Grey's Anatomy Recap: Business and Displeasure

Grey's Anatomy Recap

Watching this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, you might have thought that Owen had a pretty serious relationship problem on his hands. After all, Amelia went so far as to call their romance a mistake. (Ouch.) But, compared to the patient that Stephanie treated with Catherine, Hunt got off easy in “Crazy Love.” Read on, and I’ll tell you all about it.

DANGEROUS CURVES | Upon learning about Owen and Amelia’s involvement just as Derek was headed back to D.C. to resign, Meredith warned her sister-in-law to be careful with Cristina’s ex. Afterward, Amelia clashed with Callie over a course of treatment for a teenage golf champ with a curved spine. Overhearing their debate, Owen sided with his girlfriend despite the fact that her approach was riskier than Callie’s. When the surgery went south, Amelia had to have Ben call in Callie, lest the patient end up paralyzed. But even with Torres pitching in, the youngster still lost what was most important to her – her future as a golfer. After breaking the news to the kid’s furious mom, Amelia lit into Owen for butting in and backing her just because they were lovers. “This is why it is not smart to mix personal and professional,” she railed — it changes their minds in ways that compromise their judgment. That being the case, their relationship was, in her eyes, a mistake. That evening, she snapped at Meredith, noting that her sister-in-law didn’t know what she’d been through. “I need you to cut me some slack,” she said, “and back the hell off.” The following day, Callie (who’d revealed that she’d been too bored by Dan to go out with him again) counseled the patient that someday she’d find something new to love instead of golf — the implication being that she herself would also find something new to love instead of Arizona. At the hour’s end, Owen reached out to Amelia, and she brushed him off. And the White House called Mer wondering what we are now left to ponder: Since Derek didn’t show up for his meeting, where was he?

FLEE, WILLY! | After an unfaithful chef stumbled into the ER with his mistress/sous chef and his johnson in a Chinese food carton, Grey Sloan came alive in a way that this office only does when the ice cream man is parked in front of the building. Though Richard protested, April called in Catherine, who encouraged Stephanie to consider a future in urology. After the philanderer’s penis was reaffixed, Webber barked at Kepner for recruiting his ex against his wishes, but she not only stood right up for herself, she added that, for what it was worth, she’d thought they were good together. Just when things seemed to be settling down — the chef and his wife even made up! — his pecker was cut off yet again, this time by his jealous mistress! Impressed anew when Stephanie convinced “the other woman” not to flush the appendage, Catherine offered her a fellowship — which, now having held a severed wiener, was of no interest to Edwards. Finally, as the hour drew to a close, Richard apologized to Catherine for hurting her — and promised to do it again, the same as she would him. “I’ll accept the risk,” he said, “because you are worth it.” And yay! They were reunited. (I can’t be the only one who loves them, right?)

CHATTY CATHY | Meanwhile, Ethan mystified Maggie by ignoring her after their kissless date, leading her to fear that she was a hideous troll whose “only orgasms [were] gonna be self-made” in the future.” When she called him on his behavior, he explained that she’d never stopped talking during their date – in fact, it had been more like a monologue than a date. Later, Alex – incredibly sweetly – supported her, even singing the praises of her slight lisp. “It makes everything you say sound good,” he swore. Off that, Maggie apologized to Ethan for having “brought the thunder” on their date because she’d been so nervous. In response, he asked her out again.

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Do you think Derek is with Renee, or does the show just want us to suspect that? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Al says:

    Good eps!
    Derek is in a car crash given the rumors online

    • kn1231 says:

      Kidnapping was the first thing that came to my mind. I hadn’t read anything about a car cash though, that could be interesting as well.

    • Mike says:

      Any source for your rumor of the crash? Would definitely like to see that.

      • B says:

        I would not. I’m okay with similarities and parallels after twelve years, but Derek has already been in a plane crash, O’Malley died in a traffic accident, and then Callie and Arizona’s car crash happened. It’s too much, and I’m hoping to see something a lot more clever than just that.

        • Mike says:

          B: I completely agree. I was more so saying I’d be interested in seeing the source of the rumor.

          Maybe he’s found his way back into the woods where it all started?

        • Michelle says:

          I couldn’t agree more!! Derek already survived an active shooter……he already survived a tragic plane crash….. It is like Shonda is left grasping at straws. I know it is a drama…….but …. C’MON Shonda!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about your debbie downer!!!!!!

      • Grey's Fan says:

        Next week’s episode is called: One Plane Down (plane crash which is in the previews).

        Episode 11.21 How To Save A Life (there is rumoured to be a car crash) *This is the first May Sweeps episode.
        Episode 11.22 She’s Leaving Home (title; don’t know what this is about yet)

  2. Lauren says:

    I knew Derek was going to disappear before he even left their house in the morning. He’s either dead or psycho DC lady has kidnapped him.

    • Alichat says:

      “I knew Derek was going to disappear before he even left their house in the morning.”

      Thank you!! It was so obvious that something was going to happen to him. There were too many ‘I love my life….I don’t want to leave…..I’ll be right back’ lines. He turned to walk out the door, and I said ‘something is going to happen to him”. Tiring.

      So…Owen and Amelia, I was onboard with this when the idea of this hook up was being batted around in spoilers. But now……not so much. Owen does not need crazy. And frankly, I found her ‘you don’t know me….you don’t know what I’ve been through’ speech to Meredith arrogant and ridiculous. She doesn’t know what Meredith has been through in her life. But most importantly, Amelia doesn’t know what Owen’s been through. Meredith knows better than anyone what Owen’s been through, and she promised Cristina she would look out for him. So it is her business a little bit. She might not have handled the conversation the best, but you can’t fault her for protecting her friend. And considering Amelia just hours later went all attacky, cray-cray on Owen, seems Meredith was right to ask about things.

      • Nancy says:

        I think the next episode might bring a full on blow out between Amelia and Meredith. Because you’re right. Amelia DOESN’T know what Meredith has been through. Meredith has lost close friends and a sister, and she almost DID lose Derek once when he got shot and it caused her to lose the child she was carrying at the time. Plus from the sounds of it next week is gonna be FILLED with flashbacks to the plane crash. All of that on top of the fact that Derek is now missing and Meredith could just very well blow up on Amelia the way that only Meredith can.

        • Saabgirlatx says:

          Agree! Amelia I have never really liked for this exact reason. Even on Private Practice. I was shouting at the tv after that speech to Metedith. C’mon, your head of neuro … Get your own place!!

          • Erin B says:

            On PP too, regarding her boyfriend who ODed, you only ever saw them getting high together, & it really wasn’t for a very long time period. Tonight he’s the love of her life? Really? He seemed more like the dude who used her ability to write prescriptions to me. Regardless, Mer has certainly been through plenty!

        • busta950 says:

          I agree and it should do Amelia needs to know she is not the only person who has suffered. Meredith has been through a lot more than her. She had a better childhood than Meredith ….. even if Amelia lost her father……. Meredith had no-one we know that all the way through from Richard Webber

        • Michelle says:

          Yeah, I was also waiting for Mer to come back at the little “princess” know-it-all Amelia with Mer’s facts of all the hell she has been through with a mother who tried to kill herself when Mer was just a little girl, to wanting Derek to love her, but at that time he chose Addison, to Derek nearly dying from the active shooter incident, to her mis-carrying that baby at that time, to George dying, to Christina (Mer’s person) leaving, to having her half sister die before her from the plane crash, ……..yeah, Mer knows what hell feels like, so I was so mad at Amelia for going off on Mer like Mer has never faced anything difficult. Mer has faced FAR more than little miss “thang” could have ever faced.

      • Janie says:

        I so agree with EVERYTHING Alichat says!!!!

      • Larissa says:

        I said it too I screamed omg they are going to kill McDreamy NOOOO at the door scene when he was leaving bastards

      • jj says:

        i don’t want Derek dead or with crazy DC lady – why does he have to leave the show – as you said I too had a feeling he wasn’t coming back or something was up with him – since they also showed the first episode of when it all happened where they meet- couldn’t sleep last night

        • Steve Pr says:

          The reason that they have to come up with a story about Derek being gone or what other means of being not in the show much is because Patrick is racing full time in Europe and America.

      • chrystin says:

        I could not agree more. Its like you were in my head. Lol. You hit the nail right on the head with every point. I wanted Meredith to yell back at Amelia. Maybe we’ll see that in a future episode after Meredith has time to think about a good rebuttal. That’s what they do on this show, they always end a conversation and then one always goes back with some ah ha moment statement.

      • Nicole says:

        You want more of Amelia’s back story…. Watch Private Practice.

    • J says:

      i was thinking the woman from DC was involved maybe a jealous mistress

    • that is another option.

  3. Liz says:

    Shonda just can’t let Meredith be happy for more than one or two episodes. Derek is surely going to die and leave her alone with the children. I wonder if Patrick’s divorce has anything to do with this?

    • kn1231 says:

      I don’t think Shonda would end the relationship like that. Fans would hate if he just died, and fans would also find it harder to believe Meredith moving on. If Derek (Patrick) is getting written out, I think it will be done in a way that fans will be happy to see the character go and will be rooting for Meredith. Just my take though, hope Shonda feels the same!

      • Rachel says:

        I feel like Amelia’s speech at the end about standing over the love of her life was some extreme foreshadowing for Meredith’s future

        • Kath says:

          I did not think about this. Now I’m 100% sure Derek’s dead from the plane crash that’s going to be in the next episode.

          Did you know what Amelia was talking about? I feel like a lot of Grey’s fans didn’t watch Private Practice (the spin-off series of Grey’s, that Amelia was a main character in) and they didn’t see what happened to her. Basically she went crazy and quit her job and started doing oxycotton with this guy she fell in love with, and he ended up overdosing and died. Then she found out she was pregnant, but the baby had no brain. So ironic, since she’s a brain surgeon. She had the baby and he died after a few hours I think (she actually mentioned how long in the Grey’s episode where April has her baby).

          • Keeta says:

            Amelia’s past has been mentioned in the show (i.e. her drug addiction and her partner dying) however, I don’t believe the part about the baby has ever been mentioned. I do agree that would be why people may be quick to judge her. But in saying that, like other fans have said, Amelia also does not know what Meredith has been through. I, like others, found her speech to Meredith to be arrogant, only because it made it seem that Amelia believes she is the only one who has had a difficult like. *NB Just one opinion!

          • Jenn W says:

            She said her baby lived for 43 minutes when she was sitting in the chapel with Owen in the episode where April gave birth.

        • I Agree with ERIN B Amelia was not with that guy long enough for her to be calling him the love of life,he was her get high partner,didnt last but a month if that long,and he used her to steal scripts,this is Shonda doing a little rewrite

      • Alia says:

        Would they really kill both of her parents, her sister (although now another one of those has appeared out of the woodwork), AND her husband over the course of one series? That’s a bit much.

      • Marissa says:

        They did with the cute flashback . Derek is going to die a Mcdreamy hero and he will last be scene on a ferryboat . Just like George’s in his army suit .

    • sue says:

      your right – why can’t Meredith be happy for a long time
      and yes his divorce – he said in an interview he didn’t have time to himself months ago
      because of work, family, and car racing.
      I use to love him since the 80’s, but now he and the writers are pissing me off!

    • aph1976 says:

      I don’t think the show will kill Derek at least not without a big send off and not just in one episode.So maybe there was a plane crash and the rescue people can’t get to the site right away.So that could carry over for a few episodes with everyone fearing that Derek could be dead.It could be interesting to see how both Meredith and Amelia deal with the fact that Derek could be dead.For Meredith it could cause her to realize she and the kids should be with Derek even if it’s not in Seattle.Also the show could leave Derek’s fate hanging until the season finale.However if Derek does die that could forever change the show and send Meredith in a new and exciting direction.

    • Math says:

      Not his divorce… His love for Cars and for the 24 jours of Le Mans has something to so with it…

      • Steve Pr says:

        That is correct Math, is racing full time for Porsche now in Europe and America.

        • Math says:

          I know ;) i’m a journalist in Le Mans and i see him every year in June for the 24 jours of Le Mans (McQueen style ;) )

          • sue says:

            well they could have come up with a better story line
            Meredith deserves to be happy longer then just one or two episodes
            plus i hope they done screw alex up either – it’s about time he finds his love and sticks to it

  4. kn1231 says:

    I had been hoping that Meredith and Amelia would be coming closer throughout the season, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Also, really hope Callie was unknowingly talking about Arizona when she was talking about love. Not sure how I felt about Callie and Arizona laughing about their relationship, but any scene with the two of them smiling with one another is good to me. And I like Alex and Jo, so are they going there with him and Maggie? His smile at the end looked more than just a “I’m happy she figured it out” smile. Maybe the reason why Alex and Jo aren’t getting much screen time together is because Shonda is splitting them up? Overall, I enjoyed the episode. All the rumors are pointing toward a pretty crazy finale, so I don’t mind the more calm and quiet episodes.

    • Jared says:

      I thought the same thing about how he was looking at Maggie but that would be crazy,right? Alex has it made with Jo! Shonda better not screw them up too!

      • H says:

        Yeah, how did we get to the couple of weeks ago “I’m going to marry that girl” to Alex all of a sudden seeking interest in Maggie? So out of the blue and making a mess where a mess shouldn’t be made.

      • Keeta says:

        I honestly didn’t seem him looking at Maggie in that way. I think that since Alex has become Meredith’s “person”, he has a much softer side. He seems to care a lot more about the people in his life i.e. like Maggie confiding in him about her date. However, I might be reading that wrong but I’m definitely against Alex and Maggie together.

        • G says:

          I agree w/ Keeta. Alex is the “big brother” type. We’ve all seen how he is with the women in his life – he loves and cares for them all, even if he doesn’t like to show/admit it. So I saw it as he is caring for Maggie and the things he said were out of love (platonic), like a brother would say.

          • laura says:

            I believe that the DC woman is a crazy stalker, who will kidnap and hold Derek hostage. I cannot remember this happening in the last 10 years to any other characters. I like the fact that the kidnapper is a woman. I think that it could be a rather crazy May sweeps plan

        • Krystan says:

          I didn’t think about it that way. I think that Alex has been working and living with women for so long that he is the protective big brother. I think it was just his way of telling her that she deserves better. He is used to Meredith doing the over talking thing so maybe he knows how to handle it?

  5. s says:

    so, 5 seconds of Jolex, and more scenes of Alex existing solely as a cheerleader for the females, except now we’ve progressed to nauseating scenes that with the most annoying character in the world. FANTASTIC. if jolex don’t actually get something proper I’m done I think, an entire season of no story lines is just too ridiculous. and if they even hint at Maggie/ alex …NO.NO.NO

  6. chris says:

    Are we supposed to believe Der is in peril? Patrick has a contract through next year so kinda can’t believe it. Callie and AZ laughing off their major issues, the leg and cheating, is confusing. Are we supposed to believe they have made peace with their issues so that they can start to move back toward each other, if so how did that happen? or is this the final nail in coffin that says they are ready to move on to others? After all the hype over a gay wedding and drama over kids, seems rather derisive to split them up. I want to see them, the only lesbian couple in prime time, succeed and raise their kid. Now that would be ground breaking as opposed to every other gay relationship on the big or small screen ending in tragedy. Nope no interest in seeing them with others. Richard and Avery’s mom getting back together screams one of them is going to buy the farm. My money is on Amy ending up pregnant by Owen.

    • B says:

      Gay people get divorced too, yo. But, while I do think they are an endgame couple, I think that the conversation was definitely more of a “in this moment, we’ve moved on but haven’t forgotten” kind of thing. It actually felt very true to life to me

      • chris says:

        yes they do, but when you put the first lesbian couple in prime time, given them a big wedding and kid, then tearing them apart its ridiculous. If you want to make a statement in primetime like this, make a positive one. Show their love can overcome and make it through the tough times and that they can raise a wonderful family. A failed marriage and forgotten child doesn’t make change, it just reinforces two women playing dress up who are poor mothers.

        • Sarah says:

          They’re not a “lesbian couple”, since Callie is bisexual. They’re also not the first female/female relationship on primetime by any means. I’m not sure if Willow/Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the first one, but it certainly predates Callie/Arizona by many, many years.

    • Sara says:

      They aren’t a lesbian couple. One half of that couple is a bisexual. They are a same-sex female couple, but they aren’t a “lesbian” one.

    • Karin says:

      one reason gays didn’t universally rejoice over the legalization of gay marriage is because they lost their wild side image. Heard on a very very gay college campus through my child. Gay became boring and traditional. I liked the break up. It made it seem more real.

  7. seawing says:

    It was obvious the moment he walked out the door that something was going to happen to him.The whole “wait for me” vibe. I’m disappointed that Shonda would telegraph her intents that way.

  8. Sa says:

    Callie & Arizona were laughing together over the two biggest issues they’ve had in their relationship. Love it and I think Callie meant she didn’t think she could ever love someone as much as she loved Arizona, but she has to believe she will again. I still believe they will find their way back to each other. and I can’t wait for that moment. Because Grey’s is not the same without them as a couple.

  9. B says:

    Confused as to why “cancellation buzz” is pinned to the end of the article when Grey’s is obviously getting renewed. Let’s please not turn TV Line into some sort of clickhole and stick with only linking to relevant article. Anyhow, I’m actually surprised by that ending. I don’t think he’s with whatshername though. Moreover, I’m really hoping someone says something along the lines of “Well, surely it can’t be a plane crash, right?” in the next episode.

  10. Rachel says:

    In series 4 finale Derek told Mer don’t go anywhere and wait for me and she did and season 5 opened with her dream of him dying in a car crash! And he said don’t go anywhere wait for me this episode and next episode they worry where he is and the next episode is a car crash!!!! And Derek telling Meredith to wait happened in same place house of candles vs. their dream house!

    • ac says:

      I went to Netflix to confirm and you’re right. My prediction: a bus is going to cut in front of him, he’s going to swerve to avoid it and he’s going to hit a light pole

  11. Jared says:

    This episode was very good. The unfaithful husband and wife storyline was interesting and I was laughing so hard when his mistress did well you know, poor guy. I liked seeing Stephanie search for a specialty but glad she didn’t choose urology, after all I think it’s kinda weird for her to work under the mother of the guy who dumped her in front of a whole church. Just sayin. I think Derek was probably in a car crash or something. I’m holding out hope for Owen and Amelia. Excited for next week!

  12. Heather says:

    I think Derrick will have some incident that puts him in a coma or something. Maybe he picks up on the research with DC chick if she makes a break thru and he feels compelled to help her. Not sure but it stinks to be yo-yo’d like this with Derrick on the show. I was so happy this episode to see MerDer together and thriving.

    • busta950 says:

      Ok my opinion he is involved the in crash not the plane the car if you noted his Shirt it is the same one that he was wearing on all the recent twitter photo’s so obviously next week must be running straight on with no break. Alex has changed he is a douche no more he is big brother type to all the ladies with his advice.
      The contracts they signed were for 11 and 12 so hopefully if Shonda gives Dempsey his time for Driving racing cars he will stay in. Although they have not confirmed 12 yet

  13. TVNerd says:

    omg I know they aren’t killing of Derrick Shepard when Patrick is signed on for next season as well….so I wonder what big event Shonda is leading up to and adding 3 new characters means some deaths/people leaving….ideas:

    1. Richard leaves to be with Catherine Avery in Boston
    2. Catastrophic event kills people
    3. Stephanie finds a fellowship in neurosurgery outside of Seattle and leaves
    4. They kill Owen or Amelia or both leave

    Love Grey’s, 11 years and counting:)

    • chris says:

      I’m thinking Der saw the plane go down and is helping survivors. Also thinking mama avery was on that plane and she will not make it

      • Kath says:

        Mama Avery was going to Boston, not to the white house.

        • you’re assuming that the plane that crashed was headed to DC…Chris is assuming that it’s just A plane that crashed, presumably one heading to Boston and that Derek saw and is helping people at the crash site, not that he was part of the crash.

  14. Nancy says:

    Maybe Derek went to get Cristina to save Owen from his crazy sister…

    oh and to save the show

  15. Juan says:

    Hilarious episode with the whole penis situation. Also love webber and katherine. I have been really surprised this season by how much I’ve grown to like Maggie.

  16. Jessica says:

    I just want to see Derek and Meredith happy for more than two episodes also!! It’s like why can’t we just enjoy their relationship that we’ve worked so hard to see !!!!

  17. Kath says:

    Plane crash, not car crash. Watch the promos. He definitely dies. Patrick Dempsey said a few months ago that Derek leaves sooner than expected. This is the episode in which he dies. Peace out MerDer. My guess is Amelia will become Meredith’s person and Meredith ends up dating Alex or something.

  18. aisha447 says:

    I wish Shonda could just, for sometime let all the couples be happy. I shipped Owen and Amelia… Now they’re in a rough spot. Derek and Meredith are now god-knows-what because he’s missing; but then again, without all this unhappy drama, grey’s wouldn’t be the same- there has to be some twist in the plot that makes us want to watch the show even more. I sometimes like the fact that there are these unexpected twists, it keeps things fresh. And if one thing’s certain, it’s that there will be maannnyy twists in the future, it’s what makes Grey’s Anatomy so awesome!
    follow my blog

  19. Derek says:

    Something has definitely happened to Derek, one teaser is a teaser, two teasers with a character means something is definitely gonna happen to them. Also Alex and Maggie as a couple very unexpected, but I think Alex is definitely falling for her.

    • Sara says:

      Derek’s fate has already been discussed, so I’ll do the Alex thing. I didn’t see him falling for Maggie at all. What I saw was him talking to her it was like he speak to a very self conscious Christina. That’s how he talked to her when they were nice to each other. He’s good at reassuring people, that’s why Tommy’s mother in peds thought there was something going on between them, he’s nice when he knows someone needs it. The look he had on his face when he saw Maggie with her date showed genuine happiness that the two fixed their problem, with a bit of pride because he helped solve it. I was looking for something to indicate that he liked her, and I just didn’t see it. I think he’s just proud of Maggie for overcoming her romantic setback. Alex is weirdly objective about subjective things, like all the things Maggie has going for her that he knows dudes like, because he’s one of them. He can tell women what they need to hear (objectively) and what’s either wrong about their relationships or right about it, remember when he told Meredith how he sees her relationship with Derek when she worried he found a new life again? He said they grossed him out with their love crap, and something about a guy still wanting to “do it” with the girl means he’s still hot for her. Alex just tells it like he sees it.

      • H says:

        Um, nope. First rule of TV and movies – if it doesn’t mean something, there would be no reason to show it. Alex talking Maggie up in the OR could have been just friendly (although the compliments went on too long and too personal) but that ending? When Alex IGNORED Jo and instead focused on Maggie and smiled? That’s definitely a tool for the director to show us Alex is more interested in Maggie at that very second than he is with his girlfriend. And that’s not “hots”, that’s feelings.

        • Jess says:

          It just makes no damn SENSE though! How could he possibly have feelings for her, He’s barely even spoken to maggie and only moments ago he was saying he’s going to marry Jo!! I hate this and if they ruin jolex for that boring character then I’m done. Alex is FINALLY in a stable and loving relationship, and even though Jo/Alex haven’t had a story like for the entire season you can see how in love they are! That was the most ridiculously out of character set of scenes for Alex in almost the whole series, and if they break apart jolex so crazily out of the blue like that then I don’t think I can bear to watch anymore

          • N says:

            I’m guessing Jo will get jealous over Alex’s attention to Maggie. It won’t mean anything to Alex except he’s happy Maggie is settling in, but Jo will get annoyed that he’s become a “Big Brother” to another woman, and get jealous over the attention that’s being diverted from her again. They showed Jo’s jealousy of Grey earlier , and I’m guessing that’s where the tension comes in….. But I’m just guessing

  20. Vickie says:

    Owen needs to find a sweetie outside of the medical field. He deserves better.

  21. slewp says:

    if derek is with renee, i’m finished with him and the show!!

  22. Wordsmith says:

    So, who else kept waiting for Stephanie to drop that severed member as she was sprinting through crowded corridors and up flights of stairs?
    Is there some kind of 5-second rule for that?

  23. Babygate says:

    Awesome episode! It’s been a while since I’ve been this invested in a medical case. Literally at the edge of my seat. Loved the Catherine/April moments, everything Maggie and Callie and Amelia. OMG, and Alex, my Alex was perfect with Maggie. Swoon-worthy. Finally Arizona acknowledges the fact that she offered to maim her wife. It was addressed in a humorous way and I’m ok with that. Just everything in this episode was great. Loved Derek’s reference to the S4 finale when he told Mer by the house of candles to wait for him. Loved that we were spared Owen and Amelia romantic scenes. She’s still so broken… Amazing episode. Kudos to the writers… ABC just needs to do a better job with the promos because they are kind of lame.

  24. Angela says:

    Okay that should show George, Sloan, Lexie, Denny, the bomb guy, all watching Derek … Maybe even saying. Meredith you should have chose McVet

    • My maiden name was Miranda Webber says:

      This comment gives me life. “You should have picked McVet”.

      A lot have made valid points. Patrick Dempsey is signed on for two more seasons with Ellen Pompeo.

      But… The foreshadowing of Amelia saying those things to Merdith, but at the same time, Shonda DOES this and tricks us a lot with plot scathing. Introduces scenario that never plays out past the episode.

      But… I agree with others when Derek left Meredith, there were too many lines of him being ultra cheesy, super loving, and when he turned to leave, they did their famous “slow down time and make the frames slower as if it’s becoming a set up for Meredith to remember in ‘flashback mode’ right as he walks out of cameras view.” It was SO obvious.

      Praying that they don’t pull off “Derek dies so he’s signed on for other seasons purely for visions and flashbacks for Meredith, him being some sorta voice of reason for her. Gag me. No thanks.

      Honestly if they would just let Meredith enjoy the rest of her life, I’d have hope for the end of my depression and anxiety of horrible events happening to one damn person. IT CANT BE REAL.

      Anyways, thanks person that mentioned Amelia’s ties with Private Practice and her events on that show, this was unknown to me so I’m really happy to now watch that show for that story line. Good looking out.

    • laura says:

      speaking of old plot points, the gun on stage for me, is Lizzie’s eggs which were fertilized by Alex before she underwent chemo. This child could be three. Or Izzy could approach alex about using them. but something has to happen with those eggs.

      • Japril says:

        Izzies frozen eggs … I always thought that would be a really good reason to bring back KH for a guest arc … finally a storyline focused on Alex and closure for him and her in some sort of way

  25. KS says:

    Does Amelia really have the right to tell Meredith that she doesn’t understand what the pain of losing someone feels like? At this point in the show, it’s safe to say that literally no one in history has been through more traumatic, painful events than Meredith Grey!

  26. Liz says:

    In 2014, Pompeo and Dempsey signed two-year contracts — so we should have until 2016, thus Derek shouldn’t die, since Dempsey would still have another year in the contract.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic says:

      The contracts don’t guarantee their character won’t be killed off. They guarantee that the actors have to show up when they’re told and can’t sign on for another show, etc during that time, as long as they’re needed by the writers/story/etc

  27. L says:

    PD was filming in Seattle yesterday (per his Instagram). I don’t think we need to worry about him being killed off just yet.

  28. Wendy Boice says:

    Renee goes nuts and kidnaps Derek and he dies trying to get back to his family and Renee kills herself cause she can’t live without him!

  29. I totally know one of the spoilers now for this season. No more Derek. As soon as Amelia said you have no idea what it is like to pick up the pieces after you lose the love of your life. BAM! WAY obvious foreshadowing.

  30. Bobbi says:

    I don’t think Derek is cheating. Something has happened to him maybe kidnapped, plane hijacked, car hijacked or has amnesia.

  31. martina says:

    i found it ok! i loved the scene between April and Richard talking abput Cathrine, really nice!

  32. abuela12 says:

    derek is not dead – in this same article (under related) it says that he and meredith just signed new 2-yr deals/contracts…

  33. Karin says:

    Great comments! I thought something had to happen to Derek after all the making up strengthened his and Meredith’s commitment. But you’re right. There has been a car crash. There has been a plane crash. He has been shot. What could they do? I also read he signed a new two-year contract (is that really true?). And yes the DC lady seems insane. And why did we have the crazy ladies fighting violently over their man in this episode? Will the crazy lady cut off Derek’s penis???? Or will he be lost in the wilderness?

  34. busta950 says:

    Ok my opinion he is involved the in crash not the plane the car if you noted his Shirt it is the same one that he was wearing on all the recent twitter photo’s so obviously next week must be running straight on with no break. Alex has changed he is a douche no more he is big brother type to all the ladies with his advice.
    The contracts they signed were for 11 and 12 so hopefully if Shonda gives Dempsey his time for Driving racing cars he will stay in. Although they have not confirmed 12 yet

  35. busta950 says:

    Amelia. She really knows nothing about Meredith. Most of what happened to her was not self induced like drugs/pills etc., Think she or someone needs to wise her up a bit and stop thinking she is the only one that has ever had problems

  36. Wondering have anybody heard rumors that PATRICK DEMPSEY is leaving the show?? or maybe he’s doing a movie somewhere,he have not been around much this season

  37. Ana says:

    Will the writers ever acknowledge that Alex Karev is a regular character on this show, and not someone whom the only purpose is be the supportive part in everyone else storyline? The Jolex drought is just so disturbing this year, but see Alex so off of character now is really become ridiculous. Stop ruining my favourite character! I’m really sick of this season for him and for Jolex.

  38. Jessica says:

    Derek is dead. He’s been gone most of the season, leading me to believe he is done with the show. They aired the first episode followed by a sappy one heavily showing Derek and Meredith. Amelia just mentioned how Meredith didn’t know what it was like to bury the love of her life. I think it’s over.

  39. Karebear says:

    Omg has no one thought that this is the PERFECT opportunity for Grey’s to cross over into Scandal with Derek’s disappearance!? Can we say Olivia Pope to the rescue!?? :P #whereisderekshephard #gladiatortime

  40. Diana says:

    Shonda is going to kill Derek i said it the moment he walked out the door! She said she was going to kill someone we love and it will hurt!! I think its Derek!!! how else to end Grey’s?

  41. punkin says:

    His sisters comment to Mer about “walking in her shoes” and losing the one that you love, is leading the belief that he’s dead. But, one never knows….

  42. Liz says:

    I thought it was really a sad thing that they had to show us flashbacks of Meredith & Derek having sex, instead of showing them doing it now. Is it because the chemistry is gone now? Because the actors don’t want to do those scenes anymore? They haven’t kissed in years, it’s more like pecks!
    Where are the Meredith & Derek from season 1 & 2?

  43. busta950 says:

    They showed the 1st Episode as Scandal was not doing 24 episodes and wanted them to both end of the same date

  44. Patsy says:

    I think they ate going to kill Metedith
    look at patricks instagram pic you can see her in the clouds with her black converse sneakers on
    this will be a shame and I will never watch the show but this goes along with tvline spoilers! A lot of the cast do not like EP they have all been posting terrible things on twitter! I personally think she and Patrick make the show and I will always be team MerDer! I know this may be a crazy thought just wanted to put it out there!

    • Marissa says:

      I really think you mean they hated heigel . Everyone loves EP . There has been lots of foreshadowing that I think Derek will die a Mcdreamy hero .

  45. Mcfan says:

    there are various theories… (1) Derek went back to that Research Fellow either to stay with her or to close things off… just like he did with Rose since he uses practically the same words in both cases (although this would be a repeat of events) (2) He’s involved in an accident directly or just helping out (3) he’s never left and is at home waiting for Mer (4) All this foreshadowing to throw us off which we would surely won’t see coming…maybe he’s got Alzheimers that would surely be a twist!

  46. busta950 says:

    The pictures with him on the ferry I think will be the beginning of which ever episode it is as he has his coat on like he did when he left the house the later pictures on twitter etc are with him in shirt sleaves and blood on his shirt. I think the most telling thing whether he is staying or going is if he does any filming after Silverstone ( racing) this weekend

  47. Mcfan says:

    Also…. On Mar 26 PD posted a photo of him driving a porsche while shooting grey’s…

  48. hearhelenroar says:

    I can’t forgive Shonda if she kills off Derek. Why couldn’t she just phase him out? Make him get a job teaching at a uni or something so he becomes irrelevant to the storylines, but at least people still know him and Meredith are together. And then Meredith can go on to do something Alice Grey worthy and we’ll all focus on that instead. Next episode is called “One Plane Down?” Shonda. You’ve done it already. Don’t disappoint me. Haha #obsessedmuch

  49. Tammy Byers says:

    I think either car crash or DC woman….the way she looked at his keys and cell when he left the lab, I think she’s either grabbed him or she will head to Seattle, to mess with Meredith. What I do like about this show is the story lines move along, it isn’t like afternoon soaps, where stories go on forever. I believe the on,y way they will end the Derek Meredith love story is for 1 of them to die. We know Ellen Pompey has no interest in leaving Greys, so the question is, does Patrick Dempsey what to leave….

  50. Mike says:

    Patrick Dempsey signed his contract through season 12. I do not think they are going to kill him off yet. I think something life altering like being crippled, brain damage or something like that is more likely.

    • Japril says:

      I think PD signed a two year contract but only on the condition to be on selected, limited episodes … if so maybe he will be in a coma after a tragedy to write him of again for a number of episodes … I think he will not die … but the writers have to come up with yet another explanation why he will not be around – once again – please without damagin their relationship of trust even more or Dereks character … it was such a mess back in season six … with the contract exit of Kathrine Heigl … and the on/off thing with Izzie and Alex and the out of character treatment and exit of Izzie … due to the problems behind the scenes no less …