Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Gotham, Major Crimes, Wayward Pines, Extant, Hannibal, Defiance, Lumen and More

Gotham Season 2 Spoilers

Which DC Comics baddies are en route to Gotham? Who has Defiance in their crosshairs? How does one get to Wayward Pines? Which procedural is planning the “worst honeymoon” ever? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Hey TVLine! I want some DC Comics TV scoop, please! Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow…. Give me all you got! –Keith
What I’ve got is… Fox’s Gotham casting for Season 2 a “male DC Villain” described as “intelligent, cultured and highly articulate,” “extremely attractive, both seductive and threatening,” as well as a female DC Villain in her mid- to late 20s — “a sexy knock-out.” So get speculating! Turning to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the cast was hard-pressed to elaborate on the midseason CW drama, seeing as no one had seen a script for the pilot yet. (They only filmed a trailer for this month’s Upfronts.) That said, Brandon Routh allowed that I made “a pretty good guess” that Ray/The Atom’s exploded body has been reconstituted using miniaturization-capable nanites; Ciara Renee said that the origin of her winged hero, Kendra Saunders, will be “melding some [Hawkgirl origin stories] together”; and Franz Drameh was super-mum on what powers high school jock Jay Jackson (MIA from the trailer) might bring to the table” – though the actor himself “was in the London Youth Circus for a little while.” Hmm.

Any scoop on what’s coming up for Defiance’s Tarr family this season? –Katie H.
Holy Rayetso, a tremendous amount of things happen in the two-hour season premiere (airing June 12). As you’ll recall, Datak and Stahma were searching for Alak and Christie, who had been spirited away by nutty Pilar – but what the Castithans instead find is tons of trouble in the form of Oz alum Lee Tergesen’s General Rahm Tak aka “The Beast,” a Johnny Cash-quoting marauder who has insidious plans for Defiance. Elsewhere in the epic opener, which picks up seven months later: Nolan and Irisa are rescued by a most unlikely savior; the new, purple-skinned Omec race rival only Rahm Tak as the show’s most frightful adversary yet (let’s just say they could use a good dentist); Doc Yewll remains highly quotable; and there are no fewer than two shocking deaths.

Hilarie Burton hinted Hostages Cast Hilarie Burtonthat she may be playing a bad guy on Extant. Do you have any more info about what we can expect? –Annie
The Tree Hill alum’s Season 2 arc kicks off with Episode 2, where she’ll be playing Anna Schaefer, a government operative charged with overseeing the militarization of the Humanichs program. Anna causes great moral discomfort for Julie (played by Grace Gummer) and Charlie (Tyler Hilton) as she pushes the boundaries of what is ethically sound for the robotic soldiers they are creating — so, yeah, “bad guy.” (As Hil once said: “You know me. I can’t go anywhere without causing trouble! That’s just how it goes.”)

Can I cash in 150 TVLine Power User Points I was awarded for some scoop on Wayward Pines? I’m really digging this show a lot! –Matt
As will become more evident this Thursday, pretty much every resident of the titular town first arrived in a manner similar to how Ethan did – meaning, not by simply using their GPS nav system. “Not everybody wakes up in the middle of the forest; there are different ways [to get there],” hints showrunner Chad Hodge. But unlike Ethan, “All – or most – of them have learned to play by the rules, or you’re going to get killed like Beverly did.” Bonus scoop: Regarding the overall mystery, Hodge is willing to rule out any coma/dream theories, assuring viewers that “Wayward Pines is a real place.”

Please, please, please! Something on Hannibal? – Valeria
If you thought the highly ambitious drama might start phoning it in with Season 3, be gone with that silly thought right now. Seriously. Rather, the NBC series is as visually rich and aurally sumptuous as ever, and the June 4 premiere’s opening narrative is the show’s most intricate one yet, bopping around between multiple timelines. The opener introduces one of Hannibal’s most disturbing dinner guests yet, during which you’ll learn a ProTip or two (including: acorns!) about next-level cannibalism.

Any scoop on what the final cast will be for Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders? Will Anna Gunn’s role be recast or will they create a new character? –LaShawna
The midseason Criminal Minds offshoot will actually create multiple characters as it fine-tunes its cast. Explaining the tweaks, CBS president Nina Tassler told me, “Gary [Sinise] is sort of larger than life and [as Jack Garrett] he filled a lot of the same [needs as Gunn’s character]. But we’re actually going to be adding a couple of new characters” that “speak more to the needs of the franchise.”

Season 4 of Major Crimes MajorCrimes_Flynn_Raydoris only few days away, please tell me you have something interesting to share about the show. –Maayan
As the new season gets underway on June 8, Sanchez is on his way back from an extended leave of absence/anger management counseling, so Provenza is anxious for Detective Oderno (General Hospital‘s Brandon Barash) to clear out; Phillip Stroh is “seen,” but still on the lam (possibly in Greece?); and Rusty has a new concern (and possibly a new vocation).

Could you give Major Crimes fans a scoop on Sharon’s personal events during Season 4? In particular, I would love to know if she and Andy will be in a romantic relationship. –Cami
The very final scene of the Season 4 premiere will answer your question. Or at least tease the heck out of it.

Do you have any scoop about the main cast of ‪Hawaii Five-0‬‬? Thank you. –Juliana
As previously scooped, Season 6 will pick up not long after this month’s finale, during the reception at Kono and Adam’s wedding. From there, “Kono’s going to have the worst honeymoon anybody’s ever had,” warns showrunner Peter M. Lenkov. “It’s going to be an interesting ride, that first episode!” For Season 6 and the Five-o team as a whole, Lenkov says, “We have a great story” on tap, one that is “very cool, very different, very big, and something like we’ve never done before.”

Do you know how Scott Michael Foster’s new show (ABC’s Oil fka Boom) getting picked up is going to affect his role as Leo on Chasing Life? –Steph
ABC Family’s Chasing Life has been in production for a couple of months already, so just as EP Patrick Sean Smith recently told us, “Leo will still have a strong presence in the second season,” premiering Aug 17.

What’s happening with TNT’s Lumen? –Lisa
The pilot for the family fantasy drama, starring Parenthood‘s Sam Jaeger and filmed in New Zealand, “looks spectacular,” Turner president Kevin Reilly told me earlier this month. “It’s very, very big,” he added, “and really original” — if a bit “soft for our network right now.” Even so, Reilly believes it could appeal to the same crowd as another fantastical TNT series: “I think that people who watch The Librarians would enjoy Lumen…. It’s fun escapism.”

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    When Hawaii Five-0 comes back in the Fall, I’ll be shocked if Adam becomes the bad guy.

    • Kvivik says:

      No, I don’t think he’ll turn heel…but the lengths he may go to to protect Kono might get nasty.
      And I know of a few horrific honeymoons, so I’m partly expecting the episode to be tame because it’s on network and not cable.

      • Mr. Tran K says:

        I really don’t care about what you’ve said. Don’t know what the Five-0 writing staff is thinking right now. They’re going to find out more about this whole Adam story line crap for Season Six and where does the series go from here? Start complaining all you want if you dare.

        • arial2 says:

          I’m still trying to figure out why you were so rude about Kvlvlk’s response. The poster seemed to be agreeing with you.

    • ellajwade says:

      I just hope Adam isn’t leaving the show. None of the couples on this show can be happy. What’s up with that? WRITERS: We would like for them to be happy!

      • The theory is if people are happy there’s no drama. It’s crap of course, we’ve seen plenty of shows featuring cops with families and such who very rarely entered the, ‘its personal’ area. Hawaii really has loved playing the card way too much (I was thinking this back in Season 2 mind you).

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    Can’t wait to see Lee Tergesen on Defiance :-) :-)

  3. When will beyond Borders premier.

  4. Jay Jackson has the power to appear on multiple TV shows as a newscaster/reporter.

  5. Julia says:

    I’ll be interested to see if Wayward Pines follows the same path as the book. I won’t spoil anything but this would go into very sci-fi territory and I’m not sure how this will play out on TV.

  6. I bloody need a scoop on OUAT soon , like right now.

  7. Matty Si. says:

    Hilarie Burton and Tyler Hilton reunited! Now I have to watch the last couple episodes to Extant bc I HAVE to watch this new season.

  8. Stevi Deter says:

    Hannticipation rising for Hannibal Season 3!

  9. Georgia Madman says:

    A shout out to Hilarie Burton. She was great on Forever (and Castle, too!)

  10. soapie0 says:

    I loved “The Closer” but Rusty turned me off of “Major Crimes”.

    • johnhelvete says:

      That is too bad because the Rusty character was only unlikeable for part of season 1, and the show has done a good job in developing the relationship between Rusty and Sharon. His character was an entry point for the viewers to see a different side of the Raydor character/humanize her.

      • soapie0 says:

        Really? His character has gotten better? I liked everyone else on the show. Thanks for the tip. I may try to give it another go.

      • J.B. says:

        I totally agree. Rusty and Sharon are the only reason I started watching Major Crimes. I did not like The Closer at all but my Mother adored it so I had watched enough of the last season so I had enough background to begin with MC. I would not be a huge MC fan had that relationship never happened. Like somebody else said he was an entry point for new viewers. I have grown to love all the characters on the show because of how they integrated them into Rusty’s storyline. I love how over the course of the show they have become family in a way and I don’t know if that would’ve happened without Rusty.

  11. Cindy says:

    Based on the comment about Lumen and The Librarians, I went in search of the renewal scorecard. Alas, TNT is not included. Has The Librarians been cancelled? I enjoyed that show.

  12. Mason says:

    Has Haven completely disappeared through a thinny? I thought it was coming back for the second half of the season, but can’t find any info anywhere.

  13. Boiler says:

    I was hoping for some Perception scoop!! Oops forgot TNT are idiots

  14. Mo says:

    Wow, really appreciate the Major Crimes scoop! Can’t wait for its return this summer

  15. Angela says:

    Figured they’d flesh out the team for the “Criminal Minds” spinoff-I’m glad to see they’ll add a number of new characters. I’ll be interested to see what other people join the show/team-that’ll further help determine whether or not this would be a show I’d follow.

  16. Mara says:

    thanks so much for the scoop on major crimes. i’m so excited for season 4! finally sharon raydor is back on our screens! yay! yay! yay! and omg the shandy spoilers! awwww! :D i really need june 8 to hurry up!

  17. Amanda says:

    With “Gotham” I’m guessing the male villain is The Mad Hatter. I remember the writers saying they wanted to bring him in for the 2nd season in interviews. But it very well could be either Rex Calabrese or the head of the Irish McKillen crime family. I’m expecting those 2 to show up since Carmine left and Sal is gone, to go against Penguin, and since they both have connections to other characters. Have no idea about the female villain unless they’re finally casting Carmine’s daughter Sofia, who should be the same age.

  18. Tea says:

    Legends of Tomorrow. Do I need to see Arrow and Flash to watch it?

  19. arial2 says:

    Re Major Crimes, I hope all the “Sharon and Andy” fans realize in the real LAPD, a senior officer involved with a direct subordinate would lose her/his job. What are they thinking??? Personally, I prefer to see more Provenza and Flynn comedy time; a romance with Captain Raydor would mean less of that.

    • Sally says:

      Actually, the regs just require that it be reported to their supervisor. The show works closely with a former LAPD detective to ensure accuracy.

  20. Temperance says:

    I’m in for the Sam Jaeger adventure, as long as he occasionally loses his shirt (because he’s too fine for clothing!).

  21. Nicole says:

    I know she was only on the Batman Animated Series but if they could somehow make a live action Red Claw as the female villain it would be amazing. Her backstory is flexible enough to flesh out more in depth in S2.

    • Davey Elmer says:

      Gotham has the rights to anything and everything Batman-related without exceptions or restrictions, so there’s literally no reason they couldn’t use the Red Claw character if they wanted to.

  22. I have so much free time for this villain role :)

  23. GREGO366 says:

    This author, Matt Webb Mitovich, couldn’t find a REAL SCOOP if he worked for Baskin Robbins.

  24. The problem with the new Criminal Minds is Gary Sinise, just like the problem with CYBER is Patricia Arquette. If they don’t get a drop dead gorgeous intelligent woman for the new Criminal Minds, that will be another show I can skip buying on DVD.

  25. Maryann says:

    I would rather have had Anna Gunn than Gary Sinise as the Beyond Borders lead.