Grimm Cast Teases Season 5's 'No-BS' Reboot, Muses Nick-Adalind Romance

Your fairy tales are about to get freshened up.

Though Grimm‘s Season 5 premiere will pick up exactly where the finale left off — with Nick cradling Juliette’s lifeless body — an “immense new storyline” will sweep in moments later and take the NBC series in a completely different direction, according to star David Giuntoli.

“There is a no-BS kind of reboot,” he added when he and castmates Reggie Lee, Bree Turner, Silas Weir Mitchell, Claire Coffee, Russell Hornsby and Sasha Roiz stopped by TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite at the Hard Rock Hotel.

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Mitchell reassured fans that Grimm 2.0 will mix “old school mythology stuff” (like the key mystery) with new elements (like the beefed-up presence of the FBI and Elizabeth Rodriguez’s Agent Chavez). Along the way, Nick and Adalind, who Coffee said had “the most dysfunctional start you can have to a relationship,” may find themselves growing closer as they figure out how to handle the impending birth of their child.

Speaking of babies, isn’t it about time for Monrosalee to pop out some furry little ones? Get Mitchell and Turner’s takes on that — and much more — when you press PLAY on the video above.

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    I’m not down for Nick and Analind hooking up at all, nope, nada.

    • I am! They had more chemistry in their few scenes together than Nick and Juliette had in 4 Seasons together.

      • Ugh. Saying that Nick had more chemistry with Adalind than with Juliette doesn’t mean anything. Heck, he had more chemistry with Bud than with Juliette, but that doesn’t mean they should pair the two of them up.

        I agree with another poster here…if they decide to couple Nick and Adalind, I’m turning of my favorite show. Adalind has pulled too much crap–almost killing Hank in order to blackmail Nick, putting Juliette in a coma so that she would forget Nick, RAPING Nick–for any pairing there to be anything less than insulting to the viewers.

        • The sea says:

          Adalind did not rape Nick, that is a fult of respect for the people who actually suffer this terrible thing, so please stop of say that. seems that all the Juliette´s fans just know say that “Adalind raped Nick, Adalind raped Nick” as parrots.
          Juliette is gone when do you will undertand that? And really she did not have any chemistry with Nick , i mean Zero.
          And what does mean the chemistry in a show between the main couple ? for that only exist one answer “EVERYTHING”. Adalind & Nick have CHEMISTRY SINCE 1×01, but you know that…is just that you hate that thought. but you know this because you have eyes.

          • Shar says:

            From day one of the show it was hinted that something bad would happen to Juliette.
            Do I want them to start a relastenship with Nick and Adalind right out of the gate-no. But would I like to see it-yes. I have liked their chemistry since day one. She did not rape Nick. She tricked him. Seduced him. Oh- I believe the baby is Nick’s.
            Sea, I love your comments.

          • Vanderdrink says:

            Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse perpetrated against a person without that person’s consent, and Nick did NOT give any consent to Adaline, how could he? He didn’t even know it was her!. …and just because Nick and Juliette had little chemistry (which is something that I whole hearty agree with) doesn’t change that fact! The exact same situation occurred in the first season of American Horror Story, all be with it with a costume instead of a transformation spell… and do you know what they called it? Oh, yes. Rape.

  2. diane says:

    Yay thanks! I have been waiting for this interview.

  3. Cam says:

    Nick and Adalind are cute, and have more chemistry than Nick and Juliette. I’m not sure if I want them to hook up, though. Too much has happened.

    • Mindy says:

      Considering how much David Guintoli has expressed his frustration and opposition to the notion of an Adalind/Nick romance, I could only hope that the producers wouldn’t go there. Even if there’s chemistry there, it would still be incredibly awkward in terms of the two characters storylines so far, regardless of whether they have a baby together. At most, I hope the relationship that’s being “teased about” is only an “odd co-parrenting arrangement,” as David himself puts it.

      Honestly, I think the idea of there being a possible romance or relationship between the two is simply hype to create a discussion among fans.

  4. Irishmike says:

    Nick and Adiland would be the worst idea this has had. I Still want proof that’s Nick’s baby

    • tyranthraxus says:

      It would certainly be weird. Just watched the episode the other day when Nick corners Adalind and the whole lip biting things happen to strip her off her powers.

      Fast forward to this season and while I wont say Adalind is like a new character, it kinda does feel like it.

    • James says:

      Adalind DID rape Nick after all and the most recent before she discovered she’s pregnant yet again.

  5. Maria says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but if Nick and Adalind get together I might have to stop watching one of my favorite shows! The thought of them as a couple makes me sick and this is coming from someone who is glad Juliete is gone!

  6. KayCeeCee says:

    Such a fun interview!

  7. Hodan says:

    I am totally down for Nick and Adalind romance. :D

  8. JC1 says:

    Seriously? So now we’re moving from “co-parenting” to a “relationship”? You know, I would like to know just what kind of behind-the-scenes reasons they had for ditching a four season relationship for….. what the hell? Nick and Adalind? Are you kidding me? This show does not have that much more in it – one to two seasons at most judging by the ratings. So why reboot the main relationship at this late date? (And for Adalind of all people.) Did Bitsie just really really want off the show or something? Or are the writers just that in love with Claire Coffee? Because this really makes no sense whatsoever.

    • SL says:

      Agreed. Plus so much has happened between them that seem to be brushing under the rug to make them a couple. Yuck. What of the captain? I liked him better with Adalind and what they are ditching captain and adalind so she can hook up with Nick and he will sit back and watch? Seriously unbelievable. I don’t think I will be watching anymore as they are really starting to put to much emphasis on Adalind and I don’t like her character much. Plus they seem to be giving her more screen time and storyline than anyone and it’s annoying.

    • SL says:

      Additionally, he wanted to marry Jules before everything and they didn’t give much of a chance for repairs and I’m disappointed in that. Jules was hurt he’s and rightfully so, but I had hope that she would redeem herself and work on repairing things with Nick or anything else but disappointed they destroyed her character and killed her. It reminds me of Buffy where Ava dumps Brandon and become a revenge demon again to shield her pain. Nick and Jules had a similar storyline. It is also sad that they spent four seasons on the couple and through different trials and tribulations that they worked through to this season and do so much damage without giving hope. Seriously, destroying the character, relationships and other things in one season to what reboot and make room for Nick and Adalind doesn’t make sense. I hope the captain doesn’t just sit back and watch or anything especially when for four seasons Adalind has been in love with the captain and that relationship works and makes better sense.

  9. SL says:

    I’m highly disappointed in the show and where it is heading. I liked Julliette and her and Nick together because it provided for some balance and normalcy to the show and I disliked how they handled everything after season three finale especially with Jules and all she did to help Nick regain his grimm status. Adalind daughter is magical and evil and dislike the new child will be half Grimm and still hoping it’s false. I don’t like Adalind with Nick romantically and like her better with the captain. I also don’t like just because they are supposedly having a child they grow closer and wash everything between them under the bridge. Just seems unrealistic. I think I will just wait for reruns later if I still want to watch the show because I lost interest viewing it on scheduled day. They could do some much more than the stupid baby storyline because they already did it and wouldn’t this child be an even bigger price since it is supposedly half Grimm and she would need help? Also what about the contract she signed with the gypsy and seemed she paid a blood price and where are the repercussions for niggling on that deal? What about the royals and more on the resistance and history of that stuff along with Grimm? Or what about why the royals wanted Nick so much and why he had to hide and what of his connection to adalind daughter and the necklace? What were more side effects besides stopping breathing from zombie Nick? Again disappointed.

    • ultimate troll says:

      Completely wrong. How did Juliette provide normalcy? By spending a year with amnesia? That’s called boring me senseless. How is Adalind’s baby evil? How can she and Nick have a baby and NOT grow closer? Who says everything will be washed “under the bridge”.

      It’s not what they do on the show that should matter as much as how they do it.

      • SL says:

        I disagree because it gave Jules a way to get to know Nick again in a whole new way and be ready to know about Nick and his wesen world later. I find it interesting how you completely disregarded most of my post and honed in on just one aspect. Seriously, Nick will forgive and forget all the things she did including lying and deceiving him so she could sleep with him for an ulterior motive is unrealistic to me. Just because someone has a child together doesn’t always bring people closer together.
        Plus, I personally like Adalind and the captain together and dislike all the prominence that is being put on Adalind and setting others to the background. She is better as a gray character and in the background than a main focal point. I highly dislike the second baby storyline they will be doing back to back. The first time was okay and done decently but this new baby line just seems cheesy and soap opera.

        I also agree with someone else about why they forget about the key and it’s importance and tracking the others because people for two seasons tried to get it and they just went by the wayside or why was it important for Nick to live with his aunt and not mother whom both were Grimms? What about the trio of blue bods who stated something evil and powerful was coming based on something else that came back?

        To each their own…

    • Dr Dreyeth says:

      Actually Adalinde’s daughter has been shown to most decidedly ‘not evil’ throughout
      the episodes she has been in.

  10. Luis says:

    First, I’m glad someone finally mentioned the keys; were they mentioned even once last season?
    Second, please, please, please, do not put Nick & Co. in the employ of the FBI on some kind of paranormal Wesen unit. This is not “Bones,” dammit.
    Third — Nick and Adalind? NO, NO. NO, NO!!!!!! He stole her baby; she turned his girlfriend into a Hexenbeist, which ultimately resulted in her death. There is no way that that can form the basis of a relationship!

    • SL says:

      Agreed. Although thinking about it with the spell adalind dispensed her hexenbiest and evilness onto unsuspecting Jules and I guess with Jules death they could say they killed off Adalind bad side. Which would mean Adalind got Jules goodness and everything else and become the new Jules. Although appealing still feels wrong. Just thinking from a different perspective. Still highly disappointed and don’t want Nick and Adalind together and it seems that this child would be in more danger. Additionally, Adalind is all about wanting power and going to the one who is most powerful and serves her needs. I mean she was willing to sell her first child to become a hexenbiest again and get revenge so what does that say about her character? Hopefully, the child isn’t nicks or somehow Jules biological child as Adalind seems to go to the person she can gain the most off of and including power and it’s a good reason to claim Nick is the father. Another article mentioned she slept with the captain before she slept with Nick and then after so whose to say who is the father? like I said earlier, if they put Nick and Adalind together with Nick romantically I will tune out. For those who are claiming this is about Adalind haters it is not because like most fans we like her better with the captain and don’t see sense in pairing her with Nick. It just seems like a way to keep the spotlight on her.

  11. mc03 says:

    Juliette was the only thing that ever bothered me about this show. I don’t know if it was the character or her acting skills, but my husband and I were ready for her to go. I always found her to be boring even when she was supposed to be tough. Yawn. I think she’d make a good soap opera star. As far as this season…….bring it on! We’re waiting!

  12. Eliza says:

    I kind of like the idea of Nick and Adalind, because of all their past problems together, I think it could really develop the plot. Also after Adalind and Nick get sorted out there will be more time for other grimm-meant stuff. I don’t like how they leave cliff hangers that never get resolved, so hopefully after Nick and Adalind get together there will be more time to do that.

    Also I strongly dislike the notion of no problems at all romances. I want it to develop into a kind of humorous romance, where Nick quickly realizes he loves Adalind, and that turns into him kind of forcing himself onto her as she realizes shes developed feelings for him.
    And then Adalind could join his like grimm fighting team lol.

  13. The sea says:

    Oh my God!!!! i HAVE DESIRING SOMETHING so spice, sexy & twisted as Nick X Adalind while years….i enjoyed of this show in general, but always with the secret hope of get these two TOGETHER. can you imagine? the hero falling by his GOLDEN NEMESIS. this is original, broken, exciting…not like all the CheesyLand of Juliette/ideal girl, and later Juliette/Hexenbiest badass…she neither was interesting as villain.
    Nick needs a hard woman next to him, a BADASS as Adalind is, she is the most beautiful woman in a current show, much more than Juliette. His fews scenes with Nick were of fly the sparks by everywhere…even in their pretending love scene…i want THAT. I´m not such hypocrite as for denny that. Season 5 is already my favourite is yet HAVE NOT STARTED…i would die for watch a promo in this moment…with nickxadalind…♥ i like see a couple with LIFE NOT an undead couple as Nick/Juliette was ugh…was terrible.

    • Celeste says:

      OH MY GOD. YES. I 1000% AGREE WITH ALL OF THIS. Yes. It’s not very conventional and hell, not very normal to pair up two people who hated each other enough to try to kill each other, but hello?! For me that’s what actually makes it interesting (aside from their 10000% chemistry where N/J had NONE) and made me want to binge watch S4 in 5 days. Most people say it’s about the chemistry (which it is of course) but for me it’s mainly about the development of the relationship between these two characters. First, they hated the hell out of each other. They wanted to kill each other so badly, even though I feel Adalind kind of always had a thing (maybe more sexual than anything) for Nick. And now, they might actually start to actually develop a relationship. Hopefully friendship and trustworthiness at first. I don’t think (please correct me if I’m wrong) any show has REALLY done the hate to love thing. But not classic sexual-tension-but-I-hate you kind of thing (like Hook/Emma and/or Damon/Elena & Co.). What I’m talking about is going from I-want-to-kill-you to “I love you”. And hell, maybe I’m weird and everything but I find that a lot more interesting (especially as a relationship development) than Nick (who is a BADA$$) with boring-making-me-yawn Juliette (I blame it on the actress, not so much on the character, even when she was a Hexenbiest and “”badass”” I still disliked her). He needs someone at his level, and oh boy, Adalind is so up there (for the wrong reasons maybe, but still). Also, I do not think Adalind (as Juliette) raped Nick. It’s not like he said “NO NO DON’T DO IT” because if I recall correctly he actually enjoyed it and wanted to do it again.

      • JC1 says:

        He wanted to do it again because he thought he was having sex with Juliette! Not Adalind. I don’t know why this is so hard for people to understand. Impersonation of someone’s romantic partner for the purposes of deceiving them into having sex with you IS. RAPE. Would people be saying it wasn’t rape if Renard had made himself look like Nick and tricked Juliette into having sex with him?

        • SL says:

          Agreed well said.

        • The sea says:

          Maybe…but he noticed that something strange was happening even David Giuntoli said that…that Juliette was having in their sexual act that point of “witch” that such like to Nick…so really the essence that he loved was Adalind´s darkness not juliette´s….but you know that.

          • JC1 says:

            I do not actually know that, no. And I think Nick and Adalind getting together is completely disgusting.

        • Brigid says:

          It is not rape, not the definition of rape. Nick gave consent. It is devious and warped and wrong but it is not rape.

          Definition of rape
          1. unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.

          2. statutory rape.

          3. an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation:
          the rape of the countryside.

          4. Archaic. the act of seizing and carrying off by force.

          • JC1 says:

            You’re being pedantic. Rape by impersonation is still rape, whether or not you can be prosecuted in the court system for it. Beyond that, Nick gave consent to Juliette. He did not at all not a chance in hell give consent to Adalind. Therefore by your definition, it is illegal because he did not give consent to the sexual partner he was actually sleeping with.

          • JC1 says:

            Also, I notice you completely ignored my question about whether it would be rape if Renard had done it to Juliette. People, for whatever reason, seem to have a very hard time with the idea that women can be rapists. I see it in the discussion about Regina and Graham on OUAT all the time.

          • SL says:

            I agree. Since women are seen as the weaker sex and not able to rape a man. However woman can rape just like men. It can be same sex couples or man and woman couples. The fact is rape isn’t about the act itself but the power the rapist yields and intent in this case Adalind was intent on destroying Nick and used deception to get the power over him and letting him think it was Jules that is rape. She wasn’t just impersonating Jules face but her whole being to deceive Nick. I’m curious about Nick thinking something was off and not going with his instincts and wonder why. Another poster stated if the baby really is Jules kid just being carried by Adalind because she impersonated her whole person and essence I might be able to live with that. I’m just disappointed over everything because at the panel last year for comic con they gave us hope and I feel let down. I think Adalind is better with the captain and a gray character instead of where she’s headed and might turn cartooning or something like people were saying Jules was.

          • The sea says:

            I´m agree. Was for nothing a rape. That word is only used by the lovers of Juliette´s character and the haters of Adalind in the most repulsive and ignorant way. They don´t have idea what actually a rape means, is horrible hear the people speak in such free way , the real people who suffer something like that are insulted by such thing. Nick never has been raped, he just believed that was sleeping with Juliette, but something inside him enjoyed with that . And he does not have a trauma at all, he´s realizing what happened. Was a lie, like everyone lies in this show. Victor lied to Adalind saying he had Diana, Adalind lied to Nick for sleep with him, Kelly lied Adalind for take off her child, Renard lied to Adalind too… i´ll be not such hypocrital as for blame of everything to Adalind. Everyone have commited mistakes in this show, Juliette had the oportunity of change and supress her Hexenbiest powers, but her stupids jealousy blinded her. Jealousy without sense, becasue whom Nick loved always was her. Even for that this characters was stupid. And for the theory of that the Adalind´s baby boy is from Juliette…oh God…really someone with brains can think in that seriously? Pffff…Juliette is dead, and the show must go on as the song….but for her fans that sounds to greek…

          • SL says:

            Nick didn’t give consent to Adalind, he gave it to Jules who he thought he was sleeping with. Hence adalind didn’t have Nick’s consent to sleep with her, which is why she was impersonating Jules because he wouldn’t have slept with her without the deceit.

          • MayMay says:

            The sea,
            Please, please, please stop spreading these dangerous ideas about rape. I’ll talk to you by using examples of a female being the one raped and a man being a rapist because I feel like that is the only way you’ll get the point.
            Impersonating someone else in order to get sex is rape because the victim is not consenting to a sex act with that person. So if a woman is in a dark dorm room, thinks that her boyfriend came in and has sex with him only to realize later that it was his best friend who happens to look similar in a very dark room, that’s rape because she would not have consented to the sex knowing who it actually was. Nick would not have consented to sex with Adalind without being tricked, therefore rape.
            If a woman has unconsensual sex with someone she finds attractive it is still rape because consent is all that matters, not whether you are or have ever felt attracted to that person. This is the reason why someone’s partner can rape them even if they willing chose to date that person because of attraction. Therefore it doesn’t matter if Nick and Adalind had “chemistry” because he consented to sex with Juliet, not Adalind, so it is still rape.
            Having an orgasm/physically enjoying the sex does not make it not rape. Some female rape victims involuntarily have orgasms while being raped, but that does not make it alright. In other words, it does not matter if someone physically “enjoyed” it, if there was no consent then it is rape. Adalind did not have Nick’s consent, so yes, it was rape. Please stop saying otherwise because it is hurtful to those, male and female, who were raped but did find their attacker attractive or did end up having an orgasm because it is not possible to control how you’re body responds to sexual stimulus. Being attracted to someone or having an orgasm does not give consent and make an act of unconsented to sex alright.

      • The sea says:

        Oh yes…all that energy running between Nick & Adalind since the first MINUTE WAS SO AMAZING…if you re-watch every moment of them….Wow…is impressive, how strenght they had one each other, for try to kill themselves first, and later for try to get a deal with all the stuff of Diana and Kelly trying to help Adalind…is like if the fate would want reunite them, again and again in a lot of differents ways: as potential enemies, as forced Allies (Diana-Kelly), as mortal enemies with Adalind trying to kill Hank or Juliette, and now likea potential lovers in Season 5…with their baby….is just a magic question. Nick never had the same strength for love Juliette, the same PASSION what she HAD EVEN FOR HATE ADALIND, that fierce feeling…almost animal.
        When i saw the episode “Love sick”, and Nick pulled out the Adalind´s powers biting her, i understood that …even when in season 3 she pretented to be Juliette, he made the love with her…in a savage way and almost libidinous …that is not own of Nick…is like if Adalind would weak in Nick his savage side…he´s a Grimm. he has been wrought in the same Dark and passionate Wesen´s world of Adalind Schade…and he fits with her absolutelly right. and i think that like you said they really know that.
        I don´t think that Adalind raped Nick at all…she just lyed to him…as everybody lies in “Grimm” for get their purpuses…and well really as David Giuntoli said once…Adalind has that point that turns crazy to Nick.
        And now they are colleages, almost friends. she´s not an Hexenbiest with powers right now, she suppresed them by their baby, so a redemption arc is coming by Adalind very interesting. And their love story possible is coming from the most bitter hatred, indeed. This couple is EPIC because they are enemies solmates…Juliette just was making of Nick an impotent being supressins his most savage power…always taking care of her when she was a bored housewife, or worried when she was a monster. Adalind is a lot of times better than Juliette as character in every side: she is more beautiful, she´s more bold, brave, cunning, she has more chemistry with Nick in one only look, she´s able of drink a potion horrible of his wife dead just for test in herself, though being pregnant, she is ready for fitht with everyone who pretends steal her second baby too, he´s very important for help to resolve Nick´s cases. Look their last episodes in S4 , Nick just was calling to Bud “where is Adalind”? “i must talk with adalind”: He just resolved the Renard´s jack possession with Adalind´s help and the same with Juliette´s cure…now that his trailer is gone she has all the Adalind´s knowledge…i don´t know but is a great idea JOIN THEM and is right i see a little of Delena in them! ♥

  14. justsomeguy says:

    With Adalind having Nick’s child, there’s no way they can’t grow closer. It’s exactly how it would play out in real life between two mature people, honestly. Children have a way of making you rethink your approach, or change your feelings toward someone, despite some things that have happened in the past. Whether they become a real couple or not really isn’t the issue, it’s making sure that if it happens that it’s deserved and doesn’t happen just because.

    I’m not sure why they completely destroyed and killed off the Juliette character in about 8-10 episodes, but that’s what they did, and she did some pretty terrible stuff in the end. So, Nick being vulnerable enough to allow Adalind in makes sense. The storyline isn’t as crazy as some fans make it out to be. Both Nick and Adalind have done some bad stuff, so it’s all in how they get there.

    • SL says:

      I disagree about there is no way they can’t not get closer because a baby brings people closer. Unfortunately, they is not the case with the majority of people and how we have a high rate of single parents in the country. I agree not sure why they destroyed and killed off Juliette character in such a short time especially at last year’s comic con they gave hope for those fans who didn’t like the finale and wanted Jules and Nick back together.

    • The sea says:

      well yeah, in fact Adalind is trying to change, and dramatically speaking this is true golden for a good writer. Always there is something great and interesting in focus how an evil character will change, and over all how the others will receive this new energy so strange of that evil person. Adalind making good things will surprise Nick and his Scooby Gang. they will late in understand that, but her Redemption Arc will follow its own path. all the redemption arcs are slow and not easy, because that person who is changing in a first moment just will receive rejection (the typical roll; the others don´t think she´s chaging by her past…etc) but with the time this person could win the others trusting and in the case of Nick. well if a cute woman who is carrying your child end living with you for protect the child the trusting at last will be coming. the rest as DG said “we don´t know”…
      Look at us here speaing of Nick/Adalind about all this incredibles things. if juliette would continue alive and being the Nick´s wife or girlfriend what would be we saying? “oh what style of dress she will buy for marry Nick”? “oh Juliette will have a baby sooon”? “Oh…Juliette´s will change her hair´s colour again”? zzzz with juliette died my boring in Grimm too…lol

      • Shar says:

        Sea– even though I do like your comments– I do not agree with all of them. I did like Juliette and Nick. I find it sad that she went through so much for a character, and got so little. In the end this was going to happen. Nick would loose her one way, or another. That was made clear first episode when Aunt Marie told him to let her go.
        I will miss her.
        She could be a badass in her own way.

        • Shannon says:

          I liked Grimm but now it is becoming too much of the adalind show and I don’t like that nor the grimm pregnancy thing. They already did the baby arc and I feel another one so soon and everything surrounding it is not appealing. I liked Adalind more of a background character and gray character and she was much better paired with the captain. What will happen now or what will he go through if they decide to pair up Grimm and adalind? I feel like it is becoming more soap opera than anything. If Nick had to lose Juliette couldn’t they had done a better job and better story arc surrounding it? In pilot aunt Marie told Nick to let her go, so I agree Nick was going to lose her but could have done it better. Hopefully Nick will grieve for the Jules he lost and not what she became and sacrificed for him.

    • Mindy says:

      Nick may be vulnerable enough to supposedly let someone else in, but let’s not forget about all the horrible stuff Adalind did to him in the last few seasons. Juliette becoming a hexenbiest in the first place happened in the process of her trying to undo something horrible Adalind did to Nick by deceiving him and taking away his powers. Nick may be learning to co-parrent with Adalind for the sake of the child, but that certainly doesn’t make for a romantic relationship when you consider their history. At least on some level, I’m sure Nick still partly blames Adalind for what happened, even if she is having his child.

      • SL says:

        Agreed. Although, I never understood why it took only a couple drops of nicks blood to take her powers and she got them back through a painful process and a price and she needed to sleep with Nick to take his powers seems weird and unrealistic. Plus turning jules I to a hexenbiest to get powers back and seems Adalind eluding the contract she signed when she was pregnant beforehand. She actively thought to deceive him with the intent to take his powers, so I think that would be hard to forget. Plus if he lost his powers hopefully the kid isn’t a Grimm or half also I think it’s funny she slept with him once and then got pregnant because once he found out the truth I know he wouldn’t willingly sleep with her again. I also didn’t like Nick being more angry with Jules for things than for what Adalind did.

        • Dr Dreyeth says:

          Thats because what Jules did was far worse, and Adalinde didn’t succeed in a lot of the stuff she tried to do to nick (she did with some of it).

      • SL says:

        Agreed. Although, I never understood why it took only a couple drops of nicks blood to take her powers and she got them back through a painful process and a price and she needed to sleep with Nick to take his powers seems weird and unrealistic. Plus turning jules I to a hexenbiest to get powers back and seems Adalind eluding the contract she signed when she was pregnant beforehand. She actively thought to deceive him with the intent to take his powers, so I think that would be hard to forget. Plus if he lost his powers hopefully the kid isn’t a Grimm or half also I think it’s funny she slept with him once and then got pregnant because once he found out the truth I know he wouldn’t willingly sleep with her again. I also didn’t like Nick being more angry with Jules for things than for what Adalind did.

        I agree with another poster comment about the actor who plays Nick and his opposition to the character’s romance and hope the powers that be take heed. maybe putting it out now like people said is create discussions between fans and their potential reactions. Again disappointed in the powers that be regarding questions lot of things and feel let down.

  15. skullvapor says:

    I also want to know who the “Super model” Girl they were talking about is… Was there actually a legitimate hooker on the show?

  16. Christa says:

    My guess on the baby Adalind is carrying. She was Juliette while she conceived, maybe 100%… maybe that means it has Juliette’s DNA and nothing of Adalind?

  17. SL says:

    Additionally, what was it when she used potions on Hank and messed with his head before he knew about wesen and she slept with him as well under false pretenses that wasn’t entirely consensual.

  18. SL says:

    As for some commentators, Jules fans are not bashing on Adalind we just don’t want her with Nick and that’s our opinion. I find it odd that you have to speak negatively of Jules fans and bash her character and other things when most commentators have been respectful when expressing their dislike of the character Adalind as well as her pairing romantically with Nick.

    • The sea says:

      Juliette is story. She always will be in Nick´s heart, but she is dead. i just know that. She was the love of his life, i´m sure of it. but he must continue living. Adalind is just a possible love interest for him. I ship indeed Adalind/Nick, but i´m not blind. Actually Juliette does not like to a lot of people….more thatn you can imagine. I tried like her, but was impossible, her character always was useless, bored and bland.
      But the people who do not like Juliette maybe of them don´t like Adalind either. i have a friends who follow the show who dislake both women for example, she would like see Trubel /Nick because both of them are Grimms.
      Juliette had 5 years for show how interesting she can to be, and she did not showed absolutelly nothing…i´m sorry that´s the opinion of a lot of people who neither espeak. Not of everybody of course….but many i would say,

  19. Sandra Templeton says:

    Whoo hoo! So happy Grimm will continue where it left off. Anxious for the new season to start! Love this show & these characters & enjoy their work. Looking forward to what the Grimm has to show us this season!!

  20. Say no to nickalind!!! says:

    If Adalind and Nick hook up I’m NEVER watching this show EVER again. And i’ve been a fan since the pilot episode. How can people forget she poisoned Wu or slept with Hank?? Nearly killed Juliette, then she stole Juliette’s identity and slept with Nick without him knowing about it. Let’s not forget she slept with the captain just so she could rise to power via a child and get her powers back. It wasn’t for a chance to be a mother. On top of all that she’s the reason why Juliette changed in the first place. NO!! NO!! NO!! They become a couple, I am DITCHING! You cannot sweep all that under the rug, i do not care if they are having a baby together or if she’s changed slightly. SAY NO TO NICKALIND!!!!!! I don’t care if she and the captain become an item or that dude that saved her and her baby, but her and Nick????? NEVER!!!! (done ranting) On a calmer note they should make Truble a full time cast member.

    • The sea says:

      Oh yes WE WANT YEAH TO nickadalind!!! WE Say not to CheesyLand and the poor Chemistry Zero between Juliette & Nick!!! Yeah, GrimmWriters, please create a REDEMPTION ARC FOR ADALIND, she´s amazing. A true villain having a new path for follow next to Nick. Who is talking about true love? Nobody!!! His true love was julitte, we have had enought of CheesyLand, now is the turn for the most darkest season ever of Grimm: the night is coming, the revenge. here only will be place for great character right now. And YES WE SAY YES TO NICKADALIND, she´s the best option for the most darkest Nick, who will be raising from his own ashes as the motto says. So he needs a new and BROKEN PARTNER!!! HE NEEDS TO ADALIND, NOW THAT HIS TRAILER IS GONE. she´ve been the best villian of Grimm, she is a character own of Homer: almost epic: a really villain who has offered to this show, blue magic, beauty, chemistry with the hero, action, adventure, and has created a twisted and almost strange & hypnotic relationship with Nick. She was his enemie yesterday, & his his new allie now. NickAdalind will happen in some way….because she was there in his beginning, when he becomes a Grimm and is yet, prevailing. IS not her fault, is the FATE WHO IS BONDING HER NEXT TO NICK: that sparks, that misterious new bond between them throught their common baby is just the test. !!!! Yes, we want a woman like her, able to weak up Nick maybe to a new world!!! The Grimm´s world!!! ♥ ABSOLUTELLY WE WANT NICKADALIND!!!! ♥

      • nickalind says:

        yes I want nick and Adalind together. so tired of the anti-adalind. i heard from David that Nick and Adalind may be co-habitation and basically she will be following Nick because they both want the baby to be safe. I’m excited!

        • The sea says:

          Don’t worry, i’m pretty sure that we’ll get OUR DREAM. CheesyLand is resting in her coffin lol we need something #real# we’ll get #Nadalind#. That means > twisted love, CHEMISTRY, FRIENDSHIP, TRUSTING, REDEMPTION ARC, NEWS FEELINGS, A NEW BEGINNING, an unconditional support, a new member in the Scooby’s Gang, a new baby Grimm, news experiences…news Arrrw scenes!!!! not more cheesy scenes full of drama, but more ACTION, CHEMISTRY, WESEN’S KNOWLEDGE, ALLIES AND STRENGHT FOR NICK!!! ♥

  21. snow says:

    If Nick and Adaline ever get together in season 5, I’ll definitely stop watching the show because she is the purpose of Juliette’s erratic behaviour. Adaline should die too since Juliette and nick’s mom is dead. I don’t think Adaline should deserve a happy ending and furthermore she slept with almost every guy in the show and do a lot of damages …I prefer they put a new lady in the show that suits nick. Adaline can’t be trusted she is vindictive even though she has no worries since Juliette is now dead, But I still don’t trust her and I think she has a plan coming for them …she can’t be tamed. I HOPE THE KID IS NOT NICK’S!!!!
    season 4 finale really gave me a heartache everything goes wrong and I am awfully sad. I just hope I see new faces and I hope hank gets his new love and Monroe and rose have kids together that would be charming…. omg, though nick has it tough on his side he lost the two love of his life …I still wish the best for nick though

  22. Shannon says:

    Please lets have story arcs that don’t solely focus on anything adalind. I liked her character, but not starting to get annoyed by her. Nick should explore more of his Grimm powers and why wasn’t he able to deduce or see through adalind illusion? Also how come it took sleeping with Nick for him to lose his powers and only a couple drops of blood from nick to lose her hexenbiest powers? Shouldn’t that be implied that grimm and wesen don’t mix or don’t mix well and there might be other problems?

  23. chidiogo says:

    i think nick and adalind in a relationship will be awesome, am definitely looking forward to see how the two that quarrels all the time will fall for each other.

  24. chidiogo says:

    it will be fun to watch nick and adalind to spiral when they inevitably gets attracted to each other

  25. Bambi says:

    What she did to Nick was 3rd degree rape! Look it up I don’t feel like copy and pasting. It’s at least an E class felony. I watched something similar happen on the ID channel & the man was convicted for rape. Men can be raped. I will stop watching if they try to force them into being a couple. You don’t have to be together to properly raise a child together. Babies do not save or make relationships. In fact they make them harder if the relationship wasn’t built on a solid foundation to begin with. Have them become good friends and co-parents but anything more is ridiculous. Have her get with the guy that delivered her daughter. Find some new for Nick even if Juliet comes back.