True Detective Finale Season 2

True Detective Season Finale Recap: So That's Who Killed Caspere

Loosen your bolo ties, because it’s time for a reckoning: Now that True Detective‘s second season has wrapped, was it as “satisfying” as HBO president Michael Lombardo promised last week?

In a moment, we’re going to ask you to weigh in on the anthology series’ second season finale. But first, here’s an overview of how the 90-minute “Omega Station” played out.

* Ani and Ray have the saddest hook-up ever, then fill the post-coital pillowtalk with her memories of being lured into the forest by that skeevy guy (“I was proud that he thought I was pretty”) and Ray’s recollection of killing the wrong man for raping his wife. She chain-smokes, he wrinkles his forehead, and yes, it’s as depressing as it sounds.

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* Frank sends Jordan away with $100,000 and a promise to see her in two weeks “or less.” Though she puts up a lot of resistance, she eventually goes, planning to rendezvous with him after he takes care of his “play,” promising that he has “one thing they don’t know.”

* Burris informs Ray that Woodrugh is dead, and Ray informs Burris that he knows everything. Weeks after everyone on the Internet did it, Ani and Ray then put together that the set photographer on the movie shoot is actually Leonard, one of the kids who was orphaned as a result of the 1992 murder/robbery at the jewelry store. They go to his house, where they find the crow mask, shells like the kind used to shoot Ray and surveillance photos of Lt. Burris and Chief Holloway.

* They also find Erica, aka Laura, chained to her brother’s fireplace. She confesses that she was one of the girls from the parties and that when she reunited with her brother, Leonard, who’d been raised in some rough foster homes, they conspired to avenge their parents’ deaths. Caspere was supposed to give them information but when Leonard got carried away with the acid, the crooked city official died. She was handcuffed at his house, she tells them, because she was trying to stop him from going to meet Chief Holloway to trade Caspere’s hard drive — which is probably blank, anyway, because of a failsafe that kicked in when they couldn’t unlock the password — for the diamonds. Ray runs off to stop Leonard. Ani takes Laura to the bus station and tells her to “lay it down” by starting a new life elsewhere.

* Ray gets to Leonard before the exchange and stands in for him. Holloway and Burris are surprised to see him but willing to deal if he’ll hand over the land documents and hard drive. The crooked chief spills that Caspere was having an affair with the jeweler’s wife — and that Laura was Ben’s illegitimate daughter. The news puts Leonard (sitting nearby) over the edge, and he attacks Holloway with a knife. Pretty soon, guns are being fired, Burris gets wounded in the arm and takes off. Ani swoops in and removes Ray from the premises without either getting caught. When the cops descend upon the situation, both Leonard and Holloway are shot and killed.

* Frank, Ray and Ani rendezvous at a secret room over the sad sack bar. There are a lot of guns there. The scarred bartender, Felicia, explains to Ani that Ray put the man who disfigured her in prison years ago, and Frank gave her the money to buy the bar but never asked for it back. (Side note: Yes, but why is the mournful singer/songwriter performing there for NO ONE?) Ani asks Ray if he’d run away if she asked. “I just might,” he says, and they hold hands, but she says nothing more.

* Working off Frank’s plan, Ray and Semyon head to the estate up in the mountains where the payoff is happening. Frank and Ray shoot a lot of people before killing the Catalyst guy and Osip, then making off with all the cash. They part ways with a handshake and an understanding that they’ll meet “down south,” then Frank lights the car on fire.

* Ani discovers that Dr. Pitlor killed himself. Or maybe he didn’t. Loose ends, yadda yadda. Ray calls her from the road and they are as close to happy as anyone gets on this show as they contemplate going on the lam together. But Ray has to see his son one more time, so he diverts from the plan (despite being a highly wanted man with his face all over TV) and is rewarded by seeing Chad sitting with his grandfather’s Lucite-enclosed police badge at recess. (Actually, not as sad as it sounds.) They salute each other from afar and Ray is returning to his car when he notices an odd reflection in the puddle beneath his car: Someone has planted a tracking device on the vehicle. He realizes that returning to Ani will lead trouble her way, so he calls her and tells her to take the files and recordings and “get on that boat.” He says he’ll meet her later, but they both know that doesn’t seem likely. She tearfully agrees to do as he says.

* Frank buys a lot of diamonds and picks up his new passport. He’s driving away when he’s kidnapped at gunpoint by the drug dealers to whom he promised prime nights at the club. He offers them a lot of cash but one of the guys wants his suit, so Frank decks him and gets stabbed in the side as a result. Then the dealers drive away, leaving him to bleed, hallucinate people from his past and die in the desert.

* Ray records a final, fond monologue for his son, drives the car until it’s on empty and then ditches it in the woods and takes off. Burris and some armed goons follow him. Velcoro dispatches a few of them before Burris and the gunmen who are left shoot Ray to death. And crappy cell service in the woods means Ray’s kid never receives his father’s last missive.

* On the boat to safety/freedom, Ani realizes that everything is terrible and cries.

* The murders of Davis and Woodrugh were pinned on Ray. Paul had a highway named after him. The rail corridor opened. Tony Chessani was named mayor. Oh, and that paternity test proves that Ray was Chad’s biological father.

* A year later in Venezuela, Ani meets with the reporter Ray roughed up at the beginning of the series and gives him all of the evidence. “It’s your story now. I told it,” she says. Then she returns to her hotel room, where Jordan is watching Ani’s (!) baby son. And with a knife in her boot and the kid strapped to her chest, Bezzerides and Jordan set out with Frank’s henchman Nails for the “long trip ahead.”

Now it’s your turn. Grade the finale via the poll below, then hit the comments and get talking! (Sample topic: Did anyone else laugh at Jordan’s “You can’t act for s–t” line?)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Derek117 says:

    I had very low expectations for this conclusion–and it did not fail to meet those expectations. I can only assume that the show wanted to be a “downer” to show how adult and tough they are.

    Sorry, this season gets a failing grade. Let’s hope they get it together for next year.

    • Heroz says:

      What exactly were you expecting? A world whereby corruption doesn’t exist. Here, Nic was being realistic. If it helps, the story (told by Ani) can change things. But that finale was superb, arguably better than season 1’s finale….dont forget that one was: 2 guys finding the serial killer and killing him….with Ray preaching in the end. That was predictable and cliche ridden, this wasn’t.

      • mary says:

        It was telegraphed so clearly at the beginning of the episode that Frank and Ray weren’t going to make it out that their scenes were a slog to get through. Both deaths were drawn out way longer than necessary, too. I like bleakness and I like sadness but not so much of it in a genre that relies on suspense. This episode was a little ridiculous and a step down from the one that preceded it.

        • winetaster13 says:

          Agree completely. Their death scenes were incredibly boring – get it over with! The entire season was a waste of time. There is nothing else on Sunday evening, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered. The storyline tried to be sophisticated but was not and the dialog was so cliched, it sounded as if it were written by middle schoolers. HBO should give our money back.

        • Heroz says:

          Of course Frank was going to die. No mobster gets to walk out scot free in the end. The twist here was you werent expecting him to die that way. Here, I am sure many of you thought Osip guys would killed him….but the Mexicans did. You people cant be satisfied.

      • LisaA says:

        Totally agree. The season 2 finale Beat season 1 by far. Although the season was a challenge to follow all the loose ends were tied up by the end.

      • silverleaf says:

        Wow. How could you ever think to compare this to any bit of the first season? Ridiculous.

      • liamwilt says:

        I think to say that the season was rooted in realism is a slight stretch, particularly since Nic claims it’s narrative, symbol, and drama are influenced by if not mostly derived from Greek tragedy/mythos. In that vein, and not unlike most Greek tragedies, the story expounded on how we as humans sort of, well, write our own ends with our own choices (unfortunately there were no gods to insult here, so that route to death was implausible). The tag of the season was “We get the world we deserve”, I believe, for that reason. There was corruption and death. Good. If you recall, though, it was clearly shown that the politicians responsible for the upper-tier actions of the first season were not caught or punished. So, corruption. Yay. So grit. Much real. Both seasons even had death! Excitement. But let’s move on. I think your argument here, being for the season’s realism and unpredictable finale rests entirely in the main characters being killed off. And I would agree with you that that was fitting given the thesis. We get the world we deserve. Their choices in life constructed their lives and lead them to the end. But, that being said, I remain unsatisfied. I appreciate the symbolism of catalyst, of the juxtaposed highways atop characters, of man made vs. nature. I do, and I enjoyed that the most, second to the performances. I just don’t appreciate the lack of attention spent to his own damn thesis. If you are to punish your characters that deserve punishing, then why allow those who murdered them and showed such similarity to march off with impunity (a la toni, the mexicans, and burris)? It was like the effort to kill the main characters was just in response to those who felt killing the main characters would make it harder than season 1 haha. In the end, I was left wanting all of the death, not just the deaths of those he guided us into caring for the most. So those whom we disliked survived by miraculously undoing the efforts of the protagonists and murdering them? That is your take on unpredictable realism? It just seems lopsided all over again, but in a different way. Again, i wanted all the bodies. Let all those die whom deserve death, not, “eh, I’ll pick and choose to whom my thesis will apply.” And yes, ray and Frank’s deaths were more than readily readable via 1) the ol’ going too well to be true trope and 2) the heart felt moments each had with a loved one. Come on.

        • Joebob says:

          Dude you have to smoke weed to come up with that…but I agree…people get away with things all the time…this was just set up to compensate for a drawn out motive…out laddish …motive…just sayin

        • Joebob says:

          Last statement Collin Farrell saved Nic Pizzolatto’s ass on this one …but having said that cannot wait to see who has the guts to do season three!

      • Murica! says:

        There must be something seriously wrong with you if you thought this season finale was better than the first season finale. This season finale was horrible. I haven’t seen such a bad season finale since Dexter. It was absolutely horrible and very predictable.

      • Triffid says:

        Really? No cliches in this finale? You mean apart from the “If I don’t make it, give her this message”, the limping through the desert haunted by visions, the seeing the wife in the white dress upon death (you could see that one coming as soon as they talked about meeting up again in venezuela) and saying he “made it”, Ani spawning Velcoro’s baby (biggest cliche of all: woman left behind with man’s baby after having sex once and him dying to save her) and the running away to South America and all the insisting on the women to go while the men sacrifice themselves? Yeah, not cliche-ridden at all.

      • Triffid says:

        Really? No cliches in this finale? You mean apart from the “If I don’t make it, give her this message”, the limping through the desert haunted by visions, the seeing the wife in the white dress upon death (you could see that one coming as soon as they talked about meeting up again in venezuela) and saying he “made it”, Ani spawning Velcoro’s baby (biggest cliche of all: woman left behind with man’s baby after having sex once and him dying to save her) and the running away to South America and all the insisting on the women to go while the men sacrifice themselves? Yeah, not cliche-ridden at all.

    • Jay says:

      So you are upset because it didn’t have a fairytale ending where the good guys win and everything is fine? Maybe you should stick to shows that can be spoonfed to you

      • prish says:

        Or just do what I do, check in at the TVLine Season Finale Recap to see if you want to watch the series. I don’t, not needing to add downers to my life. I look for the gems of quality writing and acting, with upbeat mood-resolutions and problem solving. I love this website.

    • Ellinas1978 says:

      Need better actors for a third season. Vince Vaugn was too painful to watch.

  2. LK says:

    Man this series was awfully hard to follow… need a roadmap to figure out how it all fits together… lots of loose ends.. certainly not how i expected it to end… Rachel McAdams was terrific in this show though hope she gets some love from awards season.

  3. Jerry says:

    oh man I wish Ray got a shot off that hit Burris right in the head before being taken out

    • Chris says:

      That’s what I was waiting for as well. Only disappointing thing that didn’t happen. The Finale was better than any 3 (or 4) of the other episodes.

    • diane says:

      Yeah me to. Burris needed to die.

      • Amanda says:

        I didn’t expect things to wrap up nice and tidy but I figured Burris would get what was coming to him rather than getting off Scott free. Yea with the evidence he might get buried, but with all the corruption that is obviously taking place I doubt he will get what is deserved.
        I also wasn’t thrilled with the face Ani and Jordan will now be watching their backs for the rest of their lives while never staying in one place for too long.
        I was expecting a little bit of satisfaction like at least letting Ray’s kid get his final message.

    • Katobe says:

      they could have let a least one of them live … The whole season was depressing and Vince Vaughn was not a good gangster .

    • Katobe says:

      Me Too ! It’s like all the really bad guys got away with it .

      • silverleaf says:

        Uh yeah. It’s the real world. Get a clue.

      • JMill says:

        Ani and Jordan, alive; along with Nails, on one of the ‘good guys” team, and Erica also alive.

        Osip, Leonard, and Catalyst exec all dead. And if the reporter is successful getting Ani’s story out, a big pile of hurt for a lot of the surviving bad guys.

        Not completely one sided at all in the end.

  4. dee says:

    Way too predictable, figured it out from the beginning! ! VAUGHN was the best part of the show! He was awesome!

    • Heroz says:

      No, it wasn’t. Season 1 finale was predictable. This wasn’t. Truth be told, I thought the three leads (not including Kitsch) were fantastic. I never thought they had it in them to do something this dramatic. I can’t really pick which one was better. Frank nearly mapped the whole thing…he forgot about the Mexicans.

    • Joie de Vivre says:

      Ani and Ray’s baby was a shock and it gave hope to an otherwise tearful finale. I liked that 2 women carry on in the end. I assumed the Natalie Wood movie with the baby in the hotel room with Paul’s baby mama was strictly about her being alone with a baby but maybe it was foreshadowing for Ani and her and Ray’s baby boy. I thought that was a nice touch.

    • Ellinas1978 says:

      He was the worst part, in an average season.

  5. Ricky Lee Jones says:

    Relieved that this dreck is over. I don’t know why I continued to watch over these weeks but I guess it’s because I’m stupid.

    • winetaster13 says:

      You’re not alone – I feel the same way. Season 1 required some thought and the acting was phenomenal, but S2 was just disappointing in every aspect.

      • mark says:

        I agree. Look as far as the actors to explain that one. Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are as it good as it gets.

  6. lilly says:

    As confusing as this season was at times, there were some great scenes and in my opinion the finale was the best show of the season outside of the episode where there was the massive shootout.

    Frank didn’t burn the money though. He and Ray split it. The Range Rover was the only thing he burned.

  7. HL says:

    Good analysis but Vince Vaughn didnt burn all the money in that car. they took the money out before, duh

  8. Melanie says:

    So, I think It was awesome, nothing predictable and I follow the serie every episode. I keep this question on my mind, that baby was son of Ray?

  9. Sawbagz says:

    really annoyed by the hate this season has gotten on the Internet. That finale was Better, yup I said better, than last year’s. The season was not as good but the finale tonight was on point. You can’t have the main characters walk away like heros everytime. This season was slow at times but I was not expecting the last 3 episodes to play out as they did.

    People need to stop comparing. True detective this season was so entirely different, although depressing and sad, it was realistic and moving.

  10. Brenda says:

    I thought it was very boring….the 1st true detective show last year was soooooo much better.

  11. Anita Parsa says:

    I’m pretty sure that Laura was Ben Caspere’s daughter, not Chessani’s.

  12. Woop says:

    There is no Ben Chessani…I assumed the girl was Ben Caspere’s daughter. I also wasn’t clear on Chad’s paternity…I assumed it wasn’t Ray since his name wasn’t on the paper?

    • Heroz says:

      I sorta get the feeling it was Ray’s. You have to remember, the mother did just about everything to get him out of the boy’s life (who could blame her) and she was also accustomed to the news the Ray was responsible for the death of Woodrugh and Davis (BS). That has to take someone’s back.

      If it was the rapist, she might be sorta relieved…idk

    • Amanda says:

      It was rays it said Ray Velcro at the bottom third of the page along with 99%. It was hard to see but it was there

    • silverleaf says:

      It clearly said ray velcoro directly above the paternity results how could you miss it? It was 99.99% his kid…meaning for you slower ones out there that he’s ray was the father.

      • LK says:

        It was a quick shot… and I was looking for it but did not see the name… should have been in a larger font or more prominent in the page or something.

  13. Chris d says:

    Very disappointed. Woody and Matthew had to have helped script dialogue in season 1 as this season sounded and felt like Miami vice for cable.

  14. Janet says:

    Ben Casper was having the affair with the jewelers wife (NOT CHESSANI). Remember how Laura says Casper was friends with her mom and used to come into the store??? Also, he didn’t light the car on fire with money in it. He had the money in his car.

  15. Mr. Tran K says:

    I give it a B for the season finale but Season 2 was not as great than Season 1. Don’t know if True Detective gets renewed for Season 3 if only they should have the possibility for a brand new cast.

  16. sladewilson says:

    The ending was brutal but so was the season. Bleak, and just plain sick from beginning to end. I actually liked it. Saw what was coming except for the very end with the baby but hey, someone had to have some semblance of hope, why not Ani? All in all, not bad…

  17. jerry says:

    I don’t think Frank burned up any money. He was just burning up the weapons’ bag

    Also, wasn’t Caspere the father of Laura, not Chessani?

  18. Tyrone says:

    Expected more insight into the higher workings of the system. Seems like our team should have went at their last run with a bit more zeal. They had a good play, but got distracted.

  19. Janet says:

    Season finale was terrible. They should have cut out the first 19 minutes and the last 19 minutes. Just started the episode with Ray talking to Burris and then ended it with them splitting the money and kept it open ended with whether Vaughn or Farrell make it to Venezuala.

  20. JasonB says:

    Thought true detective finale wasn’t bad at all. No happy ending like S1, but there was an opening there for justice to be served, albeit late.

  21. mark says:

    This season had all the earmarks of one of those shows or movies that carries an agenda to prove how corrupt cities and government can be. It took away from the spirit of the show. Much of the story line(s) were far too convoluted to make sense of in 8.5 hours of television. It was so predictable from the second episode that Frank would not make out of the season alive. They then tried to make the finale into a soup of unexpected though unnecessary happenings. Last season was great TV, even if it followed a traditional path, it grabbed the viewer and didn’t let go. The thing that upset me most about that finale is that the show had to end. The season one acting and direction was so much better that it made even a more generic story line so much funner to watch.

  22. k-cool says:

    Ray and Frank had to go out like that. That’s traditional TV storytelling. Ray had bodied the wrong guy on that vengeance tip so he had to answer for that eventually.. And Frank, it was inferred had done his “dirt” as an up and coming so he had to get a payback.. Check the record, most times main-anti-heroes get iced

  23. Marc says:

    I voice message did go through to his son

  24. Compa Willy - The Mexican says:

    So in the end Frank and Ray do meet up down south. They both went to Hell.

  25. Tony D says:

    I truly was disappointed in the ending. Cruel and evil win over righteousness and justice. Heck I was not expecting death and a little injustice. But evil just wins out. It was depressing and sad. For Ray to die and framed for all was over the top wrong. Pizzolatto’s Finale was a horrible depiction of an unanswered plot. He took the easy way out and allowed the bad people triumph over justice. It was truly the most disappointing finale since the series finale of Sapranos.

  26. Tony D says:

    I truly was disappointed in the ending. Cruel and evil win over righteousness and justice. Heck I was expecting some death and a little injustice. But evil just wins out. It was depressing and sad. For Ray to die and framed for all was over the top wrong. Pizzolatto’s Finale was a horrible depiction of an unanswered plot. He took the easy way out and allowed the bad people triumph over justice. It was truly the most disappointing finale since the series finale of Sapranos.

  27. farleyc says:

    Very complicated and confusing plot (to me, at least) and a terribly depressing finale. Disappointed overall. I wanted to love it but…. not so much.

  28. damroberts744 says:

    I think a lot of the flack this season gets is purely from fans of season 1. Do I think it was as good, no. But it was surely great television. Rachel McAdams effing rocked, the story line was mostly intriguing (if not a bit hard to keep up with at times), and the story wrapped up in a more realistic way than last seasons.

  29. AndrewS. says:

    True Detectives Season 2: Muddled confusion with no resolution.

    Seriously, it’s hard to believe the same guy who came up with the streamlined and engaging first season churned out this rubbish, and yes the biggest let down in season 2 by far was the poor writing. What was so great about the first season was that the investigation, on its own, was so interesting. The ritualistic, satanic killings of young women set against the backdrop of the Deep South on its own was great subject matter. Then you add the personalities and internal conflicts of the two main detectives and all the sudden you have a show that is engaging on more than one level. Season 2 felt like it overkilled this layering idea. We THREE different detectives who all have plenty to brood about within their own drama fuelled lives, who are all then thrown hastily into the same room to solve a murder of a guy (which on its own isnt nearly as interesting in its mystery as in its resolution). The more that this season’s trio uncovered, the less sense it all made. Well suited gangsters wanting to build railroads? Crooked cops covering up a decade old diamond heist? Lavish sex parties?? The subject matter is weak, and the plot threads connecting them were even weaker. The killing blow for the series, was how each of the detective’s personal dramas ended up tying into the mystery in random and sometimes nonsensical ways. This only convoluted the mystery while simultaneously turning the past traumas of our main characters into mere plot devices to move the heaping mess of a story along.

    Watching season 2 felt like a chore. A chore, which the allowance paid wasn’t even enough to make up for the tediousness it took to get it over with. It might have had its moments, sure. A few scenes where the suspense and the drama hit its strides, there might have been a philosophical quote or two to chew on… but for every single step forward, there seemed to be seven steps back. The season finale was sub-par, but to be fair, the whole season had under-preformed at the most basic level, there was no way the last episode could have corrected every constructive flaw, or bring the rabble into any satisfying conclusion.

    I can only speculate why the writer chose to make the decisions he did when it came to drafting up this series, but to be honest, the only reasonable explanation I can come up with, is that he’s done with True Detective, and desperately hopes HBO doesnt pick it up for season 3.

  30. Big Dal says:

    I am confused to how the land deal tied in with the diamond theft? I know that Casper was involved in both, but were the cops involved in the land deal, or is the only reason they were after/blaming Ray was to cover up the Casper murder so it wouldn’t reveal the secrets of the Diamond deal in the past? And the land deal was almost secondary because Casper was involved and used his money from the heist to get rich and invest in the land deal?

  31. MaryAnn says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the season until the finale, and then that was so bad it ruined the entire story. How on earth could the creator promise it was going to be satisfying? I just don’t get it. Everything fell flat and nothing was really resolved, except three of our four protagonists died, for no good reason.

    And now I have a question for those who have seen season 1. I was planning on going back and watching it, but now I am not so sure. Does it have an ending that makes more sense and doesn’t leave bile in the back of your throat? At this point, I don’t really trust this creator at all; he has no sense at all of what is satisfying and what is just sick.

  32. motorfirebox says:

    I’m going to get yelled at for this, but I think Season 2 was better than Season 1. Season 1 had great acting, great chemistry between Harrelson and McConaughey. The story/mystery was good, but it wasn’t better than this season. And McConaughey’s character was terrible! He was the best detective, and the best fighter, and he was crazy but in that cool edgy way that makes him more of a badass. This season’s weakest character was maybe Woodrugh, and Woodrugh’s major flaw was that he was kind of transparent.

    This season’s mystery catches a lot of flak for being too complex, but it really wasn’t. It just wasn’t spelled out over and over again like an episode of Castle or something.

    • AndrewS. says:

      but what did you like about this season?

    • I completely agree. I’m astonished that there are all these people complaining about it but still watching it. I thought the first season was good but very talky, very male and very one and a half dimensional.
      I think whether you’re viewing art in a museum or watching good TV, and HBO does produce excellent TV shows, a lot of your experience is dependent on what you bring to the viewing.
      Season two had all the elements of excellent noir. It had a plot about land and political corruption so global our team of cops never had a chance. It played out against the hot, dry climate of soCal. It had major characters who were not anchored to life by strong family ties or ties to the community because of a fatal flaw essential to a good tragedy. It had complicated, three dimensional characters. It had a woman warrior with a strong, ethical character. And it had several other women who were not cartoon cutouts. It had a multicultural array of criminals. I loved it.

      • AndrewS. says:

        well, like when viewing a piece of art at a museum, the best approach is to view the whole piece, and not just glance and look away. I came away from season 2 not really liking it much, but I watched it in its entirety because you can’t really come to a complete conclusion on a work until you view it completely. I understand what you’re saying about the noir feel of the second season, but i’ll argue that it was not executed as good as it could have been. The elements were there. The characters did have their own depth, the setting in SoCal was cool and had a lot of potential, even the underlying corruption and political savagery was a neat idea… but when it was all put together it fell flat on its face.

        The series might of had good potential, but I think it was all laid on a little too thick. Too many strokes in all the wrong directions– maybe the writer was trying too hard to fill in where the first season fell short, and i agree the second season definitely had what couldve boosted the first– but the way it was thrown together felt sloppy and the plot suffered greatly from it. I honestly believe the plot was so poorly written that it ruined the whole series. Sure it may have all connected in the end, but the way we moved through uncovering the mystery was so tediously clumsy that it distracted from the characters’ development and any underlying themes the series was trying to convey.

  33. LO says:

    What a horrible ending. It doesn’t matter what they were trying to teach or not teach about life. That absolutely sucked.

  34. I loved the second season. It was California noir all the way. I was so happy to see a female protagonist (or should I say “Protagonista”?) And I loved it that Ray’s baby came out of all that death, destruction and broken dreams.
    I predict the second season will become a cult favorite.

    Don’t get me wrong. I liked the Southern gothic first season, too. But it was so talky. Too much chin music.

  35. Jennifer says:

    I did appreciate to some extent that this season seemed to respond to complaints from last season about there being too many loose ends and this time we got most of the answers. Overall though the story this season just wasn’t as compelling. It’s hard to top a haunting story in the Bayou though, so I tried to give the show plenty of slack. The show, however, just seemed too self aware and too deliberate this year. Nonetheless, I still hope it gets renewed.

  36. Tony says:

    Your absolute wankers putting spoilers like that in the headline. What is wrong with you?

  37. Joebob says:

    I think they are both separate but equal…

  38. I seriously don’t get what the hell I was even supposed to get invested. Basically nothing was accomplished, and a lot of people died pointless deaths. Deep?

  39. Sue says:

    If only a shark could have eaten that lounge singer……

  40. Dave says:

    I definitely would have preferred if Ray had gotten away — somehow getting the money to Ani but deciding he was too much of a danger for her and going off on his own, ending up like his father of sorts.

    Him living would have actually surprised me — he’s seemed like a doomed character from the get-go.

    His death was kind of ridiculous, from staring at the exit sign to the weird cut to him being chased by Burris and his goons. The phone thing was ridiculous, too.

    If he had to die, Burris should have taken him out, though not before Ray gets off a crippling shot that leaves him physically/mentally compromised for the rest of his life — but is awarded and perceived as a hero for killing a wanted man — at least for until the whistle blower comes along.

    Every single plan in this show ended up going to Hell, so I kind of assumed their escape plan wasn’t going to work, especially after it was going along so well for the first half of the show.

    All in all, the finale left me feeling lukewarm as did the entire season.

  41. LT says:

    Season 3….I’m out.

  42. dj says:

    RIP…I’m just glad it’s over. Time to move on to something entertaining.

  43. Brian Sanders says:

    I didn’t hate this season of True Detective as much as everyone else does but it is the most disappointed second season since Desperate Housewives and Hero. All of the what made the first season of True Detective work just didn’t this season. The sprawling storylines was weight down for being very convoluted and eye rolling. I didn’t have a hard time following it just really didn’t make since. All of the death I felt wasn’t really earned because it was full of cliché, closet cop, sexual abuse woman, alcoholic cop, gangster that trying to be good. That wouldn’t been bad if the characters was interesting but wasn’t and the dialog was so bad. A character actually said “blue balls of the heart”, that when I busted out laughing saying someone actually had to say that line. Acting from worst to best, Vince Vaughn I wanted to like him but he just didn’t fit, he finally found the character but that wasn’t until episode 7(!),Rachel McAdams did her best with a very underwritten role and the only person that was good was Colin Farrell. There was some good moment of the show but it was just brought down by 4 different plotlines running through the show so really couldn’t get a fix on the show. I hope next season will be better because I don’t want to write this show off.

  44. Charlene says:

    Very disappointing.

  45. I loved the whole series. The acting was phenomenal, better than the first season in my opinion.
    So was the storyline. That mystic nonsense in season 1 was just silly. There were many lessons to be learned from Season 2, many beautiful symbols and reflections of life’s variety, nature’s beauty and love’s triumph in the end.

  46. JM HH2344 says:

    I didn’t get Ray’s monologue at the end to his son. He said he wished he was more like his son, the world would be better if everyone was more like his son. We are talking about the kid who answered in one word answers and wanted to watch old episodes of “Friends”???

  47. Heap says:

    what a crappy show. Yeah I know, there’s the bright sparks who insist its realistic or moving. Morons. Its an entertainment product, not art, and this one just leaves you bummed out not entertained.