Did Cristina Attend Grey's Funeral? Has Big Bang's Amy Met Mom? What Did Kalinda Write? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Game of Thrones, Revenge, The Following and Arrow!

outlander1 | ‘Fess up: What percentage of the times you hit “rewind” while watching Outlander are directly related to Jamie and how much (or little) clothing he’s wearing?

2 | Orphan Black‘s Rudy sure has a healthy sexual appetite, doesn’t he?

3 | How did Revenge‘s Jack get from Los Angeles to New York so quickly for Ben’s questioning? And how do we write Gabriel Mann’s Nolan Ross into another delicious primetime soap? (Nolan surely could teach the How to Get Away with Murder gang a thing or two from his revenging days! Plus, we’ve only been ‘shipping Connor and Nolan in a room together since November.)

4 | What do you think was in the note The Good Wife‘s Kalinda left Alicia?

5 | Wasn’t it rude of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to show Amy hungover but not bless us with another glimpse at Six Drinks Amy?

6 | Game of Thrones fans: Do you hold out any hope that Ned Stark’s kids — Jon, Sansa and Arya — will ever see each other again?

gotham7 | What in the Sam Hill goes on at Gotham‘s Fox Glove nightclub?! (Do we not want to know?)

8 | Are you shocked that The Following finally killed Joe Carroll? (And are you kinda wishing they’d done it at the end of Season 1, then waited to bring him back this season?)

9 | Didn’t Castle’s numerous video chats with Beckett bother his fellow passengers — and/or clue them in to the murder investigation that was “secretly” afoot? (Not that his and Alexis’ conspicuous hovering didn’t already have people suspicious!)

10 | Since when are the Agents SHIELD-Nikeof S.H.I.E.L.D. outfitted by Nike? Also, though not quite Daredevil-caliber, how amazing was the one-shot sequence where Skye took down multiple Hydra goons?

11 | On this week’s New Girl, how much time did you spend trying to see Zooey Deschanel’s baby bump? (It’s really well-disguised!)

12 | Do Person of Interest’s Harold and Gotham’s Penguin share the same limp?

Arrow13 | Tell us we’re not crazy, Arrow fans: There are major, not-just-friendly vibes between Laurel and Nyssa, right? Also, is one of the League’s requirements that Oliver use his Deep, Husky Voice? And would you really carry a glass vial of bioweapon inside the handle of a sword you’re regularly clanging against things?

14 | Who else was hoping that Supernatural‘s Claire would go join Krissy? (We smell a spinoff!)

15 | Anyone else want Nashville to film more flashbacks to Deacon and Rayna’s early courtship, if for no other reason than to see the hairstyles and fashions? Could the “beach” at Jade’s California pad have been less convincing? (Speaking of the pop star, did she really think that every single one of her many party guests would abide by her “What happens at Jade’s, stays at Jade’s” anti-social media policy?)

16 | Did this week’s seamless Chicago P.D./SVU event feel even more natural than the Fire/P.D. crossovers?

Grey's Anatomy17 | So what’s the verdict, Grey’s Anatomy fans? Was that supposed to be Cristina standing with Meredith at the funeral, or Amelia? (But are either of those ladies touchy-feely enough to stroke Mer’s hand?) And given how increasingly insufferable and self-involved Amelia has become — and promos suggest there is no end in sight — can we agree that the show offed the wrong Shepherd? Also, considering the huge time jump and still no ring on the finger, how patient is Jo? (And, psst, did Ausiello cross a line ‘shipping Mer and Alex so soon after Derek’s death? Or was it a seed worth planting?)

18 | If you didn’t know (and maybe you didn’t!) that Bones’ 206th episode was name-checking all 206 bones in the human body, would you have picked up on it sooner or later? And how funny was Brennan’s disgust at the simplistic “Dem Bones” lyrics?

19 | Has Big Bang Theory‘s Mary (played by Laurie Metcalf) ever shared a scene with Sheldon’s girlfriend Amy, in all the years they’ve been dating? (UPDATE: Yes, in Season 4’s “The Zazzy Substitution.” Thanks for playing!) And where the heck did Amy disappear to after the cold open?

The Blacklist20 | Be honest, Blacklist fans: Is the mystery of Red’s relationship to Liz still holding your interest at this point?

21 | What was this week’s oddest coincidence: The French fry-dipped-in-milkshake scenes on both Arrow and Vampire Diaries; Bones and Chicago Fire both featuring characters named Chili; or Nicole Sullivan guest-starring opposite herself on Grey’s Anatomy and Bones?

22 | You know what would be a fun, novel, viral-y piece of video? Jimmy Fallon actually interviewing one of his guests on The Tonight Show. Would you like to see that sometime?

23 | Remember when Today and GMA had just two hosts and a newsreader, and not the cast of thousands now crowding the anchor desk? Anyone else missing those good ‘ol days?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Erin B says:

    #17 – On Grey’s, I really feel it was Cristina. Amelia likely would have been with her mother & sisters. I guess it was meant to be vague on purpose because they easily could have shown Amelia if they wanted to.

  2. Sam says:

    Yes, I think that was Cristina and enough with Amelia! So insufferable.

  3. Jeremy says:

    17) It was pointed out to me that that was Cristina. And I agree with Amelia that Meredith should have at least called Derek’s family before she pulled the plug so they had a chance to say goodbye. And I was thinking the same about Jolex. Alex declared earlier this season that he is going to “marry that girl” and even kinda proposed to her at April and the paramedic’s wedding, so what’s he wait for about doing it properly. Is he scared of being rejected? And also, am I the only one who noticed some vibes going on between Maggie and Alex? And yes, I saw Ausiello’s tweet and thought that was just gross.

    • Greg says:

      Yea, that part was crazy and horribly insensitive of her. It’s not like they were hours away. SeaTac airport is not that far.
      It had to be Cristina. Cristina would have more likely taken Meredith’s hand then Amelia. And I agree, let’s get rid of Amelia.

    • Lerbert says:

      Yes to noticing Maggie and Alex–I just brought that up over in the recap! Ick on Meredith and Alex. Agree on Amelia–what happened to all the strides she made on PP? Or are the writers just sticking with her being an inherent pain in the behind? Thanks team tvline for a right-on Burning Qs this week.

    • Whatevah says:

      Yeah I don’t get the Amelia hate. She has a right to be pissed. I think the ship should be Alex and Maggie to be honest. That was definately supposed to be Cristina. I really think April should have need killed off. I still ff that whiny thing..she’s ruined Jackson for me.

    • Anne says:

      I get the Amelia hate. She’s so over the top in everything. So self-absorbed that hurts to see. Her scene with Owen, my god, her brother a top notch surgeon,still a young person dead on a stupid accident and she managed to turn it all about her. God! Hunt found his soulmate. In his times with Cristina he used to do the exactly same thing. Everything was about his needs, his wants, his thoughts on the matters, him,him and him, but in the end he always managed to blame Cris of doing this. Projection. Very well matched pair, (Amewen). Enough with them please! ehw

  4. JJM says:

    While I do think that was Cristina and that Grey’s has destroyed what was once an amazing character on PP, there’s more questions to that.
    Something tells me the year jump will definitely change more than the fact Derek is dead. We’ve missed an entire year of what’s happened due to the ongoing grief of the characters. For starters, Jo, Steph and Ben are all 5th years. What are there fields? There were no scenes past Thanksgiving with Jo and Alex. Are they still even a pair? I’d bet no and there’s been a pairing of Maggie and Alex in the mean time. Now that April is back from a warzone, will her and Jackson try for a new baby? Will her PTSD (remember the crazy gun man) be set off again? With Owen and Amelia being a year apart to get over their drama, is their hope for these two? There’s definitely a lot more stories to tell with this time jump and whether you want to consider it a revamp, I am down for what Greys could open up into. Furthermore, Meredith a single mum of three? The growing step she’s taken? She’s definitely a new Meredith Grey.

    • Alichat says:

      “For starters, Jo, Steph and Ben are all 5th years. What are there fields?” I had wondered about that as well, especially since we saw Jo working on the burn victims. Is she in plastics now? Steph was still in consults and surgeries with Amelia, and we never really saw Ben working.
      Also, I thought it was odd that no one had cleaned out Derek’s locker in a year’s time. I just felt if they were taking the time to clean her house (and I guess pay the bills??) with no idea if she’d return, perhaps they’d pack up his things for her.

      • kyle says:

        When George died, they kept his locker empty for a while. Maybe they wanted to keep his stuff there out of respect?

        Amelia was probably still living in the house through the year too. She was living there before these episodes, and her breakdown scene with Owen was on the dreamhouse porch. :)

        • Alichat says:

          Oh yeah…..I forgot she was living there……although they said she was basically living at the hospital through this whole time jump. That’s probably why the house looked so hotel-level neat and clean…..someone got a maid to clean it since she was never there.

  5. AtlLady says:

    Amy has met Sheldon’s mom. There was an episode where Shamy had broken up and Mary was visiting and called Amy over for a chat. Mary got Shamy back together by saying she could very well see they were not suited for each other. Leonard caught on to what Mary was doing and it amused him.

  6. Ashley says:

    19. Amy and Mary met in season 4’s episode “The Zazzy Substitution”. She tricked them into getting back together after they broke up by pretending she disapproved of them being together.

  7. Sara says:

    #19 – Sheldon’s mom got Amy and Sheldon ‘back together’…..in the very beginning of their relationship. When Sheldon went off and got all those cats…remember?

  8. keylimepie78 says:

    #23 and that’s one of the many reasons I watch CBS This Morning instead

  9. drewser says:

    19. They were together when Sheldon and Amy “broke up” and Sheldon went cat-crazy; Leonard called her in to and she told Sheldon and Amy they weren’t suited to be together.

  10. RedReddington says:

    I’m thisclose to quitting the Blacklist. Tom Keen’s ridiculous “redemption” storyline has completely turned me off. And the continuous non answers we get is tiresome, especially about Red and Liz. I used to watch TBL on DVR the first chance I had..now I’m four episodes behind. It’s a shame really. Agents of Shield has overtaken TBL as my favorite can’t miss show.

    • Lizo says:

      I’m enjoying Tom’s story – he’s an unsure element and I like that. But I’m frustrated with the Red&Liz connection

    • sanchopanza says:

      I could live with Red’s not telling Liz what happened, but WE should know by now. The show has too much else going on with it to keep throwing in this distraction of Liz-demands-to-know-Red-says-I-won’t-tell. If they’d just show us or have him tell somebody else, it would be so much less frustrating.

      • meatwad says:

        yes yes yes. i mean at this point she is in as much danger as he is. what could possibly have been so bad that he wont tell her

  11. Kate says:

    #19: Amy met Sheldon’s mom in the epinside where Sheldon had a breakdown over… something and adopted a bunch of cats, and Leonard called his mom.

  12. pilo says:

    19 Mary met Amy when Sheldon broke up with her and Sheldon got all the cats

  13. 17. Amelia’s story should have been left the way it was on Private Practice and ended there.

    20. Blacklist is drawing out this mystery way too long. Trying to guess their relationship was interesting in the beginning but I’m ready for more answers.

    • Mary says:

      I totally agree about Amelia…I really loved her story with James and she had a happy ending – getting her to Grey´s ruined that ending for me (sigh):(

  14. Anna says:

    3 – YES PLEASE, to Nolan and Connor being in the same room. That would be awesome. And, as I’ve said back in November, I think the HTGAWM kids could Nolan’s Revenge-skills going forward. Oliver’s cute and all, but he is not as good with the computer as Nolan is.

    14 – Now that’s a spin-off I’d actually watch! Give us two female, young hunters struggling with the life whilst being all kinds of awesome at the same time. Even better if it’s two characters we know and care about already. Claire being one of the leads would also be a good reason for Castiel popping up once or twice as a special guest. It could be awesome.

    22 – Yeah, that would be nice. It used to be funny, but now I think he’s interviewing himself rather than his guests and it became painful to watch. Just look at the “emotional interview” he did with RDJ. It would’ve still been funny if only RDJ had gotten the stage directions and Jimmy had actually, y’know, asked any questions about the movie at all.

  15. TRB says:

    #6 – I don’t think Arya and Sansa will ever see each other, but I think Sansa and Jon will cross paths after her marriage to Ramsay. What I would like to see is someone discovering that Sansa is NOT the heir to the north after all. At some point Bran and Rikon have to turn up on someone’s radar.

    #19 – Amy and Mary met face to face when Amy and Sheldon almost broke up, and Sheldon started collecting cats. Leonard called her and she came and got them back together.

    • Isobel says:

      Agree Jon and Sansa will meet up again at some point, they’re both in the north and Stannis is going to Winterfell. I think Bran might stay dead at least officially and only the necessary people will know he’s alive because he has a different path than being a lord. but I agree Rickon will turn up again at some point, probably after Sansa has got her revenge on the Boltons, and she can pass over a fairly safe Winterfell to Rickon

  16. Sammy says:

    #17 I think it was a body double to stand in… The hand was definitely more Asian than Caucasian. Caterina is quite fair and pale too… The second part of the Grey’s question was dumb, they killed Derek because Patrick wanted out… How could they kill Amelia/ Its just dumb. Amelia is Amelia. She is a hectic complicated person. Denial and Anger are clear signs of grieving so it makes sense, as seen in the promo that she believes she could have saved Derek (Denial) and also that she would be angry at Mer for not calling her. I was very angry that Shonda didn’t write that in last week. Sloppy writing there!!!!!!! If you want to talk self absorbed, how self absorbed was Mer for not calling anyone else. I get that its in her nature to be independent but not calling your husbands family is ridic.
    Alex and Mer will not happen… He is just her new person and that is really all to it. I think they made it clear already that she won’t love anyone else. Alex and Jo make a better pairing.

    • Jamie says:

      I don’t think it was sloppy writing at all – in fact I thought it was spot-on writing for the character. Meredith has always been weird about family – remember when one of Derek’s sisters (the one played by Neve Campbell) told Meredith off for adopting Zola and then never inviting a single family member to meet her, and then Meredith was all weird and closed off until the very end of the episode? Remember how mean she was to Lexie for like a year? Remember that she has another half-sister via her father that she doesn’t even acknowledge? I think Meredith has always been a dark and twisty loner, and while she leans on the few people she has known and trusted for years (Derek, Cristina, Chief Webber, Alex), she is really bad at reaching out to others, especially “family” given her relationships with her parents growing up. Maybe it’s a little self-absorbed, but it definitely wasn’t malicious – it’s just how Meredith is.

      • t.w.123 says:

        YES! THIS! All of this. Thank you! I sometimes feel like viewers want Meredith to be who *they* want her to be, and not who she has organically shown herself to be time and time again over the years. (Adding to your list about the ways in which she’s “weird” about family- Remember when Lexie died and she barely ever spoke of her again- at least not publicly that we know of? And remember how often she referred to Thatcher as Lexie’s father as opposed to her own?)

        • Meredith says:

          I agree that Mer is weird about her family, but I don’t think this…

          “And remember how often she referred to Thatcher as Lexie’s father as opposed to her own?)”

          is a manifestation of that. Her father left when she.. five years old (?). I think a lot of people wouldn’t necessarily want to refer to him as her father, especially after the rift that happened when his wife died and he blamed Mer for it. That really messes a person up. They did make up, sort of, but their relationship never really became a good one anymore. Considering that Thatcher left her as a child and never contacted her again, I don’t think it’s too weird for Mer to distance herself from him. I’d do the same thing.

          • nurseJAZZ says:

            True, to know that your Dad left and started a whole new family and never looked back. Coward and I would treat him the same way as Mer.

      • nurseJAZZ says:

        So true. Excellent assessment from start to finish. I am surprise at comments from people who claim to be long time fans. They are just seeing the here and now instead of viewing it from the overall development of the character from start to finish. Even though I did question why Mer didn’t call Amelia when I was watching that episode. After reflecting I got it. Then I remember that when Amelia had her big breakdown with her addiction on PP and they did an intervention to get her in rehab. She was also in bred with her dead fiance, Derek was no where around. Television reflection of real life can go but so far people.

    • DarkDefender says:

      If Meredith called Derek’s family, Amelia would have no conflict with her. This is a drama.. I believe that bit of writing was intentional.

      • nurseJAZZ says:

        I agree, but I think that would have cause Amelia to have inner conflict because we all knoe that she would not have been able to save Derek. This would have probably put her back on the addiction path.

  17. Kay says:

    17 ) Amelia is my new favorite character

    • E says:

      I completely agree! I don’t think she’s “self absorbed” at all… she’s a little sister who wanted the opportunity to say goodbye to her big brother. That’s not selfish, it’s human.

  18. S says:

    So sassy with the questions this week! You are my kind of people, I need my daily dose of witty and snarky!)

  19. Chris says:

    #17 Grey’s biggest crime isn’t that Derek was killed off. It’s that his sister Amelia is still alive! I loathe the character with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. Making it The Amelia Show is turning me off Grey’s possibly more than anything else that has ever happened (hating it more than Izzie having sex with her Denny hallucinations and that’s saying a lot).
    Meredith and Alex isn’t going to happen. He’s her “person” and the brother she never had. I hope Shonda learned her lesson after the disastrous George and Izzie pairing (aka Gizzie).
    Shonda really needs to give Jo and Alex screentime and a story. It’s pathetic how little they’ve had as a couple. I really like them together. Jo makes Alex happy and it was about time we saw him in a long term relationship.

    • Anne says:

      I totally agree, Amelia grates. I can’t stand her since she used to do guest appearances in Greys in the past once i never saw PP, and I couldn’t tolerate the insanely overacting of the actress. The character is too intense in a unpleasant way. It killed what was left of my interest in Greys.

    • nurseJAZZ says:

      Omg! Thank goodness someone else thought the George & Izzy pairing was wrong. In fact George & Callie pairing was wrong and George and Mer one time hook up was wrong TR Knight had no chemistry with none of these women. Alex & Mer will not happened, I agree he is her new person and the brother she never had. He is the only person left from her crew who understands and accept her unconditionally.

    • Meredith says:

      The only pairing worse than Meredith and Alex (romantically, they make great friends/surrogate siblings) would be pairing Meredith with.. I don’t know.. Webber? IF Meredith & Alex were to ever happen, it’d go down as one of Shonda’s biggest mistakes on Grey’s. George and Izzie were painful to watch. It’s a shame show-runners to often fall for the temptation of pairing up cross-gender best friends. I know popular “wisdom” tells us men and women can’t be friends and all that, but Meredith & George and GIzzie definitely proved that sometimes they’re better off that way.

  20. Mallory says:

    21. I’ve been saying there’s a writers’ conspiracy for years! And with the amount of coincidences this week, I feel especially right! lol

  21. m3rcnate says:

    13. While i get commenting on it isn’t you saying you want it….jeez that would be too far. The show has already been waaaaay too incestuous with Oliver sleeping with two sisters, but now the possibility of Nyssa sleeping with the same two sisters? And oh yeah that would mean Laurel is Bi or confused or w/e. Usually its with a guy character and a girl character people say “Cant they just be friends!? Dont couple them up!!!!” but i will say it about Laurel and Nyssa. Let this show for ONCE pass the Bechdel test and have Nyssa and Laurel be just friends and conversate about stuff other than guys/romance (and i count in that having them being into each other).
    Laurel is just starting to get good (finally has scenes where she is mentally stable and healthy and not being a impulsive hot head) so lets leave her be and let her have a friend and what not.
    Only thing i didnt like was i was 100% in agreement with Diggle in regards to giving up Nyssa for Diggle’s wife. Laurel trying to stop it and defending Nyssa so much was lame. Nyssa might be sweet while eating a shake but she has murdered how many innocent people? Like Diggle said 100’s?

  22. Em says:

    #17 That was Cristina (body double) holding Meredith’s hand. I can see shamda doing a Mer/Alex at the end of the series but I’m getting a Alex/Maggie vibe from the past few shows.

  23. Drew says:

    14. With Jody Mills as their Bobby figure… which would be kinda poetic, considering how she started off. We could make it a whole team and throw in Cole. They have some good, strong human recurring characters for the first time in a while.

  24. delfiteblu says:

    17. No, not Christina – Amelia maybe. Shonda certainly didn’t send him out with a bang. A generic shot of a hearse, a shot from the back of the people attending the funeral and one shot of Meredith and Zola. He deserved a LOT more. That funeral must have cost about six dollars. I agree about Amelia – too bad she wasn’t on that road. It took a long time for me to like her on Private Practice – when she went thru the drugs/boyfriend/baby thing I really admired her for coming out on the other side. But the way she acted in last night’s show was demented. Yeah, I know everybody grieves in their own way……blah blah blah. But she doesn’t have any filter. When someone who isn’t even a member of the family has to ask her to cut back on the smart cracks and sarcasm, she’s gone too hard. And If I have to hear “every man I ever loved died” again, I’ll throw up. She’s on thin ice with me and if she attacks Mer for not calling so she could say goodbye, I’m going to throw something at her. It was a podunk hospital with a podunk doctor they killed him and that’s all there was to it. If she jumps Meredith, I hope she pulls every hair out of her head.

    • Terry says:

      I never watched Private Practice so I have no idea what her background drama is but I couldn’t stand the way she was acting on last night’s episode, making jokes about her dead brother, it was sickening.

    • Anna says:

      Yeah, but they couldn’t do a big funeral scene if the actors that have played his friends and family members didn’t come back. People would be even more pissed off if those characters weren’t present for a big funeral scene. Tyne Daly (his mother) is currently starring in a play on Broadway, I doubt Sandra Oh (Cristina) would have come back so soon after her departure, I believe Audra McDonald (Naomi) has been filming a movie and doing a handful of concerts over the past few months, and who knows about the availability of Kate Walsh (Addison), Taye Diggs (Sam), Neve Campbell (his sister), etc.

    • nurseJAZZ says:

      Yeah, that was way over the top. Making jokes about your death brother in front of others is going a little too far. I really do not like how she treats Steph. I hope they reign her character in a little.

  25. N says:

    New Nolan show……I’ll watch!

  26. Tom says:

    7 | What in the Sam Hill goes on at Gotham‘s Fox Glove nightclub?! (Do we not want to know?)
    I think you answered your own question, I think we don’t want to know
    10 | Since when are the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. outfitted by Nike? Also, though not quite Daredevil-caliber, how amazing was the one-shot sequence where Skye took down multiple Hydra goons?
    Where do you think they get their funding? Product placement! And it would have been more amazing if one of the ones that got taken down was Ward. He needs to die, I’m upset Jemma’s plan failed, I was so proud of her for going through with it.
    23 | Remember when Today and GMA had just two hosts and a newsreader, and not the cast of thousands now crowding the anchor desk? Anyone else missing those good ‘ol days?
    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    • Delirious says:

      #10 – the Skye sequence was amazing. I’m sure I’m not the only one who had to rewind and watch it a few times. And it wasn’t even the first time I’ve done it (May vs Agent 33 in the hotel room comes to mind)…

  27. Bettina says:

    #13 – shippin nyssa&laurel! <3 teehee!

    #17 – NO to mer&alex romantically. YES to alex putting a ring on that jo wilson finger. AND BTdubs, Amelia rocks! \m/

    #20 – im still hoping for Red as Lizzie's father angle ;)

  28. Nick says:

    6. I hold out hope that Bran, Jon, Sansa, and Arya will reunite as Danaerys Targaryen takes the Iron Throne. But who knows?

    22. I think the point is that Jimmy Fallon interviewing people would NOT go viral. I prefer what he is doing to watching interviews. I will occasionally pull up a video of Seth Meyers interviewing a particularly entertaining guest (like Chris Pratt) but in combination with Seth, there is no need for Jimmy to change anything.

    • TJ says:

      Completely agree about Jimmy. He’s killing it, no need to change.

    • RUCookie says:

      I am annoyed that tvline even planted seeds for complaining (so watch the people pile on)! Jimmy is funny and is killing it. The Tonight Show is fresh and fun AND is relevant to many age groups… That is magic, in and of itself. Go Jimmy!

  29. Alichat says:

    1) Ha! I had seen a leaked pic of the Jamie-in-the-water scene so it wasn’t as startling as Tobias’ moment. That one I had to rewind just to determine if I’d seen that correctly! And I find it humorous that we’ve basically seen every bit of Sam Heughan’s body except his uh…..twig and berries……and that the his T&Bs are pretty much all we’ve seen of Tobias Menzies. LOL!
    2) I’m still torn on the male clones. The Leda clones are so immediately contrasting. You don’t need to get to know their personalities immediately to know they are different. But the male clones, so far, all seem the same.
    3) He came through one of those Revenge time portals.
    9) Yeah, I had wondered the same thing since he and Alexis were hovering with all the flight attendants pretty much throughout the entire flight.
    10) That Skye fight scene was the best part of the episode!
    13) I didn’t understand why Nyssa left the vial in the hilt if she knew they were coming after her. Once she found out Oliver was there to kill her or bring her to Nanda Parbat, why not find a place to hide it in Starling City…….just on the off chance that someone gets her sword and figures out the hidden compartment?
    17) I am still leaning toward the Cristina side of the fence. When I saw the shot of the hand in Mere’s that confused me more, because my first thought was that it was Maggie’s hand, but then that definitely wasn’t her next to Mere in the over the shoulder shots. And neither Maggie nor Amelia strike me as the touchy-feely type, and I can see Cristina doing that in this moment for Mere.
    20) Not really. I was more interested earlier in the season. Now it just seems ridiculous to not tell her everything, especially given all that she knows, and Dembe taking a bold step to get her into Red’s apartment. So was the bomb robot label a funny for viewers, or does the company that makes my Roomba also make bomb-diffusing robots??
    22) That’s one of the reasons I don’t watch his show with regularity anymore. I appreciate the bits and skits, but at some point, I’d like him to just interview the guest and nothing more.

  30. Lilly says:

    Bones was totally awesome last night!

  31. DMCo says:

    You are spot on for many questions! I thought the same thing about Laurel & Nyssa!! The Good Wife better give us a glimpse of that note to Alicia!! And because of the revolving, inconsistent chairs at The Today Show & GMA I have become a huge advocate of the CBS Morning Show. It is top rate, the 3 anchors genuinely like each other, and Charlie Rose is the best at his job.

  32. Vivi says:

    6: I´m waiting for a sibling reunion at least since the season 1 finale! And yes, I´ve given up all hope, because at this rate they all are dead before they ever meet again.

    16: It felt pretty natural. Way more than the one before. My one concern is: those ratings demand another one. How many times can they find a story that connects Chicago and NYC so well? (and I absolutely loved the Barba/Voight moments. That those two wouldn´t get along was a give and still amusing to see.)

  33. Boiler says:

    Nos. 1 and 11: Zero percent and would be nice to think that would be a lot of people’s answer. Probably not

  34. tvgeek says:

    14. NO!! I hope to never see Claire again. I want to see a spin-off with Sheriffs Jody and Donna.

  35. Merideth says:

    #17-I have found Amelia insufferable since she was on Private Practice. Definitely got rid of the wrong Shepherd.

  36. kirads09 says:

    #20 – yes. Has she never thought to run her DNA against Red’s all this time? I am sure they got his when he first turned himself in. I wouldn’t be surprised if, as an agent, the even have hers on file.

    • arial2 says:

      Yes! I’ve been yelling that at the tv for a long time. You can bet the Cabal has. Gee, Lizzie, you’re an FBI agent; you make enough money to pay for it yourself, if need be. Given how blood-soaked Red was last week, how hard can it be to get a sample? To me, the bigger question is how can she and the bureau NOT have done this?

      • Sheila says:

        I agree. Red’s blood has been available several times. I have often wondered why Liz never checked for familial connection. Still love the show. Tom is my fave.

  37. Grey's Fan says:

    #17 – I have a question… Is it 2015 or 2016 in the GA universe now? If you’ve watched the show this season you know that very little time had passed from the Season 10 finale (Cristina leaving) to Derek’s death. Most episodes were the next day or later that same day.
    – We know about 45 days passed in the episode of Callie and Arizona’s breakup.
    – April was already into her 2nd trimester at the end of Season 10 and she was only 5-6 months along when she induced labour so the baby could die peacefully and in the least amount of pain as possible.
    – Derek left for Washington D.C. in November and in that time Meredith had a streak of 89 successful surgeries – how long would it take to build up that number: a month, two months, three months?
    The timeline was a bit screwy all season so it’s not clear if it’s now actually caught up to reality or if they’re ahead (if the latter any chance GA could let us know the winning lotto numbers and what teams will will the major sporting events). :)

    • Meredith says:

      I think you have to look at the holidays named in the episode. I think from my recollection the first one was Easter, wasn’t it, which was early April. And that was a pretty short time after the funeral still. Based on earlier episodes, Derek’s death should have probably taken place somewhere in what.. November, December? But based on the weather on the day ,it looked a lot more like a spring day. I think the writers gave themselves some leeway this season by not specifically focusing on the time frame. There were a number of episodes that took place the next day, true, but there were some moments where there could have been time jumps.

      – The 89 successful surgeries: Was it ever mentioned whether that streak actually STARTED after Derek left? Or could she have had like 25 already when he left?
      – The many surgeries Arizona and Herman did together must have taken quite some time. Those were pretty extensive procedures (remember, they were the creme de la creme of prenatal surgery) and it’s unlikely they could have done more than two a day (I’d say one, but this is Grey’s Anatomy and they seem to allow themselves some leeway with surgery times).
      – Arizona’s internship: It was described by Herman that she’d learn the things she’d learn in a year time in half that time, so six months.

      Based on that, I don’t really see how it could possibly still be 2015 in Grey’s universe, it must be 2016. On the other hand, I don’t remember the last time the year was actually mentioned, so maybe it was 2014 when Derek died.
      If it is 2016 though, the show is going to have be careful going forward. They can’t wake a patient up (like a few episodes ago) in a 2016-episode (which would take place in 2017) and ask them who the current president is… Unless they’re that sure who will win. :p

      • PJL35 says:

        Then again, the Grey’s timeline has ALWAYS been screwy. Think about the ridiculous amount of things that happened in S1 through S3, and that was only one year for the characters: MerDer got together, Addison showed up, Derek and Addison try to make it work, Denny and Izzie, George and Callie, George and Izzie, Cristina’s pregnancy, then Cristina and Burke almost getting married, Bailey was pregnant and had a baby (all in S2 so that must’ve been almost nine months right there), Ellis dies.

        I also recall the first episode of S9 when they showed the flashbacks of Mark before he died. At one point, they showed the clip of him from Calzona’s wedding (S7), but it was dated in 2009. If the timelines were in sync, Calzona would’ve been married in the spring of 2011. Also, that would mean that Sophia would be around 6 by 2015 since she was born before Calzona got married (and yet in this last episode Callie was still carrying her in her arms like she was a toddler…meanwhile they appear to have replaced Zola with an older actress). I’ve given up trying to understand the weird timeline that happens in Seattle.

        • Meredith says:

          I think those first three seasons paved the way for a timeline that’s become impossible to follow. For a long time I thought the surgical internship at Seattle Grace lasted two years (which is against common practice, but hey, it’s TV) and I thought that was a stretch. But at one year, as it apparently is, the amount of stuff that happened is just bizarre. Remember, Meredith tells Derek in an early season 2 episode to Derek that the right time to have told her about Addison “would have been 2 months ago”. At that point we don’t even know yet Bailey is pregnant. While it’s never said how far along she is, I think it’s fair to say she probably had another 6 months to go. That means when Tuck is born, only ten episodes or so later, we’re 8 months from where we started, and we still have the entire Denny-drama to go though. Burke has to recover from his GSW, Izzie mourns Denny, Burke and Christina get engaged and plan a pretty big wedding, Burke operates while he might not be fit to do so, Meredith drowns and a bunch of more stuff you mention. I really doubt all that could realistically even fit into a 4-month timeframe. :P

          I mean, I love this show, but these writers have obviously never met a timeline that actually made sense. :P

  38. Ali says:

    Of course that was Cristina! Tell tale hair style and she would be there for Meredith no question. It wasn’t Sandra Oh but Cristina was there

  39. Pia says:

    16. I have my own question: which episode am I supposed to watch first? They got bumped here for baseball.

  40. averic says:

    I can’t believe they couldn’t get Kate Walsh or Sandra Oh do even do a “walk by the camera” cameo. I get that the episode was about Meredith being in her head and in solitude, but it didn’t feel real.

    Other Grey’s Questions:

    Who is taking Derek’s seat on the board? Alex, right? Or Amelia?

    Who was acting as chief while Owen was away for so long? Richard stepped up, or Bailey?

    (is anyone else really hating Callie with this Dan guy? Who is Arizona gonna date? Can we get a new male lead on this show that is likable and not crazy?)

    • Mike R. says:

      They answered the Chief Q, Owen said Richard would step in as interim chief while he was away.

    • Meredith says:

      Would somebody have to take Derek’s seat? I’m assuming he has a will, and I’m assuming he leaves everything to Meredith, so also his shares in the hospital. Would they instate another board member who doesn’t even have shares in the hospital?

      I mean, they did the same with Bailey in a way. She got a seat on the board, even though Alex still owns Christina’s shares in the hospital, right?

      CAN’T STAND Callie and Dan. Maybe it’s because we just haven’t gotten enough time to get to know him, which is why I’m against the doctors dating their patients in the first place.

      • nurseJAZZ says:

        I know Callie and Dan has no chemistry. I think that she and Arizona will get back together.

        • Meredith says:

          Absolutely, there’s nothing there at all. Feels like the show’s trying to hard to push Callie in a different direction, no doubt to make a dramatic U-turn at some point. There aren’t a lot of “steady” couples in Grey’s, Meredith and Derek being the only one really, but I think these two will find their way back to each other.

          Unless one of them dies in a tsunami or something, of course.

  41. Chaya says:

    Agree with you about Jimmie Fallon. Some of those games are truly boring.

  42. Cynthia says:

    Aussiello please give us any scoop or hint about Callie and Arizona !!

  43. lori says:

    Regarding question number one, I wonder how many people would be offended if that question was about Claire’s character. I think Sam Heughan is being objectified ridiculously.

  44. Pat says:

    I am pretty sure it was suppose to be Cristina. Also, Alex made reference that Cristina had not hear from Meredith since the funeral. So I thought that it was a statement that the writers came up with to make us think that she was there, the one holding Merediths hand. As for Amelia, I was never a fan of her coming over to Grey’s and now I wish she would just disappear.

  45. Jamie says:

    The PD/SVU transition was ridiculously seamless. I almost forgot I was watching two different shows, haha.

  46. Addie says:

    17). Nah, Amelia totally has a right to be angry with Meredith. Her and Derek were close- it wasn’t like they were estranged and never talked. She deserved a chance to say goodbye too.

  47. Carol says:

    #22 – Jimmy Fallon is the worst interviewer. He never let’s the guest really answer questions or talk. I think that’s why he does so little of it.

  48. catee says:

    I would think that Amy may have been absent at Mayim Bialik’s father passed away recently and the family was sitting shiva. http://www.kveller.com/mayim-bialik-mourning-my-fathers-death/

  49. Judy W says:

    At Meredith’s house when they are all gathered, wondering where she is…Alex says “I called Yang again but she has not heard from her since the funeral”. Right near the first of the episode, sitting on the couch

  50. herman1959 says:

    (13) Yes, I noticed “something” between Laurel and Nyssa, but I wondered if it was my imagination.

    (20) The mystery of Red and Liz’s relationship is the ONLY reason why I am still watching The Blacklist. After they do the reveal (in the finale), I’m out.