Flash's Rick Cosnett Previews a 'Very Different' Eddie, 'Emotional' Finale

The Flash Season 1 Finale Spoilers

The Flash‘s Eddie may have been in the dark about his evil, speedy descendant Eobard Thawne until recently, but his portrayer Rick Cosnett has been in the know about his character’s shady relations for a very long time.

“I’ve been holding that secret for a while, it’s been rough,” the actor says with a laugh. “We were given a great trajectory of our characters at the beginning [of the series]. … But there’s still a whole lot more to unravel.”

First, Barry needs to make good on his promise to Iris to find her M.I.A. boyfriend, last seen being taken away by the Reverse-Flash.

“The gang actually finds Eddie,” Cosnett reveals. “I can’t say what state they find him in, or if they rescue him, but they do find him a very different man than what he was — than what we’ve seen til now at least. It’s a life-changing moment for Eddie.”

Below, Cosnett previews Eddie’s shifting allegiances, feelings about his and Iris’ future, and the big surprise in store in the May 19 season ender (The CW, 8/7c).

TVLINE | Viewers know Eddie as a good guy, but given what he’s learned and how much time he’s spending with Eobard, how malleable are his allegiances?
Very malleable. They are related. They are cut from the same cloth in a sense. … Eddie has a pretty big backbone. He talks back to Eobard. They have the same sort of strength of character underneath it all. Of course, Eddie’s having to deal with so much information at one time. At the moment, his cogs are spinning really fast, and he’s at a crossroads now of what to do, whether he takes this information about Iris and Barry and him not becoming anything in a positive way or a negative way or tries to change things. The power really is in his own hands, but whether Eddie knows that or not, I can’t say.

TVLINE | Does it inspire Eddie to step up his game, knowing that he doesn’t amount to much?
Well, it definitely gives him the option. We’re going to see that play out. There’s a big surprise coming up in the finale. I’m a really big part of the whole process. It’s going to be a really cool ending.

The Flash Season 1 Finale Spoilers

TVLINE | Does finding out that Iris marries Barry make Eddie want to go after her more? Or does he just accept his fate?
That’s a very good question. I think Eddie always had a sixth sense that they had something, even though he didn’t admit it for a very long time. So this has really just cemented that. He has to make a choice between doing the best thing for Iris and the best thing for himself. What has been so endearing about Eddie is we know that, usually, he will make a very sensible choice. He’s a bit of the voice of reason, I feel like, in a lot of senses. We very much sympathize with him. But things have definitely changed. He’s been down in this dungeon for quite a long time, and he’s had way too much time to think and way too much time to change perspectives. I think people are going to be really intrigued to see where Eddie goes.

TVLINE | So is the proposal off the table now?
I hope not. [Laughs] Just because I love Candice [Patton]. You’ll just have to wait and see about that. That storyline is going to unravel as well.

TVLINE | Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told me there were a lot of tears at the table read for the finale. How worried should we be about Eddie’s fate, considering who currently has captured him?
[Laughs] It’s a very emotional episode. It’s just been such a huge season. Apparently, it looks amazing. It’s mainly the scenes between Grant [Gustin] and Jesse [L. Martin] that have been the bread and butter of the show. It makes us all just break down and cry every time. It’s really touching. … It’s going to be an awesome finale.

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  1. JC1 says:

    All I’m worried about is them killing off Joe. As he said, it’s really the relationship between Barry and Joe that is the heart of the show, and I really hope we don’t lose that.

  2. One super speed-applied vasectomy would fix everyone’s problems…

  3. Tatiana says:

    I love Eddie a lot, but I hope he lets go of Iris. He’s known subconsciously that she loves Barry for a long time now. Considering how “different” he’s gonna be… Methinks Cobalt Blue is on his way.

    And now I’m scared for Joe, man.

    • Sam says:

      Iris and Barry belong together. Eddie needs to realise that and move on.

      Barry will always love Iris and vice versa.

    • Sam says:

      Iris and Barry belong together. Eddie needs to realise that and move on.

      Barry will always love Iris and vice versa. I love the way Iris looks at Barry!

  4. Kate says:

    I just hope that the comicbook.com people are right about his eventual trajectory (and the pick up of the spin off gives me hope) that he is on a journey to become a superhero who, well, actually manages to keep his identity a secret. I mean, Barry knows, which implies Caitlyn and Cisco know, but still.

  5. A says:

    i have feeling that season finale cliffhanger will be barry time traveling to alternate/parallel timeline/universe

  6. Luis says:

    Eobard whips out the “DNA presto-chango” machine again and faster than you can say “A la peanut butter sandwiches . . .” its a brand new Eddie!!

    • A says:

      i thought about it but since eddie is his ancestor i dont think it would happen coz for eobard to exist eddie would have to have a child with some1 first to keep the direct thwane line alive.

    • Kim R says:

      This is what I am wondering. I know nothing of the comic books but it would sure let Eobard continue in his plan and what a twist!

  7. S says:

    They should just get rid of Eddie.. he served his purpose as the foil to keep the two leads from getting together too quickly but now he just seems kindof useless.. Either turn him into a villain or write him off somehow.

    • Jackie says:

      I just want them to ditch the Eddie and Iris story. It’s clear Barry and Iris love one another. End the dead relationship and the characters develop and more forward.

      I want Iris to be single and an awesome reporter!

    • Eleanor says:

      It’s like we get it. Barry and Iris can’t be together right away, we’re willing to wait but Eddie’s becoming a nuance if he doesn’t realise his relationship with Iris is over.

  8. Nate says:

    Maybe Eobard will somehow jump into Eddie’s body, becoming his own descendant, and leaving a “new” Harrison Wells to find his footing and eventually become what the original was meant to be.

  9. PuppyPaws7 says:

    Eobard and Eddie are one in the same…

  10. Mark Wengler says:

    Eobard can’t kill Eddie because Eddie is Eobard’s several great grandfather. But if he does. That would bring in the Grandfather paradox. The paradox is described as follows: the time traveller goes back in time and kills his grandfather before his grandfather meets his grandmother. As a result, the time traveller is never born. But, if he was never born, then he is unable to travel through time and kill his grandfather, which means the traveller would then be born after all, and so on.

    • S says:

      I dont recall them saying exactly where in his ancestry Eddie was… maybe he has a brother that is the great grandfather? and Eddie is a great uncle or something.

      • Michael says:

        But even then, that still has the potential to alter Eobard’s future or even his existence. Let’s say Eobard kills Eddie. Eddie’s brother (or uncle or cousin or nephew) goes to his funeral when he was originally doing something else at that time; i.e.: meeting HIS wife for the first time, conceiving a child (Eobard’s direct ancestor) w/ a woman he’s already married to (or involved with), or conceiving with someone else at the hotel after the wake, etc.

  11. Jen says:

    I need Eddie to let go of Iris and move on. Iris has been a good girlfriend to him, but she will never love Eddie the way she loves Barry.

  12. I’m waiting for the episode when they find out that Eddie is Barry’s long-lost twin brother, who becomes the villain Cobalt Blue :P

  13. flashyydude says:

    I dont think it will be joe, I think it will be Barry’s father. The whole this is about Barry fighting to get his dad out of prison and justice for his mother. I think he will be given a choice to save one or the other because he obviously cant go back in time and save his mom due to the fact that his mom died because he already made the choice of saving himself…(if he saves his mom he dies)

  14. mb says:

    Eddie dies (heroic ssacrifice) to stop Wells and the line gets reset clearing the table for Grodd in S2. Or Eobard does a body jump to drastically improve Eddie’s standing in the past.

  15. catherine says:

    we prefer eddie and iris together in the future. Barry, the Flash, must remain unattached to do his time travel seamlessly, fighting the bad guys in the process, solving the murder of his mom, and being the antithesis of the reverse flash. Caitlin and Cisco provide the technical background to help Barry in his various missions.

    • Georgia Madman says:

      Keep Eddie and Iris together. Iris is bad for Barry and is such a drag. Hopefully Oliver was right — “we don’t get the girl.”

  16. Cyn says:

    Eddie/Iris relationship needs to end asap. Hope they’ve over before the season ends.

  17. Eddie is going to take the Yellow Suit and become Professor Zoom!

  18. aotr07 says:

    Oh he is definitely going to fall into a dark role…I suspected that would be a possibility but Rick has pretty much confirmed it. And with Eddie out of he perverbial picture I am curious to see what that will do to Iris and Barry’s relationship. I can’t help but be excited!

  19. leroy kong says:

    This Season Finale is GOING TO BE MOND BLOWING!!

  20. Tilly says:

    Rick and Candice are so sweet! BUT Iris and Barry belong together. They are such perfection. Eddie needs to let Iris go!

    Iris and Barry are bestfriends, she’s his anchor, their married in the future and have the Torando Twins.

    I would like to see Eddie develop on his own, as Thawne and delve more into the Eobard/Reverse storyline.

    Iris the kick ass reporter and Barry The Flash. Then of course Cisco and Joe!

  21. holycr0ss says:

    I’m calling it right now: Eddie will be dead by the Season finale. People are predicting that Eddie will be a bad guy by the end of the season. They said the same about Tommy. They will be just as wrong here.

    • aotr07 says:

      Rick dropped some heavy hints that his character will soon be choosing a dark path. Though I also suspect he may die as soon as next week, I also believe he will be chucking his morality out the door beforehand…