Twin Peaks Revival Back On for 'More Than' 9 Episodes as David Lynch, Showtime Resolve Stalemate

Twin Peaks on Showtime Cast

Free pie and coffee for everyone!

David Lynch just confirmed via Twitter that Showtime’s stalled Twin Peaks revival is officially back on — and it will consist of more than the initially-announced nine episodes.

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Showtime president David Nevins followed that up with his own Twin Peaks-y statement, in which he announced that fans will be getting more than nine episodes now. “This damn fine cup of coffee from Mark and David tastes more delicious than ever,” he said. “Totally worth the extra brewing time and the cup is even bigger than we expected. David will direct the whole thing which will total more than the originally announced nine hours. Pre production starts now!”

The Twin Peaks revival was announced in October, with Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost penning all nine episodes (which they have already done), and Lynch directing every installment. In January, Kyle MacLachlan formally signed on to reprise his role as FBI agent Dale Cooper.

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But in April, Lynch announced via Twitter that he was abandoning the project “after 1 year and 4 months of negotiations” because “not enough money was offered to do the script the way I felt it needed to be done.”

Showtime, however, remained hopeful that a compromise could be reached. “Showtime also loves the world of Twin Peaks,” a network rep said in a statement at the time, “and we continue to hold out hope that we can bring it back in all its glory with both of its extraordinary creators, David Lynch and Mark Frost, at its helm.”

Shortly thereafter, the show’s stars, led by Madchen Amick, released a video supporting Lynch, in which they each offered distinct, often character-specific reasons why Showtime moving ahead without their fearless leader would be a huge mistake.

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  1. crazyforsushi says:


  2. johnhelvete says:

    Will be interesting to hear how many episodes Lynch is directing and what compromises were reach that led to the two parties coming to terms. I dont think it is 100% essential that Lynch directs all 9 episodes, just for him to direct at least two episodes and to be involved in the editing/visual look of the entire series.

    • Arvin Vaziri says:

      It has been announced from the beginning that Lynch will direct all episodes. Frankly i think it should have been done that way from the beginning, although i respect the great work other directors contributed to Twin Peaks. But when he was not involved and left Frost on his own with an army of clueless writers that didn’t get the show, it suffered. Now the scenario that outside forces will ruin the show is completely unlikely when Frost and Lynch are the only ones in charge of every detail.

    • rdockery says:

      did you not read any of the article? more than 9 episodes and he is directing all of them

    • Daniel says:

      Didn’t you read the article? It says clearly that David Lynch is directing all the episodes, and there will be more than nine.

  3. LPMA says:

    Does that really mean he’ll be involved? It almost sounds like he’s just reassuring people the new season will happen (ie: the rumors). He doesn’t confirm directing or anything.

  4. The bigger question is what the point of this will be. I definitely want it to be good, but Twin Peaks had run its course once the murderer/body that killed was revealed. The last bunch of episodes got really bad.

    Do we really want Dale Cooper getting out of the Black Lodge in episode 1 and then just investigating another high school crime like I think they might do? Especially with a ton of fat and old actors appearing in anything from cameos to supporting roles?

  5. “Free pie and coffee for everyone!” deal.

  6. Joey says:

    We all knew this is what was going to happen. Lynch knows he can demand whatever price he wants, and Showtime will put up a fight but ultimately give in.

    • Really? He can get whatever he wants? Is that why he directed 3 movies in the past 15 years?

      • Joey says:

        If you weren’t already aware that he does what he wants when he wants, then you heard it here first.

        • He has critical respect and a cult following, but no, he’s not Steven Spielberg or Michael Bay. If there’s anything I’ve heard here first, it’s Lynch noisily walking away from a project as a negotiation tactic. If Twitter was around more than 9 years ago, I’m sure there would have been more projects where he attempted to throw his weight around. Speaking of 9 years ago, his last film, the 3 hours plus Inland Empire, was filmed on a shoestring budget and played on no more than 15 screens at any given time while actually in theaters. I can’t find whether or not it’s become profitable yet through DVD and streaming revenue, but the point is, quality aside, all the studios and producers, whomever has the money, only care about mass profit and Lynch just isn’t a golden cow. Showtime produces some quality shows without breaking the bank already and Twin Peaks is a mystery drama. It’s people talking, in terms of production. They’re not going to build a castle or have robots with rocket launchers. Hopefully when all is said and done, we’ll see the money spent well. My gut tells me it’s going to go to stunt casting, though.

          • Arvin Vaziri says:

            It’s a pretty large “cult” following though. Last time i checked the Twin Peaks facebook page had 800000 followers. And that’s just facebook, which we all know doesn’t represent every person in the world that likes the show. Twin Peaks standing has just elevated over the years, it is being rediscovered by more people than ever, especially younger people that weren’t there when it originally aired (like myself).

          • Rick Barrett says:

            Thank God he’s not Michael “Explosions” Bay!

          • Arvin, a cult following is large by definition. Large but not mass appeal. Fricken Kim Kardashian has millions of Twitter followers. Hopefully just to make fun of her, but still. Ick, right? Anyway, an artist revisiting their own past, best work smells more like a payday than a worthwhile endeavor. And it was already done in prequel form, critically panned and bombing at the box office.

  7. justme says:

    I’m sooooo excited!

  8. Bartimeus says:

    I’d been under the impression that they were just going to do it without Lynch and I was okay with that. But this is better.

  9. KenL says:

    Absolutely, positively, the best news!!!!!

  10. John S says:

    Thank You so much to the 2 Davids. David Nevins and David Lynch!!!

  11. et al. says:

    So relieved!!!

  12. Oh good…now I can finally get some sleep!
    …and now back to our regularly scheduled first world problems.

  13. Me says:

    Can a few people from Psych show up? Even as background characters for just an episode?

  14. dman6015 says:

    As if there were ever any doubts.