Grey's Anatomy Recap: Admissions Department

Grey's Anatomy recap

In this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Derek told Meredith (not quite all) about “the other woman,” Owen’s mother (reluctantly) came clean about her secret romance, and Jo treated a patient whose nose was home, sweet home to a…

On second thought, keep reading. I’ll tell you in due time.

DOCTOR, HEEL, THYSELF? | Picking up right where “Don’t Dream It’s Over” left off, “With or Without You” began with Derek at his own doorstep, eager to tell Mer that the woman who answered his phone was just his research fellow, Renee. Though he tried to play it off like it was no big deal, Mer pointed out that it looked like he’d raced back to Seattle because he thought he was in trouble. No, he countered, “I came home because we’re in trouble.” And he wanted to work on it. Her? Not so much. When she refused to get someone to cover her shift, we flashed to an early Derek/Renee encounter – professional but with enough sparks flying to raise eyebrows. (Subsequent peeks at the colleagues’ interaction revealed a dangerously deepening connection, complete with a stolen kiss.)

At the hospital, Mer distracted herself by pushing Alex – hard – to let her perform a risky surgery on a teenager awaiting a liver transplant that he might not live long enough to get. Since the patient was sick of feeling like crap, he voted to undergo the procedure. Sadly, this was the moment that Mer’s streak came to an end. Though she blamed Alex for second-guessing her, he knew that she was really mad at Derek, not him, and responded by hugging her.

That night, after Derek flashed back to pushing Renee away – right before Mer’s infamous phone call – he told his wife, “I thought D.C. was everything, and I was wrong. You… you’re everything.” That being the case, he can’t live without her. In response, she said, “I can live without you… but I don’t want to.” So hallelujah, MerDer is saved! (Apparently, next week they’ll resume being co-workers at Grey Sloan as well.)

COUGAR TOWN | No sooner had Owen and Amelia made a date to finish what they’d started than he discovered that his mother, Evelyn, had had a dizzy spell, fallen in the shower and wound up in the ER – accompanied by John, her much, MUCH younger policeman boyfriend of half a year! (Cue Owen hitting the roof in 3, 2… ) While getting an MRI, Mama Hunt admitted to Amelia that she knew how unlikely a couple she and John were. The idea of them being together was so crazy, in fact, that “it was weeks before I even realized he was dating me.” But, she added, when they kissed, they were exactly the same age. (So a little “aw” mixed with the “ew.”) After Owen calmed down, his mom explained to him that she’d met her beau at a writers group. Unfortunately, the conversation turned ugly fast. As soon as the subject of sex came up, Owen crushed Evelyn by making it clear that he didn’t think a man as young as John could love her. “I don’t wanna see anyone make a fool out of you,” he argued. Afterward, she was breaking up with John when she went into shock. Ironically, that was what brought Owen around to the possibility that their relationship might be the real deal: Even if Evelyn didn’t want to be with him, John refused to leave until he knew she was okay. And not only did she survive her aneurysm, Owen reunited her with John. The doc’s reward? At the end of the hour, he and Amelia finally sealed the deal.

OH NOSE YOU DIDN’T | While Stephanie ran around the hospital desperately trying to log hours on cool cases – she even attempted to bribe Ben to let her take his place when Jackson operated on a man with an ear on his arm – Jo hit the mother lode: a woman suffering from nosebleeds that turned out to be a leech up her nostril! Needless to say, Steph turned (hilariously) green with envy.

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Are you relieved that MerDer pulled through? Hit the comments!

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  1. pecola says:

    How long before Renee shows up in Seattle? One week? Two weeks?

    • Ziyaz says:

      It is all about Owen x Amelia for ME! I don’t even like Owen that much alone, but the two of them are on fire together! i kept waiting for their tiny scenes together :D

  2. A Fan of TV says:

    I bet their drama isn’t done. After all, Derek doesn’t appear to have revealed that he kissed her…

    • Babygate says:

      IMO, he came back out of fear. Fear of losing Meredith and fear that he wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation if he stayed in D.C.

  3. Sheila says:

    Considering Derek was cheated on before, you’d think he wouldn’t inflict that on someone else.

  4. Babygate says:

    OMG, terrible episode! ABC pulled a bait and switch. It was all supposed to be about the MerDer drama and their interaction ended up just bookending the episode and it became all about Owen. And in one brief scene everything is resolved. Are you kidding me? Did Derek confess to kissing that girl in D.C.? Because if he did, I missed it. And just like that they are back together. No tension. No drama. No conversation or compromise, Derek just drops everything in DC. Also, he kisses someone else and gets away with it with impunity, in contrast, they have Arizona cheat and two seasons later they still haven’t resolved that wretched storyline so they just break them up. And for the love of God, what does Amelia see in that jerk Owen? He’s always been rude and overbearing. I can only tolerate him in the background and this episode was too much of him. Way too much. And the storyline with his mother was disturbing. My father married a woman that was only two years older than me. I was completed grossed out. Only part I enjoyed of the episode was Jo and her leech patient. Grey’s is giving me little reason to watch anymore.

    • dodata says:

      I personally don’t like the pairing of Owen and Amelia. I don’t think she is good for her. I would have appreciated him getting with a regular non-surgeon- dr or not, or a dr from another hospital. Tying him up with Amelia just seem too pat. Although Owen and Cristina didn’t work out but still made hella love hella often post divorce, I was hoping that he would find a woman of more substance – someone new. It just seems like they are trying to conveniently make ‘Amelia’ that person, but I’m not buying it. She may have her own ‘substance’ but as a character/ personality, I am not seeing it as being a realistic match for me.

    • Melida says:

      First of all, re-playing the episode is needed to notice that he didn’t kiss what’s-her-face, rather, she kissed him, he shot her down and came home. Did he confess to kissing her? We don’t know, do we, because we don’t see what he told her. Remember the “and that’s all it happened? Telll me again.” scene?. This episode is done in a series of flashbacks to see what happened in DC. We do not know what Derek told Meredith. I’m fairly certain he told her everything, because if he didn’t, they’d have another “why didn’t you tell me you kissed Rose?” moment (from Season 4), which ended in a break up. So my recommendation would be to watch the episode again.
      Arizona and Callie didn’t break up because of the cheating. Arizona has dumped Callie before: 1)when she found out she was a “new” bi/lesbian, because she didn’t want with all the “discovering yourself” phase Callie was going through; 2) When Callie wanted a baby and Arizona (selfish, spoiled brat that she is) didn’t; 3) When Arizona received a grant to go to Africa (leaving her at the airport, no less); and 4) went postal on Callie for saving her life! Not only has she been verbally abusive, and selfish (breaking up with Callie several times, and also driving while arguing with a pregnant Callie, thus causing the horrific accident that almost killed her and Sofia), but she also cheated once (with that other surgeon), and had an affair with the gross resident Leah (it lasted months). So there were issues in that relationship for a long time. The trial separation was good for her; she got to do everything she wanted and was rude and obnoxious to Callie; then when things didn’t work out and she was over her tantrum, she wanted back in (which she did before, coming back from Africa after dumping Callie at the airport).
      I am not surprised they’ve broken up.

  5. Alichat says:

    My god this episode was boring.

  6. shaw says:

    Yea. Ol girl is gonna show up.n Seattle

  7. msb says:

    So Grey’s is trying to have us think this a cute ending, with Derek realizing all he wanted was Meredith? After spending all his time with, and then kissing another girl? And not telling her about it? What exactly is satisfying about that? I have never understood the appeal of this character. He’s always been an ass.

  8. Cara says:

    Ten bucks says Renee shows back up during sweeps and reveals the kiss.

  9. kacey says:

    I really hope renee comes to seattle, to reveal the kiss and hang around- would love some new characters (and maybe to boot owen, april, jackson, etc off at the same time)

  10. Denise aka dotbob says:

    Just accidently found this site, relly liked the recap of Gray’s, had a late appointment and i don’t have tevo, or whatever it’s called… so thanks bunches!!! I’ve booked marked you so I can check out other recaps. Might be better than watching the actual shows!!! -dotbob ps, real glad merder are good!

  11. dotbob says:

    Couldn’t MerDer be enough drama and stay together for once. And what about Alex he REALLY needs to settle down his angry self and marry what’s her name.

  12. Japril says:

    I really loved Amelia in PP she had a great storyline … they should have moved her to Greys with her fiance James …. I do not like her with Owen at all … keep him as the chief … but not as a love interest … more screen time for Calzone and Japril please … now that the MerDer has or hasn’t he cheated drama is sort of “solved” … please

    • Babygate says:

      Agreed! Owen is a brute. All the signs are there. Hope Amelia takes heed. Yes to more Japril. Shonda has made such a horrible mess of Calzona that I’m not sure it can be fixed. MerDer are not ‘solved’. Derek is being a deceitful jerk. He came rushing back under false pretenses. He’s devious and also an egomaniac so I doubt this will be the end of it.

      • Japril says:

        I know that the MerDer drama is far from over … and he is a deceitful jerk … Mer also acted imo out of character lately (disrespect for Alex, Japril baby drama) … but can they move it in the background for one or two episodes to give the other couples more space to develop

        • Babygate says:

          I agree. Alex said he is going to marry Jo and then they get no interaction for weeks. Callie and Arizona are rumored to have a child that has been seen once in the last 15 episodes so she may actually be a distant relative, who knows. Apparently, we are supposed to infer from 15 seconds of screen time what is going on in these people’s lives. But by all means, let’s spend an entire episode observing Owen repeatedly make a jackass out of himself, because, that’s fun.

  13. Kristen says:

    I am really loving Owen and Amelia!!! They are so cute together. When Owen said he’s not good with surprises, the look on Amelia’s face was priceless. Like she completely understands him. I think they’ll be really great together!

    • Blueberry says:

      Me, too! I love the Owen and Amelia dynamic.

      I was utterly disgusted to see Renee and Derek kiss. If you can’t control your hormones, go back to your wife. Apparently, he’s not grown up enough to stop it before it crosses the line.

    • Melida says:

      Owen and Amelia get each other; he’s been through war and PTSD, while she has been through addiction, losing the love of her life, and giving birth to a love child and donating his organs. They both have been to hell and back and both are smart, strong, and passionate about their jobs. In my opinion, they make a great couple; now Shonda has to make sure they write their story right.

  14. Jared says:

    This episode was okay. I liked seeing the development of Meredith and Derek’s relationship. I think they still have a lot to work through but this gave me hope. I also liked seeing Amelia and Owen’s relationship moving forward. The leech up the nose case was really funny. Excited to see next week’s episode

    • RUCookie says:

      I actually thought April’s comment’s to the girl on “it will eat your brain” were hysterical! That whole leech story line was fun and a good break from the other drama.

      That said, I was non too happy with Owen and his snapping at Amelia this week. He has a temper and it flairs at least once a season.

      So happy Karev is there for Mer (once the situation was explained to him). He is trying to be her person and its great to see this side of him.

      As for MerDer… a kiss is resolvable… let’s see if Derek can not regret leaving DC’s opportunities.

  15. Tahina says:

    The vase, the vase, where’s the vase! Many Calzona fans know what I’ talking about.. Ugh goes to this episode.

  16. N says:

    Fun episode!

  17. sana says:

    And the streak comes to an end. I feel seprating all the good couples lyk Calazona and MerDer was a bad move and adding to the injury one of them messing around with other people is not a good idea.its lyk watching a recap in a diffrent way. Greys Anatomy is getting predictable.

  18. DarkDefender says:

    I was pretty sure the Derek DC cheating story was a red herring. One fleeting kiss is WAY less than they wanted us to think. The kiss either comes up next week or ends the season with Renee coming to Seattle or calling Meredith.
    I am certain the patches on Owen’s younger brother dad was for Seattle Fire Department, not police.
    Patrick Dempsey should take breaks every season.. He looks amazing, rested and back to his twinkly eyed sexy self.

  19. Caroline says:

    I am so glad Derek is back and MerDer is on again. I believe the kiss just made him realize how much he missed his wife rather than the free milk he was being offered. (like some here, it wouldn’t surprise me if the bitch who doesn’t care if the guy is married) shows up somehow. I have to say, though, thank you Shonda for giving us a married couple in a long-standing drama who ultimately want to stay together. It’s nice to see that once in a while on dramatic TV.

    And Owen, my God that Kevin McKidd, no man can put as much painful emotion on his face like Kevin can. The guy does “happy” very well, but man, his “sad” “longing” and “loving” expressions cut me right to the heart. I really liked that short-lived time-travelling show he was in and thank them for making me a fan. I love this guy and hope the romance works out for him.

  20. Saabgirlatx says:

    Was it just me (or CGI!) but Meredith’s face in that final scene really resembled Addison’s face – !! Coulda been the eyebrow expression but it was uncanny.

  21. A3rynSun76 says:

    John was a fireman…The super young boyfriend….fireman…

  22. Ali says:

    I noticed how Meredith didn’t need to be kissing other men to realise how much she loves her husband >:-( Derek is stupid. He ran away from DC because he couldn’t control himself. I have such a low opinion of him now. Meredith is difficult but she deserves so much better. JERK

  23. meg says:

    Hate how they basically passed the buck to Renee and give Derek a pat on the back for ‘resisting her advances’.

    • delfiteblu says:

      Why do you hate that? Would you prefer that he grabbed her and pushed her up against the wall for a quickie like everybody else does? Derek was just caught up in the moment and they kissed and stuff like that does happen. He loves her, he always has, and he always will. As far as Renee coming to Seattle, THAT isn’t gonna happen – she’s a Fellow there, doing a study that she just made a breakthrough on. You REALLY think she’s gonna blow her career to go back and give Derek his phone? She was a brat not to say anything when Meredith called, but she doesn’t matter in his world; Derek does. As far as his hair – I think he needs a haircut. :)

  24. Jaime Rae says:

    I am under the impression that Derek did tell Meredith the whole story. At the beginning, in the kitchen, Meredith says, “is that all? How can I believe that?” Throughout the episode Meredith is contemplating what she knows happened in DC and thinking back on all that they have gone through which we see in those flashes of old MerDer scenes. Also throughout the episode we see what happened in DC. I felt Derek told Mer what we were seeing that happened in DC. We just didn’t see Derek tell Mer. Did anyone else get that impression that we are supposed to think that’s what happened? Also I felt that at the end Meredith was thinking/feeling that all they have been through she can get past one kiss w/o drama. Just my take on it.

    • Kelly says:

      I was thinking the same thing! I hope he told her anyway, otherwise he is a lying, cheating bleep!

    • delfiteblu says:

      I agree. And if he didn’t tell her, I imagine she suspected it. Meredith is no dummy – she knows Derek and she knows he loves her, for all her silliness and blabbering when she’s around other people. She has been odd this year and it’s BECAUSE Derek hasn’t been there. She’s had to learn how to live without him there to help, raise two kids alone, work alone – that’s why she said she CAN live without him – but she doesn’t want to.

    • delfiteblu says:

      I agree. And if he didn’t tell her, I imagine she suspected it. Meredith is no dummy – she knows Derek and she knows he loves her, for all her silliness and blabbering when she’s around other people. She has been odd this year and it’s BECAUSE Derek hasn’t been there. She’s had to learn how to live without him there to help, raise two kids alone, work alone – that’s why she said she CAN live without him – but she doesn’t want to.

    • Alicia says:

      Yes! This is the impression I got as well. With her asking, “Is that all?” and not sure she could believe that’s all that happened, made me think they just didn’t show him telling her but we were to infer that from the flashback. I felt like I was holding my breath the whole episode just waiting to see if Shonda was going to break up yet another marriage.I have been a faithful Grey’s fan and still love it, bu breaking up MerDer might have pushed me over the edge.

    • Melida says:

      Yes, exactly. All these people jumping to conclusions about Derek! It’s like they don’t know the characters and how they’ve grown throughout the show. Yes, Derek cheated on Addison, but she cheated first!! She had an ongoing affair with Mark Sloan! Derek left her and their world behind and went to start over in Seattle, where he met Meredith. They have been through crap loads of issues and have made it… what makes people think they wouldn’t make it past this?

  25. asefa says:

    mer and karev shud get 2gether

  26. Mara says:

    Loved having Derek back and also what he said to Meredith! Felt real. Meredith is just as much to blame for their problems. So glad to see a couple portrayed that get through a tough time. Fast forwarded through Jo and Stephanie’s ridiculous and boring storyline. I wish those two would go away.

  27. awalker says:

    If Derek didn’t already tell Mer about the kiss, I hope it never comes out. Telling her only absolves his own guilt, while hurting Mer. If he truly wants to get back on track, move on from here and take it to the grave.

  28. buttercupp85 says:

    I love Amelia and Owen together! I think they fit so well.

    I was upset at first about the cheating storyline, and almost vowed to stop watching Grey’s. I think they handled it very well. He did cheat, though I’m relieved it was just a kiss. People are human, and they make mistakes, and there’s a reason this happened and they need marriage counseling and are definitely both in trouble. IMO, before this cheating storyline, they have both been pretty overbearing to watch, especially towards each other. I think they have both been totally selfish, particularly because they have two children (who we no longer see…).

    Obviously whats-her-face is gonna come to Seattle. There’s no way that storyline isn’t gonna happen. But I think MerDer is still totally endgame, and even though it’s easy to draw parallels, this is vastly different from what happened with Derek and Addison.

  29. Maury Mandel says:

    Rumor has it…. Jennifer Aniston to Mark Ruffalo

  30. This is why I stopped watching this show. I saw the preview of this scene and thought ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME. Just let these two people be happy already. There are plenty of other people on this show to f’ck around with

  31. delfiteblu says:

    I want to thank Shonda for the sweet story with Owen’s mother and the fireman. She’s about my age and I absolutely LOVE that she took a senior citizen who figured she’d always be alone and put her together with a young, intelligent and yes, HOT guy. It’s unusual but it was wonderful – she was so happy. Yes, Owen acted like an ass but once he got over his hissy fit and saw that his mom WAS happy, he’ll live with it. As hard a time as he has being alone, perhaps he realized that she did too. And he wasn’t so protective when he didn’t even let her know he was home from the war for ages. Thank God Meredith and Derek are back together. They’re the touchstone of this show and without them (and without Christina) it’s just a show about silly young residents. They weren’t as silly in previous seasons and I don’t like that they are now.

  32. Sara says:

    Best part was April talking to the leech girl. Hilarious! And yes, more Japril, and others please!

  33. Era says:

    This Derek is such a thing. Obviously he didn’t open the all story, by the way the voice over went. Liked Jo and April with the leech patient and could live without Owen and Amelia, I still find them insufferable. He’s already taking her for granted like he used to do with Cristina, and we are yet at the beginning. This guy should be single because he’s no good for anyone and I wonder how long it will take for him to be displeased with her and cheat on her too. After all, every single women of his have to go to the punishment.

  34. dodata says:

    I personally don’t like the pairing of Owen and Amelia. I don’t think she is good for him. I would have appreciated him getting with a regular non-surgeon- dr or not, or a dr from another hospital. Tying him up with Amelia just seem too pat. Although Owen and Cristina didn’t work out but still made hella love hella often post divorce, I was hoping that he would find a woman of more substance – someone new. It just seems like they are trying to conveniently make ‘Amelia’ that person, but I’m not buying it. She may have her own ‘substance’ but as a character/ personality, I am not seeing it as being a realistic match for me. Sigh….. I wish Owen was paired with someone more ‘real’, Amelia seems like a convenient stand in, & they could easily also display issues with her own personal love relationship life and ‘husband’ or boyfriend whom I’m not sure she ‘divorced’ other than just left.

  35. Mename says:

    Who is the actress that played Renee?

  36. Mary-Ellen says:

    I should have stopped watching this show when they killed off Lexie & then Mark. So unhappy!