

      Mona was A first. Remember Ali used to be mean to Mona and the rest of the girls.Then Ali “died” and Mona told CeCe (when she was drugged in Radley) that they girls were glad Ali was gone. So CeCe decided to take what Mona knew and torture them as a way to protect her sister.

  27. Kathryn says:

    I’d like to know what happened with Maya. I was disappointed on the whole. I thought Veronica Mars handled the idea of a prolonged mystery much better. I also don’t think this was planned 3 and a half years ago. She tried to steer it away from the books but not sure about some of her decisions. Will watch the next few episodes though and see how it goes.

  28. Declan says:

    ali is married to a doctor from radley, and yes this show should go on forever! whats with all this hate i thought that last nights episode was amazing and i thought the whole storyline behind it was spot on so dont hate people

  29. Ellie says:

    Who killed Maya and why? Also why was it made so relevant if it had nothing to do with A or CeCe, is CeCe just a decoy or is she actually the real thing and has been ever since Mona went to Radley? Why did she target the girls for so long? The episode said it was because they didn’t seem that upset about Ali’s death but Ali was the first one to receive texts from A so why?
    Many unanswered questions

  30. Katlyn Ann woolbright says:

    I really hope that aria is dating ezra, spencer dating Toby, and Hanna with Kaleb . I hope Hanna gets pregnant . I don’t know who is with Ali it’s kinda hard to tell . And Emily idk either ?

  31. Sfischer says:

    This is total BS! Marlene said that ‘A’ was in the pilot AND in ep. 1 of season 3… CeCe was NOT in the pilot episode!! I wanted it to be Wren. VERY disappointed!

  32. We never found out who really killed Ian Spencer’s sister boyfriend. Who really killed Emily’s girlfriend

    • Evan says:

      Ian killed himself and Mona staged the scene!

    • Kevin says:

      Emily’s girlfriend Mya was killed by Mya’s jealous ex-boyfriend/stalker, Nate, who Emily in turn killed in the lighthouse at the end of Season 3 after he attacked her. I thought this had been pretty clearly established earlier, but given the number of comments I’ve seen online asking the same question or demanding answers about it, the story wasn’t told very clearly or satisfactorily. Or didn’t make much of an impact, for whatever reason.

  33. Steven says:

    Please never end the pll show

  34. Courtney says:

    I have absolutely no idea where you are going with this, but I really hope you go past a 7th season.. Love pretty little liars!

  35. Mya says:

    I really want to see who is the next -A and who is coming for Allison. Also I want to know who killed Jessica D.

    • Ashley says:

      I strongly believe Peter Hastings (Spencers dad) killed Mrs.D. if I had to guess it’s something to do with her causing his family so much trouble and for messing up his son Jason.

      • Dani says:

        I agreed with Ashley I strongly believe Spencer’s dad killed Mrs, D he wasn’t a very nice dad and causing trouble with his son Jason I want Hannah and celeb back together there so cute I knew Cece was Charles sent season three getting all the beers for Jason habit that is Terrible I want the show to do other season 8 9 10 it is so good

  36. Leah prear says:

    I would love it to go beyond season 7

  37. Olivia says:

    I hope that haleb and ezria will get married, and I hope that spoby will just date. I think that either a member of the Hastings or DiLaurentis family killed Jessica, and omg yes you have to make more than 7 seasons!!!

    • taheisha says:

      I think that Mona killed Mrs D, because she wanted revenge on Ali for comming back to rosewood. And we all know no that she also killed Bethany Young. So i wouldn’t be surprised if she also killed Mrs D as revenge for Alison.

  38. Caitlyn says:

    I thought the episode was awesome!! Some people are being WAAAYY too picky. I have been watching pretty little liars since the beginning and I am always so excited every week, I’m a real dedicated fan. But I have way more important things to do with my life rather than memorize every single little detail of The show like some people have done. For example, If ‘A’ is taller than Spencer or not in certain episodes; like that is completely irrelevant to me and not something I would commit to memory. I view the show from more of a broad perspective taking in all of the main events that happen, and not how tall someone was in an episode 2 seasons ago! And from my standpoint the episode was freaking amazing. I can’t believe people have ruined their experience over such minor details. I applaud Marlene King for this episode, everything about the reveal makes total sense to me, thank you. I cannot wait for the episodes to come.

  39. lucy says:

    I think Melissa killed mrs.d & Hannah is engaged to Caleb. Aria & Ezra rekindle their romance when they see each other in rosewood again. And I would love this show to keep going way beyond season 7.

  40. Hey hey no n no non no you guys are not stoping there I mean it’s good cause it’s like a clif hanger but plz don’t end I love you guys and this too much for it to end here and now if you end at least start again next year I want my kids to now how good you guys are so yes plz do have a season 7 thank you I mean you have just made a new story line don’t torture us if you really do love us as your fans I’m sure everyone who’s a fan will agre with me on this one hundred percent

  41. Chelsea Mae phillips says:

    I would love to see beyond season 7.

  42. TinkerBell says:

    Yes I would love for LOL to continue after season 7

  43. Corry says:

    This show can Not end. Its what I look forward to after my big stack of homework after school during the week.. if it’s Tuesday or Wednesday when I watch it. I still just loovee the girls soo much. Don’t want them to be gone. I even rewatch all seasons every summer.

  44. Katy says:

    I hope PLL keeps on going!!! Bring on season 7,8,9+!!! I love this show.

  45. Mackenzie says:

    OMG! 30 more episodes! I don’t know what I will do with my life after PLL is over. But, we have waited long enough for this moment. I will be intersted to know what life is like without A. But I really want Mona to be in the time jump. I want to know if they have kids and Maya alive. Also to know who killed Mrs.D.


  46. Cortney says:

    I think you should continue the series after season 7 I love watching it!

  47. Philippe says:

    Pleaaaaaaase continue after season 7! There is so much more to be explored now that the 5 year jump ahead has been introduced.

  48. Jade says:

    GREATEST SEASON FINALE EVER! I absolutely LOVED it soooo much!!!! Thank you Marlene, I love you and the cast of PLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Ashley says:

    Okay. So I was a little disappointed about CeCe being A, however, as long as the story line for this gets put into a better view point I will be totally excepting. I can understand where it’s trying to go the explanation that we’ve got so far makes sense to me. I just wish it would have been someone else. Like Lucas or Caleb is who I really wanted it to be. I always thought Caleb at least had something to do with the A team. I really really really hate Sara Harvey as red coat and black widow I don’t want her to be either one but I could’ve been alright with her being redcoat if someone else like Melissa was black veil. With all that being said I totally want pretty little liars to continue on a bit longer. A few more carefully planned non drawn out seasons and a good movie to close it would be great. Although I completely understand the trans community (my brother in law is trans) Marlene King, you really need to clarify if cece is male or female physically it’s only fair for your dedicated viewers to have all their answers.

  50. abz says:

    I read the interview King did over at EW I believe where she answered so many questions after the season finale about who did what on the show. Honestly, the fact that a showrunner has to go through what she’s going through and needing to defend herself and keep answering these questions just goes to show how poor of a job she and her writers have been doing. She has to answer all these questions AFTER the show because the writers don’t do a good job of organically explaining the answers to the many questions ON THE ACTUAL SHOW. Then on her BuzzFeed interview she was talking about how she thinks the biggest backlash against the A reveal is because of the fact that A is transgender and that some people still aren’t ready for trans characters on TV. She’s delusional. The backlash is because of the POOR writing the show has been suffering from a long time. The majority of the people bashing this finale and reveal from what I’ve seen couldn’t care less about the existence of a transgender character but rather the inorganic way it was written and the writing inconsistency.

    • WLY384 says:

      I agree with you completely! You’ve pointed out all the things that have been discussed in my household over the finale!

    • polarber1997 says:

      The backlash wasn’t because of poor writing. The writeRs and King did a fantastic job on the show. If you don’t like how they put it together then don’t watch it. It’s that simple. But not giving us all the answers each episode is what kept watchers on the edge of their seats. The season finale did a great job answering all the answers we wanted to hear. The suspense of not answering all the questions right away is what kept the show interesting

      • abz says:

        Like I replied to your other comment above, if you take a few minutes to browse the internet and read other people’s opinions and posts about it you’d realize that poor writing and planning is most definitely one of the big reasons for the backlash. In fact the writing and planning of this show has been criticized LOOOONG before this reveal. The reveal brought to surface so many plotholes and writing inconsistencies and did nothing to change the fact that this A arc dragged on FAR longer than it should have. You tell people not to watch if they didn’t like it and I get where that’s coming from, but with this type of show, people invested time into the mystery and I’m sure many like myself continued to watch just to find out the answer. It’s like reading a book, you get through the the first half or 3/4 of the book, you still kinda wanna finish reading just to see how it ended. In the end, this A arc was overall too long and poorly done. Big mystery with disappointing payoff. Also, using the technique of withholding answers and revealing slowly in order to keep viewers’ attention is okay up to a point and PLL reached that point 2+ seasons ago. Anyway, we can just agree to disagree.

      • dee123 says:

        Fantastic job? good lord. You should be utterly ashamed at your taste.