Sleepy Hollow Wants 'Angelina Jolie' to Play Ichabod's Old Flame Betsy Ross

Sleepy Hollow Betsy Ross

Sleepy Hollow fans, you’re going to be sew excited about this: The Fox supernatural drama is bringing Betsy Ross into the mix for Season 3, and she’s going to be a badass.

You’ll recall that the Colonial-era seamstress, whom legend says stitched together the first American flag, was first outed as one of Ichabod’s former lady friends at the end of Season 1. The show also made reference to the relationship midway through Season 2.

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Seems like Ichabod omitted a few details about his thread-happy old flame — because the Betsy Ross Sleepy Hollow wants to cast in a recurring capacity is a sexy, surprisingly strong spy who works within George Washington’s Culper Ring, TVLine has learned exclusively.

“Think more Angelina Jolie than frumpy Martha Stewart — a kickass Mrs. Smith to Ichabod Crane’s Mr. Smith,” reads a character description making the rounds. Betsy “is ruthless, smart and fearless, adjusting to blend in to whatever the situation demands, from demure handmaiden to honeypot to cutthroat spy.”

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No word yet on whether Ross will appear only in flashbacks (like Michelle Trachtenberg’s Abigail Adams) or whether she’ll somehow show up in present-day (like Steven Weber’s Thomas Jefferson).

Sleepyheads, who would you like to see play the cunning seamstress when Abbie and Ichabod return on Thursday, Oct. 1 (9/8c)? Hit the comments and let the dream casting begin!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Shar says:

    Jennifer Garner please.

  2. Ian says:

    Whaaaaa…? I’m gonna need more of a context for this to know how to feel about it.
    BUT, a sexualized Ichabod-ex Betsy Ross isn’t news I care about. And I find it hard to believe SH producers would think anyone would after the criticisms and fan backlash of last season. We want to know where the story’s going and what’s being done to give Abbie more of her due this year.

    • ??? says:

      Speak for yourself.

    • Susannah says:

      I agree. I want to see more of Abbie, Jenny and the Mills family history with witchcraft, that seems really interesting and fun.

      I think that if they keep bringing back people from the past it dilutes Ichabod’s specialness, it makes him less of an anomaly. I hope Betsy Ross is just as cool as they describe but kept in flashback episodes.

      • Jo Lynn says:

        I agree no more people coming forth to live in the present. Been there, done that and look what happened. A total disaster.

      • TSD says:

        I just don’t like the trend of feeling they need to insert another woman that I guarantee will be a source of conflict between Abbie and Crane, provided she does in fact show up in present day (which again shes in 18 episodes, I can’t imagine there would be that many meaningful flash backs featuring the same character).

        • TSD says:

          With that said. I dislike when a show abuses a theme that gets resolved, happens again, gets resolved, happens again…..

          i.e. the trust between Abbie and Crane. Katrina was always a source to disrupt their trust in eachother, but all that got rectified and I hope Betsy doesn’t roll in and just serve as a cause for the same BS.

    • Moniqua says:

      So true I agree a million . Percent

  3. mango says:

    Person from Crane’s past…now that is genius. This is not a good omen for Season 3.

    • ??? says:

      People from Crane’s past always have been & always will be a MAJOR part of the show. Deal with it. And we’ve met plenty of people from Abbie Mills past, too–Grace, her mother, August and Joe Corbin, JENNY. So stop whining.

      • rinaex says:

        Thank you.

      • amjm2014 says:

        Since you are naming people from Abbie’s past that we have seen let not talk about those we have seen from Crane… I mean have you forgotten Katrina, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,Abraham Van Brunt..So why is wrong to want the show to focus on Abbie for once I mean last season was all about the Cranes and we all saw how badly that went. And I am pretty sure there are people in Abbie past from Crane time that can be talked about also.. or here is a novel idea why not focus on both of their past instead of just Crane.. we want to know what makes both of them witness and how was they chosen for such a role in life.. so you stop whining because you probably still pissed that Katrina is DEAD!!!! I really don’t care who they cast as long as they can act better than Katia did

        • ??? says:

          I didn’t whine. I pointed out other people’s whining. Reading comprehension. It’s a good thing.

          • amjm2014 says:

            My reading comprehension is just fine.. I for one want to see more of both of their backstory and history not just Ichabod

          • Joan C. says:

            I agree amjm2014. ??? or whatever sounds like one of those Ichatrina stans that have not yet got it into their thick skulls that she is DEAD.

          • ??? says:

            Never mentioned Katrina once. So anyone who disagrees with you is a Katrina stan? NOPE NOPE NOPE. There are PLENTY of fans of this show (*most* of them, as a matter of fact) who ship NO COUPLE, and who are sick and tired of Abbie Mills fans acting as if the show needs to be all about her. NOPE.

          • Jo Lynn says:

            You did not have to mention Katrina. The tone of your post says it all.

        • Dmac says:

          They just started putting things out there for season 3 and you are already complaining. Why don’t you wait and see before you start complaining.

          • Angela says:

            Ah, but see, that would be too logical and rational. Can’t have that on the Internet!
            Anywho, I can’t think of any particular actresses I’d want to see in this role right off the top of my head, but I’m cool with getting to meet Betsy. Especially if she gets to be a spy type of character. That could be fun.
            And I’m cool with getting to meet anyone from both Ichabod and Abbie’s pasts in general. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

          • Swizzlestick says:

            THANK YOU.

        • Angela says:

          @Joan C.: *Looks at the entire comment section thus far*
          Ummmm…so far you and amjm2014 are the only ones who’ve mentioned anything about Katrina being dead here.

          • ??? says:

            Ha ha. #FACT

          • amjm2014 says:

            Oh thanks for the mention but i only said her name because it seems that I for one am tired of women coming from his past who are past lovers.. if they want to bring a woman from his past why not talk about his family I’m sure he had a mother he just didn’t pop up like Venus from a damn shell… this is for @Angela well the truth in the matter is that Katrina is dead

          • Angela says:

            @amjm2014: Yeah, we know Katrina is dead. And?
            I understand the argument about bringing back people from Ichabod’s past and so forth, and it’s a fair one. My point was that it looked like some people were spoiling for a fight and presuming everyone who disagreed with them was somehow a Katrina fan who couldn’t accept her death…when there was absolutely no evidence in their posts indicating such a thing. Just…people jumped rather hastily to some conclusions, and they might want to ease up a bit in doing that.

        • Jo Lynn says:

          You did not have to mention Katrina. The tone of your post says it all.

        • TSD says:

          If there is one thing in this show I am not pissed about its Katrina being dead. Her endless belief in her sons redemption and causing conflict between Crane and Abbie was infinitely annoying. Her losing her humanity and the end and turning into a villain made me happy, then she died, icing on the cake, I about yelled stick a fork in her after that.

      • Swizzlestick says:

        THANK YOU.

      • mango says:

        Don’t make assumptions — was not whining. Your reading comprehension is sorely lacking.

      • lisalopes says:

        Standra, go bend another ring.

    • worldtraveler9 says:

      Hmmm. Last season Mary Wells only appeared in one episode and was never seen again. For all we know that will be the case with the Widow Ross. Why not give the NEW Showrunner a chance to prove himself before assuming “the worst.”

  4. Jennifer Gardiner as Betsy Ross

  5. Steven says:

    Too bad Keri Russell is busy on The Americans!

  6. Josh says:

    Just no relationship..The focus should be on Crane and Abbie. It doesn’t need to be a love story but their partnership

    • Grant says:

      I hardly think they’d jump into an Abbie/Crane romance in the wake of recent events. Down the road, maybe. I wouldn’t be opposed to it *if* its well-written but right now all they need to focus on is righting the ship from Season 2’s mockery.

    • ??? says:

      The times she’s been brought up, it was established that while Ross had eyes for Crane, he was not at ALL interested (hid from her in a broom closet once).

  7. sam says:

    Welp! Here we go. And here I was thinking the new showrunner might have learned from past mistakes.

    There has been absolutely zero news or promotion focused on Abbie. I think any hopes I had about S3 have been soured. I should have known better.

    • ??? says:

      Before this there has been absolutely zero news or promotion focused on ANYONE. So stop your whining, too.

      • Rachel says:

        Yes it has, question mark. Look around – all news of Sleepy Hollow, from the renewal to recent SDCC cancellation, is announced with images of Crane. It’s almost like they’re deliberately excluding the others. Thinking Ichabod is the only reason people watch – or the only character we care about – has cost the show dearly in the ratings department.

        • ??? says:

          None of that was news “focused on” a character, the original commenter’s claim, which was nonsense, as I pointed out.

          And FTR, if websites that live and die by the hit and the click-through are using pictures of Crane on their stories about SH, there’s a reason for that.

          • amjm2014 says:

            I’m pretty sure there is a reason for them to do that but if it a means to bring in more viewers then I say it might not be working because believe it or not people do like Nicole Beharie too..so some of us feel let down when they are only using his picture to sell the show when it supposed to be about both leads not just one… I hope the promo dept get their stuff together and show pictures of Nicole too.

        • worldtraveler9 says:

          The photos on the shows Facebook page seem to alternate showing Crane and Abbie with just Crane, or in one instance, Crane in a scene from the S2 finale. Since May 20, there were four photos of Crane with Abbie, three with Crane alone.

      • sam says:

        As pointed out, YOU are wrong.

      • Jo Lynn says:

        Hey no name (???), What is wrong with you? Why are you calling everyone whiners. One person’s opinion is just as good as the next person’s. And since you like usurping other people’s opinions, I will do the same to you by stating that there has been promotion on facebook and twitter, preferably for Crane.

        • Yay says:

          Yeah it seems that ??? is simply here to cause trouble and put down the opinions of others. Definitely typical of Standra 😒. Have a seat ma’am

        • Just Me says:

          I’d bet money that ??? is Sandra. They have that whole stick up the butt, condescending and slightly racist inflection in their posts.

    • Dmac says:

      There had been zero post about anyone until know. Why don’t you wait until we receive more information on season 3 before you pan it. You have no idea what is going none of us do so why jump to conclusion and assume the worst?

      • ??? says:

        Because assuming the worst and interpreting absolutely EVERYTHING as a deliberate swipe at Abbie/Nicole is all these particular fans do. It’s gotten very predictable. And incredibly boring.

        • Jo Lynn says:

          And what in the hell do you mean by ‘these particular fans’. Yes, she has fans as well as Ichabod/Tom. And yes they want the best for her. Ichabod/Tom is not all that.

          • ??? says:

            I mean the fans who do exactly what I said above (again with the reading comprehension issues). It is possible to be a fan of Nicole Beharie without being convinced that the world is out to get her, you know.

          • Jo Lynn says:

            No, the world is not out to get her, but she is not getting the respect that a lead on a TV show should get. Only Ichabod/Tom is being glorified and promoted. He alone do not make the show. I believe that Nicole’s fans are the ones that pushed and promoted the show enough to have it considered for a third season. But, again, she is still not getting the respect she deserve as one of the leads.

        • Natasha says:

          “These particular fans,” huh? HELLO, SANDRA. We’ve missed you!

          • Jo Lynn says:

            I think it is Sandra, if not, it is someone who spew the same nonsense she does.

      • Rachel says:

        Zero posts about anyone? Haha, you’re obviously not too big on social media.

  8. Anno says:

    Ichabod is like an 18th century Forest Gump. Seems strange how one guy could come into contact with so many famous historical figures in his life.

    • ??? says:

      Sigh. Explained on the show. Washington knew Crane was a Witness. Washington exposed him to these people because he knew ichabod would need the knowledge he’d gain in his role as Witness. Please pay attention.

      • delorb says:

        Washington exposed him to all those people but he FAILED to tell Ichabod the details. A fight between good and evil is a bit vague, when Washington knew he was a witness. To say nothing of his lying wife who didn’t tell him in over 6 years of marriage.

        IMO bringing in Betsy is more of the same bull that they pulled last season. We don’t need people of the past coming forward to tell him things they should have told him IN THE PAST! It’ll only bring to the fans minds why the information about his important mission wasn’t relayed to him. They need to keep it simple and stick with the team and headless.

        • ??? says:

          August Corbin knew something was special about Abbie and didn’t tell her. So did her mother, as she divulged in Mama. There is a REASON Washington and Katrina didn’t tell Crane in the past about his role. There is a REASON Abbie wasn’t told by Corbin about the supernatural stuff he was investigating and how it tied into her experience with Moloch (though he did, oddly enough, tell Jenny). Why they were not told, we do not know yet. But there’s actually no difference between Crane and Abbie in that regard. They were both kept in the dark.

          Washington didn’t FAIL to tell Crane about this. He did not tell him for a reason. These memories of Crane’s coming forward now (in flashbacks) to help them is actually Washington’s plan playing out *successfully*. He exposed Crane to these people so he would learn from them, and then remember what he learned when he needed the information in the present fight against evil.

          • delorb says:

            Neither Corbin nor Lori knew that Abbie was a witness. Corbin didn’t even think she was special. What he knew was that more happened to them in the woods, because he had been tracking the strange phenomenon that was happening in his town. Something he had been doing WELL before he even knew Abbie or Jennifer. When he heard Jennifer’s story, he immediately realized she was telling the truth.

            He didn’t tell Abbie that he believed her sister, because he didn’t think she was ready to learn about the evil that was all around her (episode 2, if I’m not mistaken). Even after seeing a headless horseman, she still needed convincing (a bit). Realizing you actually saw a demon in the woods as a child and being told you’re a witness by people who know what a witness is and does are two different things.

            Katrina KNEW Ichabod ‘was the one’. She was told this by someone else (a member of her coven? A coven that worked closely with Washington and therefore told him? Reverend Knapp?). We don’t know who that person Katrina alluded to, but she did say this to Ichabod during the Sin Eater episode. Well before they married. Well before he turned traitor to the Crown. Well before he met the Horseman in the field.

            Which brings me to… Washington told him about the horseman. Told him that it was a battle between good and evil. But he couldn’t tell him that he was a witness? IMO, that’s the next logical step. “This battle is bigger than a fight for country. You will play a big role in this battle, for you are a witness. You need to learn from blah, blah, blah, so that humanity can blah, blah, blah”

            It makes zero sense why they would ‘teach’ him something that he had no use for back then on the off chance that it might come in handy in the future (when they didn’t know Katrina could or would freeze him). It seems to me that if Washington and Katrina wanted to win this war, they would have told their most important soldier everything he needed to know in a non-cryptic manner. But they didn’t.

    • sam says:

      It’s boring and tired already.

      • ??? says:

        It’s a cornerstone of this show, always has been, and always will be. If it bores you, it’s time for you to find another show. Adios.

        • Jo Lynn says:

          How do you know that it will always be a cornerstone of the show. I would think that fans will soon get tried of that shtick. If that is what you enjoy so much about the show, just maybe, in the future you will be saying Adios.

          • ??? says:

            How do I know? Because how *else* are we going to learn anything about Ichabod Crane’s past? If they want to touch on Abbie’s, all they have to do is pull a Joe Corbin out of their hats. Voila. Instant character to illuminate Abbie’s past and shed light on her character. No such option with a man whose every friend or family member died 200 years ago. This should be obvious to anyone who watches this show. The flashbacks are not going *nowhere*. Mark my words.

          • ??? says:

            Not going *anywhere*, that is.

          • Jo Lynn says:

            Yes, I do watch the show. And you cannot predict the the show will ALWAYS show flashbacks of Crane’s past. Are you an Oracle? Again, that schtick will wear out after awhile and the show will have to move forward (if it is around that long) focusing on the present. It is so much of Crane’s past that can be referred to without becoming redundant.

  9. Tracee says:

    Cool news! Looking forward news about the Mills sisters. Last season saw more than enough Crane history, what between the wife and son and his relationship with Abraham. Over half of the cast is gone and Abbie and Jenny are in desperate need of development.

  10. Viv says:

    I’d love it! If Eliza Dusku didn’t have an accent , she’d be a great little Mini-Angelina!
    And if the “Crazy Lady” Blind Item was about NB, this might just put the fear of god in her… (Baby, did you really Bite somebody?!)
    Ain’t no Murdoch got time for that!

    • Peter says:

      That rumor was debunked YEARS ago. If you stay away from gossip rags long enough, you might just develop some common sense.

      • Viv says:

        Don’t insult strangers online. It’s immature, ignorant & grotesque. And that rumor was actually on this site 3 weeks ago —

        And this whole comments thread fills planted. TVL — are these commenters legit or PR bots? Hmmm…

        • Jo Lynn says:

          Viv, It is still old news recycled..regardless. It is immature, ignorant and grotesque to continue to spread rumors about someone (Nicole), you do not know.

          • delorb says:

            Wow! It looks like the whole gang is here. From Sandra to Lena. That story is more than bogus. I pulled it from three different websites and ALL of them had the same story, right down to the same typos. It was a story from Star that traveled to TMZ and then Perez Hilton (if memory serves). Don’t know why her haters keep perpetuating that lie. Guess they have nothing better to do, except read their bibles. (inside joke)

      • Jo Lynn says:

        You are so right, Peter. She is bringing up old news.

        • Viv says:

          In my meager & humble defense, I don’t read gossip crap. I only read this on TVL 3 weeks ago. And I phrased it as a tongue in cheek question on purpose. Lighten, publicists! You know actors be hungry & crazy!

  11. Well if Kate Beckensale would do TV that would be awesome. But how about Katie Holmes, Jennifer Garner or maybe even Chloe Svenigy

    • Ethan says:

      Katie Holmes, really? Not after what she did to Jackie Kennedy. She needs to stay away, we’ve already gotten rid of one horrible actress.

    • Allie says:

      Kate Beckensale would be a great choice if she is willing and able to do It. A much better fit than Jolie in my opinion

  12. Cory says:

    Eliza Dushku! Miss having her face on FOX.

  13. DarkDefender says:

    Jennifer Garner would be perfect.

  14. Morgan says:

    Hoping we learn more about the Mills sisters! Loved the development of their relationship in the first season but Jenny was barely seen in Season 2 and Abbie didn’t have a storyline at all. As it stands now, the scales are tipped in Crane’s favor in terms of which witness is better fleshed out.

    • ??? says:

      What do you know about why he’s a witness? What it was about his past that may have marked him as one? Does he have any supernatural elements in his family history? Did he “see” something that marked him as a child? We know the answers for ALL of that for Abbie. None of it for Crane.
      The idea that Crane is more “fleshed out” than Abbie is a complete myth.

      • Jo Lynn says:

        Stop it already. They spent a year and a half fleshing out that man’s romantic life, friends and family. If they did not get around to his family history whose fault is that. Yes, we need to know background information on BOTH witnesses. and not a bunch of nonsense like Betsy Ross being a ‘sexy spy’.

        • Attia Newsom says:

          So true Lynn. And really it is isn’t about ‘why’ they are witnesses but how they are ‘important’ in that? Ichabod was pulled through to the future, his best friend is Death, his son was War. That is why no one questions that he is a witness. Abbie so far hasn’t been given the same importance to the story and it is incredibly unfair.

      • delorb says:

        What do we know? If they hadn’t spent time on him breaking up and making up with his wife all of season 2, we might have learned the why. But they didn’t, so we don’t. We do know that Abraham, even without his head, makes a killer quince tea. I’m sure that bit of info will save the world….or save the cheerleader. I forget which.

  15. Carrington says:

    Reading these comments, I understand the lingering frustration. But come on, guys, do you really think the network would’ve approved another season just to let last season’s mistakes carry over? I mean, they saw the marginalization and ordered re-writes. Who knows what the finale may have turned out to be if they hadn’t! Goffman is GONE. There is fresh blood in the writers’ room (two PoC who are very experienced in genre tv). The new showrunner, Clifton, Campbell is not Goffman – I am a huge fan of The Glades, which he was formerly EP of – and let me tell you, the show is in good hands. Campbell handles women and PoC well, each one is given the attention they deserve. So, we will definitely be getting our fills of the Mills women. I suspect we’ll be very pleased with Season 3. Was Season 2 disappointing? Yes. Did it overflow with Crane family drama? Absolutely. But this report is just the first whispering of what’s to come. I’m sure we’ll get Abbie and Jenny revelations well in advance of the premiere. They can’t keep it all under wraps….

    • sam says:

      I actually think the network would allow such a thing. News like this are not very promising and the PR team’s behavior hasn’t changed at all either. S3 doesn’t seem to be in good hands after all. It seems the marginalization of Abbie Mills will continue. Instead of announcing love interests and stories for her, it’s still all about Dull Guy, who ruined the show with his family drama. Ugh.

      • Carrington says:

        They were able to blame the marginalization of PoC characters last season on ‘trying to prove a show with an ensemble cast could work’ but now it has 3 actors. If they try that crap again, it’ll be incredibly glaring, obvious and seem even more deliberate; Still, I’m just saying, it would do to stress ourselves out months before the season even begins. There’s only so much they can come out with but it’s a shame the Comic-Con appearance was canceled. Maybe we’ll get an interview from the new showrunner soon and can see where things are heading for each of them before jumping out of our skin. Don’t forget the super-early season summary on Fox mentioned the ‘evolving partnership between Abbie and Ichabod.’ I’m not giving up just yet because, as I said, Campbell handles his shows well because women and minorities aren’t shallow, invisible or sidelined. If they don’t get it right within the first episodes, though, I’m about.

  16. meret says:

    Borrow the girl from Vampire Diaries who played Elena, She is free now.

    • Viv says:

      Oh my god, that is such a fantastic idea! Nina would be perfect! Maybe a little young for longterm relationship w/ Ichabod but hilarious to watch her chase him! Like Audrey & Cary in Charade. She could be our real life fangirl. Lol!

  17. Why does Ross need to be an “old flame” of Ichabod’s? It’s not like they casually dated in the 18th Century. I think Mary and Katrina were enough. Bring on Ichabbie!

    • worldtraveler9 says:

      It was mentioned twice that Crane knew Betsy Ross — at the end of S1 when they opened Rev. Knapp’s coffin, and again in S2 where it was mentioned that she was chasing Crane.

      • Attia Newsom says:

        It was also mentioned he hid in a broom closet from her once to escape her attentions. This Mr and Mrs Smith nonsense feels like a re-write of canon and to please who? Haven’t we seen enough of Crane’s past flames already. It’s beating a dead horse at this point. They could use that time to actually do something interesting but we get this.

        • worldtraveler9 says:

          We saw only Mary Wells as a former flame, and she was in ONE episode. I doubt any story relating to Betsy Ross will be more than one episode out of 18 in the upcoming season.

          • Attia Newsom says:

            Are we conveniently forgetting the whole season devoted to Katrina. I mean at this point she would be considered and old flame being dead and all right. Whatever. the point was we have seen way to much of Crane’s love life. I’m not interested anymore. I do not care.

        • ??? says:

          But you don’t know what they are going to do with this. Or have you read the script? No? Then…. stop whining.

          • Attia Newsom says:

            Excuse you I’ll whine as much as I like. Your trying to cast us “whiners” does little for your case. I’m sorry but if Felicity fans can accomplish as much as they did for her character on Arrow I don’t see why I shouldn’t air my grievances. Your silencing tactics are boring. This isn’t how the internet works. Back to the retirement home with you.

          • Jo Lynn says:

            Attla, I would not pay any attention to the person with no name (???). She/he may simply cannot accept that others have their OWN opinions concerning a situation. I believe this person do not have a reasonable argument, so that leaves, name calling.

  18. worldtraveler9 says:

    I agree with others who have suggested Jennifer Garner. Going with an unknown would also be a possibility. Nothing against Ms. Jolie, but I can’t see her playing an 18th century seamstress.

  19. Attia Newsom says:

    Whelp. One more reason not to watch the new season. Why am I surprised that they haven’t learned single a thing from season two? FYI, I’m not interested in flashbacks to cartoonish one-shot characters. I’m not interested in anything to do with Crane, especially his love life, unless it involves Abbie. More Abbie, more promo about Abbie or I’m not tuning live for the premiere. I don’t even care if it gets canceled anymore.

    • sam says:

      Exactly. I campaigned and supported a renewal in spite of the horror of S2, because FOX implied they had learned a lesson and promised they loved Abbie/Nicole. A bunch of liars all of them. It seems the new showrunner doesn’t like POC either. He’ll feel at home on FOX.

      • Attia Newsom says:

        I’m not making any assumptions about Cliffy yet. His last show Glades made it seem like he was very friendly towards POC but god whoever thought releasing this as the very first spoiler of the season is a friggin idiot. I was reluctant to point the finger at Fox during Season two but I’m getting less so. This is not the reputation Fox should want build with their genre shows.

        • Honestly says:

          No one released anything. A casting notice obviously went out, and TVLine picked it up from that. Sheesh.

          • Attia Newsom says:

            I casting notice does not go into this kind of detail, duh. It’s more likely the casting notice went out someone picked it up and got into contact with another someone who then gave them all these details. That someone and/or whoever approved it could have just let the casting notice sit as is instead we have this… and this is dumb.

          • Insider says:

            You have clearly never read a casting notice, Attia. They read EXACTLY LIKE THAT.

  20. jbj says:

    Wouldn’t she be in Icabbie’s current present, which would be in the past, rather than in flashbacks?

  21. herman1959 says:


  22. Quinn says:

    How can you watch Sleepy Hollow and not be an Abbie Mills fan?LOL! It’s supposed to be ABOUT HER and her partner, Ichabod Crane. No one’s saying Season 3 should be an Abbie love fest, we only want the spotlight to be on the WITNESSES. Seems like some folks want the show to be all about Crane by himself….and that doesn’t work. Wonder why some of you are so shaken by the mere mention of Abbie…

    • Wow says:

      No one’s saying that? Have you read this thread? LOL LOL LOL

      • Quinn says:

        Nobody wants a show about Abbie alone, just like no one wants a show about Crane alone. Do you know how boring that would be? The bigger question is whether YOU have read these comments yourself. The trolls that reply to everyone if you dare mention a character other than Crane…LOL, come on, man. Don’t be an idiot. Wanting the female lead to be treated equally to the male is not a radical idea.

        • Jo Lynn says:

          Quinn, I agree with you….

        • Attia Newsom says:

          Thank you Quinn. Cause that is all it really boils down. We were promised a equal partnership in season one. And then they pulled a bait and switch in season two. The only reason I’m still even here is the new writers. If they don’t bring it back to what appealed to me in the first place I’ll have no reason to continue watching. This isn’t a good first step.

  23. Diane Sanabria says:

    To the folks that say they are not interested in anything to do with Crane… Then why on earth do you watch? If you just want a cop show featuring the Mills sisters, fine. They are amazing actresses. But there are PLENTY of fans that watch because of Tom Mison and his iconic portrayal of Ichabod Crane, as well as the intertwining of American history and the supernatural. As one of those fans, I am so weary of the S2 bashing. (And since I know this is coming, NO. I am not a fan of Katrina.) My family and I are so excited about the show’s return, and I can’t believe people are already complaining about a season they haven’t even SEEN yet! Geez Louise. Give the new show runner and his staff a chance, and if you still don’t like what you see, there’s a button on your remote that will solve that. It’s cleverly marked “channel”.

    • Swizzlestick says:

      THANK YOU.

    • Jake says:

      Diane, given how many folks have already turned the dial already, it’s not wise to encourage MORE to do so otherwise there might just be NO Sleepy Hollow for you to watch. Acceptable ratings keep a show on air. You are clearly very angry over fiction and live in a fantasy world – people have a right to voice their opinion, no matter how much it may unsettle you. No surprise you’re tired of the S2 “bashing,” as you call it – why would you have an issue with S2? Tom Mison’s character was FRONT AND CENTER in every episode. He had a storyline, unlike the other witness! Come to think of it, I remember you were one of those ‘fans’ kissing up to the writers by calling critical responses ‘hating.’ By the way, you answered your own question – if some people don’t watch for Crane, they’re probably watching for Beharie and Greenwood because it’s THEIR show as well, whether you like it or not. There are 3 things iconic about this adaptation and 3 things alone – the NAME of the show, the Horsemen and the NAME Ichabod Crane. To say Mison’s portrayal is iconic is laughable at best.

      • Jo Lynn says:

        Jake, I agree with you 100%. Also, Nicole’s fans are the ones who fought the most to GET this show a third season. Others stood by and did nothing. As long as Crane was front and center they could care less about the show’s content.

    • Peter says:

      Can you read? That comment expressed indifference to more focus on Crane that EXCLUDES Abbie. Geez Louise, you elderly fangirls are sensitive! LOL

  24. saliq says:

    Talk about misleading title!

  25. N79 says:

    Wait so we back to focusing on Ichabod like really how much could he have done damn he wasn’t there that long. I love ichy just like the next person but can we get more of Abbie and Jenny background

    • worldtraveler9 says:

      Amazing how people are thinking the worst based on one snippet of information. I remember last season when it was announced that Crane would be house hunting; almost everyone jumped to the conclusion that the entire episode would be Crane and Katrina looking at houses & were very vocal in their disapproval. Turned out to be only Ichabod and the house hunting was a brief opening scene.

      This is the first hint of what will be part of season 3 — a season that will have 18 episodes. I very much doubt Betsy Ross will be the focus in all 18 episodes. Wait and see what comes up before passing judgment.

      • Swizzlestick says:

        THANK YOU.

      • Jo Lynn says:

        To be fair I will wait and see and after a few episodes if it all does not pan out I will switch channels. It make sense to give the show a chance.

      • Natasha says:

        ‘Wait and see what comes up before passing judgment.’ Albert Kim, shouldn’t you be writing episodes instead of harassing fans on the net? It’s not about Betsy Ross being the focus of the 18 episodes, it’s not even about her becoming a recurring character. It’s about the writers expanding on Abbie and Jenny’s background with as much attention and care as they do for the Crane character. Level-playing field is people are asking for. Otherwise, why not take the other 2 out and let everything be abut Crane?

        • worldtraveler9 says:

          Sorry to disappoint, I’m not Albert Kim, just a fan of the show. As I said this is the first hint of anything to do with the new season. We have no idea what the new showrunner has in store for us, but I highly doubt he is unaware of the problems of last season. I’m not going to assume the worst based on one casting notice

      • Peter says:

        True, but that episode, Spellcaster, was still devoted to the Katrina’s history. The overfocus on the I/K instead of A/K brought the show to the bring of cancellation. Why do you think they won’t be at SDCC? Filming had to start earlier than expected because all the flubs they made didn’t grant them a January renewal at TCAs. Yet, you still have so-called ‘fans’ like Diane Sanabria above insisting there was nothing wrong with S2 and to urging people to ‘get over it’ when so many used social media to push for renewal. People are assuming the worst because we’ve had no interviews, no pictures, no real promo and then what DOES come out mentions nothing of Abbie or Jenny. It’s predictable and tiresome.

        • Diane Sanabria says:

          This “elderly fangirl” (thank you for that: made my day!) did NOT say there weren’t problems with S2. Were there missteps and characters with wasted potential? Absolutely. But this was not a story about THAT. I merely said that I am tired of it and would like to move on and give the new show runner a chance to show fans what he’s got before trashing a season that NO ONE has even seen yet! And I will be at the front of the line of folks who posit that the show works BECAUSE of the incredible chemistry between the two amazing leads. It’s the folks who dismiss Crane out of hand as if Ichabod could be relegated to the “dustbin of history” and there would still be a show that make me question why someone would want to watch. (And if you scroll back through the comments, you’ll see quite a few.) I love this show and this cast. Why do people feel the need to denigrate one to support the other? As far as calling people out for some of what transpired last season, I stand behind my comments that hate and vitriol are NOT constructive criticism. As someone new to all of this, I was astonished at the level some of the comments sank to and was merely pleading for civility in the discourse. Before this becomes a short novel, I will again express my enthusiasm for this show and my high hopes for S3. Thanks for listening!

          • Jo Lynn says:

            In a nutshell there will be no show without either one of the leads. Both should be treated equally.

          • Melissa says:

            I think many misconstrued your comment, but I’ve RARELY seen anyone bash Ichabod. Most fans love the team that is Ichabbie, in any context. Sure, some might’ve come to the show as Nicole Beharie fans initially, but I’ve yet to read anything that says Crane has to go. Asking for the focus not to be solely on him isn’t saying he isn’t incredibly enjoyed. When the show mistreats its lead female actress, it causes division in the fandom that shouldn’t exist. The Katrina garbage last season was beyond a mess. I’ve gone into great detail about it in the past, so I don’t do it again, but I’ll just offer this: imagine if Mulder had a version of Katrina attached to him in just about every scene
            when the show started w/ Scully and Mulder? It would’ve NEVER happened. Fans expect more. You don’t start with two attractive leads and expect people not to ship them. Most shows don’t go there for a long time to keep the ‘will they, won’t they’ aspect alive, but they certainly do NOT bring in other females that aren’t mere brief plot devices to detract from the lead’s part in the show. Shows like Bones and Castle always had an episode or few when an old flame popped up for one of the leads or even a current affair, but they never were more that a plot device to move the central relationship forward in some capacity. Frankly, I could care less about romance on supernatural shows and hate when cool shows like SH decide to go soapy as they did in S2, but Ichabbie has a tangible chemistry that I don’t think could ever be perceived as such. Now we know this character is PERMANENT fixture for the upcoming season (sorry for late reply), and that makes me cringe in worry for what we’re about to experience. It looks like they’re opting for a younger, sexier all around cast which means they’re shooting for younger fans that enjoy shipping everyone. Irving’s gone, Reyes is gone. The entire cast now looks like they’re going to hit a runway. That’s not a bad thing, but it begs the question: What is happening to Sleepy Hollow? They’ve ensured us that S3 will focus on the central relationship of our leads, but with four new leads, two of whom are former love interests, it seems the magic of season one replete with a machine gun wielding Headless and such campy scares as the reanimated corpse of Andy Brooks, are gone.

            I don’t think you’re one of those evil stans that hates Abbie, but I do think you misunderstood the fandom’s concern over the sidelining of Abbie. Sorry this is so long, but I just read a post referring to this article on twitter and had to comment. We should be a fandom united again. Fox just needs to recognize the gold they have with their two wonderful leads, and remember Abbie is a character we love and want to see.

          • Melissa says:

            I meant *four new REGULARS below. There are only two LEADS on SH and they are Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison.

      • delorb says:

        I’m sorry, but that whole house hunting scene was the worse. Yeah, it showed a cutesy Crane, but…HE DOESN’T HAVE A JOB! How is he supposed to buy a house? Why would he go house hunting with no money? Even in his day, one had to have the means to afford a house. It wasn’t just given to the person with the archiest eyebrows. PLUS it was another bait and switch, just like the painting episode. They bookend it with Ichabbie to get the Ichabbie fans to watch, but the episode ends up being about someone else. Won’t be fooled again.

      • bhoney says:

        I agree with this. It’s too soon to get our panties in a tight bunch. I’m sure we’ll eventually have reason too though. Still, fans are tired of Crane’s life story taking center stage. Enough is enough already.

    • Attia Newsom says:

      What makes you think that scene wasn’t rewritten after the backlash? I mean we have all this evidence that the rewrites were massive exactly because of the fan outrage. I mean it makes me shudder to think how much worse the season could have been without all the “whining” fans did. Honestly, I doubt it would have been renewed at all without the fans.

  26. Karen Lee says:

    Emma Stone. Period.

  27. M says:

    No one. Literally no one. I don’t want this character to be explored at all in any capacity as Ichabod’s former girlfriend or whatever. I want season three to Abbie centric and let her have a developed romantic interest, whether it’s current or former. I’m all for strong female characters but not at the expense of an amazingly awesome female character that the show already has.

    • Jo Lynn says:

      I just want them to stop with Ichabod’s romances, past or present. Just move on with the show and as you stated use the characters the fans are already invested in. Enough already…..

    • Bella says:

      I want it to be Abbie and Ichabod centric. The two LEADS. Not focused on one like in season 2. I don’t care about Abbie’s love life. This isn’t a cheesy drama.

  28. Janet ortiz says:

    I love the way the writers incorporate all these people from Ichabod era into our present day. I hope they do that more often

    • Jo Lynn says:

      You are entitle to your opinion, but I tend to disagree, strongly. If they add nothing to the narrative let them stay in the past.

      • Attia Newsom says:

        Same. The characters from Ichabod’s flashbacks are usually one-dimensional cartoons that we don’t really get to know because they pop up once maybe twice. They even overshadow Ichabod so much that we had Tom talking about how he never really to had anything with to do or explore with Ichabod as a character in the flashbacks because he was mostly just standing around.

        The flashbacks are a gimmick that the show has out grown in my opinion. I would much rather them focus on the modern day and Ichabod’s struggle to adjust.

        And I never liked the ‘twistory’ anyways. Romanticizing that time period has always been gross and will forever be gross. Time to move on.

  29. Janet ortiz says:

    I love the way the writers incorporate all these people from Ichabod era into our present day. I hope they do that more often. It’s what makes Ichabod more exciting!

  30. NDfan says:

    Now I remember why I stopped commenting on Sleepy Hollow articles… People are so ridiculously rude and mean on here. I see nothing has changed.

    • drb says:

      Yep, Sleepy Hollow fandom is one of the most toxic fandoms on the internet. About half way through the second season I pretty much stopped reading comments about the show here and in other places. I think that this is the last time I’m going to do so.

      • Angela says:

        I’m feeling that way myself. I sympathize with a lot of the concerns and issues people are bringing up here, but there’s better ways to express those opinions.

    • Terry Anders says:

      Couldn’t agree more, I like both of the main characters EQUALLY, I came over to read this article and see that the same group of malcontents are back, bitching and moaning about their usual gripes. The show isn’t on yet, this is a tiny piece on a future show and who might be involved in the casting of a character. Pace yourselves children, it’s going to be a long summer…I’d suggest acting more like adults instead of kindergartners–but, judging by the same old garbage, not going to happen. SMDH

      • Rachel says:

        “Bitching and moaning about their usual gripes.” In other words, you can’t handle strong opinions. Gotcha.

        • Jo Lynn says:

          Totally agree with you, Rachel. When they cannot argue their point they result to name calling and trying to belittle others who HAVE an opinion.

          • Attia Newsom says:

            exactly. Toxic. pssft. Like the kind of representation Sleepy Hollow perpetuates isn’t already Toxic enough on it own. The comment section in these articles might calm down once the show starts treating the female lead with equal importance and stops sidelining POC characters.

            Yeah, that backwards nonsense is way more toxic than anything said here.

          • Terry Anders says:

            Thank you children for proving my point…better yet, what, did you forget the “I know you are but what am I” retort? “Strong opinions”? Oh, is that what it’s called? I notice how righteously virtuous you all are with regard to YOUR opinions–but, no one else can state theirs, if they don’t fall in line with yours. Gotcha right back at you…….

          • Jo Lynn says:

            No Hon, you did not give an opinion at all. You and your ilk are at your best when you try to denigrate others by trying to downgrading what the WANT and/or NEED by dismissing it as being rude, etc. So, I would say YOU and your ilk are the ones being childish with a superiority complex.

          • Jo Lynn says:


            No Hon, you did not give an opinion at all. You and your ilk are at your best when you try to denigrate others by trying to downgrad what they WANT and/or NEED to say, by dismissing it as being rude, etc. So, I would say YOU and your ilk are the ones being childish with a superiority complex.

          • Randall K says:

            Jo, you are correct it seems as if they did not come here to contribute anything. They are only here to feel good about themselves. Must be a slow day in their lives.

          • Terry Anders says:

            Well, I’m sorry “Jo Lynn” I had no idea reading comprehension wasn’t in your wheelhouse. Let me break down my comment above for you, I said I liked both characters EQUALLY–meaning I watch for both Abbie and Crane. To me that is an opinion, (well, it is in my world). I came over to read the article in anticipation for next season because Season 2 lacked the spark of Season 1 and I still enjoy the show, regardless. Because this article is just commenting about a future episode and NO ONE has been hired yet, the flap this information has stirred up is almost ludicrous in the snark that is flowing forth. Now, I see quite a few of my opinions stated above. You are quite happy to dismiss me and what I stated, but I guess that’s OK for you, and only you. Right. It’s a shame people can’t comment like adults and behave like adults–but, that’s just me being “superior”, again–right….. Oh, and “Randall K”, I don’t have to point out the ridiculousness of your comment about it must be a slow day in my life to be here, when you are here as well, do I?

          • Jo Lynn says:

            Yes, you stated your opinion but, UNNECESSARILY, went further by dismissing others opinions as not meeting YOUR standards, by calling them childish. Who are you to judge if someone’ s views are adult or not. Your disagreeing with what they said does not warrant your calling them out of their name. That shows how immature YOU are.

          • Terry Anders says:

            “No Hon, you did not give an opinion at all.” “Yes, you stated your opinion”. Pick a lane would you–all I’m getting is mixed messages. Plus, “Your disagreeing with what they said does not warrant your calling them out of their name.” WTH does that even mean? Calling them out of their name??????????????? I’d be careful about throwing the immaturity word out there, your attempts at justification are really getting worse.

          • Jo Lynn says:

            I suggest you revisit your response it made no sense at all. Furthermore ‘to call a person out of their name’ is to insult them. And you did that by calling posters childish,etc. Get a dictionary or look it up on the internet.

            Your expertise in regards to who is being a childish or immature person
            is being highly taken into consideration, because it takes one to know one.

            I will take the high road and show some maturity in this matter by ending this back and forth. Your proceeding with it will just prove your immaturity.

          • Angela says:

            Hey, here’s a thought: how about ALL of you let this ridiculous argument go and move on?

          • frank b. says:

            @angela, i think jo already proposed that…..

    • deidre martin says:

      @ndfan, you wasted keystrokes to come to this site to attempt to show how superior you are. If people comments were not to your liking you should have moved on instead of criticizing others and name calling.

  31. delorb says:

    No one! There is no need for Betsy Ross to be featured or for her to be a badass. They have ALL the cast they need. Jeez.

  32. Bella says:

    The fandom is still fragile. We saw an incredibly strong first season with two wonderful leads and a perfect supporting cast completely obliterated in the second season with focus on one boring supporting character and a new character that had no reason being there. It was the biggest WTF decision that I’ve ever seen made to such a promising show. So yeah, it is disappointing when the first snippet of news we see is about a new character described as a “Mrs. Smith to Ichabod’s Mr. Smith”. Isn’t that Abbie’s role? The female LEAD. I know it wasn’t meant to be presented that way, but you can’t help thinking it after the events in season 2. Another female presented as some kind of sexed up trope like Katrina was in season 2. Defend that all you like, but everyone knows her role was nothing more than eye candy from the network. I want this show to be the intellectual fun show it once was, not some watered down cheesy drama that pleases any simpleton watching.

    • Attia Newsom says:

      Thank you. And yes so much to this. That is Abbie’s role and until they do right by her I’m going to criticize any more focus being paid to Ichabod’s love life. Simple as that. Priorities people.

  33. Victoria says:

    Season 3 can’t get here quickly enough, should be a blast! One thing I would encourage Sleepy Hollow fans to do is to refrain from biting your tongues. If you’re critical about something, express it. That’s the beauty in freedom of speech. Don’t be intimidated by the Katrina stans like Sandra Kellstrom (aka “???”) or the already identified Mison/Crane geriatrics (Diane) who insist on spewing their anti-Mills garbage on the net. There’s no harm in wanting good writing and wanting the actresses to be valued and promoted as much as Mison. There’s no harm in wanting them to have a journey like Crane undoubtedly will. That “just shut up and enjoy!” manipulative BS practiced by Sandra and Diane’s hateful ilk in Season 2 is what we need to shut down moving forward. We must not let their hate win. I hope SH can survive on Thursdays but if not it’s a direct result of everything wrong in S2, which reviewers pointed out in their many articles.

    • Diane Sanabria says:

      Victoria, though it may surprise you, I wholeheartedly agree with much of what you said. Enthusiasm for S3? Check. Good writing and actresses valued and promoted? Check. Freedom of speech and constructive criticism? Check. And thanks again for promoting me to the head of the geriatric fan club; I won’t spoil the fun by admitting my age. What I do take issue with is the idea that I am “spewing anti-Mills garbage”. Where exactly did I do that? NOT ONCE, in the comments on this thread or elsewhere online have I ever been anything but complimentary towards Nicole and Lyndie. I guess some people missed the “amazing actresses” comment. Did you participate in the fan scrapbook project for Nicole’s birthday last year? I DID. Was one of the high points of NYCC last year meeting Lyndie and Sakina? YES IT WAS. Not to sound like a broken record, but my point was simply to move on from the problems of S2. They existed; they are well-documented; but this article was about an episode from SEASON 3. Which no one has seen yet! Just like you, Victoria, I have the highest hopes for this season and would like to spend the hiatus dwelling in positivity, not wallowing in negativity and endless rehashing of the past season. I prefer to have faith in the new team: faith that they realize where the season went astray and know how to get back to what worked in S1. THE WITNESSES. TOGETHER. With Lyndie by their side and a rich cast of supporting characters (See “Justified” for how that’s done right.) As I said in my previous comment, there is no need to denigrate one actor to support another. Or, by extension, tear down fans who like the “twistory”: one of the things that made SH so special out of the gate. And now, like S2, I’m done. This has been a truly eye-opening experience! Thanks!

  34. yurie says:

    What ridiculous is that Crane knows nearly everyone famous from olden times. 2-3 people is still believable but when you have like nearly all the famous personalities knowing him from that era then it becomes stupid.

  35. Moniqua says:

    I think flash backs would be better I don’t think they could work in her actually being in the this time without making it feel forced

    • worldtraveler9 says:

      I agree, cannot see how they could bring Mrs. Ross into the 21st century.. The hologram thing with Jefferson was interesting, but I doubt it could be used again.

  36. Reagan says:

    Whether blindly supportive or plain out critical, it’s great to see so many people are still invested in Sleepy Hollow. Remember the good ol’ days, when minority “histories” were included? I’d be greatly appreciative if we could get back to that. This Betsy Ross angle sounds good but how about some more freedom fighters like Cicero? More background on Grace Dixon and her husband? Cast some indigenous Natives, please. I am so sick of them coming to us ONLY for favors (“For The Triumph of Evil,” “And the Abyss Gazes Back”).

    • bhoney says:

      I agree. Bringing in your first black male from that era to have him be beaten and killed was another big turn off to some fans back in season one. Then dropping Irving off in jail/psychiatric hospital, didn’t help. There is a lot of history that can be told from Crane’s era that don’t involve people who weren’t slave owners and rapists. they’ve covered that crap. Be inventive, how about Nat Turner as one of Abbie’s ancestors. Now that would rock.

  37. Jasmine says:

    I can’t believe some of you are so easily distracted by news of casting. What SHOULD concern you is that the old team is still around. You hated “Deliverance”? Guess what, those guys aren’t fired. You hated “Succubus”? That guy not only still there, he’s an executive producer. And don’t even get me started on the one who called everyone “haters” for calling out his bad writing – he’s been rewarded for his bad behavior. Don’t you realize it won’t matter how much attention the “Ichabbie” relationship gets if the final product is crap? Beharie and Mison, being great actors, can once again rise above bad writing but at what cost? I don’t want this show canceled mid-season or before the 7 years of “trials and tribulation” are up….you know Fox is cancel-happy. Look at TSCC, Firefly and Almost Human.

    • Jo Lynn says:

      I suggest you keep your fingers crossed. If this article is any indication of the direction this show is going, I guarantee it will NOT go pass mid season. I love the show, also, but I assume most fans are not going to stay around for another crappy season. I will tune in for a few episodes, but if I do not like what I see I will change the channel and not look back.

      • Attia Newsom says:

        Absolutely, at this point I’m even considering not watching the season premiere live. And if weren’t for the new hires I know I wouldn’t be watching the new season at all. I mean this kinda press has consequences. They need to do some Abbie-centric promo and soon cause right now I’m not excited, right now Season three looks likes a chore I’m unwilling to sit through.

  38. Jessica says:

    I hope they don’t mess this up, because if they do, viewers are going to drop like a pin…

  39. Erna says:

    Angelina Jolie as B. Ross! YES! and YES! Very Much Please!

  40. Adriana says:

    This could be interesting, as I like the idea of Ichabod having been involved with a woman with a kick-a**personality (given that Katrina was about as interesting as a bowl of unsalted unbuttered white rice) but I don’t need to see Betsy int he present. Katrina coming to the present knocked the show’s balance off kilter. The flashbacks are occasionally useful and interesting but for the love of God I hope this season fleshes out more of the Mills Sister’s background. I, for one, found Grace Dixon to be such an interesting character and it’d be nice to see what sort of powers Abbie and Jenny have. This show won’t make it past S3 if it doesn’t focus more on Abbie’s storyline and some continuity. The fans who campaigned to have it renewed were very vocal about that, I hope SH has learned this lesson and doesn’t try to center on Betsy Ross. It could be interesting, but only if it’s kept in the past and not a continuous storyline. Based on Ichabod’s mentions of her she wasn’t the love of his life by any means (he hid from her in a coat closet for god’s sake) . And geez why can’t Abbie have a fun storyline already?

  41. femme says:

    *sideeyes* I just hope this show treads lightly in introducing new characters. Part of the reason S2 was such a spectacular s***t show was because it focused too much on the wrong characters (Hawley, Katrina, that god-awful spectacle they made of Henry) instead of developing Abbie, Ichabod, Jenny, AND Irving, I have faith in Clifton Cambell (the new showrunner) but as a fan who campaigned hard to get this show renewed they will lose my viewership if they don’t finally focus more on developing Abbie and Crane and answering some of the dozens of questions they’ve raised…like why the witnesses were chosen centuries apart, there’s magic in Abbies bloodline if she’s not a witch what is she? Tom Mison’s comments about Crane being completely in love with Abbie, does she know that he is? Are those affections returned? This show is golden when it focuses on the scare factor and Crane and Abbie, I hope Clifton knows that.

  42. Marge says:

    Hell no! I can’t stand that screwball wacko b***h. I live this show, if she was on it, I’d shut it off in a heart beat

  43. TSD says:

    I hope she doesn’t come to the future and is just in flashbacks. With that said, she is in 18 episodes, I find it unlikely she is in 18 episodes just in flash backs.

    I will give the character a chance, but it seems like the show is doing whatever it can to keep inserting another woman between Crane and Abbie which as we have seen just causes conflict.

    I have to say the villain this season is looking promising.