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Castle Season 7 Finale Spoilers

Will Castle leave fans hanging from a cliff? Will Once Upon a Time‘s Hook be able to scale Emma’s new walls? Is The Flash starting to feel the Vibe? Is Big Bang in fact heading for a wedding? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

We know Hollander’s Woods is going to come back into play for Castle in the Season 7 finale. However, what mythology might we be dealing with in regards to Beckett? –Rachael
To be clear (since some are CoNfUsEd), the actual Hollander’s Woods incident from Rick’s childhood is one focus for the finale. As series creator Andrew W. Marlowe, who wrote the episode, explains, “One of the areas we haven’t explored is why Castle became a mystery writer. Was there something that created a fascination with murder and with death and with bodies? And Hollander’s Woods was an event that happened when he was a kid that altered who he was…. It has nothing to do with why he vanished, but it does tap into a deeper Castle mythology.” As for the Beckett half of the finale, “We’ve been building this storyline for Beckett where she’s feeling a little bit like she needs to do something more, something a little bit bigger…. Where does she go with family? Where does she go with her career?” Marlowe posits. “So she’ll end up facing some choices in this that are a little bit unexpected, that may change the trajectory of where she’s going.”

Is there any news on the status of Castle Season 8? –Alie
TVLine keeps no secrets, Alie. But even on the off chance the ABC drama doesn’t get picked up, the finale won’t leave folks hanging terribly much. “It was a bit of a challenge to craft a [finale] when there was so much uncertainty about the show’s future, with our [actors] in negotiations, not knowing if we’re coming back and all that sort of stuff,” Marlowe shares. “We were trying to craft a show that had a satisfying conclusion if it is indeed the conclusion, but also some really great, interesting, compelling springboards into next season’s storytelling — if the gods shine upon us and we’re allowed to continue.”

Any Big Bang Theory scoop on Penny and Leonard? —Joshua
As hinted in our freshly-updated May Sweeps preview, Sheldon forces the engaged couple in the May 7 season finale to confront the truth behind their non-existent wedding date. “Penny and Leonard would tell you the reason is she’s busy with her new career and things are really great between them and they’re in no rush,” explains exec producer Steve Molaro. “But, underneath it all, what’s the real reason? That all comes out.” And what’s the real creative reason behind the duo’s slow march to the alter? “The show has always been Leonard and Sheldon, our single bachelors living in that apartment,” reasons Molaro. “But we’re going right into the heart of that at the end of the season.”

Do you have any scoop on Once Upon a Time‘s Hook and Emma? That would be great! – Jillian
As one might wisely surmise, Emma’s increasing darkness won’t only damage her dynamic with the ‘rents, it could also throw cold water on her first real romance in a while. “It impacts everyone,” series co-creator Adam Horowitz previews. “It’s the kind of thing where it puts Emma in a situation where she could be feeling isolated from those she loves and who love her, and those people are fighting to break through walls that are starting to come up again.” Even more ominous, the EP notes, these new walls “are even stronger and more difficult to surmount than the ones she had up when the series first began.” Bonus teaser: In Sunday’s episode “Lily,” “Emma comes face to face with her childhood friend” — aka Mal’s long-lost daughter, played by Agnes Bruckner — “and sees what their divergent paths have wrought on both their futures. It’s puts them in pretty direct conflict.”

Any Gotham scoop? Gotham_JokerLike, is there any chance Cameron Monaghan (Shameless) will be returning as Jerome? He was absolutely mesmerizing, would be great to see more of the character. –LB
To remind the others, Monaghan appeared in the circus-themed February sweeps episode, as the strongest candidate yet for a would-be Joker. Show boss Bruno Heller tells me the Joker storyline – be it about Jerome or someone else – will not be revisited before the season is over, but will “feature heavily in Season 2.”

Hey, I need some scoop on The Originals‘ Klaus and Hayley. I love their chemistry and dynamic and would like to know if there is a chance for some romance between those two later on? — Fallon
Hey, Klaus and Hayley’s relationship is definitely a major plot point in the season’s final three episodes, but I wouldn’t exactly throw around words like “romance.” Per exec producer Michael Narducci, Klaus’ “increasingly ruthless demands” over how they should protect baby Hope will actually put him further at odds with the mother of his child. “Hayley will come to realize that she has to protect Hope her own way,” Narducci says — even if that means distancing herself from the child’s father.

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Anything on the upcoming crossover between SVU and Chicago P.D.? –Jennifer
P.D. star Jason Beghe acknowledges, “There’s obviously something there” between Voight and SVU‘s Benson. “People tend to read, ‘Oh, that must mean romance,'” he says. “But I don’t know. We’re very simpatico. We have a warmth and a respect and an interest in each other. Also, just being the heads of units, there’s a certain safety and understanding and comfort just having somebody appear to relate to.” Besides, Voight might still not be ready to move on from his last serious relationship. “I never saw him as a guy who ever cadded around,” the actor says. “He was deeply in love with his wife, she died, and I don’t see him not still being deeply in love with her.”

Any scoop on Orphan Black? –Mary Kate
Among Tatiana Maslany’s many on-screen personae, co-creator John Fawcett says that Tony won’t necessarily put in an encore this season – “and not because he got a mixed reception, but because I don’t know that we’ve completely determined how to incorporate him again. I want to see Tony again. I just don’t know if we’re going to see him in Season 3.”

Is The Flash going to explain how Cisco was able to “see” his death in the other timeline? –Gerry
The answer may lie in Cisco’s own “super” fate, as the DC Comics character known as Vibe. As exec producer Andrew Kreisberg explains, “We all know that Vibe’s powers are derived from the powers that separate the dimensions. And alternate timelines can be considered alternate dimensions. So, it’s not the worst inference anyone could make.”

All the way from London, UK: Arrow Felicity Ray SexAny news on Arrow? Literally anything! I’m having withdrawal after this week’s episode. –Naeha
It doesn’t take superpowers to arrive at this conclusion, but let the romantic record show: Ray and Felicity are “pretty well and truly kiboshed,” showrunner Marc Guggenheim affirms. “They do have a very meaningful exchange in Episode 22, but we’re not going to do an on again/off again thing with them.” That said, the EP notes that the aforementioned scene is such that “I have to remind myself that they broke up, because regardless of who you ‘ship… there’s a lot of chemistry between Brandon [Routh] and Emily [Bett Rickards]. It’s just the way those actors are in a scene together.”

Please, please, pretty please tell me we are going to see more of Bradley James’ Lowell [Casey] on iZombie? –Brandi
As you saw this week, he with whom Liv has locked pasty lips isn’t going away just yet. Says show boss Rob Thomas, “We knew from the moment we saw Liv and Lowell on screen that Lowell wasn’t going away any time soon.”

I have a questionPerson of Interest Shaw Dies about Person of Interest: Is Sarah Shahi going to return as Shaw? –Russ
I asked the showrunners for an update when I saw them at last week’s Paley event, and their handshake agreement with Shahi remains in place. “Our deal with Sarah is that when she’s excited to come back, we’re excited to have her,” Jonah Nolan said. And if/when the new mom of twins gives her bosses the nod, “We have a killer storyline for how her character comes back into the universe of our show. We’re ready to roll with that just as soon as she is.”

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Do you think we will see more of Anna Deveare Smith on black-ish, since Nurse Jackie is ending? If yes, how much? –Ryanna
This much I can confirm: Smith will be heard, if not seen, in the next episode, in which Zoey’s mini-rebellion phase leads Bow to react with a softer approach, as her own mom did with her.

That last episode of Stalker was great. Got any scoop on the show? More specifically, how Beth is going to get away from Ray? Or the survival of Ben? –Brandi
Series creator Kevin Williamson won’t reveal too much about what’s on tap when the freshman drama resumes its run this Monday, but does tell the Inside Line that Episode 18 “will be a thrilling showdown between Beth and Ray, and Ben’s fate will be revealed.”

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email!  (With reporting by Vlada Gelman and Andy Swift)

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  1. LADY_in_MD says:

    Yes yes yes to shaw returning on poi

    • abz says:

      Can’t wait for it to happen.

    • Carm says:

      If it happens. When I read her interview when she first left the show she wasn’t sure when or if she would return because she wanted to focus on her family. That is why they keep saying it is up to her because it is

  2. Matt says:

    Going with the career thing again in castle so dumb

    • SO says:

      Don’t knock it until you’ve seen it. Maybe you can write a better script?Every show has some dumb episodes in many people’s opinions, but they’re still fans.

      • er1986 says:

        They already wrote it at the end of season 5, and they did a lousy job. Your comment sounds like the comments made by people at the end of season 6 after the aborted wedding. Give it a chance and see how great of a story the writers will come up with to explain it. What we got was perhaps the biggest jumping the shark moment by any show in the past decade — a comvuluted explanation that did not explain much other than CIA, ALQEADA,saving the world.

        • S. says:

          In. Your. Opinion. Not everything has to lead to something. Sometimes the journey means a path doesn’t work out and you take another one. Beckett thought she’d like something like the DC thing and turned out she didn’t. She learned something about herself. She still wants something that the DC thing represented–a bigger thing beyond where she is now–but the things that came with it didn’t fit her life or what about her work mattered to her. As for the missing Castle storyline, they couldn’t exactly stage all of that, it would’ve been an insane movie budget. Castle’s found himself wrapped up in other fed intrigue in the past, his daughter’s been kidnapped by bad guys trying to take down a CIA agent. It’s not so far fetched that a childhood friend from a prep school might come from a background of international interest. I once met someone that knew Benazir Bhutto in college and taught her how to make brownies. You can cross paths with future people of import at the level that Castle was at as far as prep schools and colleges are concerned. He knew Castle knew the cops and had ties that were respected. He was actually the perfect person for what they needed. The only part that’s confusing is the memory erasing and alterations. The rest of it isn’t that weird in the world of this show. The memory situation feels a bit sci-fi but I’m no expert an who knows what drugs are out there and techniques are out there to manipulate the mind. Maybe that’ll come up again if we’re gonna look back at his past.

    • Georgia Madman says:

      She’s going into politics. They’ve hinted at it twice already. Will be interested to see what the first steps are.

      • lkh says:

        Remember the Episode ‘Tell Will Tell’ in season 6–dude said she would be a senator–Castle would be a serious writer (now that’s a stretch :] )

      • er1986 says:

        That is the dumbest story for the character… Kate will make a lousy politician

    • Cassie says:

      At this point, I would take any mythology for Beckett as long as the character’s back front and center.

  3. Ken says:

    What about the renewal status of Episodes, the Comeback, and Web Therapy?

  4. lucifer says:

    olicity all the way…

    • jc says:

      Yes yes yes. Thankfully ray is going away.

    • mac says:

      and this shipper mentality is exactly why Arrow has been declining in quality

      • Lauren says:

        I don’t think so…As awful as Olicity has been this season, I think the true weakness has been the League of Assassins. Too much Ra’s, not enough Team Arrow solving crimes and kicking ass. It’s just been bad writing, I don’t think it can be attributed to just one thing. The best thing about this season has been Diggle – give him more to do! ‘My friends call me Dig. You shouldn’t talk to me at all.’

    • Sil says:

      Finally. So much angst. So glad.

      • John Hibert says:

        I want to know the status of 24 is Jack Coming Back. Come on FOX Bring back Jack. 24 is in the top 10. So what’s the problem?????

        • John Hibert says:

          I want to know about 24 is Jack Coming Back. Any word from Fox the show was in top 10. Why don’t we have Jack Back

          Sent from my iPhone


  5. N says:

    I’m so sick of the word “Mythology”

  6. Barry says:

    When is Castle going to need that favor from Dino that was promised to him in the “Bad Santa” episode? That has to be key sooner or later.

    And oh yeah, I think Espo has become a boring, block-headed douche.

  7. Jackie says:

    Hi Matt can you ask the NCIS la writers or producers or find out your self will we be learning about Marty deeks past this season even though it’s almost done or the next season because like many NCIS la fans we want to know about deeks past including his family and his past career with the LAPD sort of like they did for Tony dinozzo in NCIS when they look back to his Baltimore days ??? Thank you Matt

  8. abz says:

    I love how the POI guys are prepared and already have a plan in mind on how to bring Shaw back. I hope we get to see it happen before the show’s end (whenever that will be).
    I watched the preview posted for this upcoming OUAT episode with Emma and Regina and there was a lot of talk about FATE. All the talk about fate in that clip had me wondering if maybe the show is thinking about incorporating The Fates from Hercules. Probably a wild guess and unlikely, but I can’t wait to find out what direction the show is headed for next season and what new characters they intend on tackling next.
    Really disappointed though with what the show has done with Will. All the promises since the season started about finding out more about him and utilizing him was all pretty much lies or half-truths. He has no purpose really on the show and they have still failed to explain what happened between him and Anastacia and why he’s even in Storybrooke. At this point all I want is at least an explanation. Would love to see Anastacia again.

  9. nik says:

    If Benson and Voight EVER become a ‘thing” I’ll be so effn annoyed. She can t have an effin “friend” without being shippped romantically with them… Believe it or not, she doesn’t go with everyone…

  10. Letti says:

    Klaus and Hayley distance: I don’t like it. Hayley is becoming more and more unlikeable, and her going against Klaus will make her even more unpopular. Hayley is in her best shape when she is on Klaus’ side.
    For OUaT, I got scared when I saw a CS question again, I’m glad the answer wasn’t really about them. Emma should have more scenes with her family.

    • Lou says:

      I don’t understand why Klaus and Hayley aren’t working together. Klaus however is too much of a dictactor when it comes to parent and needs to learn to co-parent. These two need to work together

      • Evan says:

        Didn’t Rebekah once warn Hayley that no matter her feelings towards Klaus that she should never cross him!? I think we are reaching the point of no return for her…. and we all know that it is going to be poor Jackson who will be on the brunt end of Klaus’ rage!!

    • Jesus romero says:

      I don’t agree. I love Haley. Klaus is out of control with his need for power. Hope is Haley daughter too and I feel like he thinks she a nanny. No mother on earth wants to be to told how to protect their child. I love Klaus but im team Haley on this one.

    • Sylvia says:

      Yes but it is the usual with them, two steps forward and three back- it’s getting old already that there is a constant challenge with this couple, it’s been going on for 3 seasons and clearly not over.

    • Hope Suitor says:

      I hope Klaus and Haley never happen. Elijah and Haley fan

  11. tahonia2 says:

    I thought Castle became enamored of writing/mysteries/spies because his dad gave him an Ian Fleming book to read at the library when he was young???

    • Just one thing says:

      Oops? #continuity
      Though I do like the idea that Castle was lying about lying years ago in regards to what he saw as a kid…
      … It’s just something that he could have/should have revealed after they got together or after they got engaged.

    • lkh says:

      Perhaps there were multiple experiences, some he would talk about v. some he wouldn’t. Age he was getting the book v. age of other experiences. But you’re right, that is what he said to his father and he did receive the book in the mail after that kidnapping episode in Paris.

    • lkh says:

      Maybe he really did find that drowned child on the beach–but he said he made that up–dunno.

      • Georgia Madman says:

        That’s what I’ve thought. He didn’t know Beckett well enough (my opinion) to give her the gory details.

    • Brendan says:

      The quote from that episode was that the book made him want to be a writer, and it looks like the Hollander’s woods storyline is more his fascination with murder and death. So the woods (mystery) and the book from his dad (writer) could be the two halves of him becoming a mystery writer.

      • DarkDefender says:


      • SO says:

        There were 2 more references that mentioned why he became a writer. One was in an episode where a good friend was finally convicted of arranging to have his own father killed & he had encouraged him to be a writer. Another was a school assignment about a defunct car factory(Jordan) that he paid someone to write it. He got applauded for it & that made him try to be the best writer he could be.

      • lame says:

        The writers probably forgot about the James Bond novel. Won’t be the first time a thread has been left hanging.

        • John Hibert says:

          I am interested in 24 and Jack Bower from FOX. I can’t get an answer what’s with you people

          Sent from my iPhone


  12. So happy that Bradley James is going to be sticking around on iZombie! However, his character’s name is Lowell Casey as tweeted by the Official iZombie Writers Room.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


    • Georgia Madman says:

      Yeah, digging on him, too. iZombie is just a hoot. I may have to binge on Veronica Mars because I’ve never seen it.

    • Victoria says:

      Then the Writers had forgotten they had changed the name. Bradley’s character name is Lowell TRACY. You can hear them say that last name quite distinctly in episode 1.05 when Bradley’s character is introduced. Also, IMDb changed the name from Casey to Tracy.

  13. lkh says:


  14. Evan says:

    Didn’t Rebekah once warn Hayley that no matter her feelings towards Klaus that she should never cross him!? I think we are reaching the point of no return for her…. and we all know that it is going to be poor Jackson who will be on the brunt end of Klaus’ rage!!

  15. Missy says:

    I’m starting to think, in making JB’s murder last so long, they missed a chance to learn to write for Rick Castle. Everything they are currently getting at with Beckett re: career and family, is much more interesting than this SuperSpyHero Castle stuff. And that’s coming from a hardcore, lives and breathes, every minute of everyday, Castle fan

  16. Jesus romero says:

    any news on the Vampire Diaries season finale? like do you know how Nina will be exiting the show yet? I want to say she’s going to take the care but I hope that they have something more exciting in store!

  17. ndixit says:

    I will say it again and again, Beckett’s career crossroads is going to be groanworthy, especially if they delve into Politics. She is so not suitable to be a politician. She hates the spotlight, has stage fright, and sees the world only in black and white. She couldn’t even navigate a job in DC as an FBI agent so what makes people think she can navigate it as a politician. Hopefully the “Hollander’s Woods” part of the story is better than that silly story they wrote about Castle’s disappearance in ‘Sleeper’.

    • mike says:

      I agree. Remember Dreamworld? She wanted to go after the politician? She’s not cut out for that world.

    • Barry says:

      I completely agree ndixit.

      I won’t rule out, however, Kate getting pregnant — 100% commited to raising a family — especially if Season 8 is the last season — and the two of them riding off to happy lives together.

      Think about the last scene in the last episode of The Mentalist. That ending left me with reasonably total satisfaction.

      • ndixit says:

        Well, I definitely think them raising a family will be part of the decision, but I think that’s part of what makes me think they will go in the politics direction. Given that there are “unexpected choices”, I am pretty sure she will not go on to be Captain because that is the ‘expected” route. Secondly, if the character is debating how to start a family and still be able to make a difference, then she will probably lean on politics given that she will not be in day to day danger and can make a difference in that way. I just hope that the writers realize how much of a misfit Kate would be as a politician and take some other route.

  18. Teri says:

    There just has to be Castle Season 8 or I would feel cheated. There are so many stories left to tell and tie up in actuality. Please, get Stana signed and the renewal in the books and Castle can go on for even more than 1 season. It is the very best show.

  19. Eliza says:

    Wait, Bradley James is on iZombie? I need to catch up asap! Love him.

    • Jesus romero says:

      IZombie is actually a surprisingly good show. I only watched it the first night out of boredom. Now I race home from work to watch it live.

  20. Teri says:

    No politics for Beckett, please. She is so not suited for that. That will be not in her personality and belief systems. I really hope the writers do not even go there. UGH! Captain would work for sure.

  21. Lex says:

    Emily Bett Rickards has chemistry with everyone – even inanimate objects like computers and ferns and red pens. She’s able to elevate everyone else’s performance because she knows Felicity so well (same thing with Stephen Amell, btw) and Felicity as a character is a people person, babbling aside, who gets characters to open up and interact and deal with their issues… or just work with her perfect comedic timing to get those great one-liners in. I could write a book on the value Emily’s performance has had on the show, but eventually I’d feel guilty because David Ramsey is the show’s solid foundation and should get more attention than he does.
    Can I just have Original Team Arrow back? They’re the show’s backbone, and as emotional and pivotal this week’s episode was, one of its strengths was Diggle and Felicity going with Oliver to Nanda Parbat and playing out the roles they have in Oliver’s story — roles that have been sidelined this season to promote other characters. Power trios need to be given their due – where would Harry be without Ron and Hermione?

  22. Kendall says:

    Maybe Castle had a Stand By Me moment in Hollander’s woods.

  23. Harry Wild says:

    I think the writers should do three different closing finale shows for season 7. 1. cancel show. 2. No Beckett. 3. Castle and Beckett are on for season 8! All they have to do is change the ending! 3/4 of the show would remain the same! Take another 3 hours of shooting and that does it! Great for DVD sales and director’s cuts for different DVD packages in the future!

  24. Harry Wild says:

    hah! My comments got posted this time! Wonderful! Keep up the good work TVline! LOL!

  25. Trisha says:

    Big fan of Stalker. Any chance it might come back?

  26. Lame says:

    I got the impression S.Katic was more than bored playing the same character. I think she more than anyone is ready for a change.

  27. Amy says:

    Thanks for the iZombie and OUAT scoop Matt, it helped cheer me up after last night’s Greys! Granted I hate seeing Emma going through this turmoil but I’m curious to see how it will play out (also not every fan follows everything that gets leaked from set so I appreciate the ouat news sorry that some seem not to)

  28. Kristina says:

    Thank you for confirming the return date for Stalker. Maybe I just missed it, but I feel like that scheduling change was made very quietly. (Not that it matters when the show has little chance of renewal, but still…)

  29. karen says:

    Lamest episode ever–last week’s Castle explanation of his disappearance. It was WAY below the quality of all of their previous episodes. I’m just plain MAD!

  30. scotlore says:

    Stalker is finally back. Hurray! It’s been a long wait to see the resolution of that cliffhanger.

  31. Hope Suitor says:

    I hope Klaus and Haley never happen

  32. tahonia2 says:

    My favorite scenario for castle season 8 would be Beckett is written off I don’t care how. There’s a time jump, Alexis is graduating from police academy and Daddy and daughter start off on adventures. Castle can still conspiracy nut as well as protective pop.

  33. Mollie Bowman says:

    i never felt kate was as great a cop once she lost her perky hair style. it ruined the whole image to me.

  34. leprecaun28 says:

    Regarding Castle, they need to ramp it up a bit….maybe Beckett could write her Sargent’s exam and get promoted or maybe talk to the FBI about a job…..then get pregnant…..

  35. Ella says:

    Ray and Felicity breaking up was such a bad move. They were great together.

  36. fanfaren says:

    I wish SVU could be about something else than Olivia constantly. This season has been way too much about her and that baby. Don’t get me wrong, I really love that Olivia has a child but I still tune in to watch a crime show and this season has just been too much about Olivia/Noah, and what happened to Rollins being raped? Shouldn’t that be like a big deal on a show about special victims? Not that I want it to take over either but a mention would’ve been warranted.

  37. John Hibert says:

    I would like to know when the Next season of 24 is gonna be on FOX What are they waiting for we want Jack Back.

  38. abel garcia says:

    About NCIS-LA the romance between Kensi & Deeks would not fly in the US NAVY. It has a potential of blowing up as what is more important romance or their job. In the real Navy one would asked to resign or accept a transfer and the boss (Hattie) would be under investigation for letting it continue by NCIS Hq or SacNav! I, for one, would have wish Kensi would have taken over Ziva position at NCIS.

  39. GREGO366 says:

    No CASTLE next season? Why would anyone worry about that? Stana Katic is the reigning
    ‘People’s Choice’ Award Winner! Nathan Fillion is consistently among the favorites. CBS and NBC have thrown strong competition (simultaneously) at ‘Castle’ and Nathan & Stana more than hold their own!!

  40. John Hibert says:

    I been asking about 24 and you guys don’t answer or don’t care I will ask again is 24 coming back and when? Come on Fox TV the show is a hit

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Dude. There has been zero buzz about 24 returning. Calm. Maybe (maybe) something will be announced next week at Upfronts. Or not.

      • John Hibert says:

        I want to know about 24 from Fox if you can’t answer. I will go else where.

        Sent from my iPhone


    • John Hibert says:

      Only mail me if its about 24 Jack Bauer from Fox

      Sent from my iPhone