Sharknado 4

Sharknado 4 Is Coming: But What's the Big Twist? And Will Tara Reid Return?

If you made it through all 120+ minutes of Syfy’s Sharknado 3, you know that already a fourth salvo of hammerhead-filled twisters is brewing. But what twist is left to throw at the over-the-top, cheesy-by-design “film” franchise?

Also: Will Tara Reid’s April live to see another Great White get chainsawed?

Sharknado 3, in its final acts, after all, boldly went where no tornado movie has gone before — into outer space, as series hero Fin Shepard (played by Ian Ziering) and his dad Gil (David Hasselhoff) commandeered a “spare” space shuttle in the name of diffusing the “sharkicane” that was assaulting the Eastern seaboard of the United States.

Hell, they even armed Fin with a laser chainsaw, so one could argue that no cool tricks are left in the area of shark-snuffing weapons.

The very final scene, meanwhile, dropped a piece of space shuttle debris on Fin’s baby mama April, cuing an on-screen graphic inviting us to tweet about (using #AprilLives or #AprilDies) and/or vote on (at the fate of Tara Reid’s heretofore indestructible alter ego.

TVLine readers gave the threequel an average grade of “B-“ (compared to the original’s “B+); Nielsen ratings will reported late Thursday.

I’ll go first with a plot prediction for Sharknado 4, and folks I am dead serious:

Aliens will copulate with wayward sharks that drifted off into space and spawn a hybrid breed of walking, perhaps-talking, hyperintelligent sharks hellbent on ruling Earth.

OK, your turn to suggest No. 4’s big twist.

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  1. Dude says:

    Somewhere Tara Reid is biting her fingernails and aggressively refreshing Twitter in anticipation.

    • Kiddoo says:

      Are her fingertips lopsided with one being bigger than the others? Seriously, I hope she’s back so she can pay the bills.

  2. thisismenow says:

    I am sure I am one of the few, but I am looking forward to Sharknado 4 – Sharks in Space with a tagline This Time It’s Intergalactical.

    • Lizo says:

      Hahaha you’re not alone. Sharks in space sounds gloriously bad. I’ve loved SyFy’s original movies for years, the more ridiculous the premise, the better. So bring on the space sharks

  3. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    A scientist hellbent on seeing the sharks win creates a virus that brings all of the dead sharks back to life. Sharknado 4: The Swimming Dead

  4. Sharknado VS ISIS! ‘Nuff said!

  5. AngelWasHere says:

    If Tara/April was to be killed off who will be left to give us the most awkward looking faces.

    Anyway let me play along….Sharknado 4: Sharkapocalypse. Road warriors with Sharks and baby Gil grown up with chainsaw arm and eyepatch!

  6. SoMs says:

    April lives because, at the last minute, we see her mother May (Bo Derek) running down the beach in slow motion (hair in braids of course) and she pushes her out of the way at the last moment, only to be crushed herself by the piece of Shuttle with just the number “10” on it….

    • Adet says:

      ↑ Now this, this is genius!

      And I’m still fighting between the idea of Zombie Sharks and Alien Sharks
      They should make this poll instead

  7. Bruce was already the “Zombie Shark”, but since the baby was born out of the space shark covered in the “blood” of the space shark–perhaps the baby shares the “crazy” genetic make-up and “Sharknado 4” can pick up with the now baby having aged to a “teenager” becoming more shark like and teaming up with a crazy scientist to make a race of sharks part alien and part shark to become the new rulers of the world…motivation is with April being dead the kid grew up without a Mom–boo hoo–and wants pay back.

  8. jake says:

    Make sharknado 4 about megaldons unfreeze and the sharknado picks them up and they kill swimmers on the first day of summer.

  9. Naomi DIxon says:

    She should live she just had a baby and she’s one of the best characteras in the movie.

  10. Rachel says:

    Tara Reid’s character should live she is one of the best characters in the movie.. also I’m all for the alien shark idea that would very interesting to see….

  11. BJ says:

    honestly I think Tara Reid should live in part 4 and I think the movie should be based out of Houston Texas!!

  12. Ade says:

    Why did they pause it right be firebit hit her or not rip off that we should have to wait next year to see the next movie seriously

  13. Isabel says:

    When is sharknado 4 gonna premiere because i can’t wait

  14. sadasd says:

    Sharknado 4 has to be set in Hawaii !!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Brett says:

    I am thinking that somehow , via some weird physiological process April is impregnated by shark sperm whilst giving berth , and will give birth to a half human half shark baby ( how she gave birth with her pants on is a mystery , as is her getting out of her space suit whilst hurtling thru space inside a a shark and giving birth at the same time ?? )

  16. Courtney says:

    I hope April is in the fourth one

  17. Isaiah says:

    Tara will not die

  18. Shannon Sheldon says:

    Oh look a space snack just in time!