Is Grey's Doc a Masochist? Is Last Week Drubbing Daily Show? Best Outlander Sex? Did Shamy Bang? And More Qs!

Outlander Season 1 Spoilers

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Outlander, Shameless, Mad Men and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Did Outlander‘s angry make-up sex top the steamy wedding night? Or could you tell it was filmed before the infamous nuptials? And for book readers: Did the way the Starz series handled the spanking scene change your opinion of the subject matter at all?

2 | Come on, Good Wife: Do you really think someone as clued-in and evolved as Diane would utter such a dated, derogatory term as “sexual preference” — particularly in the context of an otherwise powerful gay marriage case?

3 | Considering Shameless‘ Fiona keeps making the same mistakes over and over, is it time for Showtime to think about setting an end date, so the characters can progress?

4 | Did Showtime’s Happyish feel like the culmination of a million online think- pieces? Its arguments on modern communication and marketing via social media, and life, liberty and the pursuit of Mad Menhappiness might be relevant, but are they original?

5 | Roger’s mustache on the Mad Men premiere: Yea or nay?

6 | Are you still a little in disbelief that Last Week Tonight actually landed an interview with the elusive Edward Snowden? On that note, should Comedy Central be more worried about Trevor Noah replacing Jon Stewart, or Last Week Tonight becoming more culturally relevant than The Daily Show?

7 | Which registered higher on the Salem shockometer — Mercy replacing a dude’s johnson with a crow, or the inventive way that Lucy Lawless’ Countess Marburg drowned a henchman with her used bathwater?

8 | American Odyssey’s Odelle gets one chance to call home and let people know she’s alive, and she chooses her house’s landline? Not, like, her husband’s cell?

9 | Is Brian Van Holt on house arrest or something, that in consecutive weeks he appeared on Cougar Town and Community via video chat?

10 | Is Nina Dobrev’s exit from The Vampire Diaries destined to turn into a Downton Abbey situation where it doesn’t make sense for the lovers to be separated, so Matthew/Elena must die?Jane the Virgin

11 | Which is the worse response to “I love you”: Rogelio’s “And I… am getting there with you, as well” on Jane the Virgin, or Felicity’s “That’s nice to hear” on last week’s Arrow?

12 | If NCIS ever goes off the air, who’s up for a sitcom spinoff about the DiNozzo bachelors living in the same apartment building?

13 | Are you with us in wishing that New Girl had spent a little longer on the interesting race conversation that Winston, Coach and Nick had?

14 | Anyone suspect that Forever‘s Abigail is actually still alive and that Adam is somehow involved in her staying away from Henry for so long?20Qs-SHIELD-sandwich

15 | Have you ever been so happy to see a sandwich?

16 | As much as we love Justified‘s spunky Loretta, wasn’t it a stretch to suggest that she is barely intimidated by Markham? Also, how many calories do you think Joelle Carter burned shooting take after take of scrambling around the mountain wearing a backpack?

17 | How are Finding Carter‘s parents so cool about their teenage daughter’s boyfriend sleeping under their roof?

18 | A couple episodes in, are you picking up what Younger is putting down (that Sutton Foster can pass for 26)? And can we get 100 times more scenes with Foster and The Following alum Nico Tortorella?

19 | When Nashville abruptly ended just as Juliette and Avery were naming their daughter, did you think your cable had accidentally cut out for a moment?

20 | Best Elizabeth wig/look on The Americans: punk bob or sexy businesswoman?
The Americans

21 | Did Jason Derulo’s appearance as American Idol mentor make you just a tiny bit more optimistic about his upcoming SYTYCD judging gig?

22 | How far do we think The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon and Amy “went” during their impromptu sleepover?Grey's Anatomy

23 | After Cristina, don’t you think Grey’s Anatomy‘s Owen would be looking for a drama-free relationship with someone relatively chill and mentally stable — AKA literally anyone other than Amelia?

24 | Was Madonna’s epic, super-fun takeover of Thursday’s Tonight Show a dry run for her inevitable (and possibly imminent) next Saturday Night Live hosting debut turn?

25 | That satellite dish company pulling their “I’m Rob Lowe” commercials: Hooray, boo, or do you have mixed feelings?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Chris says:

    #23 – Why anyone would want to be in a relationship with Amelia is beyond me. By far, she is the most insufferable character on Grey’s Anatomy.

  2. For #12, I would love to see Michael Weatherly and Robert Wagner in some kind of sitcom, similar to what you just suggested, but as different characters! I think that would be hilarious to watch!!!

  3. Gabe says:

    Roger Sterling’s mustache makes me want to cast John Slattery as Larry Tate in the Bewitched Reboot we all deserve.

  4. jessiecrimefighter says:

    #15 – NO! Still sobbing actually. Fitzsimmons are all I care about this week!

  5. S says:

    Hooray on pulling those Rob Lowe commercials…

  6. Mick says:

    #2 Not surprised at all. I was once in a social work class where a person used the term Oriental to describe Asian Americans.

    • Wordsmith says:

      It’s so easy to miss the memo on things like this. (Despite being Asian, myself, I didn’t realize “Oriental” was un-PC until almost college). We generally know the ones that are REALLY offensive, but the milder stuff often just doesn’t come up in conversation, or people don’t immediately jump in and correct you.
      In short, good for TVLine for pointing this out, to educate anyone who didn’t already know.

      • Emma says:

        wow, I didn’t know that Oriental was offence till reading this comment. What is the PC thing to say?

        • Larc says:

          Almost everything said these days is going to offend somebody. Many make it their life mission to do little more than keep constant vigil for something they can get offended about.

        • Martoukian says:

          Oriental isn’t offensive like a deliberate racial slur–it’s just a little culturally insensitive. It’s referring to someone by their relationship to you, rather than by their own identity (because Oriental means “Eastern”, not something inherent to the region). It’s like if you refused to call your neighbors by their name, and insisted on calling them “Neighbor” instead. The usual term now is “Asian,” but if you know what country they’re from, you should probably use that. Or their name, if you know it.

      • Grey's Fan says:

        So what are you suppose to call Oriental Noodles?

        • Csbd says:

          Things are oriental. People are Asian.

        • Wordsmith says:

          We just call them noodles :-P
          Seriously, though, “Oriental” is frowned upon because it conveys a certain Western-centric “Oh, look at these Chinamen and their quaint ways” vibe. (Incidentally, Chinamen: also not PC, in case you were wondering)
          Oriental is still used to describe certain foods, but generally those foods aren’t respectable authentic cuisine (so, like fortune cookies, cheap noodles or overly sweet dressings and sauces.)
          When in doubt, just use “Asian.” It’s pretty much always a safe bet.

      • Isobel says:

        Agree, I don’t think it would be odd that the writers of the Good Wife or a straight middle aged lawyer didn’t know that the approved term is sexual orientation not preference, not everyone knows the exact term that would be used. It wasn’t deliberately offensive, just normal ignorance from people outside the specific community

  7. Liz says:

    Yes, we DID know that the sex scene in ep.9 in Outlander was shot BEFORE The Wedding. First, less intimacy, a bit more forced. And the length of Claire’s hair, changing all through.

    • sls says:

      I disagree about the intimacy. I think it was just a different sort of intimacy than we saw in the wedding. To me, it felt even more intimate. It felt like a very important conversation, spoken physically, not verbally.

    • kate says:

      I keep hearing that about her hair, but the length of it changes depending on the the tightness of the curl. It was super tight in the bedroom scene…ergo, shorter. After she was rescued from BJR, her hair was mussed and the curl super loose…ergo, longer. And I didn’t have a problem with the intimacy or lack-there-of. It was hot…and like sls said, a different kind of intimacy.

  8. um – madonna has already hosted SNL. she hosted the first ep. of the 1985 season.

  9. Babygate says:

    18- I’m willing to suspend disbelief because I love Foster and was saddened by the cancellation of Bunheads. And because Nick is amazing.
    19- I actually screamed when they cut away from the baby name reveal. It’s a bigger cliffhanger than anything the show has done so far.
    23- That’s what I’m saying! I was never a Crowen fan but it’s crazy that after 6 years of building up that relationship they are so quick to try to pair Owen up. Especially with someone as incompatible as Amelia. She needs stable, not Mr. Bull-in-china-shop Owen who is sweet one moment and irrational the next. These two are too volatile to be together. And, not pleasant to watch.. imo.

    • Valerie T says:

      Babygate, I just started watching Younger and I couldn’t agree more with your comment! The suspension of disbelief is well worth it. :-)

  10. wrstlgirl says:

    Yes to #3. I love Shameless but we need more than these kids (and Frank) just running the same ol’ shenanigans over and over.

    • Bwhit says:

      Exactly! The only one I see making positive change is Lip, if he finishes college. Plus Fiona might as well have stayed with Jimmy because he is the only one who she doesn’t have to put an act on with. I feel like her feelings for him were the only true ones she actually showed with a boyfriend.

  11. 1mars says:

    As a book reader, I didn’t have a huge problem with the spanking scene in Outlander and felt the series did it well, I didn’t especially like it but I don’t like the floggings and children ear nailings to posts either. Aren’t we lucky we live in the 21st century?

  12. cuius says:

    6) “Last Week Tonight becoming more culturally relevant than The Daily Show” – sorry to say, think Jon’s been “phoning it in” for the last couple of months. He should have announced he was leaving, and then gone fairly rapidly – shame. Could spoil his legacy.

    • HAP says:

      My take is that Oliver and HBO will have a long term relationship just as HBO has with Bill Maher. And Once Trevor Noah arrives, Conan’s tune in will greatly increase.

    • Maggie says:

      I agree. Jon Stewart has been less funny, and more angry and frustrated the last couple of months. It’s like he can’t wait to get out of there. John Oliver has been on fire, and is becoming very culturally relevant.

      Trevor Noah has been boring his 3 times on TDS, his twitter feed is juvenile (not even counting the tweets that caused the recent outrage,) and he doesn’t live in the US making his knowledge of our politics and culture questionable. The only think he’s got going is that he’s good looking. But, being a hottie is the least important requirement for the job. Why they picked Noah is puzzling. There must have been a huge number of people that wanted the job, and Noah was the best they could find??? I have little hope he’ll do well, and wonder how long they’ll give him before they replace him.

  13. Drew says:

    10. Unless they give her the cure, wipe her mind of all things vampire and ship her off to live happily ever after.

    15. The sandwich sounded pretty good. But I was distracted by Fitz’s remarkable lack of mental deficits in recent episodes. The guy could barely talk at the beginning of the season and has gone through zero rehab. He wasn’t just emotionally scarred, his brain was damaged. They shouldn’t have done that if they didn’t want to deal with it.

    • except that they have shown all season up until the last couple episodes how he was able to begin to overcome. the biggest leap being in the episode where tripp dies and he has to force himself to complete in a timeline. He’s merely HEALING

      • Drew says:

        It’s been presented as something like depression, which is resolved by overcoming emotional and mental hurdles. His injuries as physical, not emotional. His brain does not function as it once did. He’s been shown in his normal environment, trying to do what he’s always done. That is not the same as intense rehabilitation, which probably wouldn’t even get him back to where he seem to be now.

        • Wordsmith says:

          It wasn’t a traumatic brain injury, just a serious case of hypoxia and probably decompression syndrome, so the actual physical damage might have been minimal.
          I think they established that a big component was psychological rather than physiological. He just had to be motivated to reforge those pathways and put himself back together. It’s been 16 episodes, so I think they took an appropriate amount of time.

          • Nick says:

            Agreed, plus there was a substantial amount of time between the injury and the beginning of season 2.

          • Drew says:

            He wasn’t just unconscious for a minute or two. He was deprived of oxygen for long enough to put him in a coma that lasted nine days. This was not a psychological problem, it was severe oxygen deprivation. His brain is physically altered. It isn’t something that is overcome by a “go get ’em” attitude and an inspirational montage. The fact that he recovered at all was a miracle, but the idea that he could go back to being pretty much normal is absurd.
            On this show, they could have used any number of plot devices to fix him. Instead they chose to go with bad writing and not really deal with it at all.

  14. CC says:

    #23 You seem to forget that Owen did try to have a drama-free relationship in Season 10 with the banana-bread baking fetal surgeon Emma. As soon she wanted to move in together, he dumped her and ran back to Cristina in a jiffy. No matter what relationship Owen is in, as soon as Cristina shows her face, he will dump whoever he is with, so he could be with her. That being said, I cannot stand Amelia.

  15. “15 | Have you ever been so happy to see a sandwich?” No , no one has ever been so happy to see a sandwich as AoS fans were on Tuesday night… well except for anytime Joey Tribianni saw a sandwich. Joey sure did love a good sandwich.

  16. Angela says:

    #6: Certainly wasn’t expecting that, no! But I’m glad John Oliver didn’t trek all that way out there for nothing :). As for Comedy Central, that’s something they might want to think about, yes. Once Jon Stewart leaves, they’ll have to do a lot to make sure the show still holds the impact it used to, especially now that Oliver’s guaranteed to be on HBO for at least the next few years. I’m hoping Trevor Noah will be a pleasant surprise and keep “The Daily Show” going strong, but…I dunno. And if “The Daily Show” does start struggling, what will that mean for Larry Wilmore’s show in turn?

    • Maggie says:

      I like that Larry Wilmore isn’t trying to be like either The Daily Show or The Colbert Report. But, he isn’t a must-see yet. He’s low-key, and that doesn’t necessarily make for must-see TV. I have more hope for Larry’s show lasting than Trevor Noah lasting on The Daily Show.

  17. Andrew says:

    #23 Also, how many phones does Derek have on Grey’s? Didn’t he leave one in DC? Wasn’t that the reason Meredith couldn’t reach him after Rene picked up the phone??

  18. LaKeeau says:

    #23 or how about Owen stay away from everyone. Owen has literally ruined everyone he’s been with. The woman he was engaged to when he was in Iraq. His “BFF ” Teddy and CrisTINA! He’s a tumor that needs to be removed. Also if he wasn’t so cheap half the hospital wouldn’t have been in a plane crash!

    • Jamie says:

      Lolz, did he ruin his ex-fiance? Or did he just break up with her bc he had PTSD, and then they both moved on with their lives?
      And didn’t Cristina and Owen equally ruin each other in their ridiculously volatile and incompatible relationship?
      And he totally didn’t ruin Teddy. She loved him, he didn’t love her, and she eventually moved on with her life and fell in love with someone else. She was totally fine when she moved on from him.
      Owen is actually a pretty good guy – definitely one of the best guys in ShondaLand. He just has crappy relationships.

  19. 6: Isn’t Last Week Tonight already more culturally relevant than The Daily Show? I say this as a loyal Daily Show viewer going on 10 years and a rabid fan of Jon Stewart. It’s obvious that Jon Stewart’s heart isn’t in it anymore.

  20. JK says:

    Jason Derulo… NO, not on Idol, not on SYTYCD, NO in my life

  21. brandydanforth81 says:

    #19.No, but I was mad.I want to know the baby name.i was like “oh come on!!”.
    #22.Not very far,but they’re progressing slowly.
    #11.Arrows.I don’t watch Arrow but Rogellio & Xo hadn’t been back back together for THAT long and just started living together& haven’t been back in each others lives for THAT long.Plus at least Rogellio said ” I’m getting there ” while Felicityvsaid” nice to hear”Plus,Rogellio is probably still working on trusting Xo after she kept the fact she had Jane from him 24 yr

  22. #14 I have believed Adam has something to do with Abigail disappearance since this storyline started.

  23. Gail says:

    I am probably the only one who wants this but : I think Owen & Callie should be together. They already know what they’ve each been through so they would be past that, they are friends, and I have seen sparks. In past seasons I have been noticing them more and more. It would also make the If/Then episode make more sense. Plus Callie has Sophie and has said she wanted more. Plus I’m over Calzona and Crowen.

  24. Lizo says:

    I’m really annoyed Dobrev is leaving Vampire Diaries. Makes me question whether I would follow her to other projects; like the show only has one or two seasons left, stick with it for us, the fans who’ve made your show a success. Her leaving puts everyone else’s job at risk, particularly Sommerhalder. It’s just rude.

    • Drew says:

      I don’t get why people always think that actors owe anyone anything. They aren’t fans of the shows they work on, the same way viewers are. It is a job to them, the same way your job is a job to you. Do waitresses owe it to their customers to stick around?
      15 hour days, nine months a year. No time for a life outside of work. Hundreds of miles away from home. For six years. Cut these people some slack. It is not easy work to do. They certainly don’t owe anyone anything beyond the length of their contract.

      • tp says:

        What’s amazing to me is the fact that Lizo thinks Nina Dobrev should really give a fat rats ass about Sommerhalder.

  25. John NYC says:

    ” Have you ever been so happy to see a sandwich?’

    Best one ever. Though I rather suspected something, a replica switch was a surprise.

    The sandwich was more a welcome symbol they’re okay, beyond fellow resistors to the invaders.

  26. Nick says:

    15- No, I’ve never been so happy to see a sandwich. ALL OF THE FEELS

  27. Nate says:

    #19 – Anyone else thinking the kid’s going to be named Harmony?

  28. Nick says:

    And there’s absolutely no way that Larry Wilmore or Trevor Noah make more noise than John Oliver. It’s just not going to happen.

  29. Heathers says:

    #5 NAY!!! #20 punk bob looked great, and that was one kick ass end to that episode!

  30. arial2 says:

    14 – Nothing against Henry’s wife, but I hope not because I want Jo and Henry to become closer; heck, looks like the series only has a few more episodes to do this!

    25 – Those are the creepiest commercials on tv. Not happy that Comcast is the reason; I’d have hoped it was just the dish company coming to their senses. ;)

  31. jc says:

    Well felicity obviously doesn’t love ray (and why did ray say he loved her when they’ve only dated for a few months) so what’s wrong with her not saying she loves him back. Felicity loves oliver and that’s the only person she’ll say that to.

    • Ab1973 says:

      Not to mention Ray totally douched out on her a week before.

      If they make it so Oliver’s actually into the LOA rather than just playing along until he can take them down, or brainwashed after everything he’s made it through up to now without being broken, I am done watching permanently. This season has already been an epic suckfest…turning the hero into a villain who chills out with the dude who’s ruined his life, tried to kill his sort-of-girlfriend, and probably killed Roy and/or Thea is a bridge way, way too far.

  32. m3rcnate says:

    3 | Considering Shameless‘ Fiona keeps making the same mistakes over and over, is it time for Showtime to think about setting an end date, so the characters can progress?
    I have only seen the first season but i am not at all shocked to learn the show is having this problem. Its why i stopped watching…a disfunctional family is fun and good to watch for a season but watching someone be horrible, fail at life, be…well disfunctional all the time gets (IMO) old, boring, repetitive and lightly unrealistic. Call me crazy but i like to see characters grow, develop, evolve, something…and i think you are right on the money, if a show like that is open ended then they dont know when to evolve the character and at what pace…that show should have been a show with a set beginning, middle and end, and sold as a show that lasts an exact amount of seasons (say 5) and has a very distinct time table of the characters development.

    6 | Are you still a little in disbelief thatLast Week Tonight actually landed an interview with the elusive Edward Snowden? On that note, should Comedy Central be more worried about Trevor Noah replacing Jon Stewart, or Last Week Tonight becoming more culturally relevant than The Daily Show?
    Kind of, yet…not at all. If Snowden has seen the show and knows Oliver, you know you are going to be in safe, funny, smart hands. And yes, though im excited for Trevor Noah, LWT is making hit after hit after hit and John Oliver is not only batting for 1000 but is so perfect for that job (and would have been for TDS as well).

    10 | Is Nina Dobrev’s exit from The Vampire Diaries destined to turn into a Downton Abbey situation where it doesn’t make sense for the lovers to be separated, so Matthew/Elena must die?
    Yes. She must either die, or both brothers (and her friends but especially Daemon) realize the life they have forced on her is a horrible one, a nightmare. But they cant force the cure on her and compel her to leave because that falls waaaay to far into the “female character doesnt have a say, the male characters force he to do what they think is right”. But yeah i think the show should have her take the cure, get compelled and leave to go live a normal life. Then the show can have a season 7 (probably sucks) then the Salvatore brothers and Caroline join The Originals as regulars.

    16 | As much as we love Justified‘s spunky Loretta, wasn’t it a stretch to suggest that she is barely intimidated by Markham? Also, how many calories do you think Joelle Carter burned shooting take after take of scrambling around the mountain wearing a backpack?
    Yeah i get making that character (Loretta) seem older than her years and all that but they made her into a sociopath this season it seems. Her lack of caring that her ex bf got murdered infront of her and her like level 2 fear of someone so deadly and scary.

  33. Beth says:

    18 – Yes please. More Nico is always needed!

  34. c-mo says:

    18. I’m not necessarily picking it up but I don’t care, I am loving the show and YES we need much more Nico!!!

  35. Pati says:

    I haven’t watched vampire diaries in awhile but now Elena’s love of her life is Matt? WTF

    • Winter says:

      No they are talking about Matthew from Downton Abbey. Elena and Matt have almost no interaction on the show anymore.

  36. maria says:

    I’m pretty sure the bbt sleepover was rated G, but for me that whole fort-building thing was the best part of the episode. We don’t get to see Sheldon genuinely smile very often, and seeing his kid-in-a-candy-store grin was priceless.

  37. Weezy says:

    #2: A microcosm of how idiotic our world has become. I wish people knew history. PC is not a new idea, just ask the Nazis, Soviet Union, etc. It’s about mind control plain and simple. We tell you what is ok to say and what is not ok to say. At first it’s reasonable enough but it quickly devolves into a bunch of pointless and dumb arguments about nothing while all the major issues are overlooked. It ends with everyone being so confused that they won’t speak for fear of “offending” someone while social engineers laugh all the way to the bank. Sexual preference is a derogatory term now eh? Why because 1 idiot said so? What the hell is wrong with this country…I’ll just say we better get our heads out of our behinds before it’s too late. The death of common sense and logic in the name of illogical arguments based on word selection is literally the main theme of the book 1984 and has been used to enslave people for thousands of years. The ultimate goal is to create an environment where truth is dictated and facts/evidence/etc. are null and void. Yeah that sounds like a great construct. The worst part is people will read this and say that I’m thinking too much into it, while not having a clue that the elites have been writing publicly available books on their plan for over a hundred years….

  38. Tom says:

    6 | Are you still a little in disbelief that Last Week Tonight actually landed an interview with the elusive Edward Snowden? On that note, should Comedy Central be more worried about Trevor Noah replacing Jon Stewart, or Last Week Tonight becoming more culturally relevant than The Daily Show?
    It was a major get. They should only worry about Last Week Tonight if it branches out from Sundays.
    9 | Is Brian Van Holt on house arrest or something, that in consecutive weeks he appeared on Cougar Town and Community via video chat?
    No, he’s…’s complicated. He’s on this ship but……it’s not really…..I’ve said to much already.
    20 | Best Elizabeth wig/look on The Americans: punk bob or sexy businesswoman?
    Punk for sure
    22 | How far do we think The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon and Amy “went” during their impromptu sleepover?
    C’mon, it’s Sheldon we’re talking about.
    25 | That satellite dish company pulling their “I’m Rob Lowe” commercials: Hooray, boo, or do you have mixed feelings?
    Because I can be a shallow, shallow man at (most) times, put me down for hooray given what it brought us.

  39. Alichat says:

    1) I liked the way the spanking scene was handled in the show better than the book. The book scene made me angry, and tarnished my thoughts about Jamie. The TV show version of it presented it as something Jamie felt was his duty, because of the times, and not something he really wanted to do. I thought it was very well done. As for the sex scene, I wasn’t really expecting it to be steamy like the wedding night. However I was expecting it to be more physical and urgent, since that is how it was in the book, and it was.
    6) I would say worried that Last Week Tonight becomes more culturally relevant, but it’s only on once a week, which will hinder that happening.
    15) It’s about time that they moved back toward being Fitz-Simmons.
    20) I like the punk bob, but honestly both looked really good on Keri.
    23) THANK YOU!! Owen does not need crazy, needy, attacky Amelia!

  40. Winter says:

    1. I don’t know if it was better, but it was at least equally as hot. As for the spanking I continued not to be bothered by it. From a historical aspect it always made sense to me and they had to show it because it’s an important learning moment for both Jamie and Claire.

    • My says:

      I was really bothered by the spanking scene. I’m not as much now more because I’ve since read all the books, and know the history and character, and was more comfortable with it in retrospect.

  41. kirads09 says:

    #15 Oh my goodness. The happy Fitzsimmons feels. ♥ :-)
    #25 I think it is ridiculous. I have seen other companies put down competitors in much more severe ways. Rob’s commercials are fun. Comcast needs to get over itself.

    • tigersmurfette says:

      25. the commercials werent pulled because they put down comcast, they were pulled because of false advertising. most of the claims made in them(best in customer service for example) were unsubstantiated or untrue, thus they got pulled.

  42. Anne says:

    10. With the cure back in play, my guess is Elena takes the cure and is compelled to live a normal human life, maybe bring back the memory “rewiring” from earlier in the season. Maybe with a flashforward to Elena as an old woman about to die, and Damon coming to give her back her memories in her last moments? I don’t know, it seems like the sort of thing they’d do.

    11. Felicity’s was funnier, but more because it didn’t happen between a couple that is likely to end up together in the end.

    15. SO glad Fitzsimmons are finally getting back to their old bond. One of the hardest parts to watch this season has been their rift, and it’s lovely to see them in tandem again!

  43. #1 The spanking was just that – a spanking. Not the domestic violence or wife beating some idiots were screaming about. For that time period, it was a MILD punishment for any member of a man’s household – wife, child, servant. And those of us old enough to remember the 70’s or earlier – a spanking, by parent, teacher, pastor, or other adult, was not uncommon or considered wrong – it just was a means to discipline a child who had done something wrong. The scene did remind me a lot of John Wayne & Maureen O’Hara in McClintock. Well done.

  44. Mr. Tran K says:

    NAY on Roger’s mustache.

  45. Jared says:

    3) That is exactly why I stopped watching Shameless. I felt like it was the same season after season with no progression of the characters.

    10) Can TVDs really afford to lose another cast member at this point? Steven,Michael,Nina and possibly Zachary all in the same season? If that is the case why is The CW even doing another season? On another note I’m kinda shocked Ian and Paul are still on the show. I would have thought those two would have been the first to jump ship.

  46. LadyC says:

    Regarding the Rob Lowe ads…… mute button will finally get some rest.

    • Maggie says:

      I HATED those Rob Lowe commercials. Lowe isn’t some comic genius known for his zany character work, which is what the commercials required. Lowe was simply painful to watch in those commercials.

  47. Tee says:

    #18: the only thing I don’t like about “younger” is the fact we’re supposed to believe that everyone at the publishing house actually believes Liza is 26. Girl seriously looks exactly how old she’s supposed to be on the show…40.

  48. Jarhead says:

    #23. While I agree that Owen and Amelia are not great as a couple and I also hope they do not ultimately continue on together– I do like Amelia’s character and based on what Amelia has been thru she is justified in her blunt unfiltered responses because that’s her – Amelia’s character is known for reacting before thinking and making constant mistakes yet she’s growing and becoming more aware of her faults. The episode “the distance” was my favorite this season and in the last episode she realized how her own feelings for Owen cost the prodigy golfer her future. So Amelia has gone thru years of hell when she didn’t learn from her mistakes or her speaking before thinking. She struggled thru drug addiction, rehab, relapse, her husband dying in her bed when they did drugs, rehab again, and then the baby she carried to term from her now dead ex is born without a brain and was therefore a still birth. Beyond that she lives in the constant shadow of a brother who only sees her as a f-up which until recently she has been. The girl had lots to overcome and while Meredith has equally been thru ridiculous amounts of loss and hell, If you watched every episode of pp you’d understand Amelia’s character better to appreciate it. If I didn’t watch her character develop shed annoy me too but I enjoy her slight awkwardness the same way I enjoy maggies. Just my opinion. I enjoy everyone’s opinion on the show – it’s great to see the passion from the fans still going strong after so many seasons. So any ideas on where the Derek going missing story is going?

  49. Letti says:

    10. Damon and Elena should have separated a long time ago. Or they shouldn’t have even got together. Their relationship is what killed the show (and both Damon’s and Elena’s personalities) So it would make sense to seperate them. However, I hope Elena will finally die.

  50. rowan77 says:

    2. Agreed.
    5. Nay – but I think we can say that about anyone’s pornstache from the early 70’s.
    6. Not only was I surprised the interview was real, it was such a strong interview that I recommended it to at least 20 others who never understood what Snowden’s problem was. Now the get it. D-ck-pics. Excellent example.
    12. Yes!
    15. Never. Love Fitz so much!
    16. I didn’t take it that way at all. Loretta look very intimidated, but as Markham pointed out – she’s a tough cookie and very smart. What she did is what Mags would’ve done. That wasn’t bravado – that was quick thinking to keep herself alive, and in the game.
    18. I tried and just couldn’t quite buy it. At that’s too bad because I love Sutton Foster.
    19. Totally.
    20. Punk bob.
    22. Sheldon slept on the sofa, Amy on the floor and after he fell asleep she secretly held his hand all night.
    23. I’ve tried to get on board with Amelia, but she’s so screwed up I can’t see how Owen would want to deal with it anymore.
    25. I never liked the commercials, even though I like Rob Lowe.