Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Scorpion, S.H.I.E.L.D., Arrow, Justified, Bates, Once, Laura, iZombie and More

Scorpion Finale Spoilers

Has Scorpion cooked up a genius cliffhanger? How has S.H.I.E.L.D. “revived” Lucy Lawless? Who else on Team Arrow has a beef with Atom? Are more Justified deaths ahead? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Anything on the Scorpion finale? –Stacy
Ohhh, it promises to be a doozy, coming off of some rather massive, cliff-hanging developments in the penultimate episode. Let’s just say that Walter is dealt one too many emotional blows that drive him possibly over the edge – and that isn’t necessarily just a figure of speech. That, coupled with two other twists, makes the big question entering the season finale no less than: Is Team Scorpion dunzo?! (Though I’m gonna guess the answer is no.)

On Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I was a little puzzled how May in the episode “One of Us” told Andrew they would not send Skye away, then in “Love in a Time of Hydra” she told Coulson she agreed with her ex. My question is: Do we see more development in her relationship with Skye that she considers Skye family? –Stephanie
Any concerns you might have about May’s faith in Skye should be alleviated this Tuesday, when amidst utter chaos, May makes it a priority to do whatever she can to (hopefully) save Skye from certain doom. All in all, the next episode is quite excellent, offering a fascinating series of flashbacks to when S.H.I.E.L.D. fell circa Captain America 2, thus allowing us to really see Lucy Lawless’ Isabelle Hartley (and her knife) in action. Meanwhile, in the present timeline, you’ll get the knock-down, drag-out agent-on-agent fight you perhaps never knew you wanted.

Does Elementary have any plans to revisit Kitty at some point? –Melinda
I am told that, at this time, the Kitty storyline remains… spayed.

I’m worried that last night’s Once Upon a Time was the beginning of the end for “good” Emma. Will the Author being in Storybrooke distract her from hating on her parents, or is she guaranteed to go dark dark? –Jamie
That, I reckon, is the million-dollar question as the final episodes play out. As Colin O’Donoghue reminds, “The second half of this season is about the struggles that heroes and villains each have. And what great about the show is it’s never cut and dry. It’s never as easy as a villain is a straight villain or the heroes are pure heroes. They’ve all done something that they regret, but learn from it in a positive way.” As for the Savior specifically, Hook’s portrayer says, “We’ve seen moments where you could see where Emma could maybe become darker. Whether or not she does is a whole other thing.”

Two weeks in, I must ask: Will iZombie’s Robert Buckley get more to do than stand around looking beautiful? –Ellie
Rest assured, Liv’s ex-fiance has some Major drama in his not-too-distant future. “He very quickly gets his own storyline,” executive producer Rob Thomas tells us. “He works at a home for runaway teenagers [as] a social worker, and those teenagers start going missing off the streets of Seattle. As he looks into that, he stumbles into a zombie universe.”

Is someone dying in the “Broken Arrow” episode of Arrow? If so, any clues? –Kyle
Ah yes, the infamous “65th episode” that both Stephen Amell and Colton Haynes tweetbooked ominous/sad things about. Since then, Haynes has clarified, “I don’t think it’s as serious as everyone took it. It was just a very emotional scene” that he was commenting on. Meaning, there might (might) not be any signfiicant deaths. “We will be saying goodbye to people,” Haynes allows, “but I think it was just kind of blown out of proportion.”

Can you give me something on Arrow‘s Diggle? –Sofia
Though Suicide Squad business prevented him from having a chance to chime in, rest assured that, like Oliver, Dig has something to say about Ray’s super-suited alter ego. “He has some not-so-weak opinions,” David Ramsey says with a laugh. “He doesn’t have a problem with Ray, who is compelled by something, a higher purpose, that Diggle as a person tunes into. But Ray’s not trained, and a part of the criticism he has for Ray is the same one he has for Laurel Lance as Black Canary. Because while it’s honorable what compells Laurel, Diggle feels that, like Atom, she needs to be better trained before she can be super-effective in Starling City.”

This entire season of Arrow feels completely off, in my opinion. Never in my TV-watching life have I yelled (and not in good way) “What the f—?” as many times as I have throughout this season. My question is, do you feel the same? –Amanda
I would say that Season 3 doesn’t so much feel “off” as “too soon” – meaning, bringing on the mighty Ra’s al Ghul is more of a Season 4 or 5 move, especially since it necessitated the permanent (?) removal of Sara from the playing field. (Then again, Sara’s death was also needed as a catalyst to push Laurel into Canary mode, which some would argue was becoming conspicuously overdue.) My other quibble with the Ra’s “offer” – and I’ve stated this elsewhere — is that it asks us to believe that no one already in the League is a more worthy successor than the guy their boss dispatched with in a matter of minutes. Also, I feel like Oliver and Felicity’s talks about feelings are getting a bit repetitive. All that said, I’ve greatly enjoyed Thea’s much-needed development this season. And I have great hopes for Season 4, based on what David Ramsey teased in our Q&A.

Do you know if Nick Jonas being on Scream Queens will impact his role on Kingdom (which I think is filming Season 2 already)? Is he doing both? –Sonja
Fear not, I am assured that Jonas remains a series regular on DirecTV’s dysfunctional family-slash-MMA drama.

The Justified series finale is coming up so fast and I’ve heard next to nothing from about what to expect. How many deaths are we looking at? Will there be any happy endings for anyone? –Fran
I know at least three characters who are guaranteed not to die in the April 14 series finale… because their lives will have already been cut short this Tuesday night. (“Fun” fact: Some of said death comes out a brawl so brutal and extended that when the 911 dispatcher asks the nature of the emergency, the caller can only admit, “I don’t know where to start….”)

What happened to Marry Me and About a Boy? Are they ever coming back to NBC’s schedule? –Kasey
With both Undateable and One Big Happy still faring well in Tuesday’s 9 o’clock hour, no returns dates have yet been set for either show.

What is the latest on The Mysteries of Laura? –Judy
Regardless of its renewal status at the time, the NBC freshman will go out with a literal bang, when in the season finale a case hits a little too close to home for Laura– because Jake suffers a gunshot to the chest.

Anything on Bates Motel? —Monica
Norma’s house currently has three residents: Norma herself, Norman and Dylan. By the end of next week’s episode, that number will decrease to two when someone — and perhaps not the obvious someone — moves out. And this person does not go quietly.

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  1. K says:

    Mysteries of Laura is totally copying how Castle ended its 3rd season. ‘Jake suffers a gunshot to the chest’

    • @icraveilove says:

      Yes, totally, because I can’t think of any other shows besides Castle & MOL with characters that get shot in season finales.

      Careful K, you almost sound like a Bones fan complaining about Castle copying their show. We all know Bones did everything first.

      • @icraveilove says:

        For the record, I’m a huge fan of all 3 aforementioned shows, just in case the sarcasm in my comment is missed.

        I also enjoy Forever, Psych, & Mentalist as well. If you watch enough cop/mystery of the week shows how there are always going to be similarities. It’s actually fascinating to me how each show can/could have a different take on a similar theme.

  2. Dude says:

    Normon’s moving out would be my guess.

    • Angela says:

      That’s what I’m thinking, too. Be interesting to see how Norma will handle that, and where the hell Norman would go next/how long it takes before he returns home.

    • Tenney says:

      I didn’t think Dylan lived with Norma anymore. Didn’t he buy that cabin on the lake where he plans on growing medicinal marijuana?

  3. Mr. Tran K says:

    No scoop on the fate of Hart of Dixie?

  4. JA903 says:

    Anything on Revenge?

  5. fringe30 says:

    My guess for Justified is Mikey, Duffy and Zachariah. Man I love Duffy but he lasted years longer than I thought he would.

  6. kate says:

    On Bates motel so the obvious is Dylan because first I totally forgot he still lived there and he has the land. I mean it’s also obvious because of Caleb and I can already hear the argument between him and Norma where they never get to that Dylan doesn’t want him there either but because Dylan and Norma are actually a lot alike they can’t communicate. Though the way the story is going Norman wouldn’t leave quietly. Though now I have a memory from Psycho that Norman had been committed.

  7. 134sc says:

    Let me start by saying Arrow is still my favorite show on TV. That being said, this season is not as good as season 2 (to be fair it is one of the best seasons of TV I’ve ever seen), but its way better then season 1. Season 1 didn’t get good until the second half and even then it took until the end of the season to really hit Arrow quality.

    Why I think this season is better then season 1 is because of the character development and in the last couple episodes the writing has been great. The dialogue between the characters has been fantastic.

    Why it is nowhere near season is because that season had a clear focus, great character moments and awesome action. Something this season has lacked. Also this season has relied on the characters relationships with each other for their dramatic tension. It is hard to rely on this for an entire season.

    Hopefully, the end of this season will setup season with less characters and a clear focus.

    • Mihailo says:

      So basically, you prefer plot driven stories over character driven stories? I’ll take season 3 over season 2 any day. Season two pushed main characters minus Oliver into the background (especially Dig and Thea), Felicity got decent screentime but without any real story, Laurel was also in the background and we have never seen her point of view during addiction storyline, not to mention it all mostly happened off screen. Recurring characters like Sara occupied too much space, Big Bad had a really weak reasons to turn against Oliver while it was also obvious that writers didn’t know what to do with Blood and Rochev. Season 2 was total mess.

      • Anne says:

        I’ll only agree that slade’s motivation to wage war against star city was indeed weak. But season 2 is superior in every way. Minor characters were not pushed aside because- laurel got plenty of screentime, more than anyone wanted. And episodes with Sara are among the best of the entire series. I’m specifically thinking of “heir to the demon” I think brother blood and rochev were written well into the narrative, Roy maybe not so much. Aside from a few WTF moments, season 3 has nothing on the other two seasons. I hope arrow gets its groove back, but regardless- as another comment said- this is still my favorite show

  8. Trish says:

    Am I the only one wondering when all of these Oliver and Felicity talks about “feelings” occurred? Because from my seat, they have yet to actually talk about their feelings mutually. Or are all Oliver and Felicity’s convos now being viewed as “feelings” chats instead of the Original Team Arrow partners and friends that offer insight as they use to be viewed as? Matt should have stopped at agreeing Arrow season 3 is all damn wrong on so many levels. One being that Arrow stopped being about the main protagonist – Oliver Queen somewhere in the mid-season finale. Add in that they’ve tried to act as though fans haven’t watched, and enjoyed Original Team Arrow for the past 2 years, and now anyone can basically join. And then you could mention the fact that they actually thought fans would sit back and be OK with the sidelining of John Diggle for lesser characters. Stop writing the show like you’re writing for comicbook fans and go back to actually writing like you remember it’s a TV show meant to provide entertainment for all. And for the love of all things holy, stop using Felicity to babysit and bless your super suits. Get her back to her own story arcs that her fans have been waiting to see for three years.

    • Mike R. says:

      Trust me Arrow’s problem has nothing to do with focusing more on its ensemble, frankly season 3 was at its best when it focused a bit more on Laurel, Roy, and Diggle who I agree has been wasted (literally is focus episode focused on Ollie being a hypocrite again, why is he the only one allowed to be reckless) especially since Ollie at time is the worst and most hypocritical character on the entire show. Original Team Arrow was never going to stay the same, Laurel was always eventually going to join that has been her journey since the pilot. I agree Felicity needs more to do on her own but her relationship with Laurel is not a problem, but her continued non-relationship relationship with Ollie, put the together or don’t but stop with this bait and switch week after week.

      • Trish says:

        I don’t think the show runners consider what they’re doing with Oliver and Felicity a bait and switch. I think they actually think this is a way to stall them by creating drama that no one wants to see for them. And the way they’re writing the ensemble is very much an issue. You don’t sideline the experienced hero so that non-heroes can learn as they go. No one should be suiting up until they’ve earned their way. Earned their place, can be more than a liability on this team. It all comes across forced for the sake of doing things because some fans have expected it to happen instead of it happening organically. It cheapens Oliver’s journey and what it means to be a hero. And like it or not, you can’t build another team on top of one that was already formed and beloved and pretending they never existed all season. Especially one that pales by comparison.

        • Mike R. says:

          Shows change, people change, you can’t stay the same way forever. Team Arrow has evolved and acting like they could have feasibly stayed the same is naïve and the show would not be any better because of it. How do you earn your place, how has Roy earned his place other than magically being skilled in the field. At least Laurel is being seen training, both Roy and Thea just magically had skills without it really being earned, yet you only complain about Laurel…

          • Trish says:

            Roy hasn’t earned his place either. I’m still scratching my head over him. He stopped being an asset to the team the moment he no longer held super strength. And he too just woke up from a coma trained. Thea is more plausible because Malcolm spent an extended period of time training her. And you can keep beating that Laurel drum as loud as you’d like but I’m still not buying it. They fast tracked her worse than Roy and essentially handed the life of another character over to her on a silver platter without the messy struggles that a hero endures to sell it. Thus why, like I said, they replaced a trio of extraordinary people with less than extraordinary characters. Thus cheapening what it means to be a superhero. Heroism is no longer extraordinary, it’s been watered down, it’s common, essentially, the milk man can wake up one day and be a superhero now.

      • kath says:

        I think the bait-and-switch has been this season. Having lured viewers with the Team Arrow of Oliver/Diggle/Felicity, this season has suddenly become about original stories for Laurel and Ray and the “makes no sense at all” stories of Malcolm and Ra’s.
        Most of the viewers of the TV show didn’t read the comics and don’t read them even now. They accepted Sara as the Canary because she could fight and she had a burning desire for justice. Laurel is badass as a lawyer, not so much as a fighter.
        Laurel SWFing Sara is eyerolling if you don’t come from the comics. Putting her on Team Arrow will be a game-changer, but I suspect a lot of people won’t like the new game.

    • Lex says:

      Season 3’s theme of “identity” may be one of its major problems: we’re focusing on the identities of people we don’t care about (or openly resent because of the necessity to kill off beloved characters to further a lesser character’s story). Who the heck is Ray? Boo hoo, he lost Anna in Slade’s siege. We never really saw Ray with Anna, so we never saw what made her/them special.

      And Laurel… well, attempts to establish Laurel’s “identity” have been said fridging, blatant character schilling, out of character interactions, and disparaging Sara to make her look better. Sara’s been killed off; suddenly Diggle and Felicity are Laurel’s cheerleaders even though she’s never really cared about them as people; warm, fuzzy moments of mourning between Diggle and Laurel came absolutely out of nowhere… maybe grief makes you act out of character?; and then there’s the “light” line… Sara’s story was a redemption arc. She was actively seeking the light, wanting to right the wrongs she committed and atone for her sins. She was able to do this with a warmth and openness that endeared her to the entire team, in spite of being an assassin.

      Laurel? Well, I’ve made it obvious I’m not and have never been a fan of the character or story arc (though if you’ve seen Katie in Supernatural, she could have pulled off something different if the writers knew what they were doing), but she’s also one of the most bitter, hostile characters I’ve seen. True, it’s justifiable – Oliver was a jerk; and true, it was at its worst in season 1, but the “quest for justice” set up for her takes away any warmth in her interactions with other characters. It’s Laurel’s way or the highway; Laurel puts on the mask far too early; Laurel who deceived her father about Sara’s death – anyone who has lost a close relative or friend can see how gross that is – and she made Felicity complicit.

      The show has always been anchored by the Oliver/Diggle/Felicity dynamic; adding characters may complicate things, but the foundation of Original Team Arrow keeps the relationships going strong. Take one of the three away… and the whole team comes crumbling down. There’s been a hole in the foundry all season because Felicity is off acting more like Ray’s mother than his… whatever.

      I no longer recognize the show I loved in seasons 1 and 2 – true, it evolved over those two seasons, but this season has gone off the rails – insert appropriate train wreck analogy here. The person asking the question mentioned that she’s constantly shouting “what the f—-?” at the television during the show. I’m right there with her.

      • Sil says:

        This is me too.

      • Mihailo says:

        Cry me a river! This show was never about “original team Arrow” or whatever crap you Olicity fans call it. It was about Oliver Queen and his journey to become Green Arrow we all know and love and on the way it also tells origin story of Arrow’s sidekicks (Roy and Thea) and close allies (Black Canary). Almost from the day one Arrow was cooperating with Laurel, helping her on her cases and vice versa, end it was happening a way before Felicity joined his crusade. And who cares if Laurel put her mask “too early” she is yet to become a great fighter, it’s not happening overnight so nothing is rushed. And she put her mask on because she thought Oliver was dead and team Arrow gave up so she felt she had to help her city since there was no one else to do that. If you don’t like the show, stop watching it and spare the rest of us of your bitterness. There is always Olicity Tumblr page for you to enjoy, with plenty of “Original Team Arrow”.

        • Isobel says:

          she shouldn’t be on the streets in costume if she can’t fight properly, she’s just a problem for Oliver and Roy

      • Isobel says:

        great points, I agree Laurel was rude to Felicity and Diggle, they have no reason to support her, and she’s always been an unlikable and unrealistic character

      • saku says:

        I agree… and i will add that the only reason why i watch arrow is for olicity now

      • Syrath says:

        I agree pretty much, S3 has been a huge let down and unfocused. Ray basically stalked Felicity for half the season but it’s ok cause she’s not a strong female character? That wouldn’t fly in the 100 where strong females flourish.

        that said what does Ray provide or how does he enhance the show? answer he doesn’t he’s a foil to the Olicity ship, which Guggenhiem himself said it wasn’t planned. It’s essentially fan service with Ray’s only purpose as it’s foil, when you had a built in foil in Sara but they killed her. She was such a great character and a perfect pairing for Oliver. Or there’s Luarel but they f’d her up so bad they have to build her back up.

        Felicity has been reduced to a CWish love triangle plot device not the quirky, funny girl from S1, S2.

        they need to get to get back to basics, trim the cast & get the focus back on Oliver saving the city.

        I am honestly about done with S3.

      • Anne says:

        Agree with lex

  9. I bet Roy gets arrested. People think he is the Arrow and will go to jail. This is the goodbye

  10. GildedRose says:

    Arrow’s biggest miss this season is in basically breaking apart that core trio of Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle and pushing the best part of the show aside to stuff in things I know I certainly don’t care about. I miss that team dynamic. I love Oliver and Felicity but I’m a little stumped on the answer regarding their relationship because most of their conversations haven’t addressed Felicity’s feelings toward Oliver at all. They’ve hinted. We’re left to guess. Oliver has said he loved her but he hasn’t made any progress in realizing he can be with her and actually fighting to make that work. So while Oliver and Felicity talk, not “everything” is about their relationship. They’re still teammates and friends and are obviously going to talk the same way they have in the last two seasons, but yeah, Arrow needs to shift their romantic relationship into active gear and actually start pushing these two back together. I really hope they’re not leaving it for the last episode of the year after all this angst. I know I definitely want to see more actual growth on the screen throughout the season than that.

    • kath says:

      I understand the theory of moving beyond the core Team Arrow of Oliver/Diggle/Felicity (and I like Roy as an addition) but what they replaced it with (Ray, Laurel, Ra’s) isn’t nearly so interesting.
      Oliver’s reasoning for pushing Felicity away is idiotic at this point.

      • Isobel says:

        agree I don’t mind Roy and Thea so much, but Laurel and Ray are unnecessary, and Ras could have been left for a season or two

  11. Kendall says:

    The problem with this season is that the characters we love and dynamics we love Oliver, Diggle, Felicity, Quentin, Oliver\Felicity, Oliver\Diggle, Felicity\Quentin, Oliver\Quentin and especially Diggle\Felicity have been pushed aside for forced dynamics (Laurel\Felicity) and ignored Diggle, a character who actually EARNED his title as a hero and deserves to be there with Oliver on the field at all times! Then there’s the lack of fun Olicity and quality Digg\Felicity interaction. Where’s Quentin’s storyline? I need more Lyla and Lyla\Felicity interaction. I need Laurel to be reduced or gone altogether, less Roy in the cave and more time with Thea. If season four gives us any of this then maybe the show can be saved and survive long enough to get a season five. Case in point, the less Original Team Arrow the worse the show gets.

    • Ashley says:

      The Sara’s death plot point has taken a lot of the fun out of this season, because it has been driving everything & it’s depressing (she should have never died). Ray Palmer is the other big thing, Oliver lost QC to him so that has taken away the fun QC scenes & Felicity away from TA some of the time, which is a big no (plus no Oliver in suits, which we can all agree is tragic). They need to never again bring in a character for a whole season to promote a spinoff. Two spin offs is enough. With Supergirl, that will be 4 superhero shows on the same network, if the new pilot gets picked up (which it will most likely).

      • Mike R. says:

        Supergirl is on CBS

        • Ashley says:

          Is it? Thanks. I heard it was on CW.

          • Kristina says:

            It is on CBS, although if you want to get technical CBS owns CW so you’re right to an extent :) That said, I really like Ray’s character (and love Brandon Routh) and I’m actually excited for the spinoff. I’m glad he’s going though, I wouldn’t want the character around on Arrow permanently, despite how much I like the actor.

      • Mike R. says:

        And fun QC scenes…. What show were you watching there is no such thing as fun QC scenes

        • Ashley says:

          Season 2??? 2×01, for example. But there haven’t been any this season. And Oliver should be running HIS company again. The bigger issue is Team Arrow being broken up as a result.

      • CBWBDK1 says:

        Supergirl isn’t airing on the CW.

    • Thea says:

      lol GIRL. Katie Cassidy is the lead actress, Laurel is not going anywhere. Diggle was pushed to the back since season 2, you just notice that now because now Laurel is having a part on the main storyline. Pathetic hater.

      • Ashley says:

        No, Diggle wasn’t in the back in S2. He was always in the field during S2. He was pushed back off the field so an inexperienced fighter could take the spotlight. It’s obvious and has been pointed out by characters on the show and many reviewers who aren’t hating on anything, it just doesn’t make sense at all for someone who barely knows how to fight to be out there instead
        EBR is the female lead. She’s in every episode, Katie isn’t. It’s been that way since S2. The reason the credits haven’t been changed is likely because of contracts that were signed before S1.

        • Mike R. says:

          EBR is sill not the female lead, being absent an episode does not change the fact that KC is the female lead. Your blind if you think Diggle being sidelined is a new thing it was a common complaint last season too when he was sidelined for Sara. What does Laurel have to do to show she is training does she have to be deserted on island for five years like Ollie and Sara, because she has been training for at least the same amount a time Roy was when he starting suiting up and you guys still don’t complain about him, and Laurel had actual self defense training unlike Roy

        • Mia says:

          Diggle is a soldier with field experience, and those eps where Laurel was out there in his place were not only ludicrous and obvious in their intent, but also dumb plotwise. As for who is really lead, it’s EBR. The only reason Katie’s name is 2nd is her contract. After next season, let’s see whose name is second and whose isn’t. I’ll give you a hint, it’ll read SA, EBR…

          • Janina says:

            They will never change the credits, girl. Don’t expect it. Katie Cassidy is still the lead female and her name will be out of the second place just if Laurel leaves the show. This is not how things work.

          • Mike R. says:

            What about Roy he trained in the same amount a time, no complaints there. It will be KC trust me, 6 year contract aren’t likely to be changed. It will read SA, KC until the show ends. Leads rarely change.

          • The Kaibosh says:

            Sorry Mia. Sorry Ashley. They’re right. Katie Cassidy is the female lead of Arrow. Emily Bett Rickards, as talented as she is, as fun as her character is: is a supporting character.

          • saku says:

            I have actually always said that the only lead in the show is stephen amell… all other characters are supporting roles, that includes katie cassidy and emily bett rickards… it doesn`t take away of the importance of the characters… quite franckly i have always found debates about who is the lead childish… at the end of the day it doesn`t change a thing out of the show… i still love EBR and her character and i still have difficulty with the laurel character lol

          • Kristina says:

            If anyone is the lead character on this show, it’s Oliver. From what I can tell, there IS no female lead. Laurel (and Felicity) are part of an ensemble cast. Important parts, and neither is going anywhere. All this arguing over which actress or character is more important is ridiculous and, more importantly, pointless. This show isn’t about Black Canary. She’s PART of Oliver’s story. Just like, in this incarnation, Felicity is. The story, when it’s all said and done, is Green Arrow’s. Good grief. I do agree Laurel is in the field too fast, and is more of a liability than a help at this point. But it’s not like the reasons for Diggle not being in the field aren’t valid–having a kid changes things. It just does. Personally I wish they hadn’t gone that route, at least not yet.

          • kath says:

            I think a large part of the problem is when the show bumps up against the comics where the Black Canary is not only equal to Oliver, in fighting she’s superior. In fact, I think she was the original character and Green Arrow appeared later.
            So the show does, and does not follow comics. It doesn’t follow comics in that it’s about Oliver Queen and his journey and adds some characters that didn’t exist in the comics like Diggle, Thea, Moira, Sara and Walter. But it follows comics in that Roy is Arsenal, and there is a Dinah Laurel Lance.
            I think if the comics didn’t exist, Sara would have stayed alive as The Canary, and Laurel would have remained a lawyer where she really can be kickass. But comics! Black Canary!
            And in the Green Arrow/Black Canary comics, Laurel is the leading lady. (On the other hand, Felicity doesn’t exist in the form she does on the show.)

  12. About the Arrow – I love Olicity, but I am tired of their complicated relationship. And for me personally the whole Ray thing was completely useless. I think that this season is a little bit off because they are trying to promote the new TV series, so Ray Palmer has a lot of time on the show. I also think that the show is crowded with heroes, and I know that a lot of people what to see Roy’s back story, Thea becoming Speedy, more of the Black Canary, but after all the show is called ARROW

  13. Ashley says:

    I kind of agree RE feelings for Olicity but then again I get what they’re doing. I think most just want them together. Sara should have never died in the first place, so I’m glad that Caity Lotz will be on the spin off show. I think one thing is using Arrow to promote a spin off by bringing in an outside character as an obstacle for the central romance for almost a whole season is annoying some people because we all know it won’t last. But I get this is a comic book show and they love their tropes, so I can’t complaint too much. Just make sure you satisfy us viewers by the end of the season! Oliver needs Queen Consolidated back, I would like to learn more about Felicity’s father in S4 & for Diggle to get more s/l as well. Queen Consolidated being lost has broken up Team Arrow in some ways and I hope that will be changing. Oliver is the one doing the talking, Felicity has yet to articulate a response to Oliver’s declarations directly, it’s all been indirectly. I’m sure that’s coming but I hope it’s given the attention it deserves & is made into the big moment it deserves to be.

    • Thea says:

      Caity is playing either flashback Sara or another character in the spin off

      • Ashley says:

        I figured but I’m just glad we get her back in some capacity.

      • Rana says:

        She is not playing FB Sara for sure since GB said its the same timeline as Flash/Arrow.

        • Anne says:

          I’m so confused about CL in the spin off. I want to be happy that she’ll be on tv fighting crime. But if she’s not playing the canary it feels like a slap in the face to a character that is already loved by the fan base and if she is playing a resurrected canary then it’s a double slap in the face for having to put up with season 3 or arrow only to have her not be dead and on another show. I don’t get it even though I want to.

  14. Leo says:

    Olicity sucks, they are killing Arrow with this boring stuff

  15. scotlore says:

    Patiently waiting for word about the remaining episodes of Stalker. I hope they don’t end this series on that massive cliff hanger. Thank you for the Scorpion spoilers.

  16. Ellie says:

    I think almost all fans agree that the last half of season 1 and most of season 2 have been the strongest and best parts of this series. In my opinion, that’s due to Oliver, Felicity and Diggle. The first half of season 2 was amazingly fun and fast paced while still taking time to develop characters and their relationships. I don’t hate season 3 like some people do because I enjoy the identity theme that Arrow is exploring with it’s characters this year, and I’ve enjyed the growth in characters like Thea and Roy. I think sometimes Arrow struggles with balance. They churn through plot lines and linger too long on others. There needs to be more development in Oliver and Felicity’s relationship to the point that the stalemate of “will Oliver get it together” ends. I think last year was successful because they were able to balance the angst, and danger with lighter heartfelt moments. Again, I miss seeing original team Arrow on my screen.

    • Thea says:

      Season 2 was season 2, season 3 is season 3. One show can never stay at the same place for 10 years, characters grow, evolve. Felicity is waaaaaaaay more interesting now on season 3, she was Oliver’s lap dog during season 2, and Diggle was pushed to the back in early season 2.

    • Lucifer says:

      S2a was great. But S2b(from 13 to 20) were mostly subpar. It was S2 eps 21-23 that brought back the glory. I think we have to wait for the final episodes before reaching any conclusions

  17. Mia says:

    I’m confused about a lot of Arrow s3. Oliver and Thea have shown the most growth to me. Oliver is reconciling Arrow and Oliver. Good. About time. I’m going to pointedly ignore Ra’s because like Matt I think it was too soon for a character of his standing to be brought on to push the Identity theme of this season. Thea needed something to make her more than Oliver’s little sister. I loath the Malcolm storyline, but I do like Thea finally having agency over life. Good or bad. It’s hers. Diggle has been sidelined and that’s been painful to watch. I’m not sure what Felicity wants because I’m not sure she knows exactly what she wants. If Ray is her happiness, then be happy with him. But stop being angry at Oliver for not being emotionally healthy enough to be there romantically for her. As if the man would choose to have his heart broken every single time he sees Felicity with Ray. As if it isn’t killing him to know that he can’t have a normal healthy life with her. But that’s what he’s supposed to learn. What lesson is Felicity is supposed to learn? What is her Identity? Is it that she can have a life outside of the lair? Because she has, but we’re still being bombarded with her anger/disappointment that Oliver isn’t who she needs him to be right now. And the frustrating part is that if the writers had permitted them to talk in ep 2/3, we wouldn’t be in this ridiculous stalemate 15/16 eps later. Their relationship and Team Arrow’s cohesiveness has suffered from the writer’s desire to slow Olicity to a crawl and to push other origin stories to forefront.

    Yes, that means Laurel. Whose whole storyline this season annoys me because another interesting character was sacrificed to push along her plot. First Tommy. Now, Sara. It’s lazy writing at its finest and the moniker Black Canary doesn’t feel earned. No matter what the producers are saying I’m not buying what they are selling in regards to this storyline or Ray.

    After the way he behaved last week, I don’t know why Felicity didn’t dump him. Felicity s1-s2 would have electrocuted Ray in his suit for attacking Roy & Oliver, but s3 Felicity is so enamored of her “good guy/happy life” that she’s willing to overlook some problematic tendencies and that’s the writer writing Felicity to plot, not continuity of who she has been for 2 straight seasons.

    Ugh. I need to stop talking about this show. It only makes me angry at what we could have had this season, instead of what we’re being forced fed and are swallowing because we want it to end sooner rather than later.

    • Mike R. says:

      Sara’s death wasn’t just for Laurel, yes her death compelled her to become BC, but it also was the forefront to the entire season’s plot including Ollie’s story into the league and his “death” and becoming Ra’s. So yes Sara was sacrificed for Laurel, but also Oliver. She was dang plot device for the entire show, so sure blame Laurel but also blame Ollie.

      Also stop with Tommy was sacrificed for Laurel, because just like Sara he was for Ollie too when he was the catalyst for Oliver to stop killing people

      • Mia says:

        In 2 seasons, Laurel never became a vigilante to avenge any of the injustices that plagued the city. She never once went outside the law to right any wrongs. Sara dies and there’s an opening for a female costumed hero and I’m not supposed to think she died to further Laurel’s storyline.

        Why should I stop saying Tommy was sacrificed for Laurel when you just admitted he was? He was the impetus for Laurel’s addict story. She wouldn’t have spiraled if not for his death and her guilt over it.

        • Mike R. says:

          I’m not saying stop saying just don’t be oblivious to what his death also did for Ollie’s arc. If you are going to say he was sacrificed for Laurel say the same for Ollie, because he was also a catalyst for his story. You guys just hate Laurel and will make up any excuse to hate her ard even if the same can be applied to other characters.

          • Mia says:

            I don’t have to make up a reason to hate Laurel. I didn’t like her in S1 and that was before Olicity was anything but a pipe dream. The writers wrote her as sanctimonious, unforgiving, self-righteous, fickle, and stubborn. I tolerated her with Tommy because he blunted some of her worse qualities, but that didn’t mean I liked her and that I wasn’t fastforwarding through the majority of her scenes. S2 didn’t endear her to me and I wasn’t sympathetic to her pain. I thought her addict story was ridiculous and resolved too soon. S3 has done nothing to make me like her. Forced sisterhood with Felicity. Forced camaderie with Diggle. It’s all forced interactions when previously she wouldn’t have given those two characters the time of day. There’s a smugness that permeates every one of her scenes. I don’t watch the show to watch Katie Cassidy prance around with a virtual sign on her forehead that says “I’m the Black Canary now!”.

        • Janina says:

          Excuse me? Do we watch the same show? Laurel worked with The Vigilante all season one. In season two, she went to Moira to tell her to come clean, even knowing she could lose her job. She went to the Arrow for help with Blood. She did MANY things outside of the law.
          And she knew Sara’s killer would never face real justice, because she was already dead. You can’t put someone in jail for killing a person who is already dead.
          Also, I should remember you that Oliver stopped killing because of Tommy. Tommy died to affect both Laurel and Oliver. Sara died to affect Laurel, Oliver, Thea, Malcolm, Nyssa and the League.

          • Mike R. says:

            Why bother with these people. Everything is always Laurel’s fault. They act like sara’s death hasn’t ben the forefront of everyone story this season, but just laurel becoming BC

    • Sil says:

      Thank you, my rant is the same as yours. But, I could go on and on. Diggle being sidelined is a travesty. He is Oliver’s second in command. Lance being lied to by Laurel for months about Sara’s death was so overly done. Now, Lance’s only story is he’s mad at the Arrow again. Been there done that. There are more things that I’m disappointed about, but, it’s just a show. I have to say that as the season has progressed, there has been character development, however, it is not at all enjoyable to watch day in and day out. Too much angst, too much love triangle, Oliver having no ability to reason. Well, this is season 3, going through lots of changes to be an Arrow that we’ve not seen before. There 5 episodes left with lots more to see. I hope I can feel like all this stuff that’s happened this season will feel like it’s been worth it. All the white knuckles, the screaming at the TV, the disappoints will all be forgotten.

    • Dmac says:

      Very articulate and spot on. These are issues that the writers need to resolves prior to season 4 because because at this point last year I was on the edge of my seat each and every episode. Now…I DVR them and basically fast forward Felicty’s lectures and anything to do with Ray. My point being there is no reason for Ray to be there, if you fast forward his scenes it doesn’t change anything with anyone else in that episode so what is the point?

      • Joy says:

        I do not get how people do not realize that Ray is building a foundation for his own spin off series, which is understandable, he cannot be too involved in the day-to-day Team Arrow dynamics. I’m guessing everything that he is doing now in Arrow will somehow assist in early plots and future crossovers.

        • Dmac says:

          I understand completely, I just don’t agree. My point is it doesn’t help Arrow, it has actually effected the show. Each episode has become overstuffed.

          Arrow needs to quit being an incubator for new superhero shows. Quite frankly Ray isn’t the biggest draw in the new series so once again it wasn’t needed and isn’t going to help.

        • kath says:

          I think many of us understand that they are trying to build the foundation for the new spin-off with Ray’s role on Arrow. The problem is twofold: first that it’s spoiling Arrow for the plot contrivances to make Ray a “superhero” (from removing Felicity from her role on the team to the stupid Arrow vs Atom plot); and second that it’s making Ray look like a jerk, which isn’t going to make people want to tune in for his show.
          It only took two episodes with Barry Allen to get The Flash a spin-off, and that worked much better than Ray is this season.

      • Syrath says:

        Agree I fast forward all Ray stuff he servers no purpose other then a Olicity foil and to launch a spinoff.

        He’s been smarmy at best and stalkerish at worse this season. It’s bloated S3 with a character who is not earned now in a knock off Ironman suit, that’s not the Atom. I was almost hoping Maseo let that arrow fly into Felicity just to end the dumb love triangle CW shat. Either that or end Ray.

        This season has no feeling of dread like Deathstroke brought. I watched S2 episodes a couple times each week cause they were so good. This season, outside the midseason finals I’ve watched none of them more then once, they just aren’t that good.

        Also everyone questioning Oliver at every chance about his choices with Malcom and the league. Ra’s ran him through with his own fracking sword l, heck ya he’s dangerous yet they seem fit to question why Ollie believes he must get stronger by any means necessary. Frack Dj Assassin pretty much whooped Roy as he was sitting outside Thea’s door with a glass to the door while she’s making whoopy with dude. Creeper much? But that seems to be ok in this show.

        And Guggenhiem said they had no plans to hook up Olicity but it’s essentially fan service. Not a direct quite he said it was because of their chemistry but whatever.

        They need to thin the herd get rid of the dollar store Ironman and Ray first off and focus on what made S2 one of the best seasons of tv and best super hero tv.

        I get some people like S3 but it’s been a huge let down for me personally. Not that somethings haven’t been done right. At least Laurel is struggling with her billy club. and not instantly Sara but where is the Canary cry? She used it once she needs to use it all the time. The lying to captain Lance was painful to watch that was handled poorly.

        I still love the show but I think the 100 which followed Arrow for much of the season was largely superior and showed how to have strong female characters which in turn pointed out how weak Felicity has been this season for me.

        Lets hope they kill it the next few episodes but with more focus on Ray I don’t see how I will like them.

        One last thing just think last year when you saw Canary how BA she was and the feeling of awesomeness it inspired. Now recall Deathstroke and the first time we saw him suited up. Compare that to the Atom reveal, it doesn’t compare.

  18. Lucifer says:

    Give more Team Arrow(Oliver, Felicity, Diggle)moments, wipe away Ray Palmer completely, Give Olicity a progression in their relationship, Make Ras more solid as a villain. Do all this, then show will be fine.

  19. Amanda says:

    I also find Arrow a bit scrambled this season. It took me 3 different attempts to watch the last episode. I DVR all my shows, and this episode was irritating. There was one big issue that kept bothering me. When Ra’s al Ghul made him the offer, he said I don’t kill anymore, and Ra said then you can remake it into whatever you want it to be-they will follow your orders. Meaning he could order all the followers of Ra to never kill again, to find different ways to deal. So he gets back and tells everyone about the offer, and they all start yelling about him becoming an assassin, and he never mentions that he could change the whole league by one pronouncement?? So why didn’t he tell them? Tell them to quit whining, he can make it a good thing. Plus, I wish he would get over Felicity-she is a bore.

    • suzyque says:

      Yeah, that didn’t make sense to me either. Although I’m guessing Oliver doesn’t believe that to be true. And even if he told the League members to stop killing immediately, another member would likely challenge him to a duel for his spot as R’as (isn’t that how it works?).

  20. harper58499 says:

    Does anyone else think Oliver might find out about his son in the Flarrow crossover? SA’s been referring to a moment that will overhaul next season

    Yes, it could be Oliver accepts Ras’ offer (and I kinda hope he does) but that almost seems to obvious. Thoughts?

  21. Janina says:

    Really funny how people blame Laurel for not having “Original Team” interactions. I think they didn’t realize that what broke your precious dynamic was Oliver and Felicity having feelings for each other. Because now, every scene about them has to be about their feelings. They don’t have normal scenes anymore, and Diggle usually has scenes with them to talk about their feelings.
    You can’t keep two people as friends and as lovers-to-be at the same time. The reason why so many complain about Oliver and Felicity right now is because they don’t work as lovers the same way they worked as friends. They were really good, they have nice and cute scenes. Now they just have painful and boring scenes about why they can’t be together.
    Felicity and Oliver both changed to fit the romance, and so did Diggle.
    Roy and Laurel are sometimes the best part of Team Arrow, because usually they are the only people with their heads in the game.
    I really liked Olicity, but it’s time to move on. It won’t work, Felicity will be just more and more dragged into Oliver’s orbit and this is ridiculous. She isn’t the girl we all love anymore.

    • lilyb says:

      No, the reason that people are complaining about Oliver and Felicity is because the show is using forced roadblocks (Ray and Malcolm) to keep them apart when organically they would be together. Oliver and Felicity have been changed in order to stay apart, not in order to get together.

      • saku says:

        OMG! thats what i have been saying for months… the olicity they showed us in season 2, have no reasons not to be together… they just fit together like a glove and that was why i loved them so much… dont get me wrong i still love them very much, but my main complaint about olicity this year is that the roadblocks they put, do not feel organic… it feels like the writers tought they couldn’t be together right away so they created stupid reasons to keep them apart

    • Trish says:

      Speak for yourself. Felicity Smoak remains the character I have always loved and will always love. And I would not be watching Arrow since season 1 had she not come on and picked up the slack where the show was lacking. She has consistently made her mark on Arrow and pulled her weight since day one. And she’s managed to keep me as a fan even with heavy handy writing in season 3 meant to allow other characters to try to catch up to her beloved status.

  22. Janina says:

    Really funny how people blame Laurel for not having “Original Team” interactions. I think they didn’t realize that what broke your precious dynamic was Oliver and Felicity having feelings for each other. Because now, every scene about them has to be about their feelings. They don’t have normal scenes anymore, and Diggle usually has scenes with them to talk about their feelings.
    You can’t keep two people as friends and as lovers-to-be at the same time. The reason why so many complain about Oliver and Felicity right now is because they don’t work as lovers the same way they worked as friends. They were really good, they have nice and cute scenes. Now they just have painful and boring scenes about why they can’t be together.
    Felicity and Oliver both changed to fit the romance, and so did Diggle.
    Roy and Laurel are sometimes the best part of Team Arrow, because usually they are the only people with their heads in the game.
    I really liked Olicity, but it’s time to move on. It won’t work, Felicity will be just more and more dragged into Oliver’s orbit and this is ridiculous. She isn’t the girl we all love anymore. Bring her back!

  23. Arrow has been abused as spin off testfield. Amazing storylines have been created but so rushed that we don’t get the change to enjoy them.
    Diggle for instance, the man everyone turned to in Oliver’s absence, was only allowed to be backup in the lair instead of being the kick butt on the field; they somehow forgot he is a Special Force. Instead they send the apprentice Roy and the wannabe kick butt but absolutely not well trained Black Canary.
    Felicity has cried rivers this whole season. Because of the harsh way Oliver has been pushing her away from him in name of keeping her safe; when she tought he died. As a gift she is forcedd to start a ship with a man that has stalked her, treats her as his inferior partner (he is the man with 3 PhD’s, she is “only” MIT), talks about trust issues where he himself “forgets” to show her the working SuperSuit.
    Where the hell was killing Sara a good move? How can you explain loving dad Merlyn/drugging Thea for murder?

    We want background stories on Roy, Felicitys dad, why HIVE has targetted Andrew. Where did it go wrong with Maseo and Tatsu?
    We want Olicity to have finally some peace of mind, hasn’t Oliver suffered enough?

    Superhero superpowers belong in Flash with its metahumans, we don’t need SuperSuits in this meaner SC. Use Flash for the next spinoff.

    Let the show called Arrow be about Oliver Queen/Arrow and Original Team Arrow. Let side kicks be only side story, not the main dish.

    Stephen Amell has made this show huge, let him shine, let us enjoy his tremendous talent.

  24. Fran says:

    Thank you Matt for answering my Justified question! I’m more intrigued than ever….

  25. jannief2001 says:

    I think the writers of Arrow are doing exactly what they should be doing – they are keeping us talking about the show. I think how we feel about a particular season should wait until the end of the season. So many things that we feel are frustrating or wrong may be rectified by the end. Is Ra’s al Ghul the only baddie in the DC Universe? Why is it too soon for him? Do we even know if he will get defeated at the end of this season? Perhaps he will show up again. Do I wish there was more Original Team Arrow moments – yes. But I also understand that for a show to be successful, it needs to grow and change. Do I also want there to be a resolution to Olicity? Yes! Indeed! But, that’s because I’m impatient. However, in this instance, it’s a precarious situation. So many shows have failed once they have the two main characters get together. I understand the writers’ need for caution. Where do they go with that relationship once they get together? Plus, with all of the emotional baggage that Oliver carries with him, was he really ready for a committed relationship prior to this? He’s still dealing with it but I can see him coming around. He’s getting there. As far as Felicity expressing her feelings, she may not have said it in so many words but she has definitely shown it. As far as them talking about their feelings all the time, not seeing that. There have been quite a few episodes where there has been almost no talking. So, how is that repetitive? Anyway, my final words: I think Arrow gets better and better with each season and I love how it appeals to those that want the superhero adventure as well as the romance. A perfect balance, IMO.

    • Kristina says:

      I agree with almost everything–except that as writers, they should be creative enough to figure out where to go with them.Good writers are the ones that see potential for a good relationship and run with it, keeping them fresh and interesting, the ones that are willing to take chances with their characters. By having them repeat the same tired “we love each other but can’t be together” cycle over and over they’re making things less interesting, not more.

  26. Amber says:

    Missing my Team Arrow like crazy this season. Really hoping we get a return to that dynamic soon. Love Oliver and Felicity, We know what’s going on in Oliver’s head and its time to get into Felicity’s. Can’t wait for them to actually talk. Looking forward to 3×20 because I trust the Captain.

  27. Kendall says:

    Any Lyla\Felicity scenes to look forward to on Arrow? -Kendall

  28. JC says:

    Super excited for the Scorpion finale. One of my fave new shows this season. Love the cast and characters, and I’m still holding out hope for a Walter and Paige kiss! <3

    • Sherri says:

      I would also like for Walter and Paige to get together, but I’m betting against it happening any time soon. There is already the budding romance between Toby and Happy as well as the relationship between Sylvester and Walter’s sister. I bet they keep us waiting regarding Walter and Paige.

  29. lkh says:

    Spayed! Really?! :D :D :D :D

  30. Rainy says:

    Thank you for answering my Nick Jonas/Kingdom question! Good to know :)

  31. Steve F. says:

    AOS’ agent-on-agent brawl = Bobbi vs. May? Please please please let it be so!

  32. suzyque says:

    In total agreement about Arrow feeling rushed this season. The motivations behind all the Ra’s stuff still don’t make sense to me (same with why Malcolm needed Thea to kill Sara). They rushed straight to Oliver/Felicity angst after giving us only 1/2 an episode of them actually considering a romantic relationship. They rushed past any rational explanation of how Oliver survived. And they haven’t spent any time on where exactly Felicity’s head’s at. Why wouldn’t she tell Team Arrow about Ray’s soon long before now? This season confuses me.

  33. kath says:

    My feeling about this season of Arrow at this point is “let’s just get this over with so we can get to something different next season”. Ra’s makes no sense, Ray/Felicity/Oliver is bad soap opera, and as much as I like John Barrowman, it’s time for Malcolm Merlyn to go if this is the best story they can do for him.
    The growth of Thea is the only good thing to come out of this season.

    The differenece between Oliver,Diggle, Sara and Roy is that they were competent fighters before they got their costumes (except in Diggle’s case, he really does need something). That’s not true for Laurel and Ray and I’m left feeling “What’s the hurry? Is there a deadline on this? Before contrct renewal time?”
    It doesn’t help that the best Laurel’s been all season was in the last episode, Suicidal Tendencies, because she totally kicked ass as a great lawyer. It makes it all the worse seeing her as a minimally competent BC..

  34. One of the problems with ARROW is that they had a ‘five year plan’ laid out from the beginning but that quickly unraveled as story lines developed and character arcs changed, which forced them to move pieces in the puzzle without changing the final picture.

  35. Re: Arrow: “My other quibble with the Ra’s “offer” – and I’ve stated this elsewhere — is that it asks us to believe that no one already in the League is a more worthy successor than the guy their boss dispatched with in a matter of minutes.”

    Matt — I’m OK with this aspect of it, because Ra’s is literally centuries old and comes from a culture that would resolve succession issues through prophecy of “surviving his sword.” My problem is that the writers are missing an opportunity to have honest destiny vs. free will debate here. Ra’s and Barry could discuss how fate and time loop are or aren’t the same thing re: Barry’s situation.

    Plus, from Barry’s long-term POV, Oliver becoming Ra’s has merit, because Oliver could use the LoA to monitor Eobard Thawne when he enters the time loop from his end 500 years from now so that a complete record of these events exists somewhere, and Barry’s mother doesn’t die for nothing.

    My problem is Merlyn’s motivation. He blackmails Ollie into fighting Ra’s to erase his blood debt, and he actually assumed the Ollie would win that fight?!? Merlyn’s internal logic is suspect frankly.

  36. Jane says:

    I think arrow’s producers are too busy with all the spin off that they seems to neglect the show that make all of this happened and keep making the wrong decision. rather than prompt ray, they should give us more about felicity’s identity instead, rather than killed sara, they should make her trained her sister, rather than make diggle looks like stay home dad, they should focus on his story with hive.

    Arrow season 3 not as bad as season 1, but they need to capture the glory of season 2.

  37. EC says:

    Wonder if one of the Justified deaths is related to the heart attack mentioned by AA last week? (which, I thought, was supposed to happen last week)

  38. Ab1973 says:

    Arrow is legit terrible this season, and no ending will make up for the terrible and terribly boring episodes we’ve had to suffer through, or how much previously great characters have been made stupid, selfish, thoughtless, fickle, and bitchy. However, ratings are fine, so apparently most people are cool with it.

    • Kendall says:

      Yeah, but the ratings are only good when it has something to do with Original Team Arrow, Flarrow or in this past week Diggle and The Suicide Squad. The other episodes, especially during the dreadful BC arc were terrible ratings.

      • Nia says:

        Do your research. The BC arc episodes all maintained a 1.0 18/49 or more.

        • Kendall says:

          Yeah, because of Oliver Queen’s death and it got lower every single week. The ratings are one thing but the bad word of mouth and overwhelmingly negative reaction to Insta Canary, the sidelining of Diggle and the void of Oliver Queen matters more than some stupid ratings.

          • Lila says:

            I don’t know about the “overwhelmingly negative reaction to Insta Canary”. I was just correcting your statement about how dreadfully rated the BC episodes were.

            And I’d give the “stupid ratings” a little more credit because without good ratings, the show would be in danger of cancellation.

        • Ab1973 says:

          Yep. Total numbers were a bit lower for the BC episodes, but overall not at all bad, and higher than a lot of S2. So people are fine with this season, and Guggenheim can keep doing what he wants. For the record, Laurel was my only real problem with seasons 1 and 2, but I think she’s a little better now, and she’s absolutely far from the worst thing about this season. I’d probably say #1, nonsensical, illogical and incoherent plotlines; #2 Ray, who’s a douche and doesn’t fit tonally at all; #3, how horrifically stupid Oliver is now; #4, the unbearable angsty crapfest between Oliver and Felicity; #5 sidelining Diggle (let Laurel go out, fine, but I don’t know why Diggle couldn’t ALSO go); #6 killing your main character for no reason other than to try to make people care about other “heroes;” #7, why is Malcolm not only still alive but also hanging out on Thea’s couch; #8, Ra’s is a huge fail; #9, the flashbacks pretty much suck, and tying them in at the end is not going to help the whole season of suckage; #9, killing Sara; #10, Laurel as Canary; #11 stunts are generally pretty weak this season; and #12 the CGI is weaksauce. Even the sets look cheesy and cheap, probably because all their money is going to #2 fail Ray and his cheap Iron Man suit.

          On the plus side, Roy is great now. So he’s definitely going to die, because they have to destroy everything good about the show. No exceptions allowed.

  39. Kendall says:

    It means something when even the show’s main actor Stephen Amell is done with the season. He said what he’s most excited for fans to see is the season four comic con trailer. He, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards are probably tired of being supporting characters in “The Laurel and Ray Show”

    • saku says:

      Please do not twist stephen amell’s words… its true he has said that he is most exited about season 4… but that is after saying multiple times how in love with season 3 he is… he’s even posted a statement saying that in his opinion season 3 will be better than season 2 which is a huge thing to say… i agree with you though i too am really disappointed in the show for various reasons mainly “the Laurel and Ray Show” as you put it lol… i am now only watching for oliver and felicity

  40. GirlvsTV says:

    My biggest issue with Arrow right now is the bad plot-over-character writing that has infected pretty much every storyline this year. The writers seem to be mostly interested in racing from one ‘shocking’ plot point to another and have ceased to give any thought or care to developing the journey between those points. So stories feel rushed, they lack emotional impact (geez, what a non-event Oliver’s return from the dead was), and characters behave in wildly inconsistent ways from episode to episode. I don’t know if I can ever forgive the writers for turning Oliver into such a moron simply to further this absolutely non-sensical Oliver/Thea/Malcolm storyline.

    I hate that Thea’s story involved having Malcolm basically strip away all of her agency when he drugged her into becoming a murderer and then when she FINALLY learned the whole truth and decided to turn Malcolm over to the League – her choice is immediately invalidated because OLIVER decides that isn’t what she really wants. Not to mention that Oliver, her only living relative, then ignores her request to not run off to Nanda Parbat and risk his life for Malcolm – not to protect his sister – but because he apparently has inadequacy issues related to Ra’s defeating him. Issues that had not been hinted at in previous episodes and have since seemed to disappear completely. And THEN, when Thea is at her lowest and most vulnerable Oliver dumps Malcolm off on her couch and then LEAVES THEA ALONE WITH HIM. I mean . . . what?!!? Honestly, I’d be happy if Thea had a chance to kick both Oliver and Malcolm off a mountain at the end of this season.

    Really, the only characters I don’t actively dislike right now are Digg, Roy and Thea. Felicity is in limbo because I usually love her, but I really don’t like the bizarro world version of her character that appears whenever she’s around Ray Palmer.

    • Ab1973 says:

      Oliver’s stupidity goes even further back, to believing Malcolm when he said the LOA would blame Thea for Sara’s death. There was no confirmation of that, and since Malcom’s entire plan hinged on Thea being in danger, there was less than zero reason to believe him. But no one on the team ever so much as pointed this out. When did they all become stupid? And now, per Nyssa, it turns out (SHOCKER!) Malcolm was lying, the debt for Sara’s death would die with Malcolm, and if Oliver had just handed Ra’s Malcolm’s head on a platter back then he could be happily saving the city in peace now (no fight v. Ra’s he somehow survived = Ra’s not trying to Oliver the new Ra’s). Just unbearably stupid, and such a bummer, as Oliver used to be quite intelligent..

    • suzyque says:

      Could not agree more! The writers are prioritizing plot twists over character consistency, and it’s making for a bumpy ride. The only characters that are benefiting from this season are the ones who were underbaked (Thea, Roy, Laurel) but I don’t even recognize Oliver and Felicity anymore.

  41. aurat22 says:

    On Once I am predicting Emma will temporarily walk on the dark side during the last couple of episodes of Seaon 4 thus giving us a cliff hanger which will be resolved a few episodes into Season 5 and then we are on to the next arc whatever that maybe.

  42. Gilbert says:

    Any chance us once fans could get a quote on the strained Charming family dynamics from someone other than Colin? It would be nice to understand the prospective of the characters involved and that can best come from the actors who actually portray them.

    • Buttercup says:

      His character is essentially part of the Charming family now. He was there when Snow and Charming told Emma their secret, and he was the one they sent to comfort her afterward. But mostly, I suspect Matt quoted him because he is the one Matt interviewed most recently.

  43. Ella says:

    Oliver and Felicity’s talks about “feelings” are what have made season 3 so painful. Ray Palmer has alleviated some of that soap opera garbage and now they’re about to ship him off too. Sheer stupidity.

  44. Amber2 says:

    The closest we’ve had to Felicity talking about her feelings for Oliver was in the Flash crossover early in the season. It’s not repetitive – it just isn’t moving forward. We have her off with another character who is just kinda scrambled eggs bland and there have been no good Oliver / Felicity interraction like in past seasons when they were on missions together. The standard of Arrow has fallen significantly this year IMHO. The action still works but the overall story is lacking real power and often the characters haven’t acted true to their nature. I’d have much preferred to see the Arrow 2.5 comics be THE storyline of season 3. It would be much more coherent and compelling. I really hope next year is better 😢

    • Kendall says:

      It’s funny you say that because just the other day I’ve seen people saying how the recent 2.5 chapters of Suicide Squad and Felicity’s kidnapping with the Huntress would’ve been FAR superior storylines then the ones we gotten this season. I just miss what I watch for and that’s fine that some people might not feel the same way but I watch for Oliver\Digg\Felicity as well as Olicity and Quentin Lance and Thea Queen and Lyla Michaels and I’m not getting too much satisfaction with those things as of late.

  45. Shelley says:

    I think the character on Arrow who dies is The Arrow. All that Oliver started is compromised, invaded, searched. His secret identity is public knowledge’ so, he has to create a new one. The Green Arrow.

    • Ab1973 says:

      Do you really think that would fool anyone? “I am not ‘The Arrow,’ I am ‘The Green Arrow!’ I am a totally different Starling City vigilante archer dressed in green!”

  46. Mel says:

    Thanks for the Elementary scooplet.

  47. DJ Doena says:

    Re: Scorpion: Could we please suspend with the BS that these adventures are based on anyone’s real life?

    I like the show, but please don’t tell me any of these stories have ever happened in the real world, smart people group or no.

    • Luis says:

      I think the idea for the show was “inspired” by the real-life Walter O’Brien, but that’s about as far as it went

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Correct; I doubt anyone truly thinks any episode is based on a real-life incident.

        • DJ Doena says:

          Then why are they advertising this fact every single episode? Every episode starts with “Inspired by the life of Walter O’Brien” and then the main character introduces himself with that very name. And “Inspired” is not put in any ironic quotation marks.

  48. BettyBoop says:

    I don’t agree that Oliver and Felicity have spent too much time talking about their ‘feelings’ – quite the contrary. Because there isn’t actually a compelling enough reason to keep them apart, they’ve spent the whole season treading water, and in doing so have removed one of the most fun and meaningful dynamics of the show.

    Too much time talking about their feelings – are you kidding? We’ve yet to actually hear HOW Felicity feels, and her and Oliver have only really started being honest and communicating properly in the last two episodes and the contrived roadblock that is Ray Palmer is still hanging around. Felicity’s character has been sacrificed on the alter of the new spin off this season, and the show has been left the poorer for it. She’d never be with Ray if Oliver was an option, and everyone knows it, which means the waiting around until the final episodes, where they’re actually allowed to progress, is frustrating.

  49. I really enjoyed I Zombies pilot show, its done very well, funny, but smart too! But I don’t understand anyone caring about whether the ex gets anymore air time, I would call him beautiful, he is what I call a boring looking guy, not ugly, just not anything I haven’t seen before, he’s really no big deal to me, I was hoping for less not more! The cop guy has allot more going for him in the looks department, as well as personality, so if its guys your wanting to see more of why not him instead, or bring in some other guy, not more of her ex!

  50. Luis says:

    I completely agree with you about this “Arrow” season feeling too soon; Ra’s Al Ghul deserved a better build up than this. I feel like Thea’s development has been the best thing to come out of this season; Willa Holland has done a tremendous job of portraying the plethora of emotions Thea has had to deal with. John Barrowman is always a welcome presence, as well. I feel like Ray Palmer has been shoe-horned into the season; maybe producers were already considering the spinoff possibilities before the season started. I could do with a little less of the Ollllcity drama, but obviously, it is a necessary part of character development to deal with romantic melodrama. I felt terrible about Sara’s death, though I understood how it was used to spur Laurel’s transition into costume, as clumsily as it was handled. I have hated how Diggle was basically sidelined until last week, and am hopeful of seeing more of David Ramsey in Season 4. I am powerfully afraid we’ll be saying goodbye to Quentin before season’s end, which would be terrible, as the character provides some real world grounding to the fantasy elements of the show and I just love Paul Blackthorne. All in all, an uneven season, but I am still committed to the show and looking forward to the home stretch and Season 4.