The Flash Finale Recap: Did Barry Tinker With Time? And Who All Died?

The Flash Finale Recap

The CW’s The Flash wrapped its freshman “run” on Tuesday with a timey-wimey, scientific jargon-filled episode in which Barry was presented with the opportunity to go back to the past and save his mother — but at what cost?

With Wells/Eobard imprisoned in the Pipeline, Barry got some quality face time with the man also known as Reverse-Flash. Flash’s foe explained that he hates Barry — years from now, for reasons that aren’t important at this time. But in explaining the role he played in the Allens’ dark past, in what was a bid to derail Barry’s speedster destiny, Eobard tempts Barry with the opportunity to change things, to use the particle accelerator to open up a stable-ish wormhole through which he can access the past and save his mother.

Barry grapples with that dilemma and the paradoxes it poses, hearing all sides of the argument from Stein, Joe, Caitlin, Iris, his father Henry…. Because to tinker with the past and thus grow up with both parents could vastly affect the decades that followed, meaning he wouldn’t grow up with the Wests, he might not ever meet the S.T.A.R. Labs team.

Ultimately, thanks to a nudge from both Iris and Joe — and after seeing ordained rabbi Dr. Stein wed Caitlin and Ronnie — Barry decides to go for it, and once inside the refurbished particle accelerator reaches the speed necessary to collide with a hydrogen proton and thus trigger the wormhole. (Along the way to Mach 2+, Barry glimpses his past and futureTheFlash_KillerFrost — including Caitlin’s coooool alter ego, at right.) He then has 1 minute, 52 seconds to save his mom and get out before the wormhole closes. Eobard meanwhile will use a time sphere constructed by Cisco (who it turns out was affected by the PA explosion and can see the “vibrations” in the universe/into alt timelines) and Ronnie to get back “home,” but not before Jay Garrick’s Flash helmet comes clanging out of the wormhole, Eobard’s “cue” to get going.

Once Barry is in the past, in his childhood home on that night, he is warded off by his future, white logo-emblazened self and elects not to save his mother. He does though get to see her, introduce himself and assure her that he and his dad will be OK in the future, after her death.

Barry then zooms back to the present, bursting out of the wormhole to KO Eobard before he can escape in the time sphere. The Flashes then slug it out, to the point that Reverse is ready to go for the kill when a gunshot rings out, waylaying him. It’s Eddie, who has decided to matter after all, to be the hero to Iris that he always wanted to be, by killing himself and thus compromising great-great-great-great-great-grandson Eobard’s fate. And indeed, Eobard dissolves away, slowly erased from existence.

But then, the very worst that could happen happens, as the wormhole reopens, highly unstable and evolving into a singularity/black hole — one that won’t stop absorbing matter even once it consumes Earth itself. Assessing it simplistically as an upside-town tornado, Barry decides he must at least try to unwind the twister, and sets off to do so, speeding up the side of a collapsing skyscraper and into the vortex of the beast, as everyone (including Captain Cold and Hawkgirl) looks on… and then the season fades to black.

* “We’re out of cows where I come from.”
* “Yeah — not mad we lost that [‘Red Streak’] nickname.”
* “Let me ask Dr. Evil — which used to be a name that made me smile.”
* “And I have a mug that says World’s Best Boss.”
* “So long, and thanks for all the fish.”
* “This will be ‘legit,’ as the kids say.”

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  1. Mary says:

    Barry may not have changed time, but Eddie did. Now Eobard Thawne doesn’t exist, he can’t go back to the past and kill Barry’s mom or the real Harrison Wells and his fiance.

    • Cobra says:

      I was thinking the same thing. That will have some serious repercussions.

      • David w says:

        It better have a serious effect on the world.

      • Heidi says:

        Unless Eddie’s old girl friend was pregnant…

      • Delirious says:

        Like a giant singularity/wormhole sucking up Central City? My best bet is, it appears due to the paradox caused by Eddie killing himself -> Eobard doesn’t live -> Eobard doesn’t kill Barry’s mom -> Barry becomes the Flash naturally, and Eddie lives on -> Eobard appears in the future -> Eobard goes back in time -> Eobard kills Barry’s mom -> Eobard stays, killing Wells, blowing up STAR Labs -> all the crap in the show happens -> goto 10

        • star.shine says:

          I like this. I didn’t think about with barry becoming the flash naturally, Eddie wouldn’t have died. Thanks. I do think the singularity was caused by the paradox though.

        • ray says:

          But if eobard was never born, Eddie would have never killed himself and eobard would still be born

          • Sammy says:

            …and there is no way out of this paradox unless there are multiple timelines. Anything else we see is going to be a cop out (no pun intended). Of course we are talking about a superhero TV series so I don’t expect anything scientifically consistent. If you start looking closely at the holes in the science it all collapses into a singularity ;-)

          • Sammy says:

            Actually it took sleeping on it but I’ve worked it out. Even multiple timelines won’t resolve this.
            So here’s the thing. Eddie kills himself erasing Eobart, but only because Eobart is about to kill The Flash. So by erasing Eobart Eddie never kills himself. There is no resolution to that. So that is how they’ve managed to create a world devouring black hole. Perhaps in this universe if you create a paradox like you end up creating a black hole that destroys the paradox.
            That could also be why future the flash told current flash not to save his mother – that would lead to the same sort of paradox. He can only save his mother if he becomes the version of The Flash that has his mother killed when he’s a child.
            So now to undo this all I think the flash is going to have to go back in time in Season 2 and prevent the whole Eddie/Eobart paradox. I think Cisco’s ability to retain memory between versions of time will also be key to the plot.
            Of course I could be way off but this would be the most graceful way to resolve the current mess.

    • Deena says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Only explanation I can come up with right now is that an alternate timeline starts from that point so everything up to then stays the same but the future is different. Does that make sense? I think I might have confused myself…lol

      • AddieM says:

        I do agree with you..I also think that the future changes starting from the time Eddie killed himself but nothing that has already happened in the past changes…So the future with Eobard Thawne does not exist anymore.

        • Ann says:

          But, unless the writers wanna open up a paradox that doesn’t line up with the episode, if Eobard Thawn no longer exists, he didn’t go back in time to kill Barry’s mother. So, ultimately, I think the original timeline in the parallel universe where Barry grew up happily with his mom and dad now exists. We know he still becomes The Flash, so it’s possible that we see a different version of all the characters next season in which the real Harrison Wells finally creates the particle accelerator and Barry becomes the Flash. Cisco is gonna remember everything though about the parallel universes. We see Barry’s life played out as it would have in the original universe. Perhaps this is how Caitlan Snow gets her metahuman powers, like in the comic book. Eddie Thawne is still alive in this universe. Barry gets the girl. Eddie’s life plays out and Eobard Thawn exists again…oh man, I think my head is gonna explode thinking about this circular parralel universes!

          • tvjunkie says:

            The problem is that if Eobard was from an alternate timeline and that’s how he can still have killed Barry’s mother even after Eddie shot himself then this Eobard is not descended from this Eddie and thus Eddie killing himself would have had no effect on Eobard. The fact that Eobard disappeared means that he is from this timeline and no longer exists, so he could not have killed Barry’s mother. There is definitely a time paradox/plot hole if there aren’t drastic changes next season.

          • Rob says:

            My guess is the reason the singularity opened is due to the paradox Eddie caused by shooting himself. Essentially, this alternate timeline couldn’t hold now and so, without Barry’s intervention, would have destroyed itself.

        • Tom says:

          But if future Eobard doesn’t exist then he can never come from the future back to the past to kill Barry’s mom since he doesn’t exist in the future. Little Barry in the past can’t see Eobard in his living room fighting with his future self and ultimately killing his mom because Eobard cant use his speed to create a wormhole from the future to the past if he doesn’t exist in the future.

          • ray says:

            If Eobard was never born, Eddie would’ve never killed himself and Eobard will still be born in the future.

      • zeus9896 says:

        There using the time travel explaination that what’s done is done and since Barry didn’t change nothing it’s she.. But yes with eddie killing himself it erases eabard but what he did is done and won’t change but the future will now be different. But the past can’t be change or messed with

    • Ray says:

      Eddie got sucked into the wormhole. Theoretically (as far as scifi goes) wormholes exist in and out of time. Eddie is not truly dead since he got sucked into it. In effect neither is Eobard.

      • Mary says:

        Actually Eddie was dead when he was pulled into the black hole. The wormhole was shut down by Caitlin.

        • Danel says:

          Just speculation, what if somehow he ends up in another time and somehow is brought back to life? I personally find it hard to believe that the Reverse-Flash will just disappear like that since he is one of the main enemy’s the Flash will always have.

      • leo says:

        If the person that started your bloodline dies any future offsprine from the line ceases to exist Eddie was dead by the time he got sucked in

        • N says:

          Think about this: instead of killing himself, Eddie could have prevented it all after learning about his lineage by getting a vasectomy.

          • Gerald says:

            I have said Castrate Eddie from the beginning. Too bad he didn’t just shoot himself in the family jewels… It was a nice Gesture and quick thinking on Eddie’s part.

          • dft426 says:

            or there could have been an adoption… just because the last name thawne lives on, doesn’t mean the genetic lineage does… :)

          • Leila says:


          • leo says:

            Let me safe you all the trouble. As long as Eddie is alive so is Eobard. You could cut his man parts off and He can still have a child by other means. The only way for Eobard not to exist is to kill the person that started the blood line that gives birth to Eobard

      • Daniel says:

        Eobard didn’t die. Once Eddie shot himself, the timeline changed and Eobard was erased from existence

        • ray says:

          Eddie killed off his lineage after he shot himself. That means eobard was never born and didnt go back in time to kill Nora. Eddie would never have shot himself.. So, If eddie didn’t kill himself, eobard will still be born and will go back in time and up being erased from reality again. So he will be stuck in a continuous loop. I believe the wormhole was created because 2 realities are being merged in the same timeline. One where Eddie killed himself, and one where he didn’t kiil himself.

    • Jerry says:

      I’m confused because Reverse Flash is from the previous timeline, so why would Eddie dying in this one erase him from existence? Oh time travel

      • herman1959 says:

        Reverse Flash is from the future (he traveled back in time and was stuck). Eddie came first, therefore, no Eddie, no Reverse Flash.

        • LK says:

          But if Reverse Flash never exited then Eddie would have no reason to kill himself and thus the reverse flash would exist and then eddie would kill himself but then the reverse flash wouldnt exist…… time travel… argh!!!!

          • Elissa says:

            Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey….Stuff

          • Jim says:

            He existed right up until the point where Eddie killed himself. The changes have already been made & are set in stone. 2015 is the point where the timeline is changed & is now an alternate timeline.

          • Jon says:

            Yes, what you’re describing is called the Grandfather paradox.

          • leo says:

            That is where you are Wrong LK as long as Eddie exists Reverse Flash exists because Eddie is the patriarch of the line that creates Eobard. His offsprings offsprings create Eobard Thawne. If you look closely Eobard fades awate from existance because Eddie shot himself

          • Luis says:

            I believe the giant honking wormhole over Central City is the result of the paradox Eddie created by shooting himself

        • Tom says:

          @herman1959 But Eobard is from the future of a completely different timeline ( alternate universe ) so technically Eobard will still exist in the alternate timeline ( universe ) no matter what happens in the new timeline. Eobard technically originates from the future of the timeline in which Barry’s mom lives. Had Eobard managed to get to the future in Cisco’s time machine he still would not have got back to the dimension he originated from. Eobard would have went to the future of the “Barry’s Mom Dies” timeline but Eobard originates from the future of the “Barry’s Mom Lives” timeline. So technically Eobard could have got to the future but not the future of his original timeline ( dimension ).

      • Jody says:

        It’s the grandfather paradox.

    • tsukikomew89 says:

      The general premise of tonight’s episode revealed the fact “this” was an alternate timeline that existed because Eobard went back to kill Barry and Future Barry stopped him. That would imply “this” timeline is now another skewed timeline where Eobard died but everything up to that point was intact. It’s sort of like “Back to the Future 2”. Because of the event, the timeline changed to alternate 1985. Everything else was intact. So in essence, Eobard existed and killed Harrison Wells. This led to the event of Eddie killing himself to erase Eobard. Without Eobard’s existence up to this point, Eddie could not have killed himself to save them all. So this EVENT altered the timeline moving forward. Arguably Eobard could not return to HIS timeline anyway. He would go to the altered timeline that came out of him killed Barry’s mother.

      • tsukikomew89 says:

        *killing Barry’s mother.

        So we have 3 timelines.

        1. Barry’s mother lives and Barry becomes the Flash anyway. Eobard could not have come back to kill him unless Barry became the Flash.

        2. The Show’s timeline up to the end scene of the season finale.

        3. The New Timeline where Eddie kills himself, taking Eobard out of existence.

        *Traveling to the future would only take them to the future of the third reality unless they first traveled back in time and negated the event which caused the new timeline.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          You are awarded 750 TVLine Power User Points* for offering the most crystal-clear synopsis of WTF is going on. Personally, I thank you. (*No cash value)

          • tsukikomew89 says:

            Thanks! It’s sort of how anything Barry witnessed while running at Mach 2 is up for grabs. The events that would lead up to those things happening might never happen now that Eddie is dead, Eobard is “gone”, and the third timeline is reigning supreme.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Ohhh, I better see Caitlin in that get-up again. Don’t make me rescind your points!

          • tsukikomew89 says:

            It did not give me the option to reply to your Caitlin comment. I cannot see how they would not allow that to happen since they’ve been teasing it thus far. Arguably the method could be different or the circumstances. We wouldn’t know that though since we’re in the third timeline and would have no way of knowing which events led to it in the second timeline.

          • herman1959 says:

            So, does this mean that in September Tom C. will be playing the REAL Harrison Wells?

          • Jooshua says:

            Caitlin as Killer Frost in the Speed Force was awesome, but did you catch that scene of Barry in prison? Was that an alternate timeline?

          • Royce Navera says:

            couldThe Barry in prison scene be tthe trial of the flash when he killed the reverse flash?

          • Sarah says:

            Except we could still see Caitlin be Killer Frost through Cisco’s interdimensional powers without our show’s timeline version of Caitlin ever becoming her. All these alternate universes open up the possibility of seeing a variety of outcomes for our characters.

        • Jonathon says:

          Let me be the first in this thread to say…”this is heavy.”

        • Erin says:

          But what about the timeline in a previous episode where Wells looked at a future episode and Barry never even became the Flash?

        • schrutebucks1383 says:

          This is a great explanation!

        • Perry says:

          Ehm, shouldn’t the timelines be something like this?

          Timeline 1: where Barry’s mother staid alive. Barry became the Flash. Fights with the Reverse Flash at some point. Both go back to Barry’s childhood.

          Timeline 2: comes into existence when Barry’s mother is killed by the Reverse Flash (from timeline 1). This is the timeline for most of season 1. Barry get’s taken in by the Wests. Dr. Wells gets substituted by the stuck Reverse Flash from timeline 1. Barry get’s hit by lightning because of the STARlabs experiment. This timeline ends with Barry traveling back in time one day to stop a tsunami. Cisco was killed in this timeline.

          Timeline 3: The tsunami never happened. Cisco was not killed, but remembers events from timeline 2. Barry (from timeline 2) goes on to the finale of season 1. There he travels back to the event of his mother being killed. He does not prevent this and returns to the present.
          Since the Reverse Flash concluded that Barry hasn’t saved his mother, this must still be timeline 3 or an alternate timeline that branched of off timeline 2 somewhere.
          Since the Reverse Flash was born in timeline 1, Eddie of timeline 2, 3, or 4 killing himself would not affect the RF’s existence. His Eddie (timeline 1) would still exist, since the branching off happened earlier in the timestream.

          Note: The sudden appearance of the singularity cannot be explained by these events, unless unmentioned events took place to cause this.

          I am curious what explanation the writers will give for these events.

      • ? says:

        Spend enough time thinking about it and you’ll realize there’s no way to make time travel make sense. Whatever writers decide to do when they use it in stories, you’re better off just going along with it. This explanation is as close to one that makes sense as you’ll get.

        It seems very obvious to me that the wormhole, singularity, or whatever, can actually also go to a parallel earth. That’s where Jay Garrick’s helmet came from–a different world where Jay’s the Flash, not Barry. This is straight out of the comics (one world is known as Earth-1, one is known as Earth-2, but don’t ask me which is which), and it gets all kinds of convoluted and complicated and confusing. Is Barry going to go there in the season opener? Probably not, but he might be made aware of its existence and it may have something to do with why the singularity didn’t go away (that plus the massive timeline change caused by Eddie’s death) and it might have something to do with how they fix it.

        Given that the singularity probably connects to a parallel reality, I don’t think it’s an accident they explicitly showed Eddie’s body being sucked into it. I don’t think Eddie’s forever-dead. Maybe him being alive in the other reality solves the paradox somehow? Whatever explanation they go with will probably be as simple and as non-science-fiction-y as possible, but regardless, I really, really doubt we’ve seen the last of Eddie.

        Oh and did I see a scene from the Legends of Tomorrow pilot in the visions of the future, too? Very cool!

        • Akintola says:

          Barry Allen is on earth 1 and jay Garrick is on earth 2 until the crisis on infinite earth after that the multiverses merge and earth 1 becomes the only universe with traits from the other ones

        • james says:

          Legends of Tomorrow is what it’s all about, whatever happens to the Flash has to link in some way with this Arrow / Flash spin-off. It’s certainly a creative writing challenge, perhaps they should hire the ‘Continuum’ script writers to get a little advice on understanding time paradox. In reality the Flash should no longer exist because his creator Eobard no longer exists, after all Eobard did create the technology that explodes creating the rift in time and space in the first place, which no doubt will be the reason to introduce the mysterious Dr.Who time lord character in Legends of Tomorrow. Reverse Flash will definitely be making a return, meeting up with the Flash when the Worm Hole closes, naturally the season one Flash saves his Earth, or does he?.

      • John NYC says:

        Possibly not changed exactly, but split, this was mentioned by Garber’s character btw (IIRC), so on Eddie’s death the timeline splits… going forward there’s a line without Eobard and one with (the line where Eddies doesn’t die), but they have a common root in the one WITH Eobard looping back. It’s just now there’s a branch off from that where Eobard doesn’t exist at the point where Eddie died. Eobard still exists in the other branch so he still can go back and kill Barry’s mom. It’s an unbranched universe that has all the time changing inconsistencies . This one clearly branches.

        • Gail says:

          By this reasoning every someone makes a choice a new split happens where in one reality you chose A and another reality you chose B. Where do we go on vacation, Orlando or Paris. A split shows what happened in life when you go to Orlando the other when you go to Paris. That is an a lot of splits and alternate Universes .

          • John NYC says:

            Indeed, infinity is very big.

          • Kalli says:

            That’s quantum string theory for you.

          • Caboose says:

            This right here is actually explained by DC in the crisis on infinite earths animated movie. Owl Man (batman’s opposite) explains that there are infinite branches of earths (timelines as we are calling them in this discussion) that are created from the 1 singular original earth. Every choice made by every person and living thing creates a new earth (or timeline) and another earth is created by the oyher choice they could have made. This explains DCs theorem on time travel and multidimensional existence. Thus meaning that this show “flash” will be based off of the earth created by Eobard killing Nora Allen and basically creating the flash himself. This will give the show and it’s writers the ability to introduce characters and create them in a way that fits the current earth’s timeline and needs without damaging the integrity of the aforementioned character’s TRUE origin story. In summation, this episode explains that this entire show is going to be a story of Barry Allen’s Flash as it existed in the Earth (timeline) made by Original Barry and Original Eobard. It means this show has effectively created it’s own DC universe in which it can create new storylines for already existing characters, and be able to introduce them in a manner that fits the show, while still staying close to the origins of the DC universe and putting their own spin on it.

            Your mind has been blown.

      • Ana says:

        Dude or dudetter THANK YOU so much for this explanation, i think the whole flash fandom are toinground and round with all the possibilites this puts in an order i understand.

    • peanut says:

      Exactly. Eddie changed everything. Thre is no partcle acclerator accident, no metahumans, no flash. Barry’s mom coul still be alive.

      • tsukikomew89 says:

        No it changes nothing. Everything up to this point happened. The show now exists within a third reality with the defining event being Eddie’s death. All the stuff that has happened thus far had to happen for the current timeline to exist. All of season one existed in the second timeline. Now we are in the third parallel universe where Eddie died killing Eobard. Had that moment changed the past drastically, Barry would have lost his speed and no one would remember those events. BECAUSE they remember the events the show must now exist in a third timeline.

        • Rachie says:

          What you just said is the only thing I have understood thus far. In the 3rd parellel it doesn’t start over, it starts from the present! Thank you so much, tsukikomew89! Seriously, my brain was hurting!

        • darthbek says:

          I think the only thing I’d add is we’re actually in the 4th timeline? I definitely could be wrong.
          1) Original Timeline – Barry’s mom isn’t killed, Barry becomes the Flash some other way.
          2) Season 1.0-1.5 – Barry’s mom is killed, everything up until he goes back in time 1 day.
          3) Season 1.5-Finale – Aaaaalmost exactly like (2) except Cisco doesn’t die, no Iris I love you, etc. Eddie dies.
          4) New Timeline — Starting the moment Eddie dies, diverging from (3) into it’s own.

          I find it actually pretty easy, if you simply assume new universes are being created. F* if I know how Arrow fits anymore, but if we could get Tommy back… yeaaah… thanks. :D

          • SPearl says:

            Don’t forget that when Barry went back to save his mom, his future self stopped him. Which means in some version of reality, Barry actually did save his mom when he went back, and it screwed everything up. So he stops his past self from doing it again. Right?

          • darthbek says:

            Spearl – That is definitely possible, or it could be Future Barry knows something he does is too important to let saving Nora happen. But either one is definitely plausible.

        • AddieM says:

          @tsukikomew89 thanks for spelling this out so clearly…when you explain in like that it makes sense.

      • Jim says:

        No, the particle accelerator accident still happened, otherwise Barry wouldn’t have superspeed anymore.

      • herman1959 says:

        OK then, there will be a lot of explaining to do in September.

      • John NYC says:

        He changed everything in ONE timeline branch moving forward, the other branch where he didn’t die remains, and it’s from that branch that Eobard goes back and kills Barry’s mom etc. Her death is a common point to both branches, which is why the accelerator still exists as well as Barry as The Flash….

      • Wil says:

        This makes the most sense.

    • Vishak v says:

      I am confused..
      Eddie killed himself which meant eobard thawne no longer exists..which means the latter could not go to past to kill Barry’s mother..which means Barry’s mother is alive..which means barry lives happily with both parents with iris still being his best friend..which means the real Harrison wells is alive..which means he and his wife together creates the particle accelerator.,.which means only after 2020 does barry gets his powers..Wtf..y?

      • John NYC says:

        No longer exists in one branch of time, in others he still does and it’s from then that he goes back and kills Barry’s mom etc. Eddie’s death is a branch point going forward, with one branch being the one that created Eobard.

        Barber’s character established (speculated, introduced) the concept of branching timelines.

    • javadude54 says:

      Well, he ceases to exist in THAT timeline.

    • that is the very definition of a time paradox

      • John NYC says:

        Only without branching, if there’s only a single timeline then there’s paradox: with branching and multiple timelines, and Garber’s chapter introduced that, then there’s not, just different tracks that have a joint origin. Barry’s mom’s death exists in both while forward from Eddie’s death Eobard only exists in the one where Eddie didn’t die. And he went back to kill Barry’s mom from that branch.

    • AddieM says:

      The one thing I’m clear on is that all future timelines with Eobard Thawne all stem from one point which is the existence of Eddie. Now that Eddie is DEAD Eobard does not exist anymore in any of the other timelines. So we should not be seeing Wells/Eobard next season.

      • John NYC says:

        Only for the timelines where Eddie died, for the ones where he made a different choice Eobard still exists and can go back to kill Barry’s mom etc.

    • Jim says:

      What’s done is done. The changes Eobard made before Eddie kills himself in 2015 won’t retroactively undo themselves. Otherwise, Barry would have lost the speed force. Anything Eobard might have done after Eddie killed himself would be averted, but we don’t know what those were.

    • Dj says:

      Maybe Eddie killing himself caused the wormhole to open as it’s erasing their reality because without Eobard actions that reality doesn’t exist.

    • Ryan says:

      Very Interesting, love this show.

    • arianeb says:

      My favorite TV time theory is from “Continuum”, which is “causality only happens in one time direction” therefore paradoxes just happen and you can’t really do anything about changing the future.
      If “Continuum” rules applied, then Barry’s mom dying from time travelers can still happen, but then Eddie killing himself would not have erased Eobard. (And wouldn’t it have been easier for Eddie to just get a vasectomy?)
      So if “Continuum” rules don’t apply, we must be using “Back to the Future” rules creating alternate timelines.
      Maybe the black hole will swallow up the bad timeline and series will revert to a previous timeline before Barry entered the wormhole, and because Cisco seems to have the ability to remember alternative timelines, he will stop Barry from going through with the experiment, and Iris and Eddie will live happily ever after.

    • starmaiden says:

      that also means no Flash

    • EXACTLY. Who knows what could happen next season.

    • Tom says:

      If The Flash ( Barry ) did save his mom like he was supposed to then Eobard ( Reverse Flash ) could never have flew the time machine through the wormhole. If the past had changed then the present would be completely different. When Barry came back out of the wormhole there may not have been a S.T.A.R. Labs at all. So why would Eobard even want Barry to save his mom before Eobard goes though the wormhole because Barry saving his mom potentially means Barry never becomes Flash, Eobard never takes on Dr. Wells identity, and Cisco never builds the time machine. Also, Barry probably would have lost his powers the instant he saved his mom cause the events that gave him his his powers would not have happened. If Barry saved his mom Barry would probably have instantly disappeared because the events that lead him to save his mom would never have happened.

    • Jonathan says:

      Eobard Thawne killed Original Wells and then became Wells to build the what so called Particle Accelerator. Meaning he want to preserve the time that people knew Original Wells and dont want to change the timeline from that point because even Barry’s mother did’nt die or killed by him, most likely the Original Wells will build the Particle Accelerator and accidentally make Barry as The Flash…Remember there was an episode that Eobard says to Original Wells before he killed him that the latter will going to build The Accelerator on certain year…Anyway, correct me if I’m wrong…I want answers also…

      • Dj says:

        Yes Wells was going to always invent the Particle Accelerator, but it would have been in the year 2020. By replacing Wells he was able to do it an earlier date.

    • MIK says:

      AGREED!! 100%

    • Jerry says:

      Eddie should have just shot his own balls, instead of shooting his heart.
      Guess having everyone yelling “No Eddie! Why did you shoot your balls?!” would have sounded less heroic. But he would have saved the day still.

    • Karla says:

      I was thinking the same thing.. If he never existed in the future then barrys mom suppose to be alive ..

    • Ryan Mann says:

      They never said for sure how Eddie was related to Eobard. It is possible that Eobard was protecting him to ensure he grows up in a certain relative’s house so he ends up the same. Maybe eddie dieing simply changed Eobards childhood. As such he could still be alive, and still be the reverse flash, but maybe made different choices and ended up being way worse (e.g. Professor Zoom). So maybe Zoom in s2 is a much worse version of Eobard. Haven’t started S2 yet, so I don’t know.

    • samuel says:

      it was sure that reverse flash was way faster than flash, so why did he choose barry to run and hit the hydrogen particle, when he could do it by himself and reach his time

  2. Russ Cross says:

    I liked seeing Jay Garrick’s helmet make a cameo appearance.

    • Ant Holland says:

      Me too, it was a nice touch amidst the chaos

      • Mamma Mia says:

        Who was/is Jay Garrick? I must have missed this character.

        • Richard says:

          The Golden Age Flash, the very first Flash. Costumed patterned a bit after the Roman God Mercury. Would love to have him appear!

        • herman1959 says:

          In the comics, Barry Allen was actually the second Flash, the original one was named Jay Garrick and as part of his superhero costume he wore a winged helmet. This is the helmet that fell out of the worm whole as a cue to Eobard/Harrison that it was time to depart. The past was literally “catching up with him”…cool, right? You would have to have known this to understand the scene, but you can look it up now on the internet – I did. FYI: a future version of The Flash is Barry and Iris’s son.

        • Kim R says:

          I was going to ask this question. I am not familiar with the comic so a lot of these details are lost on me until I come here and get filled in. The helmet had me confused…well….a lot of this have me confused at this point! :D

    • Tai says:

      I jumped when I saw that. Especially when Eobard was like “that’s my cue to go”. That was a fun moment.

    • Luis says:

      FLASH OF TWO WORLDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The moment I saw that helmet, the 12 year-old boy inside me started screaming and bouncing off the walls!

    • Briggs says:

      Jay Garrick! I loved that, too. And that Eobard knew what it was. “Tha’ts my cue to leave.” Yeah, it is…

  3. DG says:

    Can someone explain why Reverse Flash can’t stand Barry if he was over 100 years old?? Am I to presume they cross paths because Barry time travels a lot??

    • Gail says:

      We don’t know yet. Alternate Universes and all. Barry was always supposed to be the Flash. Reverse Flash went into the past and killed Barry’s mother, which prevented Barry from becoming the Flash. That is alternate Universe #1. Reverse Flash got stuck in the past and realized that Barry must become the Flash so that the Reverse Flash can return to his home. Reverse Flash causes Barry to get his powers. That is alternate Universe #2 and the Universe this season has been about. We don’t know how Barry got his powers in the original timeline. Nor do we know how and why Barry and Reverse Flash have been fighting for centuries. Future stories will probably reveal that.

      • Tharange says:

        Yes we do. Eobard mentions that Well’s accelerator explodes in 20 years from now and that he wants it to happen soon when he was about to kill him 15 years ago. So that means Original Flash could have gained powers due to that. But in the shows timeline Barry became Flash quicker than previous and that he got to work closely with KIller frost and Reverse flash. In timeline 3 following this episode, little Barry would still grow up without a mum and with his Dad in prison yet he will supposedly gain his powers 20 years from then instead of earlier due to the fact that Reverse Flash doesn’t exist. So everything will work out the same as Timeline 1 except he would have to live with the fact that his mum died. So he will go back in time so save her thus Show’s Barry will tell him not to…Paradox indeed huh

        • peanut says:

          Good point and good memory!

        • herman1959 says:

          Yes, I think I remember that it was taking Eobard too long to build the accelerator, but he thought Wells could do it faster. So that’s why he killed Wells and took his body. So, now I’m thinking that when the show comes back in September, the true Harrison Wells will be back.

        • Gail says:

          How about the original timeline being the original origin of Barry Allen from the comics, where a random lighting bolt struck chemicals that dosed Barry. The whole particle accelerator could have been Reverse Flash’s way to artificially recreate this event after he killed Barry’s Mom when he found it necessary for Barry to become the Flash after he first tried to prevent it.

          It was much easier in the Silver Age of DC comics, where the rules were that you couldn’t change history. Superman couldn’t stop Lincoln’s assassination for example. Fate would cause it to happen no matter what Superman did to try tp prevent it.

        • wytworm says:

          He doesn’t mention it exploding. He mentions it is created and revolutionizes the world.

    • April says:

      @DG if I remember correctly in the comics Eobard was a huge fan of Barry in the 25th century. He recreated the same exact event that gave Barry his speed. He then wanted to meet Barry and used the cosmic treadmill to travel back in time but landed after the death of Barry. The traveling through time kind of made him crazy. And things got crazy. He gets sent to the future memory wiped of the events. Until Barry travels to the future and rhey fight again. Then Eobard decides to travel back in time to get revenge. And pops up every so often to cause chaos.

      Hope that helps a bit.

    • leo says:

      That is hard to explain, but in the future he idolizes Barry, but then he went back in time so he could team up with Barry,and he learned that he would be Barry’s greatest enemy. That drove Eobard insane

  4. Jake says:

    Couldn’t he have gotten a vasectomy?

    • BTM says:

      At least shot himself … there?

      • Drew says:

        Or… Not have sex. People do that too.

        • kibbie says:

          Well yes there are other ways to prevent a child people with vasectomy sometimes still produce one and or it can be reversed… Eddie did what he did bc he did not want the risk that for any reason reverse flash would come to be… it was brave and courageous to make that ult sacrifice. ..
          also no man is gonna multilate that part and the. Live another 40 years … just saying

      • Laziel says:

        Well, ignoring the fact that shooting himself there could just as easily have killed him (As it happens, there are some major blood flow in that area) and the low chances that shooting himself there would make him -completely- unable to have children, there is an insane bond between a man and his unit that defies reason. Ask a man what he’d rather loose, both his arms and a leg or his unit, and two thirds would say his arms and the leg without missing a beat. The one third left would have to seriously think about it first before reluctantly, very reluctantly, saying unit. “Protect the unit!” is hard coded into a guys DNA, so in a real situation it wouldn’t cross his mind, and in this fictional one, it never crossed the mind of the writers. It’s too inconceivable.

  5. kate says:

    When. You come back you should probably refer to it as The Singularly. I could never follow exactly but that is a huge event in the DC universe. Like we should all just go back to wondering if Oliver will have a beard like the comics. But we saw Rip’s hat!

  6. herman1959 says:

    Excelsior! I loved it…so many people sacrificing their own needs for the greater good – Barry, Joe, and EDDIE! OMG, he was beautiful, and to think I couldn’t stand him for much of the season. The best thing was that I kept thinking that I knew what was coming next, but it was always different than I had thought. September can’t come fast enough.

  7. Rachel says:

    I love all Joe/Barry interactions and tonight was no exception.

  8. Jimmy says:

    Excellent season finale. The show went in directions I didn’t expect. While Eddie’s death was emotional and shocking, the best scene was between Barry and his mom. I was actually rooting for her to live, but like that the show didn’t take the easy way out.

  9. Drew says:

    But is Eddie really dead, or did he get sucked to another point in time, or another universe, and live?
    Good finale. I loved seeing Jay’s helmet and the Hawkgirl cameo. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    • Drew says:

      Okay, so did future Flash tell Barry not to save his mother because A. It causes badness in the present, or B. He needed the singularity to happen?

      • herman1959 says:

        No, future Flash was telling Barry to wait because he was only supposed to save his mother AFTER future Flash saved Barry’s younger self. Barry was so emotional that he forgot to wait so future Flash reminded him. Grant Gustin was so good.

        • Jim says:

          That’s not my take. Future Barry waved him off & prevented him from saving his mom because of the disastrous effects it would cause. Future Barry knew Present Barry was there because he’d done that before. Barry was emotional because he knew he had to let his mom die again in order to save the future.

        • Joey says:

          In the Flashpoint comic series, Barry wakes up one day to find that he is no longer The Flash, that Nora is alive, and that the world is completely different, and not in a good way. Aquaman and Atlantis is at war with Wonder Woman and the Amazons. That war has already devastated the world, and it only gets worse. Eventually Barry finds out that Thawne had gone back in time and prevented Nora’s death, the defining moment in Barry’s life that led him to being the Flash. Eventually the war comes to its climax, with the Earth pretty much about to be destroyed. Barry, having regained his powers, travels back in time to stop Thawne, and to let his mother die. This resets the timeline and everything is restored to normal.

          I think the future Barry in this episode was telling present Barry to stand down, because if Nora lives, the future is a far worse place than what Barry had currently lived through. The CW could never show the Flashpoint timeline, because of budget constraints and DC’s terrible managing of their film and TV properties. This was possibly the show’s way of acknowledging the Flashpoint timeline, while also saying they can’t or won’t ever really show it.

          • Jake says:

            No, everything isn’t restored to normal. Barry’s going back to save his mother helps to change the timeline again causing reverberations throughout time creating the New 52 universe.

        • dmerrill88 says:

          You are wrong herman1959.

        • Erin says:

          I agree with the other responses, future Flash was telling Barry *not* to save his mother. He must have known that if he did it would somehow make the future worse.

          • DCgeez says:

            Well, besides “future Flash” not wanting Barry to save his mom, you also have the glaring fact that Eobard/Wells WANTED Barry to save his mom….and nobody, even Barry, questioned why. “I’m giving you a chance to undo all of my evil…why wouldn’t you take that chance?”. Really? Why would they trust ANYTHING that murdering, Flash-hating psycho said? They should have ALL smelled a rat, when Reverse Flash suggested he do that. This plot point made all of Team Barry look like idiots.

            Also…how does Berlanti & his writers try to explain all this convoluted time-travel mess to new viewers next year? Yeah, good luck with that. (confusing enough for the hardcore fans!!)

    • haydon says:

      It could be that Eddie may feature in one of the legends of tomorrow episodes. Considering they will be travelling through time to fight vandal savage. so stoked see where they go from here!

  10. rachelle says:

    This episode was everything. Grant Gustin’s ability to turn on the waterworks is just so freaking amazing! The scene with Nora. Omg, I cried like a baby. I love Barry’s relationship with Joe. Their scenes together were so good. I could say more, but I can’t gather my thoughts. Just this show! This episode made me feel all the emotions.

  11. Jenny Wine says:

    No one is commenting on Barry in cuffs at Iron Heights?!?!?!?!

  12. TVPeong says:

    Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) was on point tonight. His scenes with Barry and Cisco were so good. I hope they figure out some way to bring him back
    Barry really is the heart of the show. His scenes with everyone were powerful… Joe, Iris, his dad, Doctor Wells and most especially with his mom. I was hoping that he would save her.
    Did Future Barry tell present Barry not to save his mom?
    Why did Iris go back to Eddie?
    One of the best finales this year!!!

    • @tvneuroepi says:

      According to the new EW article, Tom Cavanagh will continue as a series regular in Season 2.

    • Kira says:

      I agree I know that Dr. Wells/Thawne is super evil and everthing, but OMG I love to hear him say “Run Barry, Run…” He is my favorite character on the show apart from Barry obviously, I really hope he comes back in September.

    • star.shine says:

      If barry had saved his mom, does that mean wells COULD have gone back to his personal timeline in the future? Because, he came from a future where Nora allen was alive, if she didn’t die (because barry saved her) maybe the wormhole would have taken wells to his own future, the obe he left from, not an alternate future, one where Nora did die.

  13. madhatter360 says:

    Ok, but isn’t Eddie killing himself literally the (great-great-great…)Grandfather Paradox?

    • Lea says:

      No, because the show uses the multiverse theory – changing time creates a new timeline, apart from the original one. Stein and Cisco said so with every word.

  14. Jim says:

    When Eddie killed himself, thus erasing Eobard, wouldn’t Barry’s mom not have been killed by Eobard in the past and thus still be alive in the present? And wouldn’t the real Dr. Wells not have been killed by Eobard? And wouldn’t Eobard / Dr. Wells not have constructed the particle accelerator when he did and therefore it wouldn’t have exploded and made Barry into The Flash? Shouldn’t the present timeline have been altered ALLOT more than just Eobard being erased from existence?

    • Drew says:

      But if that were the case, Eobard would exist again, until Eddie killed himself. Then he wouldn’t exist… Which would result in his existing.

    • Lea says:

      No, because the show uses the multiverse theory – changing time creates a new timeline, apart from the original one. Stein and Cisco said so with every word.

      Changing time changes everything that will happen from now on, not things that already happened. Alternate time becomes alternate dimension.

      • peanut says:

        Is that bad science or good sciene? Fascinating. Maybe sheldon cooper will comment on it on bbt.

        • DocM says:

          Timeline branching as we’re seeing it is straight out of string theory, a proposed “Theory of Everything” that would explain all of nature. There have been PBS episodes galore explaining it and it’s often very strange ramifications.

    • kibbie says:

      Remember in the earlier episode though wells makes the accelerator he does all by himself but in 20 years… so flash was becoming flash anyway eobard sped up time line was all (he said it go back n re watch real wells death )cause he didn’t want to wait that long. … so I think flash can still become flash without eobard. But just took longer ….

  15. Gail says:

    i see hard times for Cisco. If he can remember every time the timeline changes. How does he convince people that things are not they way they are supposed to be.

  16. Rachel says:

    I wish Barry could’ve saved his dad from taking the rap for Nora’s murder. :/

    • Manuel Soto says:

      If he would have carried him miles away from where his mom died to the point where he wouldn’t have been a suspect in the murder I think that would have worked. Although, it would change the future which I guess he decided not to do.

  17. James D says:

    did they seriously just kill off the Reverse Flash if so that was so stupid what a complete waste of a pretty major character in Flash lore. the end scene was pretty idiotic too I know its a comic book show and a sci-fi but how does Barry think he can stop a black hole I know Flash is fast but he isn’t fast enough to stop or escape a black hole. other than those two major things i liked the episode. very good acting from Grant tonight. look forward to season 2

    • James D says:

      I guess technically Flash can run faster than light thus theoretically escaping a black hole. Still that seemed silly to me. Sorry it’s my rational brain taking over when it shouldn’t :)

    • Gail says:

      Definitely not. With time travel and alternate Universes, an alternate version from another Universe or a version from the future but from before he went to the past to kill Nora will be sure to show up.

    • Drew says:

      The speed force is massive energy… Maybe he doesn’t necessarily have to run that fast in order to tap into the speed force and close the singularity.
      It is a pretty handy McGuffin.

    • Lorna says:

      Remember when Barry saved Central City from Weather Wizard’s tsunami only to have Captain Cold kidnap Cisco and learn his secret identity instead?

      I’m sure Time will solve the Eobard-shaped hole its plot line in an equally could-be-worse scenario.

  18. Luke says:

    Nobody is commenting on Killer Frost’s look and was it just me or was there something that looked like the Reverse Flash’s ring around Eddie’s neck just before his body got dragged into the singularity? could be a nod to his future(or at least the fact that he still has a future)?

    • Marco says:

      OMG Didn’t see the ring. It appears out of NOWHERE. This is clearly one of the most important parts of tonight’s episode! Thank you for pointig it out!

  19. Jenny Wine says:

    I thought since Eddie died, the wormhole was the universe “fixing” itself from Reverse Flash’s actions resulting in the world getting swallowed up and then will be spit out “correctly” without Reverse Flash’s actions. I think season two will be a new universe that Barry ends up in- no particle accelerator, the real Dr. Wells, parents safe, etc. I like to think that Barry would have ended up at STAR Labs had he not gone into law enforcement. Cisco will bring it all together- BAM! Season Two.

  20. Tyler Corsello says:

    How can barry stop the singularity. What if the singularity sends him into the alternate time line where he has to work with the ( white emblem ) future barry to get back home?

  21. Ab says:

    i thought this was absolutely fantastic! I loved it!! Brilliantly acted, grant gustin. You broke my heart.

    That said… Point to ponder… Eddie kills himself and erases Eobard’s existence. Well, then he never came back to kill Barry’s mom… He never got stuck here… He didn’t take over Barrison Wells’ ID… See where this goes? And apparently many of you do!! Oh the conundrum of time travel…

    • 134sc says:

      Well maybe they pulled a FRINGE.

      As long as Eddie was a constant in this timeline, there was always the potential for Eobard to exist, therefore he did exist. Once Eddie was not a constant (died), Eobard no longer had the potential to exist, therefore he seized to exist in that moment. This however, does not undo everything Eobard did up until that point because Eddie’s death closed the timeline and created a new one, but with the previous timeline’s history.

      In the future of the timeline shown in season 1, Eobard goes back to the night of Nora’s death, but he gets stuck and cant go back. 15 years later, Eddie dies. A new future (timeline) is created from that point forward in which Eobard does not exist. The only Eobard that exists now is from the previous timelines future, but there is now a continuous loop which will always result in Eobard’s erasure, because of Eddie. That is until somebody goes back and changes that timeline…

      O man, my head hurts.

  22. Manuel Soto says:

    Barry stops the singularity and because it was caused by Eddie’s death, stopping the black hole means Eddie lives (He doesn’t know though) and as a result Eobard returns. Also, the black hole in interstellar is way cooler.

  23. Manuel Soto says:

    Well with those three choices I think death was probably the better option.

  24. If Eobards dead…then does that undo Dr Wells death since he doesnt exist to murder the guy? …..Cause i really like Tom Cavanagh…

    • leo says:

      In theory yes, but that would mean that the PA explodes in 2020 like Eobard told Doctor Wells before he killed him

  25. sarah says:

    Time travel always gives me a headache…

    Great episode, and I will be on pins and needles for the next season. Can’t wait to see what frosty things Caitlyn will be up to, and Cisco discovering how his own ability really works.

    I love this show. And if people are correct in saying that we won’t see the last of Eobard (and we shouldn’t, he was brilliant)… bring it on.

  26. KayCeeCee says:

    Cisco is a metahuman!!

  27. Since its implied that eddie and iris got together for food and possibly romance….wouldnt it be ironic if she was pregnant (these things happen in tv land) and Eddies sacrifice was really pointless…..

  28. Linda says:

    You didn’t mention that Caitlyn and Ronnie got married? Aw, it was so sweet.

  29. Kevin Bradley says:

    You forgot, “May the Speed Force be with you.”

  30. If Eobard ceases to exist, that should create a paradox since he would then have not killed Barry’s mom. Failing to follow through with that would be shoddy writing.

  31. Joey Padron says:

    Good season finale. It was good to see Caitlin as Killer Frost in vision of time travel Barry went thru. Happy Ronnie & Caitlin got married. Surprised Cisco is a meta-human. Surprised Eddie shot himself to get rid of Resverse Flash of existance. Glad Barry’s mom got to see him as an adult. Good cameo from Hawkgirl. Can’t wait for season 2!

  32. Tarajifan says:

    Best finale I have seen this season

  33. Larry says:

    Best season finale of the year! It was geeky, had action, big moments and damn moving. Great job, show!

  34. STP says:

    “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff”
    Never has this quote been more appropriate than in tonight’ episode. Thanks Doctor Who!

  35. Mich says:

    I thought Future Barry was telling Present Barry NOT to save his mom? Incredible acting job by Grant Gustin.

  36. Alichat says:

    I need to rewatch the ep before I can posit any theories/thoughts/feelings on the episode…..except I love that Cisco threw out the lyric from “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”!

  37. m3rcnate says:

    That was a perfect hour of TV, a perfect season 1 finale. Not for one second was i not 100% engaged both in the story and the emotions. It was beautifully written (both as its own piece and tying in past episodes, potential future easter eggs and more). Perfection.

  38. dan says:

    Eddie didn’t change anything here – he reset it! I think we are back to timeline 1. Because Eobard was never born, he couldn’t trigger the early birth of The Flash. So timeline 1 should now be back in effect because no Eobard means no impersonating Wells, no killing of Barry’s mother, no earlier than intended origin story, no time travel and no motivation for Eddie to ever kill himself. Everything should reset to way it should have been since they wont have any memory of this it’ll play out with Eobard being born. They could get stuck in a loop except Cisco will have memories and will be the key to stabilizing the universe.

    • Luis says:

      You still have Eddie being dead, and all of his ancestors never existing, so the timeline before Thawne’s incursion no longer exists, hence a third universe.

  39. David w says:

    First off how could they do a time travel storyline and not at least give us the cw equivilent of flashpoint paradox. And second of all if Eddie is really Eobards great great great great grandfather and not just a great uncle and shooting himself causes Eobard to disappear from time shouldn’t everything Eobard ever did including killing Barry’s mother and turning Barry into the flash a few years early be undone causing the world to loose flash while facing the singularity. I mean I guess once he’s done fighting the singularity Barry could return down to earth only to realize Effie’s sacrifice totally changed the entire history of the series and he has to find a way to change it back because this new timeline is messed up and doesn’t have the flash to protect it’s people.

  40. rudy desi says:

    So after all this, is the real dr wells alive? And how?

  41. So future Barry shook his head and hand at present Barry, a gesture that clearly tells him not to save his mother, right? I can’t be the only one who saw this. Anyone please tell me you saw it too.

  42. Datya says:

    Why was Eobard so surprised to find out about Cisco remembering the alternate timeline? He had been spying on the team (thats how he knew they were setting a trap for him) so wouldn’t he have heard that part too??

  43. Flick says:

    Did anyone else notice all the awesome things that we saw in the future? Aka Legends of tomorrow and what about barry being in jail??

  44. Pat says:

    I loved the finale and as always, the Flash never fails in keeping me on the edge of my seat. Last night, I understood everything that I was watching but now after reading a lot of the comments and all the analyzing of timelines, you all have managed to screw my head up. YIKES! I feel like Linda Blair in the Exoricist with the scene of her head spinning around less the puking for me. I will wait with great anticipation for Fall to come and the start up of Season 2 of the Flash.

  45. Seth says:

    hey, thanks for the giant spoiler in the title of your article TVLIne. Top notch editorial skills.
    May each and everyone responsible for that have something deeply ruined for them in the months to come, preferably by lazy and boring journalism.

    • Erin says:

      Really? All the headlines tells you is that some people died. Hardly a surprise in this show in the finale. Doesn’t tell you who.

    • Brigid says:

      Whaaaa! Why don’t dumb people learn to not search for shows they didn’t watch?

  46. Calliope says:

    Doesn’t this make one of those Time Machine logic holes? Eddie kills himself to stop his descendant Eobard which erases Eobard from existence…so now Eobard never travels back as a big bad evil villain and Eddie has no reason to kill himself.

    Time travel. Big ball of timey whimey WTF.

  47. Does this mean Iris was Dr. Wells ancestor

    • Lorna says:

      No, because Eobard’s timeline had Iris with Barry, remember? And in his version the particle accelerator took another 5 years to complete, so Iris would not have been waiting outside STAR labs on that night to be mugged, Eddie wouldn’t have arrested the mugger, and they wouldn’t have met. Plus Barry wouldn’t have ended up in a coma having Eddie covering shifts for Joe, thus softening Iris towards him, plus Barry would’ve been around to talk Iris out of accepting a date from her dad’s partner. Assuming Eddie even asked.

  48. Calliope says:

    Okay. Still wondering what happened to Future Flash – where did he go after saving his past-self and warding off his also-past-but-less-so self? Back to his present? Except that present wouldn’t exist anymore, right? So, um, ah…where is he? O_o

  49. Eddie is a stupid drama queen. All he had to do was get a vasectomy. He didn’t have to end his own life.

  50. Lorna says:

    @Matt Webb Mitovich: Could you please corner a Flash producer or showrunner or SOMEONE and get them to explain the time travel…and also where Future Flash went off to? And how the present can be affected by Eobard never existing…except actually existing? And what this all means for Arrow?

    Thank you.

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, PLEASE, Obtain a post-finale interview ASAP, if only to explain what we saw last night, not the actual cliffhangers. Thank you, Lorna.

    • leo says:

      Lorna Future Barry can run at high velocity because he is the one that created the speed force. In The Flash: Rebirth #4, Max Mercury revealed to Barry Allen that the Speed Force was created by Allen, himself, when he became the Silver Age Flash; adding that, “When [Allen runs, he generates] the kinetic wall between the present and the time barrier. It’s an electrical energy that exists in every dimension, every universe, and every era. It touches every part of reality. It contains the knowledge of every place and time. The Speed Force is the all-encompassing Flash Fact.” So in short since he has the capabilites to run fasst enough to go into the past and future it cand be assumed he went back to his own time