The Flash's Candice Patton Talks Iris' Epiphany ('I Was So Relieved!'), Grodd, Barry vs. Eddie, Unexpected Finale

The Flash Iris Knows Barry Secret

Our long national nightmare is over: Iris West knows the truth about The Flash‘s identity. And dare we say, Candice Patton is even more excited than her Flash-crushing alter ego to join the club of those “in the know.”

As the CW hit (Tuesdays, 8/7c) speeds toward its freshman finish line, Patton paused to speak with TVLine about proving haters wrong, Iris’ sense of hurt, her feelings for Barry versus Eddie and a finale that is perhaps not what you think it is.

TVLINE | What was your reaction when you saw the script where Iris learns the truth — and that it was going to stick?
I was so relieved. I was relieved for me, and for all of the fans who’ve been waiting so long for Iris to find out. I was relieved for all the haters [Laughs] who just thought Iris was stupid and would never find out. I was extremely excited to film this episode, and then for it to air.

TVLINE | It’s got to be hard to play The Last One to Find Out — did you get any tips from Arrow’s Katie Cassidy?
No, but I probably should have! Because I don’t think I was aware of how difficult it would be to play that kind of character. I just assumed that it’s a part of comic book series — you always have that Lois Lane/Iris West/Laurel Lance character — so it’s necessary, right? And other shows have dragged it out for much, much longer. We were almost afraid that we were going to be revealing it a little too soon. So to see people upset that Iris didn’t know right away, it was a bit frustrating. It was hard to be the last one to know.

TVLINE What in the world is going through Iris’ head right now, standing there on that walkway?
I think she’s shocked. Hurt. Angry. And now she’s putting everything together, all of those meetings she has had with The Flash on rooftops, at Jitters, and realizing that those conversations were with Barry. Her whole world is kind of upside-down.

TVLINE | Will things slow down enough, so to speak, anytime soon for her and Barry to talk about this?
Yeah, [this week] especially you will see that Iris is actively going to confront Barry about being The Flash and keeping that secret from her — and subsequently, having that same conversation with Joe. These are two men in her life who were supposed to be honest with her. This is the only family that she really has, the people you’re supposed to trust the most, so for them to have been in cahoots…. She’s going to feel very, very angry and betrayed.

TVLINE | As she processesThe Flash Iris Knows Barry Secret this information, will she ultimately be prompted to reconsider her feelings for Barry versus Eddie?
There’s a lot that she’s having to think about — not just her feelings for Barry and for The Flash, but the fact that Eddie is missing and that she loves him. She’s going to continue to be conflicted about her feelings for both men. I mean, we havent seen anything from Eddie except that he’s a good man and he loves Iris and he treats her well, so she’s really in a difficult place. But at the same time, it’s evident to everyone who watches the show that Iris has feelings for Barry that she’s just not ready to deal with.

TVLINE Are we going to find out exactly why Reverse-Flash took Eddie?
We will find that out by the end of the season — and that’s a really exciting plot point, so I don’t want to give too much away. But we will find out more about why Reverse-Flash took Eddie.

TVLINE | Meanwhile…. Grodd is on the loose this week!
Yeah! Cisco and Barry and Joe kind of go out to track down Grodd. We know that he’s a danger, so those guys go down in the sewers to track him down, and you’ll see Iris kind of join the team and help in her own way, using her skill set to do what she can for the S.T.A.R. Labs crew.

TVLINE | What is her skill set as applies here? What can she bring to the table?
She’s a reporter, so she knows what’s been going on. She knows more about the word on the streets than maybe Caitlin and Cisco, who are more [about] tech. Iris is a little more “in the know”The Flash Iris Knows Barry Secret about what stories have been written about the sewer system, people who have seen Grodd and where they’ve seen him….

TVLINE | Did you get a chance to act opposite any tennis balls-on-strings?
Oh, no. No. I’m waiting for my day with Grodd. Grodd is actually my favorite character on The Flash, so I am just waiting for my moment!

TVLINE Lastly, what can you tease about the season finale (airing May 19)?
I know it’s typical to say, but the season finale is going to be epic. It’s bigger than 15 (aka the tsunami episode), it’s bigger than 20 (last week’s “The Trap”)…. We wouldn’t leave the season without something where people are going to walk away with their jaws on the floor. And it’s a season finale that a lot of people aren’t expecting. I think people have an idea where we’re going, but I will just say that it’s probably not what you’re thinking.

TVLINE | Is there a cliffhanger, lives in jeopardy…?
All of those things. All of those things, yeah.

TVLINE | Maybe a bit of time travel?
[Makes non-committal noise]

TVLINE | How do I transcribe that? “She shrugs her shoulders”?
“She shrugs her shoulders.” [Laughs]

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  1. Abby says:

    So now officially does every main character on the Flash know Barry’s “secret” identity before the first season is out? I know people not realising/guessing does become silly on these type of shows I liked when people finding out could be a big deal on these type of shows.

    • Dj says:

      Yeah I’m not a fan of that way to many people know. Plus sometimes it’s takes away from the show when everyone knows what the lead is up to. There should be a character who they can play off of who doesn’t know what’s going on.

  2. J says:

    When she responded to the first question, I’m willing to bet she said “Iris,” not “Isis”

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      You are probably correct. This egregious error has been fixed.

      • Playhouse says:

        I thought the red ‘R’ was some kind of Internet secret unlock, like that little symbol on the bottom of the webpages in Sandra Bullock’s “The Net.” Sadly, instead of falling down the rabbit hole and breaking into secret NSA servers to unlock the mystery of the Knights Templar treasure, it was just a minute of me clicking and hovering over an ‘R’ like an idiot.

        Eh, I’ve spent time doing worse things.

  3. Brigid says:

    Im so thrilled Iris knows. These last 2 episodes should be EPIC! I gotta laugh at the misspelling of Iris in the first question. LOL

  4. V says:

    First comment should be Iris not Isis. Besides that, thanks for the interview! Can’t wait for Iris to confront Barry and Joe and of course for the season finale!

  5. Chicubsfan says:

    Laurel knew Oliver’s secret idenity before Thea or Captain Lance did. Laurel found out from Slade last season, where the latter two were in the dark until this season.

  6. Jeff says:

    I must say, this post is a bit rude, first article on page and even just the title is an obvious spoiler :(

    • Me says:

      How is it a spoiler? We found out she knew last episode at the end.

      • Jeff says:

        Not everyone has seen said episode :)

        • Mary Ann says:

          I think once a week goes by, it is no longer a spoiler. We can’t wait for people that wait a long time to watch recorded shows to catch up. We would never be able to discuss anything.

          • Jeff says:

            A week hasn’t gone by. Equally it’s pretty standard fair for TVL to make a statement that spoilers are ahead, not make said spoiler blatantly obvious in in a 3 second glance.

          • Maryann says:

            Spoiler warnings should be in effect until a while after the end of the season, and lack of spoilers in headlines should be in effect. I work. I follow a number of tv shows. There is no way to visit a main website like TvLine without being spoiled. I am caught up on Flash and The Originals, but not on Arrow or Vampire Diaries. Matt said in a comment that not watching a show within the week shows a lack of priority. Well, maybe that is the case if you put it above sleep and only watch a couple of shows, but I have several shows I care about, and I work evenings. I know that I will not enjoy Arrow or Vampire Diaries as much just from the spoilers in the main website headlines. I have no problem with Flash spoilers inside a Flash article or discussion, but it is very annoying when Arrow spoilers show up in a Flash discussion, or the headline itself is a spoiler.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      It has been almost six (6) whole days. If you’re not consuming Flash episodes with a modicum of passion/urgency, the preservation of storyline surprises seemingly is not a priority for you.

      • Ang says:

        And, Dude, if you aren’t caught up on episodes…AVOID THESE ARTICLES!! Nobody twisted your arm to make you read this article!

        • Jim says:

          Wait, why are you bringing common sense into this? If you haven’t watched last week’s episode by now, GET OFF THE INTERNET & WATCH IT! I guess technically, you could stay on the internet & head on over to & watch it, but hopefully the point should be clear.

    • KatsMom says:

      In addition to the valid points others have made, the reveal was teased in the commercials for last week’s episode as well. The headline didn’t spoil this any more than the ads did.

    • Nick says:

      This always makes me so angry. I would say the statute of limitations on spoilers is 24 hours. If you haven’t watched The Flash by the time Arrow is over…you can’t be waited around for.

  7. Brandy says:

    “I was relieved for all the haters [Laughs] who just thought Iris was stupid and would never find out.” Never change Candice, never change. I’m always excited to hear Candice’s take on The Flash because she gives excellent responses without giving anything away. I can’t wait to see Iris go in on Barry & Joe for actively lying to her for months–I’m sure Candice, Grant, & Jesse will be amazing in those scenes.

  8. Cynthia says:

    Great interview! Love her. I’m very excited for the rest of the season^^

  9. Emily says:

    I’m gonna NEED Iris mulling over “what other girls” and “you’re worth being on time for,” lol. Like, I know she knows Barry is in love with her (or did she think it was just lightning psychosis?). But now she knows all those times that random superhero was hitting on her, it was really just Barry screaming I LOVE YOU again.

    On another note, thank goodness the show didn’t drag this out any more. Iris deserves to be part of the team, and I deserve to have as much Candice on my screen as possible.

    • Emily says:

      I meant “need to see,” haha. I got overexcited when she talked about Iris feeling that way. I wanna see it onscreen!

    • Connor says:

      I agree with you. I hope Iris remembers all those times with ‘The Flash’ and that she figured out that she had a connection to him all along.. I’m sure she’ll get over her anger and frustration real quick <3

  10. Ashley says:

    I love Candice and Iris West-Allen, Im so happy she finally knows

  11. Andi says:

    Thanks Matt
    Awesome interview; love Candice Patton as Iris West…desperately waiting for those scenes when Iris finally confronts Barry about his lies.

  12. TW says:

    I freaking LOVE her. And I’m so glad Iris knows, not because she seemed stupid (haters need to get their bitter heads out their deluded asses) but because it was making Barry & Joe seem like the most repulsive, manipulative jackasses (and they started off as the two most loveable characters) & was taking Iris away from the central plot. I really want to see her as part of them team & while she has every right to be furious, I hope it isn’t dragged out too long. And I hope she remembers the events of episode 15 just because I’m Westallen af.

    • Isobel says:

      Agree on taking her away from the central plot, hopefully they learnt their lesson from Laurel and keep Iris in the main storyline

  13. Jen says:

    These last 3 episodes are going to be awesome now that Iris knows. She’ll be able to use her skills to help Star Labs and back to being Barry’s confidant.

  14. Uniqke says:

    Good Interview! I’m glad Iris finally knows as well and I’m looking forward to her convo with Barry and Joe tomorrow.

  15. Nilani says:

    LOL it’s so clear how much over Candice Patton is with parts of The Flash fandom -namely the haters. Anyways, great interview. I’m glad she once again stated, that Iris in fact DOES have romantic feelings for Barry her BFF and not just The Flash. Sadly she’s just not in the right headspace to deal with them yet, but eventually she’ll get because IRIS WEST-ALLEN!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    Can’t wait for tomorrow night’s episode and the Westallen heart to heart conversation. We are going to get another Rooftop moment between our perfect OTP!!! LOVE Candice, love Iris & love Westallen <3 <3 <3

  16. Belliker77 says:

    I love Candice Patton & Iris so much. Finally she knows it. Enough with that ”To protect her crap”. Great interview.

  17. JC1 says:

    So happy she finally knows! Really looking forward to seeing her reaction this week.

  18. Alli says:

    I was so relieved Iris learned the truth. I hate that she was in the dark for so long and kept out of the action. There’s no way Eddie should’ve learned the truth before Iris. I wonder if she’ll be angry with him, along with Joe and Barry. Eddie hasn’t known for very long, but he did know and keep the truth from her just like they did. At least Eddie felt bad about it, though and told her a partial truth when he said he was working with The Flash.

    I just hope this means Iris will actually get to be part of Team Flash and involved with the main plot now. It was so frustrating to see her on the sidelines for most of the season. I’d really like to see more interaction between Iris, Caitlin and Cisco now.

  19. keenen says:

    I’m sorry, but they diminish Iris by her inability to decide what man she wants to be with, ,especially when both of them are friends. It causes unnecessary conflict, and I am not sure that she is totally unaware that she had flirty feelings for the flash, an some type of feelings for Barry that were not “friend” or family. She at least knows that much even if she knows it is not love, which means she also has to know that being with Eddie under those circumstance is being less that honest with him. Also, for no other reason than Eddie is boring and they have ZERO chemistry.

  20. Lizo says:

    Excellent. I hate the trope of having the “love interest” be in the dark for “their protection”. It’s so patronizing and dumb. That they dragged it out for sooooo long on Arrow with Laurel made me so frustrated. Glad it’s ending early on The Flash

  21. Hopefully this will mean Iris is less annoying. Sure as heck helped pave a path to redemption for characters on Arrow, learning the secret identity.

    • Emily says:

      …Iris doesn’t need redemption, because she’s done nothing wrong. Joe and Barry need redemption, because they’ve been the ones lying to and gaslighting her. The fact that you are literally blaming the victim for their victimization is incredibly suspect. So glad I don’t know you in real life.

    • Nilani says:

      Redemption???? Exactly WHAT character traits and behaviour has Iris West shown for her to be in the need for redemption???? It’s more the men in her life -her family- who are going to need redemption for gas lighting and lying to her, thus CONSTANTLY putting her in danger and harms way in relation to her job as a reporter and more importantly The Man in the Yellow.
      LOL haters can take a backseat, Candice Patton clearly doesn’t GAF.

    • Tai says:

      I agree with you on the being less annoying. Not so much the redemption. I just hope that by her knowing now, she’ll be a part of the action. I also hope they don’t drag out the whole you didn’t tell me drama because I have a feeling they will. Thea literally didn’t know her brother was the Arrow until this season. She was over it pretty fast. He lied. He thought he had his reasons. It sucked. We move on. I really wish that would be the case here but I feel like it won’t be.

  22. m3rcnate says:

    Excited for this but i gotta say, the trope of “we cant tell her to protect her” (cause its almost always a her aka female that needs protection aka to be lied to by the males she cares about) is getting old, not because its used so much, but because it makes ZERO sense and isn’t correct. The danger she has been in while not knowing the Flash’es identity has been high from the get-go. Let alone the fact that if someone found out The Flash was Barry it wouldn’t matter if she knows or not, she is close (like a sister) therefore she is a target.
    Now her danger does go up if she joins the team at S.T.A.R. but just because she knows doesn’t mean she has to be allowed to help, that is a desperate decision to be made.
    This also applies in a big way to the Arrow and Felicity. The Arrow says he cant be in love and with the woman he loves cause it will put her in danger, but we have seen (duh) that it doesnt matter. First of all whats the difference between being in love and acting on it and being in love and not? One doesn’t put Felicity in MORE danger than the other. Either way being in love with her is a weakness that can be used against you (Oliver). Fact is even as the “techie” that barely leaves the basement/cave she has almost died numerous times.
    So unfortunately this commonly used by comic books / comic book movies / comic book shows (most of all) trope is not only old and overused, it doesn’t line up with reality.
    Also i get this is the CW but will every Comic book hero show have love triangles? Its getting old as well.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Sorry, man, but whatever puts fannies in the seats. Let the love triangle people “keep the lights on,” while the rest of us consume the superhero goodness.

      • m3rcnate says:

        Fair enough but shows like Daredevil are proving not only can a show not do it and be great, a show is better for having not done it. I mean lets imagine for a second what Arrow would look like on Netflix. My god its mind boggling to think about. The lack of CW melodrama and tropes and teen storylines, the badassery allowed, let alone overall way better actors would have been hired (some actors/actresses even of Netflix i’d say were a hit) and way better plots/stories been written.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Daredevil doesn’t need to worry about weekly feedback/ratings fluctuations. It can be what it wants to be, drop 13 episodes on us and sit back and see how it plays in Iowa.

          • m3rcnate says:

            I dont disagree and its true, sadly the better shows (Fringe etc) that put story and character development and no tropes or melodramatics or teeny stuff in them have a hard time getting good numbers. But then online (Netflix, HBO, Showtime) and Cable the shows can be a higher level of writing and not have to rely on those and still get huge numbers (GOT, Daredevil, Justified, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, etc). To me its not a sign of anything other than the death of TV (at least broadcast TV). The large majority watching broadcast want Greys Anatomy soapy content. Cable is where the former independent movie makers are writing and directing at, and online shows are even better.
            Just kinda sucks to imagine a awesome show like Arrow on Cable (AMC, FXX) or paid cable (HBO, Showtime) or online (Netflix) is almost 100% guaranteed to be a MUCH better show.

      • Emily says:

        As a fan who is totally hear for superhero goodness AND romance, the tropes of “don’t tell her” and “we can’t be together for nonsensical reasons” have never made me more likely to enjoy or watch, lol. I watched in spite of those choices, which are poor in my opinion. I’d much rather see the intended couple of whichever superhero show working as a team and as equals in order to move the plot along. ;)

        • m3rcnate says:

          Amen. Its playing to the lowest common denominator, the soapy melodrama and how almost no TV show believes a happy couple that support and like each other can be interesting on TV. They think the only compelling tv is love triangles, “will they wont they” and getting couples together and quickly finding a way to break them up. Add in the lame methods they use (mainly cheating) and its just all garbage.
          I loved White Collar for what it did, proved a happily married supportive couple can last 5-6 seasons and be awesome and fun and compelling. I like what NCIS:LA has done and is doing with Densi but at any moment the show could break them up so i reserve the right to change my mind. Castle is an example of not doing a good job (they have minimal chemistry, they act like an old married couple, bad dialog usually, etc).

        • brenna says:

          I like what you’re saying Emily!

      • brenna says:

        Thank you! It’s okay to like both. Arrow has an abundance of superhero goodness to enjoy!

  23. Scotty says:

    My guess is in the finale he goes back in time saves his mother but his father dies now

  24. keenen says:

    So if Barry saves his mother and his father never goes to prison, does that mean that the dynamic of his being raised with Joe and Iris goes away? If his mother doesn’t die when he is a little boy, then there would be no reason for him to live with Iris and Joe and no opportunity for him to be that close to Iris when growing up? I think I am getting confused, and must be the only person not enjoying the multiple time line idea.

    • Rebecca says:

      Iris and Barry were already best friends as children. The reason Joe took him in was because he was Iris’s friend. Iris’s friendship with Barry predates everything. I

  25. Ella says:

    Great interview :) I’m glad she made the connection between Iris and Laurel, it’s a shout out to the original leading ladies, no matter what the crazy fandom says.

  26. Dj says:

    I wonder if the season finale will be some kind of Flash Point story where he saves his mom and screws up the world.

  27. Georgia Madman says:

    I don’t hate Candace but I sure do hate Iris. She’s mad because Barry didn’t tell her before Joe and Eddie. They’re cops and Barry is actively working with them to solve crimes and save people’s lives. What does her knowledge of the Flash’s identity bring to the table? When she learned anything about the Flash, she blogged about it putting her and Barry in danger. Should Barry have told her because she’s his girlfriend? Oops, she’s not his girlfriend. Finally and most importantly, its Barry’s secret to tell and the choice should be his alone. If I were Barry, I’d drop her friendship like a hot potato because she’s not a friend worth having. Its all about her and not him.

    • Rebecca says:

      She’s mad that they lied to her. She doesn’t know Joe and Eddie know. Plus, they haven’t told Iris that Reverse Flash was 1) around town killing people, including her mentor Mason Bridge, and 2) threatened her life due to Joe’s investigation of Wells. Shouldn’t she, at the very least, be informed that the man that murdered Barry’s mom is back in town????

      Plus, y’all keep going on about it being “Barry’s secret to tell”, as Felicity is eavesdropping on Barry’s and Oliver’s rooftop conversation AND telling Ray, Diggle, and the post man that Barry is the Flash. Miss me with that.

      And yes, it IS all about her, since everyone conspired together to keep her in the dark. She didn’t make the conditions, they did.

  28. Marcus says:

    He’s gonna take over eddies body like he did wells watch

  29. Boodo says:

    She didnt like that she learned Barry is the flash with a stupid “spark”

    — Iris learned barry was actually the flash, because he talked in his sleep —

    this is how she found out, they eventually married and she was not pissed off about it.