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Grimm EPs Talk Nick's Fury, Diana's Devious Move and [Spoiler]'s Death

Grimm Juliette Dies

Grimm‘s fourth season finale gave new meaning to the phrase “fairy-tale ending” — particularly in regard to the love story between Nick and his Hexenbiest’d girlfriend, Juliette.

Quick recap: After an attack, when Nick was just about to avenge his mother’s murder by choking Juliette to death — and she begged him to do it — Trubel stepped in and put two arrows into the veterinarian’s torso. As Nick cradled his former love in his arms, she died on the floor of the home they shared.

Sad? Sure. But keeping in mind that Grimm is the same show that killed Capt. Renard in the Season 3 finale, only to revive him early in Season 4, TVLine went straight to the source for some answers to all of your burning questions.

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“Juliette is dead,” series co-creator and executive producer James Kouf says.

“Sure looks like it,” adds series co-creator and EP David Greenwalt, laughing.

Are they telling the truth? What’s going on with Trubel and Agent Chavez’s group? Is Meisner back for good? Will Adalind ever see Diana again? And does Nick’s romantic future involve his blonde baby mama? Read on for all of these answers — plus scoop on next season.

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TVLINE | Will Bitsie Tulloch be around in the next season?
KOUF | No, Juliette’s dead.
GREENWALT | She’s gone.

TVLINE | Are you being serious with me right now?
GREENWALT | As serious as we ever are!

Grimm Juliette Dies DeadTVLINE | Nick experiences a lot of loss — his mom, Juliette — in a very short time. Moving into the next season, will he have space to process it? Or will he be running on blind fury for the foreseeable future?
KOUF | All the episodes are him, grieving. It’s 12 episodes of him, alone in a room, feeling bad.
GREENWALT | He’s going to have to do both because he’s got a lot of stuff to deal with personally, and he’s still got a lot of unsolved mysteries. And his relationship with the force will probably have to change a little bit.

TVLINE | Trubel fields a call from Agent Chavez during the episode, and then Elizabeth Rodriguez’s character shows up at the end. How quickly will we learn what she’s up to in the fifth season?
GREENWALT | Well, as quickly as we ever move.
KOUF | Like, at a snail’s pace.
GREENWALT | Yes, we’ll discover what she’s been up to.

TVLINE | You weren’t able to get Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio back for the season’s second-to-last episode.
GREENWALT | We got part of her. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Did you try and it just didn’t work out?
GREENWALT | We really wanted her to come back and be in the show, and it didn’t look like it was gonna work out — through no fault of anybody’s.
KOUF | She was up for other things, a pilot and all that stuff.
GREENWALT | …It seemed like the right story move and it seemed more interesting to hear this fight off stage as Juliette is creeping downstairs. It seemed creepier for her to hear all of this than for us to try to stage a whole thing.
KOUF | It’s more emotional to see it on her face.

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TVLINE | Let’s go back a minute to Nick not being able to kill Juliette, though Juliette seems to want him to in that moment.
KOUF | Yes.

Grimm Juliette Dies DeadTVLINE | But then Trubel does the deed. Will that cause for any friction between her and Nick in the new season?
GREENWALT | Well, Trubel did what she had to do. What was the choice? Let Juliette kill Nick?

TVLINE | I know he told her to, but is he going to be that rational after the fact?
KOUF | And hold that against her? No. That’s my personal feeling: He’s gotta know, being a Grimm, that she had no choice if he were to survive.

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TVLINE | Diana has aged considerably since the last time we saw her.
GREENWALT | She’s on a faster growth path.

TVLINE | Is that a thing that Hexenbiests normally do?
GREENWALT | It’s a thing in this particular instance that happens because of her lineage. Hexenbiest-Zauberbiest stuff.

TVLINE | Meisner is back! I had almost forgotten about him — did you hope the audience had put him out of their minds, so it would be a big surprise?
GREENWALT | Yeah. A big surprise to the fans and people who know the show.

TVLINE | Back when he was carting Adalind all over the place and delivering her baby, there was a certain sector of fans who wanted to see them pursue something more.
GREENWALT | They felt like they had some kind of affection going on, sure.

TVLINE | Will we see him in the fifth season?
KOUF | We hope so.

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TVLINE | The king is dead?
KOUF | Long live the king. [Laughs] Kings can’t fly!

TVLINE | Does this mean that Adalind can now get her baby back? Or does it not really change anything for her?
KOUF | Obviously the resistance is involved, and the resistance has the child.

TVLINE | And the resistance was active in keeping Diana from her mom before, but that was because of Adalind’s proximity to the royals. Does the resistance have any beef with Adalind herself?
KOUF | Well, they probably don’t have a beef now that she’s not a Hexenbiest. But they don’t have a guarantee about how long that will last, either.

TVLINE | This may be too soon, but… Adalind and Nick are linked. Nick is now single —
KOUF | — and the father of her child.

TVLINE | — and the father of her child. Plus, she knows all of the secrets he normally has to hide from regular people who are close to him. Would you entertain the idea of pairing up Nick and Adalind?
GREENWALT | Well, something’s gotta happen, one way or the other. He’s gotta be responsible for the child.
KOUF | He’s got a child and he’s got to step up at some point. He knows he can’t abandon his child. He was abandoned.

TVLINE | Apart from that, for themselves, do you think Nick and Adalind could ever be attracted to each other?
KOUF | I think they have to try.

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  1. If Hexenbiests age faster than humans, how old does that make Adalind? If she 14 years old but looks 35 or something?

    • Jon says:

      Honestly, given Adalind’s many terrible life choices, her being chronologically 14 years old would make sense…

      • jen says:

        Hasn’t anyone considered that Adaline is just surrogate since she was a biological replica of Juliette at time of conception?

        • LDCAMS says:

          Yes, I considered this as a possibility. I was hoping they might tease the idea of Adalind carrying Juliette’s child. She might become aware of the fact that she is about to become a mother, which then brings her out of this crazy Hexenbiest state of mind. However I am really please with the ending of this series. All of Juliette’s actions have lead her to her untimely death. It was so much fun watching her go down this downward spiral.

          • may says:

            If the spell that Adalind casted truly changed her physical form to that of Juliette’s and not just a mere illusion, then it makes sense the baby Adalind is carrying is biologically Juliette’s. I hope the writers pursue this angle because it would make an interesting storyline as well as a punishment for Adalind. As much as I abhorred all the terrible things that Hexenbiest Juliette committed, I have not forgotten all the awful things that Adalind committed and set into motion. At least with this storyline Nick would have one positive thing among all the losses he recently experienced. After all, Nick wanted to marry and eventually have a family with Juliette (the pre-Hexenbiest Juliette). Nick clearly still loved her that’s why he couldn’t kill her despite how much he hated all that she did as a Hexenbiest.

          • alex says:

            hey I only someone read your comment but to give you a heads up it’s not the series finale that was just the season finale season 5 start October 30th of this year so just a couple weeks away thought I’d let you know just in case

        • alex says:

          she might look like Juliet on the outside but she was still Adeline on the inside her Hexenbiest powers going to take over any form of Juliet that was in her

    • Hannah says:

      ” | It’s a thing in this particular instance that happens because of her lineage. Hexenbiest-Zauberbiest stuff.”
      This means it’s unique to being born from both types of wesen, not a Hexenbiest trait.

    • YA says:

      They must grow up faster but age much less slowly once they are adults based on the fact that both Adalind’s and Sean’s mothers look(ed) so youthful. Witches are supposed to live very long.

      • alex says:

        you can someone be right there because they both were obsessed with their looks and had a lot of work done but if you look at Adelyn’s baby Diana look how big she is and there’s no way she’s more than a year and a half is from the time Adeline gives birth to her to the end of season for its no way it’s more than 18 months

    • It’s just a TV trope/magic to help move the story forward.

    • John NYC says:

      They’re all sorts of magical so who knows?

      Maybe parasiting off human victims, like Monroe with his “hunts” in the past. Humans clearly aren’t always viewed as real people on that side of the line in that fictional world.

    • Abi says:

      It says because of “Hexenbiest-Zauberbiest stuff.” Its not what Hexenbiest’s normally do.

    • Derpface says:

      FOR THE LOVE OF GOD please stop spoiling the seasons by showing what happens in the intro. Renard getting shot was ruined at the beginning of the season becuase they showed it in the damn intro.
      I dont think Ive ever groaned as loud as i did when I heard the line “my name is Truble” ughhhhh.
      but Thanks for killing Juliette, that lady cant act for sheet.
      Oh, and the way Renard is shown in the intro makes him seem like the shows BIG BAD, so please change that fleeking intro!

  2. Lena120 says:

    I was pleased to see Juliette go. Her turning into a wesen could have made her a great asset to the team, but instead she was overcome with bitterness and hate. That got real old, fast. Good riddance. I’m much more interested in seeing Adalind and Nick co-parent and her reuniting with Melsner. I think she has chemistry with both men.

    • Alichat says:

      “That got real old, fast.”

      This! Exactly how I felt. Personally, I would have been interested in seeing how they dealt with still being a couple, and her becoming a strong asset for the team. That would have made Nick an even more unusual Grimm because he had a wesen lover/wife. I prefer Adalind with Meisner, instead of Nick with Adalind.

      • Lena120 says:

        I agree. Adalind has better chemistry with Melsner for sure, but I think her and Nick have an interesting dynamic. And you’re right about Juliette. They could have really had something cool with the “opposite sides of the track” thing, similar to Buffy/Angel or Buffy/Spike. But they wasted the opportunity. Overall, I’m still very happy with the show, which I can’t say about every finale I’ve seen thus far *cough* Arrow *cough*.

        • Alichat says:

          Yeah, I’d be ok if Nick and Adalind decide there has been enough death and destruction, and she began helping him and the others in some ways. They still distrust her some, but she slowly becomes a reliable source of assistance or something like that. I just have no desire to see them as a couple.

        • I liked it when it showed the whole crew getting ready to go fight. I thought cool Juliette finally will be part of it, but it didn’t go that way.

          • Kirstie says:

            That’s how I felt too! I was excited to see the show turn in that direction as Juliette was part of the team. I do not like how the story line is going, with Adaline and Nick having a baby and Juliette dead, doubt if I will follow the show anymore. Adaline and Nick do not make a good couple

        • Burton Holderness says:

          Couldn’t agree more. Especially about *cough* Arrow *cough* but that’s another discussion. I wasn’t that sorry to see Juliette go either. There really was no other option after she killed Nick’s mom.

        • Auracle says:

          Meisner back on the scene with Diana… hmm… something tells me that (as she grows so quickly) he might be her chosen mate. You know… like the super genetic half vampire baby got to be with wolf guy in the Vampire Diaries? :-)

          • Mary says:

            You’re thinking of Twilight, and Grimm would never be so desperate to copy Twilight. Meisner was there the day Diana was born, and was the one who delivered her. He is like a father to Diana.

        • rich s says:

          arrow isnt even close….i mean laurel being kickass, really? cmon

        • alex says:

          I never watch the show angel and Buffy Buffy and Spike so I don’t know what happened there but how can you honestly expect them to let Juliet live after all she did she burn down the trailer almost killed Monroe and then had a direct hand in nicks mom being killed and then she was about to kill Nick right there there’s no way they’re going to let her live

      • nikki says:

        I do to there Is definitely a future for a truce or friendship among the team
        But lovers that makes me ill.
        But trubel and nick would Be awsome

        • El Shadd says:

          Yeah. Trubel and Nick, perfect pair. both of them are grimm, and their kids are gonna be grimm as well. 1 super boy with both grimm and Hexenbiest and 2 kids who are grimm. Nick family will rule the world.

          • tyna1972 says:

            Probably can’t happen because Adeline wasn’t a Hexenbeist when she slept with Nick and she isn’t one now so their child will more than likely just be a Grimm. Who knows though. Lol

          • tyna1972 says:

            Disregard what I said. I was mistaken.

          • Terry says:

            Trubel and Nick would be GROSS! She’s WAY too young for him and they’re more like brother and sister or uncle and niece. More like family. Trubel and Nick? YUCK!

          • dman6015 says:

            Are you two sick? Trubel is about 15 years younger than Nick. That’s just sick.

        • Marianna says:

          I consider Trubel more like a daugher to him…

      • Kirstie says:

        I agree with you, not sure how much I will enjoy the show now or if I will even watch it anymore

      • Amanda says:

        That would have been a great storyline. I was just starting to like Juliette a little more when she turned into a bitter brat. There was that one scene where she had the choice of telling Nick, then maybe throw some fear and crying his way, where he would have been there for her, but instead she walked out pissed. That’s when I started disliking her would have been great seeing her as an asset to the team.

    • Sayre says:

      I wanted them to keep Juliette around

      • Jon says:

        I felt that way until she torched the trailer. I’m still mourning the loss of centuries of Nick’s family history. And after Juliette betrayed him and indirectly killed his mother there was no coming back for the character. The writers made the right decision — and IMO it was a fantastic finale. Loved everyone working with Nick to avenge Kelly’s death, and the fight scene with Nick and Kenneth was SO satisfying. And Meisner’s back!

        Honestly, despite the lingering questions, this may have been the most straightforward and least cliffhanger-y Grimm finale ever (and no ending title card!).

        • cahow says:

          I agree, Jon, there’s a Point of No Return for some actions and Juliette’s actions demanded her death, since she wouldn’t stop torturing Nick. Although I know that the trailer was “just props” in real life, I’m still super bummed about the destruction of it; I loved “peeping” over the character’s shoulders when they were doing research on the various ‘beasts’. Then, when Juliette soiled her and Nick’s bed with her tryst AND with ill-intent lured Kelly to her death…there is NO forgiveness to that chain of events.

          I don’t know if I’m in the minority or not on this site, but I could NEVER stand the actress portraying Juliette. I couldn’t stand the sound of her voice nor her stone-dead eyes. Actually, when she was Eeevil, her looks played much more into THAT character than the “Kind Hearted Veterinarian.” I tried for four years to embrace Juliette but I just couldn’t make that stretch. I was hoping, that when she became a Hexenbiest, she would JOIN the Scooby Team and be a real asset. But, alas, her temperament went a different route and Trubel did the right thing by taking Juliette out of everyone’s misery.

          • Jules says:

            No, you’re in the majority. There are WAY more Juliette haters then Juliette fans (I’m a fan, btw). I’m only hanging on for Meisner and the Captain now, I can’t stand what the show’s turned into. I’m so sick of this whole Adalind love-fest – she should have been killed ages ago, but instead the showrunners have turned her into their pet and done everything possible to try to force us to love her.

          • JC1 says:

            I’m so sick of this whole Adalind love-fest – she should have been killed ages ago, but instead the showrunners have turned her into their pet and done everything possible to try to force us to love her.
            I am so totally in agreement with this. Adalind should have been gone looooong ago….instead they destroy Juliette and keep Adalind around, having Nick’s baby no less!!!!! (so gross), and we’re supposed to love it. No thank you.

          • zoot says:

            Never liked Juliette since day one! I think she was the weakest link on the show, and after all her destruction, so glad she died…now please KEEP HER DEAD!

          • Mel says:

            oh i agree with out 10000000%/ She seems like a nice lady on twitter, but she’s not a great actress and her facial expressions are awful. I wanted her gone season 1. I dunno the writing on this show has been horrible. They had a couple really cool things to work with and blew it all whilst thinking they’re the smartest most clever in the industry. I haven’t seen a show melt down this badly in the writing department since BBC’s Merlin. I didn’t think that was even possible.

          • Elida Rose says:

            I agree with your comments about Juliette. Glad she is gone. He needs a partner like trubel to fight along side him.

          • KB says:

            You took the EXACT same thoughts I had right out of my head.

          • Renee Bentsen says:

            Grimm was my favorite show & I totally agree If they bring Juliet back under any circumstances I would probably look for a new show like the Originals or something like that As for Nick’s Witch-Grimm baby (ever hear of miscarriage) Get rid of it …While your at it…The V-Diaries were getting sickening with Elana on it.too. I’m glad she’s going to sleep for 50-60 years Hopefully someone will sneak in and offer her a new pilot & she’ll die in her sleep!!
            We can only hope (lol) !!!!

          • Dee says:

            I couldn’t stand Juliette from day one either. She was a soppy waste whose acting sucked. Since she went evil, torched histories of information, loved her new found hexenbiest power and caused Nick’s mom to be killed. I am thrilled she is gone from the show!

          • I completely agree with you about Juliette! Her whole persona was more realistic as a “bad guy/girl” versus the good lil veterinarian. She went to the point of no return after burning the trailer down not to mention working with the royals+ sleeping with another man in their bed! Once she got his mom killed it had to be done! Had she not been killed it wouldn’t be fair!!! I am sad to see his mom go. I am interested to see whats to come in this next season thou!

          • cahow says:

            Phew! I’m rather relieved to read that other fans thought that the Juliette character was a wasted opportunity and the actor was just mis-cast. I have NO ill will toward Bitsie, but her face seemed FROZEN 100% of the time…as if she had been Botoxed to the last cell of her face! No emotion, no blinking…she would have made a great fem-bot (shout out to BtVS!) I love the show to bits & pieces and really don’t care if Nick hooks up or not, I just want it to stay on the air for a bit more time, since the networks canned so many of the series I’ve come to love.

            And PLEASE…do SOMETHING with the Key McGuffin, for Pete’s Sake!

          • Janet Belrose says:

            I agree. I never liked the actress either, & am glad she’s gone. Never saw much chemistry between the characters until they became enemies- then Juliette was just nasty. Good riddance!!!

        • Gem says:

          Juliette could reappears as a ghost repenting her past & needing forgiveness next season. Anything is possible. I have my doubts that Nick Mom is dead, after all Trubel & Meisner showing up proves they knew Kelly’s plans to go to Portland.

          • KB says:

            I doubt that about Nick’s mom, she’s gone.

          • still could be two separate events. The Resistance had Meisner on the chopper waiting for this type of opportunity.

            Troubel was simply responding to Monroes telephone call, with the FBI in tow.

          • Dawn Kochel says:

            Would like to see Juliet redeemed, maybe use powers in positive way. Anybody that heals animals can’t be all bad.

      • El Shadd says:

        I dont think they care about our feeling. I knew it will happend, when she indirectly killed Kelly and slept with kennth. She knew it was wrong but still doing it.

      • Mary says:

        Juliette annoyed me from the very first episode and I am glad she is finally gone.

      • GUSANITO says:

        Me tooooooooooooooo!!!

    • Ada bren says:

      Me too. I completely agree.

    • windlegends says:

      I couldn’t stand the character and when she torched the trailer…which was just so damned ridiculous and spiteful…I really began to despise her.

      • jerzygirl45 says:

        Yep – torching the trailer and trying to force Nick to shoot Juliet and Monroe just sealed her fate for me. The character never really had a purpose and didn’t add anything.

        Once she found out Nick was a Grimm and starting getting used to that she seemed to develop a little bit of a personality (finally!). Even turning into a Hexenbeist was interesting and had potential, but her actions made her unredeemable. Glad she’s gone.

        Nick and Adalind can just co-parent, but not as a romantic couple. And the idea of a Nick/Trubel coupling? Gosh, no. Please no.

        • c says:

          I agree. No to Nick and Trubel. I personally think she is nicks sister. She is the sacrifice his mother had to make. Just my opinion.

    • Wanda Cooper says:

      I totally agree… I couldn’t take Juliette from the beginning… she was a whiner… I did enjoy her much more as a wesen …. but you are right she was bitter and full of hatred. I agree with all of your points….I am so interested though to see what they do with Teresa Trubel……I think she is fantastic! I would tune in just for her! Cant wait for season 5.. going to be counting down the days ..haha.. take care.

    • Kristina says:

      Yes! I really hated the way they took her storyline. It would have been WAY more interesting to see her struggling with this new darker side of her personality instead of turning into a 2-dimensional black hat villain, which never made sense. It didn’t jive with her personality before, and based on Adalind’s (and others) character clearly Hexenbiests aren’t always straight-up evil. They really missed the mark with this one and it sucks for Juliette’s fans. If they were going to kill her off, they could have at least made it meaningful to the story instead of this…whatever that was. That, I could have accepted.

      • Daniel says:

        Agree 100%. The transformation from sweet veterinarian to evil Hexenbiest didn’t make any sense. It sucks not only for Juliette’s fans, there should have killed her in a way that makes sense.

    • Maggie says:

      I never was very crazy about Juliet anyways, not a good match for Nick, too whiny and high maintenance, she and Nick never could get on the same page.

  3. It was a great finale. But this smarmy post show interview with the show’s EPs nearly spoiled it. I like wit as much as the next Grimm lover, but this interview was just arrogant and annoying.

    • Mel says:

      It reminded me of reading interviews with Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy… two of the worst show runners in the history of modern television. Arrogant EP’s who write terrible TV shows carried only by a great concept and cast need to be fired and replaced.

    • Margarethe says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt this way! The snark factor was set to 11, and the tone came off as rude to the fans. I can’t believe they want to intentionally alienate fans cuz that just be crazy. Maybe Kouf was drunk.

    • Josh says:

      For a not very popular show that gets by on being cult-y but nothing spectacular it’s kind of galling. I wonder how Kimberly felt about the interview. They werekind of jerky to her.

    • Becky says:

      I agree. These EPs are not funny. They seemed childish – it was a bad interview, no fault of TVLine.

  4. Alichat says:

    Ugh…..please do not put Nick and Adalind together.

    • CompassRing says:

      Right? I mean, Adalind raped Nick. Who wants the protagonist to get together with their rapist? Sick.

    • kevin says:

      Hold your horses Juliette may still be around for season 5.
      Please do reappear are potions and such … ha ha ha … can,t wait for the new season

      • John NYC says:

        Plus who knows what was on those bolts plus it was set up she was all sorts of magically powerful.

      • Christine Blakely says:


        • Jamie says:

          She could of giving Nick time for the hex but she freak out. Nick does blame himself but some of that blame need to be on her too. She could of walk away but she didn’t she could let the team help her but she didn’t. I miss her too. But she act like a baby. It a family secret the Nick had a right to keep and they aren’t married yet. We have a right to have some secret. But it still fantasy and two people have to take the responsibility for what happens. Season two she had a thing with Nick boss and Nick forgive her and she couldn’t do for him because he thought it was her.

  5. Kay says:

    I’m glad Juliette is gone to…Her story line was getting old, of course I never thought she fit into the show from the beginning! Please don’t bring her back…… As for Nick he needs time to heal and mourn the loss of her and his Mom before jumping in bed with anyone else!

  6. Ali says:

    Well, the first thing that I said after the end of the episode was…”Ding, dong, the hexenbiest is gone”. Actually, I’m still saying that. I was so ready for Juliette to just disappear. It’s good writing where you can like a character one episode, and then the just despise her. Bravo, Grimm. Let the wait begin…again.

  7. Mari says:

    No… I want Juliette to come back. Please, do not let her be dead forever.
    They probably did it to put Nick and Adalind together. I love Claire, but Nick and Adalind is a nono for me

    • Ada bren says:

      once again there is no coming back from you killing my mother it doesn’t matter whether Juliet did it because she was wesen she still did it and knew she did it. screw that she needs to stay dead.

      • Mari says:

        But it’s ok to have Adalind, who, as others have pointed out, is a serial rapist that tried to sell her own daughter for her own benefit around? And why is that she was turned Wesen in the first place? Adalind.
        Tptb are doing everything they can to shove Adalind in our face.
        Love the actress, loved her since F&B, but still…

        I have always loved Juliette, I think she’s Nick’s soulmate and I want them to be endgame despite everything.

        • Wanda Cooper says:

          Totally disagree…….she was a stiff actress, showed very little emotion and she was a whiner…..I don’t think Nick will hook up with Adalind …….she is more interested in the guy who delivered her baby and helped her out of the cabin in the woods…….I think Nick will hook up with Teresa Trubel………two grimms…….I say ok!

          • Mary says:

            I see Trubel as more of a sister to Nick then a lover, but who knows what could happen. I feel bad for Nick losing both his mother and girlfriend in a single night, but Juliette never supported him. Nick and Adalind have chemistry but the show doesn’t need to pursue that right away. It will be fun to just watch them co-parent, plus Meisner is a better love interest.

      • wgsecretary says:

        She didn’t kill Nick’s mom personally. Yes, she was involved in orchestrating things, but she seemed more motivated to help them kill Nick. Not that that’s any better. But, she did say she didn’t know they were going to kill his mom. She thought they just wanted Diana. I believe that was true. Her part in the organizing of the situation at Nick’s was more motivated by her wanting Nick dead. I’m glad this incarnation of her is gone. I’m with those who think they ruined her story. She was being helpful at first and still pretty sane when she first changed. Then, it was like as soon as she told Nick what happened to her, she went crazy.There were those few episodes where she dealt with it on her own that I enjoyed the change. I wish they would have handled the story differently and kept her.

        • Lana says:

          She was okay with them killing their neighbors, who were complete innocents in all this so whether she knew about Nick’s mom is a moot point, she had turned to evil to redeem. I liked Juliette so I hated her turning bad, but I find this Adelind thing interesting and love having Trubel and Meisner back. My husband is not trusting Diana, says she was way to happy about killing the King, for a child. He thinks she will turn evil too, and go after the Grimm baby. I told him she just was getting revenge for the death of her “Mom” but she did seem awfully happy about killing the King.

        • Kirstie says:

          I absolutely agree with you. I was definitely wanting to see what Juliette could offer as a hexenbiest and was a fan of hers. I could not and still can not stand Adaline and they are pushing her character on us more and more. I thought Adaline should have been killed off a long time ago. Time to look for another show to watch.

  8. Fran says:

    I may be one of the only ones, but I’ll miss Juliette. I hated what the show did to her character. It never rang true for me. And I still dislike Adalind. I’m not sure yet if I’ll be back next season.

    • Mari says:

      I’m with you. I always liked her character, until they made all the soapy twists… And why?
      Imo because they want Adalind and Nick to have a shot at being together…
      Nowadays seems like one half of tv couple has to be a reformed baddie. Just why?

      Still hope that they are pulling our leg and Juliette will be brought back by someone in some way.

      Please. I already had too many deaths this year.

      • Matt says:

        If you think about it, Adalind hasn’t done much bad.

        • Mel says:

          I consider being a serial rapist bad.

          • CompassRing says:


          • D says:

            She concealed her identity from nick but last i checked even though he didn’t know it was adalind he still willingly had sex with her. And he never claimed he was raped only that he was fooled into having sex with her. And no its not the same thing.

          • Mel says:

            See.. I just can’t.. You people scare me. I can’t watch this show any more if anything because it’s watched but a bunch of children who think rape is ok, make excuses and have no concept of what the word means. Ya’ll keep with your rapey show with your rapey ship. Me? I’m clearly seeing this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Anyone else who is disgusted by it and disheartened by the message this is sending to uninformed and impressionable tweens need to do as I intend to.. Complain to NBC.

          • Fran says:

            You just said it though- he didnt know it was Adalind so he didnt willingly have sex with her. He willingly had sex with Juliette.

          • Dj says:

            It is consider rape if you impersonate a person romantic partner to gain consent from them.

          • GrimmCommenter says:

            DJ, so can I get you to agree that when a man represents/impersonates himself as a single romantic partner to get a woman to have sex with him, he has committed rape? He has tricked that woman into consenting to have sex with him.

          • Dj says:

            There is a huge difference between that and what Adalind did to Nick. She pretty much put a Juliette mask on to get Nick to consent. Lets say a husband wears a blue mask sometimes to sleep with his wife. One night some other guy puts the blue mask on and sleeps with her. She thinks it’s her spouse she consents that’s not rape.

          • Mel says:

            Wow. Literally speechless.

            Just. Wow.

            (You’re so wrong it hurts to read).

          • Josh says:

            DJ, your example is disturbing. I think you really need to educate yourself.

        • Jules says:

          She raped Nick, betrayed him to Renard, tried to kill Juliette, tried to sell her baby in order to get her powers back, etc, etc…

          • YA says:

            Because they kidnapped her child, no less. Screw that if anyone did that to me nothing would be beyond me to get my kid back.

          • Renee Bentsen says:

            Really !! How quickly your fans forget all the crap Adalind did. Nick needs to do what his aunt Marie told him to do Stay away from long term relationships for now. Just be a Grimm , and Trubel is too macho for Nick He likes his women feminine Trubel should stay his fighting partner Now that the King is dead Sean Rinard should step in and take over the throne After all he’s the only one left except for nephews & such He’s a real son (bastard of not) that could lead to a lot of episodes, first of all Nick & Sean wouldn’t be so buddy -buddy anymore Lets get Nick a bunch of love interest & a ton of beast to kill (ps) Get rid of that Grimm baby before the Hexibeast child comes after it I’d love to write for this show ! Being that I’m a writer & This is my favorite show

        • matx says:

          Ummm, Adalind was in cahoots to destroy the bee Wesen who were trying to warn about the coming troubles with the Royals, she seduced Hank to put him into a coma, her enchanted cookies made Wu eat everything in sight (which surely would have killed him eventually)–and that was just the first season.

          • YA says:

            I prefer Adalind’s character to Juliette’s. She is more interesting. Tulloch’s acting is also not that good. I also think Juliette crossed the point of no return when she colluded to murder Nick’s Mum, though I do wonder how realistic that was, even if she did turn into a hexenbiest.

    • noni says:

      I will miss her too I was upset that they did that to her because they really could have written her as being more helpful to the team

    • Miya says:

      I agree I probably balled my eyes out a million times after the ending of the finale. Juliet was one of my favorite characters and it was okay for Juliet to break up with nick but killing her off…..I will miss her even though she was becoming a villain.You could tell when she walked through the door when nick got home she was going to apologize to him until nick started choking her..I’ll miss her!

    • Carla Krae says:

      I’ll miss her, too. Never had a problem with her the whole series. They might’ve had a shot at redeeming her, but Nick could never forgive her for betraying his mother and getting her killed. It doesn’t matter that she thought they only wanted Diana (which was totally naïve, as of course they’d kill a Grimm if they could). She burned so many bridges with the whole team, that a lot of time would have to be spent on making amends, taking away from other story points. Once they decided to take her this dark, there was no going back.

    • Gem says:

      It was always a bad idea for the Grimm to have one love-interest. It limits possibilities & I doubt they will compound that mistake again so soon. The writers can develop Adalind & Trubel’s characters without a romantic link to Nick. Nick’s adversarial parental conflicts with Adalind would be of more interest than a romantic link anyway.

      • YA says:

        I want to see what kind of powers the baby will have. Half Grimm, half hexenbiest….. Fascinating. Will he or she grow up to become an arch rival with the older half sister?

      • cahow says:

        Regarding Nick and his relationship status: I’ve always wondered if the show-runners even thought that GRIMM would make it past the 1st season. Just look at ALL the supernatural shows that have come and gone since GRIMM premiered! That said, I’ve always felt that they just ‘tossed’ the Juliet character into the pot with 0% thinking it through. Why not have Nick either single OR married but not this “sitting on a fence/will they-won’t they get married/will he propose/will she accept” B.S. that they’ve been stringing along as a “D Plot” since the beginning of the show. Having Nick and Juliet just shack up together when it’s obvious that most of the other characters either are married or have been married was just plain ODD.

        Personally, I always hoped-prayed that Juliet would have some latent Wesen in her so that we could have a reprisal of the Buffy-Spike or Buffy-Angel thing going on. Nick is already known for being the most unusual Grimm; how cool would it have been for him to be married to a Wesen, too?!

    • RUCookie says:

      Agreed. I liked that Juliette offered something different… was even thinking her vet background could help her recreate some of the files that she burned in a fit of rage. BUT, all the killing destroyed any redemption path she could have went on. It was a sad ending to their screwed up love story.

  9. noni says:

    I can’t believe they killed her off really surprised. I wish they didn’t take the hexenbiest evil route she could have been a valuable asset to the team. I just hope they don’t put Adalind and Nick together.

  10. diane says:

    So glad Melsner is back. I actually cheered. I liked him and Adalind together. No Nick and Adalind, yuck. I didn’t hate Juliette, but after being responsible for having Nick’s mom killed, there was no where to go with her. So glad Wu, Hank, and Monroe were a team with Nick and Trubel. Loved Bud’s, “I have a lot of toothbrushes” line.

  11. Katerina1 says:

    AWESOMEEE !! So happy to see Meisner! And Wu helping with his shotgun!! But I really wanted Juliette and Nick to work things out and become an interspecies couple! The process could of taken a few seasons but ultimately work ! So I’m hoping that some hexenbeist magic will help Juliette pull through! OMG ! Can’t wait until September! Waaaaaaa

  12. Does the guy that Trubel left with still have his father’s books yet since he was a Grimm? Also are Nick and Trubel related?

    • GraceM says:

      No they’re not related. There are other Grimm families out there.

      • Wow says:

        Yes they are related. They come from the same descendants, at the very least they are cousins. It’s clear that you didn’t watch the show closely.

    • Ada bren says:

      when she came into the series they made it very clear that she was his sister so I don’t know why people are saying that they are not related because that was very clear in the beginning

      • Ryan says:

        I have no idea which show you’re referencing, but at no time ever was it made clear, or even mentioned, that they were siblings.

        • YA says:

          “I have no idea which show you’re referencing, but at no time ever was it made clear, or even mentioned, that they were siblings.”

          I agree, been and huge fan and watched evey single episode from the start and at no time do I recollect any reference to Trubel and Nick being siblings, or even being related.

  13. jrex says:

    So Adalind will be staying at Bud’s house indefinitely? What happens when his wife and kids get home?

  14. Erin says:

    Im tired of all this drama!!! What happens to trying to find all of the keys??!! What happened to the actual plot of Grimm?? I love Grimm but I feel as though Im watching a soap opera…

    • Margarethe says:

      I’ve been wondering about the keys myself. What happened tO all of that?

    • Mai says:

      I agree. I liked the stuff with the keys, and all the Wesen Council stuff, and Royals vs. Resistance stuff. All that old school, spanning generations, Grimm stuff was cool.

      They instead chose to make the show crappy in the back half of this season by making it a soap opera. I hated the baby mama drama. I hated that they made Juliette a Hexenbiest, and vengeful, instead of a cool super-powered member of Team Grimm. I hate the dramatic turnaround everybody has had towards Adalind, and towards Juliette.

      The show has become so bad, I’m pretty much done with it after this season. Maybe I’ll still catch spoilers to see if it gets better, but I doubt I will ever be a week-to-week, looking forward to each episode, fan again. In fact, I just marathoned the last 4 episodes tonight, because I was dreading the drama too much to want to watch it. Still, I wanted to finish out the season, because I remember how the show used to be so much more fun to watch. That nostalgia was the only thing driving me to finish out this season.

      • AliV says:

        With regards to the hole ‘baby mama’ they kind of had to make Adalind pregnant because the actor that plays her is pregnant. And personally I really like Adalind, always preferred her character to Juliette and it isn’t like they made her good overnight she bees gradually shifting to the good side since season 3. I think she’s a much more interesting character and some kind of relationship between Nick and Adalind would be quite interseting

      • Gem says:

        There will be a new king & the keys are still in play. Hopefully Diana & the new baby will be rarely mentioned till they hit puberty. I liked learning the origins of Grimm lore & tales (Nick will inherit all Kelly’s Grimm resources & Trubel made copies of some texts also). I hope the writers take this opportunity to reboot this show around the international mystical world & develop Josh, Trubel, Renard & Meisner’s characters. Grimm needs more mystery, intelligence & less family/romantic dynamics.

      • kmg says:

        This used to be a fantastic show! My husband and I enjoyed watching it together. We were always wondering about the mystery of the keys, got intrigued by the prospect of a Grimm team including Juliet, became curious about each new creature, and looked forward to the development of Nick’s inner Grimm. We were disgusted by the downward spiral the show took with the constant torture of Juliet and the ridiculous drama that ensued. I can’t stand Adalind! I kept wishing she would leave them alone and they would get back to the good stuff. They ruined the show by turning it into the same b.s.that’s on every other show. We are done watching it. We couldn’t stomach any more.

    • GraceM says:

      Weren’t the EPs supposed to do something with the keys this season? I guess they changed their minds and decided to kill people off instead.

  15. Aimee says:

    I’m glad Juliette is dead. Did not like her character as a Hexenbeist.

    And if Diana is so powerful, why didn’t she save Nick’s mom and herself from being kidnapped by others? Doesn’t she want to find her mother, Adalind?

    • Margarethe says:

      I was wondering the same thing! Didn’t she save them right after she was born or something? Maybe now all she’s good for is playing with toys magically. I’ve been frustrated with many aspects of Grimm’s plotting.

  16. James D says:

    well I’ll miss Bitsie I won’t miss Juliette though she got what she had coming to her, I kind of wish Nick did it but I guess it makes sense Trubel did it. should be an interesting 5th season.

  17. Hodan Jama says:

    I am so glad Juliette is dead. I couldn’t stand her. I am ready for season 5.

  18. Mel says:

    It’s disturbing to me that these EP’s just don’t seem to understand to a very large part of the fan base Adalind plus Nick is gross… Mostly because Adalind RAPED Nick. That these two men seem to have no regard for that whatsoever and gloss it over is disgusting enough to me to start calling NBC to complain.

    • I agree. It has been totally glossed over altogether. If they put Nick and Adalind together I am done watching.

    • windlegends says:

      Adaline and Nick and THAT night: Men don’t think of women who forcibly seduce other men as being rapists. They tend to think it’s cool. After all, many men love woman on woman action and a good cat fight turns them into mushy-headed teenagers.

      • GrimmCommenter says:

        In this fictional story (my perspective) Adalind enticed Nick into having sex — Nick still had his full facilities. It was a seduction through false pretenses, but not force or drugs. This is going to stir up what I wanted to move on from, but I hold this opinion and I am not a man, never have been a man, born biological as a female (with all my proper equipment).

        • jerzygirl45 says:

          Hmmm. You’re making me review my thinking on this. Nothing wrong with an opposing view, especially if it’s as rational, and well-stated as yours. Appreciate seeing that.

          • Mel says:

            How could he have his full faculties if he thought he was consenting to sleep with Juliette. Nick never consented to sleeping with Adalind. Also with Hank, when she used her magic cookies she removed his free will and made him become her love puppet. Thankfully in situations where you consent cannot be obtained it is legally considered rape.This is how slave owners raped their slaves, because they couldn’t say no, so even if they just went ahead with it they had no option to say otherwise. It’s also why a correctional officer is charged with rape if he/she sleeps with an inmate and a teacher is charged with rape if he/she sleeps with a student. In the real world if there was a such thing as magic, Adalind would be sitting in jail and on the sexual predator list.

          • GrimmCommenter says:

            Mel, think about the examples you are using. With slavery and the prison guard and prisoner examples those are situations of coercion. A form of force, actual or implied. In those cases the victim faces a psychological threat (if not an actual threat) — “what will happen to me if I do not comply.” The person(s) over them has the power to hurt/harm them seriously if they do not comply. For the minor-adult situation there is the issue of capacity. A child/minor cannot consent to sex, period, because of capacity. Nick consensually – key word here – had sex with someone he thought was somebody else. He was tricked, duped. If duped/tricked was an element of rape then the court systems would be clogged with cases regarding men and women rapist.

          • Dj says:

            There are actually laws which talk about impersonating a romantic partner to gain consent which is what she did to Nick. In 2013 California closed a loophole to that law that stated the person had to be married.

          • GrimmCommenter says:

            DJ, I googled the case, too. The slime that raped that woman – and, yes that was rape – started having sex with her while she was still asleep. She did not give consent. The California law still states that the key element is consent – whether it was consensual or non-consensual. The victim in that case – and, yes she was a victim – never consented to have sex.

          • Dj says:

            The law pointed out that a person who impersonated someone spouse to gain consent could be prosecuted. I understand your defense of people lying to get people to have sex, but this is different. This is like twin x pretending to be twin z to sleep with z spouse.

          • GrimmCommenter says:

            I did get it, DJ — the California case cannot be analogous to the fictional situation — two elements are missing Juliette was not a spouse and Nick had consensual sex. Even in the state of California Adalind would not be found guilty. The law starts with, “In non-consensual cases” — like when you are sleeping and someone starts having sex with you.

          • Mel says:

            Please for the love of all things holy point out to me when Nick consented to having sex with Adalind. Because that never happened. And if Twin A pretended to be Twin B to have sex with Twin A’s wife/girlfriend etc. Twin A would go to jail. It would be considered RAPE.

            But if Adalind does it, it’s ok. I get it.

            Not really

          • Dj says:

            You’re wrong in California the old law before they changed it in 2013 was that “sexual intercourse by impersonation is rape, but only when the victim is married and the perpetrator impersonates the victim’s spouse.” Now in 2013 they added boyfriend to the law. So Isn’t this what she did to Nick.

          • Mel says:

            gah sorry, meant to reply to the reply above yours.

          • GrimmCommenter says:

            Ah, no problem. Not a person who needs people to agree with me :-) I am adult enough to know, we are all not going to agree on the same things — and that is actually a good thing. Everybody following the beat of the same drum is dangerous.

          • jerzygirl45 says:

            No problem. I’m glad I got to read your response though. Your points are totally valid

          • alex says:

            alright come on guys you gotta remember this show is supernatural how are you going to prove that Adelyn turned into Juliet and had sex with Nick without making yourself sound like a lunatic

        • cahow says:

          GrimmCommenter: I agree 100% with you, regarding rape vs seduction. Back in high school, I was best friend’s with a set of identical twin girls. They LOVED screwing each other’s boyfriend’s by pretending to be the “other girl”! They’d brag about it and laugh about it, claiming that their boyfriend’s “never knew WHO they were sleeping with!” (I’m a woman, by the way.) The girls they shared this with were split: some thought it was gross and some only wished that they could boff another man and not get caught. The twins NEVER told a guy because they knew the guy’s would blab to their boyfriend’s and the jig would be “up”. So, based on a real life event that I witnessed, NO ONE thought of this as rape…ever!

          • Mel says:

            And yet, that’s exactly what it was. Ignorance doesn’t change that fact. Those two girls are as disgusting as Adalind imho.

  19. Lianne says:

    That is the sickest, most twisted interview, and the finale was the same. I’m done with the show.

  20. Argent Farfel says:

    My biggest complaint is that it was so dang dark I couldn’t see the action! Glad Trubel is back. I, too, had hopes Juliette would work with Nick…not against him. Adelinde and Meisner … Interesting. Can’t wait to see where this is going!

  21. Justsomeguy says:

    I’m just glad they didn’t try to pull a lame “it was all part of a plan” nonsense to try to save the Juliette character. They completely destroyed her within a span of like 8 episodes. The finale was everything I wanted it to be though. Jack the Ripper wrapped up, a massive blow to the Royals, and Juliette dead. I look forward to whatever is next..

  22. Matt says:

    I’m so glad Juliette is DEAD. I knew the other victim would be the BOASTFUL Kenneth. I just want to know how Juliette goes from heading to the helicopter to standing in the house… Did she just hop on her broom and fly away? We know that Trubel agreed to work for Chavez in the past, but why send all those guys in there? Also, I remember Chavez does not know Nick is a Grimm again. I look forward to seeing more of Adalind. Let’s hope Nick and her get it on willingly and I’m guessing Meisner will bring the child back.

    • cahow says:

      Matt: I’ve been reading all the comments to see if anyone else brought up the point of “You can’t be in two places at once”, but so far, you and I are the only ones. We saw Juliette run for the chopper, then she was in her house???? I half expected her to be the other person wearing the helmet in the chopper and killing the King was part of her Redemption for getting Kelly killed. It makes NO sense, at all, as to how Juliette got from the helicopter to Nick’s house. (still scratching my head)

      • Jeff says:

        Simple, she never got on the helicopter. While Nick was running down stairs to get to the helo, Juliette decided not to go, for whatever reason (probably because the king was creeping on her). They didn’t show it, but it’s the simplest explanation for what happened.

        • Dale says:

          I’ve been wondering this as well…Wouldn’t Nick have seen Juliette on the grounds add he approached the helo? It’s not like Juliette was familiar enough with the estate to know of an alternate escape except back through the house where she would have crossed Nick’s path. This is a huge hole.

          I had the same thought that she may have been the other person in a helmet in the copter .

    • El Shadd says:

      I guess Her relationship between Chavez is not stable and Trubel dont trust her. My guess is Chavez gave her the info about Royols activity in Portland. So she come back, or it was perfect timing for her to return at such time. I think Chavez is kinda United wesen force leader. But she seems she will do anything to accomplish her goal. Its gonna be amazing in season 5. She saw Nick is a grimm!! and all of her team to killed by angry and sad Grimm.

  23. Katerina1 says:

    Wow , I almost forgot about the KEYS!!! Jeeeee they haven’t shown or spoken about a key almost all season.. Maybe they will remember for next season.?.? Anyway one suggestion I do have though , is that maybe it’s time Hank or Wu or the Capt also have a ” real ” love interest too??

    • El Shadd says:

      I think season 5 will be mostly about key. Royals lost a big war. and they dont even know how. I guess Victor will think Nick is the one who killed king, Kenneth and all of the hundjager.(he did killed all except for one) Nicks reputation will grow among resistance and royals. I hope and I think the last key will appear with another grimm who is more powerful and more influentinal. It will be a great showdown. 3 side war. Royals, Nicks alliies and Chavez(wesen united)

  24. A.B. says:

    I don’t think the writers can ever make nick and Adalind believable. The is no way that Nick can take Adalind to Monroes house for dinner with the rest of the gang. Yeah let’s all hang out like the BFFs we are. I think they need to step it up with Nicks Grimm powers and hurry up and figure out what the keys are for and have him confront the royals.

    • Len says:

      I agree. I don’t think that the viewers would accept a Nick and Adalind pairing. That would be too far fetched for me.

      • Ada bren says:

        yeah but it would be a good twist because at the end of the season she looked like she didn’t want to be bad and no matter what she did to Nick they are expecting a baby and Nick didn’t seem too angry about it. I guess we’ll see where it

        • Mari says:

          “she looked like she didn’t want to be bad and no matter what she did to Nick they are expecting a baby and Nick didn’t seem too angry about it. I guess we’ll see where it”

          Just wanted to point out that if Adalind were to be pregnant because Nick had raped her, and then ‘didn’t seem too angry about it’ people would be cursing and screaming rapist at him and demand his head.

          Funny, huh?

    • El Shadd says:

      Royals are not the problem anymore like before. They los a big war, and they dont even know how. I think the next battle is between Resistance, Chavez(united wesen) and royals. I dont know which side will Nicks alliance support.

    • cahow says:

      Look at all the times that Spike and Dru tried to kill Buffy and the Scooby gang. A good writer can flip a storyline on it’s head.

  25. Lizo says:

    I can only imagine how horrified Joss Whedon is that one of his writers went out and created this misogynistic show.

  26. Ka Te says:

    So now that the king is dead, who’s taking his place?….. Sean?, and what about the queen?

    • GraceM says:

      The king told Juliette the queen is dead. So is his son, and we still don’t know who killed him.

      I’m guessing Cousin Viktor is next in line, since Sean Reynard is illegitimate.

  27. Whitethornrose says:

    So happy Juliette is gone!!! Her character was getting annoying quick! I never liked her from the get go. I like Adaline and Nick together. Adaline seems nicer! I guess we edit and see!

  28. Len says:

    Juliette burned her bridges with Nick and the group. The writers made her actions irredeemable. Even if the writers kept the character, she could never have gotten back with Nick. It just wouldn’t be believable to think he could forgive her. I actually think it would have been more interesting to see the show explore the idea of a Grimm and a Hexenbeist pairing than to just make Juliette so awful we were glad to see her go.

  29. MelindaB says:

    “Nick’s fury”…I see what you did there.

    As someone who was a Juliette supporter, who wanted Nick and Juliette to find their happy ending, I wanted nothing but for her to die after the last several episodes. I don’t know if she can be redeemed if they figure out how to resurrect her.

    • Ada bren says:

      that’s what I’ve been saying this whole time. I am incomplete agreeance with you there is no way a forgiving her after all that’s been done

  30. Spiritus says:

    Really was the best finale ever. Dramatically speaking Juliette´s death was necessary. With this many things were released: the few chemistry of the main couple of this show, Nick & Juliette just did not work in 4 years…they loved each other, but the spark own of a epic couple never turned on between them really for a supernatural show like “Grimm” is. And after she falled in the dark path being a Hexenbiest and wanting to stay and enjoy her darkness, she had done terribles things; kill Kelly was the most terribles of all them, and almost kill the unborn Nick´s child or burn the trailer.
    Juliette had the worthy end for her bitterness. She never exceeded that Nick´s child was innocent. She had a lot of opportunities; she had near the cure for delete her hexenbiest power and with it her darkness, and return to her old life again but she did not want this. And she was not ready or called for to be a real villain, she just followed her way for destroy Nick and herself. Trubel did the correct thing, as the authors said. She stoped Juliette´s suffering and Nick´s too. Now he´s broken and need start again, reborn like a phoenix, this will take time.
    Oh i´m a loyal shipper of Nick/Adalind. They chemistry and attraction always has been there, since 1X01 is so obvious for us, their fans…and i´m ready for see my dream becoming true. This woman deserves a Redemption Arc and Nick have his son save & try to be happy again. I just hope that his relationship with Adalind works & they are gonna to go building up a solid alliance based in the trusting and the good by their baby. And i feel that something romantic is coming, why not? They are like the same soul in two bodies. Maybe this sound contradictory: but they are destined to meet them again, and again. .

    • Mari says:

      I love Juliette, so we are opposites.
      Love CC, and like Adalind as a character most of the time, but with Nick?
      She raped him. More than once. How could they have anything romantic?
      Just think, if the situation was reveversed and Adalind was the victim, would you still root for them?
      I could maybe learn to accept the pairing if Adalind hadn’t forced herself on Nick.

      • Spiritus says:

        I´m so tired of this. Adalind did not rape Nick, just lyed to him because Victor lyied to her with get Diana Back if she would pull our Nick´s Grimm powers.
        But now the things are differents; Adalind will have 2 children! She is a mother, and pulled out her own power of Hexenbiest just for protect her second baby of Juliette. She is not so villain as was before because when you have children your life change, you can not to be following so evil . You see the things in another order.
        Nick lately is saying always “Where is Adalind”? she is prety helpful, is like “Nick´s trailer” she could help the Scooby Gang with all her knowledge, and is a potential love interest for Nick. Anyway their relationship always will be complicated. Wow…there is really something much more exctiting like that? A battle between the attraction and the hate…

        • Mel says:

          If Nick did to Adalind what Adalind did to Nick, Nick would be in jail. If they continue the storyline with Adalind and Nick becoming chummy the only viewers they’re going to have left are rape apologists, mostly made of 13 year old girls who have no concept of the horror of rape.

          • Lana says:

            Rape, between adults, is when someone says no and you force them to have sex. Nick was tricked, but he never said no and there was no force involved. So everyone quit calling it rape, she was wrong to trick him but she did not rape him.

          • Dj says:

            It was a form of rape she used her powers on him to make Nick think she was Juliette so it was sexually coercion and rape by fraud.

          • GrimmCommenter says:

            Fraud is not an element of rape — and she used her powers on herself. Again, court systems would be clogged for years if “fraud” was an element of rape.

          • Mel says:

            No. That is not all that rape is. Rape is when you drug someone and/or remove their free will, incapacitate them, place them at a disadvantage and then exert yourself over them. She RAPED Hank by removing his free will through her magic cookies, forcing him to fall for her and ultimately sleep with her. She RAPED Nick by using magic to deceive him into having sex with her knowing he would never consent to having sex with Adalind.

            What she did was Rape. I don’t understand you people who say otherwise, but it makes me fear for humanity and proves Rape Culture is alive and well in 2015… Which disgusts me. Rape apologists like you are insulting to all people in the world who have been taken advantage of sexually and I pray you never find yourself in that situation.

          • Fran says:

            I think some people need to read up on what constitutes rape. It is not simply forcing someone to have sex. Having sex with someone who does not consent to it with you is rape. Nick did not give consent to Adalind. Obviously this is a fictional show and this situation wouldn’t happen in real life, but I still find it sad that so many people think its no big deal.

          • GrimmCommenter says:

            You are right, Fran, it is all about “consent.” Nick had consensual sex with a Juliette imposter. There have been cases where men have had sex with transvestites. They cannot cry “rape” later, once they discover they were tricked into having sex with another man — the courts view this as consensual sex. No, personally, I do not take rape lightly or think of it as no big deal — and that applies to any crime. I happen to find it sad when people take things to an extreme level, when they do not have to.

  31. Mai says:

    I hated this Juliette Hexenbiest arc, and now that I know her character died, I’m even more annoyed. They could have done so many more interesting storylines with Juliette becoming a wesen. She was already becoming a useful part of the team as a human. Having a vet was like having a doctor for all the wesen they encountered. Her Spanish was pretty useful too. It would’ve been interesting to see Nick, a Grimm, being with a wesened Juliette. It would’ve also been nice to the few people who actually didn’t mind Juliette’s character, and liked them as a couple, to see the show end with the two married, raising Grimm kids, and being a family of Grimm fighters.
    Instead, they destroyed Juliette’s character so much, that none of her friends are going to spend any time mourning her loss; only possibly Nick. Makes me feel like the show wasted so much potential and was short-sighted. It’s amateurish to veer so off course with a main character, that’s been a series regular since day one, and they’ve invest whole series arcs for her character and her relationship with Nick, to change her this drastically. Plus, the responses to this interview, make me think the showrunners are arrogant A-holes, especially that Kouf guy. I’m even less trusting of how well the rest of the series will be now.

    • R says:

      I tottttally agree with you! Everyone in the board is complaining about how she killed his mom and how you can’t come back from that. But that was the stupid writers! Why the hell would you make a character who has been nothing but good the entire way get powers, only to have her go evil. Not to mention that she has helped and fought for so many of those people and Nick, not to mention that the fact that it was him wanting to be a grim that even made this happen to her; yet they all still quickly turned on her very easily and we’re happy to see her die,even before she killed his mom inadvertently. the writters could have gone so many ways with this and they chose to completely ruin it and I probably won’t watch again.

  32. Cal says:

    Never particularly cared for Juliette. Please don’t “resurrect” her. She is not redeemable. It wouldn’t really be worth the attempt – IMO she didn’t fit in with the team or add much of value. Nothing against the actress, but the character had to go.

    Some sloppy writing aside, I enjoyed the finale and am looking forward to next season.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      That was a KICK ASS finale so happy that Juliette got what she deserves! As for the whole Nick & Adalind possible get ”together” idk……but I say Adalind is going to have a boy a little Grimm Jr. Overall love the episode but damn that sucks Kelly is dead.

  33. Paige Turner says:

    Thrilled the writers killed Juliette. I hope it sticks, and isn’t just a season cliffhanger gimmick. Please don’t resurrect her next season! Not only was the character ridiculous, but the actress was a terrible actress as well!

  34. Ada bren says:

    Please keep Juliette dead. Her character was easy to hate and I like the thought of Adaline switching sides. Nice twistweather Juliet was good inside of the hexinbeast or not doesn’t matter anymore. She had his mom killed. You can’t come back from that.

    • GrimmCommenter says:

      I like the idea of Adalind switching sides, too. She does not have to be with Nick. I want to see her with Meisner.

  35. GraceM says:

    Holy cow what a finale! Last week they killed off Nick’s mother, this week they kill off Juliette. I wonder what’s in store for season 4?

    On the bright side of Juliette being dead, her and Nick’s relationship won’t be dragged on for another season.

  36. Yvonne jeterbarnes says:

    Please keep Juliette dead!

  37. Georgia Madman says:

    Glad Juliette is dead. Still not watching Grimm anymore. This season sucked and the showrunners are delusional. We’ll see what the ratings are next season but i believe next season is the last.

  38. aw says:

    Diana is a very creepy kid. After tonight’s finale, I’ll miss Juliette very much and was looking forward to her redemption next season and now that’s not going to happen. Now that Juliette is gone, I can’t stand adalind even more. I hope the writers kill her off soon, and give Nick some happiness.

  39. JessicaGozz says:

    I’am sad that they killed Juliette … I was hopping maybe in the futureee, work it out things I don’t know. I know she had something to do with the dead of his mother but… still I liked her character m.m

  40. JC1 says:

    I’m just really so angry that they did this. They just destroyed Juliette’s character in these last few episodes, and I knew after last week there was no coming back from that. I just don’t understand why they went this direction. I was so excited when Juliette started getting hexenbeist powers – I thought it was such a cool storyline, and to see her being able to kick ass and fight with the rest. I would have understood her and Nick having trouble adjusting to it, but I don’t understand her going off the deep end like this.
    Even if Juliette is somehow magically brought back next season, it won’t undo what she did. And the idea of Nick and Adalind getting together makes me ill, seriously. 1000x NO to a Nick/Adalind pairing – that is just sick and twisted.
    The show’s been having issues – the glacial pace of the keys/Royals storyline, and dropped storylines like Nick’s zombie powers. But this…this is like they just decided to dive off a cliff. I don’t get it. And I’m probably not going to be back next season.

    • R says:

      Same. So mad about this

    • Jeff says:

      Wrong – Nick’s enhanced powers (zombie) are there. How do you think he killed the much larger royal (don’t recall his name) when that royal easily defeated Renard. Also, Nick heard the helicopter before everyone else using his enhanced powers.

      • JC1 says:

        i was referring to him getting cold and blue and going into that zombie-ish state. They just kind of dropped that.

      • GrimmCommenter says:

        I think Nick’s heighted senses came after he was temporarily blinded by the wesen who blew that stuff into his eyes. The effects of zombie -ism is numbness, greater strength, and a heightened ability to kill.

  41. yurie says:

    “Nick’s Fury”
    Well played, Ms. Kimberly. Well played.

  42. Jason says:

    Why you did this to Juliett ? She is not fair, she was a very kind lady, and you turned her to be a hexenbiest and put her bay transfered to Adaline’s. Why you did this to Juliett and let her go ?

  43. scotlore says:

    Thank you Kimberly Roots for interview with the Grimm EPs. I really liked this show when it premiered and I have hung in there each season even as they strayed further and further away from what I had liked about it. Juliette removed from the canvas is a good step but I think I am worn out waiting for it to get back on track regarding the elements of the show that drew me to it, so I will not be back for the next season.

  44. Sharon Glistner says:

    Thank you for developing a plot where the actress playing Jukiette could leave the show. There was no chemistry with her and Nick, and she had flat affect. Never convincing and her delivery of dialog was painful to watch.

  45. uk-usa-tvaddict says:

    How is Nick going to explain how Juliette died to the rest of her relatives?

    Is he going to move out of HER HOUSE?

    What is going to happen to Juliette’s vet practise?

    Do we have to suffer through Nick’s grief for all of next season followed by a string of potential love interests being introduced?

    Will Nick hook-up with a vessen girlfriend?

    • dys says:

      I suppose that answers to all or most of your questions will begin to happen in a few months when the show returns.

  46. SciFiFan says:

    Everybody who hates Adalind seems to forget her mother was unrelentingly cruel to her, slept with Sean b/c she knew Adalind loved him, forced Adalind to help Sean go after Nick in Season 1, then after everything told Adalind she was worthless/useless. Then Sean preyed on her feelings to continue using her. Adalind was a character that was emotionally stunted. Her 1st pregnancy, it seemed she completely was at a loss how to raise a child, so decided to get rid of it (sell her). Like many women, when she had the girl she suddenly realized she was responsible for another person & finally started to grow up herself. She then trusted Nick & his mom and they mistreated her like everybody else by stealing the person she loved most in the world. I totally understand why she was willing to strike back at Nick. And it wasn’t forced rape. Nick ripped her soul out taking her baby (remember her in the street screaming) & she had every right to revenge. But even then she only did what the Royals told her, just to get her baby. Nick is a very loyal person, and if Adalind can finally find herself as a strong confident woman, then a relationship between them could be great. And don’t forget when Juliette looked like Adalind the 2nd time, Nick seemed to have a very good time. Juliette had a great job, a great man, strong support circle, and she threw it all away deliberately (I think she didn’t fully love Nick, why she wouldn’t marry him. & she resented his Grimm-ness messing with her life). Adalind has never had any emotional support. Would be nice to see her finally have folks to care about her. Maybe even Nick.

    • Mel says:

      She RAPED Nick. What’s with all the rape apologists. Oh hey, i know she did terrible things, but she totally had a terrible life.. A lot of people have terrible crappy things happen in their lives and still manage to live it without doing horrible things like Adalind has done. Adalind is all about Adalind. If Nick had done to her, what she did to him he’d be sitting in a jail cell right now and nobody would blame her if she got an abortion or put the kid up for adoption. Not too many women want to raise their rapists child.

      • GrimmCommenter says:

        No, she SEDUCED Nick. There is a difference

        • JC1 says:

          Seriously!?!? She did not “seduce” him. Seducing him would be if he had full knowledge that she was Adalind, not Juliette. He thought he was sleeping with Juliette, therefore Adalind raped him. Period. If a man gave a woman a drug that caused her to think that he was her husband/boyfriend/partner, instead of someone she would never touch in her right mind, and she had sex with him because of that, would anyone be denying that was rape? No they would not. And that is what happened to Nick, the magical equivalent anyway. It is rape, and I can’t believe people are trying to say it’s not.

        • Mel says:

          No honey, she used magic to change her appearance and had sex with him through deception. The way she used her magic is no different than using roofies. It’s rape. It’s always going to be rape. There is no way to get around it being rape. She raped him. He did not consent to sleep with Adalind. He consented to sleep with Juliette. Therefore he had sex with Adalind without giving his consent to do so. RAPE.

          Howl at the moon if you want, it won’t change it. RAPE.

          • GrimmCommenter says:

            Can we let this go — I have an opinion and I am sticking with it. Over.

          • Auracle says:

            I share Grimm – commenter’s opinion for the record. It’s not such a bad thing… opinions make the world more interesting.

      • rachel conwell says:

        if she did all thevthings to nick that e has done to her,i dont know like pretending to help her just to steal her baby in the long run,i can see some of her resentment and as was said before she was umder the impressiom that if she did this the royals would give her baby back which is who they told her haf her baby

      • Burton Holderness says:

        Okay I’m just going to say this. First I hate rape. I’m a woman and there’s no excuse for rape. But if we’re casting stones there’s no excuse for kidnapping a baby from their mother. I mean Nick and Co. could have prevented all of this by telling Adalind that they were going to get Diana back and give her to Kelly. That would have kept Adalind from becoming desperate enough to do anything including rape/coerce/seduce whatever you want to call it, Nick in order to make him lose his Grimm.

        I’m not a rape apologists at all, but in this instance I do think it all could have been prevented by Nick and the gang if they’d just been up front with Adalind in the first place. And if my child had been kidnapped I would do anything and I do mean anything including rape someone to get them back. Remember at that time she didn’t know Kelly had Diana she thought the Royals had taken her and considering how the Royals are all a little crazy and psycho I wouldn’t want my daughter in their hands.

        • Mel says:

          And what is the excuse for her using magic cookies to rob Hank of his free will so should could have sex with him? There is no excuse for rape. Ever. I’m a woman and a mother too, there’s little I wouldn’t do for my children, but that Adalind was in that situation to begin with is Adalinds fault. As a rapist, imho she’s not fit to parent any child anyway.

          • Burton Holderness says:

            Okay first I didn’t say it wasn’t rape or that what she did to Hank was okay. I’m just saying that neither is kidnapping a baby. And what happened with Hank has nothing to do with what happened to Diana. Adalind went to Nick and Co willingly and under the belief that they were going to help her and protect her child. Her betrayal is no greater or worse then there’s, whether she’s fit to be a mother is not the point. It doesn’t excuse Nick any more then it excuses Adalind. Both parties were in the wrong.

          • GrimmCommenter says:

            Go back and watch when Nick “takes” Adalind’s power and you will witness an absolute allegory of rape, if there ever was one. Watch Adalind’s reaction and expression after the deed is done. Plain and simple, Mel does not like the Adalind character. Mel posted a few days back about how she was going to write to the network about the writers of Grimm perpetuating a culture of rape. She totally looked over (perhaps, chose to look over) the Nick-Adalind power steal.
            Mel, what was your reaction to this particular scene? Would you fit right in with that group of boys behind the school bleachers shouting “Get her, get her,” while one of their own pulled off an act of domination and humiliation upon an overpowered victim pinned to the ground? – (because you just do not like the Adalind character). Would you be the type that said, “Oh, she got what she deserved?”
            As I stated before, Nick lost his powers in a much gentler way. Even, on the ride to the wedding, after he discovers that he did not have sex with Juliette, but Adalind, what is his reaction? Nick comes across as smug and that it was no big deal. The ONLY person freaking out is Juliette.
            Burton, you cannot win with Mel she hates the Adalind character and she wants to demonize her and calling her a “rapist” does that for her. Also, Burton, I agree with you about the baby steal. I had a freak out, myself, of Mel proportions, when I watched that episode. I was ready to get on my computer and write a letter that would bring the writers of Grimm to utter tears of repentance, but then I chilled out.

          • Mel says:

            The use of lethal force is justified when used to protect or save the life of another. How quickly you forget Adalind raped Hank and by having sex with her he slipped into a lethal coma and would die if Nick had not done what he did. If we lived in a world where these types of things could actually happen no jury in the world would convict Adalind.

            Keep rape apologizing though…

          • GrimmCommenter says:

            “Justified” – knew it. You’re an apologist yourself.

          • Mel says:

            She was attempting to murder Hank in cold blood. You can not be serious. It’s obvious to me now why you love Adalind so much, you’re as mentally unstable as her. Peace

          • Burton Holderness says:

            Oh and remember she didn’t know Kelly had her daughter she thought the royals did. She thought she was raping her daughters kidnapper in order to get her back. Now I don’t know about you but in her position in that instance not referencing any previous decisions on her part, I would absolutely rape my daughter’s kidnapper if I thought it would get her back to me. That’s all I’m saying. If Nick is supposed to be the good guy then he’s got to act like it.

          • Mel says:

            Oh I don’t dispute that Nick isn’t perfect and that Adalind got the short end of that stick… But I also recall quite clearly that it was the baby daddy who had set that up and Nick helped him. If she wanted to get all crazy it was Renard she should have gone after, as it was she went after Nick only because the Royals told her to.

  47. Dena Vail says:

    Adalind and Nick an item? Gross!!!!

  48. I wonder if Bitsie Tulloch wanted to leave the show is why they killed her off?

  49. YA says:

    Hey, how did Juliette end up back at the house? We saw her specifically getting into the helicopter with the King and Diane. Looks like Trubel is keeping her alliance with the resistance from Nick: Do you guys think it was her who tipped them (the resistance) off about the whereabout’s of Diane so they could intercept the King’s escape?

    • kirads09 says:

      “Hey, how did Juliette end up back at the house? We saw her specifically getting into the helicopter” I wondered the EXACT same thing.

      • Tony G says:

        She asn’t in the helicopter, only the king and Diana. I rechecked the scene.

        • vegaspacker says:


          Check the scene again…

          Juliette was holding Diana and walking up to the helicopter.

          The helicopter took off with
          Nick watching… Juliette on the ground.

          At the Juliette death scene, it was suggested that she tipped Nick off regarding the planned flight.

          Still a major hole since the king insisted Juliette would be going with them and be taken care of.

      • Mordigant says:

        I too wondered this, it doesn’t make a lot of sense from what they showed, I guess we are to assume that the King and Dianna got on and Juliette slipped off into the night, but that makes little sense….At any rate I am pleased by her demise there was really not much else left to do with her.

  50. Elida Rose says:

    Loved the finale! Don’t make Nick too dark. Will his baby have super powers? Please make it more Grimm than anything else. Can’t wait for fall!