Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Party Foul

I’ve been thinking… if this whole ‘local terrorist’ thing doesn’t pan out, Charles DiLaurentis could forge a pretty sweet fallback career as a party planner.

Alison’s presumed-dead brother threw himself a hell of a birthday bash on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars, complete with killer arcade games, an accidental drugging and a sting operation that had the girls waving their hands in the air like they just didn’t care. (Editor’s note: I suspect the girls did, in fact, care.)

Of course, the party might not have sucked so much if Ali hadn’t given Charles’ name to the Rosewood PD. Charlie had been very specific about coming alone — it was mentioned on the invitation, right next to “bring your own black hoodie” — and the brothers appeared to be making a genuine, albeit shadowy, connection before the fuzz busted in. (I mean, at least Charles didn’t push Jason down an elevator shaft this time, right? That’s progress.)

Pretty Little Liars RecapOFFICER DOWN | But how could I possibly talk about Charles’ big day without highlighting the best part: Toby gobbling down some of Spencer’s goodies and getting stoned in the middle of the stand-off! I wasn’t sure where the writers were going with this at first; when Toby took the special snack from Spencer, I assumed he was going to confront her about her problem. But what transpired was much more entertaining, even if it’s probably going to lead to yet another Spencer-Toby breakup. Verdict: Worth it.

OH, EMILY… | We got some good news and some bad news on the Sara front this week. First, the good: I applaud Sara’s decision to move out of Emily’s house and stay with her weird friend in whatever town she’s from. I say the more distance between them, the better. And that’s where the bad news comes in: Sara’s only moving out so she and Emily can start a real relationship — but unless I’m crazy, having a mutual kidnapper in common isn’t enough of a reason for two people to get together. Do I trust Sara? Yes: ___ No: _X_

WHAT THE FREDDIE? | The episode ended with Jason and Alison watching an old home video of themselves attending a second cousin’s birthday party — or at least they thought it was for a second cousin. It turns out “Freddie,” the birthday boy in question, was actually Charles, which explains why Jason and Ali remember not being allowed to tell their giant cartoon scarecrow dad about it. That’s right, folks, we’ve got another fake name to remember.

Additional Observations:

* Having Cody Christian on PLL and Teen Wolf at the same time is messing with my sense of the universe. Should we just assume he’s evil on both shows, or…?

* Congrats to Aria on making it to the finals in that photo competition. Girl, you deserve it.

Time for your take on this week’s (surprisingly hectic) episode: Are you glad Emily and Sara are staying together? Did you enjoy stoned Toby as much as I did? Drop all of your comments below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Whomever Charles is, he must be male (I doubt he had a sex change…) and 15 months older than Jason. So, in a show with a large female cast list, that shouldn’t be too hard to nail down. Who are the only/most likely suspects?

    • lauri5567 says:

      Wren, Caleb, Ezra? Except Ezra would have to have a thing for his sister not just teenage girls. Caleb’s supposed to be younger, but he also moved to the school district when he was older.
      Or maybe an undead Wilden or Ian since Charles should be a blonde per the movie.
      Can’t say I’m sorry to see Sara move out.

      • They wouldn’t turn the main villain of this show into the protagonist of a spin off, so not Caleb. Ezra has his own family, which has been well chronicled and he’s already been a red herring once. Wren — who? I had to Wikia that name, heh. Seems like the least likely, doesn’t it?

        • Katie says:

          Sorry, Michael, but Wren is actually my number one suspect. No one else would even make sense

        • lauri5567 says:

          Caleb would depend on if the writers had other plans if the spin off was successful. I don’t think Ezra is likely. I guess it couldn’t be Wilden or Ian as Allison had a relationship with both.

          • Meadhbh says:

            I think it could be Caleb , as he is the only guy that has not been wrapped up in the A game eg.. Ezra they thought he was A as well and Toby and Paige! Buts that’s just me! Still trying to pick suspects! Wren is in my list also!!!

        • Snow says:

          Actually Wren makes perfect sense

          • Bree Marie says:

            Wren is prefect bc he hasn’t been around in forever. He has access to medical supplies and someone slipped Emily drugs in an earlier season. In the first season when the girls block As number Spencer goes back of her house and a drink Wren breaks in and he makes a comment saying I couldnt call you bc my number is blocked. There are many more that link him these are just a couple.

          • Bree Marie says:

            Wren is prefect bc he hasn’t been around in forever. He has access to medical supplies and someone slipped Emily drugs in an earlier season. In the first season when the girls block As number Spencer goes back to her house and a drunk Wren breaks in and he makes a comment saying I couldnt call you bc my number is blocked. Be also has lots of money and is very smart. The spelling of Nosey Bitches Die (a message left by A) It was spelled Nosey not most that’s the British spelling. Spencer at prom in the bunker when A is behind her she said he felt familiar making more obvious it’s someone they know and has been seen and who better to know how familiar Wren would feel but Spencer?! Since he is a doc he could have stole Ali’s autopsy report. Wren also had access to Radley. There are many more that link him these are just a few.

          • Dilau-wren-tis. Just saying…

          • Kim Carney says:

            Yes! Wren makes the most sense to be Charles. Just Google Jason from season one. Wren looks like brothers with that Jason. Plus we don’t really know his whole story, the accent could be an act. Either way, my money is on Wren.

          • Kim Carney says:

            On second thought. Wren hasn’t been in the show since 2013 according to IMDb. So maybe they won’t bring him back in. I dunno… Anyways I don’t remember why he does.. So why does Wren have 2 names in the show? Wren Kim / Wren Kingston

          • lauri5567 says:

            He was part Asian in the books, like how all the girls look a lot different than the book description.

          • SB says:

            But Wren worked at Radley as a doctor. I know places have employee turnover, but don’t you think someone would have recognized the kid that escaped ~4 years ago is now a doctor? Charles can’t be Wren.

      • I always did suspect Wren quite a lot whenever he made an appearance, but we haven’t seen him around for quite some time if my memory serves me correctly, so unless they did that purposely for us to forget who he is to later remember if it is him when he is revealed. He was tied in with Melissa at some point when they dated. Other than him, I can’t really think who else it could be. I did have a weird theory at one point that Jason was really Charles but pretended to be Jason, and that they were identical twins, but today’s episode doesn’t work for that theory. Either that or it’s still someone that looks like Jason (identical twin) and sometimes when you saw Jason in some scenes, it was really Charles, but the real Jason is around a lot of times too. Then again, in the video and pictures, Freddie (Charles) do not look identical, so that can’t be the case either.

      • RaeBae says:

        My money is on the “assumed” dead Detective Wilden. About the same age as Jason and obviously had a vendetta against the girls. The writers did say Mona would not be the last character we thought was dead but actually wasn’t.

    • Cornelius says:

      I am assuming its a new actor.

      • That would be like the lamest thing ever. Surely it must be an established character/member of the cast.

        • Cornelius says:

          It would but then again the whole Charles thing is lame so make most sense. And the Charles character isn’t even fully established (he was only revealed last season) so doesn’t matter if they just cast someone new.

          • It sort of does. Plus, per PLL Wikia, it says that the actor who is Charles has been informed of that, meaning that it has to be someone from the established cast, as opposed to someone cast specifically to play the role.

            “As of June 4th, 2015, the actor/actress that will be revealed to be Charles DiLaurentis has already been told by Marlene herself. Source”

          • Cornelius says:

            @Michael Sacal (Can’t reply to yours) I really don’t know who it can be if it is someone from the “main” cast. Can’t be Wren, Lucas, Noel, Toby, Caleb, Ezra, Andrew, it can’t be any of the 4 girls, Mona, Paige, Maya, Sarah, Lesli. A few others I am sure to have missed but you get where I am going, all the established characters they have make no sense to become Charles. Even CeCe (I thought she was A for a long time) but she dated Jason and I don’t think PLL would go all Game of Thrones with incest.

          • Charles killed Jason and took his place. That’s why the role was played by two different actors :P

          • Katie says:

            @Cornelius I think at this point the smart money has got to be on Wren.

      • hil says:

        its already been established that A/Charles/Big A or whatever you wanna call him is someone we already have “met” so he will not be a new character

    • Shayla says:

      Did anyone forget about Noel Kahn

  2. April says:

    I still don’t think Charles is A. Maybe he’s working with A who I think is still Aria.

  3. Cobra says:

    I bet Dean is Charles.
    This show has grown so outlandish, I don’t believe for a second we’ll come “face to face with “A”” in three weeks.

    • Cornelius says:

      I think we will, but based on the ending of this episode with the present Charles got and the note saying “Your friend and ally” – I am predicting this season Charles will get caught and sent to prison, the time jump will happen and that said ally will then start harassing the girls again. Which will lead to a Charles prison break (this seasons cliffhanger?) and it will come full circle with 7 more seasons of unanswered, drawn out and really outlandish storylines.

  4. Cornelius says:

    I am yet to see how this is the “summer of answers” but am glad it is only 2 episodes till the Charles reveal. It’s been 6 years too long.

    Also, I was surprised Ali was the smart one to tell the police about Charles. And how careless are the police paroling the girls to NOT notice ALL four of the girls leaving? Must be eating donuts or something.

  5. LostSoul says:

    Everybody and their brother who isn’t a deranged killer named Charles has an opinion on whom Emily should be with: Paige, Allison, yada-yada-yada!

    Here’s a novel idea: Just go with the flow!

  6. Megan Burns says:

    I mean… Where was Ezra during all this excitement tonight??

  7. Ronnie says:

    We know that A has always been related to the DiLaurentis clan since both Ali and her mother were targets and Mother D was trying cover for him. The only question is which cast member we’ve seen before is actually that family member.

  8. anonymous says:

    Stitchers was really intense tonight!!! Love the #Camsten scenes and the Camille and Linus scenes. Kirsten finding out that her mother was the one that invented the technology with Ed Clark and not her father was a very intriguing scene because we don’t know anything about her mother yet or about Maggie’s connection to her. I think Kirsten delaying Liam’s proposal makes me think that the man she really wants to be with is Cameron 💜💜😃 #Camsten💜

  9. Cassie says:


  10. Laura says:

    The girls are looking damn fine at prom! <3

  11. Spence says:

    Is nobody going to talk about how manipulative and selfish Emily is? I mean, she was finally making a connection with someone other than her, and she had to step in and stop it like a selfish pig. Not to mention that creepy pillow-sniffing at the end…

    • crystal says:

      I completely agree! In a town filled with pedos and creeps, Emily was being super creepy and clingy in this episode.

  12. Alison’s Dead Brother is Charles
    and Alison’s Arother Brother is Jason Ezra and Aria Have Relationship Together Emliy and Tila Hava Relationship Spencer and Toby Have Relationship Too
    The NewsReport
    is Ashleigh Braswell

  13. Olivia says:

    I always loved Emily with Paige. But if she’s not going to be with Paige then I actually gladly settle for Sara. Unpopular opinion, I know, but I like her.

  14. Laura says:

    We’ve been told Hannah’s scholarship comes from the Carissmi Group – and that is somehow connected to Radley and the Di Laurentis family. What does that mean about Aria being accepted to the Cardillo Arts Fellowship? Because honestly with a show focused on the letter A I’m thinking two girls’ futures funded by groups with the letter C is a red flag to me. Randomly the definition of cardillo is ITALIAN meaning “goldfinch” “possibly applied as a nickname for someone with a good singing voice or who wore colorful clothing”. Or could it be a nickname for a blond person – maybe someone called Allison Cardillo growing up? Especially if Carissimi in Latin means beloved – another nickname. We know A has access to tons of cash – is A funding Hannah and Aria’s futures?

  15. pearce62010 says:

    OK…if Jason is a Hastings and Charles and Jason played together and they didn’t move there until after Charles was put in Radley then how did Mr Hastings and Mrs DiLaurentis meet and produce Jason???

    • lauri5567 says:

      In the books, they were college classmates.

    • Alex says:

      Thats exactly what I was thinking!! So if Charles is a DiLaurentis and he’s older… then did Mrs D just randomly get with spencers dad and so Jason is a Hastings low key but like then they had allie and allie is a DiLaurentis… SO CONFUSING. idk.

  16. shree says:

    Dat episode was mind blowing at d end i wanted to give jason n toby a hug!!

  17. Phoebe says:

    Could Jessica have been saying Wrenny not Freddie?

  18. Sophie says:

    So, Sara is not Bethany. Her friend recognised her and they talked about old memories. There go all those theories.
    Charles is probably Wren, eventhough it would be a huge dissapointment, he’s the only one who makes sence. I believe Mona knows it’s him but keeps playing dumb until she has proofe.
    Red Coat is CeCe and Black Widow is Melissa.
    Charles hit Alison “that night” and the only question left is who hit Bethany and why Charles hates the 4 liars so much.

  19. CeeCee says:

    Back in Jan in an interview, Keegan Allen (Toby) said that “when everyone knows who it is … everyone will freak out … it’s so clear in every episode … when revealed, you could go back to season 1 and be like oh wow … whoa … brilliant.” So that says that it has to be a regular cast member.

  20. stuntdevil28 says:


  21. derronbox says:

    And Charles is Wrenn. Now that I’m rewatching season three I’m almost certain of it.

  22. Mike says:

    Y’know, I’m starting to think I’m the only person out there who likes Sara. Starting to feel lonely. I don’t get it though, the girl suffered so much. What exactly has she done to piss everyone off and make them hate her? Seems… rather unhealthy and unfair.

    • CakeFace says:

      I don’t hate Sara but I don’t like her, At first I felt like she wanted Emily to feel sorry for her, I get that she spent a lot of her life in hell but c’mon ! She’s like a walking pity party ! I don’t think she’s good for Emily at all but then again I think Emily has become obsessed with Sara &’ I also think Emily is disowning her friends with this whole “protect Sara” crap !

  23. Mike says:

    My take on it is that Charles is NOT A, at the end he got a package from an Ally and that person is most likely A, how many times has this show said that A would finally be revealed, Mona, Alison, Melisa, Ezra the list goes on and on. Charles has mental issues and seems like the kind of character that can easily be manipulated by someone like Mona, Alison or my pick for A, Aria, A long time ago I saw someone with a theory breakdown on why Aria is A and it makes sense, if she has a mental disorder she may not even realize she’s A, you can find it on YouTube it’s very easy, do a search and it all seems to fit. Personally I think that the show should have put A to rest a long time ago and started a new mystery with the girls and maybe a new A shows up later on in the series. Right now I’m most interested in the upcoming time jump. Might be refreshing to finally see these girls out of highschool (It’s stretched way beyond belief at this point) and what’s going on with them five years later.

    • Saleana says:

      Why would it be Aria though? If that were possible.. how would you explain all the times she was with the girls, when they thought over the past seasons that they were “finally” gonna confront A… but i will say that, in last nights episode when Mike brought those dolls to Mona.. she asked him why she had all these dolls and he said it was, so she could take pictures of them… A is the only other person who has had a ton of different dolls

  24. Roberta says:

    Het rid of Sara , She is nothing but bad news for Emily . Keep Spencer and Toby together. Ezra get your happy butt to Aria dude.

  25. Cas says:

    Can we just talk about Toby and his pot experience? Seriously there must have been something more in that candy because if he ate that much he would probably have just passed out. And I don’t believe you trip like that on pot.

  26. zee says:

    U guys maybe its sean from the first season .. hanna’s boyfriend .. well he’s blond too ..

  27. Holly says:

    I haven’t heard anyone else even mention this as a possiblilty but its what i have thought for a long time.. I think Charles is Detective Holbrook for a couple of reasons.. Holbrook is just gone for a bunch of episodes and also because he has access to equipment that police have that could help him in always knowing where the girls are. Just seems like it could be very possible.

  28. Eli says:

    Did you watch the episode? Toby did not eat a brownie. He ate drug-laced gummy bears!

  29. Sara22 says:

    I feel like Wren is definitely a big suspect (I mean his last name is Kim, which is pretty random, and we’ve never met any of his family), but I also think that small characters from earlier seasons who have been forgotten are possible suspects for A as well. I still feel as though Noel Kahn could be involved as well as Sean Ackard.

  30. Sara says:

    Actually, Toby ate an indeterminant amount of Spencer’s gummi bears which were laced with something. I don’t know how you lace gummi bears with pot, but I assume we’re not suppose to really ask questions on this show.

  31. robandco says:

    Seriously the show makes absolutely no sense at all. Whomever Charles/Freddie is, it will be a HUGE let down for everyone. It is going to be worse that Gossip Girl. There is absolutely no way the writers have been planting clues for 5 seasons.
    It is sad because they had the opportunity to have a great series based on great books. It started so good but they had to ruin it by keeping Toby and Ezra around because “OMG shirtless sexy guys”.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, I don’t think the writers have been planting clues that long either. The more I watch, the more it seems to me as though the writers are literally just making things up as they go along with no real long form story plan. If A ends up being someone totally random I’m gonna be highly pissed but, sadly, not at all surprised.

      • robandco says:

        I think exactly the same. I think they waited too long for the big reveal. Mona being (the first) A arrived at the perfect moment. Yes there already were a lot of unnecessary(?) mysteries at the end of season 2 but it made sense that it was someone we have seen from the beginning. Now they are past that point. I don’t think it can be someone we know now because it won’t make sense. I mean like come on, who could it be? No one make sense no matter the preposterous story they will try to sell us. And if it is someone we’ve never heard of, well it will suck but AT LEAST it will make some sense.

  32. sugar 313 says:

    I think Wren is Charles, A uses a lot of British spellings, e.g. Nosey. He also drinks Vodka Soda which coincidentally is what Wren drinks. Also A lot of the stunts A has played on the girls has required medical knowledge or equipment. e.g. Emily and the Steroids, Chipping the girls down in the Dollhouse, Radley. Wren also worked at Radley for a while and it seemed funny that he turned up there just after Mona had been sent there after being revealed as the original A. Also anyone remember that episode where Mona and Wren had a conversation in Radley and she said “that’s before I knew where your loyalties lie”
    He also told Hannah his dad was schizophrenic and he was adopted by a family in England, however we have never actually met his family adopted or otherwise.
    I am sorry guys but the odds against Wren are stacking up.

  33. Holly says:

    Wren is charles. He is Mr. and Mrs. D’s son so he is not related to Spencer!!

  34. Kaitlynn Jones says:

    I think Emily really likes Sara and she has a right to where it goes, however how does Sara even know what she wants? She was locked in a doll house for heaven knows how many years?! I found stoned Toby hilarious I mean think about it could this have happened at a better time?? Plus, didn’t Spencer say not to tell the police? Toby must not have cared because he still told his partner Lorenzo.

  35. Lauren Jackson says:

    The only person that I can think of that could POSSIBLY be Charles is Wren. Every other male character doesn’t make sense. He is also the number 1 suspect

  36. Meadhbh says:

    Any notice how Caleb is the only one of the liars other halves who hasn’t been wrapped up or presumed to be in the A game? That’s just my opinion! Wren is on my list also!

    • Alex says:

      Yeah but Caleb had is own drama going on in Ravenwood so that rules him out as a suspect. We know he has his own past, he can’t be Charles… Plus he’s def not the little blonde boy in the video lol.

  37. Meadhbh says:

    @Breemarie your point is very correct, especially when he answers to the name of Charles , he probably knew him from Radley

  38. Jenna says:

    Did anyone else notice the huge plot hole that has come to play.

    Ali and Jason were told no one knew who Charles was because they moved to Rosewood after Charles was sent away. So if Jason and Charles were already born how in the world did Spencer and Melissa end up being half siblings with Jason. Me. Hastings had an affair and then suggested his love child and family move in next door to him?

  39. Alex says:

    I honestly really just want it to be a new actor. It would be way more entertaining to see a random new face, and would add to the creepiness effect. I really hope it’s not Wren, although I do see a lot of good points brought up. But personally I want something more creepy. I mean when I picture Ally and Jasons disturbed brother I think of someone slightly terrifying or creepy idk I just want a lil more shock factor.

  40. Alex says:

    I honestly really just want it to be a new actor. It would be way more entertaining to see a random new face, and would add to the creepiness effect. I really hope it’s not Wren, although I do see a lot of good points brought up. But personally I want something more creepy. I mean when I picture Ally and Jasons disturbed brother I think of someone slightly terrifying or creepy idk I just want a lil more shock factor. Anyone with me on that??

  41. Lillie says:

    I’m still confused. There was a scene where Ally’s mom kept aside two dresses. We assume one was for Ally, who was the other one for if A is Charles?

  42. Carmen says:

    I wasn’t sure how to submit a correction… but it was and is my understanding that it was Officer Wilden who tried to kill Jason in the elevator??

  43. Roland says:

    Boosting the Canopy on your Tree – once we trim trees our teams follow a typical trim method that keep the pine moderately healthy.

  44. hannah says:

    I love pll, but i am getting sick of not knowing stuff! Who the heck is charles!!!
    my coworkers sister in law makes no money per hour because i do not work, therefore i do not have a coworker. :P #charlesisA

  45. Dani says:

    Do you guys know it might be Ian Thomas is Freddy he was obsessed with Alison now it shows in next weeks episode that he takes her crazy

  46. Sarah says:

    One person who was an important character in season 1 was Sean Ackard, Hannah’s ex. We know his father was a minister & his mom was a dentist. He’s an only child & we’ve never seen his family. How do we know he wasn’t adopted? Freddie & Sean look so much alike I had to see if they were brothers in real life. Also, for some unexplained reason him & Lucas did not like each other at all. Lucas says Hannah deserves a better bf, but we never saw Sean act badly with her. In 1×11, when Hannah was in the hospital, Sean brought her white orchids. Those are suppose to represent innocents, purity, & wealth.