Prison Break Revival

Prison Break 'Sequel' Event Series Officially Ordered at Fox

Fox is finally confirming what TVLine reported in early June: Prison Break is returning to Fox in 2016 as a 10-episode event series.

“It’s going to bring back both brothers, [played by] Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell,” Chairman and CEO Gary Newman announced at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

Added Co-Chairman and CEO Dana Walden: “I would describe it as a bit of a sequel. It picks up the characters several years after we left them in the last season of the show. The brothers will be back. Some of the iconic characters from that show will be back. I don’t think [exec producer] Paul [Scheuring] knows exactly where he’s going over the 10-episode arc, but it definitely will address some questions that were set up at the end of the series for a new audience.

“This is the pure vision of the creator of the show,” Walden continued. “It’s going to take a little bit of a detour from where we left off [with the straight-to-DVD coda], but it should feel very satisfying and event-ized. Fans will be excited about seeing these characters back together again.”

Regarding the fact that Miller’s Michael perished in 2009’s Prison Break: The Final Break, Newman quipped that that particular plot point would be “ignored,” while Walden explained, “What [Paul] pitched to us was a very logical and believable — in the world of Prison Break — explanation for why our characters are alive and still moving around the world.”

Press PLAY below to hear what Miller and Purcell had to say about the new Prison Break series last month at Comic-Con, and then hit the comments with your thoughts/predictions/hopes/dreams for PB 2.0!

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  1. lene says:

    HOLY HECK. Michael didn’t die?!?! What about Sarah Wayne Callies??? She HAS to come back too!! Michael and Sara REUNION!!! :D

    • SL says:

      Agreed. How are they going to spin it? Loved this show

    • EPIC! I cant even explain how happy this makes me! This show was by far my favorite show

    • Leash says:

      Omg it’d b cool if Michael faked his death and works for the company

      • michael says:

        no, no guys. This story will be before his death and after season 4, a few year later..

        • The Prufessa says:

          You clearly didn’t read the article. Specifically where it said it picks up years after the last episode.

        • The Prufessa says:

          Next time read what the people that know better have to say before you spew your nonsense.

        • The Prufessa says:

          Added Co-Chairman and CEO Dana Walden: “I would describe it as a bit of a sequel. It picks up the characters several years after we left them in the last season of the show. The brothers will be back.

          Regarding the fact that Miller’s Michael perished in 2009’s Prison Break: The Final Break, Newman quipped that that particular plot point would be “ignored,” while Walden explained, “What [Paul] pitched to us was a very logical and believable — in the world of Prison Break — explanation for why our characters are alive and still moving around the world.”

        • KELLY says:

          Michael – Actually, he died helping Sara escape from prison which was part of the episode that didn’t air in the US, but was released on DVD as Prison Break: The Final Break. The end of the episode that did air was 5 years later, however, he died in the original arc from electrocution before Sara even had their son. That is the story line they are either going to explain or ignore.

        • Amanda says:

          Even after the last episode they met at his grave. So either way he died and it’s going to spin off that…

          • Carly says:

            That whole scene when they went to his grave had me hysterical!!

            Maybe Michael had a secret plan to fake his death so anyone left from the company would stop going after him & his family. Kellerman could’ve helped with covering it up for him.

            He might’ve kept the whole thing a secret a long time to make sure it was eventually safe to get back in contact with his family. The test results Mahone gave Linc could’ve been made by Michael. Out of all the things he pulled off, I believe it’s possible.

            Who knows.. With all of the possibilites, I’m just REALLY excited to see it :)


        • Nick says:

          Watch the new trailer. Michael faked his death to protect sara from the old man. Now that the old man is dead, Michael is back. It takes place after they visit his grave!

    • Ana says:

      Thanks to an information provided by T Bag Sara and Lincoln find out that Michael is still alive and he is on Yemen prison so they need to find out a way to get him out of there.

  2. If this makes people happy, I guess it’s okay. I never got into it.

  3. manupf says:

    let me guess they faked his death and went into hiding in Thailand for the last few years or something

  4. The Grinch says:

    Like Michael’s death for instance. LOL. They can get around that easily with a show as (wonderfully) ludicrous as this. Looking forward to this.

  5. Ellinas1978 says:

    He never died, but 10 years later they are somehow in prison again. Make it into a summer show and maybe I might DVR all 10 and binge.

    • Andrew says:

      From what I just read a few minutes ago on Wikipedia (if they decide to start before the previous finale) is Sara is in prison for murdering Gretchen, so I can see them possibly starting with the plan for her prison break.

      • joyce says:

        Sara wasn’t in prison for killing Gretchen. She killed the brothers’ mother. Or at least she was presumed to be their mother.

  6. Bwhit says:

    Yes!!!! I don’t care how they do it, Michael Scofield lives :)

  7. queerbec says:

    I hope they are not back in prison because they have been framed, etc. Perhaps they are hired by the world’s richest man to get someone or some people out of prison and there are plot twists and betrayals because of that. It would be nice to see the brothers working together from the start, not trying to break one or the other out, unless it is for some newer believable plot.

  8. emily says:

    Wentworth Miller’s Michael had died at the end. They showed everyone gathered around his grave so how can you say both brothers are coming back and that it is being picked up several years later. Don’t tell me. He was kidnapped by some organization that faked his death, blah blah blah….I love Prison Break but not sure how they plan to work this.

    • Bwhit says:

      If you watch it again technically they never showed him die. They showed him with the cables and the next scene was Sara reuniting with Lincoln crying. That’s how they are going to get around it I’m guessing.

    • Lizo says:

      I literally don’t care how they “fix” that. They can just ignore it and retcon themselves, I do not care. All that matters is that it’s back and the brothers are back.

      • misery chick says:

        Yup, I don’t care either! The show should just ignore Michael’s death/return as it will waste too much time 😆

    • Akosua says:

      I think its possible because no one saw the dead body of Michael and the producers can let it flow from the point that what was buried was not really Michael……like in the reunion of Dom and letty in fast and furious 6……its very possible

    • Joustin Anthony says:

      I’ve seen two endings for PB. First version was Michael died and it just skipped 4 years later. Sara, Linc, Alex, (and i guess Sucre as well) together with Sara and Michael’s kid gathered at his tombstone. It was the last episode of PB season 4. However a DVD was released. Prison Break: The Final Break. It tells us that Sara was sent to prison for the murder of Michael’s mother. The gang then planned to breakout Sara because The General” wants Sara dead as soon as possible. During the process of breaking out Sara, Michael’s attempt to override the electronic lock failed, and have to short circuit the electric charges in his body to be able for Sara to get out. His body was never shown in both versions. I really have no idea how they’re gonna bring Michael back, but I’m just happy that PB is back and we could at least have a better ending that wouldn’t leave us hanging.

  9. Sarah_ says:

    Can’t wait 😊

  10. James says:

    I was hoping Michael would be helping Linc break out from beyond the grave…

  11. Steven says:

    Grrr… They get 10 and The X Files only gets 6. I know it’s because of scheduling for David and Gillian, but I want more Mulder and Scully.

  12. Dean says:

    Hey Fox while your at it why don’t you do a Terminator SCC event series you know since your giving other ended shows closure.

    • ComeOn says:

      Even if Fox wants to it would no longer be possible. SCC was a WB production but now the rights is with somebody else and suppose to go back to James Cameron is a couple of years. Time to let it go…

  13. Marcus says:

    Hopefully they bring back T-bag…..

  14. Gerri says:

    Well I might just watch. I was really upset how they ended the series, so to fake us out and that fact that Michael lives makes me curious and want to watch. Sarah is busy with Colony with Josh Holloway and Wentworth and Dominic are both busy with Legends, but I am sure they can make 10 episodes work somehow. Just don’t bring back T Bag.

    • Lizo says:

      The way Wentworth and Dominic have been talking about PB, while doing press fo Legends inclines me to think the people behind Legends are going to work with the scheduling. I mean, there’s a reason they cast them both as a duo, having PB come back is just free advertising for Legends because people will tune in for them (who wouldn’t normally watch). My sister isn’t a big comic tv fan, but she watched the Flash episodes with them in it and is going to watch Legends.

      • Bwhit says:

        Yeah that’s the impression I got and I read somewhere (maybe here) that Sarah Wayne Callies was on interested, so the script or pitch must be good (as stated in that video above). I am so thankful for the Flash reuniting these two because I bet that had a hand in this mini event!

    • Claire Hayes says:

      No, definitely do bring back T-Bag. He’s the best.

  15. Teri says:

    Prison Break was a great show. I still miss it, so will be excited to watch again Hope Sarah WC can come back too. Her and Michael were awesome.

  16. Julia says:

    If this can match the quality of the first season or even part of the second season, I’m so in. This was one of my favorite shows before it went downhill.

  17. Kate says:

    My guess appears to be correct, that at most, he was unconscious when the marshal managed to break in (timing wise he just missed Sara) and I bet Gretchen managed to convince them of something or other (she just died on the Vampire Diaries) and Michael has been in prison (there was a Blacklist episode that inspired this line of thought) and some portion of the younger generation, let’s say L.J. is maybe an innocence project lawyer or something now and he gets word of this black site. He goes down to Costa Rica for the holidays and just off hands mentions this site to Lincoln, Sara and whoever else joins them but, meanwhile, Michael Junior is listening in and he is very much his father’s son (if I did the math correctly, if they set the show in 2017 or so, he would be in the sixteen to seventeen year age range) and he starts investigating and then gets himself (and lets just think, Sucre’s daughter too) into trouble. But, like, the person back home helping was Alex, who the family doesn’t realize stayed in touch with little Michael. And this leads to Lincoln and Sucre putting together the team to rescue the kids, but soon they discover what Michael had uncovered, that our Michael has been alive and imprisoned this whole time. Michael likely stayed there to keep everyone off everyone’s back. But M.J. and Sucre’s daughter got like, I don’t know, caught by whatever replaced the Company. My casting idea for the kids is totally for the kid who played Peter and the girl who played Nadia from the Messengers.

    • luvtheheaven says:

      Interesting thoughts!

    • Genius says:

      Nice thinking. I mean seriously!!!

      • Kate says:

        Thanks, honestly, I think they were both just cast on the Flash about the same time the Superbowl episode of the Blacklist came out where they were on that black site in the middle of the pacific that the CIA didn’t even know about and then I got Netflix and for the very first time was able to watch the actual end of the show (the one that went right to DVD) and I started thinking. Michael’s mother had the same condition and was cured, its possible that his treatment wasn’t everything his mother had had but the fact of the matter is if the government got their hands on someone who had managed to break out of three separate prisons and two of them on less than a week’s notice they would want to make use of that resource. Gretchen might even have helped along the way that he was the smartest man she’d ever known. So then I was like, just because his heart might have stopped doesn’t mean it couldn’t be restarted. And holding him in a facility like that as a hostage of good behavior would make sense, but it would also make sense that Michael would stay only upon assurance his family would be left alone and that Sara was exonerated. But even if the government held up their end of the bargain, Michael would find himself getting bored and the origami swans might actually turn into origami frogs (more of a safe travels message than family) and wouldn’t washing up on the shore be just the type of thing that conspiracy theorists would latch onto. I was nervous for a bit when they were suggesting it could be some of the missing time (like before season 4, there were like six weeks that passed when Michael was searching out Gretchen to avenge Sara) or could be a side story. But that they are talking a very in this universe type of sequel…faked his death came right to mind.

  18. daviddavid says:

    The Expendables wear Dependables …. is this really such a good idea? Loved the show … but, it’s been milked dry I think!

  19. Nicole says:

    This totally made my day! Michael and Sara and their son?! Please make that happen!!!!

    Yeah for good scripted television!

  20. SnazzyO says:

    So excited!

  21. Tony Lang says:

    I’m getting increasingly worried that Fox will announce a limited-series revival of Elimidate…

  22. James says:

    OOH what if Linc and Sara break Michael out of Ghost Jail and that’s how he comes back to life? They can cross over with Sleepy Hollow to do it.

  23. LT says:

    We just can’t let things be, can we? SMH

  24. Mooshki says:

    Opening scene: Sara opens the shower door…

  25. JDH says:

    The executive producer doesn’t know where he’ll be going over the 10 episodes? Really??? That seems like poor planning. Plus the series already had a degree of closure… And how are Miller & Purcell, supposed to do this, as well as be regulars on Legends of Tomorrow, recurring on The Flash, & potential guest stars on Arrow??

  26. Jack Bauer does need someone to break him out of the gulag…

  27. R.O.B. says:

    Seriously if they make Michael Schoefield a zombie this will catch 15 million viewers in episode 1.

  28. Gail says:

    So they are going to film this and DC Legends of Tomorrow concurrently?

  29. They could easily say he faked his death because of “The Company”. They brought Sarah back, why not Michael? I am SO excited about this!!!!!!

  30. Lizo says:

    YASSSSSSS!!!! *does crazy Kermit dancing*. IM SO EXCITED!!!!!! Oh man, I just never thought this would happen, it’s like the tiny fandom that could.
    Sarah is coming back right??? She has to. And I’m totally for just ignoring that little death thing.

  31. A.M says:

    Best news ever..loving this..Michael not dead…can’t wait

  32. Ram510 says:

    I wonder if this means he’ll have to take a break from Legends of Tomorrow for a couple episodes

  33. Reblogged this on AngelicInsanity and commented:
    Love to hear this!

  34. A.M says:

    Honestly I really excited about this… I think I have to rewatch the whole series before this starts…amazing news.I don’t really care about how Michael is alive…just that he is.Incredible!

  35. luvtheheaven says:

    I’m a little confused. I think saying “Newman quipped that that particular plot point would be ‘ignored,'” could mean that the “movie” where Michael killed himself to break his wife Sara out of jail never happened — just like the Veronica Mars movie ignored the DVD extras that revealed/previewed the season 4 that never aired was going to follow Veronica in the FBI, and they instead decided in the movie to go the route of Veronica wanting to become a lawyer rather than an FBI agent. :P They could do that with Prison Break. Make it so everything that happened in that film — Michael’s cancer, his marriage, Sara’s incarceration, etc — didn’t happen and pick up after the show’s OTHER finale instead, even though Michael’s grave years in the future was shown there too — but like, show an alternate route for him to die, for the characters to get there?

    I’d prefer that rather than a “Faked his death” explanation…

  36. Mike says:

    Clearly Rip Hunter pops in just before Michael is about to die and saves him before realizing he got the wrong guy.

  37. Jasmine Woods says:

    I thought Michael died in the last series?

  38. victor says:

    I hope they resurrect michael or say he faked his death

  39. victor hugo says:

    Yo sabia que encanta esta serie estaba triste por su alegra la vida.creo q es la unica serie que grafica realmente el poder de los masones por sobre toda nuestra gente.el poder la ambicion y la codicia llega hasta la muerte .felicito a todo el elenco en especial a michael y burrou..jjeer gracias x volver gracias fox. Ojalas sean muchos capitulos mas. Thank you prison break.

  40. gr8t3ful says:

    I’m on season 2 now, this will be the 3rd time I’ve watched this show. Soooo excited!!!!!!

  41. Lily says:

    Wowwwwww please releave new episodes i really can’t waitttttttttttt

  42. Moitrayee says:

    Wow! Can’t wait to see the brothers back in action again. Hope to see Mahone and Sucre too. Will Michael be back or will his grown-up son come on screen as Michael? I hope this is not a false alarm and this time Prison Break is really coming back.

  43. One of my favorite shows of all time … excited about a comeback.

  44. Ann says:

    So psyched! Love that series!

  45. Ernest A A says:

    Wow can’t wait to see the return of Miller &Prucel To action

  46. rodriguez says:

    Michael isn’t dead. Just like his mom. They thought she was dead too. Bring Michael back!!!

  47. Jay says:

    I think Michael didn’t really die but got caught in the prison and the government has taken him, faking his death and maybe Lincoln and some others find him and break him out.

  48. Joanne Cretella says:

    Michael’s dead should be a hoax. In order to keep everyone safe he had to go off the grid so the company and everyone thought he was dead.

  49. Bernie Carre says:

    You never actually see Michaels body, you see the explosion and Sarah cryin, then there all gathered around his grave, maybe he forgets who he is after the explosion, then someone sees him a few years later, cause they all presumed he,d died. I don’t care how they did it, I have just watched the series again on DVD, I’m addicted to it, it’s a timeless classic, so excited to be able to watch more when it comes out, be great to find out what has happened to some of the characters . Ohh can’t wait. A true fan of the series xxx

  50. Cathy Moynihan says:

    I’m so excited!luv my prison break. Can’t wait to see about Michael scofield character that will be interesting.