The Good Wife EPs: Kalinda's 'Spark' Will Return Prior to Exit

Kalinda Leaving Good Wife

If the number of gray hairs on your head has increased tenfold since last September, feel free to blame it on The Good Wife showrunners Robert and Michelle King.

“That was absolutely our master plan,” says Michelle King, with a laugh, when asked about the show’s stressful sixth season. Indeed, in its most recent episode alone, the CBS drama found Alicia being forced to resign in disgrace from her hard-won State’s Attorney post, Cary offering to testify against dangerous drug kingpin Lemond Bishop, and Kalinda and Diane throwing themselves at the mercy of the court with regard to the altered metadata they used to free Cary from jail.

Heading into the final three episodes of the season (starting Sunday, 9/8c on CBS) with so much potential upheaval — and knowing that Kalinda’s portrayer Archie Panjabi won’t be returning for Season 7 — has only increased viewers’ anxiety levels. TVLine caught up with the Kings to get some nerve-soothing intel (and spoilers!) about the boot-ilicious investigator’s fate, the possibility of Peter’s role in Alicia’s downfall, and the romance forecast for Illinois’ first lady.

TVLINE | What can you tease about Kalinda for Season 6’s final three episodes? To me, there’s something about her that seems a little bit worn down of late.
Robert King: Yeah, I know.

KALINDA_1TVLINE | Like when Wiley said, “You fixed the metadata,” usually Kalinda’s three steps ahead in a situation like this. Recently, though, it feels like something has taken the wind out of her sails.
Michelle King: She’s had to deal with the fact that the people she cares about the most really have been struggling this season. Cary being in prison, Alicia having her problems with the election, Diane getting caught up with the metadata. I mean, here she is trying to rescue everyone, and it’s just coming at her from too many sides.
Robert King: Hopefully, what you see is a renewed Kalinda. Obviously, everybody knows we’re heading towards a divide of some sort, because Archie’s leaving the show, but also Kalinda is in deeper water than she’s ever been before. The real question is whether she brings herself back from the exhaustion you correctly pinpointed, and that, I think, is true. Archie is always the most fun as an actress when she does that — when you see that spark in her eye, like, “OK, now I know what I need to do.”

TVLINE | So Kalinda will have that kind of moment?
Michelle King: Yeah, action.
Robert King: Exactly.
Michelle King: Kalinda always lands on her feet.

TVLINE | I brought this up the last time we talked, but it bears asking again: People are hungry for some Kalinda-Alicia reconnection before Archie exits the show. They haven’t shared the screen together in a long time. Is that something to look forward to in these final three episodes?
Robert King: You know what? That is one of the things we’d rather hold close to the vest. [Laughs]
Michelle King: Yeah, stay tuned.
Robert King: Because there is so much known about Kalinda’s exit, as opposed to when Josh Charles was exiting, we want to hold onto the few twists that we have.

106004-243bTVLINE | OK, shifting to a different storyline, a lot of our readers commented on my recap of your last episode (“Winning Ugly”) about the possibility that Peter might be somehow be involved in Alicia having the State’s Attorney position yanked out from under her. Is there merit to that, or is it a completely crazy theory?
Robert King: I saw that, too, and why that theory is interesting is because on Election Day, it looked like Peter was working against her. In other words, it doesn’t have to be conspiracy to be psychologically interesting, because there is something in Peter that wants to be the winner. Can we not say anything more than that?

TVLINE | Fair enough. Speaking of Alicia — let’s talk about her love life. She planted one on Johnny, they had their little dalliance, and now he’s left the state. We saw her get a little disappointed that Finn is dating someone else. Where does she stand in her personal life?
Michelle King: What we’ve see this season of Alicia is a thawing out of the chill she experienced after Will’s murder, but she has not committed to anything. She was willing to tiptoe around the idea of having some fun, but it never went deeper than that.
Robert King: With Will, the problems seemed to be almost lined up against her, like it was fate, that the timing was never right. She’s discovering this year that she’s part of the problem. She has an attraction to bad boys that may then keep her from going to someone who’s right for her. Whether Finn is right for her is a question viewers have, and did she go in another direction because there’s something in her that pulls her away from true happiness?

TVLINE | Interesting.
Robert King: Anyway, that was just one of the theories that one could apply.

106302_D0001-496bTVLINE | Speaking of Finn, is there any update on Matthew Goode’s status for Season 7?
Can we leave that a little open at the moment? We’re lining up casting for next year, and not all the Ts are crossed and the Is are dotted yet.

TVLINE | So, professionally, with Alicia no longer able to continue as State’s Attorney, is it going to be awkward for her to return to Florrick-Agos-Lockhart? Negotiations there were getting pretty ugly — and I have to say that, as a viewer, seeing Alicia not get along with Diane and Cary is upsetting. How bad is that going to get?
Michelle King: We’ll be looking at that through the rest of the season.
Robert King: Yeah, you’re going to find that come up right in the next episode. You put your finger on a lot of the outstanding issues on the law firm side with Alicia.

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  1. Kyle says:

    So… basically they said nothing…

  2. SB says:

    What happened to Lana? Last time we saw there was a lot going on with Lana and Kalinda and Bishop, but nothing came of it. I thought Kalinda was almost, most relaxed and at ease when she was with her. I hope we get to see her to at least close out that storyline.

    • CJ says:

      Maybe Lana is one of the twists that they are keeping secret. It almost seems they’ve gone out of the way not to mention her. Kalinda has made a lot of progress with Lana in the 3-episode arc that they had this season. It felt like they planted the seed for something.

  3. Dude says:

    What’s the point on doing an interview if the answer to every question is, “we can’t really talk about that right now”? I wonder how much they’d have to pay Julianna to do a scene with Archie. Unless Archie killed her dog or gave her husband the clap or something, her hatred and unprofessionalism is ridiculously unjustified.

    • Syd says:

      I keep seeing references to the Archie and JM feud, and people comment as if we know what happened and who is at fault. Do we? Does anyone have any actual information as to what happened and when? I mean, the fact that two people on a set don’t get along would not be new or uncommon, but I’ve only seen speculation.

      • Deion says:

        While I agree that feuding costars is nothing new, I think most people don’t believe that Archie would have the clout to insist that the two characters not have a scene where they share physical space for 3 seasons. Totally sounds like headliner behavior.

        • Syd says:

          I agree something happened between the two them, but don’t we have any idea what it was. There are so many things that could happen in any workplace where one person would not want to work with co-worker, and it may even be a good reason. Basically, we don’t know either of these people, and we are just guessing.

        • Even if it was Julianna who made the request, we don’t know who started the feud/what caused it. Either of them could have been the culprits. If Archie was the one causing the conflict, I wouldn’t fault JM for insisting on the separation. And I’d say the same if the situation were reversed. I will refrain from making nasty comments about either because I have no idea what happened. People are just using this “feud” to take out their dislike of Archie or JM.

      • Mike R. says:

        There is nothing solid, only rumor but when you think that Archie has been absent from scenes that would make sense for her to appear in. Something is off, but technically all rumor.

      • Roman says:

        We probably will never know who’s at fault but the fact is JM is a producer and the main star. Something bad must’ve happened for them not to have any scenes together in three seasons. Actors have feuded in the past but they continue to at least have scenes together until one of them leaves. I wish they would’ve had K&A have another falling out scene because it makes no sense for them to only share phone call scenes. It was more believable when the firms were split for them to have a separation.

      • Kay says:

        Ha, I love how this interview actually covers a lot of things I was wondering about, but the Kings managed to skirt every single question.

        It would be really interesting to get a “looking back at S6”-type interview after it’s over. I feel like they had a great first half, but derailed in the second half by failing to properly build up or be consistent with all these storylines they want to pay off now. Yes, it makes sense that Diane and Cary would be angry at Alicia for ditching FAL – but we barely saw evidence of it onscreen except in the debate ep. Finn and Alicia are great and I love their scenes together, but they have this weird relationship amnesia where they are flirting in one ep, friends in another, and business-like acquaintances in the next. And I’ve wanted more than anything for Kalinda to have a juicy exit arc that involves the rest of the ensemble – but this follows, like, six episodes of her standing around in Bishop’s kitchen, Diane having separate storylines with guest characters, and Cary not doing anything. Are the Kings aware of these things and of how much keeping Alicia isolated from everyone has hurt the show?

        I wish that they didn’t think of Kalinda and Alicia sharing a scene again as a “twist.” I understand what they mean, but seriously, at least show some self-awareness that the lengths the show has gone to to ensure they literally never appear onscreen together for the past three seasons have been ridiculous. :(

      • jinx2014 says:

        Regarding the feud, I read that Alicia was really upset that Kalinda got an award that they were both up for. Cannot remember which one, possibly The Golden Globes or People’s Choice. Alicia banned her from that point on.

        • One of many theories. I find it to be the most ridiculous of all.

        • matty says:

          That cannot be true as they would compete in totally different categories. Also, I think JM is far more mature than to be that petty… I think its mostly a rumor stemming from a storyline point that the writers insisted on.

        • Anne says:

          No. This is a dumb rumor. Archie won the Emmy for the first season (Julianna lost) but Julianna won the SAG and golden globe so it’s not like Julianna won nothing. Then when Julianna won the Emmy for the next season, Archie was sitting next to her and husband and you can see when JM walk up the stage, Archie was all smiling and signal to JM’s husband and gave a “thumbs up”. This was after Season 2 so they were still on good terms.

    • Your speculation and judgment is unjustified.

  4. Matt says:

    Might we finally meet Finn’s wife and son that were mentioned in ‘the last call’ and then never mentioned again?

  5. Lizo says:

    Love the Kings, love this show, love Alicia, just love love love. I would like to see more of Finn; he’s just such a different type of man for our heroine. I also really enjoyed the political arc this season….so basically Alicia for President (cause Eli would totally make that happen).

  6. Japp says:

    “They haven’t shared the screen together in a long time”. Really? That’s your way of putting it? A long time would be a season arch, but THREE seasons? I wish someone would just be blunt and point that to the Kings and see what they had to say. It’s beyond ridiculous.

  7. Steven says:

    “She has an attraction to bad boys that may then keep her from going to someone who’s right for her. Whether Finn is right for her is a question viewers have, and did she go in another direction because there’s something in her that pulls her away from true happiness?”

    I like this theory. Finn could make Alicia happy. I do hope they dive a bit deeper into that relationship. I was not a fan of Johnny.

  8. Nitemar says:

    I have tried liking Julianna effortlessly, but no way will I still watch after Archie leaves. She will definiitely be missed!

  9. rosr says:

    the point of the interview was……….?

  10. carterfrancis says:

    Where’s Robyn?

  11. Jeremy says:

    I feel like they need to start wrapping up the show. Perhaps next season will be the last so they can really focus on a strong storyline that truly sets Alicia off in a new direction.
    The whole political campaign/ election arc seemed to come out of nowhere and essentially threw the tremendous fifth season out the window. A season where Alicia was finally taking control of her destiny by starting her own law firm with Cary.
    This year, we spend 2/3rds of the season focusing on her running, having her win, and then having her resign before she even takes office. What was the point of all of that? It feels like the show runners got cold feet with taking the show in a new direction at the very last second.

    I’m glad they’ve given Kalinda more to do in her final year but we had to wait two seasons and then for Archie Panjabi to leave before giving her an interesting storyline again.

    • Jeanette says:

      I agree with Jeremy, the sixth season has been very disappointing. I love the show because of its legal storyline and now it seems as if the writers have lost the plot. We want to see Alicia reach the pinnacle of her legal career, and follow her personal life with husband and children. FORGET THE POLITICS, WE ARE NOT INTERESTED.

  12. gortezy says:

    Love this show and I love Alicia. And I do trust the Kings.

  13. Marci says:

    This interview was a waste of space, just as the entire season was a waste of broadcast time.

  14. matty says:

    I want to know where the heck Robyn went! I hope she comes back now that Kalinda is leaving!

  15. Joe says:


    Is it just me, or does anyone else envision Kalinda’s boots being encased in cement overshoes, with an accompanying trip to the bottom of the Chicago River (landing on her feet, of course), courtesy of Lemond Bishop?

    The Chicago River is quite shallow (21 feet at its deepest point according to a Google search), which means she’d probably be found pretty quickly (by design) and serve as a grisly warning to Cary in particular but everyone at Florrick Agos & Lockhart in general.

    Enough of my worrisome hand-wringing…looking forward to the remainder of the season!

    • Don Dabney says:

      This reminds me of MASH, when they killed off Henry in a helicopter crash. I am tired of morbid endings to casts who are leaving a series. I think Will should have gotten a dynamite job offer in LA & just simply moved to the west coast. Instead of being murdered in a courtroom scene. Kalinda seems wanting matrydom, turning evidence against a drug king pin. There’s too much meladrama going on with Kalinda’s fate. How about a happy ending with Archie’s character? That would be good PR for her next series.

  16. DRush76 says:

    [“Are the Kings aware of these things and of how much keeping Alicia isolated from everyone has hurt the show?”]

    Maintaining the status quo to please the fans is bad writing. You should know that.

  17. Don Dabney says:

    This interview at least makes it sound like they are not going to kill Kolinda the way they killed Will. Though something awful concerning Kolinda’s fate was heavily implied on this last episode shown just now, April 26. Turning on a drug lord would probably be fatal, but I hope not. Writing out 2 cast characters in some awful death is just not a good tone for whatever life this series has left in it.

  18. Ella says:

    LOL, this is such fluff, they’ve basically said absolutely nothing.

  19. grrargh722 says:

    I hope Matthew Goode returns next season, but I have a feeling he may not. They didn’t exactly use him to their best advantage this season and he’s likely to be hot property after The Imitation Game. There were many missed opportunities this season and not just between Alicia and Finn…..Alicia/Kalinda, the State’s Attorney’s race, the episode which brought Will and Alicia’s affair out into the open….I don’t know, the train just went off the tracks a bit this year.

  20. angel says:

    Ï am truly sadden to see Kalinda go she been around since the beginning and it is sad carey loves her deeply and she is great ï guess it is for her best that she closes the show but ï am just glad they didn’t completely shock us wit her being killed as they did wit Will..