Kit Harington's Long Hair: Is It a Clue to Jon Snow's Game of Thrones Future?

Kit Harington Long Hair

Ever wonder why Kit Harington‘s hair is so big? It’s because it’s full of secrets.

Photos of the former Game of Thrones star attending Wimbledon — with his signature Jon Snow locks very much intact — surfaced this weekend, sending fans into a hopeful tizzy. (Could this be a sign that Harington plans to return for Season 6, after all?)

Now that the HBO series has finally caught up to George R.R. Martin’s novels, it’s anyone’s guess what the future holds (or doesn’t hold) for Harington’s fan-favorite character, who appeared to meet his demise in the final moments of the June 14 finale. There are any number of ways he could return to the living — Melisandre arriving at the Wall just before his death couldn’t have been a coincidence — and many distraught fans are choosing to see Harington’s luscious locks as a sign of hope. (He reportedly got a haircut shortly after filming the finale.)

Let’s be honest, though: It’s entirely possible this is much ado about nothing. Though Harington famously kept his hair long to play Jon Snow, he recently mentioned to Vulture that he would grow it back if a role — any role — called for it. At this point, we have as much proof that Harington is starring in a reverse-gender live-action version of Tangled as we do that he’s returning to Thrones.

Still, it’s always fun to speculate — and for now, it’s all we’ve got. What are your theories about Jon Snow’s Thrones revival? Is Harington’s hair a valid clue? Drop a comment with our thoughts below.

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  1. agnes says:

    If Jon Snow doesn’t come back, the show is over for me! I have no interest in who gets the Iron Throne.

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      I know. Wonder if GoT is going to end after seven seasons or possibly go beyond a Season 8.

      • trainwreck says:

        Sure because HBO is NOT interested in making money out of its meatiest show, which has transcended into a Multi-million worth Television phenomena worldwide, just because the show killed a major character (pfft… not like this show has killed ANY main character before .. like the pivotal hero, his wife, his son etc etc) #Hopeless

        • agnes says:

          But all of them died in S3 and we are in S5. How on earth is the only hero who can face and defeat the white walkers gonna die forever? There’re are no heroes left after him.

          • Krisi Clayton says:

            Don’t forget Dany has to have 2 husbands for her dragons. Jon Snow should be one.

      • I think that they are currently considering one season beyond the originally intended number and I would imagine that they’ll choose to extend it.

      • kalinis says:

        they say it has a finite end date. i think was 8 seasons not sure but they don’t intend to drag it out past the books.

    • Tom says:

      Ahhh . . . but we all know Jon & Dany end up using Valyrian steel and the dragons to defeat the Others- then take over the throne . . .

    • kalinis says:

      i like arya and bran. so id watch for them but yea jon snow is the head of that family i also like danierus the dragon girl. they always kill my fav charcter off season 1 was ned then they killed off rob stark now jon snow just stop killing stark kids.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:


  3. Xhoe says:

    Jon Snow is dead, Jon Targaryen will raise. Kit Harington did get a haircut back in January, but now his hair is once again the perfect length for Jon Snow just before they are suppose to start filming for season 6, he has also been spotted in Belfast.

  4. Jane says:

    I definitely think he’s going to be back next season, but maybe Kit just likes his hair that way.

  5. Kate says:

    I think the hope is because he has not been quiet about the fact that he hates having his hair this long, but since I am of the Azor camp, I am taking not much from this hair cut other than he maybe had to shoot some, what happened to Jon’s body scenes for season six. I actually will take more hope that I see him closer to having no hair (some sort of fire related thing that Melisandre makes his body go through that by time he shows up its just growing back). Like, so I really don’t think I expect to see him until Season 7, unless its to shoot a season finale of season six scene (now, arguably, they could have just been shooting that and his next call time is August 2016 so he is free until then and didn’t have to go back to Iceland or Belfast for some unknown period of time).

    • ComeOn says:

      Exactly! he’s been saying for years that if not for the contract restriction his hair would be much shorter. If he really is done with the role, I would have thought he’d shave his head to distance himself from it.

  6. justme says:

    Nice Mean Girls reference

  7. Stanislava says:

    haha First thing I thought when I saw him at Wimbledon.:D

    • Kate says:

      The first thing I thought when I saw him at Wimbledon was: he is wearing a dark suit in 100 degree heat…how is he not melting?

      • ComeOn says:

        He was in the corporate box, there are dress code (tie and jacket for men) for those expensive seats.

        • Kate says:

          I know, but he could have worn a suit in a lighter colour….I certainly would have faded in that heat…

  8. AngelWasHere says:

    Jon Snow’s hair knows everything! :P

  9. Ian says:

    He really is quite gorgeous, isn’t he.

  10. Dude says:

    As a rule, I very much hate it when characters are resurrected. It’s such a cheap ploy to kill a character for shock value and then say, “Oh, nevermind.” I hate it even more when actors openly lie to the public to sell said lie, (See: Madeline Stowe). So for the sake of Game of Thrones integrity, I hope he’s dead. If they bring him back to life, I’ll lose a lot of respect for the show and its creators.

    • Unlike most shows, Game of Thrones exists in a world with magic. If they resurrect him it won’t be out of the realm of what the show has established. Plus, he’d be the first of the dozens of characters the show has killed off who would come back

      • Dude says:

        It has nothing to do with the world the characters live in. American Horror Story: Coven existed in a world with magic, that didn’t stop the characters being killed only to be resurrected thing from feeling like a huge cop out. His death was the big season finale shocker. To then be like “Psyche! He’s alive. We just really didn’t know how to end the season effectively” is crap. Also, it doesn’t change the fact that Kit Harrington said, “Jon is dead, I am not in season six.” So if he does come back, he still totally lied.

        • KevyB says:

          Resurrection EXISTS in this show! It’s been seen multiple times, and even more in the book – Zombie Catelyn, anyone? It’s called foreshadowing, leading up to a major character who will be resurrected! WHEN – not IF – he comes back, he isn’t going to be the same Jon. Zombie Catelyn is even more of a beeyotch than when she was alive. Expect Zombie Jon to be more interesting, at the very least.

        • KCC says:

          It has everything to do with the world the characters inhabit. Having a dead character return in a show like Dallas was bad writing/plot development and cheap. In GoT it’s been established it can happen with the right characters present (Melisandre). Jon’s death was not necessarily permanent when it happened so it’s shock value, if you were paying attention to what is possible there, should not be overwhelming. If you know the rules of the world that was created, calling it a cop out or crap is on you for not accepting the world previously established in the story. You might not like it, but its within the realm of possibility in that world so I wouldn’t call it a cop out.
          As for an actor lying to the press about the future of their character, as far as we know Harington doesn’t know there is a future for the character. He’s an actor not writer or producer and does not make story decisions. He might just be repeating what he’s been told by the producers. Even if Harington knows Jon Snow is not dead and is lying, that’s a much more forgivable sin than providing a major spoiler to the vast majority of viewers. I know I would be more upset with him if he spoiled the story rather than him lying to protect the story’s integrity.
          As for the length of Harington’s hair, it really is grasping at straws for clues. People do get hair cuts, even at Castle Black. Maybe Jon Snow is ready for a new look after being betrayed and stabbed multiple times by his “brothers” and the whole being mostly dead thing. I think a fresh look is called for myself.

          • Dave Allen says:

            This reminds me of Battlestar Galactica, when three eps before the end of the third season (airdate was 4 Mar 2007), Katee Sackhoff’s VERY popular character Captain Kara “Starbuck” Thrace died a violent death when her starfighter exploded.

            Her name was immediately removed from the credits, she took up parts in other shows, and for THE NEXT 12 MONTHS gave interviews talking about what it was like to have played such a popular character that was suddenly killed off from a show. Imagine the surprise when Captain Thrace reappears in the last scene of the first episode of the fourth season, in the same starfighter w/out a single scratch on it! Is she an angel? Is she a cylon? No one knew – but later KS had to admit that she (and none of her cast-mates)had known ALL ALONG that she would be returning to the show!

      • Krisi Clayton says:

        If you’ve read the book there is a major person killed at the “Red Wedding” that comes back. This is part of the storyline. I mean the Others are dead and we have dragons.

    • Dave Haynie says:

      There have already been plenty of resurrections in the book. And one that we know of, multiple times in fact, in the TV series. So it’s hardly a cheap plot device in the magical world of GoT… it’s not as if we’ll tune into season 7 only to see Jon Snow emerge from a shower, as if nothing ever happened.

      More to the point, Jon as Lord Commander was a dead end. We know that Jon would never give up his vows — Stannis offered him the easy out already. And with the poor shape of the Night’s Watch, the Walkers’ ice zombie army will easily crush them, with less trouble than they had at Hardhome, Snow or no Snow.

      But dead, really dead at this frozen point in the story, his watch is over. Doesn’t mean he will come back, but if he does, he’s got character development options.

    • Isobel says:

      He said he wouldn’t be in season 6, and maybe he won’t be and he’ll be in season 7, they’ll do what they did for Bran and have him sit out a season

  11. Nick Lasley says:

    Kit Harington would make a pretty good Flynn Rider in a live-action Tangled film.

  12. BrianR says:

    Even if he cut it off all they have to do is put a wig on him so its irrelevant either way

  13. A.M says:

    If Jon is dead for good then I think this will be it for me…as much as I love this show …it has brought so much heartache and anxiety my way. I can’t keep watching characters I love die. I’m not cut out..

  14. Bob says:

    Maybe he keeps that long for the ladies. Ooohhh Jon Snow! Take meee… I mean common, he’s gotta be slaying it.

  15. Tweety says:

    I was devastated I hope he comes back in some form.

  16. KevyB says:

    OMG!!! Seriously? He comes back as a friggin’ zombie! Can it be any more obvious? His boring stepmother came back as a zombie in the books (though that was smartly left out of the show), so obviously it’s going to happen here. Can we all just stop with the “Will he or won’t he?” nonsense. Because DUH!

  17. James says:

    Perhaps Kit is doing a sequel to the ‘Pompei’ the movie, he kept his hair long for that and died too. The chances of him doing ‘Pompei’ is remotely better than GoT.

  18. Skye says:

    I’ve had it with the show at this point. The plots are going nowhere and now they killed off Jon Snow. If he doesn’t come back, I’m definitely not going to bother tuning in. I’m through!

  19. JAO says:

    I saw an interview where he really wants to cut his hair. So I say he’s still on!

  20. Missy says:

    I’m thinking this is a valid clue. I mean, he’s made it clear in interviews that he wouldn’t have this hairstyle, if it wasn’t for Jon Snow. I get the feeling he would very much prefer to have shorter hair, so why doesn’t he now? Gotta be GoT related :D

  21. Dan says:

    Hello Everyone!

    It’s easy, Kit will return! There was a clue when he defeated the White Ealker with his sword. He will return as a champion White Walker himself to bring revenge on the those that killed him.

  22. Pati says:

    He already said he is not coming back and the producers said, “dead is dead” what more do you want? It sucks they killed the best character and I hate it but I have no hopes that he will come back :(

    • KCC says:

      Dead is dead and it’s also a necessary step in the resurrection process, you cannot resurrect someone that isn’t dead. I believe the producers that he’s dead at the point of time that the show ended at, but I wouldn’t be so certain he’ll stay that way if I were you.

  23. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    The Stark family was DOOMED from the start! Ever since Ned’s death they stared falling like dominoes. I really liked Jon Snow now that he’s gone, they better not kill off Arya or Bran…Sansa idk could care less about her. But I still think he would be RESURECTED by Melisandre…what was the point of her going back to castle black?

  24. Kate97 says:

    I’d like to think he’s coming back because of how otherwise there will be no POV at the wall
    wall…where the white walkers will hit first?
    Plus why else would melisandre be there? Too much of a coincidence! But it’s safe to say I will not be watching season 6 and rely on social media to alert me if a certain crow returns;)

  25. Krisi Clayton says:

    As a huge fan of book and tv, it would not work for Jon Snow to die. Kit IS Jon Snow. Harrington brings the peanut gallery to the show. Without him you can kiss a large number of viewers goodbye.